Ooh, very interesting gifts here! ^-^

I'll be picking up the following:
1x Plusle Plushie (From Arn)
1x Cranberry Pokéblock (From Tess) (Raises two stats by 20 Pts. of choice)
1x Magical Snowflake (From Tess) (Will teach the move "Ice Barrier" to any Ice type)
1x Cranberry (From Wayne) (Raises a Pokémon's Level by 2)
1x Cranberry Juice (From Wayne) (Will teach an EM or MT move to a Pokémon)
1x Lapras Plushie (From SM) (Will teach the move Ice Beam of hugged)
2x Rare Candies (From SM)

(Late) Merry Christmas! ^^;

Also, using the Magical Snowflake on my Dewgong, Aurora, to make her learn Ice Barrier.