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Thread: Ash's Voice!

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    Wow, a boy who looks roughly 13 going through puberty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
    I think overall I liked his Hoenn voice, since Veronica made him talk deeper since she was voicing May at the same time.

    However I'm really starting to like his new voice as well. It really does make him sound older, and a bit more aggressive.

    Only those SOVA nutjobs seem to have a problem with it nowadays.
    I don't watch the dub anymore, I watched like 10 episodes of it with Sarah Natochenny's voice and I don't like it.

    Veronica's Ash > Sarah's Ash


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    I know this thread is about five years old from the point I'm posting, but I prefer his older voice. Not to revive a dead thread. I just wanted to share my thoughts on it since I wasn't around back then.

    I sounded a lot cuter, higher-pitched, and I just liked the sound of it a lot. Veronica Taylor was exceptional at nailing Ash's emotional moments- I always felt like crying when he did (I actually did as well).

    Mrs. Taylor DID show she can do a deeper voice for Ash very nicely in the AG arc. I felt it was the perfect voice for the character. It had the right mix of tone and delivery to me.

    I like his newer voice as well. It has a nice, eccentric charm to it these days I'm also fond of. It makes him sound more mature in a way.

    Overall, his older voice is the one I associate with the character and who I like most, though. It's the same for the other main characters' voices for me as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Power of Pika View Post
    I voted new voice. It's just that he sounds older now and I like that. His voice is weird I agree but it seems to be just a mixed voice of japanese Ash, Veronica and her own. Well that's what it sounds to me anyway.=P
    I have to agree Sarah sounds like a cross between Veronica, herself, and Rica. It's hilarious how cool that is.

    I like his younger-sounding voice more myself, hence I like Veronica best.
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