Yup, tis the Time once again, I shouldn't be saying it becasue it should be November and december >> BUT Never mind, it's time for Fun, Bunnies, Snow and Fireworks becasue it's NEW EASTER TIME Whoooooooooo *High fives Random people*

Oh I wish it could be new Easter, every dayyyyy, with the Bunnies and Fire works and the band that begins to playyy.

Now, what wouldn't New Easter bne without the gift of givign? well let me give you soemthing, A Piece of Advice that my Dad told me that his dad told him, and so on and so on, and that is:

"When you see a Piece of Pie on a string, be careful, becasue it's propberbly a trap and you're stupid enough to fall for it, so give into temptation and instead Build a Sandcastle."

Yeah, pretty crappy advice but thats life. Life is also full of choices, now let me give you a choice:


Which one will it be, do you feel lucky..well do ya....punk?