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Thread: Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule (Please use new topic)

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    Default Legend of Zelda: Battle for Hyrule (Please use new topic)

    Title pending further thought.

    Anyway, I was enjoying writing my last fic 'Distorted Realities' but i came to realise that I really wanted to write it's sequel more than the fic itself. So i've stopped writing it, and decided to concentrate on the ideas for the sequel as one single fic. It'll pull ideas I had from DR into it, so nothing is wasted. Instead of being a corssover, it's set solely in the Zelda universe, incoperating things from all Zelda games. Depending on what is revealed as the fic goes on, I may include Twilight Princess stuff (which if you don't now what that is, get out from under that rock!). A few things I must first point out.

    This fic is AU, Alternate Universe. It takes place seven years ater the events of Ocraina of Time. Link has been traveling the world for the last seven years and has returned to Hyrule. The events of Majora's Mask have NOT taken place. The termina you think you know from thr games has been radicallly changed for this fic, so ignore everything you know from the game. I hope to explain all developments as well as I can when they come about. I'm exciited about writing this fic, so I hope you enjoy reading it. Here's the Prolouge to start you off.

    Disclaimer: Zelda's not mine. blah blah blah, you know the laws. Everything you don't recognise is mine.


    Golden light poured in through the narrow window, illuminating the wooden room. A single beam heat the edge of a small green jewel, and in an instant, it was refracted at all angels, lighting up the small round spaces with a variety of green spotlights. As the light became hidden behind moving clouds, the green spotlights faded in and out of existence. Beneath the array a sleeper tossed and turned uncomfortably. The sound of a cockerel crowing accompanied the light, and the sleeper breathed a heavy sigh. From under the cotton sheets an arm reached out and felt around for something. It's fingers ran along the floor until they reached a pile of green cloth. Bunched up in the fist, the clothes were dragged under the sheet.

    Pulling the green tunic over his head, the boy realised his hair was jutting out at random spots, and it wouldn't stay flat, no matter how much he tried. Giving up on best appearances, he grabbed a cloth hat, and shoved it into a pocket. Trying one last time to flatten his hair, he stepped out of his small room and promptly dropped three foot to the ground.

    "I have to fix that step." he grumbled, rolling onto his side and sitting back. He blew a strand of wayward hair out of his face and saw the smiling face of a young girl standing opposite him. She was the same height as he was, while he was sat down. Brilliant green eyes stared at him, framed with equally brilliant green locks of perfect hair.

    "You've been saying that for the last seven years." she said. Her voice was sweet, child like, but with an air of sophistication and knowledge. "Good morning Link."

    Link pulled forward onto his knees and smiled.

    "Morning Saria."

    Link was in Kokiri Village. The Kokiri weren't awake yet, but they would be soon. None of them knew he was here, except for Saria, for it was thanks to her that he arrived undetected and managed to evade the others. Of course, he knew the forest like most people know the backs of their own hands, he had been raised here for much of his childhood. Events had conspired against him, and he had been forced to leave. For seven long years he had roamed the world, looking for adventure, for peace, and for a lost friend. Now, it was time for him to come home. Today was exactly seven years since he went away, and he had a dinner date to keep. Rather than staying in Hyrule Town, he'd opted for somewhere quieter, and out of the way. What better place than in the forest where he grew up.

    "I know you want to leave immediately Link, but before you do, the Great Deku Tree wants to speak with you." Saria said, she motioned to a pathway through some narrow trees, where, a large canopy of branches stood out over the entire surrounding forest.

    "I see. Then I'll speak with him first. I can grab my stuff when i come back, but after that, I can't stay any longer." Part of Link was eager to leave the forest, but there was an equal urge to stay. In his heart, he knew this was impossible. He reached into his tunic and found his hand came into contact with the cold, smooth surface of an instrument. An Ocarina he had been given by Saria when he first left the forest. Just knowing it was there made him smile, it was his guarantee that he would never be apart from her.

    Link started off down the narrow path. He peered into the small windows of the huts that lay nearby, the child like Kokiri still asleep. He remembered the last time he walked this path. Chronologically, it had been to speak to the Great Deku Tree when he first met Navi. Link stopped for a moment and clenched his eyes shut. The thought of Navi made his heart ache, but he knew that where ever she was, she was safe. Safer than she would have been with him. He continued on, retracing his trail of thoughts. Technically speaking, the last time he walked this path, it was overgrown and filled with monsters, but what lay in the clearing was always the same. A massive tree, as wide as a castle tower, with grey brown bark hanging of it. This tree was long dead. Seven years long dead, poisoned by darkness. But while the body wasted away, the soul lived on. At the base of the tree was a small treeling. Barely the same height as Link, but still as narrow as a flower stem, it sprouted out of a large bulb that sat half buried in the earth. Link bowed his head honourably before sitting cross legged before the bulb.

    The soft bark beginning to form creased and contorted, shaping itself into a small face. Two black beady eyes opened, blinked a few times and settled their sights on Link. The bulb smiled.

    "Good day to you Link. I trust you slept well?"

    "I did thank you. Saria said you wished to speak with me?"

    The bulb chuckled, and a gentle breeze blew across the lush green grass in the clearing. "Always to the point, I've always admired that in you son."

    Link couldn't help but smile. This small tree, calling him Son. It made sense of course, the treeling had grown from a seed, a seed which had been born from the Great Deku Tree before he died. In essence, this newly growing tree was the Great Deku Tree, possessing all the memories and knowledge of his 'father'.

    "You have a meeting today, a the castle. I hadn't forgotten. I've been waiting for this day to come for seven years. I have something to give you. Something that belongs to you."

    From the thick branches of the old Deku Tree descended a long green vine. It was wrapped around a hard shell, but clearly held something inside judging from the delicacy it showed when placing it on the the floor beside Link. Link unwrapped the wine and let it ascended back into the canopy, while he set the large nut on his lap. He put both hands around the rim and prised it open.

    "When you were brought into the forest as a baby, you were alone. Your mother had passed away before we could help her. When we took you into the forest to protect you, there was something else in the bundle you were wrapped in."

    Link opened the nut and found inside a cornucopian shaped horn. At the tapered end, the edges of the horn had been smoothed over to allow a person to use it as a mouth piece.

    "Neither my father or I know it's use, and I feel that it will not help you. It's use will reveal itself to you, only when you require it."

    Link stared long and hard at the horn, before hanging it on his belt. Behind him, a cockerel crowed a second time, signifying that his time was almost up.

    "I have to go now. Great Deku Tree. Thank You, for your hospitality, and.. for this gift."

    "Good luck on your journey Link, and good graces to you and the Princess Zelda."

    Link nodded, and left. He made a quickened pace back to his small house, the house he was told had been left alone, despite one certain Kokiri wanting it cut down. Inside he grabbed at his remaining equipment. the last seven years had taken it's toll on his wide arsenal of weaponry and equipment. Gone was his Longshot and Boomerang. His Bow wasn't in the best of conditions and his shield was scuffed and partially misshaped. The rest of his equipment he had placed in the care of numerous people when he left Hyrule. The Megaton Hammer, the Lens of Truth, the Mirror Shield. He still held with him, three precious artefacts, that had never left his side. Hanging around his neck were three jewels. The Kokiri Emerald, the Goron Ruby and the Zora Sapphire. The noise of rustling nearby alerted Link to the presence of others. The Kokiri were waking up. Quickly he gathered his things, and make a dash for the huge hollowed out log that marked the entrance to the sanctuary.

    "Good bye Link. You know how to contact me if you need anything." Saria said. She had appeared silently beside Link. he nodded, paused for a second before dropping to his knees and hugging her tight. At first she resisted, but quickly folded her arms around the older boy's head and squeezed back. "Now go, hurry."

    Link stood and walked out of the log. The canopy above instantly changed. The lush early morning sun faded away and was replaced by gloom and a thick roof of leaves and branches. He looked back over his shoulder, at the gateway he had stepped through, to find it was no longer visible. Just more forest, as far as the eye could see. He was in the Lost Woods. Had he been any normal person, he would never escape, but Link knew his way. He set off for the exit, the exit that would take him into Hyrule Field, and then, to the castle beyond.

    Each step along the dusty ground was joined with the snapping of dried branches. The noise made was intentional. Not on Link's part, but for the forest itself. The noise of travellers had an effect on the mysterious woodland. It's magic strengthened, and it's siren song drew the curious deeper into it's inescapable reaches. Link knew of these dangers, ad in order to counter them, reached inside his pocket for the small wooden Ocarina. Though it was a child's instrument, he could still play it without mistake. Putting the object to his lips he began to play a gentle song. It was not one of the magical tunes he had learnt on his journeys, but rather a regular song that he had been taught in an Inn far one stormy night. It was called 'The Ballad of the Windfish', a tale of an island that's entire existence was nothing more than a dream conjured by a sleeping deity. The tale centred on the life of a young girl called Marin, who wished that she would be free of the island. Some versions of the story say that when the Windfish awoke, the island was washed away, leaving only a lone seagull flying over the spot in once inhabited.

    The song filled the forest, and gradually, the lure failed to penetrate the notes flowing from the Ocarina. The forest seemed to sag under it's own failure, and sunlight began to creep through breaks in the canopy. Link looked up, there was a darkened path ahead, one so dark and gloomy only death could await those who would dare to walk it. A cunning trick on the forests part, for the most evil of paths is the only way out. He took barely a step into the shadows before he had passed through the membrane of the forest's aura. The sun was upon him, and he was at the edge of Hyrule field. In the distance, Hyrule Castle stood nestled between the hills of the desert and Death Mountain. Returning the Ocarina, he began a walk along the old dirt path that circled the field. The lush green grass fluttered gently under the soft breeze, while the constant trickle of running water only served to enhance the idyllic feeling of the landscape. There has been a time where this field was a barren place. The rivers all but dried up, the grass burnt and poisoned, and ghost like beings roamed it's dark corners. But that place no longer existed, nor would it ever, thanks to Link's intervention. Kneeling beside the river bed, Link took a handful of water to his mouth to drink. He scooped up several more cups, splashing them over his face, and flattening down his hair. The sound of footsteps behind him moved his hand instinctively to his sword, but he moved away, realising who the steps belonged to.

    "Good morning to you too, Epona."

    The brown horse nuzzled her head against Link's shoulder, and began to drink the flowing water herself. Link stood and ran a hand down the horse's mane and back, brushing brambles and bits of grass from the mare's body. Before he had left Hyrule, Link had gathered together all the money he had and spent it on one thing. A young colt at the local ranch. While she wasn't much at such a young age, Link knew that one day, she would be the fastest horse in the lands. Link had been right, and Epona had become his most loyal companion. She scrapped her feet on the ground and whinnied, pushing Link as he picked thorns and nettles out of her feet.

    "Ok, Ok, i wont do that anymore. You good to go old girl?" Link patted her on the side. The horse bowed it's head forward in a mock imitation of a nod. "Ok then. You remember where Hyrule Castle is right?"

    Epona scoffed and began to trot away from the river. It had been some time since they ran through Hyrule field, and neither wanted to waste it.

    "Lets go the long way round. For old time's sake."


    Saria sat with her legs folded beneath her, as she tended to the young Deku Sprout. Gently moving the soil around the bulb she ran her hand over it's stem. A breeze rushed through the canopy again, and the sprout sighed.

    "You've felt it too Great Deku Tree?" Saria asked. There was an air of sadness in her voice.

    "Yes child. The sorrow, the anger, the emptiness. Tell me Forest Sage, have you learnt what it is yet?"

    Saria closed her eyes. Beneath her shirt a green light began to glow, and a small medallion appeared to float in the centre of her chest. The medallion glowed with the same light, before finally fading away. She opened her eyes and shook her head.

    "Not yet, but the Sages of Shadow and Light feel they are close."

    "Then the Hero is on the right track. The Sage of Shadow will surely meet him soon. I only hope they are in time."

    "Link is strong, he carries the Triforce within him. Courage will prevail."

    "I fear it will not be enough. This emptiness is a void that cannot be filled by Courage alone. Only with Wisdom and Power, can the darkness be overcome. Only through the trinity, will this matter be solved."

    "For Hyrule's sake," Saria whispered "I hope you are wrong."


    Critacism wanted please.


    New Edit I'm on 40 posts per page, so this topic is only 2 pages long for me, but for others, it may be more. So I'm adding this:

    Chapter One: Lost in the Shadows
    Chapter Two: The Sacred Trinity
    Chapter Three: Facing Demons
    Chapter Four: Mistaken Identity
    Chapter Five: Hearld of Fire
    Chapter Six: Unwelcome Guests
    Chapter Seven: Lineage
    Chapter Eight: Herald of Water
    Chapter Nine: City in the Sky
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    Except for those abnormally well descripted paragraphs, nothing is wrong.

    I would only advise you on the minor dialogue mistakes, and the trite information time to time. Hardly recognizable. Really.

    I always imagined a Zelda fanfic to look like this, although starting out as a sequel is pretty new. o.o;;

    g'job PX. I like how you portrayed link, 'coz in the game, all he does is grunt. :3

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    I swear I should come here more often. I think this is very good and being a die hard zelda fan I know what's good in zelda. I thought it was well described, and at times it was written a lot like how I write. As I usually do, I read and look for mistakes, but pretty much mistakes that come out and bite me in the ash. I found quite a few, so much I suggest a beta reader. Me being on the lookout for one makes it all the more better, for you at least.

    A single beam heat the

    heated should be used


    angels are the things with the halos and I know that's not what you mean here. Angles is what you're looking for.

    three foot

    Plural here, feet.

    while he was sat down

    sat should be sitting.

    when i come

    I found this twice, a minor error I do many times. Just need to capatalize it.

    found his hand came into contact

    You were using present tense before in that sentence and you kinda changed it to past. I would use come.
    Chronologically, it had been

    Technically speaking, the last time he walked this

    I have a problem with both of these sentences. They both don't really need that beginning, like Lily said a little overdescriptive there.

    a the castle

    I know that's a typo, should be at not a.

    prised it open

    Just a slip of the fingers, pried.

    grabbed at his

    I would say grabbed since he took it with him and grabbed at means tried to grab.

    equipment. the

    Tiny typo here, capatalize the.

    She scrapped her feet

    Minor spelling mistake that happens a lot with ing or ed. If you want the hard beginning vowel you put two consanants, if you want the long vowel you put one. SO it should be scraped.

    Well I liked Link, he actually says something. I think they should invent a game where you can actually talk back you know. Because all the main person (as in the player) never gets to say anything. Anyway I like how this turned out. Very original. Please PM me if you want me to beta this fic and I'll give you the information you need to contact me.
    jirachiman out

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    Jirachiman - thanks for the offer, i'll see how this chapter goes then maybe I'll take you up on the beta-ing.

    Lily - Thanks for the read!

    Chapter One
    Lost in the Shadows

    Hyrule Castle had changed little in seven years. It's hard oak drawbridge still served as a crossing over the moat. A small gatehouse stood just beyond the bridge's edge, where several knights could be seen milling about inside, swapping stories and sharing a jug of ale when they hoped no one was watching. The bustling activity of the market square never seemed to change. Everyday it was packed with bickering couples, squabbling women arguing over who should have the largest loaf of bread, traders calling out their latest bargains, and children shouting and crying as they ran between the stacked barrels and crates. An overpowering yet enticing scent filled he air. A mixture of freshly baked bread, sweet cut fruit, the salty smell of brine from the fish stall, and the spicy scent of smoke while chunks of meat slowly roasted over a spit fire. Link handed over a handful of blue and red glittering rupees, in return for some small rolls of bread. He shoved most into his pockets, while he fed on one and gave the other to Epona. The horse walked slowly beside him, oblivious to the noise and excitement that would have caused any other horse to have gone wild. Despite her apparent lack of enthusiasm the crowds gave her a somewhat wide berth none the less.

    Link had wanted to leave Epona in the field outside the castle, but his arrival was more expected than he thought, and the guard at the city entrance had given him permission to take her through the market on route to the castle. Leaving the activity of the market place behind him Link was slowly making his way up the path to the castle, Epona still by his side. To his surprise, the large gates which he once had to sneak past, where wide open and unguarded. He stopped for a moment and let the gentle wind bring any noise in the area to him. There was nothing. No clinking of chain mail as the guards patrolled, no quiet banter between tired and bored guards. Link placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and drew it slightly out of it's sheath. It was a shorter sword than he was used to. After leaving the Master Sword behind, all he was left with was the Kokiri Sword. As he grew, so did the sword, getting it tempered to a sharper Gilded Sword, then getting it treated with Gold Dust he won in a race in order to forge it into it's current state, the Razor Sword. Link crept further along the path, keeping a close eye on both sides of the path, incase anything should show itself. Nearer to the castle, Link spotted two guards, though they were not on patrol. They both lay on the ground, slumped over each other, a thin trickle of blood running from one's mouth, while the other's eyes were rolled back into his head.

    Link patted Epona three times on her side, a sign they had developed over the years that there was trouble. Epona gave a silent reply, rubbing her head against Link's, before she moved as quickly but as silently as possible, away from Link. Should anyone try to attack her, she would retaliate as best she could. Numerous thieves and vagrants had learnt the hard way, what a kick from an angry horse could do. Link silently drew his sword, which glittered somewhat due to it's golden coat. He checked both guards, they were cold, dead for a long time. Link wondered why the guards at the front had no idea what was going on, but suspected that they might have already been taken out. Now wasn't the time to worry about the town's folk, he had to make sure the Princess was safe. He stepped up the the large oak doors and peered through the small crack made by the door left slightly ajar. He slowed his movements, and entered a state of concentration, where he let go of all his thought and concentrated only on his surroundings. He could hear every noise, the wind blowing through the grass, smell every scent, the polish that keeps the castle so clean, feel everything around him. There was something, someone, he couldn't tell, sitting beyond the door, high up, out of reach but ready to pounce. Link slipped his hand into his pocket to see what was there. He thought of his shield, but suspected it to be more burden than use. Instead he wrapped his hand around a small, round, hard object. He only had one, so he knew it had to be right the first time. With his back against the door, he slowly pushed in. The hall was as empty as he knew it would be. He could sense the figure watching him, but couldn't locate it. he dared not give away his knowledge by looking around. Instead, he cautiously walked along the red carpet, down a small flight of stairs and towards a large corridor ahead of him. The corridor offered shelter, so he knew that the attacker would make his move before then.

    Sure enough, a flush of wind on the back of his head, alerts him to movement and he spins around. A shadowy figure descends upon him from above. Link acts instantly, throwing what was in his hand at the floor, it explodes on impact filling the room with white light. Link pivots, and flips backwards, just as the assailant brings his sword down on the floor where he once stood. Blinded by the light, the attacker stumbles giving Link a second or two to use. He does so with expert precision, rolling around behind the attack, and bringing his sword up in a diagonal slice across the back of the shadowy figure. Before his sword makes contact, it is caught in an unbreakable grip. Trying as hard as he can to break it, Link is unable to move his sword anymore. The shadow recovers and turns to face him. The light from the explosion fades, and stepping out of the illumination, a tall, muscular woman, dressed in simple, yet regal armour smiles at him. The grip slackens, and Link pulls the sword back, re-sheathing it instantly. He looks up at the woman and smirks. Though almost a fully grown man, the woman still has over a foot of height on him, towering above him like a pillar of wisdom. Snow white hair, but a face that endured more hardships that one would think possible, she put one hand on Link's shoulder.

    "Congratulations Link. It looks like you have indeed matured into a man." she said, her voice full of admiration and respect.

    "Impa. This was a test wasn't it? Those guards.." Link turned around and looked over his shoulder. Two guards where walking through the door. One was rubbing his eyes, while the other was wiping blood away from his mouth. "Epona.."

    "You're horse is fine, Link. Don't worry, she has not been harmed. You on the other hand. I am impressed. Seven years away from Hyrule, and you still use a Deku Nut to distract your enemies. I am pleased."

    "Deku nuts are in short supply outside of Hyrule, I learnt of their use as a surprise attack very quickly. That was my last one."

    Impa placed an arm around Link and began to walk him further into the castle. As it was the first time Link had been so far inside the castle, he began to take in it's true beauty. He'd heard that the castle had been built as a marker of the end of the Hyrule Civil War. Polished White marble from the Zora Domain, had been hauled to the centre of the Hylian settlements and a grand castle was built by the Gorons. The three races had united and the union between the three had evolved from that point on. Though the marble was hundreds of years old now, it still had it's smooth and clean appearance. Passing through a corridor near the throne room a glass box caught his attention. Peering into it, he saw a treasure of the Royal Family staring back. The Ocarina of Time, a perfect instrument forged by an ancient sage. Something wasn't right. He paused to stare at the object, when he realised what was wrong. It was a fake. A perfect replica of the object, but one not imbued with the magic of the real Ocarina of Time. He glanced down the corridor at Impa, who was waiting for him. She nodded knowingly, and he left the false Ocarina to rejoin her.

    "Link," the Sheikah began "I know you wish to see Zelda again after all this time, but I'm afraid I cannot yet take you to her."

    Link immediately caught up and walked a step ahead of the woman, staring back at her, anger burning in his eyes.

    "What!? Why not?" anger quickly turned to worry "Something has happened hasn't it, you weren't just testing me you were waiting for someone."

    "You are not easily fooled Link. The princess is safe, I will assure you of that, but your assumption is correct, something has happened.

    Link slowed dow until he came to a stop, Impa also stopped, before she walked back to face the young man. A lump formed in his throat and he forced it down. He looked up at Impa.

    "Is it Ganondorf?"

    "No. The seal on Ganon is still very much in place, for now. I'm sorry I cannot tell you more yet Link, but it is not something I am very knowledgeable about. I have been consulting Rauru for the last week, and we have come to the same conclusion, but I must find out for sure. There is only one place that holds such information."

    Impa motioned for Link to follow her. As the rounded the corner, the great castle library appeared before them. Shelves stacked as high as the eyes could see, filled with books of all shapes and sizes, boxes of scrolls littered around the edges and in corners, and long tables covered in already open books. Impa walked directly through the centre of the room, ignoring everything that was laid out before her. Link tried to keep up, but was distracted by what he saw.

    "This is the second greatest library in Hyrule, if you cannot find what an answer here you will never find it."

    "But if it's the second greatest, surely you could find it in the greatest." Link asked.

    "Correct. However, that library is not one accessible by many. The Sheikah Library."

    Impa stopped before a wall where two bookcases stopped for no reason leaving a gap. The marble floor beneath them appeared more aged than anywhere else in the castle and the air had become somewhat cooler. On the wall just above where symbols that Link recognised. He had seen them in Kakariko a long time ago. Once scrawled on a sign that stood before the old well, and once scratched into the wall above the graveyard. It was the ancient Sheikah language, words that appeared only where they were most important. Link glanced at Impa, who was still staring at the wall. Link looked at her carefully. She was not staring at the wall, but beyond it. He know understood, the simple tricks that the Sheikah used to protect themselves, simple, yet perfect at the same time. He nodded and both he and Impa stepped towards the wall together.

    The wall dissolved before his eyes and Link had moved between the castle and a long, dark and damp corridor. A gentle, almost unnoticeable wind was coming from the other end, but there was no light at the end of this tunnel. The two walked, neither speaking a word, moving along the corridor at high speed. It wasn't long until Link arrived at the end of the corridor, and his location became fully aware to him. The narrow path he had walked now opened up into a vast cavern, where a strange boat floated in a sea of smoke and wind. The whole placed was cold, but not from a low temperature, it was the feeling of loneliness and solitude that made the hairs on his neck stand on end.

    "How can we be here, the Shadow Temple is far from Hyrule Castle." Link asked.

    "The Sheikah are capable of moving from one place to another much faster than normal folk. Follow me."

    "Impa." Link asked, after following the Sheikah woman for some time. "No doubt you know I have questions, but I won't ask most of them yet, I know you to well to think you'd actually answer me."

    The Sheikah showed one of her rare smiles.

    "But the passageway in the Library. It's not guarded by anything, surely anyone could just walk through?"

    "You are partially correct. Looking on the entrance with trust worthy eyes would grant you the ability to see the gateway, but for those who believe only what they see with their own eyes, they see but a meaningless wall. Howwever, as the the eyes can play tricks, they can also prove to be a hindrance. There was once, a man who gained access to the passageway."

    "Who was he?"

    "His name was never learnt. He went by the name Blind, for he was in fact, cursed with the illness and could see no more than an inch before him. He was a great scribe, but also a petty thief. He was under employment of the King of Hyrule, many centuries ago., as a means to pay for his crimes. One day, he stumbled upon the entrance and found himself lost in the temple. The sheikah searched for him of course, but he was never found."

    "Blind the Thief.." Link rolled the name off his tongue "It isn't a name I've ever heard."

    "I imagine it wouldn't be. He wasn't associated with anyone, and it's doubtful anyone knew him then, let alone now." Impa paused, and turned to face a small archway carved into a wall. "We're here."

    Impa waved her hand across the archway and a seal dissolved, revealing an open doorway into a long room filled with books so old that it gave time itself a unique scent. She walked up to a case and pulled a single book off the shelf, blowing a heavy layer of dust away with one heavy breath, she dropped the book onto the table.

    "Link, I must ask you to be patient, it may take some time to find what I am looking for."

    Link nodded and began to stroll around the library while the elder woman began to study the book. As he walked he peered at the great tomes that stood on the shelves, and tried to read the titles of those that were visible. Most where in languages and dialects he couldn't read, but one caught his eye. A green book, with the symbol of the triforce emblazoned on it's spine, the words on the side written plainly in Hylian.

    "The Book of Mudora" Link mumbled to himself. He took the book in his hands, slid it off the shelf and gingerly opened it. Inside the pages were in perfect Hylian. He read a few pages, that spoke of the creation of the world. Though intrigued, he looked up, and was taken aback to find he could now partially read all the titles that had eluded him moments before. One, an outdated form of Kokiri caught his eye, and he flicked his eyes back to the book. It was now written in perfect Kokiri, a language he had grown up learning, alongside Hylian. He folded the book up, and the spines of the books blurred back to their original states.

    "The Book of Mudora, I'm surprised you found that Link." Impa said, having suddenly appeared behind him "I have been searching for it for some time. Strange that it would pick you to reveal itself to. If I may?"

    Link nodded and handed over the book. Impa sat and began to study it's tales, while Link, now without anything to read again, began to wander. Stepping outside the Library, he was slightly shocked not to see the seal behind him reform, but he gathered that the presence of the Sage of this very temple was enough of a deterrent for anything that might try to enter. Link's memory began to recall his battle through this very temple. At one point, he thought he would succumb to insanity, as shadows seemed to call out to him, tempting him along paths that did not exist. It it was not for the Eye of Truth, he would not have lasted.

    Though he was without the artifact of the Sheikah now, seven years had taught him to trust his inner judgement and not his eyes, just as Impa had spoken about. Link was brought back from his memories by the faint sound of someone crying. He looked back at Impa, who was still studying the book intensivly. He perked his eyes, and listened for the sobs, following the sound they made. Unconciously he drew both sword and shield, as he neared the sound of the now, clearly fememine cries. Two rooms he passed through, seeing nothing but stale moss and pools of stagnent water, he finally came upon the source of the sobbing. What appeared to be a young girl, wrapped in a pristine white white dress, with flowing brown locks of hair, was huddled in the corner, head rested on arm, tears stream down from her brilliant blue eyes.

    Link gently knelt beside her, re-sheathing both sword and shield. She gasped in shock as she became aware of his presence.

    "It's ok, don't worry, I wont hurt you." he whispered.

    "Please.." she cried "Please, help me, so scared."

    Link placed a hand on her arm, and was surprised at how cold she was. He lifted the girl to her feet, and began guiding her back the way he came.

    "How did you get down here?" Link asked, softly, not wanting to cause her any alarm if he accidentally revealed she was wandering around a haunted tomb.

    "I can't remember. I just woke up here, all alone. Couldn't find a way out. I've walked everywhere. Couldn't find anyone, you're the first person I have seen in days."

    "Don't worry, I'll take you somewhere safe. I'm here with a friend, we'll get you out."

    The girl seemed to tense for a second, but then relaxed. Link barely noticed it, but hid the fact that he noticed it perfectly. A young girl, alone in the Shadow Temple, or all places. Surely Impa would have known that she was here, a Sage would know everything about the Temple they guard. Link wasn't exactly sure right now, but there was something about this girl he didn't trust.

    "Please, can't we find another way out? I've been this way, there's no way out."

    "Trust me, I know where I'm going" Link stepped back into view of the library and the girl suddenly became fidgety. She struggled against Link's grip and tried desperately to turn and get away.

    "What's wrong?" Link asked firmly.

    "T-t-t-that!!" she cried, pointing her finger sharply forward. Link turned to look and narrowly missed a horizontal slice from a short sword. Link pulled the girl behind him and instinctively grabbed his sword and shield, taking on a defensive pose within seconds. It was just in time too, as another diagonal slice made contact with the barrier, knocking his assailant back with the recoil.

    "Stay behind me!" Link cried to the girl, as he looked upon his foe. It was an enemy he'd had plenty of experience fighting, but they were always a threat, no matter how experience you had. Standing just shorter than he was, was the skeletal frame of a Stalfos Knight. The frame of a long dead knight, reanimated by dark magic, and now driven by a desire to fight. The Stalfos moved gentle, as though it were breathing. between the ribs Link could just about make out an orb if black smoke, swirling around. That's where the true power of the Stalfos lay.

    Link pushed forward vaulting towards the Stalfos with his shield acting as a battering ram. He hit the monster square on the sternum, pushing it back a few steps. With a firm grip on his sword, he brought the weapon around aiming his blow at the unprotected elbow, only for his sword to get caught in a clinch with the weapon of the enemy. Despite a severe lack of muscle, the Staflos was still strong. It threw Link back, and ran at him, stabbing forward at his chest.

    Link threw his shield up in time to block the attack, but was pushed down on one knee by the blow. Above him the Stalfos laughed, a hollow laugh that still had an echo of hatred. It lunged forward again, this time stabbing downwards aiming for Link's head. Pushing off on one foot he rolled to the side causing the Stalfos stumbling at the sudden space before him, and giving him a chance to get back to his feet.

    "Be careful!" the girl yelled.

    Link swung his head around to stare at her. She was smiling for a split second, then her face when back to fear as soon as she noticed Link's eyes upon her. Momentarily distracted, Link was hit in the shoulder, pushed roughly onto his back, but the foot of the Stalfos.

    'Fighting dirty huh?' Link mused to himself. He swung around, taking one of the Stalfos' legs out from beneath it, and used the momentum to swing himself back onto his feet. The Stalfos wobbled, and could only bring it's small shield up to defend as Link brought his own sword down full force on the round defence. The Stalfos dropped to the ground and Link brought up his own boot, kicking at the shield, sending it soaring through the air, away from the Stalfos. Before it could react Link swung around, gathering momentum behind his outstretched arm he made a complete circle, sword making contact with the skeleton's neck, severing it's head from the body. The beast screamed, and the body collapsed, as though it had never moved.

    Link steadied himself and quickly drew his bow. Closing his eyes only for a second, the tip of the arrow in his hands began to glow with a brilliant white light. From the corner of his eye, Link spotted the girl recoiling from the light that was nearing her, despite how miniscule it was. There was no time for that right now, as the smoke that once floated inside the ribcage was beginning to rattle the bones. Link released his trigger finger and the Light Arrow plunged into the midst of the smoke. An ethereal scream escaped from the smoke, and it disappeared in a miniature tornado amongst the light.

    The Stalfos was permanently defeated now, not just decapitated, but the darkness inside it was burnt away by the light. Link stepped back to the girl, but did not replace his arsenal.

    "Are you OK?" he asked. He peered at her, as she turned back to face him. Part of her face and hand were burnt ever so slightly, in the same spots where the light from his arrow had struck her.

    "How.. how could you do that?" she asked. Her voice wasn't as innocent and lonely as it was before, there was an underlying hint of anger there. She pulled her arm away from her face and glared at Link. "I want to get out! Now!"

    Link pulled his shield up, and just in time too, as the girl lit up with fire, sending streams of it at him and his shield. Though the shield was tough and fire resistant it wasn't designed to hold up to such intense flames like the Mirror Shield was. Link struggled to hold back the attack, but was fighting a losing battle. He dropped down on his knee and held the shield up to cover his face and chest. Desperately he looked around, until the roof caught his eye.

    'Farore, I hope there's light above me, or I'll be meeting you soon.' he prayed, and pulled a bomb out of his pocket. It was the size of his fist, small enough to be mostly hidden, but big enough to cause a blast. Link readied himself, the girl was pushing forward, flames still spewing from her hands and body. He pushed forward against the flames, embers burning his tunic around the edges, and his hand holding the shield already going numb from the pain. Kicking off the ground, he summersaulted backwards, throwing the bomb at the same time, aiming directly from the roof above the girl. As he landed, the device struck the roof and detonated, sending chunks of rock everywhere. The girl looked back, distracted for a moment Link charged forward ramming into her with his shield and pushing her back, under a ray of light that was shining through the newly made hole.

    "No!!" the girl screamed. Her cries of protest quickly turned to screams of agony, as she caught fire. The white dressed burnt away, and the golden locks fell from her head. Her skin boiled away leaving a brown scaly hide beneath. As what was once a girl uncurled from a pained crouching position, it was obviously no longer a girl. Somehow the beast before him had doubled inside, a thick scaly hide covered by patches of what was obviously the 'girl's' blonde hair. Sharp talons stuck out of it's three digit hands and feet, while two long ears, almost Hylian like in shape stuck out the back of it's head. It stared at link through two large animal eyes.

    "You're so much prettier now." Link quipped. The beast roared, sending lines of drool flying out of it's gaping, fanged maw. Link brought his shield up, and tightened the grip on his sword. "I don't know it there was ever a girl inside that hulk of flesh, but I'll carve you to pieces looking for her."

    The beast lunged forward.

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    Nice cliffy. Once again this chapter was a little short, I would have liked it longer but heh the fight with the 'girl' made it worth while. Great description, I was lost at times but it was okie. I mostly find tiny typos this time around.

    filled he air

    I hope you mean the.

    Link slowed dow until he came to a stop

    I think you mean down.

    many centuries ago.,

    I think you need to take out the period and make it a comma.

    The Stalfos moved gentle, as though it were breathing. between the ribs
    Thie whole sentence in the chapter was kinda confusing but here you should make the period a comma.
    In the fight against Impa, you kinda went to present tense there. I don't know why but it seems kinda out of place since the whole rest of the chapter was in past. It was just wierd.
    Well loved the chapter, I really hope you reconsider and make me a beta. I would love to do something in my spare time of writing my fic. Byes!!!
    jirachiman out

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    And I liked Distorted Realties too...

    Oh well, I guess I'll be following this one instead. I didn't look for mistakes this time, though I did find one. It's not gramatical, but you got his swords mixed up.

    In Majora's Mask he has the Kokori Sword which is sharpened to the Razor Sword and then gilded with gold to form the Gilded Sword. While it's not gramatical, I suppose it's still something that you would want to fix. I promise that from now on I'll start looking for mistakes in this.

    Well, that's my take, I'll reply again next chapter.
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    Man, you need to publish this stuff, it's great!

    Apart from a few careless spelling mistakes and the mistake between the razor sword and guilded sword, I can't find any other mistakes.

    Also, I don't think this is a mistake but you didn't mention many of the items in Majora's mask such as the great fairy's sword and all of those transformation masks. It would be really cool if you wrote about Fierce Deity Link somewhere. You also didn't mention any of the empty bottles.
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    If you read my first post it says that the events of Majora's mask didn't take place. I will be including things from Majora's Mask, like I already mentioned the sword (which I will change, thanks for pointing that out). The story is based around Ocarina of Time, but will pull in aspects from all the other Zelda games.

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    You were talking about this yesterday, but I was unaware that you had already posted it, haha. I must say that I enjoyed it, though as of now it doesn't have that same darker feel that Distorted Realities did, which of course you know I love. However I have feelings that once things get moving along I can expect to see some of my beloved eerieness. It's based off of Ocarina of Time, which is good 'cause that was probably my favorite Zelda game, and so far it doesn't have Navi, which is also good because I hate her.

    I like all of the little things like Impa being able to travel between places and the seal and the library and stuff. Also, the constant linking with OoT events and such makes it quite structured. Oh, and Stalfos = yay.

    THere are the standard punctuation mistkes and typos which at the moment I don't feel like pointing out, plus I'm sure someone else will. They didn't really take away from the read so yeah.

    All in all, enjoyable. Looking forward to the next chapter and ones beyond that, especiall since what you were telling me about yesterday. Zehehehe
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    Finally, a Legend of Zelda fic! Not that I look in here much, but I came across your fic anyway.
    Yeah, carelless errors, I didn't notice that many anyway, because I was too hooked up on the fic itself!
    I can't complain on your description; it was simply brilliant.
    I don't see much problem with length; I think it's OK.
    Plot~ yay, a sequel! I can't wait to see what's next!
    Update as soon as possible!
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    I'm a bit late with the next chapter, but I am about a half way through it now, but to keep you all wanting more, here's a sneak exerpt:

    "It didn't work?" Link asked the surprised looking Sheikah.

    "On the contrary." an old, firm and amused voice said from behind. Link spun around to find an aged man, balding head but with a long grey beard and a black cloak. The mark of the Sheikah eye only just visible on the worn fabric, and even less so, as this man was also slightly transparent. "I am Mudora. Greetings to you Sage of Shadow, I am pleased that the Sheikah lineage has not wavered over the centuries."

    Mudora moved like a ghost, not quite walking, but floating in such a way that he could have been mistaken to be. He held one hand over the book, which responded to his call and opened.

    "Tell me, what is it that you need to know that was so important to summon me directly?"

    "Tell us of the Creation of Hyrule, and the reason for the Triforce." Impa said. Mudora looked at her with confusion and the book flipped it's page back to where they were.

    "Were you not just looking at this page?"

    "No." Impa replied "Tell us of the True Creation. Tell us.. of Voiyd."

    Mudora's eyes widened with a mixture of horror and fear. He waved one hand over the book, and it's pages ruffled through once more. On the pages below, words and letters appeared, none of which Link or Zelda could read, but both had no problem interpreting the image that appeared over one page. The three pieces of the Triforce together created a space in the centre. There, instead of a space lay a fourth triangular piece, this one jet black with a horizontal narrow eye on it.

    "Everything you have been taught about the creation Hyrule is a lie," Mudora began.
    See you with the new chapter soon.

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    Yay! New Chapter! The first bit has been proof read by Dias, but the rest hasn't, and I wanted to get it posted before I got it checked, so you people who are good at picking stuff out, feel free. This chapters is a bit longer than the last one, and unfortunatly is very much a story mover, so it's full of speech and not a lot of action. It does have some precursors to cool stuff though, and as always, some features of other games thrown in. If anyone's stuck as to what they are, I can point out from each chapter so far what or where they are.

    Chapter Two
    The Sacred Trinity

    Casting a hand through a cobweb, Impa watched from the shadows. Under one arm she tightly gripped an book, it's green cover showing the wear and tear of age. Leaving the library behind, its entrance proceeding to disappear and seal itself away, she followed the sounds of heavy breathing, shouting and the clang of metal on stone. Hidden from sight in one of the darkest corners she watched as a battle continued.

    Link rolled to the side of the beast coming up behind it and slashing upwards with his sword, leaving a red cut on the creature's back leg. It roared in pain and instinctively reached towards the wound, giving Link the chance he needed to duck away and regain his footing. He'd been exchanging minor blows with the beast for some time now, his breathing had become laboured and he was starting to tire. The beast pulled it's hand away from the wound, dripping yet more blood onto the already stained floor.

    Link took a step back and the monster lunged forward again as it had done so many times, this time Link catching the blow on his shield and ducking beneath it. Holding off the beast until it slackened it's attack, Link threw the beast back off the shield and delivered a deep slice across it's chest.

    The beast threw back it's head and roared. Blood spat from the wound splashing onto Link's tunic as he shielded his face from the liquid. He gave his target a quick look over - one arm was severely cut with tendons more than likely torn. it's one leg was dragging slightly, and now it had a major open wound in it's chest. Yet there was no sign of it giving up.

    "Why can't you just die?" Link growled.

    His words seemed to have an opposite effect on the beast, which roared with such velocity that sputum and phlegm shot from it's mouth and teeth and splattered over the walls and ceiling above. It hunched forward and ran at full speed towards Link. The swordsman threw himself forward, and as the two came within mere feet of each other Link leapt up. The monster couldn't react in time, and as it wrenched it's neck to follow Link's overhead movement, it's eyes came to meet the sharp edge of the Gilded Sword. A clean slice as best one could call it, as the sword neatly cleaved the monsters head in two. With a second spin Link began his fall to the ground, and the two separate pieces of flesh dropped off the neck and hit the floor with a wet lifeless thud.

    Link landed safely behind the beast, which slowly dropped forward. Link lowered both sword and shield, resting his head backwards and taking long deep breaths. The steady sound of blood ripping from the decapitated body was his only companion. Link stretched out his arms and twisted his neck to give strength back to the muscles. He re-sheathed his sword and turned around to leave. As he did so, he came face to face with the wide open jaws of the beast, and the powerful shockwave of a roar hit him. He scrambled backwards grabbing for his sword again, when movement to the left of him caught his attention. Hovering in the air was the left half of the severed head. Pus, blood and cranial fluids still dripped and sagged from it, yet the massive yellow eyeball and brain clearly visible still pulsed and moved with life. The piece of head slowly returned to the shoulders of the beast were it was joined by the other half of the head.

    Instead of taking their place on the body they came up alongside a smaller, newer, head. It bore two massive blood shot black eyes, and instead of the muzzled, canine like head it once had, it was long, stretched out like a lizard, but filled with long sharp teeth. Link froze as he watched the beast in silence. He was staring it right in the eyes, yet it did not move. The two eyes of the severed head were watching Link perfectly, but the main head seemed to just stare into the distance. Not focusing on anything. as if it were blind. Link's mind raced, and Impa's voice filled his thoughts.

    "He went by the name Blind, for he was in fact, cursed with the illness and could see no more than an inch before him."

    Link realised he wasn't breathing, and it was that lack of noise that was saving his life. Of course, this monster was blind. It was once the thief, but after so long trapped in the Shadow Temple it had become this monstrous beast. Like so many of the foul creatures that lurked here it fed on emotion. There was no doubt in link's mind that the creature had taken on the appearance of a young girl to appeal to Link's kind hearted nature. Knowing what he did now, it was the last straw for Link, and he drew his sword. The noise of the metal caught the attention of Blind and it stared directly down at Link, still not focusing correctly.

    "You can't see me, but I know you can hear me Blind. I know your secret now, and the scales have tipped." Link said, keeping a firm sight on the monster.

    Blind seemed to consider this for a moment, before it opened it's wide mouth and began to laugh. It was a low, throaty laugh that sounded more like choking, but something had clearly amused the monster. It stopped laughing as suddenly as it had began, and without warning, Link's vision began to black out. There was no smoke filling the room, nor were his muscles falling victim to some kind of relaxant, but try as he might, he could not stop his sight from failing all together.

    Now we are equal once more. a voice filled his head. it was the same voice of the young girl that Blind assumed as a shape only moments ago.

    Blinded, Link tried to move, but in doing so made more noise than he should have. He was caught unawares by a massive claw swiping around his side and throwing him against a wall. Groaning with pain, he could only just manage to bring his shield up in time to defend against another blow. Though defended from above, he fell victim to a sharp kick below from Blind's uninjured leg. Link pushed Blind off the shield again, and rolled to one side, backing himself up against a wall and staying as silent as he possibly could whilst trying to deal with the unexplained black out.

    Link wished he had the Lens of Truth with him, the ancient Sheikah artefact that would see through the false and mystical showing only what truly lay ahead. Though, he thoughts, it would only work if you could see anyway. From the depths of Link's memory came the voice of a child. Innocent, yet full of wisdom that none could match. It was a voice he had not heard for over seven years.

    I had a dream. In the dream, dark storm clouds were billowing over the land of Hyrule. But suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the forest, parted the clouds and lit up the ground. The light turned into a figure holding a green and shining stone, followed by a fairy.

    It was the dream Zelda had that first foresaw the terror that had begun seven years ago. But why now had it come into his mind. Link closed his eyes and thought. The ray of light, parting the darkness. He was that ray of light, and now, surrounded by darkness once more, he needed to be that light again. Link's hand twitched, and he felt a spark of power. Strength seemed to pulse from his hand up his arm into into his eyes. He opened them, and found he could see, just ahead of him, though all that he saw was lit by a golden light. Blind had barely moved since Link had dodged away from the attack, and he realised that barely any time had passed since he flattened against the wall. Link dropped away from the wall and pulled his hand into a fist before his face. Shining brightly on the back of his hand was the Triforce of Courage. It's light seemed to grab the attention of Blind, who turned around to stare directly into it. The light of the triforce burnt away the darkness, restoring Link's vision and causing Blind to take a cautionary step back.

    Filled with a determination he had not felt in a long time, his muscles burning with strength, his breathing no longer laboured and his body no more fatigued than it was when the fight started, Link felt lighter than the air itself. He took his sword in one hand, and raised his shield. Without a sound, he charged forward, ducking low and bringing his sword up in one swift movement. Guided by the Triforce, he delivered a long deep slash to Blind's body, cutting it neatly in half. Both pieces feel to the floor, followed quickly by the reanimated head. For a moment, Link stood over the beast and stared, as it slowly melted away in a flurry of black smoke.

    The Triforce still blazed on his hand, until he calmed himself and wished it away. It was then that he heard another noise behind him. He twisted around into a defensive pose, sword at the ready only to find his assailant was none other than Impa. She was smiling, in a way he had never seen before.

    "Link. I am sorry to have left you alone here. Though it seems you faired well without any help."

    Link stared up at Impa. He wiped away the mess of sweat and blood that covered his face and he returned his armoury to it's resting places on his back.

    "Impa. Look. This trip has been really interesting and all, but now I would appreciate some answers."

    "Of course. I will tell you everything, once we return to the castle, and you get cleaned up. You would not want to meet Princess Zelda looking like you do now."

    Link narrowed his eyes at the sheikah woman. She was smirking again, and it was something he did not find appropriate. Too many times he had been treated like a child, and it was one of the few things he'd never stopped hating. True, he did not want to see Zelda in this state, but his want for answers was overwhelming.

    "Come; returning to the castle should be no problem now. I have found what I came here for."


    Link finished dressing and threw the damp towel over the side of the bath. It had been a long time since he could relax in a steaming hot bath, it was an experience that always got better over time. He ran a hand through his hair, and settled his hat back on top, before leaving the small room and heading back towards the Castle Library. Sat beside a long table was Impa, resting her hands on the Book of Mudora. She was talking to someone, but as Link neared she stopped and looked to him. He walked firmly onwards until he entered the library and saw Impa's choice of conversationalist.

    She looked as beautiful as she did seven years ago, and every bit as mature as she did in the dark future. Her eyes were deep pools of blue, while golden locks of hair cascaded over shoulders and back. The regal white dress, the pink tunic, the gold that would cost any other man a lifetime and more to afford, the deep blue loincloth emblazoned with the crest of Hyrule, the Roc and Triforce, it all came together to create a vision Link had longed to see again for so long.

    "Princess." Link said calmly, his tone of voice betraying his emotions. He offered a formal bow, but rose to hear a light giggle.

    "Link, please, we have been through enough together to dispense with the formalities."

    "Of course. Zelda." Link smiled and approached her "It is good to see you again."

    "It is good to see you too Link." Zelda nodded her head slightly. Her eyes glanced quickly around the library, and when she was sure that they were alone, rushed forward and took Link in a great hug. Stunned at first, Link eventually returned the tight hug, and felt all the stress of the last fourteen years melt away. A gentle cough from nearby brought the two back to their sense and they turned to find Impa looking back up at them.

    "Oh. I'm sorry Impa. You had something to tell us."

    "Sit down," she said setting the book in the centre of the table as the two sat around it. "The Story of Creation." she said in a loud and firm voice.

    The book threw itself open, and it's pages rustled forward to the correct section. On it's pages, in Ancient Hylian was the story of the world's creation, passed down by the Royal family for generations. It told how the three goddesses; Din, Naryu and Farore; came to the barren planet and gave it life. They would leave the Triforce as a mark of their presence, before leaving to watch over the world from a higher plane of existence.

    "The Book of Mudora is like no other book," Impa began "It is a repository of more than just knowledge. Mudora was a Sheikah, one of the very ancient Sheikah, who's wisdom was said to have been a direct treasure of the gods. This book is not only a catalogue of his wisdom, but it is a repository for his spirit."

    "So you're saying that the book actually contains the spirit of Mudora?" Link asked, a little unconvinced.

    "That's right. Link there are many artefacts in this world that contains the spirits or essence of beings. Some of these cause chaos, some cause good, some offer nothing to those who cannot unlock their true magic. Such as this book. Mudora was a Sheikah, and as such he will answer to the Sage of the Shadow Temple."

    Impa closed her eyes, and placed both hands together as though she were praying. A wind appeared to blow at her hair, though neither Link nor Zelda could feel it's presence. Behind Impa, a shadow or herself appeared, a transparent phantom, but one that was lit from below by a purple light. Without warning the Book of Mudora slammed shut, and Impa was roused from her meditation, her spirit fading into nothing.

    "It didn't work?" Link asked the surprised looking Sheikah.

    "On the contrary." an old, firm and amused voice said from behind. Link spun around to find an aged man, balding head but with a long grey beard and a black cloak. The mark of the Sheikah eye only just visible on the worn fabric, and even less so, as this man was also slightly transparent. "I am Mudora. Greetings to you Sage of Shadow, I am pleased that the Sheikah lineage has not wavered over the centuries."

    Mudora moved like a ghost, not quite walking, but floating in such a way that he could have been mistaken to be. He held one hand over the book, which responded to his call and opened.

    "Tell me, what is it that you need to know that was so important to summon me directly?"

    "Tell us of the Creation of Hyrule, and the reason for the Triforce." Impa said. Mudora looked at her with confusion and the book flipped it's page back to where they were.

    "Were you not just looking at this page?"

    "No." Impa replied "Tell us of the True Creation. Tell us.. of Voiyd."

    Mudora's eyes widened with a mixture of horror and fear. He waved one hand over the book, and it's pages ruffled through once more. On the pages below, words and letters appeared, none of which Link or Zelda could read, but both had no problem interpreting the image that appeared over one page. The three pieces of the Triforce together created a space in the centre. There, instead of a space lay a fourth triangular piece, this one jet black with a horizontal narrow eye on it.

    "Everything you have been taught about the creation Hyrule is a lie," Mudora began. "Everything you think you know is unfounded, based on untruths that came about to hide the reality. While there are some truths to the story you know, the dark history of this world is a secret that has remained hidden for aeons. Hidden, until now. You see, when three celestial beings descended upon this barren planet it was not to give it life. The belief that those three being are all that exist in the upper hierarchy of the gods is false. There is at least, one other.

    Their names unpronounceable by our tongues, the three who shone with a brilliant light sought the one with the shadowy form. In pursuit of this darker being, they arrived on the wasteland of this planet and waged battle. Though the odds were tipped in favour of the three, the darkness was stronger. Finally, weak from the battle, the three sought to seal the dark one away. Using their power, their wisdom, and their courage they moulded the world, creating life and life energy. While this energy was alone strong enough to weaken the shadowy one, the three created a golden prison to seal it away for good.

    This golden prison, three perfect shapes that held within them the very essence of Power, Wisdom and Courage, trapped the shadowy being in an inescapable fortress. Knowing that the fortress would not hold the dark being for eternity, the three stayed with the fledgling world and took on the role of Goddesses. Taking on names given to them by their developing peoples, they watched over the new world.

    Din, Nayru and Farore, as they became known watched with awe as their creation developed into a vast civilisation. It became known as Hyrule. They remained seated in what came to be known as the Sacred Realm. As with all worlds, wars broke out, and magic was used to end them. Wise beings became sages, destined to protect the Sacred Realm that the goddesses lived in. The prison the three created became known as the Triforce, a treasure that many sought for it's supposed ability to grant wishes. The Goddesses soon realised that it wasn't the treasure itself that created the draw, but the being trapped inside. Determined to stop it, a key was formed. A sword that lay between both realms, untouchable only to one who was destined to wield it.

    Much of what you know has happened, the Sacred Realm was breached, the Triforce broken into three pieces. It is here that more happened than you know. The walls of the fortress weakened, the nameless shadow was able to leak out. The longer the Triforce was separated, the more it could leak out, until finally it was free. Despite it's freedom, it is still incredibly weak, and has taken time to restore it's power. Time is of no meaning to it, so when events returned to the seven years past it was given a chance to grow in strength."

    Mudora fell silent, a silence that was shared by everyone in the room. Link stared at the floor contemplating this revelation, his eyes flicking back and forth occasionally, while he bit his lip. Zelda had her hands rested on the table, and was simply staring ahead. Impa on the other hand was in a state of meditation, her body in the Castle, her mind and spirit in the Chamber of Sages, communicating the findings to the other sages.

    "I realise this must be a shock to you all, perhaps not to the Sages who no doubt have inherited some of the memories of their predecessors, but there is more to tell you." Mudora, turned a few more pages, until a new picture lay on the tattered leaf. This time, a smaller image of the triforce sat in the centre and around it three strange faces appeared.

    "You see, while the Goddesses did create the Triforce, they also gave some of their soul to three new-born children. As they grew, they developed great strengths. Within them grew Power, Wisdom and Courage, and they fashioned a way to lend that power to others. Upon their deaths they placed their soul and essence into three masks. The identities of the three were never discovered, mostly because they were born in a country far from Hyrule, beyond the Demon Plains in the north. It's said that while the masks power wanes before that of the Triforce, if the two were to be combined, those possessing them would have the power to speak to the goddesses themselves."

    At that moment, Impa roused herself from the meditative trance she was in. She nodded to Mudora who returned the nod before his form was sucked back into the book, which closed itself back up. She turned her head to look at both Link and Zelda. The two were still trying to take in the news that their beliefs were founded on lies.

    "Mudora only tells us history, what's happening now, You will learn from myself and Rauru. The dark shadow that Mudora spoke of is known by our tongue as Voiyd, it is an Ancient Hylian that means 'Empty Soul'. Voiyd has been gradually escaping from the Triforce since he was trapped there, thanks to the negative emotions of the living beings that were used to weaken him. When Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm and separated the Triforce, Voiyd was able to escape. We believe that Ganondorf was influenced by Voiyd, and that his interest in the Triforce was derived from Voiyd's desire to escape."

    "You expect us to believe that Ganondorf wasn't evil?" Link spat, his horror suddenly turning to revulsion.

    "Not entirely. Ganondorf's desire for power was his own, but the darkness that spread across Hyrule was also caused by the tint of Voiyd in his body. It is not something you will instantly forgive Link, but over time it is something you will come to learn."

    "You make it sound as though he'll be explaining it to me." Link laughed. It was a short, cold laugh. Impa ignored him and continued too explain.

    "Even though Ganondorf was sealed away, the Triforce was still separated, and as such is not holding Voiyd anymore. You may not have felt it, but the Sages have. An evil presence. It is not localised around one thing or person, it is like an ill wind. This presence has already left it's mark on Hyrule. The harsh winter he Zora's endured a few months ago, the sudden loss of many crops, herds of wild beasts dropping dead where they stood. this is only a small demonstration of Voiyd's influence. He'll soon create a physical form and whe that point comes, he will no doubt restart his original plans to destroy what the goddesses set out to do."

    "The destruction of Hyrule." Zelda said calmly.

    "Hyrule? No, The world. No one is safe from Voiyd's anger. There is only one solution we can see. Mudora spoke of the Masks that posses the Goddesses power, and how combined with the Triforce bearers they will become powerful enough to rival the goddesses. The Triforce was used to trap Voiyd once before, and we believe that it can do so again. There may even be a chance, that when combined, Voiyd can be destroyed completely."

    Zelda stood up quickly.

    "Then lets go," she said, staring down at Impa "Link and I will go to the place where the masks lie and return them."

    "Zelda..." Link began. he didn't stand but her turned to look at her, sadness and hatred mixed in his eyes "Two pieces of the Triforce isn't going to be enough." he looked back to Impa "Is it?"

    Impa shook her head and looked at the two with true regret in her eyes. "No, it will not. The Triforce is a holy trinity, the three pieces act in harmony together, but apart they are not as powerful. Without wisdom, those with power act wildly and without concern. Without courage, those with wisdom have no output for the knowledge and slowly grow insane. Without power, those with courage do not have the strength to make a difference. Link, you must remove the Master Sword from it's place in the Temple of Time. Ganondorf will be unsealed as will the Triforce of Power."

    "Ganondorf swore revenge on us, he will not accept the fate of the world so easily." Zelda mused, she sat back down, but distaste was still fully apparent on her face.

    "That is true, but there are also legends concerning the three bearers of the Triforce in the Book of Mudora. They speak of the time when the golden light will inhabit three bodies, and though there will be times when the three wage war against each other, the outcome will always be the same. It is impossible, for you to kill each other, at least, not while you still bear the Triforce." Impa looked directly at link and met his line of sight "Link, it's been seven years, you have learnt to use the power of the Triforce to aid you in battle. You did so in the Shadow temple, when you used it's light to burn away the darkness, and you felt it's effect when you made that final blow."

    "I.." Link hesitated, but realised that hiding anything at this point wouldn't be a good idea "I felt as light as air itself, lighter even. Moving wasn't a problem for me, it didn't even feel like i was touching the floor. I felt an ancient power running through my body, giving me strength."

    "Ganondorf used the power of the Triforce to change his form into that of Ganon, a manifestation of the hatred in his heart and his greed for the Triforce as a whole. Princess Zelda used it to take on the identity of Sheik, gaining all the knowledge of the Sheikah, and their magical abilities with it. After seven years, I believe you have finally reached the point where the Triforce of Courage can give you a new strength. You need only find the right time, and it's power will be fully awakened to you."

    "But to what?" Link asked. His mind raced, filled with images of what he might become. He thought of ganon, and suddenly all he thought of was the vilest creatures he had fought in his lifetime. ReDeads, Gibdos, Stalfos.. he shook his head in an attempt to shake the demons out.

    "I cannot say, no one can. The triforce of Courage will search your heart for the form and you will gain it's full abilities when that happens. In time, you will learn to control it, and to enter that form at will, just as Princess Zelda became Sheik willingly."

    Impa paused for a moment, and titled her head up as though she was looking up at someone. For a moment she remained silent, before blinking and looking back at the two.

    "It's time. The other Sages are at the Temple of Time. You must unseal Ganondorf now. When he is unsealed, we eight sages will use our powers to burn away Voiyd's influence from Ganondorf."

    "Wait!" Link cried "Eight sages?"

    Zelda turned to face him "In your time away we discovered two other temples in Hyrule. The Wind temple in the mountains West of Death Mountain, and the Earth Temple in underground caverns beneath the lost Woods and Lake Hylia. There two Sages were discovered, praying for the Master Sword, that it would retain it's power to repel evil. After a bit of confusion, the two were welcomed into the Chamber of Sages."

    "Come, we should hurry." Impa said, hurrying the two to get up. Link started for the hallway, but turned back to see Zelda take something small and blue from her dress. The Ocarina of Time, in it's full glory. he nodded an understanding and returned to stand beside her and Impa. Zelda put the instrument to her lips and began to play. It was a song that Link new by heart, one he had played many times in the past. The Prelude to Light, a song that surrounded them in a blinding white light. For a few seconds, the castle disappeared and there was nothing but light, then the glare faded and the white marble walls of the Temple Of Time appeared.

    The Temple was empty of town's folk. Link could vaguely remember seeing the Temple of time before he left Hyrule seven years ago. The doors had been opened to the people, who were now welcome to go there to pray or be at peace. Now however, there were only a few occupants. Standing waiting were four people of various shapes and sizes. One, he'd seen once today already, the child like, green clothed Saria. Accompanying her was the blue skinned Princess of the Zora's, Ruto. The leader of the Gerudo tribe, Nabooru and Big Brother of the Gorons Darunia. Together they made up four of the ever growing number of Sages, representing Forest, Water, Spirit and Fire respectively.

    "Are Laruto and Fado here?" Impa asked, approaching the foursome.

    "In spirit yes," Saria answered, again she spoke with knowledge that one would never associate with someone who looked like a child "They are with Rauru in the chamber, blessing the Master Sword."

    The duo approached the gathering of Sages and brief welcomes were made. Impa led Zelda to the spot before the alter, where she took out the Ocarina of Time. Link stood beside her, he reached under his tunic and pulled three chains out from around his neck, snapping them loose to pull the jewels off the cord. He placed each of the three jewels into a respective cove on the alter. The Goron Ruby, the Kokiri Emerald and the Zora Sapphire. When they were safe in their respective positions, Zelda took the Ocarina to her lips once more. From it's ceramic body came a song that lasted forever and for mere moments at the same time. Listening to it felt like a millennia was passing, and at the same time, it was over in seconds. The Song of time came to a slow halt. For a moment, there was silence, until a long creak signalled the large stone door ahead of them sliding open.

    The Door of Time open revealing a large chamber where in the centre, the Master Sword lay in rest, it's sacred blade embedded in stone. Standing over it was the faint shape of Rauru, the Sage of Light, who's presence only existed in the Chamber of Sages. Standing beneath the plateau on either sides were the spirit forms of two others. On the left was a young Zora girl, about the age Ruto was when Link had been forced to rescue her from the bowels of the Zora deity, Jabu Jabu. Opposite her, was a Kokiri boy, with wild blonde hair and the mischievous grin that Mido always wore when he was planning something. The group walked into the chamber and stood around the Sword as the three spirits took up positions next to the other sages.

    "Link, are you ready?" Rauru asked.

    The swordsman nodded, and stepped up to the sword. He put both hands around the blue hilt of the sword and thought back to the many times he had fought with the sword. The moment he had pulled it out as a child, to the point where he plunged it into the skull of ganon. He had wondered why such a blow did not kill the beast, but now he knew, that was never meant to be. He took a deep breath and tightened his grip on the sword, before pulling it up and out of it's seal. Instantly the raised platform exploded with energy, throwing Link backwards to the floor. A pillar or darkness rose out, piercing the roof of the Temple, and a deep, evil laugh echoed across the empty space.

    The light bent and twisted, contorting into a shape, the shape of a man, who stood where the Master Sword once rested. When the light finally faded, the grey skinned man who called himself Ganondorf, stared down at the assembly. His face turned from relief to pure hatred when he saw those who surrounded him. Instinctively he reached out, the Triforce on his hand beginning to glow. His body folded in on itself as he began to change into Ganon once again. Without thinking, Link threw up his own hand, where the Triforce blazed on the back. Zelda was doing the same, and the combined light of both began to reverse the effects of the change. Ganon's shape faded away and Ganondorf was forcibly knocked backwards by the sudden and unexpected reversion.

    "How did you.." he began to growl when he felt a tremendous pain tear through his body and mind. He threw his hands to his head, feeling as though his skull were about to explode. Eight Sages, two more than he has last seen were glowing with their respective colours, the new ones lit in grey and brown light. Then, Ganondorf screamed. As he screamed, they grey of his skin faded away to the more traditional tan of the Gerudo people, his hair lightened, changing from blood red to a natural auburn. Around his body, a black smoke seemed to burn away, lifting above him and coalescing into a mass shadow. When the light of the Sages faded, the shadow remained for only the briefest of moments before disappearing in a whirlpool of darkness.

    Ganondorf clutched at his stomach and dropped to his knees. he stared at those gathered before him. "What.." he managed to say, before collapsing forward into unconsciousness.


    Far away, in a remote corner of Hyrule, a dark mist slowly gathers. Every inch of vegetation it touches dissolves, and the few small animals in it's path begin to decay before they even die. Slowly, and gradually the mist forms itself into the shape of a person. A tall man, deathly thin, with grey skin like a ReDead, and hollow eyes to match, white hair covering half of his face and resting on his shoulders. His body is adorned with the most expensive appearing robes, in a deep purple, while a darker, almost black cloak was fastened on his chest by a golden orb. Smiling wickedly, he walked slowly across the field, every step he took, his red boots leaving patches of death in their wake.


    As always, comments more than appriciated.

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    Wow, that was really good.

    I'm not a nitpicker, leave that to someone who would bother with that instead of the actual awesomeness. XD

    I'm guessing you made the Voiyd story up, and it fits with the actual legend. Description practically surpassed the limits, but I don't mind, it's good.

    I wonder how Ganondorf would act now? I'll have to wait for the next chapter. ^^;

    In other words, another few pages of brilliance. Its amazing how you can search sigs and patrol the forums and type the fic. ^^

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    They need to make a game with this plot. That's pretty much all I have to say about this chapter too. While some people may like action, I greatly enjoy what leads up to the action. And with that,

    "That's right. Link there are many artefacts in this world that contains the spirits or essence of beings.
    You misspelled artifacts.

    Is all the innocence of once seen gone? Can it ever truly be recovered? Fighting to the end, will the shadows always overcome? Or will the flames of the past reclaim their lost goals?

    Still here, still a lurker; as always.

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    Yes I made Voiyd up, based on the old '4th triforce' rumours about there being a 4th peice in the centre of the main three.

    And artefact can be spelt as either artefact or artifact. The fact it is spelt with an 'e' is that's ho my computer spells it, and 'i' comes up as incorrect. I'm guessing 'e' is the english speling, where's 'i' is the american.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaZoR LeAf
    Yes I made Voiyd up, based on the old '4th triforce' rumours about there being a 4th peice in the centre of the main three.

    And artefact can be spelt as either artefact or artifact. The fact it is spelt with an 'e' is that's ho my computer spells it, and 'i' comes up as incorrect. I'm guessing 'e' is the english speling, where's 'i' is the american.
    That's probably it then because my computer says using an e is wrong.

    I figured you could have made up void based on the fact that there's a hole in the triforce and therefore it contains the opposite powers in the actual triforce; which would make it pure darkness.
    Is all the innocence of once seen gone? Can it ever truly be recovered? Fighting to the end, will the shadows always overcome? Or will the flames of the past reclaim their lost goals?

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    Wow great chapter. Very intevesting. I can't wait to read more. Ganadorf being good? That's crazy. I bet he does something evil on their way to the place with the masks. I liked the void story, it puts a new thing into the hyrule story. I like it. Well I found a lot of mistakes here. I know you're a mod and all and prolly can;'t find time to look over ur work so that's why I'm asking if I could be you beta!!! I'm free of charge and will do an excellent job of finding mistakes and then e-mailing the chapter back to you.

    he thoughts

    I'm goinig with he thought.

    shadow or herself

    Of should replace or.

    it is an Ancient Hylian that means 'Empty Soul'

    Okie, here you should either have an ancient hylian word that means. Or it is ancient hylian for.

    continued too explain

    One o for to here. Too is used to a lot of things or also.

    The harsh winter he Zora's

    Should be the.
    and whe that

    SHould be when.

    and titled her head

    SHould be tilted

    The Door of Time open revealing

    Should be opened.
    Great chapter again. I hope you take up me offer as me being ur beta. Well until next time or PM.
    jirachiman out

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    This is great. I loved it. Besides the few flaws (which the I, the guy who's English grade brings his GPA to a 3.75, can point out), it is perfect.

    Created by Reimei.

    Read it! You know you want to!

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

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    Great fic, Razorleaf, I loved it, it's only the 2nd fic I've read in the non-pokemon fics. Please update soon!

    I remember when "The Authors' Cafe" was still "The Author's Cafe".
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    This is great! Like I said earlier, they either need to publish this or make a video game based on it.
    I can't wait for the next update.
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    is this zelda ocarina of time?

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    It's based 7 years after the end of Ocarina of Time. I explained that in the numerous posts before each chapter.

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    This is a great fic! 'Til I got to the Shadow Temple (OoT)I was an avid fan of Zelda. I still am, but not as much anymore

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    Shadow Temple eh? I haven't even beaten the Dodongo Cavern yet. -_- But I've seen screenshots, and boy does it look creepy. ^^; [/off-topic]

    To RaZoR LeAf[off-topic again-ness]That link to Zelda Legends in your sig made me read the OoT and MM manga for hours! X3 It was wonderful! [/do I have to type it again?]

    And that link to this fic in your sig is cool. ^^
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    Hooray, a new chapter! Jirachiman, I did look around on AIM for you, but I'm impatient when it comes to waiting for people to come online. This chapter is obviously not proof read.

    Mizu Gal - Shadow Temple creepy? Just you wait to see what I have in store.. heh heh heh.

    Chapter Three
    Facing Demons

    Pacing back and forth, Link stopped for a moment to stare out an open window at the plains of Hyrule. A storm was passing over the field, and though there was no thunder, the noise of the rainfall was loud enough to travel even as far as the castle. A lot of things had been revealed in a short time, many of them prophecies of darkness and now the storm was playing on his mind. Behind him sat the Princess Zelda, patiently waiting beside a bed where the lifeless body of Ganondorf lay.

    "What's happening to his body?" asked Link, looking own at the older man. Ganondorf's skin and hair had lost much of it's anger, he looked like any male Gerudo would be expected to look. His body armour had been peeled away, and now his heavy muscular frame was beginning to wilt and shrink away.

    "It's because Voiyd no longer gives him strength." Nabooru replied. The Gerudo leader and also Sage of Spirit had joined them in the chamber. With her past experience with Ganondorf long before the Dark Years she had come willingly to offer help. "Without the shadow, he is returning to his original state. Ganondorf was always a good warrior, but he was never as muscular as you knew him. I have some of our people already bringing robes to dress him in."

    "It's hard to believe there was a man beneath all that darkness." Link mused "What was he like, before the Dark Years?"

    "Oh you know, proud leader, gallant warrior. He fought alongside the King when rouges from across the Sea tried to take Hyrule Castle. Many lives were lost before Ganondorf brought a platoon of Gerudo to fight. It's how he was on such good terms with the King. He was given full access to the Hyrule Libraries, and it was after that he returned with an ambition. Looking back now, it was more than just ambition, it was desire, greed even."

    "It must have been round that time he was touched by Voiyd." Zelda continued, still watching the man, who was beginning to stir "Ganondorf was Knighted in the Temple of Time. I remember Impa telling me the stories when he first came to the castle before the Dark Years. That Temple is the gate to the Sacred Realm, it must have happened then."

    Between the three of them Ganondorf moaned. His eyes flickered open and he slowly clutched his hands over his skull. His fingers clenched and he dragged them over his face, before pulling himself up to lean against the wall behind him. Then he noticed where he was. As his eyes focused on Link and Zelda he attempted to rise up. Still weak however, he fell back defeated.

    "You're awake then." Nabooru was the first to speak.

    "What am I doing here? Answer me traitor!" he growled. Nabooru merely smiled and laughed slightly.

    "Ganondorf, if you could just sit back, shut up and listen for a while, that would be great. As it is, you're still too weak to do anything but sit back and listen, so you don't really have a choice."

    It didn't take long for Nabooru, Zelda and Link to explain what had been happening and what needed to be done. By the end of it, Ganondorf sat cross legged on the bed in silent contemplation. Then he began to laugh. The same laugh that he used when he attacked Link atop his tower.

    "You expect me to believe this nonsense? Do not insult my intelligence. You are a disgrace to the Gerudo, and when I return to them, you will be permanently removed. Then, I will take my revenge on all of you."

    In a split second, the screech of metal on metal echoed in the room and the male Gerudo found himself staring at a blade, angled at his neck. He glanced up at the wielder of the sword and stared into the blue eyes of Link, who in turn stared straight back.

    "Maybe you should use some of that intelligence Dragmire." Link firmly stated, "Take a look around at who is standing here beside you. Three bearers of the Triforce, and none of the pieces are resonating. Doesn't that tell you anything?"

    Ganondorf visibly swallowed, and lifted his arm slowly to stare at the faint mark of the triforce on the back of his hand. There was no vibrating, and he felt nothing to indicate the others where nearby.

    "Why is this?" he asked.

    "We suspect that Voiyd's influence caused your Triforce piece to react that way when either of the other pieces was nearby." Zelda finally spoke up "Link and myself met many times, and the Triforce pieces we carried never alerted us to the other, only you have possessed that quality. If the legends are true, and they rarely aren't, then while we bear the Triforce ultimately none of us can harm the other."

    "This is more important that the differences between us Ganondorf." Link said, moving the blade away slightly, "Nobody said you have to get along with us, or even like us, but the longer we stand around here fighting the longer Voiyd has to pull himself together and start ruining this world. Nothing will escape, because he doesn't care for anyone or anything."

    Ganondorf stared at Link longer still before tilting his head to stare out the open window. In the distance, the storm was moving over the desert, the rain stopped now, but a howling wind creating sandstorms on the path to the Gerudo Fortress.

    Nothing will escape..

    "Where are these so called Masks?"

    "In the land to the Northeast," Impa said, stepping into the room. In one arm she carried a rolled parchment, which she quickly opened onto a desk. "Beyond the Demon Plains. There is a small outpost not far from the border of the desert, but that is as far as any Hylian has travelled. The desert is incredibly inhospitable, not even the Gorons have ventured far into it."

    "The Demon Plains?" Link asked. It was Ganondorf who answered him.

    "It's a vast desert, larger than the Gerudo Wastelands and twice as treacherous. During the day it is frightfully hot, and at night as cold as ice. Little to nothing can survive there. In the past people said that they would hear frightful howls of pain coming from deep within the desert, and it was named after demons believed to have lived there."

    "Indeed. Darunia has offered to provide you with Goron Tunics, which should help you cope in the heat at least. We Sages will offer what we can in forms of equipment and guidance, but you should leave as soon as possible."

    "I'll need-" Ganondorf began.

    "Everything you need has already been called for. Tell me Ganondorf, you seem to have agreed to this faster than we thought you would. We don't want to think you have some secret agenda planned here."

    "I'm not doing it for the world, I'm not doing it for Hyrule either. I'm doing it for myself. None of you know what it's like to live in Limbo. Seven Years may have passed for you, to me it feels like a lifetime. Even if I am forced to prison, or into exile, I would choose to do so as a free man. I have no desire to die."

    "How noble of you." Zelda said in passing. Ignoring his glance, she turned to face Link "We should all prepare yourselves. Gather what you need, we should meet at the palace stables in an hour."

    Link was already waiting in the stables, giving Epona a last rub down with a comb when a heavy shadow fell over him. He turned to find the massive frame of the Goron Leader Darunia stood in the doorway blocking the light. In the mighty Sage's arms hung two robes fashioned from a brilliant red material, barely visible beneath those where similar robes in a brilliant blue. Darunia smiled, noticing that Link was already wearing the Goron Tunic he had picked up in the Dark Years.

    "Link! Brother! It is good to see you properly at last. We didn't have a chance to speak at the Temple of Time. I am proud to see you still wear the Fire Tunic given to you by my future son."

    "It's good to see you too Big Brother. How is Link anyway?" the swordsman smirked at using his own name for someone else.

    "My son is well, training to become a great Goron warrior. Following in your footsteps no doubt." Darunia's smile wavered for a moment and he glanced over shoulder to see if anyone was around. Assured that they were currently alone, the Goron walked closer to Link and placed a large hand on his shoulder.

    "Link. As the Sage of Fire I should be fair to all who seek my counsel, but we have been through too much together for me to leave you without first giving you some advice." Daurina stared into the eyes of Link, his own black eyes reflecting the flames of his spirit "Do not trust the man from the desert. His soul may be cleansed, but his spirit is still dark. Do not trust Ganondorf."

    "Tell me Darunia. After seven years I've never figured it out, how exactly do Goron Tunics protect against the heat?"

    The Goron's eyes widened, partially in anger and partially in surprise. Then he picked up the sound of footsteps nearing, and realised that a subject change was needed urgently.

    "The material is made up of incredibly thin twists of refined ore found in Death Mountain. It's rock that has been exposed to high levels of chemicals that when combined make things basically heat and fire proof. Due to the amount of ore, a bubble is projected around the wearer that stops them feeling the heat."

    "How useful. Such clothing would be treasured by the Gerudo."

    Both occupiers of the stable turned to find Ganondorf standing in the doorway. The thick armour he used to wear replaced by dark coloured robes, a golden snake emblazoned on both long sleeves. Beneath that, a deep burgundy tunic with the traditional gerudo patterns sewn across the edges. Ganondorf didn't have any visible scabbards, nor anywhere to store weapons or equipment. He crossed the stable, ignoring the two and stopped beside a great black horse. The horse responded to his touch immediately, bowing it's head and offering a deep whiney, that sounded more like an animalistic growl.

    "A solid black Gerudo Stallion I presume?" Link asked. Ganondorf turned to look at him, his eyes more than a little curious.

    "I heard rumours." Link shrugged. In reality more than a few Gossip Stones had 'told' him.

    "Bucephalus, is the strongest steed of all the Gerudo. He is loyal only to me, for I am the only Gerudo ever to have tamed him."

    "It would seem the strongest of steeds are those who can only be tamed by the few." Darunia mused "Is Epona not loyal only to you and her previous carer?"

    "There's a time and a place for arguing about our horses. Now isn't either of them." Link said firmly.

    "Quite right." a feminine voice from the door said. All three turned to see Princess Zelda standing in the space, and all three were left wordless at what they saw.

    Zelda had abandoned the pink dress and flowing locks in exchange for something a little more comforting for someone going out trekking. Her hair was tied back into a pony tail, while a short sleeved pink shirt revealed her midriff. One arm was covered in a long pink glove, while the other was left bare save for a golden gauntlet around her forearm. A matching blue vest and tight leggings were accompanied by a short lilac skirt and knee high violet boots. Just visible over her shoulder, was a golden bow, a design unlike any seen before. To finish it off, two small scabbards held foot long knives on both hips.

    "Not to mention, neither of you have met my horse, Pegasi. She is said to have descended from the legendary Unicorn's that once roamed ancient Hyrule."

    Link and Ganondorf followed Zelda outside, both followed by their own horses and finally by Darunia. Standing nearby was a horse of pristine white, wearing only a saddle marked with the symbol of the Royal Family. Near the horse stood Impa and Nabooru. The Sheikah woman passed a small harp to Zelda, who in turn placed the Ocarina of Time back into Link's hand.

    "You should take this." she said, placing a hand over Link's as he took it from her. he only nodded in understanding.

    "Link," Impa began, as the three mounted their steeds "There's a lot of equipment you can't take with you for obvious reasons. You still remember the melodies for each Temple?" He nodded "If you should ever need to speak with a sage, or to request something from us, play those melodies."

    "The map you have is enchanted," Nabooru explained, passing the scroll up to Ganondorf, who looked quickly over it, before rolling it back up and slipping it into a pouch hanging beside the saddle. "as you travel, locations will automatically be added to the parchment for you. The Demon Plains are found beyond the beaten track on Death Mountain. You should reach the first outpost within an hour."

    The three moved off towards the gatehouse of Hyrule Castle. Beyond them lay Hyrule City, that had been cleared of people to allow safe passage through. After that, the journey past Kakariko and over the mountains would be mostly eventless. Link took the reigns of Epona in his hand and kicked at the horse, motioning it forward.

    "Good Luck!" Nabooru cried after them, lowering to a saddened mourn "For all our sakes."

    While the ride to the plains was mostly silent, Link had taken the time to catalogue all the equipment they had brought along. On his own body, Link carried the Mirror Shield and Master Sword. He still carried his green Kokiri Tunic, along with the Zora Tunic he picked up, along with the Iron and Hover attachments for his boots. He also carried the Long Shot he found in the Water Temple, the Fairy Bow from the Forest Temple complete with quiver and magic arrows, and lastly, the Ocarina of Time. Zelda had a Bow, but no quiver of arrows. She carried the Harp she had used as Sheik, along with two small daggers and a whip coiled at her hip. Ganondorf appeared to have no weapons of any kind, but his sleeves were far too baggy to not be hiding something. He's also been given a Gerudo Bow and a quiver of arrows, but did not possess any of the magical arrow heads. All three of them now wore Goron Tunics, Link's a full suit, while the others more as cloaks that covered their bodies.

    "What is that on your waist?" Ganondorf's voice lifted Link from his thoughts. The red clad hero looked down to see the flute hanging off his belt. He'd forgotten all about the gift the Deku Tree had given him.

    "It's a flute of some kind. I don't know what it's for."

    "May I?" he asked, holding out his hand.

    Link hesitated, but decided that he would not do anything in such close quarters. Link passed the Flute over to Ganondorf, who looked closely at the shape and marking on it.

    "Impressive. I haven't seen one of these for many years. At least not one in such good condition."

    Surprised, Link fished for more detail.

    "It's a Calling Flute. They were carried by hunters mostly, who had tamed wild animals as mounts. They would respond to the call of the flute, much as your horse does to the song you play for her. These small markings at the base, the blue spirals indicate that this was a fisherman's flute, and the mount os an aquatic creature. There haven't been any that would respond to it's call in Hyrule for many decades."

    Ganondorf handed back the flute and the two continued on in silence. Soon they came to a stop along with Zelda and looked out at what lay before them. A small hut wavered in the distance, twisting and contorting in the heat. The sun shoe down unobstructed creating a massive desert as far as the eye could see. Though the sand was as white as snow, there was nothing but that to the horizon and beyond.

    The three dismounted and Ganondorf unrolled a collection of red socks. They then helped the horses to put the socks on. Ganondorf had helpfully suggested that the Horses would not be able to walk on the hot sand, so several Goron Tunics had been torn up into protection for the horses themselves. No sooner had the protection started than the horses were at ease walking through the desert. It didn't take long to reach the outpost, but under the heat it was strenuous. Even with the Goron Tunics, it was unbearably hot.

    "I've wandered around the Death Mountain Crater for hours, and never felt this hot." Link groaned pulling his collar loose to get some relief from the heat. He lay back on the low mattress that consisted as a bed in the small outpost. There were two other beds, meaning everyone could sit, plus a small sheltered stable for the horses.

    "It's not just the sun making it feel hot." Ganondorf began to explain "The lava inside Death Mountain travels beneath this entire desert, meaning it's hot below and hot above. there is no escape from it."

    "You don't seem as bothered by the heat."

    "I was born in a desert." Ganondorf mused "The heat is merely an inconvenience to me, not a depravation as it is to you. The tunic also helps."

    Link sighed and took of his hat, shaking sweat out of his long hair, and wiping it from his brow. He stared out a window, something he found himself doping more and more often. The outpost was the only structure in the entire desert, so there was nothing to see. Only a horizon. Link considered playing the Song of Storms to summon a rainfall, but the idea was quickly rejected.

    'It would be a futile waste of energy' Ganondorf had said 'It is to hot for clouds to even form, let alone for rain to fall. I suggest you conserve your energy by stopping thinking.'

    The moment of thought was broken when Zelda entered the cabin.

    "The horses are rested. I think we should head off again, it’ll be night soon, so it’ll cool down."

    "If the desert is heated by lava flows, why does it get so cold at night?" Link asked, settling his hat back in place.

    "Magic." both Zelda and Ganondorf answered, without thought. Link started to ask another follow up question, but the two had already stepped outside. Link sighed and grabbed the rest of his stuff.

    "They're as stubborn as Navi was.."

    The walk through the desert was as uneventful as ever. Even as the sun began to set over the horizon, and the sky became a brilliant show or red and orange, the desert was still an open plain of nothing. As the sun finally dropped of the edge of the world and a full moon rose to take it’s place, a chilled wind began to blow, and Link was surprised to find the Goron Tunic helped keep the heat of before, close to his body. The horses were faring well, and were running at top speed across the empty sands, unfazed by the rising storms created from the winds. The desert lasted for much of the night, but thanks to many years of training, the three riders were able to bypass the need for sleep.

    “Zelda.” Link said quietly, riding close alongside her white horse.

    “Hmm? What is it Link?”

    “Tell me about the two new sages you found.” he said, glancing over to Ganondorf for a second, to see what he was doing. The old enemy was still looking ahead, ignoring the others.

    “When the Master Sword was returned to it’s sleep, the Sages kept a watch over it, to make sure the seal was never broken. They were summoned to it when they felt a two strong magical energies near it, and discovered the spirit forms of two, previously unknown sages singing a prayer to the sword.”

    “The first was Laruto, she’s a Zora, but not one from the Zora’s Domain, as Ruto had no knowledge or her. As far as we could tell, she was originally part of a group of travellers who came to Hyrule from across the Great Sea, and destiny led her into to becoming the Sage of Earth. The Temple is in the caves that litter the rocky area between the Forest and Lake. The other is a Kokiri named Fado. Saria said that his name was rarely mentioned, as he was the only Kokiri ever to have left the forest completely. He guarded the Wind Temple, on a peak high above Death Mountain. We passed by it on our way up. The two offer song to the Master Sword itself, in order to strengthen it’s power and maintain it’s ability to fight evil. Even in this distant land, they will surely appear before you eventually in order to continue blessing the sword.”

    “Why did we never know about these sages before?” Link asked, intrigued.

    “Before you had to wake the power of the sages, after the previous ones had been killed by Gan... by the forces of darkness. These sages had never been killed, and so their presence was never learnt of. Before that, only one person can tell you why they weren’t discovered.”

    Zelda offered her own glance over to the Gerudo, who hadn’t moved at all, since the last time. Link didn’t reply, instead he moved Epona away from Pegasi, who’s white coat shone even in the darkness

    After hours of riding, the sun began to break over the horizon at last, and the cool wind was slowly replaced by baking heat.

    “Look here.” Zelda said, slowing down and pointing to the grey sands below. A fine layer of moss was growing on the surface of the sand.

    “Vegetation means a water source of some kind. There are no pools of water nearby, so it must be from rainfall.” Ganondorf surmised “Which means we are near the edge of the desert.”

    “Which means we should be on our guard.” Link said. The others nodded.

    Pulling on reigns they were moving again, passing more and more greenery as the horizon gave shape to a distance tall mountain. Without warning, Bucephalus skidded to a halt, rearing up with a cry of fear, almost throwing Ganondorf to the ground, if the Gerudo hadn’t leaped off at the last moment. Following suit, both Pegasi and Epona skidded to a sudden stop, though with her past experience of monsters and ambushes, Epona was less spooked than the others.

    “What is it girl,” Link asked the horse, jumping off her back “what can you sense?”

    The horse whinnied and nodded her head towards something that wavered as if in a breeze just a few metres ahead. What looked like a long leaf of some kind, poking up out of the ground like a plant. Link took a cautious step towards it.

    “Be careful.” Zelda told him. He nodded and slowly stepped closer. The leaf was swaying back on forth strangely, since there was practically no wind that would cause it to do so. Each slow step brought him closer, until finally he stood beside it. Reaching out with a hand, he barely touched the leaf before the ground beneath him collapsed. Zelda and Ganondorf both dived backwards, as a whole circle of sand caved in around the strange leaf, taking Link down into the pit beneath.

    “Link!” Zelda cried out, but all that remained of the intrepid hero was a flurry of green light and strands of what appeared to be glowing wind. By means of a magic learnt long ago, Link re-materialised beside the princess, his body instantaneously moved by the power of Farore’s Wind. “Link, what is that thing?”

    As if waiting for an introduction, the strange leaf rose out of the ground again, this time followed by a slender sickly brown length of flesh, and finally by two huge jaws, hanging open on either side of the lure, that was obviously the tongue of a large creature. The jaws closed together into a beak, and the head of the creature broke through the surface of the desert. A hard skin covered in thick armoured plates, two small round beady eyes instantly locked onto the targets of three small people and three horses that were backing away from the giant maw. As the head cleared the sand, so followed a long body of a giant worm.

    “Well I was getting more than a little expectant.” Link mused, grabbing his Fairy Bow, and cocking an arrow. Releasing the weapon, the projectile soared through the sky and struck the beast’s hard skin, breaking on contact and the wooden shards falling harmlessly to the floor. Ganondorf made a quiet mocking sound, and from the confines of his sleeves, slid two long thin swords, one hilt bearing a Ruby, the other Aquamarine. The beast cleared the sand completely, rising out into the sky like a dragon, while the sand continued to move, as three smaller younglings leapt in and out, their hard skins resembling the adult, but their swinging jaws less developed.

    Ganondorf ran forward, swinging one up and under, to catch a smaller worm on it’s downwards leap. It’s skin bounced the sword off, but in turn it’s jump to go under the sand was disrupted and it fell onto it’s back where it began to squirm and wriggle in a wild attempt to get back under. Coming around, the Gerudo King ran the edge of his other sword up the creatures weak stomach, until it reached an indentation in the armour. Pushing the blade down, it plunged into the creatures weak body, piercing it’s heart and killing it instantly.

    The larger creature watched from above, and seeing one of it’s young being killed, let out a great roar, before rolling into a dive, aiming to swallow Ganondorf completely as it landed. The dark man rolled away from the looming shadow just in time, as the floor gave-way beneath the beast, as it burrowed underground and into obscurity once more.

    “Be on your guard,” he said, standing and readying his twin blades. “It can likely feel the vibrations in the ground.”

    Link nodded and carefully reached into his pocket to pull out a small palm sized bomb. It grew to the size of a regular bomb and the fuse became lit, as Link tossed the explosive device a few metres away. The bomb detonated, but the fire and shrapnel was quickly caught up in the huge mouth of the worm, that rose up with the feeling of heavy vibrations caused by the blast.

    Link pulled out another two arrows, and cocked them up slightly apart. His hand shone slightly with a golden light, as the first arrow head began to crystallise, shining ice covering the tip. It shot loose from the bow, and the second arrow quickly lit up with flame and followed it through the air. The Ice arrow struck first, freezing a large patch of the beasts hide. The sand creature, used to the extreme heat screeched in pain, as the frost covered it’s armour. The fire arrow hit the same spot next, driving itself through the ice to the weakened skin below, piercing the skin and causing the creature to drop to the ground from the shock of the sudden and intense pain.

    Link charged forward drawing his sword, only for the ground beneath him to give way, sending him falling into the small pit of two younger worms. The first rose out and grabbed Link’s blade between it’s teeth, while the other bit wildly at the swordsman, who narrowly missed each attack, but was quickly getting second guessed by the creature. A silver chain wrapped itself around the head of the spineless creature, pulling it firmly away from attacking Link. He looked up to see Zelda holding it back like a wild horse. He took the chance to take a firm kick at the head of the other worm, releasing it’s sword from it’s jaws, whereupon, he leapt backwards out of the hole.

    Zelda released the creature from the noose, but before they could retaliate, another two younglings had appeared, and the ground around them was becoming unstable. Above them, the mother was getting ready to dive down, it’s jaws salivating at the thought of a fresh meal.

    “Ganondorf!” Link shouted. The Gerudo turned his head back slightly, and tried to move, but was himself overwhelmed by more than a dozen of the smaller creatures. His swords swung wildly in order to keep them back, but with so many, he was unable to kill one before another was attacking. Overhead, the mother began her swoop down towards Link and Zelda. As the shadow grew wider, Link dived aside, but as Zelda followed suit, her foot became entangled in the tail of a smaller worm.


    “Link get back!”

    Mere metres away from closing in, the creature sped up it’s dive, only for it to suddenly come under attack from a distant adversary took. Three shards of red light burning like fire, flew towards it’s eye, sending it rearing off target and crashing to the ground due to it’s already low incline. Zelda took the opportunity to pull out a small dagger and cut the creatures tail, releasing her foot from it’s grip. Four creatures were closing on on Link, who held his sword back, channelling energy and magic power into it’s sacred blade. The creatures surrounded him and jumped all at once. With a furious cry, Link spun around, using his sword in the spin, sending a shock-wave of energy ripping out and tearing each of the creatures in half. With the beasts killed, he ran over the Zelda, lifting her up off the sand.

    The two turned to the direction of the attack that saved her, and saw a strange figure. A person standing slightly taller than an average Hylian, but anything that would identify then hidden beneath a vibrant orange robe. All that was visible beneath the dark hood, was two white eyes, shining out of the darkness. One hand was revealed outside the robe, yet from this distance both found it difficult to see if it was gloved or not. In the strangers palm, a fireball formed, which it threw out towards the larger worm that was rolling around trying to get underground, like it’s young did earlier.

    “It’s tongue is the most sensitive part of it’s body, I’m sure you know that since you did wake it up.” the stranger said, it’s voice male, but also raspy and airy. “If you have something that can pull it out of it’s mouth, you will have better luck subduing it.”

    The stranger pulled a long staff from the ground behind him and ran towards Ganondorf, picking off three younglings with great speed, lifting them out of the ground and crushing their skulls in the few seconds it took for him to reach Ganondorf’s back. Link turned to the beast, and retrieved the Longshot from his belt. Leaping over the younglings that were gathering around it. Zelda followed suit, drawing her bow and setting an arrow.

    “You’ll only get one shot at this Link.” she said, getting ready to aim.

    “I know. Pull it!”

    Zelda shot the arrow, which lit up with a golden light as it flew towards the beast’s eye. With an explosion of energy, it pierced the creatures soft eye, blinding the beast to what was going on. Link rolled under the beasts flapping mouth, and stood peering into the gaping maw ahead of him. Deep within the saliva filled hole was the quivering mass of flesh that had original lured him in. Taking only a second to aim, Link fired the Long shot into the throat, the arrow headed tip driving it’s way through the tongue in one easy motion, before pulling it firmly out of the mouth as the Longshot retracted.

    With one swift movement, Link took the Master Sword and sliced the tongue in two, the tip dropping to the sandy floor and splitting open to resemble the plan like lure that original got them into this mess. Then the other half of the tongue exploded, sending pus and blood spraying over Link. The creature screamed before throwing itself into the air, where it quickly burrowed underground and headed off into the distance, it’s younglings following the trail of blood that stained the colourless sands.

    Link spat out a mouthful of fluid that he did not expect to be covered in, and wiped his face with an inch of sleeve that was not covered. Zelda smirked and the two approached ganondorf, and the stranger who was picking up youngling corpses and threading them onto his staff.

    "I owe you my life," Zelda began, bowing respectfully "If there is anything I can do for you."

    "Please, there is no need. You have already done more than enough. That great beast you just fought was a Molgera. Since you did not know it's weakness I assumed you would not know its name either. There are many inhabiting this end of the Cursed Plains, but none as large as that one. By disposing of it, the younger ones will have a better chance to grow and continue breeding."

    He scooped up another broken body and threw it over his shoulder. For the first time, Link noticed his hands, which were brown, and scaled like a reptile. He wiped a little blood into his robe, where it appeared to be absorbed into the material.

    "These small ones are a great source of protein when prepared correctly. You may not think it by looking at them, but many Termians love the taste of them."

    "Termians?" Link asked. The stranger paused for a moment before turning to face him directly.

    "You are not from Termina?" he asked, pointing back to the land at the edge of the desert.

    "No, we come from a country on the other side of the Demon Plains. It is called Hyrule." Zelda replied.

    "Oh my dear people, you are perhaps the first travellers to have crossed the Plains to come to Termina. Welcome, welcome! You will surely be tired and in need of refreshment, the best place for you to go would be Clock Town, it is Termina's capital City and is only a short ride north of here."

    "Thank you.." Zelda said, trailing off in hopes of a response.

    "Please my lady, you may call my Uura. When you are settled at he city, I would be honoured to offer my gratitude further."

    "Your gratitude is not necessary."

    "Oh but I insist. You are not from Termina, and I would be most pleased to offer my services as a Guide to this new country. I will not take no for an answer brave warriors. I will meet you in Clock Town later, when you are refreshed. Please, I must leave you now. I must return these bodies to Subrosia."

    "Subrosia.." Ganondorf said, having stayed quiet since practically the beginning of the battle "Then you ARE a Subrosian."

    Uura nodded, but said no more. He offered a long bow, before taking the last corpse and his staff and moving off into the desert. The three watched him go before returning to their horses which had made considerable distance between them and the fighting.

    "Subrosians? You know them?" Link asked.

    "I know of them, but very little. They are a caste level beings, that live in great underground cities, where lava flows freely. Rumours say they are highly resistant to the lava, even more so than a Goron is. I do not know much else, other than they hide their appearances beneath robes. They don't show their faces to anyone, even each other."

    "How strange." Zelda mused "Though Uura seemed like a reasonable person. Perhaps we should make our way to Clock Town. If he does meet us again, there are a number of questions we can ask him."

    "Can we please get there soon?" Link interrupted "The smell of this pus is strangely enticing, and I'm starting to get worried."


    Clock Town was only a short ride away as Uura had said. As the three approached the town, they could see the clock which gave the town it's name. Unlike the sundials that occupied Hyrule as a means for keeping time, in termina, the people had developed a means to tell the time through using a great mechanical device, that turned for every second, minute and hour that went past. The tower bearing the clock stood in the centre of the town, while four tall brick walls surrounded the town itself.

    The trio rode in under an archway, stopping at the courtyard the path opened up into. More rustic than Hyrule Market, the town had a country cabin appearance to it, with builds made out of wood more than stone. Flags, banners and posters hung from every wall or edge, and the town generally had a lively atmosphere to it, with groups of kids running around, and people going out their everyday business.

    "You there, stop at once!"

    Link looked to the direction of the cry, to see several armed guards running towards them. Several more were approaching from the other directions too, and soon they were surrounded. Several spears and swords came out of no where and were all pointed, directly at Ganondorf.

    "You are not welcome in this town Garo! Dismount your steed and follow us to the holding cells! In accordance with Clock Town law, you will be executed at dusk!"

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