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Ash was growing desperate; she wasn’t at the restaurant or here at the Pokemon Center (nor Pikachu and the fact that the Nurse Joy there kept mentioning Pokenappings didn’t help calm him either) He couldn’t think of anywhere else she could be; didn’t he tell her to wait for him here? Why wouldn’t she wait? Endless questions buzzed around his head as he paced across the earth, the sky already dark above his head.

Just as he was about to decide to wing it and look for her throughout town, Misty appeared from out of the blue and nearly bumped him into the swamp. Pikachu leapt out from her bag and into the arms of his trainer as she reclined to catch her breath.

“Misty what happened to you?! I asked you to wait for me at the Center when I came back!”

“Ash don’t be ridiculous, you never mentioned anything about waiting for you while you were gone. All you said was to meet you here tomorrow morning if you didn’t come back, but obviously it looks like you did.” None of her aggressive undertones were lost on him; he could easily tell she was annoyed at what he just said. Still he wasn’t going to take this fight standing down.

“I was pretty worried, you took Pikachu pretty early and the Nurse kept mentioning something about Pokenappings…”

“I picked him up early?! What is your problem Ash Ketchum? I did you the favor I should be getting thanks-”

“Well thank you,” he said. Her mouth was half open as she couldn’t even think from all the rage that was going through her brain. She even forgot why she had rushed to find him in the first place…

“And why are you wet anyway Misty? I didn’t see any pools when I was walking through this town earlier-”

“You know what Ash? Forget it. It doesn’t matter. You’re really testing my patience now and I’ve done nothing to deserve this little attitude of yours. According to you, I was supposed to wait here doing nothing while you get to go out and enjoy yourself, and not only that, but you expected me to leave Pikachu all by himself in the Center as well because I should’ve picked him up later, which I don’t know, what that even, means!” She was getting hysterical and she panted, still out of breath. But it did the trick; he sighed and rubbed his forehead.

“I’m sorry Misty I’m acting like a jerk. I’m just so lost right now I don’t know what to think.” With just one look, he melted her burning emotions and she sighed as well. Honestly she wasn’t really as mad as she was letting on, just releasing.

“It’s fine Ash; are you going to challenge the Gym leader tomorrow morning? Yeah? Alright well I’ll meet you there then, I’m going to find someplace to sleep.”

“But aren’t you going to sleep with me tonight?” She blushed and looked away: not exactly how she would’ve worded it…

“I think it’s better if I sleep by myself tonight. I’ll probably take a room in the Pokemon Center if you really want to know, but other than that, I want you to leave me alone tonight.” Her words stung him and it must have shown because Misty regretted how it sounded.

But she didn’t want to cave in; heeding Nicolas’ advice, she felt he needed to learn a lesson and this was the best way. So without another word, she turned and walked into the Center, leaving the boy clutching his Pikachu in his arms, wearing an expression that can only be described as heartbroken.
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He stretched his stiff arms as he waited for the large metal door of the Venox Gym to open. He had anything but a good sleep last night considering it was in a quiet, empty hotel room with nothing but cloudy thoughts of doubt plaguing his dreams. But seeing as how he was up and ready to tackle this Gym, it was already in the past. He knew this match was going to take a lot more concentration than the previous ones since Narcissa was the leader and all…

At last, the door parted open and it led into a white marble room decorated with red velvet curtains that lined the arched windows. Unlit torches lined the walls and a huge painting of Narcissa was displayed in all its glory in the middle of the room with two doors on each side.

“Take the door to your left please,” boomed a voice from nowhere. Seeing no other options, he did just as was asked of him. As his hand pushed open the door, that same voice came back again.

“Take the door to your right, please.” He turned back and instantly his mind jumped from the approaching battle.

It was Misty, looking groggy yet peaceful, dressed casually and wearing her hair down in the same manner. She threw a slow faint look at him as she walked to the other side. He flashed a quick grin and raised his hand to greet her when she turned away, leaving him feeling like an idiot.

Passing into the next room, his face was stoic again, dead set on winning this battle, ignoring the fact who he was facing and how she had turned his insides out. The very thought of her was making him nervous as he approached the empty match room. Another marble room with red velvet curtains only this time there was the real Narcissa on the other side. She was looking at something else on the ceiling, completely and deliberately ignoring him.

He sighed and chose to study the match floor. There were three tiny islands in the middle of the ring and they were each surrounded by the same purple colored swamp as outside though this one had a distinct odor to it, even from afar he could smell it. Just as he tried to figure a strategy in his head, the voice from before, all though much softer, spoke out again.

“Welcome Trainer to the Venox Village Pokemon Gym. I am the Leader, Narcissa Valentina.” He kept his mouth shut so she continued.

“It will be a three-on-three match so choose your Pokemon wisely. Have you selected your team Trainer?” Her manner was as if she had never met him, but he could tell she was trying to psyche him out. He nodded with a serious confidence which shifted her interest slightly.

“Good…” Her expression changed into a devilish smirk as she placed her hand onto her belt and let her first Pokemon out:

A dark violet Pokemon snarled back at him, his hard skin reflecting off of the lights in the ceiling. Its small body seemed oddly disproportionate to its enormous head which held its massive jaws. Quick to draw, Ash pulled out his Pokedex and it read back to him:

“Kreukevile, the Snout Pokemon. 4’11” Poison/Steel. Spending most of their time under dark waters, they snap at their prey with vicious jaws. Their tail is held up in an awkward angle so they direct their swimming by using it like a rudder, subconsciously doing the same on land. These Pokemon are also widely renowned for having beautiful skin making them very much sought after though they do not shed their scales. Forcibly removing them is in direct prohibition to Pokemon law. The poison sacs on this Pokemon are surprisingly held in its snout, often attacking through its nostrils.”

“Hmm a Steel type underwater eh? This’ll be too easy…Go Pikachu!” He leapt off his trainer’s shoulder and landed on the match floor, waiting for his next command.

“Pah how predictable, though understandable,” Narcissa said with a wave of her hand. “Sending out an Electric type that is.” He ignored her and she was starting to lose her cool but continued to speak in her monotone,

“I’ve explained the rules to you already and it looks as though your audience has arrived too.” He turned behind him and above his head was Misty sitting on a balcony, studying the Gym Leader very closely. The referee who now joined the two trainers on the match floor raised his flags and proclaimed,

“This match between Narcissa Valentina and Ash Ketchum will now begin!”

He turned and looked at both sides then, dropped the flags.


Without warning, Kreukevile slipped into the swamp before Ash could even think.

“Good, make sure you don’t give away your position now!”

“That’s not gonna help you at all! Pikachu use Thunderbolt on the swamp!” But before he could even charge up, the island began to shake, shifting him dangerously to the edge.

“There’s no way he could’ve reached this side that quickly!” Ash complained.

“Oh no don’t worry, he hasn’t gotten there yet. Still, that doesn’t mean his attacks are as slow…” And sure enough, another wave of trembles came, throwing Pikachu onto the floor. They were getting steadily stronger…

“C’mon Pikachu, you can do it! Jump in the air and use Thunderbolt!”

“Not so fast! Use Sludge!” From the right side of the island, the attack came from underwater and nearly hit Pikachu forcing him to dodge midair and throwing off his aim. The bolt hit the ground and he landed, searching the swamp for any sign of his opponent.

“Now use Magnitude Kreukevile!” He thrashed around underwater and the island shook again, this time with even greater force launching Pikachu into the swamp opposite of where his attacker was, much to Ash’s relief.

“Little boy you shouldn’t look so relaxed.” Ash growled in rage, no one calls him a little boy. Narcissa’s voice was laced with malevolence as she spoke.

“This swamp is composed of a chemical, home only to this Gym now that they’ve cleaned up the waters outside. After many years of exposure prior to the cleanup, our local species had built a unique immunity to it.”

“Wait, you mean to tell me this swamp is really poisoned?!” He watched in horror as Pikachu sunk into the murky waters, sputtering and kicking as the thick water made it hard to swim. A slow ripple neared closer to Pikachu and Ash all but knew what this spelt for him.

“Crush him with Body Slam Kreukevile!” The Pokemon leapt out of the water, catching Pikachu between its huge jaws. He carried him in midair and then plummeted towards the island. Pikachu screamed out and jolted the attacker just before they landed but it was too late; he was crushed under the weight of the crocodile’s massive jaws. And with a quick snap Pikachu was thrown high into the air and landed squarely on his back on the neighboring island.

He didn’t respond.

“Pikachu is unable to battle!” Ash jumped forward and retrieved his partner.

“Hey you did good buddy, make sure you rest up and save your energy alright?” Pikachu smiled weakly back in agreement and fell asleep. Ash sighed as he laid him down. He needed a defense against those earthquakes so there was only one logical choice.

“Go Virgel!” The angelic pokemon came out of his pokeball and swooped into the air. Misty nodded in silent agreement from the selection; she maintained her silence the whole time, not like how she would normally cheer in his other Gym matches.

“Hmph hopefully this will be more interesting,” she scoffed aloud as Ash glared back at her. The referee looked at the opponents, raised his flags and brought them down.


“Back into the water, love!” Her pokemon inched towards the edge until he submerged himself.

“That’s not gonna work again! Virgel, skim the waters until you find him!” The pokemon floated just above the swamp, submerging his fists and searching as Narcissa kept quiet, almost bursting with excitement since she had him where she wanted him.

“Leap out and clamp onto him.” He emerged right from underneath Virgel and caught his right arm, yanking him down towards the swamp.

“Don’t let go!” Narcissa yelled. But as the pokemon closed his jaws around Virgel’s tiny fist, Ash yelled,

“Mach Punch now!” His teeth scraped Virgel’s wrist, but he caught Kreukevile square between the eyes with a lightning quick punch from his other arm that threw him back into the water.

“Don’t let up, force him back on land!” With quick movements, he dove to where Kreukevile fell and lifted him out of the swamp and slammed him, back first, onto dry land again. Narcissa gritted her teeth at the disastrous turn of events and screamed,

“Hurry and use Sludge again!” He rolled and, rearing his nostrils back, he shot out two globs of black liquid which caught both of Virgel’s wings. He had trouble keeping afloat and landed on his feet, looking dead at the opposition in the eyes now.

“We can drag this one out if you’d like…Use Poison Gas Kreukevile!” Black smoke began to emit from the Pokemon’s long nose until he expelled it all with a great breath. Virgel covered his mouth with his arm and took a step back.

“Don’t worry, clear the smoke with Wing Attack and follow up with Mega Punch!” He flapped his grime covered wings and the smoke shot back into Kreukevile’s face. Virgel reared back his glowing fist and aimed into the black shroud of smoke. Kreukevile dodged it with ease by shifting his light body with a shake of his head, driving Virgel’s fist into the tender ground. His pokemon struggled to get his fist out of the soft ground, so he had to yank it out with his other arm and this gave Ash an idea.

“Pound on his head Virgel!” Without hesitation, the pokemon clamped his hands together and flattened them on top of the Snout pokemon, burying his nose into the dirt. The pokemon and his trainer were caught off guard and he tried to release himself from the ground, but with no momentum, he was literally stuck there. Virgel cracked his knuckles with a sinister look on his face as Kreukevile closed his eyes in fear.

After a few blows, Kreukevile stayed buried in the ground without any movements.

“Kreukevile is unable to battle, the winner is Virgel!”

“Alright, good job buddy!” Ash yelled in elation as his Pokemon returned it with a thumbs up.

Narcissa was impressed with his clever strategy but that was just a taste of what she could offer.

“Don’t celebrate now, we’re just getting started; come out, Drine!” A round and spiny pokemon appeared in front of them, with two skinny tails each ending on an oval and a shrewd look in her eyes:

“Drine, the Chilling Pokemon. 2’7” Ice/Poison. These Pokemon usually hide underneath tall patches of grass due to them being very shy creatures. Their poison is generated in its two tails and carried over into its body. The unique aspect of its poison lowers the temperature of anything it comes into contact with. Because of this, its poison laced spines can be described as cold as icicles. A telltale fact if there are Drine in the area is by seeing your breath on an otherwise warm day. Their main offense is using the spines they carry on their body which grow back as fast as they are ejected.”

As the Pokedex slid back into place, he began to brainstorm,

“If I keep Virgel out, he’ll be too tired from the last match to hold up against this guy, but Poison/Ice is a terrible match up for a Grass type like Dogra…” He bit his lower lip in thought as he tried to rack his brains on what to do…


“Quickly use Poison Sting Drine!” Jumping on Ash’s hesitation, a flurry of tiny needles shot forward at a grounded Virgel and he lunged himself to the side, nearly taking the attack. But a second wave came and these caught him off balance. He yelled in agony as the poison seeped into him then he used his sticky wing to shield himself from the continuing onslaught.

Having no other choice, Ash gritted his teeth and called back his pokemon.

“You earned your rest Virgel…Go Dogra!” The grassy hamster leapt out and cut the air with his twig. Misty continued to observe in silence albeit she was feeling a bit apprehensive seeing as how Ash was virtually down two pokemon and Narcissa had two healthy ones ready to go. Things were looking pretty bad for Dogra too; this wasn’t exactly the ideal battle for any kind of Grass type…

“Drine, use Tackle!” Dogra sidestepped the simple attack and was irritated by his slow witted trainer. From behind him though, Drine sneered as Narcissa smirked, this was an old strategy that had always worked for them.

“Drine use Icicle Spear!” He was wide open from the back and didn’t have time to block as Drine unleashed a barrage of ice from her back. The attack hit him and he squeaked in pain as he rolled in place to face her.

“Keep them coming love!” As the old ones flew away, new spikes grew back and she shot them off again following Dogra as he ran in a circle around her. She continued to launch wave after wave until finally Ash spoke up,

“Turn around and Cut through the attack Dogra!” Pivoting on the spot, he slashed with the twig in his hand and smashed the pieces flying towards him.

“Great now use Razor Leaf into Cut!” He threw a set of pointed leaves at her then charged forward as Drine recovered from her energy consuming volleys.

“Don’t stop now Drine! Keep firing until he’s finished!” She growled as she was still trying to rest up but she obliged and fired a second bombardment, shredding the leaves aimed at her.

“Don’t let down Dogra, use Cut and fight your way through!” Still running at full speed Dogra readied himself and let out a high pitched war cry. Brandishing the green twig in hand, he slashed and cut through the fast onslaught, charging closer and closer to the now bare pokemon, recovering after having released so many spines.

“Icy Wind, Drine!” Drine panted and grunted in annoyance; she had to catch her breath first. Narcissa didn’t seem to notice though, she was too annoyed at herself. She didn’t think Ash was going to give her such a hard time. Her pokemon let out a pale white breath of frost from her mouth as Dogra neared to within feet of her.

Ash pointed his finger at Drine with a grin and yelled,

“Dodge and attack Dogra, like we practiced!” He leapt over the attack and waited until he was directly above Drine. He swung the twig and using the momentum, spun and slashed across her bald back. He turned and landed on his two feet, clutching the dirt with his open hand as he slid while the other held his weapon high.

Drine shouted in pain and scurried as far she could from her opponent, ignoring Narcissa’s orders for a counterattack until after she gained some significant distance from her opponent. He looked into her eyes and she growled back still smarting from that back slice.

”So her back is her weakest point huh… Ash mused and then smirked after having hatched an idea. Before she could give him the opportunity though, Narcissa yelled,

“Drine, use Toxic Spikes! Protect yourself!” She reared her back up and shot another flurry of pins, this time they stuck in the ground and the field was dotted with traps.

“Razor Leaf Dogra, keep pressuring and evading!” Left with no choice as the field was too dangerous for Dogra to charge in directly he fired his first volley and began to leap from spike to spike, inching closer to Drine.

“Defend yourself Drine!” She shot out frozen spines once again and they ripped through the leaves, but missed Dogra as he cut the spears and carefully evaded the Toxic Spikes. Another volley of Razor Leaf and another and another, Dogra was intensifying the number until it was getting tasking for Drine to shoot them all down.

“Just use Icy Wind Drine! Then combine with Icicle Spear!” The flying leaves froze in place and fell and the spears shattered them before they touched the ground. The field was covered by the obscuring frost and Dogra disappeared from sight. Drine grew worried and searched for him, regrowing her spines just in case.

“Behind you!” Narcissa screamed and Ash smiled and yelled,

“Poke her Dogra!” By the time Drine could react, Dogra jutted her in the behind between her spikes. She sprang up into the air squealing then landed on her back, stuck to the ground. She wiggled as hard as she could to free herself but to no avail.

“Finish it Dogra!” He picked up speed and somersaulted over Drine. With nimble speed he cut her three times in midair and then kicked her free once he landed just for good measure. After she landed it was pretty evident what the result was and the referee held up Ash’s flag.

“Drine is unable to battle, the winner is Dogra!” After returning Drine to her pokeball, Narcissa got very terse and kept quiet. Her lip trembled as she sent out her final pokemon.

The bright white pokemon cooed and spun in the air with a mischievous grin on her face. Ash took out his Pokedex once more,

"Quofu, the Calling Pokemon. 2’ 5” Psychic/Poison. Commonly purported as the evidence for Pokemon’s origins in space, these creatures come out every night and look up at the sky. Raising their heads they hum and a sequential array of bright lights flash from their forehead as if they were calling out to someone far above. They carry their poison in their tail and inject it directly into their opponents."

Floating just above the floor, the pokemon spun in midair laughing and goofing off as Dogra observed her from the other side.


And as if the starting gun had been shot, Quofu launched towards Dogra, grinning as she neared.

“Dodge Dogra!” Leaping out of the way, he prepped himself for the next attack but Quofu held him with her psychic attack.

“That’s good Quofu, now Psybeam!” Sticking her tongue out at Dogra as she looked back at him while upside down, she shot a wave of energy as he was let go from her hold. With no chance to move, he braced himself and the attack connected with his body, knocking him off his feet.

“Poison Jab now Quofu!” In a burst of speed, Quofu stuck her tail out and aimed straight at Dogra’s chest. He rolled out of the way but the attack had just grazed his arm. Quofu pulled out her stinger from the ground with a malicious grin as she watched her opponent. Dogra’s breathing was erratic and he could barely stand on his two feet as the poison worked its way into his body. He wobbled and struggled until gravity had overcome his spirit. He fell face forward onto the ground.

“Dogra is unable to battle, the winner is Quofu!” Ash's stomach turned as he called back his pokemon.

“Dogra you did your best, now it’s all up to you Virgel, to help us out.” With a newly resolved will, Ash sent out his last pokemon and he looked ready to fight even though his wings were still full of sludge from earlier.

Narcissa was now looking pleased with herself and her tense posture relaxed as she could breathe a sigh of relief. She flicked her hair at Ash and raised her eyebrow, looking all too smug now that it was Ash's turn in the hot seat. He maintained his cool though as the referee lifted his flags for one final time.

“BEGIN!” And at once, Virgel took off this time, rearing up a Mach Punch hoping to catch Quofu off guard.

“Sludge Bomb, baby!” Grin still on her face, Quofu lifted her arms up and sent the swamp crashing in waves around them. Virgel leapt onto her and didn’t let go as she continued to flood the arena with the poisonous liquid.

“Nice going Virgel, now hit her with a Wing Attack!” A dirty wing slapped Quofu across the face and Virgel let go once the swamp subsided. The grin disappeared off her face and now she was angry. She raised her hands again and this time the lights on her head began to blink furiously. Two pillars of grime rose up from the swamp and Quofu growled as she lowered her hands down. Virgel leapt to the next island as the water came crashing down on the other.

Quofu followed up again and chased Virgel as he leapt from island to island, until he was within striking range again. Quofu prepared her stinger as well and she summoned the poisonous fluid from the swamp.

“Mach Punch Virgel!” He launched off the ground and sped towards Quofu as she shot out the Sludge Bomb attack once more. It skimmed past his chest and he was closing in fast.

“Go Ash! Go get her!” Misty broke her silence and waved her arms in the air spurning him to win it all. He smiled and burned with new confidence. He was going to try something he had done only in practice.

Virgel came within range and Quofu awaited her next attack from her trainer. But Narcissa was silent, in fact not even paying attention to the match at all. There, behind a cheering Misty, was an aged and rugged but instantly recognizable face, one that she hadn’t seen since that distant hurtful memory.

With Narcissa distracted and Quofu left open, Virgel knew that this was it. He slammed his fist against the top of her head, knocking her into the ground. As Virgel landed back on the floor, Quofu was struggling to stand on her feet. Ash shouted out,

“Sky Uppercut Virgel!” He followed suit as his hand turned blue and before Quofu could blink, rocked her squarely on the jaw sending her soaring towards the swamp. Narcissa cried out and placed her hands on her head, falling to her knees as she watched her pokemon and her title fall through the air. She landed with a huge splash and resurfaced shortly after, floating and unmoving with swirls in her eyes.

“Quofu cannot continue, the winner of the match is Virgel and Ash!” Ash pumped his arms up, screaming and shouting and jumping in place as Virgel ran towards him copying him move for move. Misty smiled but stopped when a chill ran down her spine.

She turned around but there was nothing there in the empty archway, just darkness and the open door, though she was sure she had left it closed... Even though the sensation that someone had been there didn’t leave her, she ignored it and went down to meet Ash and a devastated and beaten Narcissa.
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They gathered together outside of the Gym as Ash was in high spirits and Pikachu was starting to feel better after a quick rest, already poking his head outside of his trainer’s bag. Misty had rejoined Ash, equally high spirited so now all they had left to do was to receive the badge.

Narcissa finally looked Ash in the eyes; a faint humility in her pupils was all Ash could identify from her stare. She seemed very foreign and in a distant land, clearly something else greater was occupying her thoughts. She spoke clearly but with unease in her voice.

“I guess while trying to attain an undefeated title through other means, I discovered today that the one thing I should have been focusing on was my training. Though I won’t thank you I at least acknowledge that you did help me.”

“What kind of garba-”

“Okay Misty, it’s okay!” Ash laughed as he held her back from rearranging Narcissa’s face. All he wanted was his badge he had enough battles for today.

“As a reward for your efforts in defeating me Ash, you have earned the Hazard badge.” She presented the badge to him, a yellow triangle with a spout at the tip, resembling a chemistry flask. He held it up high and laughed as Misty joined him. And while she was there to smile and congratulate Ash, mostly she wanted to gloat in Narcissa’s face one last time. When she turned to look though, she was gone, apparently slipping out as soon as their attention shifted to the badge.
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Just outside the back of Narcissa’s home, the afternoon sun was high in the air and shone on the rest of the Village below, but the shadow of the house fell over the two figures, covering them from the rest of the world. She looked at the man in front of her who was uneasy each time their eyes met. He held his head high though and stared back in silence. And without saying a word, he walked towards her until he was a few feet away from her face. With a steady lift of his arm, he placed his hand gently on her shoulder, covering the tattoo of the scorpion stinger on her neck.

“Narcissa…all this time that we were separated, I thought it was you that had kept us apart…but I realized that you were the one who kept me from falling apart.” His grip tightened as he smiled in a whisper of a voice,

“I’ve missed you Narcissa…” She smiled back and embraced him, her scarlet red hair warming his body. They clung to each other as the shadow of the house veiled them from the heart of the sun, illuminating instead his village and her home.
<- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ->
Now heading back to the Center to heal his team, Ash walked in silence with Misty. Even though he was proud of winning his third badge of the region, there was still a lingering unease in his stomach. He looked at Misty out of the corner of his eye and saw her face, worn and tired from the heavy night before. And normally bright and cheery Misty was quiet today, smiling and happy but at the same time hoisting her legs up one by one as if they ended in weights.

Smiling at her, he lifted the Hazard badge out of his case and blocked out the tiny sun with the metal pin.

“Getting these badges sure is hard work…there’s a lot of time and of course, training that I have to dedicate to getting these badges.” And he shifted his tone to a more sincere one.

“But the one thing I need the most if I want to get all of these badges…is you Misty. You’re the one who helped me win today." He looked her dead in the eyes as they stopped in the middle of the road. He smiled as she caught his eyes, peering straight into her. She was shocked and looked away but she blushed as she smiled and said,

“You sure got that right Ash…” She began towards the Center again, hands resting freely behind her back.

“Now maybe it’s time you started saying it more often,” she said with a wink and a backwards glance. He smiled even harder this time, the feeling in his face getting warmer and his breathing shallow. Pikachu leapt out of his bag and Ash followed laughing behind him, both of them running after Misty as she gave chase to the Pokemon Center. Invisible to the eye, the ties between the three of them were getting stronger each day as love would have it; yet unknown to them, this was still just the beginning and their bonds and limits would be tried in ways previously inexperienced.

Author's Notes

It was kind of weird to have to return to this chapter after not writing for so long, it took me a while to get back into the flow of things. I had to change a couple of things once I started again, such as Shogra who is now Dogra, a little green hamster like pokemon. I haven't had the opportunity to update the older chapters but I'm working on them. It's taking a lot longer than I expected, maybe it would help if I wasn't so picky

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