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    Default RMT Diamond Team

    You know the deal, rate my team(I changed it alittle), give me your honest opinion and tips about the moveset, items, and any pokemon replacements

    Dorapion@Salac Berry
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Snipe
    EV: 98 speed, 252 Attack, rest on defense
    -Sword Dance
    -Cross Poison
    -Ice Fang

    Nature: Bold
    EV: Not sure
    -Baton Pass
    -Calm Mind
    -Eerie Wind/Shadow Ball

    Nature: Adamant/Careful
    EV: Forgot the spread ^^;
    -Curse/Sword Dance
    -Seed Bomb
    -Synthesis/Stone Edge

    Lucario@Salac Berry/Petaya Berry
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Humble Heart
    EV: 98 speed, 252 Special attack, rest on defense(?)
    -Shadow Ball
    -Pulse Bomb
    -Calm Mind

    Octillery@Adherence Glasses
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Snipe
    -Ice Beam
    -Charge Beam/Filler

    Nature: Impish
    EV: 252 Hp, rest between defenses
    -Pain Split
    -Shadow Punch
    -Focus Punch/Brick Break.

    Okay start with the rating.
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