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    This is my second attempt at my first fiction. The last time I lost interest and didn't get many views/comments. The title was terrible, the story didn't flow too well, and things were a little confusing. Now, I have fixed it up, into hopefully an enjoyable story.

    Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon, nor do I own some of the characters, i.e. some characters that make slight appearences like Gym Leaders. I do not own Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua (though I am trying...), nor do I own any of the towns/regions found in the video games I do; however, own this idea, along with most of the characters in this story.

    I am not perfect; therefore, I am not afraid to recieve constructive criticism, and I, in fact, encourage critiques, as long as they aren't flaming me in any sort of way.

    So with out any ado, I present to you Libertas an Mortis....

    Prologue: The Beginning of the End

    Zyzorex stepped outside, his eyes closed as he inhaled the rich sweet aroma of summertime air. His mossy green hair absorbed sun’s rays as they shone down, refracting off of the flourescent dew on the grass and giving it a bejeweled appearance. His mother’s aromatherapy garden gave off a sweet smell that completed the scenery. The golden sun seemed to bless the day with its splendor. Today was the perfect day.

    Zyzorex reached into his left pocket of his navy clad jeans and pulled out a spherical object, which was red on one half and white on the other. There was a small gray button in the middle which was used to open the device. He threw the ball in the air, and in doing so it opened, releasing a burst of red lightning to the ground from which came a little red monster stood holding one of its little red claws to its yellow, beak-like mouth. It cocked its head and stared at Zyzorex, provoking a smile from the boy. This was his first Pokemon and, although he was three years too young to officially start as a trainer, this was Zyzorex’s first pokemon all the same. Magby was its name.

    “Mom's sending us to Ecruteak gym to give Morty some of her famous pie,” Zyzorex told his red and orange friend.

    Magby nodded as they left. The ten year old boy was very mature for his age, which wasn’t strange for those who knew him. He was a diligent worker, yet he also loved to play like normal kids. As they were walking down the small road, he met up with his best friend, Ulysses "Yellow" Collins. A boy abandoned by his birthparents and raised by a Lunatone and a Solrock for four years of his life, he was then officially adopted by Miss Collins, Zyzorex’s next door neighbor. He had messy purple hair that stuck out at odd angles, a typical 'psychic' doo. He wore a dark blue shirt with a golden circle in the middle, a large crescent-shaped portion of which was silver, giving it the appearance of the sun/moon motif. He wore plaid green pajama pants without shoes, and an omnipresent indifferently tired expression added to the 'just woke up' appearance. While Yellow’s real name was Ulysses, everyone called him Yellow simply because he liked it better. It was the same thing with Zyzorex; his real name was Alaster, yet one day he decided to be called Zyzorex and thus he was called Zyzorex from then on.

    Yellow was playing with Cubone, a brown anthropomorphic lizard-shaped pokemon with a bone helmet. The Cubone had a small crack on the left side of his eye hole, due to a prior bonemerang accident. Yellow was helping Cubone use the same attack, by having the small bone in his hand chucked at Yellow as hard and accurately as possible.

    “Hey Yellow! Magby and I are going to go to Morty’s gym, do you want to come with us?” Zyzorex invited, standing against his white picket fence.

    “Sure, why not,” shrugged Yellow, yawning and calling back Cubone.

    After about five minutes of walking into the center of the city, Yellow and Zyzorex were standing in front of Ecruteak Gym. It looked like a huge shrine, and in fact was, due to the many monks who inhabited the gym for prayer. Morty was the only gym leader that Zyzorex knew, or had seen in that case. He was powerful, maybe one of the best, but the knowledge was that of a 10 year old adolescent who had seen few battles.

    Yellow impatiently knocked on the door and, after a minute, a bald old monk came out and opened the door. He had a blank expression, yet he had a sagacious look that only a wiseman of his caliber would be seen with.

    “Ahhh. Alaster, Ulysses, what a nice afternoon to have two young boys come visit the gym. It seems every time I see you two, you two get taller,” he said smiling.

    “Thank you,” said Zyzorex and Yellow in unison, bowing down to show the elder how respectful they were.

    “May we see Morty?” Zyzorex asked knowing the answer would be yes.

    “Of course you can,” said the monk, pointing to the battle arena, “There is a battle going on, but you can go in and watch for the remainder of the battle.”

    Yellow and Zyzorex ran into the battle arena and took their seats in the stands in the front row, at field level. The stands were made of large stone steps, the types one would find at an ancient amphitheatre. Zyzorex took a look at the challenger. It was a kid wearing a blue generic tee shirt with khaki shorts. The kid had four pokeballs around his waist, which probably meant that he had caught four pokemon this far in his journey.

    Morty already had his Misdreavus out, a small black and purple ghost-like creature with small red prayer beads looped around its neck. Zyzorex knew this trainer was tough; he had out a Kadabra, and since Misdreavus was out, Morty’s Ghastly had already fainted. The Kadabra was fiddling with a spoon which he had bent, Zyzorex guessed, using telekinesis on a previous occasion. Zyzorex knew Misdreavus was a well-raised pokemon and very few trainers had ever beaten her.

    “Now Misdreavus, use Hypnosis!” Morty commanded, as the small ghost’s eyes glowed a pale blue, staring into those of the Kadabra.

    The Kadabra fell asleep within a matter of seconds. He lay on the floor, snoring loudly with his spoon on the ground next to him.

    “Now Misdreavus, use Dream Eater!” Morty called out. Misdreavus opened her mouth widely and began to inhale thin grey streams that emerged from Kadabra’s head. Obliviously the stream lines were the dreams that were being eaten by Misdreavus.

    Despite the trainer’s cries, his slumbering Pokemon got a lot of his energy sucked out. The Kadabra held his forehead with his free hand as he woke up.

    “Okay Kadabra lets show ‘em a Psychic attack!” the trainer said, sweat dripping down his forehead as the psychic Pokemon began to violently manipulate the Misdreavus with his attack.

    Although Misdreavus was seriously beaten up by the powerful psychic attack that Kadabra had sent to the small spirit, she flew through the air, swerving sporatically until Kadabra couldn’t keep the attack up any more.

    Morty retaliated by launching a powerful Shadow Ball attack. Misdreavus formed a huge black sphere reminiscent of a black hole in her mouth before shooting it at the terrified Kadabra. He tried to jump out of the way, but even the glancing blow of the Shadow Ball took its toll and knocked the Pokemon out.

    Zyzorex decided to go wait for Morty in his office where he and Yellow waited for a lengthy period of time before Morty came inm a sweat-drenched towel around his neck. He was wearing a blue and yellow long sleeve tee shirt and red jogging pants with one white line traveling up the seam.

    “Ah-ha, so Zyzorex you came a knocking? Well what is it?” Morty asked Zyzorex as Yellow blankly read a pokemon magazine, keeping his feet on top of the mahogany desk.

    “Oh…um…oh yeah, Mom told me to give this to you,” he said pointing the parcel containing a pie in commemoration of his birth date, which he placed on his desk next to Yellow’s perpetually dirty feet.

    “Thanks. Say, your going to be a trainer in a couple of years aren’t you?” Morty asked, sliding the pie to a more favorable location and pulling out two small boxes from his desk.

    “Yeah, in three years I think, why do you ask?” Zyzorex replied. He watched Morty carefully as he pulled out the brown cardboard boxes.

    “Well, I received these packages in the mail today, and, well, I don’t have any purpose for them so here,” he said putting the boxes on the desk.

    Out of some innate reaction Yellow sprang up and grabbed one of the packages and ripped it open in a matter of milliseconds, leaving a pile of white packaging peanuts all over the floor.

    “...these are-” Zyzorex began to say, overcoming his speechlessness.

    “Pokedexes!” Yellow finished, beginning to punch in buttons rapidly. He pressed them at random, and somehow got the Pokedex to take his picture which it transferred onto the little screen. The Pokedexes were both red, about one inch wide and four inches long. It opened up like a book, which revealed a series buttons containing numbers, letters, and symbols. On the left side of the 'Dex there was a screen that took up half the space of the left side of the Pokedex.

    “Yeah they're yours for the keeping, just don’t lose th-” Morty was interrupted by a loud explosion. Before the boys knew what had happened, Morty escorted Zyzorex and Yellow through a back exit of the gym. It was as though Morty had anticipated this day, and Zyzorex could have sworn he had heard Morty mutter something that he could only make out as, “Not today…”

    Sweat poured out of Zyzorex’s face as he left out of the back exit. He ran across the street with Yellow following shortly behind. He turned his head towards the gym, which now had a pillar of smoke rising ominously from a hole in the ceiling. A Gengar flew through a wall, past Yellow, and landed against the wall of another building. It tried hard to get up, but a strong blast of whitish energy knocked the purple ghost back down. The two kids saw a giant Salamence, a blue, white, and red dragon pokemon, towering over the defeated Gengar.

    “Get out of the open, you stupid kids,” said a gruff a voice accompanied by two hands that pulled the kids into a bush. “Dontcha know what’s happening out there?” asked an old man who grabbed Yellow by the collar of his shirt. The old man had cold blue eyes, white hair, a brown coat, and pants to match.

    “No, but please sir, tell us what is going on,” said Zyzorex politely from under the bush. He did not bow, due to the fact that the rustling might attract unwanted attention, and that he was also lying on his stomach with a bunch of branches piercing through his green hair.

    “Well, you see, for some time Team Rocket planned their third comeback tour,” started the old man. “Anyway they actually found someone with enough brains to figure out that going for the entire world was too hard to tackle, so they are settling for town dominance. I guess this is their second stop.”

    “Second…so that means there’s been a first?” Yellow asked sliding through his shirt so the old man was holding a navy blue tee-shirt and not Yellow along with it. He had his Cubone’s pokeball in his hand as he lay on the ground next to Zyzorex.

    “The first place was a failed attempt, way back when, almost thirteen years ago in Saffron City, when two young trainers at the time stopped their plans before things got out of control,” the old man said.

    In the hushed silence that followed, footsteps could be heard drawing closer to the bush, along with two voices engaged in a conversation that the two boys couldn't quite hear.

    “Quickly, take these,” the old man whispered hurriedly, handing out two pokeballs, “Get as far away as possible!”

    The two boys snatched the balls, Zyzorex taking the one labeled “Torchic” and Yellowing taking the other that read “Shuppet” and, after sleepy consideration, his shirt as well. They ran out towards the forest and, as they ran, Zyzorex saw the old man being taken in by the two rocket grunts. The other grunt noticed the two boys and used a walkie-talkie to summon another nearby grunt. The two crooks met up and chased after the boys.

    Since the boys were smaller, their strides weren’t as long as the adult Rockets'. One of them managed to tackle Zyzorex. However, Yellow was able to kick the grunt in the face, knocking him off his friend.

    “Go, Spinarak!,” roared the grunt, as he threw the pokeball in front of the boys. The Spinarak created a web that soon encircled the area by connecting it web to the trunks of trees.

    “Go get 'em, Tyrogue!,” called the other. A light emerged from the ball, and out sprang a little pokemon who clenched his hands into fists, assuming a boxing stance and jabbing the air a few times.

    “Go Magby!” Zyzorex called as Yellow released his Shuppet. “Magby Scratch that Spinarak!” Zyzorex yelled pointing at the spider-like pokemon. Magby ran towards the Spinarak, which retaliated by shooting a web at Magby’s hand. Zyzorex, seeing the error of his attack, didn’t know how to react to such a move.

    “You shouldn’t have used a physical attack, because that will end up in you being a direct target for that spider’s stringy web,” stated Yellow, holding his hand up above his left eye and shaking one finger left and right, “Now watch. Shuppet use your Night Shade on that Tyrogue and show that Rocket why fighting type pokemon stand no chance against you!” The Shuppet’s eyes turned bright blue, and then the little fighting type Pokemon began to flail around in pain, causing him to fall onto the sticky web wall behind him.

    “Tyrogue, do something!” the grunt pleaded, seeing his pokemon all caught up in the web. The Spinarak was now dragging Magby by the string around in a circle. The spider-like pokemon moved up and down the web so that Magby would be dragged over rocks and other obstacles in the grass.

    Zyzorex smiled. “You know what, thanks,” he said as he stated an attack, “Magby, use Ember.” A little dribble of flame landed on Magby’s hand which then started to spread, inch by inch, out to towards the Spinarak, which frantically ran in zigzags across the web trying to get away from the inevitable inferno. Sure enough the flames caught up with the spider, and then they started to spread around the whole battle area. The Tyrogue tried to wiggle free but just couldn’t break the web. It was definitely a painful sight to watch, but the move was most effective in defeating two pokemon at one. The grunts had no other choice but to call back their pokemon and retreat back towards the city.

    Yellow grabbed Zyzorex and ran through the flames into the deeper darker part of the forest…

    -End of Prologue-

    (Note: Zyzorex, yes is a weird name, but it is pronounced, zizz 'zor rex. Also Yellow isn't Yellow from the Manga, I just thought I'd tell you that now...)

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    OH. MY. GAWD. That IMO was very good. Ulysses being raised by Solrock and Lunatone was PWNAGE and his nickname the oh so original Yellow. (You pick, sarcasm or no sarcasm.)

    Anyways, Team Rocket eh? Trying to take over Ecruteak. Is there somethey want there? Something in the Burned Tower? Tin Tower?

    Good luck. . .

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    Alright! Divinity_123, My favorite reviewer, I've seen you around the bend on a couple of threads...anyway more of the plot will actually be revealed in later chapters mainly paragraph 1, chapter 1, which I've completed. I have the prologue, as posted, and four chapters completed, and I am on Chapter 5, I just didn't want to post every chapter at once, for it deters people from reading. Thanks for your luck giving, and I'll take both non-sarcastic speech, and sarcasm.

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    Well, it is a better storyline the most fics in the beginning. Most fics start with getting afirst pokemon, finding about an evil organization, etc. The cliché goes on. (Although I do love those kind of fics myself. xP There's nothing wrong with them as long as they can write properly.)

    Also, I like the fact that they aren't pokemon trainers yet and that they do have their own pokemon. Maybe you could've replaced Torchic with Slugma but. . .it is your fic. You decide.

    But the character Yellow just intrigues me, I mean, being raised by a Solrock and Lunatone is probably the weirdest four years of your life. . .especially if you're a child.

    I'll probly be sticking around and so I'll be awaiting the next chapter.

    Like I've said before, g'luck.

    P.S. Don't forget to make Morty die. ^_^ *wink*

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    Morty is my favorite Gym Leader! He shall never die. Plus since Yellow is a feral child he has a different look on life than Zyzorex who has a normal view on whats going on. I guess I'll post Chapter 1 before I go to bed...

    Chapter 1: Three Years in the Making

    Zyzorex awoke with a cold sweat dripping down his forehead. It had been three years since that accursed day. In those three short years, many terrible things had happened. First, Team Rocket captured all of the major Kanto cities, along with some in Johto. In Hoenn things were bad as well. The land was divided into two territories: Magma territory and Aqua territory. Basically, all the port towns and islands had been taken over by Team Aqua, while the inland cities were controlled by Magma. In Hoenn especially there were many skirmishes over land between the two organizations. Their reason for fighting was the pursuit of the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. The worst part about all this was that these fights were normally started by intelligence gathered by espionage missions.

    Zyzorex felt that he ,ust stand up to these organizations and stop them. He had spent two of the past three years building a secret base, with the help of Yellow and other people with the same goals. After that, Zyzorex and Yellow traveled around Hoenn looking for a foothold to fight back from while training their pokemon at the same time.

    He looked up and saw the sun slowly creeping over the horizon, heralding dawn. He got up and noticed Yellow wasn’t in his sleeping bag. “…For someone as lazy as he is, he sure gets up early...” he muttered. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and decided to go on a little stroll before setting out to the next city, which they had decided was Lavaridge.

    Zyzorex moved out into the forest, looking at all the trees around him. After about thirty minutes he heard a thunderous roar. He turned in all directions, trying to discern where the noise had come from. Seeing nothing, he sighed and turned to go back the way he was going before. He stopped dead in his tracks, now facing a giant, brown, ursine Pokemon towering over him. He tried to take a few steps back, but the bear clawed at him, causing him to fall backwards onto his rump. He shook his head and glared at the Pokemon, which he had now figured out was an Ursaring.

    “So it’s a battle you want? Well, you got it! Go Traverse!” he said, releasing a pokeball. A human-shaped pink and white pokemon named Medicham appeared. The Pokemon had puffy 'pants' and a sort of pink headpiece with a flap on either side. Zyzorex noticed that the Ursaring had a scar that ran down from above his left eye to the cheekbone below it, and that it was quite old, one of the oldest pokemon he had seen on his journey. “Traverse, Ice Punch!” he commanded.

    The Medicham clenched his right fist and, as he did, a cool blue aura formed around it. Traverse then lunged at the Ursaring, throwing his fist very quickly at the giant grizzly. The Ursaring whirled out of the way, revealing a huge boulder. Traverse punched head-on, freezing the large rock and encasing it in about two inches of ice. He knew that Traverse must have gotten hurt, because he saw the slightest ripple of a flinch when his fist connected with the stone. But the Medicham was tough, and with his second fist he hit the boulder, shattering it like glass with a mallet. Traverse turned around, only to see the grizzly charging at him at full speed, cuspate claws high in the air.

    Zyzorex, thinking quickly, declared an offensive attack. “Use High Jump Kick!” Traverse leapt high into the air over the furious Ursaring. This left Traverse in a sticky situation: if Traverse didn’t hit his target, he was going to end up damaging himself badly. Zyzorex cringed as his fears were realized; the Ursaring sidestepped, leaving Traverse on an unfavorable trajectory with the ground.
    He called out another attack in desperation. “Okay Traverse, use Confusion!” Traverse did so, decreasing the velocity of his fall and stopping himself from crashing into the earth by repelling himself from it. When he was all straightened out, he gently lowered himself to the ground, facing the Ursaring once again.

    This time Ursaring started to kick up dirt, making a wall of brown dust. The bear's silhouette could be seen running through the curtain of dust, swinging his arms wildly. He made three powerful strikes against Traverse, knocking him to the ground. Ursaring began to howl and sway in its rage as it went in for another attack.

    “Traverse, Detect while you still have a chance!” Zyzorex yelled as Ursaring’s claw swiped at the Medicham’s face.

    Traverse calmly slid his head to the right before the giant bear’s claw could make contact. The bear then tried to stab the Medicham through the chest. Medicham, however, had different plans, and executed them well: as Ursaring’s second claw came crashing down, Traverse somersaulted backwards and got to his feet in one fluid motion. The grizzly grew angrier and even more confused, ripping both of his claws from the ground where they had been stuck and uprooting several small plants in the process. He continued to slash at Traverse with its claws, and with each swipe the Ursaring’s claws increased in speed, making his forearms even deadlier. However, Traverse kept up his dodging skills by sidestepping and jumping over each attack.

    Traverse’s movements were starting to become sluggish, which meant that the Detect's effectiveness was running out. Zyzorex decided to take this fight to the offensive once more. “Okay Traverse that’s enough, now use Reversal!”

    Ursaring slashed a final time with his left claw, but Traverse sidestepped to the right, grabbed Ursaring’s arm, and threw him into a tree with extreme force. The force of the blow was so massive that the tree shuddered all the way down to its roots, and when the Ursaring slid down to the ground a large, splintery dent was visible in the trunk.

    Traverse sunk to his knees, exhausted. Zyzorex stuck out the pokeball with the word "Traverse" on it and sent a red beam to return Traverse to his pokeball.

    “Hmmm, he looks like he might get lonely, and he does have a mean Slash attack…” Zyzorex mused, “Ah what heck.” He threw a Pokeball at the downed bear. The ball captured the Ursaring in mid-air before falling to the ground, shaking for about 10 seconds. Zyzorex ignored the sweat dripping down the side of his head as he strained for the Pokeball to catch the Ursaring. It shook a final time before halting abruptly, marking a successful capture. “Haha….a fighter ‘till the end,” Zyzorex said, grinning and wiping the sweat off of his forehead. He picked up the Pokeball and put it in the side pocket of his baggy pants. His white tee-shirt was covered in dirt and sweat, but he didn't mind. He decided that it was time to go back to the camp, raising his hand to his forehead and squinting at the sun gleaming through the trees. Judging from its elevation, he would say that it was about eight o'clock.

    He casually strolled back to the camp, taking his time to look at all the flowers and different Pokemon that roamed freely without fear of humans. They were mostly Rattata and Pidgey, the type of common Pokemon that were ideal for a starting trainer. Seeing the two tent campsite in the distance, he picked up his pace a little and jogged down the dusty path.

    The first thing he noticed when he got back was that Yellow was asleep. “Figures…” Zyzorex muttered as he started to cook breakfast over a fire in the middle of a ring of stones. He let his mind wander as the oatmeal simmered in the bowl. “Now if I had a Miltank, I could have milk, but now that I have an Ursaring, he can go sniff out honey…” He began to picture the Ursaring stealing honey, and then running away from a swarm of Beedrill. “Yeah…no…” he said, taking a bowl of oatmeal away from the fire and shaking his head at the thought. He poured the oatmeal into two smaller bowls and walked over to Yellow. He gently kicked him awake, giving him the bowl.

    “Awww...C’mon, I wanted a full night's sleep...” Yellow complained, taking the oatmeal and stretching.

    “Is that so? Then why weren’t you in your sleeping bag at dawn?” Zyzorex inquired, pulling three cans of Pokefood from a knapsack.

    “Well it’s just that…I had to go to the...bathroom?” Yellow lied feebly, shrugging as he released all his pokemon: twin Kirlia, Marowak, and the Shuppet he received three years earlier.

    “Uh-huh, and that’s why you were nowhere to be found when I went out,” Zyzorex stated, releasing his pokemon: Magby, Combusken, Medicham, and now the newly captured Ursaring.

    “Hey, when did you get an Ursaring?” Yellow yelled at Zyzorex, apparently upset.

    “You still didn’t answer my question!” Zyzorex shot back, gobbling down his oatmeal.

    “Well, if you need to know, I've been doing some late-night training,” confessed Yellow innocently as he slowly ate his food.

    “So that’s how you’ve been getting an edge against me when we battle!” Zyzorex snapped indignantly.

    “Yeah, so? I’m smart. You're not. End of story.” Yellow punctuated his remark with a protruding tongue. “Anyway, where’d you get the Ursaring, hhhhmmmmm?” he said, making a weird face. His messy purple hair made him look like a total goofball, belying the genius within. He wore generally the same outfit as always, a grey sweatshirt with a more stylized sun/moon and the plaid pajama pants, sans footwear.

    They finished their meals in silence and packed up the stuff they had, which constituted a lot of items for two people. It consisted mainly of the two tents, a large bowl, Pokemon food, ten small plastic bowls for pokemon and future Pokemon, two medium bowls for Zyzorex and Yellow, a cooking pot, flint and steel, and various items that everyday Pokemon trainers would normally carry. They set off for the town of Lavaridge, and after about an hour of walking, they were standing on a hill that overlooked the quaint old town.

    “Zyz…” Yellow ventured softly, “...What happened to our parents?”

    “How should I know?” Zyzorex replied, “All I know is that Team Rocket’s got them held somewhere.” As he finished the sentence, a single tear rolled down his left cheek, but his features hardened and his voice became grave.“Forget it. Let’s just go.”

    -End o' Chapter-
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    Hmm, so just about all the regions get their asses handed to them by these evil organizations. But why would they go to Hoenn? o_O???? Anyways, damn Urasring is too old and crusty! LOLZ.

    What happened to the elite? Aren't there rebellions or where they just overwhelemed by the sheer power of Raticate and Arbok? (TR sux IMHO. Ran by a stereotypical italian man with an itallian name. Can you guess who I'm talkin' bout?)

    You're doing fine so far.


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    You'll eventually learn why things happen, such as Yellow and Zyzorex heading off to Hoenn to being their epic journey to stop these people, but don't worry, there won't be any Sterotypical Arbok/Ratacate issued to any members of Team Rocket in this fic, unless I make a comedy chapter or something of that nature. However here is chapter 2.

    Chapter 2: Gaining Support

    After hiking for most of the day, Zyzorex and Yellow found themselves standing over a cliff overlooking a small town. "Well, here we go..." Zyzorex said as he started to descend the rocky precipice. Yellow was above him, going down slowly. Zyzorex noticed halfway down that his hands started to hurt. His palms were beginning to sweat, and with each step, it grew harder to grab on to each jutting rock. To make matters worse, there was a light overcast above, and the green leaves looked ready to obtain water. The rain dripped at irregular intervals at first, eventually quickening its pace and leading to a downpour. He reached for the next footing, and couldn’t get any grip. His body weight pulled down on his arms, he could only watch as his fingers gave way.

    “Oh geez,” he gasped as his index and middle fingers slid off the rock. He felt something terrible, something nobody should ever experience in their life; pure, unadulterated fear. The last thing he saw was Yellow climbing down before he blacked out.

    “Ugh…Where am I?”

    “Good morning, young trainer,” answered a calm female voice.

    “Ooough...what happened?” Zyzorex asked, holding his head. It felt like someone just smacked him in the back of the head with a lumpy frying pan.

    “Well, you fell. Idiot,” Yellow replied sipping, some coffee. It was apparently new, with wisps of steam rising from the deep purple mug.

    “And you fell on my herb garden! So now I think you should cough up the cash for destroying my famous Syndin roots. They are the key component to make full heals you know!” The woman, whom Zyzorex had just noticed, had medium-length brown hair, and eyes to match. “Well, actually, they're my mother’s, but still you owe me.”

    “Uh…so how much are we talking about here? Like 5 poke-dollars a piece?” he said, forming a little sweat drops on his forehead. He had a right to be nervous; he and Yellow combined only had a few dollars.

    “More like 1,000 a piece!” she snapped back. Zyzorex could see fire in her eyes, and he knew that she was serious. “Ever since Team Magma rolled into town, they’ve racked the prices on everything sold and or imported. “They make it so that we can barely pay taxes, or have enough food to survive to the next week…” She finished as tears rolled down her face.

    Now Zyzorex was uncomfortable. “Well you see I only have…” he stopped as he looked for his wallet, “Sixty dollars.” He said, sighing, “How many dollars' worth did I smash when I fell?”

    “Sixty…sixty…SIXTY?! WHAT KIND OF MORON CARRIES SIXTY DOLLARS AT A TIME?! AND HERE I AM HELPING YOU DEAD BEATS?!” she roared at Zyzorex who was still lying defenseless on a red couch. “YOU! You smashed...the ten biggest plants,” she finished, trying to regain her composure.

    “Uhhh…umm…well…” Zyzorex started.


    “…Well, it's become apparent to me that you’re a nut-job,” Yellow stated, before he was slapped in the face.

    “I guess you heard that,” he said weakly. Luckily for him, he had put his mug down a few seconds earlier, or else he would have been fried like a Wurmple crossing a Combusken’s path.

    “Um, if I may speak miss, I think I know how we can repay you, and more…” he said, grinning like he always did when he got a crazy idea. “How about this; if we can kick the guy in charge of this part in the butt and make him and all of magma leave this town, I get off scot-free…Deal?” he asked, winking.

    “First of all, the name’s Flora. And second…how can you get rid of people like Sid and his cronies? You're just a kid.” she stated, knowing that he couldn’t do it alone. “But… If you really want to take this guy out, you better seek out Flannery to help you. The only place she will be is in her gym, which is west of here.” Flora finished helping Zyzorex up, and ushered the two boys to the door.

    Some time later Zyzorex found himself outside of a large, spa-like building. “I thought that gyms were supposed to be battle arenas, not day spas...” Zyzorex muttered, scratching his head.

    Yellow walked in shortly thereafter, and for a full three minutes Zyzorex scratched his head. “What do you think, Yellow…Yellow?” he asked, looking around for Yellow. He saw Yellow inside, talking to a red-headed girl in her thirties. She wore a black tank top and baggy blue pants. He rushed in, pushing the glass door open as he stepped on the hard wood floor.

    “…So Flannery, how about this proposition,” Yellow said, looking as lazy and disinterested as ever, “I beat you in a pokemon match and you aid us in taking this Sid guy out,” he finished, pointing his thumb behind him when he said “out.”

    “Fine, but just for sport we will make it so that the first one with three losses loses the match. And if I win, you will have to help all the old people in this room...with their sponge baths,” she said ominously.

    “…you done yet?” Yellow spoke, yawning as he covered his mouth with his left hand, “Or are we going to battle?” He grabbed a pokeball from his sweatshirt’s main pocket. “Go Egill,” Yellow called out, throwing the red and white ball into the middle of the field, from which a Marowak materialized.

    “Well well, the little boy sends a ground type thinking he’s cool. Well get set for some hot stuff!” she snapped. “Go Magcargo!” she said as the lava snail. Flannery pressed a red button on the wall next to her and all the hot spring baths moved to enclose the area by forming a wall around the competitors.

    “Now Magcargo, Flamethrower,” Flannery commanded. The Magcargo opened its mouth, breathing a large stream of fire at the Marowak.

    “...Egill, throw ‘em a bonemerang, straight into the fire,” he said. His eyes were half open, showing his little interest in his opponents move. The pokemon threw his bone at the stream of fire, piercing the center. This divided the flame, inadvertently protecting himself.

    “Protect, Magcargo,” she ordered as the snail crawled into its shell, ducking from the bone. “Now follow up with another Flamethrower.” The Magcargo complied, spewing flame at the Marowak.

    “Run away from that flame!” Yellow called out as his Marowak ran in a circle around the Magcargo, the Pokemon’s Flamethrower trailing close behind. Yellow smirked. “You don’t pay much attention do you,” he said, nodding at the bonemerang that was on its way back. The white bone hit the Magcargo in the back of the head, passing through it with a slurping noise as it returned to the Marowak's grasp.

    “Ok Egill, now get him with your Double-edge!” Yellow said as he pointed at the Magcargo, who was trying to recuperate from the blow to the head. It had only just picked up its head to see the Marowak’s head slam into its stomach at full force. The Marowak kept going, and Magcargo’s body started to ooze on to Marowak’s skin. Its face was contorted into a look of shock and pain, eyes wide, mouth agape. The areas on Marowak touched by the drips of Magcargo’s body started to sizzle, but the Bonekeeper pokemon was too angry to care.

    “Keep going,” Yellow called out. He could see the burns forming all over Marowak’s back and arms but regardless he urged his first pokemon on. “Now release!”

    The Marowak dropped gracefully to the ground, sending the Magcargo flying into the wall, where it crashed powerfully. Its eyes were in a daze, and shortly thereafter it listlessly fell to the ground.

    “Magcargo is unable to battle, this round goes to Yellow and his Marowak, Egill!” exclaimed the referee, holding a green flag.

    “How could Egill continue, first of all he used Double-edge, which means that he was going to take massive recoil damage, then he slammed into Magcargo’s body for a good ten seconds. That would leave a pretty big dent in one's stamina, I just don’t get it!” Zyzorex said, speculating possible explanations.

    “It’s a simple answer, actually,” Yellow told the audience, “My Marowak has a rock-hard head, therefore using Double-edge was of no cost to Marowak’s condition. So the only things that affected my Marowak were those burns, and that wouldn’t be enough to take my pal out,” he finished smugly.

    “Actually you underestimate the heat that my Magcargo possesses,” Flannery said, as she pointed to the Marowak, who was now staggering, using his bone as a support to hold himself up as hot coals sizzled on his skin. “Why don’t you use your eyes and see that he’s down for the count, it’s all but a matter of seconds before he faints.”

    “Oh…you’re right…return Egill,” Yellow said taking out his pokeball and activating the light to bring his pokemon back into the ball, though the relentless Marowak was less than happy about it. “I guess I’m bringing out the big guns then, now let’s go, Oniwaban,” he said as the lifeless looking pokemon hovered a couple of feet above the ground.

    “Ok, I guess I will have to use this one,” Flannery said, holding a pokeball. “Come on out, Growlithe.” The red puppy pokemon had a fierce look in its eye, enough to make Shedinja float backwards a few centimeters.

    “Ok Growlithe, lets see you burn that bug!” Flannery yelled. The energized dog spat small burning embers at Shedinja.

    “Sorry, not going to work. Although the rumors are true that one hit to this pokemon will knock it out, he carries a Lax Incense, making everything calm and increasing my Shedinja’s evasiveness by lowering your pokemon’s accuracy with psychadelics. Trippin', indeed. Plus, as I’ve been speaking, my Shedinja has been making illusionary copies by using Double Team. So basically, he’s untouchable.”
    The Growlithe then began to spurt flames at every target, but for every one Shedinja clone he hit, two more took its place. There was now a ring of Shedinja surrounding the small Growlithe.

    “Ok Oniwaban, time to bring out the Fury Cutter,” Yellow said, smirking.

    All the Shedinjas closed in on the one Growlithem though only one struck it with his claw. Then they all backed up, making an even ring and disguising the original once more.

    “Growlithe, Tackle all Shedinja you see!” Flannery said desperately.

    The Growlithe jumped into the clones and ended up on the other side of the ring. The Shedinja then repeated the process by making brand new clones around the Growlithe. It then sliced it again with Fury Cutter, this time making a small impact. The Growlithe jumped into as many Shedinja as it could possibly get, while the Shedinja repeated this process over and over, each time with the Growlithe taking a heavier blow.

    Zyzorex smiled. “She’s done. This is Yellow’s infamous superlative shutdown technique. By not allowing his opponent to attack, he can build up the strength of his Fury Cutter until it's deadly enough to not only take out the present opponent, but would also be perfect for going against a fresh opponent. Although with that intimidation in the beginning of the match, its taking a little longer that usual. There are only two attacks I know that can take out Shedinja with out fail, but Growlithe cannot learn those moves.”

    Yellow started to grin, amused at the fire trainer's tactics. “You know that Shedinja has a trait called wonder guard right? That means you cannot hit him unless you use something that’s a super-effective type of move, and F.Y.I tackle just won’t cut it.”

    “Hah, I applaud you for your brilliant plan, but Growlithe isn’t trying to attack you. He’s trying to sniff your bug out! He would have gotten the scent on his second try but it's so scarce compared to the stench that the lax incense is producing. Regardless, I am sure that we have it now! So Growlithe, give him a Flame Wheel!” Flannery said, confident with her plan of attack.

    The Growlithe encompassed its body in red hot flame, and then lunged at the original Shedinja, curling itself into a small cannonball position. Shedinja aimed for one last fury cutter, and they slammed into each other, but it was the Growlithe's speed that allowed it to strike first.

    “Whatever man, the only other person to beat that combo-meal was that guy right there,” he said, jerking a thumb at Zyzorex, who was standing behind a hot spring bathtub.

    “Combo meal? Sometimes I question his sanity, though he is almost of genius status,” thought Zyzorex before shifting his attention to the current battle.

    “I think I will bring on out…Amphion!” Yellow said, opening his eyes fully and ridding himself of his lazy look as a Kirlia elegantly pirouetted out of the pokeball. “Your pokemon is too weak to put up a fight, so I will just get to the main event by using my Kirlia's Psychic ability.”

    The Kirlia put his hand out, lifting the small orange pokemon and casually throwing it in to the hot spring in front of Zyzorex, who ducked not wanting to get burnt by the hot water.

    “Ok, time for the best of the best,” Flannery muttered, calling back her Growlithe from the bottom of the hot spring. “Go Torkoal, and show that ballerina a Flamethrower!”

    The fiery turtle blasted a huge cone of fire at the psychic pokemon, striking it on the chest, before it could even react. The Kirlia landed in the hot tub behind it, becoming drenched in scalding water.

    The Kirlia stood up with an indignant look at being so humiliated. It used Psychic to raise all the water from the spring, and then compress it into a highly dense ball. Yellow’s eyebrow twitched, and the Kirlia threw the hulking mass of water at the Torkoal.

    “You’re awfully silent now, but no matter: I’ll just have my Torkoal Protect,” Flannery said smugly.

    Right before the ball of water hit the Torkoal, the Kirlia strained itself to stop it, and succeeded. The Torkoal sat in his shell for a while, waiting for Amphion to drop the ball. Through the passing minutes, the ball started to sag and lose its perfect spherical shape as Amphion sweated and struggled to control it. Then the Kirlia sighed and gave up, dropping it over the Torkoal’s shell. More smoke than usual emerged from the center of the shell, due to the water hitting the Torkoal’s fiery center.

    “Ok Torkoal, use your Flamethrower,” Flannery said impatiently as the turtle popped out of the shell, shooting another stream of fire.

    The Kirlia then spun to the left, stuck out his hand, and fired a psychic blast at the Torkoal.

    “Protect, Torkoal,” she said quickly as the turtle jumped in his shell, moments before he was thrown against the wall behind Flannery. “Now Flamethrower,” she said, relieved.

    The fireball slammed Kirlia on the left side of his body as he tried to chassé out of the way. He was knocked backwards and had to stop himself with a psychic pulse. Yellow held his head, like a regular person would if they got a headache.

    Without the Kirlia doing anything, the Torkoal started to violently shake and twirl. Then Amphion used psychic, using his left arm as a guide to hold the Torkoal in the air before throwing it into the wall again. It clattered to the floor and, finding itself too weak to move, collapsed there.

    “Torkoal has fainted, that makes Yellow and Amphion the winners,” proclaimed the announcer.

    “Hey! How did you do that?” Flannery asked, “For the whole last round, you didn’t say one word, nor issue an attack, so how were you able to beat me?”

    “Well, that’s easy, see when I was younger...well, I'd rather not talk about it. Long story short, I'm a psychic, and I can communicate with Kirlia using telepathy," he said, shaking her hand.

    “Yeah, and now that you lost, how about helping us defeat Sid,” Zyzorex said, shaking her hand too. His was as a greeting, as opposed to the sign of good sportsmanship Yellow had displayed..

    “I guess a word’s a word, but when do we strike, I hope that you know what you are doing,” she said, not sounding too sure about what she had agreed to do.

    “Trust us, we’ve been training for this moment and many more like it for three years, and we aren’t going to go blow that opportunity on our very first try!” Zyzorex said excitedly, “Anyway I think we should attack tomorrow morning, that way the magma guards will be switching shift, and won’t expect such a sudden attack.”

    “Uh, yeah…we kinda need a place to stay...” Yellow included.

    “Oh don’t worry, you can use the guest rooms here at this gym for lodging,” Flannery said happily, “And those guards switch shifts around dawn, noon, and dusk. I’ve been keeping an eye out for these things for a while now,” she said.

    “Well, I’m glad that’s settled. Tomorrow we attack,” Zyzorex said, heading for the guest room, “Better get some Z’s, we’re going to need the rest…”

    -End of Chapter-

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    I haven't been on Serebii for a long long time, over a month to be exact, but that doesn't mean that I won't post another chapter.

    Chapter 3: The Final Attack on the First Battle.

    Zyzorex and Yellow found themselves in a poorly lit room. The room itself reminded Zyzorex of an abandoned pirate ship cabin, mainly because of the huge gray floorboards and the rank stench of barnacles and dead crab. There was only one cot that was about three feet long, and didn’t look strong enough to hold either Yellow or Zyzorex. The air was thick, due to the abundance of dust that was floating around. There was one window, which was slightly smaller than the boys' heads. The only positive side to this situation was that they were on the third floor (the only room on that floor, for that matter), and they could see most of the town, including the base where Magma grunts congregated.

    “Ew…Zyzorex, why are we in this prison again? I thought we would get a hero-sized room, or at least two rooms of this quality. But noooooo, we get this place, which I might add has one cot!” he said, sitting down on the cot angrily, with a scowl on his face. He managed to remain in this position for two seconds before the bed’s rotten wooden legs gave way and collapsed on the floor. “Actually, we have no cot.”

    “Well I guess that we will just have to manage with out one, we have our tent right? And those pillows from last night in the forest,” Zyzorex said trying to sound a little optimistic.

    “Hehe…actually I thought you would bring the pillows, 'cause you did bring the tent…” Yellow replied, lowering his voice almost to a whisper.

    “Yeah, I also brought the bowls, the pokefood, the pot, the kindling logs, those two dumb rocks you forced yourself to believe were alive…” he stated, starting to get a little annoyed, “I think I remember asking you to bring the two pillows 'cause I had my back covered with stuff. The only thing left to bring were those pillows, and they were small enough to fit into those small pockets in your backpack, not to mention that huge one in the middle!” he said angrily, pointing at Yellow’s yellow and orange backpack which looked empty. “So I brought everything and you brought nothing, is that it?!” he finished.

    “Hey I brought stuff…” he said feebly, pushing his two index fingers together as if he were a small child.

    “WHAT WOULD THAT BE THEN!?” Zyzorex bellowed, finally losing his patience.

    “…pocket lint…” he whispered quickly, hoping Zyzorex didn’t hear it and would just leave him alone.

    “POCKET LINT? POCKET LINT?! YOU BROUGHT A SMALL AMMOUNT OF POCKET LINT, AND NOT TWO SMALL PILLOWS…WHY WOULD YOU EVER NEED POCKET LINT!?” he yelled, pretty sure people all the way at the Magma base could hear him.

    “Well…in…in case it gets cold at night?” Yellow suggested, “It’s your fault in a way, ‘cause you were supposed to get blankets back in Slateport City.” He shook his fist as he finished.

    “Well I’m sorry, I do remember a certain someone wanting to open up a pet-rock daycare center, saying we would make millions, I do vaguely remember that,” Zyzorex said mockingly.

    “‘It's not my fault no one in this world sees the greatness in my ideas!” he retorted defensively.

    “I wonder why,” he said sarcastically. He yawned lay himself on the floor. “I’m goin’ to bed," he said lazily. In a matter of seconds he was asleep, and several hours after that Yellow was able to force himself into a soft sleep.

    Zyzorex woke up early in the morning. It must have been 5:00 am, because there was a ring of light creeping behind the trees on the mountainside. He got up and put on his shoes. He saw Yellow was already down the stairs, alongside Flannery.

    “What took you so long, sleepy head!” Flannery exclaimed. “I was worried we would have to wait ‘till noon.” She pulled out three pokeballs. “My team is ready, what about you guys?”

    “Egill and the team will always be more ready than any one of your pokemon! Not to mention everyone else,” Yellow said confidently holding the balls in their smaller mode in between all of his fingers on his right hand and some on his left hand.

    “And I haven’t battled with all my pokemon in a while so they should be itching to fight. Plus I want to see how well Ursar, my Ursaring, fares against other trainers, or just that Sid guy," he said holding Ursar’s pokeball.

    “Well I know it won’t be that easy, so I helped us out by talking to some of my gym apprentices, and they've agreed to come and fight. I told them to come a half hour after we sneak in,” she said.

    “Right then, let’s go!” Zyzorex exclaimed, as he threw a fist into the air.

    “…Aren’t you a little excited,” said Yellow, showing little emotion, “It’s not like we are going to the fair, this can go wrong you know.”

    “Fine, but being optimistic is better in tough situations than being a pessimist,” he said walking towards a large six story building. The exterior wall was made out of thick black slate. On the fifth floor the building was a balcony stretching from one end of the wall to the other.

    When the trio got close enough they spotted two magma grunts at the front entrance. They wore their hoods up so the vigilantes couldn’t see anything above their mouths. They wore the traditional red and grey clothes of Team Magma.

    They went around to the back and found there wasn’t another entrance on the building.

    “Looks like we’ve got to get past those guards…” Yellow said, holding two pokeballs. “I’ll deal with this. You two go in," he finished, a wry grin on his face.

    Zyzorex and Flannery dashed forward at the guards, pushing them to the side. When the guards got up, there were two shadows towering over them. A Marowak and Grovyle were standing before them, the Grovyle cracked its fingers while the Marowak patted his palm with the bone menacingly.

    The building wasn’t six floors as Zyzorex had thought, but rather the first floor was three stories tall. It had white and black marble floors, and grey marble walls. Throughout the lobby were large pillars in the shape of various powerful legendary pokemon.

    A man with spiky golden hair and large green eyes leaned against a pillar of a gigantic Pidgeot. He wore a black trench coat, a white tee shirt, and dark blue jeans. He wore black and white sneakers, which fit the color of the room’s floor. His head was held low, and a smirk escaped his otherwise cold face. His hands were in his pockets, and his left leg was folded on the pillar.

    “Are you Sid?” Zyzorex asked pointing at the strange man.

    “…Maybe…” the man replied, his voice was deep and chilling a little. “If you battle me I’ll tell you what ever you need boy.”

    “Hey, don’t call me boy, I have a name its Zyz-” he began.

    “-Orex right? You are Zyzorex? Unless there’s someone else who has a name with “Zyz” in it other than you,” he cut in, still smirking evilly.

    “…Ye-yes, I am. How do you know?” he asked, a little shocked.

    The man took out a pokeball. “A battle remember? If I win you leave here but if you win I’ll tell you anything you want.”

    “What ever man, I’ll play your game even though you creep me out a little. OK, I’m starting things off with my heated buddy, Combusken!” he said throwing his pokeball. Out came the chicken Pokemon, standing in a martial arts fighting stance. The yellow and red chicken looked like it could kick down a locked door with ease.

    “Hmph, I’ll send out Ampharos,” the stranger said, throwing his pokebal into the middle of the room. Out came a yellow and black pokemon that stood a head shorter than Zyzorex. He had a yellow tail along with red orb on the tip, matching another red orb on its forehead.

    Zyzorex took out his pokedex. He rarely did these days, because he had gotten to know many pokemon on his three year journey. However, this was one pokemon he wasn’t familiar with, even though he heard about it.

    “Ampharos, the light pokemon, It give so much light that some people claim it can be seen from space. In old days this pokemon was used as beacons for the lost,” chimed the Pokedex.

    “Ampharos give ‘em fire works, hit it with a thunder punch!” yelled the man.

    The Ampharos lunged forward at Combusken with its fist glowing bright yellow.

    “OK, this thing’s as fast as my Combusken, so I will have time my attacks perfectly,” Zyzorex muttered.

    “Wait Combusken,” he said as the approaching Ampharos closed in on Combusken. “Jump!” The Combusken used its powerful legs to jump over the Ampharos, landing on a statue of a Dragonite.

    “Ampharos, just Thunder it down to a crisp!” exclaimed the man, who was pointing at the Combusken.

    Electrical energy began to store up in the forehead jewel and moved down to the orb on its tail. It bent over and aimed its tail at the Combusken, shooting a large lightning bolt at the chicken. Combusken managed to dodge by jumping on the back of a Gyarados pillar. As the lightning collided with the Dragonite the head blew up, reducing the marble to rubble.

    “OK Combusken, watch out for that Thunder…” he began as another lightning bolt came out of Ampharos’ tail. The Combusken dove out of the way, landing on its chest as the Gyarados statue was reduced to rubble just like the Dragonite. “Great. At this rate this whole building will be a pile of ash. How can Ampharos attack so fast…wait a second, I know! It builds lots of electricity in its tail, enough for a couple of Thunders so he can use them quicker!" he said.

    “Thunder!” said the man, pointing at the Combusken who was trying to get up from the cold marble floor.

    A third lightning bolt streamed down the lobby at the Combusken, which tried to roll out of the way. The bolt was just too quick and it collided into the chicken’s left shoulder, sending it flying into a wall. The surrounding wall cracked in a few places before Combusken slowly fell to the ground.

    Zyzorex was amazed that an attack could be so powerful. He looked down at his shoes trying to figure out how to beat the high-level pokemon. Its stunning power was too much for him.

    “Com...bus…KEN” yelled the Combusken, as it feebly got up.

    Zyzorex was speechless before, but now he was completely without words. He would need those words, however, because even though Combusken was up, that didn’t mean that Ampharos was down. He noticed that Ampharos’ tail wasn’t glowing as brightly as it had been.

    “Now Combusken, charge forward,” he said as the fighting chicken surged towards the yellow pokemon.

    “Counter with a Thunderpunch!” the strange man ordered.

    The two pokemon ran towards the center of the room, where the Ampharos’ fist flung at the Combusken.

    “Duck and roll, Combusken,” Zyzorex said, reacting to the opponent's attack, “Then give him a Double Kick he won’t want to remember!”

    The Combusken rolled under the punch, throwing the Ampharos off balance. Then the Combusken flew up and kicked it in the chin, sending up in the air. The Combusken then jumped above the startled Amparos and stomped on its stomach with a mighty talon, using it as a step to jump onto another pillar. The Ampharos got up and wobbled back and forth, sticking out its arms for balance.

    “OK Combusken now all we have to do is take it down with another Double Kick,” he said, pointing at the silly looking pokemon teetering on the floor below.

    The Combusken leapt from its perch, heading right towards the Ampharos, its leg sticking out in a flying sidekick fashion. It hit the Ampharos in the stomach hard, making the poor pokemon double over in pain. The Combusken then finished by shifting its weight and using his knee to bash the opponent’s pokemon into the ground.

    “Great, you beat him…I wish no longer to battle. I have seen what I came to see,” the man said, returning his pokemon back to its ball, “But you might want to take Combusken to a pokemon center, ‘cause that last knee took in my Ampharos’ static it built up when he first used Thunder."

    “Wait! Hold up one second, who are you?” Zyzorex asked, hoping that he was Sid, although he had a hunch that if it were Sid he wouldn’t have given up his power so easily.

    “My name is Francis Dumont,” he said throwing a pokeball, revealing a Pidgeot. He hopped on it and the pokemon took off through the door, and out towards the volcano.

    “Well that wasn’t the only question I had! Where’s he off to that’s so important? How does he know my name…?” He began to ask questions, and realized he had more questions than before.

    “He’s a weird one, whoever he is. I’ve never seen him before…wonder what he wanted...” Flannery mused as Zyzorex called back his Combusken.

    “Well whoever he is, he’s not important to me right now! It’s this Sid guy who we’ve got to worry about. And I bet he’s all the way up there,” he said, pointing to the stairs which wound up three floors.

    With that said, Flannery and Zyzorex headed up the stairs, leaving the destroyed lobby where the huge battle had taken place. Zyzorex smirked as he took the first few steps. That Ampharos had way more experience than Combusken and still he turned it around to form a victory. That was a feat to hold on to, an indication that he was a champion, even though he may not have any badges. He was a champion at heart, the type of winner that had much potential for success.

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    I hope I get reviewers far only Divinity has said anything, but with good critiques I can grow as a writer, and learn from my mistakes. But until then I'll just have to post chapter 4.

    Chapter 4:

    Flannery and Zyzorex climbed only one flight of stairs before they ran into a burly man with short black hair. He wore ripped black jogging shorts along with a grey wife-beater shirt.
    “Let me guess,” Flannery said, voice dripping with sarcasm, “You’re here to stop us from getting to Sid, am I correct?” Her voice became grim and she said, “Well you will deal with me!”

    “Whatever, I'm just going to follow my boss’ orders, which were that my Arcanine is to stomp on all intruders,” he said in a deep voice.

    “Zyzorex go get Sid, I’ll show this clown who’s queen of the fire types!” Flannery said, throwing a pokeball.

    The Pokemon that appeared was Torkoal. The orange turtle with the ash colored shell exhaled smoke from the top of its shell and its nostrils. The thick smoke made its way around the Arcanine who was trying to intimidate its opponent, fangs bared and fur standing on end. Zyzorex ran past the battle and up another flight of stairs.

    He then began to go up the final stairwell. He stood before a large granite door, with carvings of pokemon etched into it. Zyzorex could spend all day looking at the individual pokemon, each made with exquisite craftsmanship.

    “Hey, thought you could leave without me?” called a familiar voice.

    “Yellow, I would never leave without you. Now let’s finish things before the rest of these Magma grunts realize what has happened and start causing trouble,” he said pressing both his hands against the cold door.

    It took much of his strength to move the door, and it took a couple of seconds to fully open it. The door opened to reveal a large, well-lit room.

    Once inside, he realized it was an office. There was a mahogany desk, and a large bookshelf occupied the left wall. On the right was a grand window overlooking the city. Behind the window was a large balcony, the most obvious feature from the outside of the building.

    The library had many volumes of books ranging on many topics. The books were categorized by genre, starting with training, then breeding, contests, battling, and ended with a section of golden books that had no name, nor a labeled section.

    “Nobody’s here?” Yellow asked looking around quickly.

    “Hey, hey, bozo! I’m right here!” hollered an unfamiliar voice. The voice was a sort of weird sound, like a child’s voice mixed in with an adult’s. It reminded Zyzorex of cartoons when a person was shrunk down a little bit, and their voice became high-pitched.

    Zyzorex spotted the man who was about a whole foot smaller than the thirteen year old boy, and had the looks of a forty-year old man. He was a skinny person, with a grim frown. He wore a red and black collared shirt with the magma insignia etched in the center. He also wore grey and black pants that had a built in pouch on the left leg. His black hair was wavy and his bangs were gelled back revealing his tan skinned forehead. He had vividly clear blue eyes that reminded Zyzorex of glaciers found in mountains. This was Sid, the guy in charge for throwing Lavaridge into turmoil, the man responsible for the high taxes that were ruining the villagers' lives.

    “I am Sid and you are in big trouble boy!” he said pointing to Zyzorex. “You’re the one who destroyed my statues, statues I paid for with my own money…”

    “Funny, I thought those sculptures were paid for by the villagers’ money, the same money you taxed them out of,” Zyzorex replied coolly. He had a glare in his eyes, a fiery glare that could ignite dry wood on fire.

    “Well when I’m in charge, I make the rules, and…” Sid paused for a second revealing a slight grin, “My newest rule is anyone who challenges me will end up as good as dead.”

    “Well, I’m shaking in my boots…” Yellow said sarcastically, in fact he didn’t wear boots but rather was standing barefoot, with a trail of mud that formed behind him.

    “Hey! You people have no respect! I’m a Magma official, an executive in the North Hoenn branch!”

    “I’m sorry, you must be this tall to ride the high horse,” Yellow said mockingly. He made a gesture of having his hand horizontally against his knees. "So why don't you get off?"

    “That’s it I’m going to teach you the meaning of being a Magma Official!” He said grasping two pokeballs. He threw them into the air releasing a Houndoom and a Mightyena. Both pokemon were wolf-like and had a black coat. The Houndoom was leaner than the Mightyena but had two white horns that looked like they could pierce through metal. The Mightyena was smaller in height but had a more rough, edgy feel to his appearance, along with rippling muscles on his bones.

    “So, it’s a two on two eh?” Zyzorex said throwing out one of his pokeballs, and starting to reach for his second. A hand grabbed his wrist and Zyzorex knew Yellow wanted to get in on this action.

    “Go Zethus,” Yellow said, chucking a pokeball. This was the second twin of the two Kirlia, this one with a more rugged look on his face, opposed to the effeminate version that fought Flannery. He also stood flat-footed in a stable stance, legs spread apart and arms held at the ready.

    Accompanying Zethus was Chieftain, who was the Ursaring that Zyzorex caught one day earlier. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, especially when so much was riding on this battle, but Zyzorex ran on his gut instinct rather than overthinking things.

    “Chieftain, get things started by using your Slash,” Zyzorex said, kicking off the match.

    “Dodge Cerberus," Sid said, referring to his Houndoom, "Then retaliate with your Flamethrower!”

    Chieftain took two steps then wildly swung his arm, making a swipe at Houndoom’s side. Houndoom, however, had other thoughts on its mind, as it leapt to the left and shot a long stream of fire at the erectile grizzly. The flames connected, landing a blow right in the center of the ring on Chieftan's chest.

    “Hold on in there Chieftain!” Zyzorex said trying to think of a plan.

    “Help ‘em out Zethus! Show them your Hidden Power!” Yellow called out, pointing at the Houndoom.

    The Kirlia extended his arms and two diagonal rings of white energy balls made an “X” shape around his shoulders. It then shot the small balls of energy one by one at the dark type pokemon. The energy impacted with the Houndoom with thunderous force, which created tiny explosions upon Houndoom’s body.
    "...How is the attack that powerful?" Sid asked in disbelief.
    "Well," replied Yellow, "Hidden Power draws upon the innermost power that a particular Pokemon possesses, the Pokemon's personality, its soul. And this little guy..." he said, and Zethus' eyes shone with a passionate fire, "Just happens to relish combat as much as a fighting-type!"

    “Okay then, Tartarus Bite that little pest!” Sid yelled, “And Cerberus, Flamethrower that Ursaring once more!”

    “Chieftain wait,” Zyzorex said pausing. He was letting the blast of flames get closer to its target before making a move. “…Now! Slash!” he yelled quickly.

    The Mightyena used its teeth to clamp onto Kirlia’s arm and started to shake its head violently, as if it were trying to dislocate it.

    Meanwhile, Chieftain clawed at the fire with horizontal swipes. Amazingly the fire was being hit to the left and right of the grizzly. While Chieftain was slashing he gradually took steps closer to the Houndoom, until he was inches away from Cerberus’ maw.

    “Now Chieftain, Thrash it up a bit!” Zyzorex called out, pleased with the Ursaring’s ability to obliterate anything with those claws.

    Chieftain angrily smashed the Houndoom in the side of the head with its right arm, before it came up and gave the hound an uppercut with his left.

    “Now finish it while you’ve got the chance!” Zyzorex ordered hoping this would give a 2-1 edge on Tartarus.

    Krilia was now being thrown around like a rag doll in the mouth of the riled-up wolf, and there was no sign of it stopping its relentless attack. Unluckily for Yellow, Mightyena was a dark type and Krilia was a psychic type, so there was nothing he could do against it.

    “Try summoning up your Secret Power once more.” Yellow said, hoping the thrashed ballerina could even respond with anything in its position.

    Krilia made three tiny orbs of energy, and they all connected with Mightyena’s jaw. It gave him the opening he needed, for the blast knocked the dog’s maxilla up, while his mandible dropped. Krilia then slid out from under the dog's fangs and got on its toes, weakly mustering enough energy to keep up there.

    While Kirlia dodged near disaster, so did Cerberus; Chieftain missed with his punch and knocked a piece of the stone railing on the balcony out of place and off the structure. Chieftain wobbled about, turning with each unbalanced step.

    Great he’s confused, now what… thought Zyzorex as he tried to develop a plan to some how finish off that Houndoom. He contemplated on what was better, him trying to attack and risking getting hurt by his own move, or not attacking and eliminating the risk of self damage but increasing the chance of being attacked by the Houndoom. Unfortunately for Zyzorex, Sid wasn’t the type to let his opponents think.

    “Now Cerberus, Sludge Bomb!” Sid yelled to the injured dog-like pokemon.

    Before Zyzorex could react, a large stream of purplish sludge spouted from the dog’s mouth and landed on Chieftain’s thick fur. The sludge had an acidic quality that burnt the hair a little.

    “Did you just have your Houndoom puke on his pokemon?” Yellow asked, his jaw already dropped in disgust, complete with hanging tongue.

    Chieftain started to roll on the ground to rid himself of the burn, and when the pain was finally gone his confusion seemed to have diminished as well. Houndoom had his momentum up now so the adrenaline would be playing a positive role in Houndoom’s health, and strength.

    “Zethus, use Hidden Power once more.” Yellow commanded, pointing at the Mightyena, “and don’t you let up.”

    The psychic ballerina began to twirl and the white energy balls formed, but something odd happened. The balls of energy started to merge together and form three large balls of energy (as opposed to have twelve tiny balls), which circled around Kirlia.

    Everyone stood in awe as they looked at Kirlia’s new attack. Mightyena cringed at the site of the power that Krilia was holding around himself. The energy balls were a different color than the balls of energy that Hidden Power had. These orbs were light blue and they seemed to have little sparks of energy explode on them.

    “How about attacking before you lose the power that you are holding,” Yellow said interrupting the moment.

    Krilia nodded and threw two of the three balls with his psychic energy, while he used his arms to guide the thrown orbs. For the third orb Krilia twirled incredibly fast, with the orb orbiting the pokemon just as fast. Krilia spun so fast that he became a blur. Then with out warning the third orb shot out like a cannon straight at Tartarus and a higher velocity than the other two.

    Tartarus leapt over the first orb, then landed on the other. The blast shot Tartarus straight into the air, where the last orb exploded on him. Tartarus fell straight to the ground from about fifteen feet in the air. The Mightyena struggled to get to his feet and this was the best opening for Krilia to take.

    “Now finish this, use that attack again!” Yellow ordered.

    Nothing happened. The Kirlia looked dead tired, and he could barely lift his arms.

    “How about a regular Hidden Power then?” Yellow suggested, seeing as that this was a bad time to stop attacking.

    Krilia formed a small wisp of energy, but it fizzled out of existence right after. It seemed that the mystery attack drained all of the energy out of Kirlia.

    “Chieftain, slash Cerberus while you still have a chance!” Zyzorex ordered.

    The Ursaring made a rising attack on the dark dog pokemon. The claws dug into Cerberus’ side, and there was enough force in the swipe to knock the dog back a few feet.

    “Don’t take that you mutt! Now use your Flamethrower and stop that bear!” Sid said angrily.

    “Chieftain, get out of the way!” Zyzorex yelled to his pokemon. He knew that if Cerberus fired another blast like that, his Ursaring was cooked.

    Chieftain attempted to sidestep, but the flames came to him too quickly and hit him dead on. Chieftain, in an attempt to block the attack, placed his arms in an “X” formation in front of him so the fire wouldn’t hit his more tender stomach area.

    “Tartarus, tag with your teammate and give Ursaring a good old take-down. Flank him on the right,” Sid said, going for the greatest threat.

    “C’mon Krilia use Secret Power!” Yellow said, “Don’t go weak on me.”

    The black wolf pokemon that was sprawled on the floor leapt up in a final burst of energy and tackled Chieftain under his ribs. Krilia tried to stop it, but could not produce the energy to do so.

    Chieftain fell to the ground and instinctively the two dogs seized the opportunity to bite, snap, and nip at the fallen bear. They got on two sides of the Ursaring and started to bite at him, but Chieftain frantically parried their maws with his massive forearms.

    “Krilia attack them now!” Yellow finally yelled. This was odd because Yellow tended to be calm and reserved, no matter what the situation was.

    Krilia strained to produce one ring of Hidden Power energy balls, and shot them at the Houndoom. The balls flanked Cerberus, slaming into his side and exploding. This put the Houndoom out of commission, though the Kirlia fell to his knees after that attack, exhausted.

    “Ok Zyz, I did my part, Now how about you finish the job for me?” Yellow said, calling back his Krilia just as Sid called back his Houndoom.

    “Gotcha,” Zyzorex said nodding, “You heard Yellow, now take that that Mightyena out.” He brought his thumb across his throat and flicked it, signifying he wanted a KO.

    Chieftain grabbed Tartarus by the back of the head, and then got up still holding the wolfish-looking pokemon in the same area. He then mustered up enough strength to start spinning, with Tartarus was still in his grasp. After two complete turns the Mightyena was completely off the ground, and after three more turns Chieftain let go and the wolf flew into the stone railing. Tartarus’ back cracked over the impact of the stone connecting with the pokemon.

    “What? How can I lose? I…I…I’m great,” Sid said looking horrified at the sight of Zyzorex and Yellow.

    He began to back away towards the bookshelf, and grabbed one of the golden books at the end. He pulled it down and from the floor came a rack of rapiers. He grasped one and pointed it at both of them, taking turns on whoever he focused on, moving the sword left and right.

    “Enough of this,” Yellow said, waving his arm. His eyes had become blank, glowing with a golden light.

    The sword that was in Sid’s hold jerked to the right and fell to the ground. The short man, although confused, tried to grab the saber, but the sword continued to move inches out of Sid’s reach. This allowed Zyzorex to move over to the sword and grab it. He then kicked the head-honcho of the Magma organization to the floor.

    He then grabbed the man by his collar and picked him up. The only thing between Zyzorex and Sid was the rapier. Zyzorex looked the man in the eyes, but didn’t say anything. He was testing the man, to see how easily intimidated he was.

    After about a minute of silence Zyzorex believed that enough time was wasted and that Sid wasn’t going to be getting nervous or scared anytime soon.

    “Well Yellow, it looks as if we have ourselves a hostage,” he said, smirking.

    “Yeah, it would appear so,” Yellow replied. He walked over to the rack of rapiers and grabbed one himself. After that he put the golden book in its original place and the rack lowered into the floor.

    “Let’s go.” Zyzorex began to drag Sid out the door. “Make sure he doesn’t try to pull a fast one”

    Yellow nodded as fixed his purple hair lifting his bangs so they would stay up and not be in his eyes.

    Zyzorex dragged Sid down the stairs not bothering to pick him up a little at the decline of elevation to ease the bumps. When he reached the lobby they moved down the long hall, passing several obliterated statues with every few steps. Yellow then kicked open the large wooden door revealing a mob of townspeople chasing off the remnants of the Magma guard.

    “You did well Zyzorex, how about you take him to the gym, and we can get acquainted with him," said Flannery, watching the revolution with approval.

    Several minutes later and Zyzorex, Yellow, Flannery, and Sid sat at a table in Flannery’s office. The only exit was behind Sid, but Flora stood guard and both Zyzorex and Yellow grasped their rapiers tightly, indicating that they were prepared for Sid to bolt.

    “Now Sid,” Flannery paused for a second, “Your regime is over in this town. You have no where to go. I doubt that Maxi will want to take you back after the blunder you made here, and I can vouch for half the people in this town when I say that they pretty much want you dead.”

    Sid remained silent, but it was evident that drops of sweat were forming under his brow, but that wasn’t saying much since the room was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and everyone was sweating except for Flannery. Somehow she was able to keep cool, no matter how hot the place was.

    “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. I can’t stand you, but I also can’t stand being responsible for your death, so you will be detained until I can procure a reasonable resolution.” she said folding her arms.

    Two burly men with woven shirts then came in and led Sid out, taking him to the basement of the gym. Sid remained quiet the whole time, not a single word breached through his thin lips. Zyzorex speculated that he was in shock that his world had just been turned upside down.

    “So that’s it?” Yellow said, fiddling with the rapier. He turned it every now and then, looking at it from different angles. "Humph, Libertis an Mortis," He said.

    "What's that mean?" Zyzorex asked, looking at his rapier seeing the words carved on the blade.

    "Liberty or Death, I think," Yellow said, "It's Latin." He was not too sure on what he had translated.
    Geez... thought Zyzorex, Leave it to Yellow to study a dead language instead of remembering to bring the pillows...

    “Anyway, I’m going to officially open up this gym and train people to guard the town. Just in case any organizations try to take this town over again,” Flannery said, interrupting Zyzorex's thoughts.

    She pulled out a folder and filed through it. She then produced a map of the northern region of Hoenn. It was old and the edges were ripped, but it was very detailed. On the map there were two major cities, along with small villages located all over the place. Lavaridge Town was a few inches from the bottom of the map, with the desert below it and to the right of it. There were various paths that led to different areas, but most of them were just alternate routes of getting to Fallarbor Town from Lavaridge.

    “Take it; you’ll need it more than I do,” she continued.

    Zyzorex took it and folded it before placing it in his upper right pants pocket. He stood up and pushed in the basic wooden chair that he was sitting on.

    “We’re not people to just stick around like this, so I think we got to get going,” he said, heading for the door with Yellow paces behind him. Before he left Flannery’s view he saluted her by bending his ring and pinky fingers to his palm and waved his right and down from his forehead.

    The two boys walked through the street, and on both sides people were cheering for them. Some of them even threw daisies into the middle of the street in celebration for the contribution they had made in making their lives better.

    “So where are off to now, Zyz?” Yellow asked, winking at a girl who threw a tulip at him.

    “Well our next stop is Fallarbor Town I guess, I don’t think that I could get to Mauville alive. Especially when they have our faces posted up along the city. So I think we should go North, then West, and finally South, in order to get around there,” he said, passing the final house before the city gate.

    “Okay, then I guess we’re going desert traveling.” Yellow said. He sounded slightly optimistic for some strange reason, though Zyzorex had no idea.

    “Yeah, we may be brushing in and out of the desert, but I don’t want to get stuck in there,” he said, thinking about being stranded in the middle of the barren desert.

    The sun was behind the trees, and since they were in autumn, the time was most likely six o’clock. Behind them, a liberated community. Ahead of them, a journey that would take them who knows where.
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