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Where did you get this information? I just got done watching the episode and it said NOTHING about Hikari being related to the 2 filler characters.

Anyways, I thought this episode was pretty good. I think the art was a bit off at some parts, but the cute Hikari fanservice made up for it.

Although, I must say, next weeks episode looks much more entertaining. I can't wait until that Hikari's (lesbian) Rival appears :]
He probably meant how the filler boy kept calling Hikari as onee-chan. Obviously they're not related, but Hikari is the boy's "sister", though really that's more of a small term of respect since saying Hikari or Hikari-chan would be unusual in the context that, it didn't seem like they even did introductions.

I was satisfied with the Marina cameo under the context that it had very indirect LoT continuity, which was a hoso (much different feeling than Yuuki's movie cameos, and actually Marina had no general continuity anime appearances either. Top coordinator too? The least used and least developed girl ends up with the largest innate ability and successes, and she travels alone too.). With BF's weaknesses in continuity, this indirect one, although very small and essentially irrelevant overall, is very satisfying. Though of course I liked LoT, so I'd be likely to be biased.

Once again Hikari with speedy instant movement speed. That ability is useful in saving people!

So what did Hikari get flustered by from the boy's comments over several occasions? I wasn't sure what was the direct context, aside from the assumption of incompetent coordinator or something like that.

Nothing big from this episode, but it was nice and lax. Simple balance, even though nothing really happened.