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    Feb 2007


    Shiny Beldum
    Shiny Jirachi
    Shiny Aggron
    Shiny Ditto
    Shiny Golduck
    Shiny Squirtle
    Shiny Charmander

    and much more here---->

    I´m still looking for:
    Shiny Celebi
    Shiny Lugias
    Shiny Lucario
    Shiny Feebas
    Shiny Magikarp
    Shiny Bagon
    Shiny Shinx

    and others
    please Pm me with offers!!!
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    ( my site)

    All the pokemons there ARE Legit so PM me with offers I want any shiny

    Do not ask for any of the unobtainables, even Darkrai because it hasn't been released in the US in your signature. Also, your website was removed because it contained unobtainables, so edit before you put it back on. Read the announcements.

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