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Thread: My Girlfriend (advanceshipping one-shot)

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    Wink My Girlfriend (advanceshipping one-shot)

    Sorry if I hadn't made it clear, but

    Hi pplz, haven't written any AS thing in a long time
    Sorta found out the hard way that I just don't have time to write long huge fanfics.
    So I'll just drop by with one-shots here and there, k?
    Hope you like it! This is a slash song fic but I don't know if I should call it that cuz it took so long to write.
    anyway, song is Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes featuring Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy

    My Girlfried by Uza-chan

    Ba ba da da
    Ba ba da da
    Ba ba da da
    Ba ba da da
    Ba ba da da

    “Good morning, sleepy head!” was the first thing Ash Ketchum heard when he awoke that morning.

    Well, not morning, afternoon.

    The raven haired boy stretched out his arms with a yawn while the yellow rodent beside him did the same thing.
    “Morning,” Ash mumbled as he stood up. Peering at the sky he could see the bright orange sun sitting right in the middle of the blue heavens. Ash put his hand up to
    protect his eyes from the sun’s glare. It was June 21st after all, the longest day of summer. Probably the hottest too, he thought with a grin as he fanned himself with his blue hat.

    Not too far from him sat May, the young brunette whom had decided to travel with him long ago.

    “What are you reading?” Ash asked as he neared the girl.

    May smiled as she looked up at him, there was something suspicious about her smile. “Top Ten Romantic places of Celadon!” May read as she waved the red and white book before Ash’s eyes.

    “Why would you read that?” asked the raven haired boy with a puzzled look on his face.

    “Well...” May twiddled her index fingers, spinning them around each other. “I was kinda thinking, I mean, Brock and Max will be out in town all day so maybe we can spend the day together, in town.”

    Ash laughed. “Awe come on May, you don’t need a book for that. Remember? I’ve been to Celadon before.”

    May sighed, “You just don't get it, Ash.”


    Take a look at my girlfriend
    She's the only one i got (ba ba da da)
    Not much of a girlfriend
    I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da)

    "Whoa," May gasped as she and Ash reached the top of the tallest building in Celadon. "It's so beautiful!"

    Ash smiled as well as he and Pikachu stared down at the busy streets of the city.

    May giggled, "Look how small they look, Ash! Look how small those people look!"

    "It's been so long since we last been here," Ash looked over at Pikachu with a grin. "But nothing has changed."

    "Pika," Pikachu said, nodding.

    "Hey Ash," May looked over at the boy beside her. "Where's the gym?"

    "Erika's gym?" Ash peered through the glass windows, searching for the familiar gym. He found it sitting in between the tall buildings of Celadon. Maybe it had been because he remembered it so much, but for some reason, memories began to flood his mind. He remembered as he pretended to be a girl just to get into the gym when he had admitted to disliking perfume.

    Suddenly Ash was laughing, the memory had been so funny, the things he had done when he was ten, and all for a gym battle.



    Ash took May's hand, startling the girl and pointed towards the gym. "There it is," he said.

    May gazed towards the gym. "Wow," she breathed.

    She's got a smile that would make the most senile
    Annoying old man bite his tongue

    "Celadon is so beautiful," May said as the three of them strolled through the busy streets.

    "It sure is," Ash agreed. "I remember walking these streets with Misty."

    May looked over at the young trainer, curiosity began to peak. "Alone?" She asked.


    "No Brock?"


    "How come?"

    Ash rubbed his chin. "If I remember clearly, I think he was chasing after Nurse Joy."

    May smiled. "Good ole Brock," She said, throwing her fist in to the air for dramatic affect. "Never gives up on the ladies although they've given up on him!"

    The two trainers laughed as they continued down the street.

    She's got the cutest laugh i ever heard
    And we can be on the phone for three hours
    Not sayin' one word

    "Does Celadon have a Pokemon Contest?" May asked.

    "Not when I was here," Ash replied. "Hey, how are you doing with your contests anyway?"

    "Not bad," May replied. "I lost the last one though." She sounded discouraged when she said it.

    Ash gazed towards his friend, knowing what she was thinking: Drew. He was her rival, ever since Hoen. And now, here they were in Kanto, and May continued to pursue him. But whenever she gained a step, he seemed to be ten steps ahead.

    But that was just how rivals were, it always seemed as if they were impossible to beat, but Ash knew, they weren't. The young trainer smiled as he patted May's back.

    "Come on, May. You can't get depressed over one loss; there are so many other Pokemon contests out there."

    "Yeah, but..." May looked away from Ash, unable to meet his eyes. "Every match I lose, the farther I get from him" There was a certain way she had said it, not with hatred, but sadness.

    "Do you want to be close to Drew?" Ash asked finally.

    The air between them seemed to stand still for a moment, or maybe it was Ash who was just holding his breath too long.

    May looked up to the sky thoughtfully, did she? Did she want to get closer to Drew? "Yeah," she answered, looking straight in to Ash's chocolate eyes. "Yeah, I do."

    "Then, why don't you?" Ash asked, "Get closer to him, I mean."

    May's eyes dropped down to the ground, and it took Ash sometime to notice that she was crying. "I'm afraid," she whispered. "I'm afraid I can't. What if I just keep losing Ash? What if I can't get my pokemon up for the contests anymore? What if I become so far behind Drew that I-I don't see him anymore?"

    For some reason, when May had said her last sentence, Ash felt as if something in his body began to hurt. He gazed towards May, and while hesitant, put his hands on both of her shoulders. "Listen to me, May."

    The young trainer looked up as tears raced down her cheeks.

    "You can't give in," Ash said looking in to May's sapphire eyes. "No matter how scared you are, you can't give in. If you give in to fear, if you keep telling yourself that you'll never reach Drew, then you won't." Ash smiled. "But if you ignore your fear and tell yourself that you'll succeed and you will. In fact, I'll train you too if you're still not sure."

    May was silent for a long making Ash feel as if he had said something wrong or embarrassing.

    Pikachu walked up to May's leg and hugged it, also trying to comfort the girl.

    The young coordinator's lips began to part. "Will you?" She asked.

    Ash looked at her to see May's expression serious. "Uh, sure," he smiled. "Heh, we haven't trained together for a long time huh? So, it'll be fun."

    "Yeah," May wiped away some of her tears. "Um, Ash?"


    "Your arms."

    Ash looked down to see that he still hadn't let go of May. With a slight blush, he pulled his arms away.

    She's got eyes comparable to sunrise
    And it doesn't stop there
    Man i swear

    "It's almost night," complained Ash. "And I haven't eaten a thing."

    "I guess we were too busy to notice," May grinned, "which is pretty weird for us seeing how we are the biggest eaters of the group."

    "You can say that again," Ash closed his eyes. "Hey maybe we can go back to Brock and see if he's made anything."

    "Nah, Brock took Max around Celadon."

    "How do you know?" Ash asked, opening his eyes again.

    "Because I was there when they left. I was going to go with them, but you were still asleep, so Brock told me to stay." May answered.


    "It's okay," May said, waving it off. She smiled back towards Ash. "Besides, I wanted to see the town with you. Max would have probably dragged Brock to the gym and stayed there."

    Ash felt his heart beat suddenly quicken. He looked away from May in order to stop her from seeing the blush that crossed his face.

    "Ash?" May asked, her voice full of concern. "What's wrong?"

    "N-nothing!" The young trainer spat.

    Pikachu hopped off of Ash's shoulder, grinning from ear to ear.

    I know i'm young but if i had to choose her or the sun
    I'd be one nocturnal son of a gun

    "Hey, cool!" May shouted suddenly, surprising Ash.

    "What?" He asked. But May didn't seem to notice, she kept her stare fixed on something ahead of them.

    "What?" Ash asked again making his way beside May.

    "Look," she said taking the young trainer's hand. She pointed off towards a small area of grass and trees, the exact area where they had slept.

    "What's so cool about it?" Ash asked.

    "What's so cool about it?" May repeated. "Don't you think it's cool that we circled the town?"

    Ash shrugged, remembering that May hadn't been to Celadon.

    "It's the perfect view," she continued.

    "You think this place is cool?" Ash asked. "I know a better place."

    That seemed to catch May's attention. "Really? Where?"

    "Hmm," Ash rubbed his chin. "I dunno, should I show you?"

    "Yes! Yes!" May said, nearing the boy.

    "I don't think she's ready," Ash said, looking down at Pikachu.

    Pikachu nodded his head in agreement.

    "I'm ready! I'm ready!" May shouted as she walked closer to Ash.

    "Are you?" He asked looking her straight in the eyes.

    "Yes!" She neared him yet again.

    Ash hadn't noticed at first, but now, she was so close to him, so close, he could feel her breath on his skin.

    Wait, her breath?

    Ash stumbled backwards in an attempt to get farther from May. Again, he felt his heart do a flip inside of him. He tripped on a twig in the floor as he stepped away and fell onto his back.

    "Are you okay, Ash?" asked a confused May. She reached for Ash's hand and pulled him up.

    "Fine," Ash managed to mutter.

    "Then why is your face all red?"

    Ash's blush deepened.

    It's been some time since we last spoke
    This is gonna sound like a bad joke
    But momma i fell in love again

    "Here it is," Ash said as he fought his way through the many branches surrounding the area he had told May of.

    "What's with the branches?" May asked, reading Ash's mind.

    "I don't know," he replied with honesty. "It wasn't here before."

    "When was 'before'?"

    Ash thought. "Um," he finally said. "I think it was three years ago."

    "No wonder," May muttered with annoyance.

    Ash reached for another branch, and by pulling it, he could see the place he was trying to get to. No more branches. "Here it is!" Ash said with a grin.
    He pulled the branch out of his way and emerged out of the forest of branches. He and Pikachu gasped at the sight of what they were seeing.

    Sitting before them was a small blue lake. The lake held many water pokemon, swimming beneath the surface. There sat one oak tree, hanging its branches loosely above the water.

    The tree was home to several sleeping Pidgeys. The small brown and white pokemon slept peacefully together, three on each branch, huddled against one another for warmth.

    There were a few Rattatas whom were busy drinking the lake's pure water when they heard the trainers approach, they zoomed back into their hiding place, which was a hole in the tree's trunk.

    Two Beautiflies flew in circles above the lake, flapping their wings using the last beams of light the sun gave out. The lake itself held the reflection of the orange setting sun. The sky was now painted pink a with splashes of baby blue.

    Ash smiled, nothing had changed.

    "Ash!" May wailed from inside the forest of branches. Ash had forgotten all about her.

    He turned to see her still in between the many branches. "May, you have to see this," he said.

    May frowned. "I'd really like to, but my bandanna is kinda stuck. Help me."

    "Oh," Ash reached his hand in and grabbed May's. "Ready?" He asked.

    The young brunette gave a stiff nod.

    "One, two," Ash counted as he gave May's hand a little tug. "Three!" He pulled on her hand harder than needed, because suddenly May's body flew from the branches
    and collided in to Ash's. Ash fell backwards, and with May on top of him, he couldn't stop himself from splashing in to the lake.

    Pikachu watched in horror as the two trainers fell in to the water.

    And i know it sounds so old
    But cupid got me in a chokehold
    And i'm afraid i might give in
    Towels on the mat my white flag is wavin'

    Ash was first to plunge himself out of the water. Kicking around frantically until he noticed he was up. He looked around, what had happened? He was pulling on May's
    hand, attempting to get her out of the forest of branches when she fell on top of him and then they fell in to the water.


    Ash looked around quickly, no one. Hadn't she gotten up by now? Why was she still under?

    The young trainer took in a deep breath before diving back into the water. His eyes scanned the lake's bottom for May's sinking body.

    Fear made its way to his stomach, forming knots before travelling up to his brain.

    What if she hadn't made it?

    Cut it out, Ash, he told himself. You have to have more faith in May.

    He dived deeper in until he could see May's red t-shirt sinking deeper and deeper down the lake.

    He reached for it, if this was her shirt, where was she?

    Ash swam back to the surface when he could no longer hold his breath.

    "There goes my shirt!"

    "Huh?" Ash looked up to see May standing at the side of the lake. She wore only her bra and underwear wrapped tightly in her green towel.

    Beside her sat her heap of clothes and Squirtle.

    "May?" Ash asked, as if not believing his eyes.


    “I thought that you… how did you… what did you…?” he stammered, trying to keep his thoughts in place.

    “Ash?” May asked. “Is something the matter?”

    “I didn’t see you,” Ash finally spat. “When I came up I didn’t see you, I thought you were still in the lake, so how did you get up?”

    “Oh, that,” the young brunette smiled sadly. "When we fell into the lake, I saw you sinking and called out Squirtle to help you up, and when he did, he came back to help
    me up, but for some reason, you went back down."

    Was that what had happened?

    "Um, my shirt?"

    Ash looked down at the red t-shirt, finally noticing he held it. He tossed it over to May.

    "Now don't look, Ash." May said as she caught her t-shirt. "I need to change, and I wouldn't want you to see anything you're not supposed to."

    The way she had said it made Ash's heart do a flip again. He turned to face the last glimpse of the setting sun. What were Max and Brock doing now? He wondered.

    Were they waiting for them to return? Were they worried? Were they out there searching for them themselves?

    Ash felt something jump in to the water and looked back.

    Squirtle and Pikachu swam around him, splashing him whenever they got close enough.

    "Hey!" Ash said with a grin, splashing the two pokemon back. He reached for his own pokeballs and through them in to the air.

    Sceptile, his grass type pokemon, sat itself by the oak tree. Corphish splashed into the water besides Ash, Swellow perched itself onto the willow tree and torkoal sat on the warm sand, sleeping.

    And just as the raven haired boy began to relax, he felt something touch his foot. What was it? A pokemon?

    "Scared ya, didn't I?" May's head bobbed right next to Ash's. He stared over at her, noticing that she had changed into her green bikini.

    He couldn't help noticing how beautiful she looked in it. But then the thought made him blush, and he looked away.

    But i promise this is on a whole new plane
    I can tell by the way she says my name (ba ba da da)

    It was getting dark now and the two trainers lay on their towels by the lake as their pokemon played.

    "We should get going," Ash said, not wanting to move.

    "Okay," May replied with no intention of actually going. She looked over at Ash. "Hey, how did you find this place anyway?"

    "I wanted to go train," Ash admitted. "This whole city is filled of buildings so I wanted to find a place where there were no distractions, no people, and no cars. And then I
    found here."

    "Was it only you?" May asked. "Or was Misty...?"

    Ash looked up at the silver little lights that covered the black sky. He hadn't noticed it before, but now he noticed that May had a sudden interest in what he and Misty did together.

    "Just me and Pikachu" he answered. "No one else knows because when we got here it looked so beautiful, so peaceful, I didn't want anyone else to come."

    "But now I know," May said with a smile on her face.

    "Yeah, you know."

    "And I won't tell a soul," May continued. "Cross my heart and spit in your eye." She pretended to cross her chest with her fingers.

    "Spit in your eye?" Ash repeated, laughing. "Wasn't it ‘hope to die’?"

    "Yeah, but my grandfather used to say this and I thought it was better." May turned on her side to face Ash. "You know what?" She asked. "Today was really fun."

    "It was, wasn't it?" Ash replied.

    "It's too bad we don't get to do this all the time," May said, moving to lie on her back.

    Ash closed his eyes, it really was too bad, other than his heart doing all of those weird flips; he had had a lot of fun. He opened his eyes and gazed towards May to see her closing her own sapphire eyes.

    She looked so small to him now. He had already knew she was but eleven years old, but she always acted older than that. But when she was crying before and as she lay there beside him that night, she looked small almost like the preteen she was.

    She opened her eyes, gazing up to the blackened sky before them. "I'm sorry Ash."

    That had caught the boy off guard. "For what?" He asked her.

    "For crying like a baby before, for complaining to you, I'm sorry."

    Ash sat up, she couldn't be serious, could she? But her face hadn't revealed anything that could be interpreted as joking. In fact, tears began to well up in her eyes.

    But before she had a chance to wipe them away with her right hand, Ash took hold of it.

    "Ash?" She asked, sitting up as well.

    She's got porcelain skin of course she's a ten
    And now she's even got her own song
    But movin' on

    "May," Ash said looking deep into her sapphire eyes, feeling her soft skin in his hand.

    She stared up at him with a confused, sad look on her face.

    "Don't be sorry," Ash finally said, speaking softly. "I don't care if you cry out louder than any Whismur, I don't care if your tears over flood this planet. If you need to cry, than cry, if you need to scream, scream all you want. If you want a shoulder to lean on, I lend out mine. If you need someone to hear you, I'll give you my ears. If you want to complain, complain your heart out.

    “You don't need to be sorry for throwing out your feelings May, because I'm your friend. I'll be there for you through bad times and good, I'll be there whenever you need me to be there, if you need someone to train with you, I will. If you want to beat Drew, I'll teach you how. If you lose another contest, no worries, because we'll just train harder until you beat the next one and eventually beat Drew. May, don't you ever say you're sorry for crying, because that isn't something to be sorry about."

    May stared at Ash, shock covering her face. Finally a small smile broke out as tears poured out of her eyes. "You got that from a movie." Not allowing him to answer, May wrapped her arms around Ash and cried into his bare chest.

    Ash was surprised, but slowly, he hugged May back, pulling her in closer.

    It's gonna be a long drive home but i know as soon as i arrive home
    And i open the door take off my coat and throw my bag on the floor
    She'll be back in my arms into my arms once more for sure

    Ash and May walked down the empty streets of Celadon. It was nearing eleven o' clock now; they knew the others were worried about them.

    When May had finished crying, they had packed their things, called back their pokemon and made their way out of the forest of branches.

    Luckily this time, May hadn't gotten herself stuck.

    They walked in silence now, not knowing what to say to each other as Pikachu slowly dozed off to sleep in Ash's backpack. The young trainer gave May a quick glance before looking away.

    He hadn't known why, but all day, whenever she got near him, his heart went into gymnastics. And he would blush bright red. Just like when she collapsed into his arms.

    He felt his heart do its flip quicker and his cheeks burned with the color of scarlet. But he hadn't wanted to let go then, then something in his brain told him to hold on to
    her, as if she were going to fall, and he had.

    It's love! Brock's voice sang in his head.

    Ash looked away from May as another blush crept its way to his cheeks. That was the last thing he needed to think about right then.


    The young trainer looked down at May, they were nearing their camp site now. "What?" he asked.

    May was back to twiddling her fingers as she looked up at Ash. "Thanks, for saying all that a-and for holding..." She trailed off. But Ash already knew what she was
    going to say.

    "You're welcome," he said with a smile on his face. "Now let's get back to Brock and Max before they flip."

    "Uh," May looked around nervously. "One more thing."

    "What is it?"

    May stood up on the tip of her toes, attempting to reach Ash's height. Resting her hands on his chest she pressed her lips softly onto Ash's.

    Ash could feel his heart do a series of flips as Brock began to sing It's love! again.

    But this time he didn't care.

    I mean she even cooks me pancakes
    And alka seltzer when my tummy aches
    If that ain't love then i don't know what love is

    Finally May broke off the kiss as she went back to standing on her feet and not her toes. It surprised Ash to see pink on the young girl's cheeks.

    But then, he was blushing too.

    She gave him a look which meant Pretend this never happened but her smile was warm and inviting. "Good night," she said as she began to walk away.

    Ash watched her, his heart beating so loudly, he thought the whole world could hear it. Reaching for his own lips, he didn't think he could forget about the kiss. It wasn't his first. But it was his first with the girl he cared about.

    "May," He called out after several minutes.

    May stopped and turned around to look at him. "Yeah?"

    "I-I," Ash took a deep breath. "I don't think this should be the last time we do this either."

    May smiled over at Ash. "I didn't think you were that type of guy, Ash."

    "Huh?" Ash looked over at her until it hit him; she thought he was talking about kissing. Suddenly he began waving his arms up and down; trying to show her she had
    gotten the wrong meaning. "Bwaa, I didn’t mean that! I mean we should go someplace together again!"

    "Like a date?" May suggested. "Ash, I didn't know you were such a romantic.”

    Again, she had gotten the wrong meaning, and Ash's arms continued to swing themselves up and down. "No! No, not like a date! Like a friend thing, a-a friend get
    together, a swim, a-a...!" He couldn't think of anything else to cover up for a date.

    May giggled until her giggles erupted in to laughter. Ash couldn't see what was so funny.

    "Ash..." the young brunette said between fits of laughter. “I was... I was.. only joking!"

    The young trainer gasped, seeing that he had been played as a fool. He softly placed his backpack on the floor, trying to not awake the sleeping Pikachu inside.

    Ash grinned evilly. "Very funny May, but do you know what else is funny?"

    May shook her head as she laughed, obviously wanting to know.

    "The look on your face when I catch up to you."

    May stopped laughing and looked over at Ash to see he was serious. With a grin on her face, she began to run from Ash.

    He smiled as well, running after her, it was a good thing May wasn't a good runner; he caught up to her quickly.

    Tripping on something on the floor, May fell. Ash seized this opportunity and began to tickle May; knowing how much she hated being tickled.

    "Noooo!" She cried between giggles. "Stop it... Ash!"

    Ash laughed as well. "Your fault!" He said. "You shouldn't have teased me!"

    It's safe to say i have a new girlfriend

    Not too far away from the laughing teens, Max sat up in his sleeping bag. The green haired Maple reached for his glasses and slipped out of his sleeping bag. Slowly, he
    made his way to the tan man in the sleeping bag beside his. "Brock, Brock wake up." He whispered as he shook Brock in his sleep.

    "Mmm," Brock muttered. "No Nurse Joy, I can hold you. I swear; these kids I'm traveling with are just tag alongs, nothing more."

    Max sweat dropped, was this all Brock ever dreamed of? He kneeled down and whispered in to Brock's ear. "Brock wake up, Nurse Joy is looking for you."

    Instantly, Brock sprang to his feet as if he were one of those zombies in the scary movies Max remembered watching.

    "Nurse... Joy," Brock muttered with his arms dangling in front of him.

    He even talked and walked like a zombie.

    Max pulled on Brock's ear, doing so as he did whenever Brock had tied his head a little too tight around girls.

    "Huh? Wha?" Brock said finally, awakening from his dream. He looked around to see Max looking up at him. "Max?"

    "Brock," Max said, fear creeping into his voice. "I hear someone laughing."

    Brock peaked an eyebrow but Max looked as if he was serious. "It's probably Ash and May coming back from their trip around town."

    "Are you sure?" Max asked, letting go of Brock’s ear.

    "Yeah," Brock slipped back in to his sleeping bag. "Now go back to sleep."

    Max nodded and slipped back in to his own sleeping bag, but couldn't help but wonder why his sister and his friend were up so late, laughing.

    Take a look at my girlfriend
    She's the only one i got (ba ba da da)
    Not much of a girlfriend
    I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da)
    Take a look at my girlfriend
    She's the only one i got (ba ba da da)
    Not much of a girlfriend
    I never seem to get a lot(ba ba da da, ba ba da da)

    Rating: PG
    Thats what I think it deserves at least

    The End
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    Wow! this was posted today? it showed pokeshipping,advancedshipping,and contestshipping. and all the charicters are well... in Charicter!
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    Overall, this is a decent fic. The characters appeared to be in character, and you don't have tons of grammer/spelling mistakes, from what I saw.

    But next time, I would reccomend spacing out your paragraphs, when it's just a big block of text like that, it's a huge strain on the eyes to read.

    Also, you did not put a rating on this, the rules state that you must do so:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shipping Fic Rules
    3.0) Ratings
    -----3.1) This must be included in the first post and it must be correct.
    ^So remember that next time, or you could edit your post and put the rating in.

    But all in all, I enjoyed this fic, I'm impressed how you could roll so many shippings into one fic!

    Keep writing! ^_~

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    Put a rating on this, or it's getting closed tomorrow. -.-
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    It says PG at the bottom but it should really be at the top.

    Nice story, Uza-chan! Lots of emotion and shippyness in there! congrats on another great fic! *Throws streamers* ...I'm going to run out of these someday...-_-

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    Drew. He was her rival, ever since Hoen.

    I liked this. I liked how they interacted.

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