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Thread: Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule Re-Mastered (Chapter 8)

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    Default Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule Re-Mastered (Chapter 8)

    As I said in the last topic, I went back and read some of the earlier chapters again and was a little disturbed by how badly they fitted into the continuity I had going on at the point I was up to. The characters weren't deep enough, and the history wasn't right. So I have decided to go back and change them. Hence the 'Re-Mastered' in the topic title.

    I hope all my regular readers stick with me while I trudge back through chapters they've all read before. Hopefully the thing I have changed and added will make this a new experience for you anyway. Also, any new readers that start here, please, stick with this version and you'll not go wrong. If you're really desperate, you can read the old chapters, but you'll only get confused if you flit between one and t'other.

    Chapter List

    Want to read the chapters without the reveiws?

    Chapter 1: Lost in the Shadows
    Chapter 2: The Sacred Trinity
    Chapter 3: Facing Demons
    Chapter 4: Mistaken Identities
    Chapter 5: Herald of Fire
    Chapter 6: Village in the Mist
    Chapter 7: Labyrinth of Illusions [1][2]

    Anyway, before each new chapter, I'm going to put the changes made in Spoiler Tags, so anyone who's read the old ones can see what's been changed, but people who haven't, wont get the chapter ruined for them. Enjoy.

        Spoiler:- Prologue Re-Mastered:



    Golden light poured in through the narrow window, illuminating the wooden room. A single beam hit the edge of a small green jewel, and in an instant, it was refracted at all angles, lighting up the small round spaces with a variety of green spotlights. As the light became hidden behind moving clouds, the green spotlights faded in and out of existence. Beneath the array a sleeper tossed and turned uncomfortably. The sound of a cockerel crowing accompanied the light, and the sleeper breathed a heavy sigh. From under the cotton sheets an arm reached out and felt around for something. It's fingers ran along the floor until they reached a pile of green cloth. Bunched up in the fist, the clothes were dragged under the sheet.

    Pulling the green tunic over his head, the boy realised his hair was jutting out at random spots, and it wouldn't stay flat, no matter how much he tried. Giving up on best appearances, he grabbed a cloth hat, and shoved it into a pocket. Trying one last time to flatten his hair, he stepped out of his small room and promptly dropped three feet to the ground.

    "I have to fix that step." he grumbled, rolling onto his side and sitting back. He blew a strand of wayward hair out of his face and saw the smiling face of a young girl standing opposite him. She was the same height as he was, while he was sat down. Brilliant green eyes stared at him, framed with equally brilliant green locks of perfect hair.

    "You always say that, but you never do." she said. Her voice was sweet, child like, but with an air of sophistication and knowledge. "Good Morning Link."

    Link pulled forward onto his knees and smiled.

    "Morning Saria."

    Link was in Kokiri Village. The Kokiri weren't awake yet, but they would be soon. None of them knew he was here, except for Saria, for it was thanks to her that he arrived undetected and managed to evade the others. Of course, he knew the forest like most people know the backs of their own hands, he had been raised here for much of his childhood. Events had conspired against him, and he had been forced to leave. For seven long years he had roamed the world, looking for adventure, for peace, and for a lost friend. Now, it was time for him to come home. Today was exactly seven years since he went away, and he had a dinner date to keep. Rather than staying in Hyrule Town, he'd opted for somewhere quieter, and out of the way. What better place than in the forest where he grew up.

    "I know you want to leave immediately Link, but before you do, the Great Deku Tree wants to speak with you." Saria said, she motioned to a pathway through some narrow trees, where, a large canopy of branches stood out over the entire surrounding forest.

    "I see. Then I'll speak with him first. I can grab my stuff when i come back, but after that, I can't stay any longer." Part of Link was eager to leave the forest, but there was an equal urge to stay. In his heart, he knew this was impossible. He reached into his tunic and found his hand come into contact with the cold, smooth surface of an instrument. An Ocarina he had been given by Saria when he first left the forest. Just knowing it was there made him smile, it was his guarantee that he would never be apart from her.

    "Link I.." Saria started. Link turned to her and smiled. She gave a gentle sigh and smiled back innocently. "Don't worry, I'll talk to you again soon."

    Link started off down the narrow path. He peered into the small windows of the huts that lay nearby, the child like Kokiri still asleep. He remembered the last time he walked this path. Chronologically, it had been to speak to the Great Deku Tree when he first met Navi. Link stopped for a moment and clenched his eyes shut. The thought of Navi made his heart ache, but he knew that where ever she was, she was safe. Safer than she would have been with him. He continued on, retracing his trail of thoughts.

    The last time he walked this path, it was overgrown and filled with monsters, but what lay in the clearing was always the same. A massive tree, as wide as a castle tower, with grey brown bark hanging of it. This tree was long dead. Seven years long dead, poisoned by darkness. But while the body wasted away, the soul lived on. At the base of the tree was a small sapling. Almost the same height as Link, but as narrow as a flower stem, it sprouted out of a large bulb that sat half buried in the earth. Link bowed his head honourably before sitting cross legged before the bulb.

    The soft bark beginning to form creased and contorted, shaping itself into a small face. Two black beady eyes opened, blinked a few times and settled their sights on Link. The bulb smiled.

    "Good day to you Link. I trust you slept well?"

    "I did thank you. Saria said you wished to speak with me?"

    The bulb chuckled, and a gentle breeze blew across the lush green grass in the clearing. "Always to the point, I've always admired that in you son."

    Link couldn't help but smile. This small tree, calling him Son. It made sense of course, the treeling had grown from a seed, a seed which had been born from the Great Deku Tree before he died. In essence, this newly growing tree was the Great Deku Tree, possessing all the memories and knowledge of his 'father'.

    "You have a meeting today, at the castle. I hadn't forgotten. I've been waiting for this day to come for seven years. I have something to give you. Something that belongs to you."

    From the thick branches of the old Deku Tree descended a long green vine. It was wrapped around a hard shell, but clearly held something inside judging from the delicacy it showed when placing it on the the floor beside Link. Link unwrapped the wine and let it ascended back into the canopy, while he set the large nut on his lap. He put both hands around the rim and pried it open.

    "When you were brought into the forest as a baby, you were alone. Your mother had passed away before we could help her. When we took you into the forest to protect you, there was something else in the bundle you were wrapped in."

    Link opened the nut and found inside a cornucopian shaped horn. At the tapered end, the edges of the horn had been smoothed over to allow a person to use it as a mouth piece.

    "Neither my father or I know it's use, and I feel that it will not help you. It's use will reveal itself to you, only when you require it."

    Link stared long and hard at the horn, before hanging it on his belt. Behind him, a cockerel crowed a second time, signifying that his time was almost up.

    "I have to go now. Great Deku Tree. Thank You, for your hospitality, and.. for this gift."

    "Good luck on your journey Link, and good graces to you and the Princess Zelda."

    Link nodded, and left. He made a quickened pace back to his small house, the house he was told had been left alone, despite one certain Kokiri wanting it cut down. Inside he grabbed his remaining equipment. The last seven years had taken it's toll on his wide arsenal of weaponry and equipment. Gone was his Boomerang and Slingshot, his childhood weaponry replaced when it was no longer useful. His Bow wasn't in the best of conditions and his shield was scuffed and partially misshaped.

    The rarer items he had placed in the care of numerous people when he left Hyrule. The Megaton Hammer, the Lens of Truth, the Mirror Shield, each had been given to respective Sages who would protect them. He still held with him, three precious artefacts, that had never left his side. Hanging around his neck were three jewels. The Kokiri Emerald, the Goron Ruby and the Zora Sapphire. The noise of rustling nearby alerted Link to the presence of others. The Kokiri were waking up. Quickly he gathered his things, and make a dash for the huge hollowed out log that marked the entrance to the sanctuary.

    "Good bye Link. You know how to contact me if you need anything." Saria said. She had appeared silently beside Link. he nodded, paused for a second before dropping to his knees and hugging her tight. At first she resisted, but quickly folded her arms around the older boy's head and squeezed back. "Now go, hurry."

    Link stood and walked out of the log. The canopy above instantly changed. The lush early morning sun faded away and was replaced by gloom and a thick roof of leaves and branches. He looked back over his shoulder, at the gateway he had stepped through, to find it was no longer visible. Just more forest, as far as the eye could see. He was in the Lost Woods. Had he been any normal person, he would never escape, but Link knew his way. He set off for the exit, the exit that would take him into Hyrule Field, and then, to the castle beyond.

    Each step along the dusty ground was joined with the snapping of dried branches. The noise made was intentional. Not on Link's part, but for the forest itself. The noise of travellers had an effect on the mysterious woodland. It's magic strengthened, and it's siren song drew the curious deeper into it's inescapable reaches. Link knew of these dangers, and in order to counter them, reached inside his pocket for the small wooden Ocarina. Though it was a child's instrument, he could still play it without mistake. Putting the object to his lips he began to play a gentle song. It was not one of the magical tunes he had learnt on his journeys, but rather a regular song that he had been taught in an Inn one stormy night. It was called 'The Ballad of the Windfish', a tale of an island that's entire existence was nothing more than a dream conjured by a sleeping deity. The tale centred on the life of a young girl called Marin, who wished that she would be free of the island. Some versions of the story say that when the Windfish awoke, the island was washed away, leaving only a lone seagull flying over the spot in once inhabited.

    The song filled the forest, and gradually, the lure failed to penetrate the notes flowing from the Ocarina. The forest seemed to sag under it's own failure, and sunlight began to creep through breaks in the canopy. Link looked up, there was a darkened path ahead, one so dark and gloomy only death could await those who would dare to walk it. A cunning trick on the forests part, for the most evil of paths is the only way out. He took barely a step into the shadows before he had passed through the membrane of the forest's aura. The sun was upon him, and he was at the edge of Hyrule field. In the distance, Hyrule Castle stood nestled between the hills of the desert and Death Mountain. Returning the Ocarina, he began a walk along the old dirt path that circled the field.

    The lush green grass fluttered gently under the soft breeze, while the constant trickle of running water only served to enhance the idyllic feeling of the landscape. There has been a time where this field was a barren place. The rivers all but dried up, the grass burnt and poisoned, and ghost like beings roamed it's dark corners. But that place no longer existed, nor would it ever, thanks to Link's intervention. Kneeling beside the river bed, Link took a handful of water to his mouth to drink. He scooped up several more cups, splashing them over his face, and flattening down his hair. The sound of footsteps behind him moved his hand instinctively to his sword, but he moved away, realising who the steps belonged to.

    "Good morning to you too, Epona."

    The brown horse nuzzled her head against Link's shoulder, and began to drink the flowing water herself. Link stood and ran a hand down the horse's mane and back, brushing brambles and bits of grass from the mare's body. Before he had left Hyrule, Link had gathered together all the money he had and spent it on one thing. A young colt at the local ranch. While she wasn't much at such a young age, Link knew that one day, she would be the fastest horse in the lands. Link had been right, and Epona had become his most loyal companion. She scraped her feet on the ground and whinnied, pushing Link as he picked thorns and nettles out of her feet.

    "Ok, Ok, I wont do that anymore. You good to go old girl?" Link patted her on the side. The horse bowed it's head forward in a mock imitation of a nod. "Ok then. You remember where Hyrule Castle is right?"

    Epona scoffed and began to trot away from the river. It had been some time since they ran through Hyrule field, and neither wanted to waste it.

    "Lets go the long way round. For old time's sake."


    Saria sat with her legs folded beneath her, as she tended to the young Deku Sprout. Gently moving the soil around the bulb she ran her hand over it's stem, taking cups of water from a bowl and spreading it through the dirt. A breeze rushed through the canopy again, and the sprout sighed.

    "I wanted to tell him." Saria said, there was sadness in her voice. "I tried so hard not to let it slip. I almost did. Great Deku Tree, I'm worried for him."

    "Do not worry child. Link has matured more than ever over these past seven years. The war is long over, and the people of Hyrule are recovering. They all know Link's face, their hope and faith will give him the strength he needs to survive what is to come."

    "You've felt it though, haven't you?"

    "Of course. I feel all things through the earth beneath us. The shadows that hide their true intentions, the lingering chill on a night's breath. The emptiness. Tell me, are the other Sages any closer to finding the prophecy?"

    Saria closed her eyes. Beneath her shirt a green light began to glow, and a small medallion appeared to float in the centre of her chest. The medallion glowed with the same light, before finally fading away. She opened her eyes and shook her head.

    "Not yet, but Impa knows where to find it."

    "Then the Hero is on the right track. The Sage of Shadow will meet him soon, and he will discover what is to be asked of him."

    "Link has the Triforce of Courage with him. He will do what must be done."

    "I fear that Courage alone will not be enough to fill the void. Only with Wisdom and Power can the darkness be overcome."

    "For Hyrule's sake," Saria whispered "I hope you are wrong."
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        Spoiler:- Chapter One Re-Mastered:

    Chapter One
    Lost in the Shadows


    Hyrule City had changed a great deal since Link had last seen it. After the war against Ganondorf, Link knew the city had been destroyed, turned into a wasteland where only the lowest dregs of life roamed the streets. Even after he returned to his own time, he knew the war would still happen, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Link swallowed hard as the memories of that day came flooding back to him.


    The light faded, Link was back in the Temple of Time, back in his ten year old body. The Master Sword sat in stone before him, and Navi fluttered around his head. Link looked at the sword and began to walk out of the huge room. He stopped when he realised Navi was not following him.

    "Navi, come on. We have to go warn everyone what's going to happen!" he cried.

    "Link.. you don't understand." Navi said. her usually vibrant blue had dimmed to an almost grey colour. "You can't change the future. The war is going to happen, there's nothing you can do to stop it."

    "Navi don't talk like that! We'll go to Durania, and Ruto, and Saria.. we'll wake them up as sages now. Somehow. And we'll stop Ganondorf right away. I still have the Triforce of Courage remember? Wait.. how do I have it, if the future me gets it to?"

    Navi bobbed up and down, her imitation of a shrug. "I expect you have it for now, in order to keep it hidden from Ganondorf, but when the future you wakes up, you.. he has it. But the future you is sent back to this time, making him you, so you've always had it. I think. Link time travel makes my head hurt."

    "Mine too. But I have the Triforce so I can fight Ganondorf!"

    "Link, that's why you have to leave. You're too young to fight Ganondorf now, you know the Master Sword was needed to fight him. You're too young. The future you will wake up, awaken the sages and defeat Ganondorf. For now, you have to leave Hyrule. Let events play out as they must. Travel the world, gain experience, find new friends."

    "What's with all the 'you' stuff Navi? You're coming right? Right?"

    Navi dropped again, her colour fading even more. She floated over and sat on the hilt of the Master Sword. Her light finally faded away completely, leaving just her fairy form visible. Link had only seen Navi like this a few times, and very few people, saw Fairies like this, not even the Kokiri saw them in this state. Fairies only lost their light when they were either dying, or very sad. Since fairies had life-spans of thousands of years, it had to be the latter. Navi's thin wings stopped fluttering, and she swept her silvery hair from her face.

    "Link. You've become a wonderful hero, but now our time together must end. I can return to he forest and help the young Deku Tree gather strength. I know that peace will return thanks to you."

    "Navi, please." Tears swelled in Link's eyes. "I need you."

    "Link, I'll always be with you. We've been through too much together to every be parted forever. I'll see you again one day, when you've grown into the man you're destined to be. There's.. an emptiness that needs to be filled first. After that, we'll be reunited. I promise you Link. But for now, I must leave you."

    Navi began to flutter above the Master Sword again, her glow returning, first grey, then back to blue. She floated above Link's head, and then down so she was right infront of him. Leaning forward, she kissed him gently on the forehead, before floating up towards the light shining through the Temple's windows.

    "Link. I adore you Link. Never forget that."

    Navi's blue became even brighter, until Link could look at her no longer. When he turned back, his fairy companion was gone. He wiped the tears from his eyes and fled the Temple.


    It was now just over seven years later. The war had happened just as it was meant to. Link had stayed as far from Hyrule as he could travelling the world, meeting new people, exploring and doing exactly what Navi told him to do. All the while, his future self was fighting against Ganondorf. After Ganondorf was banished to the Sacred Realm, things started to settle down, and work began on restoring Hyrule to it's original state. The Gorons were happy enough to help rebuild the castle, and after Zora's Domain thawed, they were more than happy to help too. Everyone helped everyone else to rebuild, except for the Gerudo, who kept to themselves in the aftermath of Ganondorf's unexplained disappearance. It was only through Nabooru that relations were maintained at all.

    Link admired the rebuilt castle. It's hard oak drawbridge still served as a crossing over the moat. A small gatehouse stood just beyond the bridge's edge, where several knights could be seen milling about inside, swapping stories and sharing a jug of ale when they hoped no one was watching. The bustling activity of the market square never seemed to change, no matter what befell the people. Everyday it was packed with bickering couples, squabbling women arguing over who should have the largest loaf of bread, traders calling out their latest bargains, and children shouting and crying as they ran between the stacked barrels and crates. An overpowering yet enticing scent filled the air.

    A mixture of freshly baked bread, sweet cut fruit, the salty smell of brine from the fish stall, and the spicy scent of smoke while chunks of meat slowly roasted over a spit fire. Link handed over a handful of blue and red glittering rupees, in return for some small rolls of bread. He shoved most into his pockets, while he fed on one and gave the other to Epona. The horse walked slowly beside him, oblivious to the noise and excitement that would have caused any other horse to have gone wild. Most of the town's folk greeted Link, with any welcoming him back, and others thanking him for all his hardwork. Link nodded and thanked them best he coud. For him he'd not seen them for seven years.

    Link had wanted to leave Epona in the field outside the castle, but his arrival was more expected than he thought, and the guard at the city entrance had given him permission to take her through the market on route to the castle. Leaving the activity of the market place behind him Link was slowly making his way up the path to the castle, Epona still by his side. To his surprise, the large gates which he once had to sneak past, where wide open and unguarded. He stopped for a moment and let the gentle wind bring any noise in the area to him. There was nothing. No clinking of chain mail as the guards patrolled, no quiet banter between tired and bored guards.

    Link placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and drew it slightly out of it's sheath. It was a shorter sword than he was used to. After leaving the Master Sword behind, all he was left with was the Kokiri Sword. As he grew, so did the sword, getting it tempered to a sharper Razor Sword, then getting it treated with Gold Dust he won in a race in order to forge it into it's current state, the Gilded Sword. Link crept further along the path, keeping a close eye on both sides of the path, incase anything should show itself. Nearer to the castle, Link spotted two guards, though they were not on patrol. They both lay on the ground, slumped over each other, a thin trickle of blood running from one's mouth, while the other's eyes were rolled back into his head.

    Link patted Epona three times on her side, a sign they had developed over the years that there was trouble. Epona gave a silent reply, rubbing her head against Link's, before she moved as quickly but as silently as possible, away from Link. Should anyone try to attack her, she would retaliate as best she could. Numerous thieves and vagrants had learnt the hard way, what a kick from an angry horse could do. Link silently drew his sword, which glittered somewhat due to it's golden coat. He checked both guards, they were cold, dead for a long time. Link wondered why the guards at the front had no idea what was going on, but suspected that they might have already been taken out. Now wasn't the time to worry about the town's folk, he had to make sure the Princess was safe. He stepped up the the large oak doors and peered through the small crack made by the door left slightly ajar. He slowed his movements, and entered a state of concentration, where he let go of all his thought and concentrated only on his surroundings. He could hear every noise, the wind blowing through the grass, smell every scent, the polish that keeps the castle so clean, feel everything around him.

    There was something, someone, he couldn't tell, sitting beyond the door, high up, out of reach but ready to pounce. Link slipped his hand into his pocket to see what was there. He thought of his shield, but suspected it to be more burden than use. Instead he wrapped his hand around a small, round, hard object. He only had one, so he knew it had to be right the first time. With his back against the door, he slowly pushed in. The hall was as empty as he knew it would be. He could sense the figure watching him, but couldn't locate it. he dared not give away his knowledge by looking around. Instead, he cautiously walked along the red carpet, down a small flight of stairs and towards a large corridor ahead of him. The corridor offered shelter, so he knew that the attacker would make his move before then.

    Sure enough, a flush of wind on the back of his head, alerts him to movement and he spins around. A shadowy figure descends upon him from above. Link acts instantly, throwing what was in his hand at the floor, it explodes on impact filling the room with white light. Link pivots, and flips backwards, just as the assailant brings their sword down on the floor where he once stood. Blinded by the light, the attacker stumbles giving Link a second or two to use. He does so with expert precision, rolling around behind the attack, and bringing his sword up in a diagonal slice across the back of the shadowy figure. Before his sword makes contact, it is caught in an unbreakable grip. Trying as hard as he can to break it, Link is unable to move his sword anymore. The shadow recovers and turns to face him. The light from the explosion fading, a tall, muscular woman, dressed in simple, yet regal armour smiles at him. His grip slackens, and Link pulls the sword back, re-sheathing it instantly. He looks up at the woman and smirks. Though almost a fully grown man, the woman still has over a foot of height on him, towering above him like a pillar of wisdom. Snow white hair, but a face that endured more hardships that one would think possible, she put one hand on Link's shoulder.

    "Congratulations Link. It looks like you have indeed matured into a man." she said, her voice full of admiration and respect.

    "Impa. Still testing me after you've we've been through. I take it the guards were faking it?" Link turned around and looked over his shoulder. Two guards where walking through the door. One was rubbing his eyes, while the other was wiping blood away from his mouth.

    "I had to be sure you understand. While the people of Hyrule think you have only been gone for a few months, we sages know that it's been much more than that. I am impressed though. After such an absense, I did not expect you to be using Deku Nuts."

    "Epona developed a taste for them. I stopped by the Forest before coming here, so I picked up a few more. That was my last one."

    Impa placed an arm around Link and began to walk him further into the castle. As it was the first time Link had been so far inside the castle, he began to take in it's true beauty. He'd heard that the castle had been built as a marker of the end of the Hyrule Civil War. Polished White marble from the Zora Domain, had been hauled to the centre of the Hylian settlements and a grand castle was built by the Gorons. The three races had united and the union between the three had evolved from that point on. After the castle had been destroyed by Ganondorf, he never expected it to be rebuilt so quickly. Impa explained that Durania and Ruto cooled the Lava and filled the pit with foundation. The castle was rebuilt to it's original specifications, with only a few modifications.

    Passing through a corridor near the throne room a glass box caught his attention. Peering into it, he saw a treasure of the Royal Family staring back. The Ocarina of Time, a perfect instrument forged by an ancient sage. Something wasn't right. He paused to stare at the object, when he realised what was wrong. It was a fake. A perfect replica of the object, but one not imbued with the magic of the real Ocarina of Time. He glanced down the corridor at Impa, who was waiting for him. She nodded knowingly, and he left the false Ocarina to rejoin her.

    "Link," the Sheikah began "I know you wish to see Zelda again after all this time, but I'm afraid I cannot yet take you to her."

    Link immediately caught up and walked a step ahead of the woman, staring back at her, anger burning in his eyes.

    "What!? Why not?" anger quickly turned to worry "Something has happened hasn't it, you were testing me for something else, not just incase I was an intruder."

    "You are not easily fooled Link. The princess is safe, I will assure you of that, but your assumption is correct, something is happening."

    Link slowed down until he came to a stop, Impa also stopped, before she walked back to face the young man. A lump formed in his throat and he forced it down. He looked up at Impa.

    "Is it Ganondorf?"

    "No. The seal on Ganon is still very much in place, for now. I'm sorry I cannot tell you more yet Link, not yet. There is something I must find first, and I need you to accompany me."

    Impa motioned for Link to follow her. As the rounded the corner, the great castle library appeared before them. Shelves stacked as high as the eyes could see, filled with books of all shapes and sizes, boxes of scrolls littered around the edges and in corners, and long tables covered in already open books. Impa walked directly through the centre of the room, ignoring everything that was laid out before her. Link tried to keep up, but was distracted by what he saw.

    "This is the second greatest library in Hyrule, if you cannot find what an answer here you will never find it."

    "But if it's the second greatest, surely you could find it in the greatest." Link asked.

    "Correct. However, that library is not one accessible by many. The Sheikah Library."

    Impa stopped before a wall where two bookcases stopped for no reason leaving a gap. The marble floor beneath them appeared more aged than anywhere else in the castle and the air had become somewhat cooler. On the wall just above where symbols that Link recognised. He had seen them in Kakariko a long time ago. Once scrawled on a sign that stood before the old well, and once scratched into the wall above the graveyard. It was the ancient Sheikah language, words that appeared only where they were most important. Link glanced at Impa, who was still staring at the wall. Link looked at her carefully. She was not staring at the wall, but beyond it. He know understood, the simple tricks that the Sheikah used to protect themselves, simple, yet perfect at the same time. He nodded and both he and Impa stepped towards the wall together.

    The wall dissolved before his eyes and Link had moved between the castle and a long, dark and damp corridor. A gentle, almost unnoticeable wind was coming from the other end, but there was no light at the end of this tunnel. The two walked, neither speaking a word, moving along the corridor at high speed. It wasn't long until Link arrived at the end of the corridor, and his location became fully aware to him. The narrow path he had walked now opened up into a vast cavern, where a strange boat floated in a sea of smoke and wind. The whole placed was cold, but not from a low temperature, it was the feeling of loneliness and solitude that made the hairs on his neck stand on end.

    "How can we be here, the Shadow Temple is far from Hyrule Castle." Link asked.

    "The Sheikah are capable of moving from one place to another much faster than normal folk. Follow me."

    "Impa." Link asked, after following the Sheikah woman for some time. "No doubt you know I have questions, but I won't ask most of them yet, I know you to well to think you'd actually answer me."

    The Sheikah showed one of her rare smiles.

    "But the passageway in the Library. It's not guarded by anything, surely anyone could just walk through?"

    "You are partially correct. Looking on the entrance with trust worthy eyes would grant you the ability to see the gateway, but for those who believe only what they see with their own eyes, they see but a meaningless wall. Howwever, as the the eyes can play tricks, they can also prove to be a hindrance. There was once, a man who gained access to the passageway."

    "Who was he?"

    "His name was never learnt. He went by the name Blind, for he was in fact, cursed with the illness and could see nothing but the dark of sleep. He was a great scribe, but also a petty thief. He was under employment of the King of Hyrule, many centuries ago, as a means to pay for his crimes. One day, he stumbled upon the entrance and found himself lost in the temple. The Sheikah searched for him of course, but he was never found."

    "Blind the Thief.." Link rolled the name off his tongue "It isn't a name I've ever heard."

    "I imagine it wouldn't be. He wasn't associated with anyone, and it's doubtful anyone knew him then, let alone now." Impa paused, and turned to face a small archway carved into a wall. "We're here."

    Impa waved her hand across the archway and a seal dissolved, revealing an open doorway into a long room filled with books so old that it gave time itself a unique scent. She walked up to a case and pulled a single book off the shelf, blowing a heavy layer of dust away with one heavy breath, she dropped the book onto the table.

    "Link, I must ask you to be patient, it may take some time to find what I am looking for."

    Link nodded and began to stroll around the library while the elder woman began to study the book. As he walked he peered at the great tomes that stood on the shelves, and tried to read the titles of those that were visible. Most where in languages and dialects he couldn't read, but one caught his eye. A green book, with the symbol of the triforce emblazoned on it's spine, the words on the side written plainly in Hylian.

    "The Book of Mudora" Link mumbled to himself. He took the book in his hands, slid it off the shelf and gingerly opened it. Inside the pages were in perfect Hylian. He read a few pages, that spoke of the creation of the world. Though intrigued, he looked up, and was taken aback to find he could now partially read all the titles that had eluded him moments before. One, an outdated form of Kokiri caught his eye, and he flicked his eyes back to the book. It was now written in perfect Kokiri, a language he had grown up learning, alongside Hylian. He folded the book up, and the spines of the books blurred back to their original states.

    "I'm amazed the book would reveal itself to you Link. The Book of Mudora is a relic of the Sheikah. Mudora was a wise man, who was able to translate any language, and speak it again without pause. When he passed away, his spirit was placed within the book, as a receptacle for anyone who sought his knowledge. It is in fact, what I came here to find. May I?"

    Link nodded and handed over the book. Impa sat and began to study it's tales, while Link, now without anything to read again, began to wander. Stepping outside the Library, he was slightly shocked not to see the seal behind him reform, but he gathered that the presence of the Sage of this very temple was enough of a deterrent for anything that might try to enter. Link's memory began to recall his battle through this very temple. At one point, he thought he would succumb to insanity, as shadows seemed to call out to him, tempting him along paths that did not exist. It it was not for the Eye of Truth, he would not have lasted.

    Though he was without the artifact of the Sheikah now, seven years had taught him to trust his inner judgement and not his eyes, just as Impa had spoken about. Link was brought back from his memories by the faint sound of someone crying. He looked back at Impa, who was still studying the book intensivly. He perked his eyes, and listened for the sobs, following the sound they made. Unconciously he drew both sword and shield, as he neared the sound of the now, clearly fememine cries. Two rooms he passed through, seeing nothing but stale moss and pools of stagnent water, he finally came upon the source of the sobbing. What appeared to be a young girl, wrapped in a pristine white white dress, with flowing brown locks of hair, was huddled in the corner, head rested on arm, tears stream down from her brilliant blue eyes.

    Link gently knelt beside her, re-sheathing both sword and shield. She gasped in shock as she became aware of his presence.

    "It's ok, don't worry, I wont hurt you." he whispered.

    "Please.." she cried "Please, help me, so scared."

    Link placed a hand on her arm, and was surprised at how cold she was. He lifted the girl to her feet, and began guiding her back the way he came.

    "How did you get down here?" Link asked, softly, not wanting to cause her any alarm if he accidentally revealed she was wandering around a haunted tomb.

    "I can't remember. I just woke up here, all alone. Couldn't find a way out. I've walked everywhere. Couldn't find anyone, you're the first person I have seen in days."

    "Don't worry, I'll take you somewhere safe. I'm here with a friend, we'll get you out."

    The girl seemed to tense for a second, but then relaxed. Link barely noticed it, but hid the fact that he noticed it perfectly. A young girl, alone in the Shadow Temple, or all places. Surely Impa would have known that she was here, a Sage would know everything about the Temple they guard. Link wasn't exactly sure right now, but there was something about this girl he didn't trust.

    "Please, can't we find another way out? I've been this way, there's no way out."

    "Trust me, I know where I'm going" Link stepped back into view of the library and the girl suddenly became fidgety. She struggled against Link's grip and tried desperately to turn and get away.

    "What's wrong?" Link asked firmly.

    "T-t-t-that!!" she cried, pointing her finger sharply forward. Link turned to look and narrowly missed a horizontal slice from a short sword. Link pulled the girl behind him and instinctively grabbed his sword and shield, taking on a defensive pose within seconds. It was just in time too, as another diagonal slice made contact with the barrier, knocking his assailant back with the recoil.

    "Stay behind me!" Link cried to the girl, as he looked upon his foe. It was an enemy he'd had plenty of experience fighting, but they were always a threat, no matter how experience you had. Standing just shorter than he was, was the skeletal frame of a Stalfos Knight. The frame of a long dead knight, reanimated by dark magic, and now driven by a desire to fight. The Stalfos moved gently, as though it were breathing. Between it's ribs Link could just about make out an orb of black smoke swirling around. That's where the true power of the Stalfos lay.

    Link pushed forward vaulting towards the Stalfos with his shield acting as a battering ram. He hit the monster square on the sternum, pushing it back a few steps. With a firm grip on his sword, he brought the weapon around aiming his blow at the unprotected elbow, only for his sword to get caught in a clinch with the weapon of the enemy. Despite a severe lack of muscle, the Staflos was still strong. It threw Link back, and ran at him, stabbing forward at his chest.

    Link threw his shield up in time to block the attack, but was pushed down on one knee by the blow. Above him the Stalfos laughed, a hollow laugh that still had an echo of hatred. It lunged forward again, this time stabbing downwards aiming for Link's head. Pushing off on one foot he rolled to the side causing the Stalfos stumbling at the sudden space before him, and giving him a chance to get back to his feet.

    "Be careful!" the girl yelled.

    Link swung his head around to stare at her. She was smiling for a split second, then her face when back to fear as soon as she noticed Link's eyes upon her. Momentarily distracted, Link was hit in the shoulder, pushed roughly onto his back, but the foot of the Stalfos.

    'Fighting dirty huh?' Link mused to himself. He swung around, taking one of the Stalfos' legs out from beneath it, and used the momentum to swing himself back onto his feet. The Stalfos wobbled, and could only bring it's small shield up to defend as Link brought his own sword down full force on the round defence. The Stalfos dropped to the ground and Link brought up his own boot, kicking at the shield, sending it soaring through the air, away from the Stalfos. Before it could react Link swung around, gathering momentum behind his outstretched arm he made a complete circle, sword making contact with the skeleton's neck, severing it's head from the body. The beast screamed, and the body collapsed, as though it had never moved.

    Link steadied himself and quickly drew his bow. Closing his eyes only for a second, the tip of the arrow in his hands began to glow with a brilliant white light. From the corner of his eye, Link spotted the girl recoiling from the light that was nearing her, despite how miniscule it was. There was no time for that right now, as the smoke that once floated inside the ribcage was beginning to rattle the bones. Link released his trigger finger and the Light Arrow plunged into the midst of the smoke. An ethereal scream escaped from the smoke, and it disappeared in a miniature tornado amongst the light.

    The Stalfos was permanently defeated now, not just decapitated, but the darkness inside it was burnt away by the light. Link stepped back to the girl, but did not replace his arsenal.

    "Are you OK?" he asked. He peered at her, as she turned back to face him. Part of her face and hand were burnt ever so slightly, in the same spots where the light from his arrow had struck her.

    "How did you.. you.. monster.." she whimpered. Her innocence was starting to waver. Anger and disgust were creeping in over her child like voice. "I just wanted to get out, out of this nightmare. I want to get out.. NOW!"

    Link pulled his shield up, and just in time too, as the girl lit up with fire, sending streams of it at him and his shield. Though the shield was tough and fire resistant it wasn't designed to hold up to such intense flames like the Mirror Shield was. Link struggled to hold back the attack, but was fighting a losing battle. He dropped down on his knee and held the shield up to cover his face and chest. Desperately he looked around, until the roof caught his eye.

    'Farore, I hope there's light above me, or I'll be meeting you soon.' he prayed, and pulled a bomb out of his pocket. It was the size of his fist, small enough to be mostly hidden, but big enough to cause a blast. Link readied himself, the girl was pushing forward, flames still spewing from her hands and body. He pushed forward against the flames, embers burning his tunic around the edges, and his hand holding the shield already going numb from the pain. Kicking off the ground, he summersaulted backwards, throwing the bomb at the same time, aiming directly from the roof above the girl. As he landed, the device struck the roof and detonated, sending chunks of rock everywhere. The girl looked back, distracted for a moment Link charged forward ramming into her with his shield and pushing her back, under a ray of light that was shining through the newly made hole.

    "No!!" the girl screamed. Her cries of protest quickly turned to screams of agony, as she caught fire. The white dressed burnt away, and the golden locks fell from her head. Her skin boiled away leaving a brown scaly hide beneath. As what was once a girl uncurled from a pained crouching position, it was obviously no longer a girl. Somehow the beast before him had doubled inside, a thick scaly hide covered by patches of what was obviously the 'girl's' blonde hair. Sharp talons stuck out of it's three digit hands and feet, while two long ears, almost Hylian like in shape stuck out the back of it's head. It stared at link through two large animal eyes.

    "I guess you're out now." Link quipped. The beast roared, sending lines of drool flying out of it's gaping, fanged maw. Link brought his shield up, and tightened the grip on his sword. "I don't know it there was ever a girl inside that hulk of flesh, but I'll carve you to pieces looking for one."

    The beast lunged forward.
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    Here's a few errors I noticed.

    I can grab my stuff when i come back,
    Missed capitalizing your I there.

    Navi like this a few times, and very few people, saw Fairies like this,
    The comma between people and saw isn't needed.

    [QUOTE]I can return to he forest and help the young Deku Tree gather strength.[/QUOTE
    You're missing a 't' in the.

    and others thanking him for all his hardwork.
    Hard work is two seperate words.

    Still testing me after you've we've been through.
    I think the error is salient here.

    I know you to well to think you'd actually answer me."
    You should be using 'too' here instead of 'to'.

    Howwever, as the the eyes can play tricks, they can also prove to be a hindrance.
    One w in however.

    All right, enough of that. It's been a while since I originally read this chapter, so I can't really tell what all's been changed, even with the note, but I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the best LoZ fanfiction I've had the pleasure of reading, and is a very much welcome change from the last piece I read (a terribly written WW sotryline). I'm looking forward to reading the revised versions of the rest of the chapters, RL.

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    Blind the Thief, him being mentioned and those last few paragraph's in Chapter 1 make me believe that he's the Blind in Link To The Past, if I remember correctly.

    Didn't see the orignial version of this so this is all new to me, but hey I like it. What's been going on so far seems to be interseting, how Hyrule Castle Town coming back to life as you told it was kinda cool there, and how you portray the characters....I like it.
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    Thanks SnoringFrog. I've not been getting any of the remasters checked first, so I appriciate any errors that are pointed out.

        Spoiler:- Chapter 2 Re-Mastered:

    Chapter Two
    The Sacred Trinity


    Casting a hand through a cobweb, Impa watched from the shadows. Under one arm she tightly gripped an book, it's green cover showing the wear and tear of age. Leaving the library behind, its entrance proceeding to disappear and seal itself away, she followed the sounds of heavy breathing, shouting and the clang of metal on stone. Hidden from sight in one of the darkest corners she watched as a battle continued.

    Link rolled to the side of the beast coming up behind it and slashing upwards with his sword, leaving a red cut on the creature's back leg. It roared in pain and instinctively reached towards the wound, giving Link the chance he needed to duck away and regain his footing. He'd been exchanging minor blows with the beast for some time now, his breathing had become laboured and he was starting to tire. The beast pulled it's hand away from the wound, dripping yet more blood onto the already stained floor.

    Link took a step back and the monster lunged forward again as it had done so many times, this time Link catching the blow on his shield and ducking beneath it. Holding off the beast until it slackened it's attack, Link threw the beast back off the shield and delivered a deep slice across it's chest.

    The beast threw back it's head and roared. Blood spat from the wound splashing onto Link's tunic as he shielded his face from the liquid. He gave his target a quick look over - one arm was severely cut with tendons more than likely torn. it's one leg was dragging slightly, and now it had a major open wound in it's chest. Yet there was no sign of it giving up.

    "Why can't you just die?" Link growled.

    His words seemed to have an opposite effect on the beast, which roared with such velocity that sputum and phlegm shot from it's mouth and teeth and splattered over the walls and ceiling above. It hunched forward and ran at full speed towards Link. The swordsman threw himself forward, and as the two came within mere feet of each other Link leapt up. The monster couldn't react in time, and as it wrenched it's neck to follow Link's overhead movement, it's eyes came to meet the sharp edge of the Gilded Sword. A clean slice as best one could call it, as the sword neatly cleaved the monsters head in two. With a second spin Link began his fall to the ground, and the two separate pieces of flesh dropped off the neck and hit the floor with a wet lifeless thud.

    Link landed safely behind the beast, which slowly dropped forward. Link lowered both sword and shield, resting his head backwards and taking long deep breaths. The steady sound of blood ripping from the decapitated body was his only companion. Link stretched out his arms and twisted his neck to give strength back to the muscles. He re-sheathed his sword and turned around to leave. As he did so, he came face to face with the wide open jaws of the beast, and the powerful shockwave of a roar hit him. He scrambled backwards grabbing for his sword again, when movement to the left of him caught his attention. Hovering in the air was the left half of the severed head. Pus, blood and cranial fluids still dripped and sagged from it, yet the massive yellow eyeball and brain clearly visible still pulsed and moved with life. The piece of head slowly returned to the shoulders of the beast where it was joined by the other half of the head.

    Instead of taking their place on the body they came up alongside a smaller, newer, head. It bore two massive blood shot black eyes, and instead of the muzzled, canine like head it once had, it was long, stretched out like a lizard, but filled with long sharp teeth. Link froze as he watched the beast in silence. He was staring it right in the eyes, yet it did not move. The two eyes of the severed head were watching Link perfectly, but the main head seemed to just stare into the distance. Not focusing on anything. as if it were blind. Link's mind raced, and Impa's voice filled his thoughts.

    "He went by the name Blind, for he was in fact, cursed with the illness and could see no more than an inch before him."

    Link realised he wasn't breathing, and it was that lack of noise that was saving his life. Of course, this monster was blind. It was once the thief, but after so long trapped in the Shadow Temple it had become this monstrous beast. Like so many of the foul creatures that lurked here it fed on emotion. There was no doubt in link's mind that the creature had taken on the appearance of a young girl to appeal to Link's kind hearted nature. Knowing what he did now, it was the last straw for Link, and he drew his sword. The noise of the metal caught the attention of Blind and it stared directly down at Link, still not focusing correctly.

    "You can't see me, but I know you can hear me Blind. I know your secret now, and the scales have tipped." Link said, keeping a firm sight on the monster.

    Blind seemed to consider this for a moment, before it opened it's wide mouth and began to laugh. It was a low, throaty laugh that sounded more like choking, but something had clearly amused the monster. It stopped laughing as suddenly as it had began, and without warning, Link's vision began to black out. There was no smoke filling the room, nor were his muscles falling victim to some kind of paralysis, but try as he might, he could not stop his sight from failing all together.

    Now we are equal once more. a voice filled his head. it was the same voice of the young girl that Blind assumed as a shape only moments ago.

    Blinded, Link tried to move, but in doing so made more noise than he should have. He was caught unawares by a massive claw swiping around his side and throwing him against a wall. Groaning with pain, he could only just manage to bring his shield up in time to defend against another blow. Though defended from above, he fell victim to a sharp kick below from Blind's uninjured leg. Link pushed Blind off the shield again, and rolled to one side, backing himself up against a wall and staying as silent as he possibly could whilst trying to deal with the unexplained black out.

    Link wished he had the Lens of Truth with him, the ancient Sheikah artefact that would see through the false and mystical showing only what truly lay ahead. Though, he thought, it would only work if you could see anyway. From the depths of Link's memory came the voice of a child. Innocent, yet full of wisdom that none could match. It was a voice he had not heard for over seven years.

    I had a dream. In the dream, dark storm clouds were billowing over the land of Hyrule. But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground. The light turned into a figure holding a green and shining stone, followed by a fairy.

    It was the dream Zelda had that first foresaw the terror that had begun seven years ago. But why now had it come into his mind. Link closed his eyes and thought. The ray of light, parting the darkness. He was that ray of light, and now, surrounded by darkness once more, he needed to be that light again. Link's hand twitched, and he felt a spark of power. Strength seemed to pulse from his hand up his arm into into his eyes. He opened them, and found he could see, just ahead of him, though all that he saw was lit by a golden light. Blind had barely moved since Link had dodged away from the attack, and he realised that barely any time had passed since he flattened against the wall. Link dropped away from the wall and pulled his hand into a fist before his face. Shining brightly on the back of his hand was the Triforce of Courage. It's light seemed to grab the attention of Blind, who turned around to stare directly into it. The light of the triforce burnt away the darkness, restoring Link's vision and causing Blind to take a cautionary step back.

    Filled with a determination he had not felt in a long time, his muscles burning with strength, his breathing no longer laboured and his body no more fatigued than it was when the fight started, Link felt lighter than the air itself. He took his sword in one hand, and raised his shield. Without a sound, he charged forward, ducking low and bringing his sword up in one swift movement. Guided by the Triforce, he delivered a long deep slash to Blind's body, cutting it neatly in half. Both pieces feel to the floor, followed quickly by the reanimated head. For a moment, Link stood over the beast and stared, as it slowly melted away in a flurry of black smoke.

    The Triforce still blazed on his hand, until he calmed himself and wished it away. It was then that he heard another noise behind him. He twisted around into a defensive pose, sword at the ready only to find his assailant was none other than Impa. She was smiling, in a way he had never seen before.

    "Link. I am sorry to have left you alone here. Though it seems you faired well without any help."

    Link stared up at Impa. He wiped away the mess of sweat and blood that covered his face and he returned his armoury to it's resting places on his back.

    "Impa. Look. This trip has been really interesting and all, but now I would appreciate some answers."

    "Of course. I will tell you everything, once we return to the castle, and you get cleaned up. You would not want to meet Princess Zelda looking like you do now."

    Link narrowed his eyes at the sheikah woman. She was smirking again, and it was something he did not find appropriate. Too many times he had been treated like a child, and it was one of the few things he'd never stopped hating. True, he did not want to see Zelda in this state, but his want for answers was overwhelming.

    "Come, returning to the castle should be no problem now. I have found what I came here for."


    Link finished dressing and threw the damp towel over the side of the bath. It had been a long time since he could relax in a steaming hot bath, it was an experience that always got better over time. He ran a hand through his hair, and settled his hat back on top, before leaving the small room and heading back towards the Castle Library. Sat beside a long table was Impa, resting her hands on the Book of Mudora. She was talking to someone, but as Link neared she stopped and looked to him. He walked firmly onwards until he entered the library and saw Impa's choice of conversationalist.

    She looked as beautiful as she did seven years ago, and every bit as mature as she did in the dark future. Her eyes were deep pools of blue, while golden locks of hair cascaded over shoulders and back. The regal white dress, the pink tunic, the gold that would cost any other man a lifetime and more to afford, the deep blue loincloth emblazoned with the crest of Hyrule, the Roc and Triforce, it all came together to create a vision Link had longed to see again for so long.

    "Princess." Link said calmly, his tone of voice betraying his emotions. He offered a formal bow, but rose to hear a light giggle.

    "Link, please, we have been through enough together to dispense with the formalities."

    "Of course. Zelda." Link smiled and approached her "It is good to see you again."

    "It is good to see you too Link." Zelda nodded her head slightly. Her eyes glanced quickly around the library, and when she was sure that they were alone, rushed forward and took Link in a great hug. Stunned at first, Link eventually returned the tight hug, and felt all the stress of the last seven or so years melt away. A gentle cough from nearby brought the two back to their sense and they turned to find Impa looking back up at them.

    "Oh. I'm sorry Impa. You had something to tell us."

    "Sit down," she said setting the book down. "The book of Mudora is one of the Sheikah's greatest treasures. The Lens of Truth is nothing compared to the knowledge that is found within this artefact. For centuries, it has been used as a tool for scribes to translate prophecies, or for the lost to find answers. Within it's pages lie the answers to our questions. However, reading them would take too long."

    The Sage of Shadow waved one hand over the book, a grim purple light following her motion. The light settled over the book like falling dust, and was absorbed into the teardrop eye on the front. The book threw itself open, and it's pages rustled forward to the correct section. The links of ink on the pages seemed to melt in to each other, forming a giant black mess in the centre of the pages. Like smoke rising from a flame, the ink started to float above the book, twisting erratically around, until the lines began to reform into the shape of an old man.

    The partially formed spirit floated over the book, where robes and a kindly face were visible, it were as if a drawing had come to life.

    "Sa'ida. Gode dai. Aanii. Talofa. Hello. It has been many thousand years since I was last summoned in such a way. I am proud to see the Sheikah have once again regained the lineage of the Sage of Shadows."

    Link raised an eyebrow at the remark, but said nothing more.

    "Tell me, what is it that you need to know that was so important to summon me directly?"

    "Tell us of the Creation of Hyrule, and the reason for the Triforce." Impa said. Mudora looked at her with confusion and the book flipped through several pages to the start. On the pages were depicted images that could be seen in most books that foretold the creation of Hyrule. The faces of the three goddesses breathing life into the barren wasteland, with the Triforce sat atop a great pillar, small figures offered it their prayers.

    "Surely you know of this tale? It is the one legend we know to be true."

    "No." Impa replied sternly. "We now know it is not. Mudora, tell us of the true creation, the primary function of the triforce, and the emptiness called Voiyd."

    The black ink that formed Mudora seemed to waver, his imagery becoming abstract for a moment, as the spirit tried to control it'self. The pages of the book ruffled again, finally stopping on a new page where only one image dominated the page. Neither Link, Zelda or Impa could understand the very ancient Hylian on the pages, but none had any trouble understanding the image. The three pieces of the Triforce together created a space in the centre. There, instead of an empty space lay a fourth triangular piece, this one jet black with a horizontal narrow eye on it.

    "Everything you have been taught about the creation Hyrule is a lie," Mudora began. "Everything you think you know is unfounded, based on untruths that came about to hide the reality. While there are some truths to the story you know, the dark history of this world is a secret that has remained hidden for aeons. It was kept from the masses in order to keep secret the darkness that would only fuel deadlier wars and more horrific monsters. When three celestial beings descended upon this barren planet it was not to give it life, it was to make it a grave. The belief that those three being are all that exist in the upper hierarchy of the gods is false. There is at least, one other.

    Their names unpronounceable by our tongues, the three who shone with a brilliant light sought the one with the shadowy form. In pursuit of this darker being, they arrived on the wasteland of this planet and waged battle. Though the odds were tipped in favour of the three, the darkness was stronger. Finally, weak from the battle, the three sought to seal the dark one away. Using their power, their wisdom, and their courage they moulded the world, creating life and life energy. While this energy was alone strong enough to weaken the shadowy one, the three created a golden prison to seal it away for good.

    This golden prison, three perfect shapes that held within them the very essence of Power, Wisdom and Courage, trapped the shadowy being in an inescapable fortress. Knowing that the fortress would not hold the dark being for eternity, the three stayed with the fledgling world and took on the role of Goddesses. Taking on names given to them by their developing peoples, they watched over the new world.

    Din, Nayru and Farore, as they became known watched with awe as their creation developed into a vast civilisation. The point at which the Godesses left the planet and rose into the Heavens became known as Hyrule, the centre point. They remained seated in what came to be known as the Sacred Realm. As with all worlds, wars broke out, and magic was used to end them. Wise beings became Sages, destined to protect the Sacred Realm that the goddesses lived in. The prison the three created became known as the Triforce, a treasure that many sought for it's supposed ability to grant wishes. The Goddesses soon realised that it wasn't the treasure itself that created the draw, but the being trapped inside. Determined to stop it, a key was formed. A sword that lay between both realms, untouchable only to one who was destined to wield it.

    Much of what you know has happened, the Sacred Realm was breached, the Triforce broken into three pieces. It is here that more happened than you know. The walls of the fortress weakened, the shadow was able to leak out. The longer the Triforce was separated, the more it could leak out, until finally it was free. Despite it's freedom, it is still incredibly weak, and has needed time to restore it's power. Seven years has given it that time, and only one thing now prevents it from assuming it's full state."

    Mudora fell silent, a silence that was shared by everyone in the room. Link stared at the floor contemplating this revelation, his eyes flicking back and forth occasionally, while he bit his lip. Zelda had her hands rested on the table, and was simply staring ahead. Impa on the other hand was in a state of meditation, her body in the Castle, her mind and spirit in the Chamber of Sages, communicating the findings to the other sages.

    "I realise this must be a shock to you all, perhaps not to the Sages who no doubt have inherited some of the memories of their many predecessors, but there is more to tell you." Mudora, turned a few more pages, until a new picture lay on the tattered leaf. This time, a smaller image of the triforce sat in the centre and around it three strange faces appeared.

    "You see, while the Goddesses did create the Triforce, they also gave some of their soul to three new-born children. As they grew, they developed great strengths. Within them grew Power, Wisdom and Courage. Though these three lived unfortunate lives, the Goddesses saw the spirit within them and granted them a second chance. A chance to aid others. The Goddesses poured the spirits and magic of those beings into three masks. The identities of the three were never discovered, mostly because they were born in a country far from Hyrule, beyond the Demon Plains in the north. It's said that while the masks power wanes before that of the Triforce, if the two were to be combined, those possessing them would have the power to speak to the goddesses themselves."

    At that moment, Impa roused herself from the meditative trance she was in. She nodded to Mudora who returned the nod before his form was sucked back into the book, which closed itself back up. She turned her head to look at both Link and Zelda. The two were still trying to take in the news that their beliefs were founded on lies.

    "Mudora only tells us history, what's happening now, you will learn soon enough. The dark shadow that Mudora spoke of is known in Ancient Hylian as Gufuu, but the best translation we have, as spoken by Mudora, is Voiyd. Due to the greed and desire for the Triforce that has existed since rumours of it were spoken, Voiyd has been able to seep out of the Prison, slowly over the course of many thousands of years. When Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm and laid his hands upon it, the Triforce was separated, and Voiyd was able to escape instantly. Only one part of Voiyd remained in the Sacred Realm, it was an echo of it's being, the shadow of a shadow so to speak. This had already bonded with Ganondorf long before he met with the King, polluting the piece of Triforce that bonded with him. We don't know how the two came into contact, but we expect Twin Rova had some hand in it."

    "Ganondorf's desire for power was not false, but his desire for the Triforce was most likely the echo of Voiyd trying to return to it's whole. The reason Ganondorf was able to sense the pieces of Triforce within both of you was because it was reacting to it's sister pieces, telling them it was not safe. We know Ganondorf still possesses the Triforce of Power, and that he still bares the touch of Voiyd."

    "You expect us to believe that Ganondorf wasn't evil?" Link spat, his horror suddenly turning to revulsion. "That all those things he did were because of some shadow that nobody has ever heard of? I don't buy it Impa."

    "I don't expect you to accept it straight away Link," Impa said, looking at him with narrowed eyes "but I do expect you to be quiet and listen to the rest of what I have to say."

    Link fell silnt. He stole a look at Zelda, who was simply staring forward, unemotional and calm. There was a slight shiver to her, but she neither said anything or acknowledged Link.

    "Ganondorf was known by many long before the Dark Years. He was a brave soldier who fought alongside the King when invaders from Tolemac attempted to take Hyrule by storm. He united the gerudo under one rule, ending the social conflicts that existed within the desert race. he also opened the trade negotiations and peace talks with Hyrule. However dusty our relations with the Gerudo are, the fact we have any at all is owed to Ganondorf. With the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf could have easily destroyed Hyrule, sunk the entire island into the ocean and continued across the ocean, destroying land after land before reshaping it in his own image. After seven years, does it not strike you as unusual that all he managed to do was break a few sacred barriers and ravage one or two cities?"

    "I am not an expert on the conflicts of the mind and soul, however Nabooru is. She's also a Gerudo, and was Ganondorf's second in command, as you well know. She tells me that even if Ganondorf did desire power, it was only ever so that he could make the Gerudo a more respected and prominant people. However he changed after receiving the Triforce. She now believes that Ganondorf secretly fought with the influence Voiyd had over him. While he could do nothing to stop it altogether, he staved of advancing further than Hyrule's borders. Ganondorf's role in the war was not entirely his fault. Whether you choose to believe this or not, is up to you, but it is a decision you will have a time to consider."

    "Even though Ganondorf was sealed away, the Triforce is still separated, and as such is not holding Voiyd anymore. You may not have felt it, but the Sages have. An evil presence, a growing emptiness that threatens to envelop all things. It is not localised around one thing or person, it is like an ill wind. This presence has already left it's mark on Hyrule. Sudden losses of crops, herds of wild beasts dropping dead where they stood. This is only a small demonstration of Voiyd's influence, given that he has still not taken form. Eventually, he will draw the last remains of him out of the Sacred Realm, creating chaos as the barriers between the two realms collapse. There is only one advantage we have."

    "If we reopen the Sacred Realm and free Ganondorf of Voiyd's influence, then he will return to strength straight away." Zelda said, catching on to what Impa was saying. "I forbid it! I will not let that monster roam free in this country! He has ruined too many lives, lives that can never be replaced. Link and I will find the Masks, and we will return with their power. Then we will face Voiyd and Ganondorf together."

    "I admire your courage Princess of Destiny." The voice of an old man entered the conversation. Zelda turned to see a strange old man standing behind her. He wore large golden robes, bearing the crest of the Hyrulean Royal family, but the crest was ancient, from many hundreds of years ago. It was then Zelda sensed he was not really there. "However it is misplaced. The Triforce is a holy trinity, the three pieces act in harmony together, but apart they are not as powerful. Without wisdom, those with power act wildly and without concern. Without courage, those with wisdom have no output for the knowledge and slowly grow insane. Without power, those with courage do not have the strength to make a difference. This is a battle that cannot be won unless all three who bare the Triforce do so together."

    "Rauru, I did not expect you so soon." Impa said, bowing her head slightly. he returned the gesture but continued to focus on Zelda and Link.

    "With Courage and Wisdom, combined with the power of us Sages, we will be able to draw the darkness from Ganondorf's soul. We cannot forcefully take the Triforce from him, it must be relinquished by free will, or removed by the Goddesses themselves. However, we can provide you with the means to locate and obtain the three masks spoke of in the legends. Link, you must remove the Master Sword from it's place in the Temple of Time. Release Ganondorf from his confinement. "

    "Ganondorf swore revenge on us, he will not accept the fate of the world so easily." Zelda mused, she sat back down, but distaste was still fully apparent on her face.

    "That is true, but there are also legends concerning the three bearers of the Triforce in the Book of Mudora." Impa said. "They speak of the time when the golden light will inhabit three bodies, and though there will be times when the three wage war against each other, the outcome will always be the same. It is impossible, for you to kill each other, at least, not while you still bear the Triforce." Impa looked directly at Link and met his line of sight "Link, it's been seven years, you have learnt to use the power of the Triforce to aid you in battle. You did so in the Shadow Temple, when you used it's light to burn away the darkness, and you felt it's effect when you made that final blow."

    "I.." Link hesitated, but realised that hiding anything at this point wouldn't be a good idea "I felt as light as air itself, lighter even. Moving wasn't a problem for me, it didn't even feel like I was touching the floor. I felt an ancient power running through my body, giving me strength."

    "Ganondorf used the power of the Triforce to change his form into that of Ganon, a manifestation of the greed he had for power, corrupted by Voiy'd touch. Princess Zelda used it to take on the identity of Sheik, gaining all the knowledge of the Sheikah, and their magical abilities with it. After seven years, I believe you have finally reached the point where the Triforce of Courage can give you a new strength. You need only find the right time, and it's power will be fully awakened to you."

    "But to what?" Link asked. His mind raced, filled with images of what he might become. He thought of ganon, and suddenly all he thought of was the vilest creatures he had fought in his lifetime. ReDeads, Gibdos, Stalfos.. he shook his head in an attempt to shake the demons out.

    "I cannot say, no one can. The Triforce of Courage will search your heart for the form and you will gain it's full abilities when that happens. In time, you will learn to control it, and to enter that form at will, just as Princess Zelda became Sheik willingly."

    Impa paused for a moment and looked directly at Rauru. He nodded and disappeared. Impa stood and looked down at both Link and Zelda individually.

    "It's time. The other Sages have met at the Temple of Time. Whether or not you agree, we Sages have determined this is the best course of action. You can either help us, or doom us all. I did not wish to give you such an ultimatum, but the last seven years have taught us all to be more ruthless."

    Before either had a chance to object, Impa had teleported them both to the Temple of Time. It was empty of town's folk, priests and those mourning the dead. Instead only a handful of representatives from each race were present. The huge door of Time was in place, and the Alter empty. Link felt the three gems around his neck get heavier. Their arrival had not gone unnoticed, as the other Sages turned to look at Impa as she approached.

    "I didn't expect you to convince them so easily Impa," Nabooru said with a smirk. She looked as radiant as the Gerudo leader should, but she also had a robe over her shoulders. It was a sand yellow colour, with the symbol of Spirit embroidered on the back. "Or did you have to break some bones first?"

    "There was no violence," Impa replied simply "but there was no convincing either."

    "I can't believe you think releasing Ganondorf is the best course of action." Zelda said, horror and mistrust lingering on her voice "As the Seventh Sage and heir to the throne I should have been consulted on this matter immediately."

    "You just were Princess." Durania said. He wore a red cowl over his shoulders, just like Nabooru, though his bore the symbol of Fire. "Impa talking to you and sharing her findings with us is more or less the first we've heard on the matter too. The difference is we all came to the same conclusion based on what we know as Sages."

    Princess Ruto, in an aquamarine cowl, was helping Impa put on her deep purple robe when three more Sages made their arrival in the Temple. The first was Saria, already in her own robe, this one a dampened green. Beside her stood another Kokiri, one Link did not recognise. Like Mido he looked mischievous and ready to pull a Slingshot out without warning. However, he also wore a pale green cowl, with a symbol not unlike a violin on the back. The other was a young Zora girl, about the same age Ruto had been seven years ago. Unlike Ruto however, this Zora had a long tail on her head, and her skin was a more green-blue colour. Her robe bore a shape of a Harp, but was a sombre grey-brown in colour.

    Zelda took up a position beside Link and leaned in to speak to him. "Fado and Laruto. The latter is actually a cousin of Ruto's but is from the Zora city Aquita, south of Hyrule Lake. Their the Sages of Wind and Earth respectively. We're not sure where they came from, but after the Master Sword was used to seal Ganondorf away, they revealed themselves to the other Sags. They've been praying in secret so the Master Sword could maintain it's ability to fight evil."

    "Where are the Temples?" Link asked.

    "The Wind Temple is somewhere on Death Mountain, on on of the higher peaks. The Earth Temple is in caverns beneath Lake Hylia and the Lost Woods."

    "It's time." Impa said, rousing the two from their whispered conversation. She motioned for them both to step forward. "We realise that you do not agree to this, and your decisions are well noted Princess, but events conspire against us, and often the lesser of two evils is a risk that has to be taken. Link, the Spiritual Stones."

    Link stood unmoving for a moment, but under the watchful eyes of all those he considered his friends and family, she succumbed to the pressure and reached under his tunic for the three jewels. Placing them one by one on the Alter, the perfectly shaped gems began to resonate. Impa held out the Ocarina of Time, and he took it from her. The Song of Time flowed from the instrument as he played the ancient melody. As it echoed in the vast hall, the huge stone door began to rise up, and the Master Sword came into sight.

    Rauru stood behind the Sword, blessing it with a divine light. He moved back and took up a position on his respective symbol. The cowl over his shoulders was pure white. The other Sages took up their on stands, with two extra places added for the new Sages. Link and Zelda stood before and beyond the Master Sword.

    "Link, are you ready?" Rauru asked.

    The swordsman nodded, and stepped up to the sword. He put both hands around the blue hilt of the sword and thought back to the many times he had fought with the sword. The moment he had pulled it out as a child, to the point where he plunged it into the skull of Ganon. He had wondered why such a blow did not kill the beast, but now he knew, that was never meant to be. He took a deep breath and tightened his grip on the sword, before pulling it up and out of it's seal. Instantly the raised platform exploded with energy, throwing Link and Zelda backwards to the floor. A pillar or darkness rose out, piercing the roof of the Temple, and a deep, evil laugh echoed across the empty space.

    The light bent and twisted, contorting into a shape, the shape of a man, who stood where the Master Sword once rested. When the light finally faded, the grey skinned man who called himself Ganondorf, stared down at the assembly. His face turned from relief to pure hatred when he saw those who surrounded him. Instinctively he reached out, the Triforce on his hand beginning to glow. His body folded in on itself as he began to change into Ganon once again. Without thinking, Link threw up his own hand, where the Triforce blazed on the back. Zelda was doing the same, and the combined light of both began to reverse the effects of the change. Ganon's shape faded away and Ganondorf was forcibly knocked down by the sudden and unexpected reversion.

    "How did you.." he began to growl when he felt a tremendous pain tear through his body and mind. He threw his hands to his head, feeling as though his skull were about to explode. Eight Sages, two more than he has last seen, were illuminated in a brilliant golden light. Then, Ganondorf screamed. As he screamed, the grey of his skin faded away to the more traditional tan of the Gerudo people, his hair lightened, changing from blood red to a natural auburn. Around his body, a black smoke seemed to burn away, lifting above him and coalescing into a mass shadow.

    The smoke swirled around slightly, as if it were a living creature exploring it's habitat. Then is seemed to expand suddenly, and flooded out of the room like a wave. It washed over Link, Zelda and the Sages near the entrance. The moment the darkness hit Link, he closed his eyes and tried to block his face.

    Link he was not where he remembered. He stood in the forest, in the Kokiri Village. All around him lay the bodies of the Kokiri. Mindlessly slaughtered, they had been tortured, and put through immense pain. The forest burnt, fires raged all around, and where there was no fire, there was only death. All that was once green was black, all that was once alive, was long dead. The sky convulsed, thunder crackling in the storm clouds above, the outline of the Great Deku Tree up ahead seemed to move. A face formed on the bark, and it seemed to be ready to speak. Yet no words came out. Nothing that could have put Link's mind at ease found it's way to his ears. All he could heard was a cold, empty laugh.

    Link's eye fluttered open. He heaved, lying on the floor of the Temple of Time, gasping for breath, as Ruto kneeled over him trying to get him to inhale properly. He could just make out Zelda lying in the same way. Her face was white, tears streamed from her eyes and she had lost everything about her posture and grace that made her what she was. All that was left was the horror of whatever she'd just seen. Link dared not imagine what would upset the Princess so, but he knew exactly how she felt.

    Ganondorf lay unconscious in the centre of the podium, the Master Sword lying beside him. Rauru stood over him, nodding slightly. Impa caught his glance and nodded back. She waved an arm, and Link quickly found himself lying on a soft mattress back in the castle. As he watched Durania place the Gerudo King on a nearby bed, his vision began to fail him. Link fought against it, but soon succumbed to sleep.


    On the edge of Hyrule, where no creature lives and no plant grows, the black smoke begins to reform. Shadows cast by the sunlight gather together, and a figure is born out of the negative light. A tall, yet deathly thin man, face as empty as a Re-Dead, but eyes as red as blood. White hair hung over his shoulders, partially covering his face. His body adorned with robes suiting that of royalty. A deep luxurious purple, with a black cloaks wrapped around him. The cloak was fastened beneath his neck, by a gold clasp with a red orb in the centre. He smiled, wickedly and began to walk slowly across the plain. Every step he took, the fledgling grasses beneath his feet burnt away into nothing, leaving only a rotten stench in his wake.

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    The steady sound of blood ripping from the decapitated
    Did you mean 'dripping' here?

    The Lens of Truth is nothing compared to the knowledge that is found within this artefact.
    Is 'artefact' a British spelling, or did you mistype it?

    images that could be seen in most books that foretold the creation of Hyrule.
    'Foretold' is synonomous with 'predict' and other such words, and I'm not sure that's what you meant. From how you've worded it, it's speaking of books that told about the creation of Hyrule before it happened.
    There is at least, one other.
    You need to either get rid of that comma or put one in front of 'at least'. If you do the latter, it will place more emphasis on at least, if that's what you're aiming for. On another note, there's another error I caught here. When someone is speaking and during their speech they go on to a new paragraph, no quatation marks are used at the end of the paragraph if they are still speaking, but you do need some at the beginning of the new paragraph to indicate they are still speaking.

    untouchable only to one who was destined to wield it.
    The way you phrased this, it would mean that the only person who couldn't touch it was the one destined to wield it. While that would be an interesting twist for a story, it doesn't go in LoZ. lol.

    Link fell silnt.
    they revealed themselves to the other Sags.
    "The Wind Temple is somewhere on Death Mountain, [B]on on [/B[of the higher peaks.
    A deep luxurious purple, with a black cloaks wrapped around him.
    That's all I caught for technical errors, here's somethign I thought should b echanged though.

    He re-sheathed his sword
    You just finished telling us how bloody this battle was, and Link sheaths his sword without first wiping it off on something? At the very least, I would assume hie'd use his tunic or, if it wasn't too rigid or tough, the skin of the beast to clean his blade before putting it away. I know this is small, but it sill irked me.

    Another good chapter. I was able to pick up on more of the changes this time, and found it just as good as before.

    I remember when "The Authors' Cafe" was still "The Author's Cafe".
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    Finally got around to it. Two days after I promised but oh well.

    First, some additional mistakes/typos/otherwise imperfections I noticed:

    Chapter One:

    Link nodded and thanked them best he coud. For him he'd not seen them for seven years.
    Coud - > could. Also I found these two sentences a bit awkward. The him is out of place and they could be combined. Perhaps 'Link nodded and thanked them the best he could, for he had not seen them in seven years.' Or something.

    Sure enough, a flush of wind on the back of his head, alerts him to movement and he spins around. A shadowy figure descends upon him from above. Link acts instantly, throwing what was in his hand at the floor, it explodes on impact filling the room with white light. Link pivots, and flips backwards, just as the assailant brings their sword down on the floor where he once stood. Blinded by the light, the attacker stumbles giving Link a second or two to use. He does so with expert precision, rolling around behind the attack, and bringing his sword up in a diagonal slice across the back of the shadowy figure. Before his sword makes contact, it is caught in an unbreakable grip. Trying as hard as he can to break it, Link is unable to move his sword anymore. The shadow recovers and turns to face him. The light from the explosion fading, a tall, muscular woman, dressed in simple, yet regal armour smiles at him. His grip slackens, and Link pulls the sword back, re-sheathing it instantly. He looks up at the woman and smirks. Though almost a fully grown man, the woman still has over a foot of height on him, towering above him like a pillar of wisdom. Snow white hair, but a face that endured more hardships that one would think possible, she put one hand on Link's shoulder.
    Tense changed to present here (except for the end which reverted back to past).

    he began to take in it's true beauty.
    Possessive its doesn't have an apostraphe, the exception to the rule. This appears occasionally.

    "How can we be here, the Shadow Temple is far from Hyrule Castle." Link asked.
    Lack of a question mark to define the question, and the second part of it is inconsistent with 'Link asked.' "How can we be here?" Link asked. "The Shadow Temple is far from Hyrule Castle."

    Looking on the entrance with trust worthy eyes

    Inside the pages were in perfect Hylian. He read a few pages, that spoke of the creation of the world.
    This is more of my opinion I suppose but I though it was kind of weird that the "pages were in perfect Hylian" instead of "the writing/text/whatever." Also helps with the use of "pags" again in short succession.

    He perked his eyes, and listened for the sobs, following the sound they made.
    Not sure if you meant ears there or not, but regardless, the comma after eyes should be removed unless you take out the and.

    seeing nothing but stale moss and pools of stagnent water

    head rested on arm, tears stream down from her brilliant blue eyes.

    Chapter 2:

    Under one arm she tightly gripped an book, it's green cover
    a book (also possessive its again)

    Link rolled to the side of the beast coming up behind it
    Comma after beast

    a smaller, newer, head.
    No comma after newer.

    "Sit down," she said setting the book down.
    Comma after setting.

    The belief that those three being are

    Now that that's finish, I must commend you on a job well done. It is significantly more well-written than the first time around (not that it was poorly written before, but it is just better this time). All the amendments which you wanted to make are fitting together nicely and the changes are most welcome. I also liked how the wind and earth sages made an appearance instead of how they were, if I recall correctly, just mentioned before. I also agree on your feelings on the attitudes of Link and Zelda in response to the plan to release Ganondorf. Much more believable with their strengthened resistance to the idea.

    It was all around an enjoyable read. It's been a while since I've read these early chapters and it is good to get them emblazoned into the mind again to set a new, more solid foundation for the newer chapters to come. I can begin to guess at how these changes in continuity will play out and I'm looking forward to see how the story evolves in this new manner. And of course I am looking forward to Ganondorf's inherent badassery. And the death of that ****ing owl. You heard me.
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    Then God is not dead
    And as I'm stalked by the shadow of death's hand
    My heathen pride is scarred across the land

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    why did you not warn me of this sooner??? I can't beleive you failed to tell me of this being redone. I was also wondering why i wasn't getting anything from you. I see why now. Twas much needed anyway in the early chapters at least. I'm actually likeing the changes/add-ons, makes everything so much clearer now. Me likies much. Well... so many mistakes in these three I'm not gonna post em and just wait to beta/proof the next chapter. Please let me look through em again. ^^
    jirachiman out
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    I wanted it to be a surprise. I'll send you 'Chapter 3 RM' when I'm done, should be the end of the weekend, I'm two thirds of the way through. This chap[ter now has proved to be the most reworked so far, it's practically a new chapter. Heheh. Lets see if I can add a preveiw..

        Spoiler:- sneak peek:

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        Spoiler:- Chapter Three Re-Mastered:

    Chapter Three
    Facing Demons


    Link awoke in a sweat. His vision returned quickly, and he looked up into the faces of his friends. The Zora Sage, Laruto, took a wet towel from his head and stepped back, nodding courteously but not saying anything. A roll of thunder caught his attention and he looked to the side, to see huge storm clouds passing over Hyrule Field. Harmless rain fell over the green fields, no fire, no destruction. Just harmless rain. He stood, reaching for his equipment and looking for the Princess.

    "What happened?" he asked, not looking at anyone.

    "The echo that we purged from Ganondorf's body hit you. It showed you a vision of the future." Nabooru said a hushed whisper "A future that will occur if Voiyd is given victory. He will ravage the land, none will stand before him, none shall survive."

    "Nice." Link said. He grabbed his sword and faced the sages before him. Laruto, Nabooru and Durania watched him. They had lost their cowls, but none were smiling. "Where is he?"

    The Sages exchanged looks. Durania turned to Link and motioned for him to follow. The Goron led Link into the Throne Room. Zelda sat at the far end. A lavishly decorated chair, plush cushions woven from expensive silk, and a golden seat made of the finest metals. She would have looked like a true queen, if she was not hanging slightly off one end, still looking sick from also being hit by the echo. She tried to rise to her feet, but failed. Instead she managed a smile and a nod. Link sat on a chair nearby, one normally reserved for an advisor. Impa stood behind the Throne, partially hidden in shadows.

    On the floor before the throne lay Ganondorf. His body appearing withered and frail. His skin was paler, and his hair fairer. He looked like a regular Gerudo now, instead of the dark and violent man he had been during the wars. His armour lay loosely from his body, and slid around badly as he moved. Link hadn't realised he was awake, but the Gerudo King was sat in silent contemplation on the red carpet.

    "Ganondorf Vladimir Dragmire." Zelda said, announcing him by his full name "Under Hyrule law you are to be charged with the highest felony that can be named in the mortal tongue. Treason against King and Country. The punishment is death by beheading."

    Ganondorf managed a short throaty laugh. "You released me from eternal suffering in order to kill me? I welcome it."

    Zelda ignored him and continued "There is only one way to absolve yourself of the crime of treason. To give yourself fully to King and Country. To live and fight under Hyrule, to die for the King. In order to be spared death, you must be forever in our debt."

    "I'd rather die." he spat.

    "You don't have a choice." Zelda spat back. "You're here for one reason only. You are, by divine right, the barer of the Triforce of Power. For that reason, and that alone, you have been spared not only death, but an eternity of lifelessness trapped in limbo."

    "I'm honoured, believe me." Ganondorf replied, his words slick with sarcasm.

    "Perhaps the time has come for you to be silent now Ganondorf." Nabooru said, standing beside him. He looked up at her and growled, but she just smiled. "There are things that need to be said, things you need to hear."

    "And if I don't want to listen?"

    "If you don't want to listen, I crush everything but your head so you have little choice in the matter." Durania said, stepping into the light and shadowing Ganondorf completely. "You are too weak to resist in any case, so you can either do so willingly, or not." The Gerudo seemed to contemplate the options before nodding slightly and keeping his mouth shut.

    Impa stepped out of the Shadows and stared down at Ganondorf, contempt in her eyes. The Gerudo gazed at her for a second then looked away. Impa breathed for a moment, then began to speak. She told Ganondorf of the creation story, of the nature of Voiyd, and the echo that once inhabited his body. She told him of the prophecy of the Triforce bearers, and of the darkness that would come if Voiyd was not stopped. After a long period, Ganondorf began to laugh again.

    "You expect me to believe all this? And from a Sheikah no less? The shadow folk have long been enemies of the Gerudo, I am disgusted that you Nabooru, even as a traitor to your own people, believe this."

    "I believe it because I know it to be true. I possess the memories of all Spirit Sages before me. Each element has it's own prophecy of what will happen should the emptiness claim victory. The souls of the damned will rise and seek vengeance of those who cast them into the fires of Hel. Life will come to an end, and with it all magics known to the world. The world will become Hel, before that too is consumed by the void, until everything becomes nothing."

    "You felt it didn't you?" Link asked, breaking the deadly silence "In those seven years, some part of you always felt it was time to stop. Why did you only try to conquer Hyrule Ganondorf? With the Triforce of Power you could have gone beyond the borders of Hyrule."

    "The enemies of the Gerudo.." He began, but Link cut him off.

    "I met with the Gerudo on several occasions. Hyrule was never your enemy. There was distrust, but you yourself were working on that. You wanted a united people of Hyrule. Then you changed. What happened to you Ganondorf? What made you change?"

    Ganondorf froze, his eyes glazing over as memories once buried began to flood back to him.


    Ganondorf stood in the ritual room of the Spirit Temple. He'd never seen this room before, and he thought he knew every inch of the place where he trained. Angry at being deceived, he was taking out his rage on the two beings that hovered slightly before him. The two Gerudo witches, Koume and Kotake.

    "What is this place? You will answer me!" he demanded of them. They snickered and cackled in reply.

    "Answer you? Foolish boy, we have no need to answer you. You are not our king." Koume said.

    "Not our king indeed." Kotake agreed, "We serve the one true dark lord, the being who has granted us long life, and control over the forces that threaten to tear us apart."

    "What? Who is this dark lord you speak of?"

    "You will meet him soon enough child." Koume screeched. Her hair, normally drab and straggling erupted into flame, rising from her skull and burning in brilliant red and orange. Kotake too changed her hair, with it suddenly standing out on end and freezing over to form a deadly array of icy needles.

    Ganondorf recoiled, having never seen such a display of raw magic from them before. He struggled to move, but found himself unable to do anything. Looking down at the floor, two large circles of magic appeared to surround him. An unseen force pulled him down to his knees. He looked around for some means to free himself, but saw only black smoke rising from the edges of the circles. The smoke crept closer and closer, as the two witches circled on broomsticks high above his head.

    "Dark Lord of the Void, hear us, your devoted followers!" Koume cried. "Take this vessel that we offer you. Imprint upon it the echo of your own being."

    "Let us sow the seeds of destruction upon this world." Kotake continued. "A key to the door behind which you wait. Mighty Gufuu, be released!"

    Ganondorf screamed as the black smoke enveloped him, invading his body through every orifice it could find. His eyes bled and his throat burned as the essence of darkness invaded his body, mind and soul. In his mind he saw only destruction. He stood in Hyrule field, the castle before him. Hyrule burnt, ravaged by war. The people he wished to unite, on opposite sides of a battle, fighting for their very lives. His hands, stained with the blood of the innocent. He looked back up, and thousands of dead eyes stared at him. Horror, fear, pity, disgust. It was all his fault. A shadow appeared before him, waiting patiently for a moment before slamming into him.

    Ganondorf woke, still in the Spirit Temple. The witches stood over him, smiling in anticipation.

    "Lord Ganondorf? Are you well?" Koume asked.

    "I am.. excellent." Ganondorf said with a wicked grin.


    "So it was those vicious witches then." Nabooru said, shivering. "Were they still alive, they'd have a lot to answer for."

    "So you did kill them then?" Ganondorf asked quietly. "I suspected as much."

    "Bothers you does it?" Zelda asked, her voice thick with malice "To be before the person who murdered your family." Impa placed one hand on the Princess's shoulder but said nothing.

    "Twin Rova were not my family. They were surrogate mothers after my own fell to disease. They were vindictive old witches who did not care to see the Gerudo united with the other races of Hyrule. They raised me, moulded me, taught me how to use magic. All of it was a ruse. They used me as a vessel for a dark being. They stood by and watched as I ravaged the land."

    I don't know what you were told Princess but King Harkanian did not fall by my sword. The King and I were blood brothers, I swore an allegiance to him long before you were born, when I fought with him against Tolemac. You said yourself that I managed to hold back on many things. I did not kill your father, it was Twin Rova. They were there when Hyrule Castle fell. They watched as I hesitated, and they finished the job themselves."

    "You expect me to believe your lies?" Zelda asked.

    "Does the term Deja Vu mean anything to you Princess? From your face I suspect not. It means to experience something that you have or believe you have experienced before. Did I not ask the same thing of you only moments ago?"

    "Enough." Saria said. Link hadn't even noticed she was there, but she stepped forward from the back of the room and stood between both parties. "Your animosity for each other does not further our cause, it only drives a wedge further between you. You do not have to speak unless it is required, you do not have to look at each unless it is required. You do however, have to journey together."

    "You will be provided with any equipment you need." Ruto said, nodding to Saria in agreement "Your horses will be prepared for the long journey, and you will be given anything that you will require for the journey ahead. Food and water reserves, clothing, and the rest."

    "If the people of Hyrule see Link and I riding out with Ganondorf by our side there will be anarchy." Zelda said quietly.

    "Then do not let them see you." Durania replied "Take the route behind the castle. It leads up and around the Death Mountain track. A little longer, but you avoid the Market Square, Kakariko and Goron City. The Demon plains lie in the north, and your destination beyond that. The plains are frightfully hot during the day, and colder still at night. I will provide you with Goron Tunics, which will protect you from both extremes."

    "The Demon Plains have never been fully explored." The voice was that of Laruto. The young Zora spoke in a soft voice, like Saria it was that of a child, but again full of wisdom. "The land is scorched by war, little can survive there. There is no water for the entire stretch, no shelter but for a small outpost built a little into the plain from this side."

    "You'll learn enough of the Plains when you reach them." Impa said. "We will prepare everything else for you. You should leave a little after midday, so the plains will slowly cool over the course of the day. Get some rest."

    Link found his way to the stables without a problem. He'd tried to rest, but found himself unable to do anything but worry. Part of him had forgotten about Epona, but he was pleased to see she was being well cared for. The brown furred mare had her muzzle buried in a sack of oats when he entered, but she quickly distracted herself from the food to see him.

    "How are you old girl?" he asked, rubbing gently down her side.

    "Well, I hope." a strong male voice said from behind. Link recognised it as Durania, the leader of the Gorons. He didn't turn to face him.

    "Durania, you and I are brothers, but I feel betrayed by you, by all the Sages over what's just happened."

    "Understandable." Durania said. The usual jovial personality of the Sage of Fire was replaced by solemnity. "Link you have to understand that the decision the Sages have made is not just for Hyrule's sake, but for the entire world. We don't know what Voiyd will try to do, but we know he will begin to war here. He will not wish to travel far so soon after being released."

    "Still, it would have been nice to listen to Zelda's and my opinions."

    "Your opinions were fuelled by anger." a new voice said joining the conversation. Ganondorf stepped into the stables, wearing dark robes over a closer fitting breastplate. Along both arms was a golden snake, the heads of which both met on his chest, where they each appeared to devour a golden orb. Ganondorf wore no scabbard and carried no shield. yet his sleeves were too long for there to be nothing hidden beneath them. "Had you more time to consider the facts you would not have acted with such a judgemental attitude."

    "I don't particularly care for your opinion Ganondorf."

    "Though you know it to be correct? That's not unexpected. Most people are willing to disagree to agree. It's common when they don't want to let others know they share an opinion that they may be looked down upon for holding."

    "Wise words," Zelda's voice said, entering the fray "but like Link said. We don't care."

    Zelda had abandoned the pink dress and flowing locks in exchange for something a little more comforting for someone going out trekking. Her hair was tied back into a pony tail, while a short sleeved pink shirt revealed her midriff. One arm was covered in a long pink glove, while the other was left bare save for a golden gauntlet around her forearm. A matching blue vest and tight leggings were accompanied by a short lilac skirt and knee high violet boots. Just visible over her shoulder, was a golden bow, a design unlike any seen before. To finish it off, two small scabbards held foot long knives on both hips.

    Beside her, marched a young mare. A beautiful horse with fur as white as snow. Unlike Epona, who wore nothing but a basic saddle, this one wore gauntlets on it's forelegs, in the same curved gold that Zelda wore on her wrist, along with a matching purple saddle. The horse was a stark contrast to Ganondorf's. The horse he stood beside was nothing less than a Gerudo Black stallion. The same stallion he rode when Link encountered him outside a burning Hyrule seven year ago. The horse seemed to recognise him too, but short of snorting, did nothing to suggest it was angered in any other way.

    "I've prepared Goron Tunics not only for yourselves, but for your horses too." Durania explained, showing them a set of red socks. "The sands in the Demon Plains are hot enough to burn your horses feet, whether they have proper shoes or not.

    "I doubt Bucephalus will have a any need for them," Ganondorf said, stroking the mane of his steed, "he's used to the intense heat of the Gerudo Desert and the harsh winds of the Wasteland."

    "However," he added, either not noticing or ignoring the glares from Zelda and Link "I will be sure to put them to use should the sands be too hot for him to handle."

    "Thank you Durania," Zelda said, ignoring the Gerudo as he climbed up onto Bucephalus' back. "Pegasi will be honoured to wear them, as I am sure Epona will too."

    Ganondorf ignored the two and rode out into the courtyard. Link and Zelda exchanged glances. Link looked towards Durania, but the Goron was already leaving the stables. The two mounted their horses and followed him out. In the castle yard outside, the Sages were all gathered, waiting for the three to arrive together.

    "Link," Impa began "there's a lot of equipment you can't take with you for obvious reasons. If you need anything on your journey, then you will be able to contact us Sages directly by using the melodies you have learnt. Your Biggoron Sword will be under Durania's watch. Laruto and Fado will keep the Master Sword at full strength."

    "The Demon Plains lie beyond the beaten path to the north east of the Death Mountain Trail. Leaving behind the castle will ensure you avoid both Kakariko Village, Goron City and any trading routes. We will remain in control of Hyrule, and begin to rally what forces we can against Voiyd's threat."

    Link and Zelda nodded in understanding, Ganondorf offered nothing more than a grunt. They turned and left the courtyard, riding off into the tight mountain path that winded around the peaks. The Sages watched them go, and remained silent until they had gone beyond hearing distance.

    "Well?" Ruto asked, not looking back at anyone.

    "To be honest, I think Ganondorf will be the least troublesome of the three." Durania said "Link and Zelda's passion is there, but their hatred is very strong."

    "A foul wind is blowing across Hyrule," Fado said "they'll need to put aside their differences quickly if they are succeed."

    "Zelda carries the Triforce of Wisdom." Impa explained "She will soon come to realise there is no other option. Ganondorf knows he has to gain their trust, and Link knows that they cannot accomplish anything without team work. They will succeed."

    "But if they don't?" Saria asked, turning to look at the Sheikah.

    "Lets not think about that. Come, there is much to plan."

    The ride up the mountain was uneventful and short. The horses had little problem racing across the steep stone path. As promised, they encountered no one other than wild Tektites on the route. Ganondorf had since taken a position further behind than he had originally been placed. He slowed for a moment, and leant off his horse to scoop something from the ground, unnoticed by the others. Pocketing it, he regained his speed and caught up with the others. The Demon Plains were as they had been described. Beyond Death Mountain peak, the path tapered off and sand covered every inch of the horizon before them.

    The sun bounced off the surface of the pure white sand, like it did from the surface of a mirror. There appeared to be no end to the never ending wilderness. The horses whinnied and moaned, even Ganondorf's proud steed showed signs of wariness. Barely visible in the distance was the Hyrule outpost. A tiny shack that marked the furthest into the desert that had been explored.

    Zelda and Link held back for a moment, but Ganondorf was not willing to wait around. He urged Bucephalus forward, and the black horse ran into the desert, his shape immediately beginning to sway from the heat. Not one to be outdone, Link and Epona chased after him, followed closely by Zelda and Pegasi.

    Within the shack, the heat was just as intense. Link pulled his hat and squeezed the sweat out of it. It had barely made a puddle on the floor before it had dried up again. He sighed and sat down on a small mattress that was left behind. The noise of his equipment falling into place startled him. Quickly padding at his tunic he stood and began to frantically search the hut.

    "What is it?" Zelda asked, concerned by his wilful waste of energy.

    "It's gone. The Horn the Deku Tree gave me. I'd forgotten about it since I arrived at the castle, but I was sure I had it on me when we left the castle."

    "You did." Ganondorf said. He had stood both silent and unmoving at the window for some time, staring out across the empty desert. "It fell from your belt half way up the mountain pass. Your horse almost crushed it under it's hooves." The Gerudo turned around slightly and tossed the slightly bruised and dusty horn onto the soft bed. Link eyed him carefully but said nothing. He took the horn, dusted it down and reattached it firmly to his belt.

    "It's certainly a well kept instrument." Ganondorf continued. "I've not seen one in such good condition for many years now. The last one was in possession of a trader that made business in the Gerudo Wasteland. Of course there's nothing in Hyrule that will respond to it's call anymore. They all died out from over hunting hundreds of years ago."

    Link didn't say anything. Zelda stared at Ganondorf, willing him to turn around, but when he did not, she sighed and lay back. They all remained silent for some time.

    "What is this place anyway?" Link asked, breaking the silence.

    "These plains were once a rich and bountiful valley." Zelda explained "Several hundred years ago, a war was fought here. It was not sword and steel that won the battle but magic. The opposing forces of magic used in battle wiped out much of both forces, and left the battle ground a desolate place. The spirits of the departed haunted the sands, their hatred for each other fuelling the intense heat, their horrific death fuelling the frightful cold."


    "Speaking of which," Ganondorf said, interrupting "the sun will be setting in a few hours. That means we should ride through the desert as it begins to cool."

    "Unfortunately, I have to agree." Zelda said, offering no look to Ganondorf though. "We should prep the horses and ride out now. We can set up a camp if it becomes too cold."

    The trio rode out from the shack, the sun slowly setting in the west and the ambient temperature of the desert dropping from exhaustingly hot to spirit crushing cold. When darkness fell over the desert, there was nothing to light the way other than the silver shine of the moon. Though bitterly cold winds wrapped around the riders and their steeds, they continued to plough on through the darkness.

    Link soon discovered that the Goron Tunic he wore was actually keeping the cold out and the heat in. Thinking back, he realised he'd been wearing the tunic when he entered the Ice Caverns near the Zora's Domain. Zelda and Ganondorf, not wearing full robes were shivering slightly more. Link loosened one hand from Epona's reigns and prepared to start a small fire in his palm. He was stopped from doing so by movement from Ganondorf. The Gerudo held out on hand and clicked his fingers.

    A ball of raging flame appeared in the centre of the formation that the horses had taken. The fire illuminated the sands, before expanding a field of light around the riders. Heat filled the space between ball and edge. Link glanced at Zelda, who only seemed happy to be free of the blistering cold. Ganondorf said nothing.

    After several hours of riding, the sun began to peek over the eastern horizon. The warmth returning to the desert was not as intense as before, feeling like the heat of a regular desert, such as the one the Gerudo's lived in naturally. Ganondorf's flames had long since faded away, and the horses were tiring, their sprinting reduced to a mere trot.

    “Look here.” Zelda said, slowing down and pointing to the grey sands below. A fine layer of moss was growing on the surface of the sand.

    “Vegetation means a water source of some kind. There are no pools of water nearby, so it must be from rainfall.” Link surmised “Which means we are near the edge of the desert.”

    “Which means we should be on our guard.” Ganondorf added.

    Pulling on reigns they were moving again, passing more and more greenery as the horizon gave shape to a distance tall mountain. Without warning, Bucephalus skidded to a halt, rearing up with a cry of fear, almost throwing Ganondorf to the ground, if the Gerudo hadn’t leaped off at the last moment. Following suit, both Pegasi and Epona skidded to a sudden stop, though with her past experience of monsters and ambushes, Epona was less spooked than the others.

    “What is it girl,” Link asked the horse, jumping off her back “what can you sense?”

    The horse whinnied and nodded her head towards something that wavered as if in a breeze just a few metres ahead. What looked like a long leaf of some kind, poking up out of the ground like a plant. Link took a cautious step towards it.

    “Be careful.” Zelda told him. He nodded and slowly stepped closer. The leaf was swaying back on forth strangely, since there was practically no wind that would cause it to do so. Each slow step brought him closer, until finally he stood beside it. Reaching out with a hand, he barely touched the leaf before the ground beneath him collapsed. Zelda and Ganondorf both dived backwards, as a whole circle of sand caved in around the strange leaf, taking Link down into the pit beneath.

    “Link!” Zelda cried out, but all that remained of the intrepid hero was a flurry of green light and strands of what appeared to be glowing wind. By means of a magic learnt long ago, Link re-materialised beside the princess, his body instantaneously moved by the power of Farore’s Wind. “Link, what is that thing?”

    As if waiting for an introduction, the strange leaf rose out of the ground again, this time followed by a slender sickly brown length of flesh, and finally by two huge jaws, hanging open on either side of the lure, that was obviously the tongue of a large creature. The jaws closed together into a beak, and the head of the creature broke through the surface of the desert. A hard skin covered in thick armoured plates, two small round beady eyes instantly locked onto the targets of three small people and three horses that were backing away from the giant maw. As the head cleared the sand, so followed a long body of a giant worm.

    “As if I haven't had a good fight in a while.” Link mused, grabbing his Fairy Bow, and cocking an arrow. Releasing the weapon, the projectile soared through the sky and struck the beast’s hard skin, breaking on contact and the wooden shards falling harmlessly to the floor. Ganondorf made a quiet mocking sound, and from the confines of his sleeves, slid two long thin swords, one hilt bearing a Ruby, the other Aquamarine. The beast cleared the sand completely, rising out into the sky like a dragon, while the sand continued to move, as three smaller younglings leapt in and out, their hard skins resembling the adult, but their swinging jaws less developed.

    Ganondorf ran forward, swinging one up and under, to catch a smaller worm on it’s downwards leap. It’s skin bounced the sword off, but in turn it’s jump to go under the sand was disrupted and it fell onto it’s back where it began to squirm and wriggle in a wild attempt to get back under. Coming around, the Gerudo King ran the edge of his other sword up the creatures weak stomach, until it reached an indentation in the armour. Pushing the blade down, it plunged into the creatures weak body, piercing it’s heart and killing it instantly.

    The larger creature watched from above, and seeing one of it’s young being killed, let out a great roar, before rolling into a dive, aiming to swallow Ganondorf completely as it landed. The dark man rolled away from the looming shadow just in time, as the floor gave-way beneath the beast, as it burrowed underground and into obscurity once more.

    “Be on your guard,” he said, standing and readying his twin blades. “It can likely feel the vibrations in the ground.”

    Link nodded and carefully reached into his pocket to pull out a small palm sized bomb. It grew to the size of a regular bomb and the fuse became lit, as Link tossed the explosive device a few metres away. The bomb detonated, but the fire and shrapnel was quickly caught up in the huge mouth of the worm, that rose up with the feeling of heavy vibrations caused by the blast.

    Link pulled out another two arrows, and cocked them up slightly apart. His hand shone slightly with a golden light, as the first arrow head began to crystallise, shining ice covering the tip. It shot loose from the bow, and the second arrow quickly lit up with flame and followed it through the air. The Ice arrow struck first, freezing a large patch of the beasts hide. The sand creature, used to the extreme heat screeched in pain, as the frost covered it’s armour. The fire arrow hit the same spot next, driving itself through the ice to the weakened skin below, piercing the skin and causing the creature to drop to the ground from the shock of the sudden and intense pain.

    Link charged forward drawing his sword, only for the ground beneath him to give way, sending him falling into the small pit of two younger worms. The first rose out and grabbed Link’s blade between it’s teeth, while the other bit wildly at the swordsman, who narrowly missed each attack, but was quickly getting second guessed by the creature. A silver chain wrapped itself around the head of the spineless creature, pulling it firmly away from attacking Link. He looked up to see Zelda holding it back like a wild horse. He took the chance to take a firm kick at the head of the other worm, releasing it’s sword from it’s jaws, whereupon he leapt backwards out of the hole.

    Zelda released the creature from the noose, but before they could retaliate, another two younglings had appeared, and the ground around them was becoming unstable. Above them, the mother was getting ready to dive down, it’s jaws salivating at the thought of a fresh meal.

    “Zelda!” Link shouted. Ganondorf turned his head back slightly, and tried to move, but was himself overwhelmed by more than a dozen of the smaller creatures. His swords swung wildly in order to keep them back, but with so many, he was unable to kill one before another was attacking. Overhead, the mother began her swoop down towards Link and Zelda. As the shadow grew wider, Link dived aside, but as Zelda followed suit, her foot became entangled in the tail of a smaller worm.


    “Link get back!”

    Mere metres away from closing in, the creature sped up it’s dive, only for it to suddenly come under attack from a distant adversary. Three shards of red light burning like fire, flew towards it’s eye, sending it rearing off target and crashing to the ground due to it’s already low incline. Zelda took the opportunity to pull out a small dagger and cut the creatures tail, releasing her foot from it’s grip. Four creatures were closing on on Link, who held his sword back, channelling energy and magic power into it’s sacred blade. The creatures surrounded him and jumped all at once. With a furious cry, Link spun around, using his sword in the spin, sending a shock-wave of energy ripping out and tearing each of the creatures in half. With the beasts killed, he ran over the Zelda, lifting her up off the sand.

    The two turned to the direction of the attack that saved her, and saw a strange figure. A person standing slightly taller than an average Hylian, but anything that would identify then hidden beneath a vibrant orange robe. All that was visible beneath the dark hood, was two white eyes, shining out of the darkness. One hand was revealed outside the robe, yet from this distance both found it difficult to see if it was gloved or not. In the strangers palm, a fireball formed, which it threw out towards the larger worm that was rolling around trying to get underground, like it’s young did earlier.

    "Judging by your confusion you have not encountered this creature before. Unusual, but not unheard of. The time for explanations will come later." The stranger spoke with a raspy male voice. "It's most sensitive area is the thin tongue inside its mouth, though, I imagine you know that already. You did wake it up earlier."

    The stranger pulled a long staff from the ground behind him and ran towards Ganondorf, picking off three younglings with great speed, lifting them out of the ground and crushing their skulls in the few seconds it took for him to reach Ganondorf’s back. Link turned to the beast, and retrieved the Longshot from his belt. Leaping over the younglings that were gathering around it. Zelda followed suit, drawing her bow and setting an arrow.

    “You’ll only get one shot at this Link.” she said, getting ready to aim.

    “I know. Pull it!”

    Zelda shot the arrow, which lit up with a golden light as it flew towards the beast’s eye. With an explosion of energy, it pierced the creatures soft eye, blinding the beast to what was going on. Link rolled under the beasts flapping mouth, and stood peering into the gaping maw ahead of him. Deep within the saliva filled hole was the quivering mass of flesh that had original lured him in. Taking only a second to aim, Link fired the Long shot into the throat, the arrow headed tip driving it’s way through the tongue in one easy motion, before pulling it firmly out of the mouth as the Longshot retracted.

    With one swift movement, Link took the Master Sword and sliced the tongue in two, the tip dropping to the sandy floor and splitting open to resemble the plant like lure that originally got them into this mess. Then the other half of the tongue exploded, sending pus and blood spraying over Link. The creature screamed before throwing itself into the air, where it quickly burrowed underground and headed off into the distance, it’s younglings following the trail of blood that stained the colourless sands.

    Link spat out a mouthful of fluid that he did not expect to be covered in, and wiped his face with an inch of sleeve that was not covered. Zelda smirked and the two approached Ganondorf, and the stranger who was picking up youngling corpses and threading them onto his staff.

    "I owe you my life," Zelda began, bowing respectfully "If there is anything I can do for you."

    "Please, there is no need. You have already done more than enough. The creature you so wonderfully fought then, is known as a Molgera. They are desert worms, distant relatives of Moldorms. There are many inhabiting the Demon Plains, yet none so big as that one. By killing it, the younger ones will have a chance to grow."

    "It'll die now?" Link asked, wiping pus and jelly from his clothes. "It looked like I only hurt it."

    "That is true." the robed being said "though by cutting out it's tongue you have basically removed the only means it had to catch prey. It will survive a little while longer feeding on scraps, but soon it will fall prey to it's own younglings." He took the staff and threaded it through the carcass of one of the smaller worms.

    "These small ones are a great source of protein when prepared correctly. You may not think it by looking at them, but most people in Termina love the taste of them."

    "Termina?" Link asked. The stranger paused for a moment before turning to face him directly.

    "Termina is the name of this country, surely you know that?" he asked, pointing back to the land at the edge of the desert.

    "No, we come from a country on the other side of the Demon Plains. It is called Hyrule." Zelda replied.

    "Oh my. This is most unheard of. Though amazing. You are amazing people. You will surely be welcomed in Termina, you must have many stories to tell, things to trade, information to share." The being was getting slightly worked up, rubbing what looked like brown scaly hands together. He froze for a second, to regain a steadier poise. "I am getting ahead of myself. I apologise. You are properly tired and in need of refreshment. The best place for you to go now would be Clock Town, Termina's largest city and home to people more like your own."

    "You are most kind.." Zelda said, trailing off in hopes of a response.

    "Please my lady, you may call my Uura. When you are settled at the city, I would be honoured to offer my gratitude further."

    "Your gratitude is not necessary, Uura."

    "Oh but I insist. You are not from Termina, and I would be most pleased to offer my services as a Guide to this new country. I will not take no for an answer brave warriors. I will meet you in Clock Town later, when you are refreshed." Uura picked up the staff and balanced it on one shoulder. "I apologise, but I must take my leave of you. I have duties to attend to in my home city, Subrosia. Lots of mouths to feed. Until we meet again."

    Uura moved with speed and agility that did not suit a character dressed in robes and carrying that much weight. As he vanished over the lip of a mountain, the horses returned to the sides of their owners, having kept safely away from the battle.

    "This Uura seems like a reasonable person," Zelda mused "but he has offered to help us without knowing anything about us. Not even our names. I think we should continue onwards to this Clock Town, but remain cautious. We may be on our way to an ambush."

    "I doubt it." Ganondorf said "The name of his city, Subrosia, it sounds familiar. I've dealt with people in the past that claimed to be of the same race. They were Hylians attempting to pull a scam, but never the less they painted a picture of the Subrosians. Enigmatic, odd, hospitable and passive. Though mostly odd. If anything they said was fact, I think we are safe to assume we will not be ambushed."

    "Then we should continue on to Clock Town, if only for a short rest."

    Clock Town was only a short ride away as Uura had said. As the three approached the town, they could see the clock which gave the town it's name. Unlike the sundials that occupied Hyrule as a means for keeping time, in Termina, the people had developed a means to tell the time through using a great mechanical device, that turned for every second, minute and hour that went past. The tower bearing the clock stood in the centre of the town, while four tall brick walls surrounded the town itself.

    The trio rode in under an archway, stopping at the courtyard the path opened up into. More rustic than Hyrule Market, the town had a country cabin appearance to it, with buildings made out of wood more than stone. Flags, banners and posters hung from every wall or edge, and the town generally had a lively atmosphere to it, with groups of kids running around, and people going out their everyday business.

    "Nice place." Link said "Sort of reminds me of Kakariko Village, with a little bit of the Gerudo Fortress thrown in."

    "I can see the resemblance." Ganondorf added.

    Dismounting, the three led their horses further into the town before stopping to peer up at the large Clock Tower. Huge wooden doors sat beneath it and nearer the top, while the dial of the clock itself looked so huge it could easily be flipped on its side and used as a platform from which to announce things. As people and children moved around them, several seemed to hurry away, hiding behind buildings or down shadowy alleyways.

    "Like I said. Nice place."

    "You there, stop at once!"

    Link looked to the direction of the cry, to see several armed guards running towards them. Several more were approaching from the other directions too, and soon they were surrounded. Several spears and swords came out of nowhere and were all pointed directly at Ganondorf. From between them marched a guard wearing more armour and a long sword. He stopped and looked at both Link and Zelda, sneering as he did. He turned his attentions to Ganondorf finally.

    "It's been a long time since any of your kind had the nerve to enter the city so obviously. Never the less, in accordance with Clock Town law you will be put to death."

    "Now wait just a second," Zelda started, only to find a spear trust into her face. She came to a halt moments before it could strike her. "We haven't come here for a fight, we just need a place to rest."

    The guard turned to her. "I'd like to say I cared, but I don't. We don't take kindly to people who associate with his kind. In fact, I'd go as far a saying you are as bad as they are. However the death sentence applies only to Garo. You will be spared, but placed under court arrest."

    "Garo?" Link asked "You're mistaken, Ganondorf is a Gerudo."

    "Don't toy with my boy. I don't care for the lies you think will save your friend." He turned to the other guards "Take him into custody. Take the others to the Inn. Get this one cleaned up. It's bad enough having their filth here, let alone them stinking the place up too."

    Ganondorf, who remained strangely quiet throughout the accusations moved off with the guards only to stop momentarily and look back. "Just like old times." he said, before continuing onwards with them. The guards led him through the wooden doors at the base of the tower, which closed and locked behind them. The other guards began to man handle Zelda and Link towards the Inn, where they were stripped of all weaponry and equipment found on their bodies. Link carefully palmed the Ocarina of Time, keeping it hidden from sight and smuggling it into the Inn.

    "You two stay here. Keep yourself quiet and out of trouble and you're sentence may be lessened. As it stands, your friend will be executed at noon. You two will have front row seats."

    The door locked behind them. Link turned to look at Zelda. "This can't be good."

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    *stabs self to no end* OOOOO the mistakes I so poorly missed. I must so kill myself for them. I hath failed my boss person. Meh, I should look for mistakes in the e-mial then read for enjoyment here. *mental note* Anyway, besides my stupidity, I found it to be a great and wonderful chappie. So very itneresting. I so remember all this, good times good times. Anyway love the changes so much more info than last time. Makes it such a great read. NOw for mistakes.

    "Where is he?"
    Since Link is refering to Zelda prolly should be she.

    One thing I'd like to mention that i have noticed throughout the chapter, is that at the ends of quotes there are periods. I know you prolly know that you should end a quote or any sentence with a period. Well sadly that only happens if there is text before the quote as in Shirly said, "James come here." if the text comes after the quote you must put a comma. "James come here," Shirly said. just a little explanation that i hope will improve your writing.

    Another thing I'd like to mention is when Ganondarf says from the look on your face I don't think you do or something like that, I think that it should be shown that there was a look on Zelda's face when he said that. Just a suggestion.

    and carried no shield. yet his sleeves were
    No period just a comma

    Hyrule seven year ago
    years must be plural

    There appeared to be no end to the never ending wilderness.
    kinda redundant there, we know tis un-ending so prolly take out one of those saying that.

    shape to a distance tall mountain
    should be distant

    Link rolled under the beasts flapping mouth
    whose flapping mouth??? Teh beast's need an apostrophe between t and s in beasts

    quivering mass of flesh that had original lured him in.
    I surprised you didn't notice this when I pointed the other same exact mistake. O well, my mistake. Originally not original.

    Well there we go for that. So so so so so so sorry for my lack of finding mistakes. Just give me one more chance just one and I'll make it up to you!!! *begs/grovels* Well liked and can't wait for more.
    jirachiman out
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    Finally a good fic i can read without falling asleep (exept for the legendarian chronicles). Keep up the good work! I really like it. I'll be looking foward to the fourth chapter.

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        Spoiler:- Chapter Four Re-Mastered:

    Chapter Four
    Mistaken Identities


    The howl of the wind and the clatter of shutters against walls was all that filled the room, aside from the persistent strides of Link, pacing back and forth in the minimally decorated room. It had been three hours since Ganondorf had been taken into custody under the accusation that he was a Garo. In that time, both Zelda and he had been locked up in an unused room at the local Inn, awaiting trial themselves.

    "Link, you're pacing is not making anything easier. Please stop." Zelda grumbled, for the third or forth time. Link hesitated before returning to sit on a wooden stool.

    "Have you found anything out yet?" he asked.

    Zelda sat crossed legged on the single bed, a large book open on her lap. She fingered through the pages, skimming over the words written in them with much distress. Where the book had come from neither of them knew, but it lay waiting for them on the bed when they were forced into the room.

    "No. There's a fair amount of detail in the book, but it's written in a dialect I have never seen before. Some of the illustrations look familiar, but I can't really learn anything from it. Besides, much of this book is burnt beyond recognition, it's as if someone didn't want it lying around."

    Link fidgeted a little, before standing up. He was about to begin pacing when Zelda made a polite cough. He frowned and sat back down.

    "The sun is almost at it's peak." he said, looking out the window "I guess the people of Clock Town will be in for a bit of a surprise when Ganondorf goes beast."

    "I doubt it." Zelda said without looking up. "The last two times you saw Ganondorf transform into Ganon he was still possessing Voiyd's influence. Without it, I doubt he can change on demand. It would take a large amount of negative emotion for him to do so alone."

    The noise level outside rose as people began to gather in the streets and make their way to the other end of the town. Link stood and looked down at the folk passing by. Some who caught his eye hurried themselves on, others pointed and jeered.

    "Link, we have to get out of here." Zelda said gravely. The colour drained from her face as she ran a finger across a line in the book. "From what I can make out here, prisoners are held under duress by use of a curse similar to those caused by certain demonic beings. It's especially effective on Garo's."

    "Ganondorf isn't a Garo, surely the magic wont affect him."

    Zelda sighed and held the book up for Link to see. The drawing was crude at most, but what it showed was clear. Two rings encircling a figure. The circles were patterned with markings he knew only too well.

    "This is making less sense with every second that goes by. How can those markings be here? That would mean.."

    "It would mean Ganondorf is at more risk from the magic within the circles that either of us might be. Link, thought it pains me to say this, we need to break Ganondorf out of their custody."

    "How are we meant to do that? We don't have any weapons or equipment."

    As if waiting for those words to arise, a loud thud came from the direction of the open window. On the floor beneath it lay Link's Longshot, in perfect condition but still bearing the dirty hand prints of the guards that had removed it from his person. Link peered over the ledge to look for whoever might have thrown it, but saw nothing. In the corner of his eye he thought he caught a glimpse of something brilliant and orange, but it was gone before he could check. He picked up the long range weapon and activated it's sight, a small red dot appearing on the rooftop opposite. There were no guards patrolling Clock Town, as the heavy outer wall obviously proved to be a good defence, plus there was an execution to be prepared for too.

    "Lets ask questions later" he said, motioning for her to join him. She tucked the book under the bed in hope that it would still be there when she returned before wrapping her arm around Link's waist as he shot the blade of the weapon towards a rooftop high above the city.

    They quickly huddled themselves under a small, out-cropped roof. Link looked out over the city finally able to take in its size and appearance. A large circular shaped town, with a tall outer wall acting as a barrier between the city and the field. The buildings all shared a dull red or brown hue with wooden windows and roofs. The entire town had a look of festivities to it, with flags and banners hanging from any place they could. In the very centre of the town stood a tall tower, where each flat face bore the huge clock that constantly rolled forward telling the exact time. There was a great deal of noise coming from one end of the city, whilst the others remained relatively quiet.

    "We should split up." she said, "As soon as they discover we're out of the room, they'll be looking for us. Judging from the hieght of the sun, they'll be coming to collect us. If we split up it'll be harder for them to follow."

    "How are you going to get around?" Link asked. He had the Longshot, but all Zelda's equipment was taken away.

    "I have my ways." she smirked, and then disappeared in a puff of grey smoke. Link looked around for her, eventually seeing a wisp of smoke appear on another rooftop, then another until she was out of sight.

    "Why didn't you just do that earlier..?"

    Link looked around for a path in the opposite direction, and when sure of stable footing, fired the Longshot off towards another rooftop.

    Ganondorf marched slowly out of the holding cell, flanked on both sides by guards armed with swords and spears. His hands were bound by rope, but aside from that, there was nothing else holding him down. Walking further in front was a larger man, a black hood over his face and a large axe supported by both hands. Behind him marched the head of the guard, the man who had originally arrested him.

    "I'm surprised at how well you're taking this, you Garo usually put up more of a fight." he sneered. Ganondorf twisted his head around slightly, but turned back and continued to walk.

    "If I put up a fight, there would be nothing left of your city but rubble and carcasses. You should be pleased by my self-control." Ganondorf said without a concern. "Besides, I've known worse than death."

    "Your filthy tongue is just one of the reasons why your head will roll today."

    The Gerudo glanced around the open space he was being led into. Various people had gathered. Almost an entire legionary of guards was there to watch, along with what could only be the mayor and his wife judging from the vantage points they had alongside a square of cloth patterned with familiar markings.

    Just beyond that was a magnificent fountain, much like the one that lay in the centre of Hyrule Market. The middle structure bore the familiar mark of the Triforce, while a marble statue of a woman in the thralls of ascension, was the centrepiece where water launched itself into the air. Behind the bowl was a small waterfall hiding what looked like a cave behind it.

    The Mayor and his wife stood. He was a man of very small stature, with a large busy moustache and beard, but lifeless sunken eyes and a frown. His wife on the other hand was a voluptuous woman, with big hips, big lips and a huge yellow ribbon in her hair to match her dress. Before the Mayor could speak, his wife opened her mouth and began to make an announcement. The crowds fell silent. Her voice bellowed out across the entire city, forcing Ganondorf to cringe for a moment as the level of noise she made combined with it's pitch rang in his ears. Finally she turned her attention to Ganondorf.

    "You, Garo, who have entered our city, wilfully ignoring the warnings we have made in the past, will now be sentenced to death by beheading. To absolve yourself of wrong doing, you may make your final prayers to the goddess who once graced this town with her fair judgement."

    As the guards behind him pushed him to his knees Ganondorf looked up at the statue, his eyes growing wider with realisation. A smile formed on his face and he began to laugh. The crowds filled with whispers of astonishment and confusion until the Mayor's wife spoke again.

    "Were our roles reversed, you would do well not to provoke us further. Your companions face imprisonment, they could face more."

    "Were our roles reversed," Ganondorf said in reply "I would have killed the first chance I had, instead of giving me an opportunity to do this!"

    Ganondorf threw his head backwards, slamming the top of his skull into the groin of the guard behind him. Even beneath thin chain mail, he fell to the floor crippled by the blow. Ganondorf jumped to his feet and his hands instantly began to blaze with the power of Din's Fire. His binds turned to ash in seconds, and he threw a punch that floored the next guards nearest to him.

    Four guards were already upon him with spears, only to find their cheaply made weapons were nothing when exposed to a divine fire. The ends of each weapon melted as it reached the cage of fire that surrounded Ganondorf. Arrows launched from the walls above were incinerated before they reached him, and no guard was daring enough to come up close with a sword.

    "Do it now you idiots! Do it now!" the shrill screams from the Mayor's wife brought Ganondorf's attentions to six old men dressed in robes. Their chanting meant only one thing. Ganondorf growled and ended the flames that burnt around him, pulling the magic into the palm of his hand where it grew more and more dense until it shone with a pure white light. He slammed his fist into the ground, sending chunks of super heated rock spewing in every direction. Bits landing in the fountain sizzled releasing steam, but the chanting continued regardless.

    "They've escaped!" came a cry from a guard running in "They've esca.." his cries were cut short by the scene occurring before him, and by the jab at his neck that winded him, dropping him to the ground. Appearing in a puff of smoke, Zelda leaped into the fray, displaying fighting skills that only a trained Sheikah could pull off. Flipping forward onto her hands, she swung both legs around, kicking two guards squarely in the face.

    "So nice of you to join us Princess," Ganondorf said as he elbowed a guard, breaking the young man's nose in the process "I was beginning to wonder if you were coming to help or to watch."

    "The thought had seriously crossed my mind Ganondorf."

    "So. Where's the fairy boy?"

    "I'm always around." Link's voice came as he grabbed a guard's sword from his scabbard and pushed him forward to the ground. Using the blade he countered three other guards with ease. Having seven years fighting monsters, then another seven fighting rouges and tyrants in different countries, Link had no problem keeping up with three untrained guards. "You need to take out the mages, if they summon the circles.."

    "Too late!" the Lady Mayor's voice came over the din. Across the ground two massive circles formed, one a brilliant red, the other a vibrant blue. They overlapped each other, the combined space encompassing all three as they fought to move beyond it's borders. As the circles flared into life, Ganondorf spotted the similarities with circles he'd seen before. One of burning fire, one of chilling ice.

    Before he could react, an immense pain shot through his body, dropping him to the ground as he writhed against the paralysis threatening to take over his body. From the corner of his eye he spotted Zelda, in the exact same throes of agony, yet Link stood by fighting even more guards, untouched by the magic.

    "The fountain!" Gandonorf cried, fighting against the pain as best he could.

    Link spun around and looked at the fountain. Instantly he knew what was hidden in the darkness behind the sheet of falling water. Dropping the sword he vanished in a whirl of green smoke, reappearing in the fountain bowl. Using the sudden confusion caused by teleporting, Link clambered out of the dish and into the cave. As the cool water passed over his head he felt a slight prick of pain in his back. Dropping and rolling around he found a tip of an arrowhead trapped in what looked like still water. Through the distortion, he saw time itself had slowed to a near standstill outside the cave.

    Noticing the head of the arrow ever so slowly edging it's way through the curtain of water, Link moved further into the cave so as not to waste any time. For a few steps, he walked through nothing but darkness, but quickly found a serene light bathed him and the pristine room he entered. The walls glistened as Crystals embedded in them twinkled beneath the ambient light. A pool of pure, clear water lay at Link's feet, appearing shallow enough to walk through. Water cascaded into the pool from the entire back wall, yet there was no source for the water.

    Link took the Ocarina of time, and stood upon a Triforce symbol marked upon a small platform at the edge of the pool. From the heart of the Ocarina came the regal song passed down the the Royal Family of Hyrule. Zelda's Lullaby, a tune that would identify the player as someone of great importance. The song echoed in the empty room, but nothing happened in the pool. Link tried again, putting more volume behind the song. Water continued to trickle into the pool, but still nothing happened.

    "Where are you!?" Link shouted, turning around and staring into the very corners of the room. "Why can't you hear me!?"

    Silence was his only answer. Then it occurred to him. Zelda's Lullaby was the song of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Yet, he wasn't in Hyrule any longer. The Triforce still marked the location but there was no song he could play to mark his identity. Link stepped back and looked down at the symbol. He glanced at the back of his left hand, where the outline of the Triforce of Courage shone slightly.

    Dropping to one knee, he lowered his head and placed his left palm flat against the symbol. Closing his eyes, he whispered an old prayer. The triangle on the back of his hand blazed into sight, creating a golden glow that filled the room to the point that there was nothing but it's light visible. Link kept his eyes firmly closed, and remained kneeled in prayer. Sounds began to form around him, the laughter of a child, the song of a young woman, the cries of a babe. Finally, when the light faded, Link opened his eyes and looked up. Floating above the pool was a being who's beauty could not matched. A perfect female, with flowing locks of emerald hair entwined around her naked body.

    "Greetings young Hero of Time." she said. The voice came not from within her, but from every inch of the surrounding fountain. "The Song of the Royal Family of Hyrule will not be of any use to you in this land."

    "I guessed not. I didn't know any other way to summon you, but I suppose that little prayer worked."

    "It has been many centuries more since I heard that song. Tell me young Hero, why is it that you have awakened me?"

    "The people of Clock Town have immortalised you beyond the gateway to this realm. They are carrying out injustices in your name, accusing the innocent of crime without cause."

    "Do you wish me believe the Gerudo King of Thieves an innocent man by your word?"

    Link took a deep breath and considered what he was saying for a moment. "Ganondorf is far from innocent, but for the punishment he is about to face, he has committed no crime. Princess Zelda faces the same punishment. We do not know the basis of these accusations, only that if we are divided, the world is lost."

    "You have more wisdom than you realise young hero. Very well. If you can free your companions I will put an end to the injustices made by the people of Clock Town. Wash away their sins and cleanse the air, after chaos there is only calm. Return to me when you are united, and I will teach you a melody that will aid you in your journey."

    "Thank you." he said. The Great Fairy nodded before vanishing into the waters like rain. Link smiled, recognising the connection between that and what had been said. Heading back out to the curtain of water, the arrow had passed almost completely through the waterfall now. Link stood aside slightly and watched as the last point broke through. The arrow slammed into the floor at the speed at which it had been launched.

    Link held the Ocarina to his lips and stepped out of the waterfall. Time flew into motion again, and Link began to play. The first few notes went unnoticed as the commotion continued, but the guards quickly noticed that Link was ignoring them, stood in the centre of the fountain playing a tune on an instrument, that glittered with a blue silver light.

    Before they could react, the pool of water became rough, and started to rise and wrap around Link, making him the eye in a storm of water. Shadowy clouds formed overhead, and droplets of rain began to fall. The six mages, ran to the Mayor, but did most of their discussing with his wife. Her random screams and shouts sent the guards into chaos, as they began running around trying to figure out what to do. The town's folk had mostly run for shelter, cowering away from the storm, watching from afar.

    The heavens themselves threatened to appear, as rain continued to cascade down. Each drop that fell upon the binding circles landed with a glint of golden light. The circle bean to waver, as the rain became heavier. Still Link played the song, and still the water swirled around him. Ganondorf and Zelda found their strength returning to them, as the water refreshed their paralysed bodies. Finally, the circled evaporated, taking a dark cloud of mist with it. Link began to move, walking slowly forward, the water following him with each step as he continued the song over and over. He reached Ganondorf and Zelda, then brought the song to a close. The water around him swirled a few more seconds before dropping to the floor.

    The rain began to slow and come to a stop, and the skies quieted. He stood between his companions who looked at him with confusion. He nodded towards the statue, that was looking much worse for wear after the brief spell of rain. Guards, brave enough to approach were running up with swords and spears at the ready. Before they could reach them, the statue began to crack, rays of light breaking through the stone surface, each one getting larger while more and more continued to appear. Then with a mighty explosion, the statue collapsed to rubble, and the form of the Great Fairy remained, her body hidden beneath masses of green hair.

    Awed by the vision before them, the people of Clock Town could do nothing but stare, mouths agape. As the light radiating from her body lit the courtyard, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf dropped down on one knee before her, quickly followed in suit by the stunned people around them.

    "People of Clock Town." The Great Fairy's voice echoed across the now silent courtyard "Injustices have been performed in my name, crimes committed that go against the nature of my being. Were it not for the arrival of the three you see knelt before me, I may never have returned to protect you."

    "Celebrate my return to this realm by offering these travellers from afar your greatest hospitality. From this point on, Clock Town will be protected by my heavenly grace." She looked down at Link and the others "Young Hero who awakened my from my slumber, visit me again before you depart, and I will teach you the means to awaken the ancient magic in this country."

    Light burst forth from the Great Fairy, and from within the brilliant illumination, she vanished from sight. The dark clouds above rolled way revealing the blue sky and the people of Clock Town began to reorganise themselves. Link, Ganondorf and Zelda stood, and were quickly approached by the Mayor, his wife and the six mages.

    "Our deepest apologies to you." The Mayor said, his voice truly sounding regretful "We cannot possibly repay you for the accusations and imprisonment, but please, if there is anything we can do for you."


    "Dotour. My wife, Madame Aroma, and my Head of the Guard.. oh where has he gone?" Mayor Dotour said looking around for the soldier who had vanished completely. "I'm sure Captain Viscen is around somewhere."

    "Mayor Dotour, we are tired from our long journey and.." Zelda hesitated "well we would greatly appreciate a night's accommodation and some food. We will gladly pay for it."

    "Heavens no we don't expect you to.." Madame Arora coughed slightly and her husband stumbled over his words "er, well we can sort that out later."

    "Any information you can give us about the surrounding area and the people who live here would be very helpful." Link added.

    "Especially regarding the Garo." Ganondorf growled "If you fear them so much, it would be wise for us to know as much of them as we can."

    "Yes yes yes of course." Madame Aroma said rushing them along "We'll arrange accommodation for you all at the Stock Pot Inn, it's the finest in the town. We can meet tomorrow morning to discuss things."

    After an uninterrupted night of rest, the trio made their way to the Mayor's house where he sat accompanied by his wife. Mayor Dotour looked like he was not so fortunate as to receive a night's rest, but his wife looked as dominant as ever. He sat in a large chair that made him look even smaller, while his wife chose to stand. Whether she was trying to hide it or not, Zelda couldn't tell, but the smug expression as she looked down at the trio was evident.

    "I must apologise again for the events of last night. We have suffered so much by the hands of the Garo." the Mayor quickly said, stumbling over the apology just as he did last night. His wife watched him intently.

    "Understandably mistakes can occur when both parties are uniformed." Zelda replied. Her experience as a Princess was valuable in situations like this, not to mention her cool head.

    "You'll have to excuse us on that part. We have never heard of anyone crossing the Demon Plains before. But you have already proved yourself not to be normal. I mean.."

    "What my husband is trying to say," the Mayor's wife interrupted his stuttered speech "is that you are not like anyone we have encountered before. The fight you put up was unlike anything the Garo have ever tried, which is why our defence was so poor. Then again, you did reawaken the Great Fairy of this town, which proves you are more than meets the eye. We have much to thank you for."

    "You do not need to thank us Lady Mayor," Zelda replied before Link could comment on the disgust in Madame Aroma's voice "Though your assistance is most appreciated."

    "Of course, of course. So, you wanted to know about the Garo?"

    The Mayor sighed and resigned himself to leaning back and listening to his wife. Link fought back a smirk, knowing how it felt to be second to a dominant female, having grown up along side Saria, dealt with the Gerudo, raced against the farmhand Malon and now fought alongside Zelda. Either the Lady Mayor wasn't aware of her husband's quiet objections, or she was just ignoring him.

    "The Garo are remnants of an ancient army that came to termina from afar. They were expert sword fighters and magic users who allied themselves with the Kingdom of Ikana. Together they attempted to take control of Termina, forcing many of it's inhabitants to pastures new."

    "There are ancient records in Hyrule of a war against the Kingdom of Ikana." Zelda conferred. "They used creatures without souls to fight for them, and it was only with the aid of the Sheikah.. the guardians of the Royal Family... that there was a victory."

    "So we owe your country even more gratitude." the large bodied woman mumbled, clearly displeased at being made to look smaller. Now Link knew why the Mayor didn't make much of a fuss. "The Garo are cowards, turncoats, upon their defeat, they murdered the people of Ikana and took control of their kingdom. The records become a little murky at this point, but now the Garo are nothing more than a gang of thieves and ruffians, who attack the people of Termina randomly. As such the inhabitants of Termina rarely make contact with each other. I'm afraid you will have difficulty meeting with anyone in this country. You'd find it easier to go home."

    "That's not an option unfortunately." Zelda said, shaking her head. "What can you tell us about the other people that live here?"

    "We've already met a Subrosian before we arrived here." Link said.

    "Ah. So the Subrosian who has been busying himself around outside the City is yours is he? We were wondering what he was doing shuffling around randomly. Subrosians are traders, he'll want to sell you something pointless I imagine."

    "Ok. Anyone else we should be wary of?" Link asked, keeping the incredulousness out of his voice.

    "There are a race of nomads to the east, and another to the north in the mountains. The remains of Ikana Kingdom lie in the north eastern canyons between both. We don't know anything about the other races who live here."

    "We understand, keeping good relations can be difficult sometimes. There are many races in Hyrule that we have little or no contact with." Zelda replied, lying through her teeth remarkably well.

    "I'm sorry I couldn't be of anymore help. If you'll excuse me."

    Madame Aroma left the room with quick strides, slamming the door behind her as she left. As her footsteps slowly faded away the Mayor sighed again.

    "I am sorry for my wife's behaviour. She really is a good person, she's just so.. demanding sometimes. I'm sorry we can't be of any further help to you, but please allow us to give you supplies before you leave the City."

    "That would be most helpful," Link said again before Zelda could offer a more formal thank you. "There is one thing that we must attend to before we leave the city, but after that, we must be on our way again."

    "Of course. Then when you are ready to leave, we'll have packed your horses up with food and water, along with some maps of the area."

    After leaving the office of the Mayor, the three made their way back to the Fountain.

    "It seems the people of Clock Town know little about the races who live alongside them." Ganondorf said quietly.

    "Madame Aroma is something of a battle axe, I don't think she likes the idea that we're more powerful than her." Zelda added.

    "I'm still a little dubious about the Garo though." Link said "The fact that the binding circles were the same ones that Koume and Kotake use in their magic, along with the fact that they paralysed not just Ganondorf but you too Zelda. Something about them just doesn't add up."

    "If the Garo are as big a threat as they are made out to be, then we will surely encounter them before or quest is over." the gerudo King agreed. The three reached the base of the fountain, where away from the chaos of before, it was obvious there were steps leading into the outer edge of the bowl. Following them, the three stepped through the portal into the domain of the Great Fairy.

    Ganondorf looked around with an impressed and curious look on his face. In the past he'd heard of such fountains, but had never been able to access one. Zelda had been in only one, but it was a regular Fairy Fountain, not as exquisite as this. The three stood around the Triforce icon and symbols on their hands began to shine with a golden light. Rising up from the surface of the pool came the body of the Great Fairy. Though she came from the pool itself, there was no sign of anything being beneath the water's surface.

    "Hero of Time, I congratulate you on your success. Princess of Destiny, King of Thieves, I welcome you to my chambers. I am the Great Fairy of Termina, one of only a few who inhabit this land."

    "You told me before that the Song of the Royal Family wouldn't be of use in this land." Link said, holding the Ocarina before him and palming it carefully.

    "That is correct. Though it's magic is strong and related to the Triforce, it's influence does not reach far beyond Hyrule itself. The song I will teach you, is one passed down by the ancient creators of the world. It is a timeless song, and will aid you wherever, or whenever you are in this world. Listen, as you hear the Oath to Order."

    From all around, voices began to fill the chamber. A deep resounding male choir began to chant, their voices echoing in the chamber. Link closed his eyes as the voices began to sing in harmony. Images began to form in his mind, hazy at first, but becoming more clear with each passing second. He subconsciously brought the Ocarina to his lips and began to play. With each note, the vision became stronger before his eyes, until he stood in his own vision, watching it as a dreamer watches dreams.

    Ancient men knelt before a shrine to the goddesses. Around them were statues of great beings, taller than any castle he'd ever seen. Four giants looked out over the land. Each one looked in a different direction. As the song slowly came to a rousing end, the vision began to darken. A plaque appeared bearing the words "We have chosen to guard the people while we sleep. If you have need, call us in a loud voice. Your cries shall carry to us..". The vision faded to black, and the notes of the Ocarina stopped. Link reopened his eyes. Part of him was surprised to feel a single tear running down his face.

    "Link?" Zelda asked, intrigue and more than a little fear in her voice.

    "I'm ok. Songs like this they.." Link swallowed and tried to find the right words. "they share more history of this world than any one can ever know. I feel privileged to see it."

    "We should head out." Ganondorf said, maintaining the almost steely silence he had been holding since being arrested.

    "Head south into Din's Arms." the Great Fairy replied "A guide to what you seek can be found there."

    The Great Fairy began to descend into the pool again, her green hair, wrapping around her body as she slowly disappeared into the crystal water. The trio stood to regard her words for a moment before leaving the fountain and making their way towards the gates they first entered through. There waiting at the gates were three horses, rested and groomed. Packed onto the saddles were various bundles of material, wrapped around blocky and irregular edges that were surely food, water and other supplies that had been given to them for their journey. On any other horse, it would have weighed them down, but Epona, Pegasi and Bucephalus showed no sign of being burdened by the packages. Two guards were on standby the help the three into their saddles, but there was no one to wish them good luck or a safe journey. Nodding to each other, they rode out of the city and onto the path heading south.

    When the walls of Clock Town were fading into the distance, they came to a slow walk and then a halt. The Demon Plains could be seen to the west and further south the faint outline of some kind of village was just visible. Sat nearby on a rock was a figured hunched over strumming idly on a lure. It was no ordinary figure, but one completely hidden beneath a vibrant orange robe. Lying on the rock beside him was a tattered and burnt book, the same one that Zelda had found in the room of the Inn. The strumming stopped and the shadowy face within the robes turned to face them. Though no face was seen in the shadows, two brilliant white eyes shone out. They glittered as they met the gaze of the three companions and the figure stood.

    "My friends from afar, it is most pleasant to see you again. I trust you did not cause too much damage to the people of Clock Town?"

    "Uura? It was you, you took the Longshot and gave it to me." Link said with a dawning realisation.

    "I am happy I was of help to you young sir, and this book, I believe it answered some of your questions yes?"

    "After the welcome we had, how could you trust us so easily? You don't even know our names." Zelda asked with much curiosity and just a hint of worry

    "We Subrosians are an excellent judge of character. I know your names to be Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, I overheard them being mentioned by the guard of Clock Town. I know by your actions that you are not creators of destruction. I know by the way you dress, the way you act. You are explorers, who seek to better not yourselves, but those you care for."

    "You are very observant." Link said surprised "But the question remains, why did you help us?"

    "It.. it is difficult for me to say," Uura said, stumbling over his words "There is a problem I feel you will be able to help with. You will understand more, when I take you to Subrosia. My people are expecting you, they are most eager to meet visitors such as yourself. It is not far, you can see it in the distance no? I will walk with you."

    Ganondorf glanced back at the others who just shrugged, and willed their steeds onwards. Uura proved to be a fast walker, and the distance was travelled quickly. A thin white haze covered much of the village, but as the distance between them and it closed it began to give way to the devastation that lay behind it. Wooden huts lay smashed to pieces on the rocky floor, wisps of vibrant coloured material hung from broken trees and the remains of blood was spattered across most things. Uura walked slowly and quietly through the destruction, looking from side to side regularly.

    "This.. this is horrible." Zelda whispered.

    "It was a Garo attack." Uura said absentmindedly "A long time ago."

    "The Garo are most efficient when it comes to exacting punishment." Ganondorf mused.

    "You sound impressed." Link replied, a low growl emanating with his words.

    "On the contrary, attacking without provocation is not the way of the Gerudo."

    Uura approached a large broken building, where pieces of wood and roofing had been pushed aside, some attempt at recovery had been made here. The trio dismounted and guided their horses through the mess. Movement behind caused Link to turn and draw his sword. A brown lizard, about the size of a Tektite scuttled out from under a broken house. It stopped to regard the four who stood nearby, before running off, quickly followed by three others like it.

    "Don't worry, it will not harm you." Uura said with an air of humour about him. "Your horses will not be able to follow now, and leaving them here would not be safe."

    Link had left Epona in dangerous and unknown lands many times, but he always felt apprehension about sending her away. He ran a hand down the mare's head and whispered to the horse. Epona whinnied, then turn and ran into the white haze, quickly vanishing. Moments later both Zelda and Ganondorf's horses followed. Turning back to Uura, they found the Subrosian holding a metal bar attached to a long chain, which he held in both hands with a firm grip.

    "There is one last thing I must ask. Your robes, they contain volcano ore yes?"

    Zelda and Ganondorf glanced at each other, then to Link who nodded with understanding. "That's right," he said "they allow the wearer to walk inside a volcano if need be. Though, it would still be hot."

    "Good. Then brace yourselves and follow me."

    Uura tugged on the metal chain, which lifted a large piece of rock out of the floor. The moment it broken the surface, a wave of heat erupted out of the hole followed by boiling white steam that flushed out of the edges. When the steam finally cleared, a red glow was visible through the hole, along with a flight of steps heading deeper, and the sounds of rustling and voices. Uura jumped into the hole and stood back slightly, motioning the others down. They reluctantly followed and climbed into the hole, where an unbearable heat hit them. If it were not for the Goron Tunics, they would have burnt away instantly. Uura half climbed out of the hole and pulled the rock plug back over the hole, plunging them into a darkness where only the red glow offered some kind of illumination.

    "Follow me." Uura was getting more and more excited with each passing second as he led them down the rocky stairs, that often bore small embers of flame or hot ash that crunched and sizzled beneath their boots.

    Without warning the stairs opened up into a massive cavern. High above crystalline structures glowed with a brilliant red-white light, filling the excavation with light. Boiling lava spat from rivers that flowed around the walls and cascaded down into pools, where miniature volcanoes threw more molten rock out like fountains in a pool of water. Structures built of various forms of rock stood out amongst the flowing rivers acting as houses. Wandering about were various people, all dressed in vibrant robes of every colour imaginable. With a closer look, there were even some floating in the pools of lava, still wearing the robes that resisted the lava better than volcanic rock.

    Uura led them to the edge, where they looked down at the massive city below. Subrosians beneath them stopped to look up at the arrivals, and a murmur ran through the crowds as more and more looked up. Uura turned to the trio and his eyes glittered.

    "Welcome to Subrosia, the city beneath the world."

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        Spoiler:- Chapter Five Re-Mastered:

    Chapter Five
    Herald of Fire

    Ganondorf wiped the sweat from his brow, sending droplets of water into the air whereupon they instantly evaporated. In the red hot caverns of Subrosia, there was no water, it could never last long enough. The people who inhabited the lava filled caves had no need for moisture, nor did they feel any of the extreme heat endured by the three Hyrulians. Subrosia was inhospitable to anything but the most heat resistant of creatures, even the average Goron would be at ill ease after a prolonged exposure. The three waited in what Uura described as one of the 'cooler rooms'. One with a small hole that led up to the surface.

    "I felt cooler fighting Volvagia." Link said.

    "How was that by the way?" Ganondorf asked.

    "Oh you know. Difficult at first. Life threatening even. Until I realised it's weakness was exploited by the treasure that had been left in the Temple for me to find." Link explained dryly. "Like almost every other monster I faced."

    "It wasn't the real Volvagia you know." Ganondorf said, ignoring the sarcasm. "The dragon died when the Goron hero killed it centuries ago. The Triforce of Power can create facsimiles, but it cannot raise the dead."

    "Then what about Stalfos?" Link asked "ReDeads, Gibos, Dead Hands..."

    "Tortured souls," Zelda said, emotionlessly "animated by excess magic in the air. Different magic, different results. Soldiers tend to become Armos. Everything else becomes a shadow of it's former self. The guilty, the innocent. It doesn't matter when you're a ReDead."

    Link and Ganondorf stayed silent after that. Ganondorf knew inside, that he was to blame for many of the undead creatures that roamed Hyrule. Link felt guilty knowing the ones he'd killed could have been innocent people. The silence was broken as Uura returned to the room.

    "Am I interrupting?" he asked.

    "No." Zelda said, uncurling herself and greeting Uura with a smile.

    "I have brought you refreshment." Uura said, handing them each a brown skinned gourd. The fruit itself had a rough skin, but broke easily in Link's hand. Inside, the meat was cool and full of juice, leaving a spicy yet fresh taste as it ran down the back of Link's throat. "One of many delicacies."

    "It's delicious." Link said, savouring every bit of the refreshment.

    "I have brought a guest also." the Subrosian said, motioning to the doorway. Standing there was a shorter in stature Subrosian, wearing a deep navy robe. "This is Ata, the chief storyteller. She is here to relate to you our history, while I enquire about meeting our chieftain."

    Uura bowed slightly and left the room, leaving the three alone with the storyteller Ata. She approached them, before bowing slightly and sitting on a flat rock before the trio.

    "Greetings." she said, her voice a softer version of Uura's, sharing the same raspy qualities "Uura has told us much of what you have accomplished in such a short time. We only hope you can do for us, what you have done for others."

    Link looked round at Zelda and Ganondorf, who were both looking equally as bemused and cautious. Ata, either not noticing, or choosing to acknowledge it, started to speak again.

    "We Subrosians originally lived in a village above ground, coming down into the volcanic caves only when certain rituals required it. We had long ago learnt how to process volcanic ore and use it to create garments. We used them in the rituals to protect us from the intense heat of the caverns. Over time we have evolved to resist the heat naturally, but we have other reasons for wearing these robes now. Many centuries ago we were forced into these caverns after our village was attacked and our people slaughtered."

    "By the Garo?" Zelda asked. Ata stayed quiet for a moment.

    "It is believed so. There are many different retellings of the story. The one I tell you contains only fact, I do not favour opinions or mistruths."

    "An honourable choice." Ganondorf said "In Gerudo society, the storyteller can face death if their telling of a story is different to the actual events. Please, continue."

    "Of course. Creating our cities underground was the only way we could avoid further bloodshed. It was impossible for any other creature to follow us, as they did not have the ability to protect themselves as we did. Trapped in these caverns, we faced an uncertain future, as it was almost impossible to explore above ground without facing danger. Rumours were spread about our race being predators, and those who dared venture above ground became hunted. Facing such persecution where ever we went, the future of the Subrosian people looked bleak.

    "It was then, out of the fires of this very cavern that a saviour came to us. An ancient spirit who long ago came to rest in this cave was awakened by our presence. He gave us the strength to continue and asked for little in return. After long periods living in the caves, we finally ventured above ground and began to trade with the people above, as a means of disproving the reputation created by our attackers. The fate of the Subrosians as as you now see it. Our young explore above ground before they are given robes, so that they can experience life above ground. We stay below, our society flourishing in these caverns."

    "Ata, your past is filled with such atrocities, your people are incredibly strong to have come through it all so well." Zelda said quietly.

    "We have not come through unscathed you understand. There are many things that hold us back from the lives we wish to lead. There are many amongst our people who believe that wearing these robes is now unnecessary, but our Chieftain, the spirit who saved us commands us to wear them still. He believes that our true appearance may re-incite the old rumours of our false predatory nature."

    "I see. You face a great decision. I hope you make the correct choice."

    "Events soon to come will shape our future." Ata said. She bowed her head again and rose to leave "I will find Uura for you. It has been nice meeting you all."

    When Ata had left the room Link turned to face the others. Ganondorf's expression looked as stern as ever, Zelda's however was more thoughtful than worried.

    "Did anyone else get the feeling that we're stepping into something deeper than we initially thought?" he asked.

    "It sounds to me like we're being roped in to helping the Subrosians with their problems." Ganondorf said "It may be that they don't want to let on to others what they are planning, but equally we may be walking into an elaborate trap."

    "I don't sense any hostility coming from the Subrosians." Zelda said "They've had ample opportunities to attack us and there has been no attempt on our lives. We could have easily eaten poisoned fruit moments ago. I believe that the next decision we make will forge an important outcome for all parties."

    "Someone is coming..." Ganondorf said suddenly. Link glanced at him, then heard the approaching footsteps of someone. Entering through the large stone door came Uura, his robes a brighter orange than before, obviously he'd been given a change to refresh himself.

    "Your request for an audience has been granted. You should follow me." he said quickly, motioning for them to follow.

    "That was quick," Link said as he stood to follow "you've only been gone a few minutes."

    "Word travels fast. Lord Afret had already heard of your arrival and was eager to see you for himself. Before we enter, there are some things you must remember. Lord Afret is a very ancient being, who came to us in our time of need. Many Subrosians hold him the highest regard, and any disrespect towards him will be taken as an insult."

    "We understand."

    Uura led them in silence through a series of narrow caverns, each one getting brighter with a golden light, until finally, they stepped out into a large open cavern. A massive circular island sat in the middle of a lake of boiling red lava, but it was not that, which created the golden glow. Piled as high as the roof of the cavern was tonnes of golden treasures, millions of rupees of all colours under the rainbow. Chests were open, overspilling with coins, weapons, armour and glittering fancies that would set any normal man up for life.

    "I thought Ata said the spirit asked for little in return." Ganondorf mumbled under his breath. Link slightly nodded in response, while Zelda looked up towards the central dais, where a beautiful golden vase sat. It was decorated with the most precious of gems, and bore a strange symbol on the front. Standing around the outside of the lake stood several Subrosians. The majority wore orange robes, like Uura, while shorter ones wore brown, less impressive robes. Stood in front of the dais, were three tall Subrosians, wearing pitch black robes, making them appear as nothing more than shadows with glowing white eyes.

    Uura stood beside the three and followed their gaze to the three shadowy Subrosians.

    "Surah Falaq," he began "Surah Naas and Surah Baqarrah. They are the guardians of Lord Afret, who watch over him and make sure no harm ever comes to him."

    "Lord Afret does not require your presence at this meeting Uura, join your people and watch from afar." the central Subrosian said. Unlike Uura, or Ata, the voice of this one was empty and emotionless.

    Uura nodded and backed away. Link, Zelda and Ganondorf at the Subrosians, who stared back. They parted slowly and looked towards a smaller circular platform that lay in the centre of a long incline leading up the the golden vase. Zelda nodded and lead the others to that point, where they stood and looked up.

    A mist began to flow out of the vase, grey at first, before gradually becoming more red as it poured out. The mist began to take shape, becoming more solid with each second. Taking on the shape of a large, but lithe body that sat on the edge of the jar in a relaxed manner, a face with a wide, fanged grin formed. Two small curved horns rose out of the head, while white eyes flared into existence. The creature was masculine in appearance, and as it became fully solid, claws on it's hands and feet became obvious. The final result, a creature twice the size of a large human stared down at the three from it's perch on the golden urn. Zelda bowed her head, followed quickly by Link and Ganondorf.

    "So," Afret's voice echoed through the cavern. Deep, but with a sneer as though he knew more than he was letting on, a tone Ganondorf knew all to well "You are the travellers from afar that Uura has welcomed to my city."

    Link's eyebrows rose at the last comment but kept any comments to himself. Zelda took a small step forward and opened her arms to demonstrate her peaceful intentions.

    "Greets to you Lord Afret, and thank you for granting us an audience. I am Princess Zelda of Hyrule. My companions, Ganondorf King of the Gerudo, and Link of the Kokiri."

    Ganondorf smirked, but Link ignored the silent remark. Two titles of such prestige and then one tabbed on the end for him, someone without a single drop of noble blood in him.

    "Your titles mean nothing to me, I wonder why it is you feel the need to disturb me? What is it that you seek in this land?"

    Zelda hesitated for a moment before replying with not a single waver in her voice "A great darkness has been released in Hyrule, one which threatens to engulf the entire world if it is not stopped. Termina is so close to Hyrule, that it would fall not long after Hyrule. It is possible, war will descend upon it almost immediatly. Three ancient treasures lie in this land, powerful artefacts that will grant us the means to stop the catastrophe that awaits and prevent unnecessary bloodshed."

    "You speak of the Faces of the Gods." Afret said, looking down upon them with great interest and just a hint of disgust. "Wells of immense magic that were left by great people of Termina long ago. You who know nothing of this land, what gives you the right to claim these as your own?"

    "Lord Afret." Ganondorf spoke as Zelda hesitated again. The spirit's dark eyes focused solely on the Gerudo as he spoke "Though we do not claim to own these artefacts, they are ours as dictated by fate. We hoped that by speaking to you, we may gain insight into the location of theses so called 'Faces', but if you are unwilling to part with the information, we will take leave, and seek the information elsewhere."

    "Are you insane!?" Link whispered under his breath.

    "Trust me fairy boy." the older man replied in the same subtle voice.

    "You speak strong words Gerudo King, but your destiny is not of my concern. I assure you that if you speak to me like that," he spoke with a low, guttural growl "I will not be held responsible for what happens to you. Never the less, the treasures of Termina were lost when those who created them passed on to the next world. Their existence is nothing more than legend."

    "Perhaps they were, but we know that they do in fact exist. We also know they are hidden here in Termina." Ganondorf continued. He glanced to the side at Zelda for a split second, and gave her a tiny, almost unnoticeable nod. She did not visibly acknowledge it, but her eyes flickered as she understood his intentions. "There are three of us, three treasures. Three races besides humans that inhabit this country. That number alone suggests we are in the correct place to find one of them, or at least the means to locate them. If you do not have it within you to aid us, then we will find a way ourselves. With, or without your blessing."

    As Ganondorf ended his speech a wave of fire engulfed the trio, surrounding them entirely, burning so hot that the ground beneath their feet began to crack. The three guardian Subrosians stood close by, each one licked by the intense fires, but showing no fear, unlike the other Subrosians who were backing away. As the fires began to fade, the glittering silver light of a shield became apparent through the gaps. Afret stopped his onslaught as he looked down to see all three standing unhurt, and untouched by the fires.

    "How dare you!" Afret spat "You enter my city without welcome, you make demands of me and you insult me. You will die here!"

    "Your city!?" Link asked, unable to hold back now that Afret was showing his true colours "This is Subrosia is it not? Then surely this city belongs to the Subrosians. You are the spirit that gives them strength, fills them with hope.."

    "Strength?" Afret's cries interrupted Link and laughter began to spill from the creature's mouth. "Hope!? I was sealed in this cavern long before the Subrosians were born. Their despair and sorrow gave me the strength I needed to break free of the bonds that held me down. They have served me well until this point. Soon, when the coming darkness engulfs the land, I will free myself of my prison entirely and wreak havoc on the pitiful creatures that flutter around me."

    "So it is as we thought." A voice came from the crowds of gathered Subrosians. One stepped forward in an unmistakable orange robe; Uura. "Long have those in the priest caste suspected you. Ever since the discovery of the old writings and the murals upon the walls of this very cavern. Since those of us who travel the world above have been able to learn about this land and it's histories, the Subrosian people have been waiting for the day when you would finally be forced to reveal your true nature."

    "Insolent creature. I should have destroyed your pathetic race when I had the chance."

    "Your desire for power and dominance over those you saw as weaker was your mistake, as was your greed for untold wealth. There is nothing amongst this treasure but gold and jewels. There are no magical gifts to help you anymore."

    "You think I need little trinkets from worthless beings to punish your people? Surah! Destroy them!"

    On that command, the three guardians leapt to the defence of Afret. Falaq, Naas and Baqarrah stood between Afret and the trio. Together, they reached up and lowered their hoods. Beneath the robes there was an empty face. What could have once been the true face of the Subrosians was nothing but a hollow shell of a death that came long ago. Empty eye sockets blazed with a now brilliant red light, while what appeared to have once been glossy scales, were replaced with broken and decaying flesh. Cries of horror came from the gathered Subrosians, though Uura remained silent as he watched.

    The three Surah raised their hands, an axe like weapon forming in each. They each took a step forward before their heartless existence was cut short. Link cleaved through each with one swift and clean stroke, tearing through the black cloth, cutting the bodies in two. Two parts fell into the lava, where they were quickly incinerated. The others fell to the ground where they evaporated into black smoke. Link raised the sword in a silent salute to the fallen. The Master Sword shone, and the Triforce of his hand gleamed. The Triforce began to glow on the hands of the others too, and they ran, in unison, towards Afret.

    "Triforce bearers!" Afret screamed. He threw up his hands and a wall of fire erupted around the edge of the stone platform, but the three did not let it concern them. They threw themselves through it, letting the Goron Tunics protect them. Link was already armed with the Master Sword, but now the Mirror Shield was covering his right arm. Ganondorf had drawn the two long swords he favoured to fight with, whilst Zelda's weapons were the most unique of the three. She drew both daggers from their places on her hips. With one in hand, she slid the other into the gauntlet on her opposite arm. Longed in place, the gauntlet began to glow, and the knife became insignificant. The wrist guard seemed to grow in size, projecting it's shape into the air, forming a golden shield that Zelda held in front of her. The wall of fire fell, and Afret looked down at them.

    "You will not survive this battle." Afret said "I will burn you until nothing remains."

    Afret threw himself off the vase and stood towering over the three heroes. Holding out his hands, fire erupted from them, and he began to throw it down upon them, as they dodged to avoid it. Had it been regular fire, the Goron tunics would have proved adequate protection, but the flames were laced with darkness, making them twice as deadly.

    Zelda and Ganondorf were finding the act of dodging slightly more difficult, as they strained to avoid large patches of molten lava. Unlike Link, who was in possession of a full tunic and as such did not worry about the magma, they could not afford to linger within it's proximity for long. Noticing this, Afret began to concentrate on the two more than Link, driving them closer to the patches, and then closer to the edge.

    "Zelda be careful!" Link shouted. Zelda gave a momentary glance behind her to find she was standing practically on the edge of the plateau. A massive blast of fire slammed into her golden shield, pushing her backwards and off the edge. With the lava below, her rudimentary Goron Tunic would not save her.

    "Pathetic!" Afret laughed, turning his attention to Ganondorf. A blur of movement just in the corner of his eye caught his attention and he looked back to see Zelda back on the platform, looking a little flustered, but held in the arms of Uura. "You filthy creature, how dare you interfere!"

    Afret roared, and began to summon a massive ball of fire above his head. Within the maelstrom of fire darted black energy, that crackled like lightning and threatened to destroy before it even started to burn. The anger burning in Afret's eyes was so intense, that he failed to notice what Link and Ganondorf were doing until it was too late. An arrow landed at his feet unnoticed. For a second it looked like it was burning in the heat, but it quickly began to crackle with energy before exploding like a bomb. The blast knocked Afret backwards, sending the attack he was crating into the roof of the cavern.

    Falling rocks bounced around the cavern, some splashing into the lava, others landing amongst the Subrosians who scattered to avoid them. Afret rose to his feet and turned to glare at Ganondorf, only to look into a fast approaching brilliant light. Afret attempted to move away, but the Light Arrow landed firmly in his side, and sent pure illumination bursting out. The flesh and body of Afret dissolved away leaving wisps of smoke in the massive wound as the light faded.

    Afret howled in pain, and his body seemed to explode into smoke. The mist spread out over the platform before being sucked back into the golden jar. Everything grew silent.

    "What happened?" Uura said, the cavern having grown eerily silent. Link slowly and cautiously approached the urn. Looking just over it's rim, he could see nothing but darkness inside. He had barely tapped it with the Master Sword before an explosion of mist forced itself out in one swift motion, throwing Link backwards and sending him crashing to the rocky floor. Swelling out of the jar, the smoke reformed into Afret, completely healed and looking no worse for wear.

    "You think your precious light will save you? I have lived longer than any creature you have encountered, I will not suffer the likes of you, I will incinerate you!"

    Fully rejuvenated, Afret began throwing fireballs out at an astonishing rate, he had no problems switching between attacking the four that stood before him and causing chaos amongst them. Though Uura braved some of the fireballs, the flames were twisted with a darkness that not even he could withstand.

    "We can't keep this up forever." Ganondorf said, slicing another fireball in two with one sword, while defending with the other "That urn must be a store of energy he's using in order to heal himself. Without that, he's just another monster."

    "You know what they say," Link replied, hiding behind the Mirror Shield "when in a volcano, do as the Gorons do. Any chance you can lend me some cover, I'm about to do something considerably stupid."

    Ganondorf smirked, "In that case, you've got all the cover you need. Have fun."

    The Gerudo King brought the Triforce to bear, where it began to shine with it's familiar golden light. A circle of golden flames erupted around Ganondorf, his very body seemed to be on fire. Every attack that Afret threw at him was purified by the flames of light, while the fire was absorbed by Ganondorf's body. He clenched a fist, then threw a fireball back, where it became infused with light as it passed back through the barrier.

    Link wasted no time as Afret's attention was taken up by Ganondorf's attack, and he leapt off the platform to the lava below. Silently praying that he'd not made a dreadful mistake, his worries were quashed when he landed on the lava and remained unhurt. Knowing he couldn't stand on there forever, he took the Longshot from it's hook on his belt and shot it into the wall behind him, lifting himself up from the lava. Grabbing the Ocarina of Time, he began to play the Bolero of Fire. Fire. Like with any song, images pass through his mind whenever he hears the notes being played. Memories of a forgotten future, of a distant past, old friends and new. The Gorons in their mountain city, the Temple of Fire in Death Mountain's crater, Volvagia's evil, the Subrosians now, in their lava filled caverns, Uura saving Zelda.

    - Link?
    - Durania, can you hear me?
    - Brother it is good to hear from you. What news do you bring from the north?
    - Can't really talk right now, I need to smash things with the Megaton Hammer!
    - Of course, be strong Link, we will talk again soon.

    Link cut off the connection, and pocketed the Ocarina. On the lava below him a shape began to form out of red light. A circle, filled with the flame symbol of the Fire Sage. Materialising out of the circle, the Megaton Hammer appeared before Link. He grabbed hold of the hilt, the Golden Gauntlets on his hands giving him the strength top lift it unchallenged. The symbol was wiped away as the lava moved beneath it, and Link looked up. Releasing the hook from the wall, he dropped back to the lava, and shot it straight up at the roof of the cave. Sailing up through the air, he swung towards the back wall and kicked off, sending himself perfectly towards the dais where the battle was continuing.

    Ganondorf was still attacking, though his barrier of light was fading quickly. Combined with Uura throwing fireballs like he had in their first meeting, and Zelda shooting arrows where she could, Afret did not notice Link's return. Using that to his advantage, Link got a firm grip on the hammer with one hand, and braced the Mirror Shield in front of him with the other. He began to run, at full speed and directly towards Afret. The demonic creature noticed him quickly, and began to concentrate on attacking him too. Link ducked and swerved between attacks, catching the one he couldn't avoid on the shield, as he closed in on Afret he jumped and slid underneath the creature. Afret moved to follow him when a burst of Light erupted in his face, another Light Arrow this time dealt by Zelda. Again as part of his body vanished into smoke, he began to retract down into the urn.

    "And that's the last time you'll do that." Link said. Swinging the hammer down, then back up like an uppercut, he slammed the flat end of weapon into the urn, smashing the side of it inwards. The moment it broke, black smoke began to pour out of the massive hole, and a horrific pain filled scream echoed in the cavern. Link ignore the noise and grabbed the hilt with both hands. He swung the Megaton Hammer across the urn, caving in one side, and smashing the other onto the cavern floor. With a final puff of smoke, the urn exploded, shattering completely and leaving the black smoke to spill out on its own. As the smoke began to clear, a smaller and weaker looking Afret was left clutching his head, curled up on the floor where the urn once sat.

    "How could you.. how.." he mumbled. Link backed away to rejoin the others. "You.. you may have destroyed the means by which I regenerate, but do not think you have won so easily."

    Afret stood up, and though he was no only slightly taller than Ganondorf, he was still a sight. Smoke appeared in his hands, and began to solidify into a sharp scythe like axe similar to the ones the Surah had possessed. Lunging forward, Afret brought the weapon down, only for all three to dodge and let the axe blade slam into the ground. Growling and pulling it out of the ground, the force needed to do so threw Afret backwards slightly, which gave the others a window of opportunity in which to attack. Ganondorf jumped in front of him and started to slice away rapidly at the legs, while Zelda and Link both drew Light Arrows and sent them sailing into Afret's torso.

    The arrows drove into the flesh, but unlike before the divine light only burnt Afret's flesh instead of destroying it. Filled with rage, Afret regained his balance and kicked Ganondorf to the ground. He raised the weapon over his head ready to bring it down upon the Gerudo.

    "If I kill you now, your precious triforce will belong to me." Afret said with a malicious grin on his face "Then I will destroy the entire Gerudo race... what?" he stumbled over his words as he was trying to step closer. Looking down, a pure white smoke was wrapped around his leg, holding him firmly in one spot. Two more began to wrap around both arms, pulling his hands from the weapon and causing it to drop. "How are you doing this!?"

    Ganondorf rose onto his feet and took both swords in his hands. He crossed his arms and leapt straight up towards Afret's head. As he neared the neck, he swiped both blades across each other in one swift, smooth motion, decapitating Afret. The look of horror on the monster's face was still there as it rolled away and the body collapsed dead. The body and head quickly caught fire and started to burn away rapidly. Flesh melted to reveal a black and twisted skeleton beneath, then finally there was nothing left but the stain on the stone floor.

    Before Ganondorf could be offered any words of congratulations, Subrosians were running up to thank them all, cheering and making strange clicking noises that could only be interpreted as howls of excitement.

    "My friends." Uura said, "What you have done today is nothing short of a miracle for my people. I am sorry to have deceived you but when I first encountered you fighting the Molgera, I knew you had pure hearts."

    "Uura, it's OK." Link said "If you had told us of the suffering your people were enduring at the hands of Afret, we would have helped you not matter what."

    "Master Link, you are kind, but I must ask you, the magic you used to hold the Beast? Why did you not use it first?"

    "That wasn't us." Zelda started but let herself trail off as the smoke began to take shape again in the middle of the dais. Perfect white again, with a slight glow, it took on the solid shapes of three Subrosians in the most brilliant white robes. Each lowered their hoods together revealing reptilian faces below, eyes glowing with a golden light. They each raised a hand, and a cool wind blew through the cavern, reaching from as far back as the city, it ruffled robes and sent dust flowing off the edge of the platform. As the wind settled, the scattered dust on the plateau revealed the mark of the Triforce and the wavy symbol of Din within the centre of the great triangle.

    "Amazing, the mark of the Goddesses hidden here all this time." Uura said, admiring the symbol. He turned to face the three phantoms. "Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, Surah Baqarrah. I am sorry you gave your lives to Afret."

    "Uura," the first, Falaq, said "You owe us no apologies."

    "It is time for the Subrosian people to be at peace and move on." Naas continued.

    "And so it is for us too. Good-bye, my brother." Baqarrah finished. The three bowed their heads, and then with a small cold wind they were blown away as smoke and finally at rest.

    "Uura, are you ok?" Zelda asked, putting a hand on the Subrosians shoulder.

    "Yes. I am fine thank you." he said without turning around "But Naas is right. It is time to move on."

    Uura reached up the the ends of his hood and pushed it backwards. Gasps and whispers ran through the crowds of gathered Subrosians, as Uura turned to face them. Beneath the hood was a face not unlike that of a Lizalfos, completely reptilian, but with a flatter less pronounced snout. Rows of sharp teeth were just visible in the slightly smile Uura was wearing, while his narrow eyes were a pure white, that glittered in the normal light. Unlike a Lizalfos, the Subrosian possessed two small but pointed ears much like a Hylian, and a run of spines that started just on the crown of the head and continued down the back. Uura's scales were an auburn brown, with flecks of red and gold spattered here and there.

    "Do not be alarmed. The face of the Subrosian is one that has not been seen by other races for many hundreds of years. I feel now is the time for it to be seen above round again. Would you permit me to join you on your journey?"

    "Of course Uura, you are welcome with us for as long as you wish." Zelda replied "Besides, we still need a guide to Termina."

    "Thank you my friends. Now I will take my leave of you for a spell, I am sure there is already a grand celebration in the works, one that has not graced this cavern for a long time."

    As Uura left, the crowds of Subrosians parted to let him pass. Some within had already lowered their hoods, revealing an array of different faces, some with darker or lighter scales, others with longer faces, extra fins or different shaped spikes. Other hoods stayed up, but it was clear as they all followed him out, that a great change was beginning to take place within the Subrosian culture. At last the three were left alone in the large cavern, and they could admire the Triforce mark beneath them.

    "So it would seem this development was unavoidable." Ganondorf mused.

    "Indeed. Afret must have known about this mark and what it probably meant." Zelda said, measuring it up in her head to assure it was real "He's hidden it and used the fear of the Subrosians to keep it concealed."

    "Well it's time to see what he was hiding." Link said, stepping into the middle of the symbol and putting the Ocarina of Time to his lips. He began to play the song taught to him by the Great Fairy of Termina, the Oath to Order filled the cavern and the triforce below him lit in entirely, the three triangles gold, while Din's symbol in deep red. A golden light appeared descended from on high, lowering itself in front of Ganondorf, who plucked it from the air. The instant it touched his hands, the light faded leaving an apple sized red pearl again bearing Din's mark. A cool wind began to blow again, and a loud feminine voice filled the cavern.

    "Wielder of the Triforce! The Goddess of Fire, Din offers you guidance to the Sorcerer's Power. When Din's shadow casts it's light upon the judged, the path will be opened."

    The voice faded and the glow of the Triforce mark vanished too. Ganondorf held the pearl in his palm, admiring it. Link and Zelda approached and took a long look at it too.

    "If that's Din's Pearl, we can assume that Nayru's and Farore's are hidden in Termina somewhere as well." Zelda said.

    "If Din is represented by Fire, what would that make the others?" Link asked.

    "Farore is most likely Wind," Ganondorf said closing his hand around the pearl and placing it in a small pouch inside his cloak. "Nayru, I imagine would be water, if only for the connections between the colour blue."

    "OK, so that's what we're looking for sorted out, what about the prophetic announcement? The light of a shadow, that's not really possible." Zelda continued.

    "It means the moon." Link said. The others looked at him blankly, so he went on "The Sun is referred to as Din's eye. Since the sun is the producer of light during the day, at night, a full moon would be a shadow of the sun. Since the Moon itself casts a reflection of the suns light, it is almost as if it is giving off light itself."

    "Therefore a shadow casting light." Ganondorf said nodding in understanding "Interesting. Where did you learn such science?"

    "Various places, the old man by the lake is eccentric but well versed in his sciences. Of course he could be making it all up, but it sounds good."

    "Interesting. I think we should move on as soon as possible." Zelda said, cutting the conversation short. "Link, you should contact Hyrule and tell them what's happened."

    "Of course. I.." Link trailed off as the cavern began to fill with a loud, ferocious noise. Like a thunderclap were echoing through out the entire underground the three ran back through the passageways into the Subrosian City only to find their worry had been totally misplaced. Subrosians everywhere were gathered in the main part of the city, some wearing robes, some wearing looser fitting garments that showed off more of their reptilian bodies. On high platforms drums were being struck, and small volcanoes were erupting sending ash and flecks of lava over the crowds. On the edge of it stood Uura, wearing a loose hanging shawl in the same bright orange he was used to, but with armour and other accessories on his body too.

    "Ah there you are. I am sorry if the noise startled you, it has been some tie since the Thunder Drums were last played." a smile formed on his face and Uura laughed slightly "Why I believe anyone above ground might be tempted to think there is an earthquake fast approaching."

    "Uura, you look, different." Zelda said, admiring his new costume.

    "Ah yes, I thought a robe would be a little too cumbersome if I were to accompany you, so I am dressing like this to make travelling easier. Are we staying for the celebrations, or do you wish to leave at once?"

    "I think it would be ok to stay for a while," Zelda answered, smiling.

    "Excellent. Then allow me to present you with these," Uura said, turning aside and taking three shawls from another Subrosian; possibly Ata given the colour of the shawl; and handed them out. "These are made from the same material as our robes, and will provide you with much greater protection in these caverns than your current ones."

    The three took the robes and nodded. Zelda and Ganondorf easily put theirs on and removed the Goron tunics from underneath, but Link was less able to do so since he was wearing a full tunic. Uura led him to a side room where he could change. Left alone, Link took the Ocarina of Time out and once again the tune of the Bolero of Fire filled the air.

    - Durania?
    - Link!

    Link suddenly found himself standing in the Chamber of Sages, the temperature easy and nothing as hot as Subrosia. Before him stood Durania, the Goron leader, who was illuminated by a faint red glow. Link realised he'd left the Megaton Hammer in the chamber they fought Afret, but was relieved to see it had already returned to Durania's side.

    "I thought you'd forgotten this, so I returned it." the Goron said.

    "I had. I got caught up in the moment. Thanks."

    "It served you well then I take it?"

    "As always. We've made progress, that's the real reason I've contacted you again." Link began. Durania nodded and listened. Link explained the Clock Town incident, Uura's involvement, and the fight with Afret. When he finished talking about the cryptic message, Durania folded his arms.

    "I understand brother. So will you be joining your companions in the party?"

    "I.. what?" Link asked, a little surprised. Durania just laughed.

    "Sorry, I'm still getting used to this psychic connection thing, young Saria has been giving me tips on how not to pick up thoughts that are being kept to oneself. If a change of clothes is all you are in need of, I can provide that."

    Durania waved a hand before Link could object. The Goron Tunic vanished, replaced by Link's traditional Kokiri styled tunic, with a darker, moss coloured shawl over his shoulders.

    "I should have known you'd have parties on the mind. I'll contact the Sages again when we've made further progress. Good Luck Durania."

    "You too brother."

    The connection faded and Link opened his eyes. Immediately he felt cooler, as if he'd not left the Chamber of the Sages. The heat of Subrosia was all but gone, only the warm air on his face was any indication he was in a cavern full of lava. He stepped out of the small room back into the celebration. He looked over the crowd spotting Uura, Zelda and Ganondorf in amongst a group of other Subrosians, talking and laughing along with them. Approaching them he became aware of huge stone tablets that were laid out everywhere, bearing massive piles of food and drink that he'd never encountered before.

    Amongst them were the brown skinned fruit they'd eaten when they first arrived. Link grabbed one, along with a collection of other delicacies, including a skewer of white meat that was showing signs of char grilling on the edges, and a small pot of sweet smelling yellow dip.

    "Why Master Link I did not think I would see you eating that meat so soon after your last encounter." Uura said, smiling. Zelda and Ganondorf were both struggling to hold back smirks.

    "Why? It's delicious."

    "It's Molgera." Uura told him "You remember me taking the young away? The dip is extracted from it's organs, you recall being covered in it when you entered Clock Town?"

    Link's chewing slowed to a stop and he looked down at the dip and the meat. Screwing up his face, he shrugged and continued to eat it. Zelda and Ganondorf both laughed, while Uura began to tell them about the other foods laid out before them. The celebrations played out all night, as the Subrosians danced, sang and cheered until the early hours of dawn. As the sun was rising over Termina, an enthralled, but tired troop left Subrosia and set out for the forest covered marshland on the north-east coast of Termina.

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    Great story, The new chapters beat the old ones by a mile, good job. I couldn't see any obvious mistakes either. Awesome work!

    Keep it up!

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    A very interesting story, which you retell well through your skill for writing. I will be waiting for the next chapter

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        Spoiler:- Chapter Six Re-Mastered:

    Chapter Six
    Village in the Mist

    Rolling green pastures in a land not far away, a gentle wind blew across the landscape. Grass lulled, leaves rustled in the branches of trees and clouds rolled across the sky. A jet black steed, with rippling muscles and a fiery red mane stood over a river, lapping at the fresh water flowing through. Behind, a smaller white horse with feathery fur running down it's neck and back, lay on the grass gently snoozing. Nearby, a younger auburn horse with a white mane was leaning over chewing on grass. The wind picked up slightly, and the brown horse's ears pricked. She raised her head and looked into the distance, focusing on something far off. She whinnied once, and the white horse opened her eyes then rose to full height, the black horse looked back unconcerned. The brown steed shook her head, and then started to run. Pausing for only a moment the white horse followed, with the black horse taking up a reluctant trot after them.

    Through swirling white mist created by rising steam, three figures stood looking out onto the field, shielding their eyes from the bright rising sun, while the fourth among them held an instrument to his lips, playing a gentle child like song that carried on the wind like leaves from a tree. From the fields in the distance, three horses approached, slowing to a stop before their masters.

    "Epona, how are you doing girl?" Link asked brushing the auburn horse's mane, and feeding her a vegetable he'd stolen from the previous night's party. The horse ate the strange purple tuber then pushed her head into Link's nuzzling the young man.

    Ganondorf took the enchanted map from his horse's side bag, and unrolled it. Beside him, Uura pointed out the place of their next destination, the Tokay Marshes. The map drew it's own path, a road leading into the west where a dense forest and marshland reached onto the edge of the coast.

    "A forest that thick and marshland will be impossible for the horses to transverse, so I guess when we reach it, they'll have to be left to their own devices again." Link pointed out, glancing at the map over Ganondorf's shoulder.

    "The Tokay Marshes are a fair distance," Uura added "If we want to get there in good time, I suggest we leave now."

    "You can ride with me Uura," Zelda said.

    "It will be a pleasure m'lady."

    Finally saddling up, the foursome, led by Zelda and Uura on the back of Pegasi headed towards the Tokay Marshes. Were they not so intent on reaching their destination, and taken a moment to observe their surroundings more carefully, they would have noticed a lone beggar watching them from high atop the rocky ruins of the Subrosian city. Two golden eyes glittered beneath the hooded robe as it leapt down, disappearing in a burst of brown smoke.

    The sun was shining from the highest point of the sky when Zelda, Link, Uura and Ganondorf finally arrived at the impassable barrier of trees and roots that marked the entrance to the marshland. Once again leaving the horses to their own devices, Link and Ganondorf drew their swords and began hacking through the overgrowth to make their own passage through easier.

    Not far into the thick forest, the ground begin to weaken, and soon they were all trying to avoid stepping into massive puddles of water and mud. Their boots and clothes became quickly saturated, while Uura's robes were stained brown with the filth. Huge trees created a canopy that blocked out much of the sunlight, allowing for the more unpleasant of foliage's to grow. Their huge roots grew out of the ground, arcing and intertwining with branches that hung low and loose, creating a cross hatch wall of plant that took several hacks with a sword to pass through.

    "This swamp land is certainly something new." Link griped, using a sturdy branch as leverage to pull himself out of a sticky mud hole. "I've braved deep lakes, impassable mountains, roaring volcanoes and haunted forests, but this is most certainly, a new one to add to the list."

    It soon became apparent that their journey through the swamp was becoming somewhat easier. The heavy sludge was starting to thin, as it gradually turned from mud into water. The density of the trees lessened and more light pierced the thick canopy. A loud noise stopped the foursome, and they looked into the forest ahead of them. A light mist was rising from the lake, obscuring their view, but large shadows were moving about freely. Again, a loud roar came from within the groups of shadows. It was as deep as it was loud, but had a strange warble to it, as though it were being distorted underwater.

    "Uura," Link whispered, not turning back to face the Subrosian "what is that?"

    "The water that flows through this marsh comes from the ocean. The coastline itself is home to a species of reptiles that often come into the marshes in search of food. People from Clocktown often search the marshes for food themselves, but they cannot traverse the habitat as well. They train and domesticate some of the beasts in order to use as mounts."

    A loud, but dull noise sounded from deeper in the marshes. Noise of movement came from nearby and three of the beasts Uura described climbed out and over tree stumps, before sliding into the water and swimming effortlessly through the muddy water. Link stared at them with confusion. As large as a horse but not quite as tall, they had scaly skin that was a vibrant red beneath the mud caked to their body. Before entering the water, large curved claws were visible on their feet.

    "Those are Dodongos." he said. Uura turned to face him and nodded.

    "Correct. You see the stump on the front of their nose? Domesticated Dodongo's have their horn removed. It's often carved into an instrument of sorts that is used to summon them, but the ivory is also used in the making of jewellery and expensive ceramics. As such the population of Dodongos is dropping and less of them are being used."

    "There are Dodongos in Hyrule," Link said, watching the beasts "but they dwell in caves not water. They grow to massive size, but ultimately their just lumbering, fire breathing lizards."

    "The only cave dwelling lizards you'll find in Termina are Subrosians Master Link, but our ability to breath fire is nothing more than legend. Though I admit some of our kind can be described as lumbering. Perhaps when you return to Hyrule I will accompany you to this cave for a closer look."

    "Come on, we're wasting time." Ganondorf said. Zelda nodded in agreement and they moved on ahead leaving Link and Uura to catch up. Following the Gerudo into the mist, Link kept a listen our for any indication that something was approaching where it should not. However, as the mist began to thin, it became apparent that the four were being ignored. The four began to wade through the thinner water, which now reached as far as their waists, or a little lower in Ganondorf's case. On the edges of their vision they could make out the shapes and shadows of Dondogos and their mounts, people reaching up into the branches and loading huge sacks with whatever they were pulling down.

    "We should be nearing the Tokay Village very soon." Uura explained "The Dodongos more or less leave the Tokay alone, I believe they are distant relatives, but we should still be cautious."

    "Are the Tokay welcoming?" Zelda asked.

    "They tend to be frightened of strangers but as long as we do not provoke them we will be safe. Unlike the other races of Termina the Tokay are not as.. developed. They have a small and rudimentry state of living, one that would seem primitive to outsiders."

    The mist began to thicken as the four continued to wade through the water. As they started to rise up onto the land and move away from the water it was apparent that there was something beyond the mist. They continued on and the mist began to clear until it was nothing more than a thin carpet across the ground. The Tokay city was not what the three Hyruleans were expecting. Crude dome huts made of piles of forestry and patches of mud were scattered everywhere they could fit, some even stuck to the sides of trees or hanging from branches. The domes were no higher than Zelda's waist, leaving the four towering over the little village. Around the edges of the village where the mist was thickening again, were odd shaped rocks. Seven were laid out around the perimeter. As the four stood there, small, fat lizards began to slowly crawl out of their hiding spots. Some within the houses, others poking their heads out of pools of water or buried in the mud. Some scurried away to hide again, others were more courageous and moved closer to inspect the visitors.

    "Uura?" Link asked, turning slightly to his companion. The slight movement sent more than a few Tokay scurrying away again, with three or four coming back to continue investigating. The Tokay themselves were a curious sight to behold. Their green scales looked wet and slippery, meaning even those that were wallowing in mud were now clean. When they moved they swung tiny tails behind them to keep their balance as their back legs had to constantly waddle about to compensate for a large pot-belly that hung beneath them Huge bulbous eyes rested on the sides over their overly large heads, and tiny spines ran down their backs. Two Tokay, bigger than the others stopped, and pushed themselves up. They fell backwards, their stomachs acting as weights that swung them into an obscure stance. They said something in a garbled and crude form of language. Uura answered them with a similar tongue that was accompanied by clicks and the occasional guttural hiss.

    "The Tokay language is not unlike a very old and undeveloped Subrosian language. I've had limited encounters with the Tokay, but they know me by scent rather than sight. I've told them as best I can that we mean no harm and asked them if they.. ah there we go."

    Uura pointed at the other Tokay who were now following the larger two towards a slightly risen mound of earth. Uura followed behind them accompanied by the others. The mound itself was surrounded by a small moat of what was crystal clear water, despite there being mud all around to contaminate it. In the centre of the mound was a crudely built circle of small stones, but within that then, was a much more elaborate shape, a perfect triangle. The Triforce symbol, the orb like mark of Nayru contained within the centre triangle.

    "This structure must have been built long before the Tokay came here," Zelda said, examining the shape more closely "but it's definitely what we came looking for. Though, I am surprised and a little concerned that it is so out in the open like this."

    "Only one thing we can do in this case." Link said. He took the Ocarina from it's pouch, shook it slightly to get the water out of it and stepped onto the small plateau. The Oath to Order once again filled the air, drawing all the Tokay out of their hiding places to listen. The water in the moat glistened as the small stones making up the Triforce shone gold, and the sign of Nayru flashed blue. A golden light appeared above Zelda, and slowly began to descended to her open hands. As she reached up to take it, a blur of black and red flashed past her, knocking her to the floor and taking the pearl from where it floated. Link, Ganondorf and Uura spun around to face whatever it was that had appeared but they were shocked to find themselves surrounded. Seven figures stood silently encircling them, each one with long curved swords at their sides, their bodies and faces hidden beneath sandy robes. Where they stood was exactly where the seven stones had earlier been. One stood with robes in red and black, and held within his covered hand Nayru's Pearl. The ancient artefact did not react, and was now a dull, almost grey colour.

    "Garo!" Uura shouted.

    The four instantly took up a defensive stance, with weapons drawn at the ready.

    "We're not here to fight!" Zelda shouted "We just want the treasure you stole from us."

    The Garo said nothing. The one in black moved to leave, causing Link and Ganondorf to instinctively leap into action. One Garo followed the leader, while two others came across to block anyone following. Their four swords clashed with Ganondorf's two while Link, Uura and Zelda took on the remaining three. Uura had since pulled out two short but unusually shaped blades that looked more like harvesting sickles than weapons. Yet he fought with expert precision, moving fluidly in and out of the Garo's attacks, catching any blows on his weapons and feeding his own attacks in when he could.

    Uura ignored the comment and held out a hand. Light formed in it once more, but this time, lengthened out and formed the solid frame of a long staff, which he quickly spun around to slam into the side of a Garo fast approaching from behind. The Garo fell back from the blow, but swiftly recovered, drawing long twin swords. Fire blazed out around the two, surrounding them in a ring of fire, within which they began to exchange blows.

    Ganondorf had already engaged in a duel with the two Garo. They each wielded swords of similar length and shape, but as one concentrated on the battle, the other slashed at the ground. A ring of fire shot out from the gashes to surround them, but Ganondorf showed no concern for the heat. Instead his eyes flashed with a burning fury, and the hilts of both swords began to glow with heat. Flames burst out along the lengths of the blades, and he was quickly bringing a pair of fiery blades down upon his foes. The Garo defended well, using the dual blades with more experience than the Gerudo. As the three continued to dance around each other, it became apparent Ganondorf was gradually being forced into a position where the Garo could strike a finishing blow.

    Deep within his tortured body, Ganondorf felt energy stirring within him. Anger, hatred, defiance, the will to use whatever means necessary to get the task done. The power coursed through him, filling him with a new strength, allowing him to fight back. Blades crossed and flames licked at the air, as he fought to regain his lost ground. Metal scraped against metal, as the Garo found that they were the ones being beaten back. It was a power Ganondorf had felt once before, when Voiyd still polluted his mind and soul. It was when his body had broken away and he transformed into his inner personification of power, the great beast Ganon. That same energy was now guiding his hands, making sure his feet never made a mistake, and his eyes never missed a movement.

    The Garo fought hard, but it was now obvious that Ganondorf had the advantage. A golden light began to shine out from the back of his hand, but before the light could envelop him as a whole, the Garo disappeared in a burst of flame. Instantly distracted and confused, the power of the Triforce dissolved away, and Ganondorf spun around to see all the Garo moving quickly, yet soundlessly, away from the village through the trees. Link, and Zelda, both of them showing scorching where their backs had moved too close to the ring of flames, were equally as shocked, while Uura tried to help the Tokay, some of which were injured, while the others were clearly terrified.

    "Go!" The Subrosian shouted "I'll take care of the Tokay, follow them!"

    Zelda, Link and Ganondorf ran after the Garo who were now barely visible through the mists and dense forestry. As they lunged through the low hanging branches and plowerd through without concern for the damage the whipping vines were doing to them they suddenly broke through the wilderness and found themselves staring at a massive waterfall, the river it fed flowing into the marshland and down the side of a mountain into the ocean below.

    "Look! Up there!" Link pointed to the waterfall. Leaping from rock to rock were the Garo, blending in almost perfectly thanks to their robes acting as camouflage. They were nearing the top with ease, not giving a worry to who was following or the risk they took.

    "We'll never get up that mountain face, it's too steep." Zelda sighed.

    "No!?" Ganondorf suddenly yelled. The others turned to look at him, as he frantically searched through his robes.

    "What is it?"

    "It's gone! Din's Pearl!"

    "What!?" Link asked, "They stole it!?"

    "Impossible!" Ganondorf growled "I am Gerudo, the King of Thieves! There is no being that can steal from me!"

    "Look it doesn't matter if they can or can't. Lets just assume for now they have." Zelda explained, trying to calm the situation. She looked back at the waterfall, where several strange interruptions in the waterfall caught her attention. Climbing up the mountain, were several of the Dodongo's, some even with Tokay mounts.

    "Look, if we could get on a Dodongo we could have it carry us up the waterfall." she explained.

    "How do you expect us to do that? Ask it nicely? Maybe tempt one with those moist purple root vegetables from Subrosia? Not one of your smarter ideas Princess." Ganondorf spat.

    "I wasn't the one who was robbed, Dragmire." she replied with a sneer, dragging out the Gerudo's surname as an insult.

    "Uura said Horns are used to call them, we can go back and get one of them from.."

    "There's no time, the Garo will be long gone before then and.."

    Zelda was cut off as a loud billowing noise erupted from beside her. She spun around to stare at it's source, only to find Link stood with a curved horn to his mouth, blowing the sound out across the marshes. The horn in his hand was one that he'd been given by the Deku Tree upon his return to Hyrule. Ganondorf had identified it as a calling horn used by fishermen for some kind of aquatic beast. Everything was falling into place, and it was clear that Link had put the pieces together quicker than the others. A noise from the marshes broke his concentration and he dropped the horn back to his side. Approaching through the water were three Dondongo's their skin a more vibrant red, with both their horn blunted down.

    "Lets hitch a ride then huh?" Link said, approaching one of the Dodongo and throwing his legs over it like he would a horse. It was an uncomfortable sit, but it would do for the time it was needed. He grabbed a pair of reigns and brought the beast around the point at the waterfall. He turned his head back to the others "Well? Lets go already!?"

    Zelda stared mouth agape for a moment before her anger was blinked away and she took a back seat on the second beast. Ganondorf climbed on front and took the reigns. Link pulled on the reigns and the red beast began a fast, smooth swim towards the water fall. Where the falling water crashed into the marsh was turbulent, but the Dodongo's ignored it completely. The leader put one foot on a huge rock on the mountain, curling massive talons into the stone to maintain grip. A second foot followed, and it began to pull itself and it's mounts up.

    As the Dodongo's moved into a vertical climb, their bodies curved and spines running along their sides, usually flattened against their skin, opened up to prevent the riders slipping off. The assurance didn't stop any of the party from loosening their grip however.

    "Without Uura we can't know where we're headed!" Zelda shouted over the noise of the water.

    "It can't be helped!" Link shouted back "We'll have to make do!"

    The Dodongo swiftly reached the peak of the waterfall, and pulled themselves into the rapid water that was succumbing to gravity. They swam upstream, as far as point where the water was calmer. There they stopped at the edge of the riverbed, allowing for their riders to disembark. As Ganondorf helped Zelda down, the beasts swam back down stream, leaping off the edge of the cliff and curling into balls as they fell like bombs into the pool below.

    Link took the Ocarina of Time from a pocket above his belt and once again played the tune that would call not only Epona, but Bucephalus and Pegasi too. Unless they were just following Epona that is. Still, from their vantage point on top of the cliff, most of Termina was visible, and it would be some time before the horses arrived. He looked down the long valley that was opening up beneath them. The figures of the Garo were just visible running along it's narrow route. Link sighed, there was no way they could catch up now, they're only hope was that the horses could find a way up the mountain, and soon.

    The sun was sending rays of red light out as it dipped behind the horizon, leaving the sky glowing, clouds refracting the light into orange, yellows and pinks. Smoke rose from the small fire, as Link pierced a piece of meat with a stick and set it to hang over the flames. The river veered off to the side and flowed alongside the canyon for several hundred yards before twisting off through other mountains, where the source would be found. The canyon itself was fairly narrow, with uneven walls, and many a sharp spike of rock, making it look like the maw of a great monster.

    "That was some quick thinking back in the marshes." Ganondorf said quietly. Link looked at him for clarification. "Using the Horn like that."

    "Thanks." Link said, finding it a little strange to receive such a compliment from a man he once swore to defeat at all costs. Across from them, Zelda lay on the floor, taking the time to catch some sleep. It had been several days since the trio had had any proper rest. "Look, Ganondorf, It's not been easy to travel alongside you..."

    "Nor has it been for me. I have respect for you young hero, respect for your dedication and natural courage. Much as I have respect for Princess Zelda's diplomacy even when facing things any other person would find difficult."

    "I don't think any of us can put the past behind us." Link said, running a finger across the back of his hand where the Triforce routinely showed itself. "I think the most we can do know is be honest with each other, and keep that respect."

    "Hah, you have a simple view of the world Link, but I believe I can adhere to your ideals. We should focus on what is ahead. The Garo have already proved themselves to be worthy adversaries. Yet, there are many things that do not make sense."

    "The people in Clock Town described them as ruthless murderers and thieves. Ata hardly acknowledged them, even when we questioned her about them. They seem to be viewed in the same way the Gerudo are in Hyrule."

    Ganondorf nodded in understanding. "A people who try to protect their secrets and their protect their land usually end up having many things said about them that aren't usually true. Actually one could say the same about the Kokiri to a certain extent."

    Link nodded but said nothing allowing for Ganondorf to continue. "In the marshes, they only fought us because we presented a challenge. As for the Orbs, I am sure now that they stole the Din's Pearl, though I do not know how I was unable to notice it. Their reason for taking both it and Nayru's Pearl must be connected."

    "You're right," Link said, interrupting the Gerudo's line of thought "I can't help but think I recognise their style of fighting too. I noticed they use long swords similar to yours."

    "You did. The Gerudo use a similar fighting style. There are several questions left unanswered, questions that I'm sure will tell us more than we expected to learn on this journey."

    A shuffling sound followed by rocks rolling downhill alerted the two to a presence behind. Turning around, they saw the horses approaching. The sun was now only peeking over the horizon, and the sky was quickly darkening to night. Link gently woke Zelda and the three tended to their horses.

    As they saddled up, Ganondorf waved his hand through the air, creating an orb of fire similar to the one he'd created during the ride across the Demon Plains. As the white glow from that lit their way, they rode down into the canyon, moving slowly through it making sure that they weren't disrupting anything that would run the risk of the entire canyon collapsing in on them. Huge sharp rocks seemed to spear out from the ground like growths, jutting out over the canyon path like claws ready to close around prey. Rocks of varying sizes and shapes sat scattered all over the steep slopes that made up the walls of the path.

    The canyon was deathly silent, the only noises coming from the horses feet against the stone. A noise from the left caught Link's attention, he twisted his head to look, but saw only a few stones coming loose and rattling down the mountain side. After a little more silence, a second handful of pebbles fell down a slope, this time it was Ganondorf who caught the noise. He hid his glance, not turning his head to see. From the corner of his eye, one of the rocks seemed to move, as if following. Then, something else caught his eye, which he was forced to turn to look at. The rock froze in place, but his eye was now focused on a small bulbous plant that was growing out from beneath several chunks of granite. Two green leaves partially enclosed it's deep blue crop, while a brilliant red flower bloomed on the top.

    "This presents something of a problem." he mused, turning to the others.

    Link answered "Why, what's wrong?"

    "Look up the slopes, and see what's growing there."

    Link peered up at the rock face. He saw nothing amongst the rocks and shards of stone, then a flash of green caught his eye. He followed it to a spherical plant he'd seen plenty of as a child.

    "Goron Crop! Bomb Flowers.." he gasped, "If one of those goes off.."

    The Canyon seemed to open up, with the path not only carrying on straight ahead, but also splitting off to the left and right. Visible along the walls of the immediate path were dozens, if not hundreds of Bomb Plants all wrapped up in their own roots. The other paths seemed to be devoid of any of the plant life.

    "Even the slightest disruption will cause those bombs to go off. We'll have to take one of the other paths."

    Ganondorf turned Bucephalus towards the left path, but froze before taking the horse any further. Only moments ago the path had been clear, yet now, several strange shaped rocks were sat in the middle of the path, blocking it off. He turned his head back to look down the other path, where Link and Epona were faced with the same predicament. The path behind had also become blocked, only the forward path was empty.

    "The last time we saw rocks that shape they were surrounding the Tokay Village." Link said.

    Zelda pointed at them "Looks like the Garo are onto us. Check again."

    The rocks had risen up to form figures, each wielding twin swords, each one looking like it were about to erupt into flames. They were slowly approaching from both sides.

    "We're trapped, we'll never fight off that many!" Zelda cried. Link glanced at Ganondorf, his face grim, but his eyes betraying the crazy idea he had building. Ganondorf smirked and nodded.

    "There is, one route." he said.

    Zelda turned to stare at the two, eyes wide with horror and mouth agape with surprise. "Anything we do risks setting the bombs off! Are you two crazy!?"

    "Perhaps. What if we did set the bombs off? The canyon would collapse in on us and block us off from the Garo." Link explained quickly, as the Garo were getting closer.

    "And bury us!" she exclaimed "You cannot be serious!"

    "Look, Link gives the horses some extra speed, I'll get the bombs going, you.." Ganondorf grinned "You make sure we don't get buried."

    She looked back and forth between them, then shook her head and sighed. "Ok, lets do this."

    With the Garo almost upon them, the three kicked off, sending the horses hurtling down the canyon at the fastest they could possibly run. Several of the Garo began to give chase, making good time as they speed along the ground, despite being on foot. A golden glow began to shine from Link's hand, and green rays of light began to streak across the floor beneath the horses, thin smoke and glittering powder entwining around their legs and bodies, without obstructing their ability to move. Instead, the horses began to move faster, propelled across the ground by a magical wind. A second golden glow erupted from Ganondorf's hand. He clapped his hands together, and brought them apart gradually, flames licking at the air in the space between them, before he threw both arms out, sending streams of fire shooting out at the walls as they ran between them.

    For a split second, the entire canyon was lit by a brilliant white light, as every bomb behind them began to explode. One explosion spread on to the next, until the explosions were beginning to catch up with the already racing horses. The deafening sound of explosions combined with falling rocks blocked out the cries from both Link and Ganondorf. Zelda's hand brought about the third and final golden glow, creating three streaks of golden light that were more brilliant than the light of the explosions. The canyon walls were collapsing, filling the canyon behind them with huge chunks of stone and dust, dust which was now beginning to envelope the riders. Zelda focused, and projected a strong magical force out around the three. As massive chunks of stone threatened to crush them, they glanced off a shimmering blue shield, bouncing backwards into the maelstrom, crushed in turn by the other falling rubble.

    The canyon ahead began to open out, and the three raced on almost completely overtaken by the rock slide. As the path widened, the rocks started to spread thin, and the explosions filter out as the amount of bomb flowers began to run out. Eventually, the rock fall fell behind, and the three slowed down to an eventual stop and observed the damage they'd caused.

    "I can't believe we just did that." Zelda said, shaking her head with disbelief. "Devastated a natural grove of plants."

    "I've seen a Goron Race taking place over Death Mountain, and it was no where near as exciting as that! I wish we could do it again!" Link shouted with glee.

    "Have you completely lost your mind? I know you've done a lot of crazy things Link, but that was possibly the worst! Courage is not the same as throwing yourself into danger!"

    Link threw a look back at Ganondorf who was smiling like a child feigning innocence. He shrugged and faced Zelda "Well excuse me princess!" he said, lengthening out the excuse and putting a childish emphasis on his words.

    Zelda made a disgusted sigh and turned away from the two of them, riding onwards towards a structure that was nestled between the two sides of the canyon ahead. As they neared, it became obvious that it was no ordinary structure, but an ancient, yet grand castle. Several boulders appeared to be out of place along the route, most likely blocking escape routes that would safely lead out of the canyons. The castle itself appeared to be partially buried in the canyon walls. A huge outer wall with no means of entrance protected an inner series of towers of differing height and girth.

    "No entrance." Ganondorf said, scanning along every inch of the outer wall for some indication of a trigger mechanism to open an entrance. Zelda looked across the wall before slowly nodding an understanding. The light of the triforce lit not just her hand, but her entire body. When it faded away, Zelda's pink and blue wardrobe was gone, as was her long flowing locks of blonde hair. It was all hidden beneath a skin tight suit in deep navy blue. A strong and foreboding eye with a single tear drop was marked on both her chest and back, while her face, forearms and legs were hidden beneath white wrapping. Her hair was trimmed short by magic, and hung down over one eye, leaving the other, now blood shot and red, staring out.

    In the past it had been the body of a Sheikah male, a shell that contained the essence of Zelda's mind and soul. Now however, it truely was Zelda that lay beneath the costume, made more obvious by the lighter build and way she spoke. The Triforce of Wisdom had given Zelda access to the library of knowledge that Sheikah had, along with the agility and skills of the enigmatic shadow tribe.

    "Zelda, what do you see?" Link asked.

    Zelda said nothing, instead pointing an open palm at the empty wall. The light from the triforce lit the wall up with the eye and teardrop of the Sheikah. The wall shimmered, and the illusion fell away, revealing a large open route through the middle of the blockade.

    "An illusion." Ganondorf added "The mystery of the Garo continues. Lets go."

    The three rode in through the arched doorway. As illusion faded back into existence behind them, a few Garo slowly approached, having reached the Fortress again after avoiding the rock-slide. They strode towards the barricade and walked straight through the wall, passing beneath the illusions and into the fortress.

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    Leaf!!! Why was i not e-mailed the chap??? I thought I was still your beta. O well. Still good. I posted my actual review yesterday but it never got posted soooo I lost all the mistakes I found, (at least 7 or so) and I'm too lazy to go find them all and I don't really have the time to do it.
    Anyway, great chap here. I really loved the new parts. It was greatly done as usual. ^^ Hope to get the next chap in e-mail so i can beta it. ^^
    jirachiman out
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    Sorry, with the forum as it is lately, I took the first window of opportunity to get it posted.

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    wow...this is an excellent fan should consider putting it in just a note i passed by i hope you'd consider

    "Surah Falaq," he began "Surah Naas and Surah Baqarrah. They are the guardians of Lord Afret, who watch over him and make sure no harm ever comes to him."

    i guess you realize this are parts of the quoran?
    and they are parting,people and cow...i would suggest you could change them to

    kuah, hikmah and shajaa, witch stand for power, wisdom and courage respectivly, and i would also suggest that you take away surah...i am a muslim and i feel strange when i realized it....and i feel the term "afrit" is seriously overused...if you will put something like him in again it could be by the name "alam" pain "damar" distrucion and "dimaa" blood.

    don't think i just want to change this for me...i want this story to everyway

    when in a volcano, do as the Gorons do"

    lol is this from "when in rome, do as romen do?"
    I'm back.

    No, no more stories, I'm still recovering from the horror that was Forgotten Paths. I'll just drop by your thread, post a cruel mocking review or two and be on my way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyblade View Post
    wow...this is an excellent fan should consider putting it in just a note i passed by i hope you'd consider

    "Surah Falaq," he began "Surah Naas and Surah Baqarrah. They are the guardians of Lord Afret, who watch over him and make sure no harm ever comes to him."

    i guess you realize this are parts of the quoran?
    When i was looking up Afrit and Djinn, it mentioned about the Quarn and the prayers against evil or something, which is where the names came from.

    and they are parting,people and cow...i would suggest you could change them to

    kuah, hikmah and shajaa, witch stand for power, wisdom and courage respectivly, and i would also suggest that you take away surah...i am a muslim and i feel strange when i realized it....and i feel the term "afrit" is seriously overused...if you will put something like him in again it could be by the name "alam" pain "damar" distrucion and "dimaa" blood.

    don't think i just want to change this for me...i want this story to everyway
    I didn't know what the words meant so I will consider changing them to the words you mentioned, thanks. I wont be changing the name Surah thoug. I realise that it might seem a bit out of place because you're muslim, but I tried to base a lot of both the Subrosian and Garo on eastern european and arabic styles and ideas. The name sounds good, so it'll be staying.

    As for Afret, I haven't decided if the species will appear in the final battle or not.

    when in a volcano, do as the Gorons do"

    lol is this from "when in rome, do as romen do?"

    To all readers, Chapter 7 is taking a long time because of how much is being rewritten. It's closing in on the Garo history which is the reason why I started the Re-Mastering, so I want to make sure it's perfect. Plus the fight scenes are SO much cooler.


    Thought i'd add a little preview of what's come, to wet your lips a little.

    Zelda caught an initial swipe on one knife and pushed the Garo's arm off at a wide angle, before slamming her elbow into the other arm and delivering a swift knee jab into the Garo's torso. The moves were too fast for her enemy to anticipate, and by the time he'd brought his sword hand back, Zelda was gone, back-flipping away to recreate a distance between the two.

    "Impressive, you know how to fight," the Garo said "but that alone wont help you."

    The Garo crossed his sword. Wisps of smoke formed around him, before the smoke billowed and grew in size, splitting off and forming two identical copies. Zelda looked between the three exact clones. All three Garo ran at her waving swords. Zelda dropped to the ground, flattening herself almost completely against the floor to avoid overhead jabs and swipes, she pushed herself up with one hand and swung her legs around kicking out at all three Garo. Two ignored her attack almost completely, while one backed away a little more.

    "Parlour tricks and illusions?" Zelda said with disdain in her voice. She swung her legs around, moving her arms between them until she was the right way around. With both legs in front of her now, she flicked them both forward and up, catching the ends of her feet beneath the jaw of the Garo, throwing him backwards, where he slammed into the wall behind. The two other Garo dissolved into smoke and dissipated just as quickly. "Is that the best the Garo can do?"
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    When i was looking up Afrit and Djinn, it mentioned about the Quarn and the prayers against evil or something, which is where the names came from.

    I didn't know what the words meant so I will consider changing them to the words you mentioned, thanks. I wont be changing the name Surah thoug. I realise that it might seem a bit out of place because you're muslim, but I tried to base a lot of both the Subrosian and Garo on eastern european and arabic styles and ideas. The name sounds good, so it'll be staying.
    As for Afret, I haven't decided if the species will appear in the final battle or not.

    ______________________(sorry, bad with quoting

    Well, its up to you after all, your the auther *shrugs*
    but if you like arabic styles I could come up with stuff like
    (haris) (daiim) (hamei)
    witch all stand as guardiens and/or protecters prefix
    Anyway, i am already excited for the new chapter, it does seem more intresting then before...
    though I could also say that I really loved the Zelda/Link/Gannondorf really give them life! a twin thumbs up to you
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    I'm back.

    No, no more stories, I'm still recovering from the horror that was Forgotten Paths. I'll just drop by your thread, post a cruel mocking review or two and be on my way.
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    Well i hope I still get this chap then. ^^ I can't wait to proof it. ^^ Then review it again. ^^ Interesting preview by the way.
    jirachiman out
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    You'll get this chap, it's 200 words longer than the old version and I haven't even fiished re-writing it yet. Yowser! So it'll be riddled with mistakes I'm sure.

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    o this will be fun then. ^^ I haven't gotten anything from you throughout the summer. I was beginning to worry. But with the slow loading times of serebii I kinda quit. And now that its much better I'm back. So ya, can't wait for that chap.
    jirachiman out
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