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Thread: Nintendo World Championships 2015 Thread

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    Default Nintendo World Championships 2015 Thread

    After a 25 year hiatus, the Nintendo World Championships are back in full force.

    Wait, World Championships? Like, global?

    well, no, okay, just the US, but that's basically close enough to the same thing really

    Back? You mean they've done this before?

    Yep, back in 1990 with the NES. People played Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris. Tied into the movie The Wizard. Man, any '90s kids remember the '90s?

    So, what's the new one?

    A tournament much like the first one taking place in Los Angeles, on June 14th, kicking off Nintendo's E3 presence. It'll be livestreamed along with the rest of their E3 stuff, though fans in LA will be able to attend in-person.

    What games are they going to be playing during the tournament?

    No word on that yet.

    How do I enter the tournament?

    Fill out this form, and on May 30th between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time, go to one of these eight Best Buys:

    San Francisco, CA (1717 Harrison St.)
    Torrance, CA (3675 Pacific Coast Highway)
    Miami, FL (10760 NW 17th St.)
    Schaumburg, IL (900 E. Golf Road)
    Maple Grove, MN (12905 Elm Creek Blvd. N)
    Long Island City, NY (5011 Northern Blvd.)
    Dallas, TX (9378 N Central Expy)
    Tacoma, WA (2214 S. 48th St.)

    The preliminary rounds will be at those locations.

    So it's not even all of the US, then, just a handful of cities? How can they call this a "world" championship?

    shut up

    What happens once I'm in?

    Each Best Buy will have on hand 3DS systems and copies of Ultimate NES Remix. Using its Nintendo World Championships Remix mode, which is loosely based on the 1990 tournament, you'll play through three challenges within a time limit of 6 minutes, 21 seconds:

    Super Mario Bros. - Your subscore for this game is derived by multiplying your score by 2. Collect 50 Coins to move on.

    Super Mario Bros. 3 - Your subscore for this game is your score. Collect 25 Coins to move on.

    Dr. Mario - Your subscore for this game is your score multiplied by 100. You play until you run out of time.

    Whoever gets the highest combined score from all three games wins.

    Who's in the tournament?

    The eight winners from each of the Best Buys, plus an additional eight competitors selected by Nintendo. These people will move on to the final event.

    How can I practice?

    You can practice for the preliminary round by playing Ultimate NES Remix for 3DS, or both NES Remix 2 for Wii U (while also owning NES Remix 1); both of these games have the Nintendo World Championships Remix mode that will be used on May 30th.

    Looks like there's gonna be some hardcore vidya over the course of this month.

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    I was extremely hyped for this, 'till I remembered I don't live in the US... Sad times.

    Although competing on Ultimate NES Remix doesn't sound too much exciting. Wonder what games will play during the tournament.

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    Default Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers Coverage - Los Angeles, CA

    My friends and I made it to the Nintendo World Championship qualifiers event at Best Buy in Los Angeles and put together a video covering our experience. Follow the link in my signature to our YouTube channel and bask in the underwhelming Amiibo selection. . .
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    Mario, Mario 3, and...Dr.Mario? Boy, what an amazing selection. Clearly this is a celebration of Nintendo's great variety of unique IPs, games, and characters.

    I think I'll pass. I have other plans for this month anyway.
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