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This was an alright episode, but seriously, Greggle pwns.
And I'm glad some Shinou pokemon exsist. I was starting to get worried that they were in Johto or Kanto or something.
Also Mimiroru is cute. I hope that it has an interesting personality, and the fact that she likes Pikachu is cute~
And to finish my post off: Greggle looking up Hikari's skirt is priceless =D.
Does someone happen to have a picture of this? I need to see this for myself.

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"Just wait you kids....Ash, you will use your Pokemon to help me take over the world....Brock, you WILL die...along with Todd and Ritchie...Hikari...you shall be my sex slave."
Croagunk is our lord!
Our saviour!!
Our messiah!!!

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On another note, granted this is the first episode I've seen pics of in this "Season", but what's with Team Rocket being "chased off"? Is this something that's been happening the past month, or was it just for this episode?

Then again, Brock dishing out the Jenny Pic makes me think that this is the first or second time the group encountered a Jenny in Sinnoh.

Oh, and I will be looking forward to seeing Greggle and Pikachu telling their masters how this "love thing" is done

Then again, I'd also like to see a Triangle develop between these two with Mimiroru in the middle. Especially when she and Greggle evolve.

Still, being a pervert for Hikari is in line with Greggle's Humanshape breeding group. I wonder if Mimi would have a "thing" for Ash instead of Pikachu if she evolves?
That would be disturbing in so many ways!
Lopunny: (in a seductive tone) Hey there, Ash! I've noticed you around sinnoh the last couple of weeks....
I'm sorry if I put any kind of "image" into anyone's head just now!

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So Hikari now has a little bunny rabbit and has hugged it and squeezed it, but has she named it George? Size 1(tm) Disclaimer:If you didn't even go "Hey, I got that!" at that, chances are good that you missed the joke, forgot everything about Looney Toons ever, and probably shouldn't comment on what I just said.
I get that joke! I've seen that cartoon before!

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I can hear the Pokedex now....

Croalurk- THe perverted Pokemon

THis pokemon enjoys standing under or behind human girls with abnormally short skirts.
Especially ones who wear no underwear like Hikari.
I almost burst into a fit of laughter when I read this!^

Awwwwww! Buneary has a crush on Pikachu! How sweet!

Croagunk was being his usual extremely awesome self like always!

I don't even want to think what Brock does with that picture of all the officer Jenny's!