A story that contains different kinds of shipping. So far it will contain bugcontestshipping, currentshipping, handymanshipping, latishipping and shipping between characters I made myself. I may add other ships later. Pleaz tell me if you like it

chapter 1/prologue - drizzle

A bright blue line cutted the sky in half, the raging thunderstorm was getting worser by the minute. A young woman with long, blond hair was running through the woods. Her bright blue eyes were filled with tears. She couldn’t be older than 18, maybe 19 years. With the next flash of thunder she stopped and sunked to her knees. Her blue jeans and white with red sneakers were covered in mud.
It’s there fault, if only they never appeared. No! I shouldn’t blame them. Others didn’t forget me, only he did. But why am I the only one who can remember things when they were nothing but a story? This isn’t right, why can’t he remember me?

The girl was staring at a youngman, who was a little bit taller than she was with short, spikey blond hair and darkbrown eyes. He looked like he was about 1 or 2 years older than she was. ‘ I’m sorry do I know you from somewhere?’ ‘You’ve forgotten who I am, t-that’s not possible, tell me it’s not true.’ Tears were starting to come from down from her eyes. ‘I’m sorry miss, but really don’t know who you are. Maybe you’re confusing me with somebody else.’ The man tried to give her a hug to calm her down, but she shook loose and ran towards a large forest. The looked at her with a worried look on his face, small raindrops were starting to fall on his face. The youngman looked at the dark sky and muttered ‘I hope she finds a shelter in time,’ with that he turned around and walked to a large,white building.

A strange being hovered to the girl, it had the form of a raindrop and with a worried tone it ‘spoke’ ‘cast, cast, form?’ The sad girl looked up at and whiped the tears from her face, ‘I’m sorry castform, it just doesn’t seems fair. I remember everthing but it seems like nobody else does and now he doesn’t even remember me at all.’
The girl was about to start crying again, when suddenly a little plusle ran out of the bushes nearby, it looked terrified. The plusle was covered in dirt, but you could still see some shallow bitemarks. A few seconds after a mean-looking houndour appeared from the same bushes. It slowly walked towards the plusle with a mean growl coming from it’s throat. ‘We’ve got to help!’ the girl said firmly, ‘castform use your weather ball to help the plusle.’ The moment the girl shouted the request the raindrop-like pokemon sarted to form a gaint ball in front of him, the ball was made purely out of water. The pokemon shot the ball in the direction of the houndour, it was a direct hit and tossed the dog-like pokemon a few meters backwards. The houndour was so surprised by the strong attack, that it fled back the forest in.
The plusle looked releaved and started to run towards the girl and jumped straight into her arms. It started to give the girl hugs and made sounds of gratitude. Within a few seconds her clean red t-shirt was covered in mud and blod. ‘No problem,’ the girl said in response to it and she started to forget why she was so said. The pokemon looked up at her with a smile, ‘plusle, plusle,’ it pointed to itself and than to the girl. ‘Ow, would you like to come with me and castform? what do you thinkcastform?’ Both pokemon let out a cry of joy and girl smiled. She looked up at the sky, it was turning blue again, the thunderstorm had ended.
The pulsle suddenly started to shake, it let out a little cry before it fainted. ‘Come on casteform, we should take it to a Center. It must have been chased by that houndour for a very long time,’ her voice sounded really concerned.

While the girl and the pokemon headed to a Center, a little pink pokemon had watchted everything from high above. It had short pointy ears and big, lightblue eyes filled with innocence, the only long thing of it’s entire body appeared to be it’s tail.
It’s beginning, I hope she is ready for all that is coming or the great one’s efforts would all be a wasted of time. The little creature recognized his friends telepathic thoughts at once. It looked next to him at a pokemon at least twice its size. The psychic creature had a almost humanlike body, its darkpurple eyes were filled with wishdom. Its body had a lightgrey colour except for its tail which was a purple colour.
I will look how the others that are destined to be are doing. Would you look after her, but make sure that nobody sees you. The little pink one nodded to its friend. Then I wish you good luck, my friend. And with that the larger of the two pokemon teleported to another place.

I know its on the short size, only 1,5 page on word. The next one will be longer.