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Thread: YGO:COTD 11/21/06:Dimensional Inversion

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    Default YGO:COTD 11/21/06:Dimensional Inversion

    Dimensional Inversion
    ****ap Card]
    Activate only when a monster you own is removed from play by an opponent's effect. Special Summon that 1 monster.

    This IMO is an interesting card since this can help counter removal cards from your opponent as this brings the monster back

    3/5 as this can help in some situations

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    The only thing this was useful for was Chaos Sorcerer and he got the banz. And wasting space to counter an odd Bottomless Trap Hole is just stupid.

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    With the Choas Sorcerer and Black Luster Soldier banned, this might not see some play, but..

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