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Thread: Accident, a questshipping one-shot

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    Default Accident, a questshipping one-shot


    Kenta was sitting on a branch of the tree by Ikari no Mizuumi, the Lake of Fury. It was a week until Christmas, and he was bored, so to kill time, he was playing snowball wars with his pokemon.

    Unfortunately, at his next throw, he lost his balance on the branch causing him to misaim his target. The snowball hit Marina instead.

    She was shocked, looking at where she was hit. Bringing up her gaze, she saw a nervous Kenta jump out of the tree.

    "Oops," he grinned sheepishly.

    She placed her hands on her hips. "You know, Kenta, when I asked you to accompany me here for Christmas, I didn’t include getting mauled by a snowball from my own boyfriend."

    "Mauled is such a strong word," the Jouto League Champion replied. "It was only a teensy-weensy snowball."

    The blue-haired teenager raised an eyebrow. Okay, so she was over-exaggerating, but his snowballs weren't exactly small.

    "I'm sorry," he said running his fingers through his dark spikes. "Won't you let me make it up to you?"

    "Hmph," she crossed her arms and turned her back towards him.

    Kenta sighed, but then grinned. From behind, he placed his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder.

    "How about instead of dinner in the hotel dining room, I go to the kitchen and get our favourite meals directly. We can a have a nice, quiet dinner in our room, beside the fireplace and all. I'll even get that caramel ice cream you like so much," he suggested, whispering in her ear.

    She wasn't really angry with him to begin with, but couldn't help but smile in appreciation of his efforts. Since he couldn't see her smile, she decided keep playing a little longer.

    "It's a start," she told him.

    Kenta stood up straight mocking sadness and sighing. "I suppose now's a good time to tell you about the special, limited, rare edition of 'Wataru: A Dragon Tamer's Tale' I got you for Christmas."

    She couldn't keep up the charade any longer. "You didn't!" she gasped in disbelief, swiftly turning around to face him.

    "I did," he grinned broadly.

    She squealed and tackled him into an embrace. He took this opportunity to softly kiss her. When they parted, he swung his arms around her shoulders and led her back to the hotel.

    "Doesn't this remind you of how we started dating two years ago?" he said spacing out. "I convinced you to an apology date at Kogane City after Bakufuun accidentally singed your hair."

    "Yeah," Marina agreed and playfully shoved him. "Don't remind me, it was humiliating." She laughed and took off running towards the hotel.

    Kenta regained his balance, preventing himself from falling into the snow, and chased after her.

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