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Thread: Kisses of Fire (AbilityShipping, oneshot, songfic, PG-13 to be safe)

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    Default Kisses of Fire (AbilityShipping, oneshot, songfic, PG-13 to be safe)

    This is just some random little thing I decided to after finishing the mega-prologue of XD^3, just some more AbilityShipping to go with "Super Trouper," one I did on the same subject quite a while ago.

    Thanks to my AbilityShipping buddy Darkliger for beta-ing this, it's much appreciated my friend!

    ----"Kisses of Fire"----
    Original Lyrics by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus
    Taken from

    He's recognized the world over as one of the best Pokémon trainers there is.

    He participated in four Pokémon League tournaments and not only that, he won the Orange League.

    He can't count on one hand the number of times he's seen Ho-oh.

    In addition to the Orange League, he won the Battle Frontier and had a chance to be a Frontier Brain. He turned that down, much to his regret.

    He is Ash Ketchum, a trainer from the quaint village called Pallet in the Kanto Region. Having just returned home from the Sinnoh League and bidding farewell to his friends Brock and Hikari, Ash should be happily wasting the time between adventures with his longtime companion, Pikachu.

    That would certainly be the case most times. But this time was different---Ash was in the throes of a lonely funk that had grabbed hold of him just as he was making his way from the Nagisa City Gym in Sinnoh, fresh from his victory over Gym Leader Denji with the Beacon Badge in hand. Something was missing from his heart.......

    Ordinarily, Ash would be happy if he had a burger and a television. He and Pikachu would just vegetate for hours at a time and loved it. This time, however, Ash seemed sad, disconnected. Pikachu, thanks to the heightened senses that most Pokémon species have, could tell.

    "Pika, chu?" it asked its trainer, sensing his sadness. "Pika pikkaaa....?"

    "No, everything's fine, buddy," Ash answered Pikachu's questioning tone, but even then it was obvious that he was lying.

    "Pika!! Pikachu pikapikaaaah." Pikachu was insistent, knowing things weren't right.

    "I told you, Pikachu, I'm fi-"

    "PIIIIIIKKKAA!!!! CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!" Pikachu was a cute Pokémon, but even Ash knew to never cross it---or else. Determined to get the truth out of its trainer, the yellow mouse loosed a Thunderbolt attack to drive its point home.

    "Oh....oh.....ok.....I'll tell you.." Ash had to shake his head to regain his senses before continuing. "Lately I've been missing someone we met a while back on our journey. Remember Anabel from the Battle Tower, Pikachu?"

    "Pika!" it replied happily as memories of Anabel came into its mind. She was the only person who ever really understood it, even moreso than Ash. "Pikachu, pipi piika."

    "Yeah, I enjoyed travelling with Hikari and May, too, but.......Anabel and I connected on a different level, ya know?"

    "Chuchu pikachu pika pi."

    "Remember when Anabel asked me to read what was in her heart? I just realized as I was walking out of the Nagisa Gym what she meant. She liked me, Pikachu, and I just----"

    At that moment, the doorbell rang, chiming out twice. Ash ignored it and his mother Delia was out shopping, so their housekeeper---a Mr. Mime that Delia had named Mimey---answered it. Ash could hear Mimey's conversation with the person there but couldn't see who it was.

    "Mime! Mime, mime mime mime?"

    "Oh, hello, Mimey!" The voice was female and slightly deep, sophisticated sounding. Strangely, Ash thought he recognized it, but didn't move. He just kept listening. "Is Ash home? I thought I would pay him a visit."

    "Mr. Mime!! Mime, mimeime!!!" Mimey stuck its head into the room where Ash was and started waving its arms frantically, but Ash didn't know what it wanted.

    "Pika?! Pi pikachu?" Pikachu, however, did understand Mimey's doubletalk and promptly lept off the couch it was sitting on with Ash, running to the door. Ash got up sluggishly, but could hear Pikachu's reaction to the visitor. It was chirping happily in a way Ash recognized---when someone it liked scratched it behind the ears.

    "Hi there, Pikachu! It's been a long time!" the visitor said. Ash was certain now that he recognized the voice as he slowly turned from the room towards the door.

    "Hello, did you ask for me----?!" When Ash looked up and saw who it was, his jaw dropped in shock.

    She had purple hair that perfectly complemented her blue eyes and purple attire. A color scheme Ash knew.

    It was Anabel.

    "Anabel?! Why........what made you come all the way out here?"

    "Always nice to pay a visit to old friends, isn't it?" Anabel replied pleasantly. "Anyway, let's get out of this cold doorway."

    "Sure. I hate to say I don't have anything planned though......all I can offer is that we can sit and watch TV."

    "That's okay," Anabel answered, still pleasant, as she followed Ash into the TV room and sat down. Pikachu jumped up onto her lap, and Mimey just went off to do whatever it was that it did. "So how have you and Pikachu been?"

    "We've been good......"

    "Oh, is something the matter, Ash? It seems like you have something on your mind."

    "Well, uh...."

    Ash never got to explain......because Pikachu did it for him.

    "Pika! Pi pika pikachu! Chu pikapika chuuuuu. Pikachu, pi-ka!"

    "Hmmm, I see." A faint smile crept across Anabel's face as she thought about what Pikachu told her. This was one of those times when being able to talk to Pokémon came in handy for her. "Pikachu've been thinking and talking about me, Ash."

    Lay your head on my chest so you hear every beat of my heart
    Now there's nothing at all that can keep us apart

    "Oh, no! Pikachu!!" Ash didn't seem necessarily thrilled about this turn of events. In fact, he seemed humiliated. "Anabel, I'm sorry...."

    "There's nothing to be sorry for," replied the Frontier Brain as her smile came over her entire face. "If my Espeon could talk to you, it would tell you the same thing about me."

    Touch my lips, close your eyes and see with your fingertips
    Things that you do, and you know I'm crazy 'bout you

    "..............wait, that means that when you told me to look into your heart, you meant it? What I only just realized was the tru--"

    Again, Ash was cut off mid-sentence, but this time it wasn't Pikachu's doing. Anabel simply moved close to him and softly kissed him on the cheek.

    The key had been turned in the lock, and there was no going back. Everything that was on Ash's mind just fell apart and crumbled.

    Kisses of fire, burning, burning
    I'm at the point of no returning
    Kisses of fire, sweet devotions
    Caught in a land-slide of emotions

    Stunned, Ash didn't know how to react. He was at an obvious loss for words.

    "Anabel, I.....I didn't think......"

    "Do you know what I thought when we parted at the Battle Tower all that time ago? I said to myself, "I guess you can't sense feelings yet, Ash, or you would have sensed my feelings for you." I've missed you for so long......."

    "I don't know what to say..."

    "Well, for starters, why don't you kiss me just I like did to you?"

    Ash's nervousness was blatantly apparent. Flushing and completely red in the face, he moved his lips closer to Anabel's cheek, hesitated, then gave her a quick and brief kiss.

    I've had my share of love affairs but they were nothing compared to this
    Oh, I'm riding higher than the sky and there is fire in every kiss
    Kisses of fire
    Kisses of fire

    "I'm proud of you, Ash," Anabel laughed. "Now, try again, but with a little more confidence."


    Usually Ash was overconfident, arrogant and cocky about everything. Not this time. Anabel's sudden appearance and revelations had completely broken his defenses. Nevertheless, Ash moved in for another try, this time managing a little more confidence.

    And then as he got close, Anabel suddenly turned to face him and his lips touched hers. Now, not only had the key been turned but the lock was opened.

    When you sleep by my side I feel safe and I know I belong
    Still it's making me scared that my love is so strong
    Losing you is a nightmare fate and to me it's new
    Never before did you see me begging for more

    "Well, Ash..." Now Anabel's face was turning red a bit too, but nowhere near the degree of Ash's. "Since we've come this far, I needn't hold back anymore. When we last met, I liked you. Now, I love you."

    "Anabel, I.....I'm flattered, and..."

    "I know you want to say it, Ash. Come on, before I have to get it out of Pikachu instead!" That was Anabel, always ready with a sly ace up her sleeve. Even Pikachu got a good laugh out of this one.


    Ash closed his eyes, and instantaneously his face flushed to a redness so deep that even his Charizard would be put to shame.

    "Come, Ash, you can do it. I know what's right there on the tip of your tongue, and I know you can get it out."

    "Anabel, I.......I........." Finally, Ash just clenched his fists and resolved in his mind to say it. "I love you too."

    "There! Now there are no more barriers between us, and our hearts can touch as one. Come on!"

    Anabel spread her arms out wide, and Ash, abandoning all pretense, lept into them and the two (now confessed) lovers simply kissed and kissed and kissed some more. Pikachu just sat there and watched, almost jealous that it didn't get some of the action.


    Kisses of fire, burning, burning
    I'm at the point of no returning
    Kisses of fire, sweet devotions
    Caught in a land-slide of emotions
    I've had my share of love affairs but they were nothing compared to this
    Oh, I'm riding higher than the sky and there is fire in every kiss
    Kisses of fire
    Kisses of fire

    Finally, after a few minutes of this, Ash and Anabel let go to catch their breath. Both were sweating heavily but didn't want to stop.....and were about to begin anew when Ash thought of something, then raised his finger to ask a question.

    "I must know one thing. How did you know to come here because I was thinking of you?"

    "I had some help."

    "From who?"

    "From me!"

    Mimey suddenly reappeared in the room, and behind it was a brown haired woman dressed in pink with a gray skirt.

    Ash's mother Delia.


    "My Ashy's in love! Isn't it just beautiful, Mimey?"

    "Mime, mime, Mr. Mime!!"


    "Pikachu told Mimey that you were upset about something, dear," Delia explained, "and then Mimey told me. I didn't know what about, so I looked up some help and realized you were thinking of someone who liked, and from there I knew it had to be Anabel. So I invited her here and acted like I went out shopping---when I was really out back in the garden the whole time!"

    "...............who did you ask for help?"

    "Professor Oak."


    Ash fainted in embarassment and fell off the couch. Anabel, Pikachu, Mimey and Delia all laughed.

    "I guess I'd better get used to this kind of stuff, Mrs. Ketchum. You sure lead a weird family!"

    Everyone shared another hearty laugh as Ash lay on the floor, flushing all over again in embarassment. But he knew this time he'd have to overcome the embarasssment Delia caused him.....for Anabel.

    Kisses of fire, burning, burning
    I'm at the point of no returning
    Kisses of fire, sweet devotions
    Caught in a land-slide of emotions
    Kisses of fire, burning, burning
    Kisses of fire, sweet devotions
    I'm riding higher than the sky and there is fire in every kiss
    Kisses of fire, burning, burning
    I'm at the point of no returning
    Kisses of fire, sweet devotions
    Caught in a land-slide of emotions...................

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    This is a beautiful story, Butler. I love how Pikachu had to shock Ash to get him to talk; and I'm a little stunned at how eased Anabel was as she confessed her feelings to Ash.

    I'll certainly look forward to reading more stories by you.
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    Nice one, I've always liked Abilityshipping fics, probably because they didn't payed enough attention to it in the anime, anyways keep up the good work.
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    Loved it. Thought Anabel was a bit to strait forward for her personality, but oh well. And I love how Pikachu gets things out of Ash one way or another. I'd love to see anyother Abillityshipping story from you.
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    A great story. I find it funny that Ash's own mom would be the one to get them together, but it didn't take away from the charm and romance of the story.

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    I always saw Delia to be the one to do something like that......I briefly considered making it Mimey, who can actually talk but has been running around like an idiot for how many years saying "Mr. Mime!!!" over and over.

    Too much like a DrugTripping fic so I changed it to Delia
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    This seems kinda like that other fic that was written...I think Darkliger wrote it. Maybe you should try and stray away from that a bit next time.

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    I really loved this story how cute. I believe the best interaction of love is meeting the parents first. hehe.

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