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Thread: Project Eevee-A fun new thread!!!

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    Default Project Eevee-A fun new thread!!!

    Hey everyone!!!!!!!!
    If you are a fuser on if u want to start fusing read on........

    Project Eevee consists of me, you and other recruits fusing EVERY SINGLE POKEMON(minus flareon vaporeon jolteon umbreon espeon leafia glacia and eevee- duh)

    use this>>>> site 4 the sprites

    the 1ns that are not there......PM me 4 them

    so this is how it works.. I post 7 names of pokemon and WE fuse them!!!!!

    LETS GO!!!!!!

    btw banner coming soon

    This is Buio the Umbreon! (repose to rse espeon by me!)Yeah yeah i know umbreon pwns. He was grown to lvl 100! thanks guys!

    I did the Impossible...I live in Malta, and I got my diamond on the 26th of April...WOOHOO

    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Travis View Post

    Unown@King's Rock
    -Hidden Power (Psychic)

    Mmmm, I'm really good at this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cartman
    But for going through the game really fast, i'd choose :
    1. Doritos
    2. Infernape
    3. Empoleon
    Your chosing Doritos??Im chosing pringles!

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    So we're fusing eevee with every pokemon except itself and it's evolutions?
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    do you even read the rules? no projects

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