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Seriously...Who would even WANT A Partridge in a Pear Tree, or 10 bloody Lords leaping, or Maids milking, it makes NO Sense, so how about we mix this **** up kiddies, lets remix it FB Style!!!

But beforwe all the fun som little rules for ya:

1) You can ONLY pick up items for yourself. Not for anyone else.
2) Everyone has approximately 24 hours to pick up. You must pick up the item on the day it's given out. Once the next item is posted, you've lost your chance of claiming the one before it.

On the First day of Christmas Santa Arn gave to MEEEEEEEEEEE An Ice Punch right after Crumpets and Teeeeaeaaaaaaa!!!

Hmmm, Can I Please have TM Ice Punch, Thanks a bunch, Happy Holidays.

...I'm guessing we can only do this on our home forum...thaz cool okay now I know.