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    Got a unique situation here, I THINK this is the best place to post (aside from registering an account at or some random site).

    I just purchased a N3DS that comes with SML3D bundled. I have 2 other 3DS, original and XL. Let's call them as such:

    Original = A
    XL = B
    N3DS = C

    I wish to do some data transferring. In the end I want B>C and A> B leaving A an empty extra 3DS.

    I was told that if I wish to system transfer onto C and keep the SMB3 game, I must do it before I register a nintendo ID account on the C system (verify maybe?). I haven't actually booted the system up yet.

    However, I do not want the bundled game on the N3DS in the end, I wish to have it on the XL. Would this be the best way to transfer the data around?

    A> C, install game, C>A, B>C, A>B

    I understand there is a 7 day limit. How would that affect this transferring plan? At what points will I be blocked from transferring data?

    EDIT: So this sucks.

    You cannot transfer N3DS to 3DS at all, so the entire plan is moot. Also, for anyone who needs to know, a 3DS involved in ANY of the transferring (give or take) is prevented from giving/taking data for a week. Oh well, better than a 5 time limit.
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