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    Default Information About the Infraction Point System

    That's right, we've decided to overhaul the modding & banning system.

    Jess & I have worked through all the kinks and have decided on this.

    Ladies, gentlemen, hermaphrodites, asexual things (literal sense of asexual not your crazy sense that it just means no attraction), I present to you; The SPP User Infraction System

    The way it works is on a point system, similar to our old warning system, but more in depth. We have set out a certain amount for the most common things, however if necessary, smods and admins can set custom ones with custom points and expiry dates, so be warned.

    Almost of them have an expiry of one and a half months...we DO believe in rehabilitation here at SPPf.

    1. Foul Language: 1 point
    2. Abusing Smilies: 3 points
    3. Advertising: 3 points
    4. Asking for/offering forbidden/hacked Pokémon: 3 points
    5. Asking for help with Cheat Devices/Codes: 3 points
    6. Bumping Topics: 3 points
    7. Disobeying the Rules of a specific sub-forum: 3 points
    8. Double Posting: 3 points
    9. Flaming/Insulting Other People: 3 points
    10. Providing Links to Downloads of Illegal Content: 3 points
    11. Replying to Spam: 3 points
    12. Sending Chain PMs: 3 points
    13. Sending Unsolicited PMs: 3 points
    14. Spamming: 3 points
    15. Triple Posting: 4 points
    16. Mini-Modding: 5 points
    17. Posting with the intent to annoy others: 5 points
    18. Quadruple Posting: 5 points
    19. Sending Abusive/False Reports: 5 points
    20. Continuously disobeying the Rules of a specific sub-forum: 6 points
    21. Quintuple Posting: 6 points
    22. Trolling: 10 points
    23. Posting more than 5 times in a row: 15 points
    24. Posting Porn or other explicit material: 70 points
    25. Advertisement Bot: 130 points (note that normal users will never get this infraction, this is simply an infraction that mods use to automatically permaban spam bots that post advertisements all over the forums)
    26. Evading Ban: 130 points
    27. Giving your account details to a Banned user: 130 points

    And for bans, here are how the points go:

    • 20 Points:- 1 Week Ban
    • 40 Points:- 2 Week Ban
    • 60 Points:- 1 Month Ban
    • 80 Points:- 2 Month Ban
    • 100 Points:- 3 Month Ban
    • 130 Points:- PermaBan

    Now, when the mods give you any infraction points, you will be PM'd stating so and it will be accompanied by a message from the mods, providing a link to the place that you have done it.

    You can also just be warned for these and not get the points, at the mods' discretion, except for the very serious ones that are 70+ points.

    You guys wanted us to do our job...well now we are...AND THEN SOME.

    Please Note - We realize it's not your fault if you double/triple post by accident because of server lag, and you should not be infracted for it. Please ensure that you just have a quick check to see if your post has doubled, or thread as the case may be, then you can delete the post. The infractions are really against those who deliberately double/triple post for absolutely no reason other than sheer laziness to edit their previous.

    Some visual examples for you, below is the PM that you will receive when you get an infraction:

    And this is how points look on your user profile so you can always check:

    Oh, I also turned Multi Quote on. If you press the button on 2 or more posts and then press Reply, it'll bring those posts with it so that you can post via that.

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