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    Default A Whisper in the Wind (Pokeshipping, PG to PG-13)

    Well, here we go, my second fic. Focuses mostly on Pokeshipping but may or may not include other ships.


    Rated PG to PG-13 to be on the safe side.

    Well, the second annual Shipping Oscars of 2007-08 have come and gone, and it appears that this fic has won itself an award or my shock and amazement...


    A Whisper in the Wind

    He had to get away. Get away from those humans. Those cruel humans. They had found him. The men in the black uniforms. They wanted to use his powers. Powers meant for good, powers for peace, powers to unite Pokemon and human as one. Good powers. But that man, the man in the orange suit, wanted his powers for evil. To rule the world. Well, he wasn’t gonna let this man take him. Not as long as he was alive! Never!

    At that thought, a crimson streak of flames erupted from his beak, scaring the men in the black uniforms. They tried to send out Pokemon to battle him, but the Pokemon, no matter how much they were raised to be evil, could not bring themselves to harm him. Instead, they turned on their own masters, firing deadly attacks at the humans before disappearing in a flash of red light. He knew those Pokemon would be cruelly punished and even killed for blatantly disobeying their masters, but he could do nothing to help them now. Not when he was on the run. He disappeared in a flurry of golden flames.

    Reappearing in a dense forest, he stopped to catch his breath. He was weak from the stun guns and force fields and the like, all failed attempts to try and gain his power. The weakness was not a problem, he could easily regain his strength. The problem was, he didn’t have the time. Even if he could recover, the man in the orange suit would not stop chasing him until he caught him.

    He had to hide. Now.

    With a flap of his wings, he turned towards a brightly lit city, and the only person who could help him…


    “Aaaaaand Blazekin is unable to battle, Pikachu wins! The winner, and new Pokemon Champion is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!”

    “Yeah buddy, we did it!”

    “Pika, Pikachu!” The happy little mouse jumped into its trainer’s arms, cheeks sparking happily. The raven-haired boy gave his faithful friend a hug, still not believing what had just happened. He, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, at the age of 17, had become the youngest Pokemon Master in history. His chocolate brown eyes swam with memories of all the steps he had taken to reach this point…

    Losing to Richie and landing in the Top 16 of the Indigo League…

    Defeating Drake and winning the Orange Archipelago…

    Beating his all-time rival Gary in the Johto League, only to lose to Harrison and land in the Top 8...

    Losing to Tyson in the Hoenn League and landing, once more, in the Top 8...

    Defeating all seven Frontier Brains and completing the Battle Frontier Challenge…

    Returning to the Indigo League, and winning the first place spot, allowing him to challenge a special Elite Four, a mixture of Elite members from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn…

    Defeating all four members of the Elite four, and facing up to the Pokemon Master, to find that it was his long-lost father…

    And now, finally, achieving his lifelong dream…

    But…what was he to do now?


    Ash Ketchum lay in his bed in the luxury suite of the finest hotel in Indigo. Mahogany furniture gleamed in the moonlight. Artifacts decorated the room. Velvet sheets covered his bed, even the pajamas he wore were made out of the best and softest silk. Nothing but the best for the Pokemon Master. Scratching the furry head of the Pikachu beside him, he whispered:

    “You know, I’ve achieved my dream now, Pikapal, but what next? Is the journey over?”

    Pikachu slumbered on, apparently not hearing a thing. Ash smiled, and continued the one-sided conversation.

    “As great as this feeling is, there’s a part of me that wishes that I never won. The adventure is half-or more-of the fun, right?” He rubbed the rodent’s ear, making it squeal a happy, “Chaaaaa,” in response. “Will I have to leave all my friends? Will they have to leave me? I’ll miss them all so much…Brock, May, Max, Tracey, and especially Mist-” His thoughts lingered on the pretty red-haired girl, stopping the thought abruptly. It was hard to admit some things, even to himself. He smiled. Tomorrow, I’ll tell her tomorrow. Turning to Pikachu, he said, “Never mind. Good night, buddy.” Slipping under the soft velvety sheets, he fell asleep at once.

    Pikachu’s eyes opened and stared at its master with a strange smile on its face before going back to sleep. It had heard Ash after all.





    “Who’s there?”

    Ash looked around him, he had woken up in a strange room filled with shadows. The darkness seemed to be endless, he felt as if he was suspended in midair. His throat went dry, it took all he had to force the words out of his mouth.

    “Who’s there?” he repeated, this time with much less confidence than before.

    “Someone who has been watching over you…”

    “W-wha?” Ash tried to swallow, something, anything to get his throat moist…nothing came.

    “I have been watching you…ever since you and Pikachu took that first step to becoming lifelong friends…” A pair of golden eyes suddenly appeared in front of him. Surprisingly, Ash felt comforted, not scared.

    “You-you have? Wait…does that mean…”

    “Yes, child.” A shadowy figure materialized around the golden eyes into the silhouette of a large bird.

    “No way,” whispered Ash to himself. Now that he knew who it was, his fear had disappeared completely, replaced with joy. He had seen this Pokemon several times, but never thought it would actually come and speak to him. It was supposed to be hiding from humans. “What are you doing here?”

    “I need your help, Ash.”


    “Yes, young one.”

    “What can I do?”

    “Help me hide.”

    “Hide? From who?”

    “The man you call…Giovanni.”

    “Him? I thought I destroyed Team Rocket two years ago. They’re back?”

    “If you mean the men in the black suits, then yes.”

    “No way…but how can I help you hide?”

    “You do not have to accept, but…I need to reside in a human body.”

    “A human body?”

    “Yes. A human body will mask my powers from view. Do not worry. You will not die or give up your body to me. I will only reside in a small corner of your mind. But…the problem is, I don’t know how your body will react. I don’t know if it can take the strain. And even if it could…I don’t know if your will is strong enough. If you decide to help me, your life will change, forever. For better or worse, I do not know. Will you help me?”

    “Of course!”

    “Think about it carefully, young one. This is not a simple rescue mission. You can’t jump into this like you have into so many other things.”

    “I know. There could be many consequences. But if its going to help you and others stay out of danger, it will be worth it. I’m ready.”

    “…Spoken like only someone with a pure heart would. I was right in choosing you, Ash.”

    Ash smiled, then put his hand on the bird’s chest feathers, right over its heart. A blinding light engulfed the area, and then all went black once more.


    Ash bolted up, sitting in his velvet covered bed, beads of sweat on his forehead. Pikachu was up and alert, staring at him, worry in its face. Nobody but the two knew about their special connection. They were able to read each other’s minds and borrow energy, stamina, and even abilities from each other. Utilizing this unique ability, Pikachu spoke to its trainer in human tongue.

    “Ash, I saw what happened…”

    “I know…but…was that real?”

    “Look at your hands.”

    Ash stared at his hands, and quickly stifled a yell. Etched along his arms was a complex array of lines, laid out in an almost artistic way, drawn in the color of his namesake. That was not what had surprised him, however. What unnerved him was that just seconds ago, they had been glowing a bright gold…

    “P-pikachu…I can’t believe it…”

    “I know…”

    “Pikachu…I can’t stay here…”


    “You saw the dream. Giovanni is after him. I can’t stay in one place. I can’t…”

    Pikachu saw a look of pain cross his trainer’s face. “What, Ash?” he asked, dreading the answer.



    “…I can’t see my friends and family again.”


    “Think about it, Pikachu. Giovanni will be after me, and he’ll do anything to get me. If he feels our friends are in the way, he’ll…” Ash didn’t want to continue.

    “Yeah, I understand…but you better not leave any of your Pokemon, especially me, behind. We’re perfectly capable of helping you, and anyways…we’d pummel you into the ground before letting you go anywhere without us.”

    Ash smiled. “Alright, you win, Pikapal.”


    Ash gently eased open the door to Misty’s room to say goodbye. He had saved hers for last, because he knew it would be the hardest to do. Pikachu quickly left his shoulder and silently opened the window. Ash stood next to her bed, hoping that her eyes would open so he could see those beautiful sea-green eyes one last time, while his common sense was wishing that they would remain closed. He tried to speak, but all that came out was a hoarse whisper…and it was not what he had planned to say…but it seemed fitting somehow…

    “Mist…I’m so sorry…”

    Misty mumbled and turned in her sleep, making Ash freeze. Luckily, she did not awaken. Ash took a strand of her fiery red hair, fingering its softness. Why did he feel so reckless? He had to get out of here quickly. But there was one last thing he had to say…but it was so hard…

    “Mist…promise me…you won’t…lose yourself…like…I will have to lose myself. Promise me…”

    Misty mumbled again, making Ash smile. He then quickly moved towards the window, where Pikachu was impatiently waiting for him.

    “You didn’t confess?” Pikachu asked in a hushed whisper.

    “What’s the point? She won’t see me again.” Pikachu looked at Ash shrewdly, cocking its ear.

    “…Maybe…maybe not.”

    With that, Pikachu hopped onto Ash’s shoulder. Ash jumped out of the window, his body quickly fading into the dark abyss we call night…

    A soft breeze blew, whisking leaves into the air and into the window. It passed the curtains, blowing them and making them look frail and ghostly. A soft whisper echoed through the room…

    I love you, Mist…


    “ASH, NO! DON’T GO!!!”

    With that cry still fresh on her lips, a pair of sea-green eyes opened abruptly in shock and fear, the girl owning them shaking as beads of sweat rolled from the crown of fiery red hair down her pale face. She shuddered as she remembered the dream, it felt so real…Ash had been fading away into darkness, when she reached out for him and cried to him to take her hand, he turned away. He said that he couldn’t drag her down with him, then disappeared completely from sight. She had cried out once more, then found herself in bed, shaking.

    She couldn’t shake off how real the dream felt, it made her feel cold inside thinking about it. The breeze coming in from the open window wasn’t helping her warm up much either…wait, the window was open?

    She rose out of bed, and prepared to shut the window when a small gust of wind blew through. A strange black feather drifted into the room and nestled itself comfortably in the crevice Misty’s head had imprinted in her pillow.

    Ignoring the open window, Misty ran to her bed and fingered the feather, it was so strange…and yet…familiar…comforting. The feather was the exact same raven-black color that dyed the hair of one Ash Ketchum…

    Stroking the feather, she was filled with a sense of calm and courage.

    Tomorrow. I’ll tell him tomorrow…

    *~end of prologue~*

    And that's it for now. Clocking in at slightly more than six pages and 1990 words, it's not my longest piece of work, but I take pride in it. I have the next chapter all planned out, I just gotta type it...lemme know what you guys think!
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