A gym battle that isn't the gym leader vs a member of the main cast?! I love all the new stuff that's getting thrown in this saga. When this episode first aired I was really mad at Paul for releasing Azumarill due to the fact that its a final stage evolution pokemon, but now knowing his full team and various reserves of his I am more mad that he didn't use Torterra for the gym battle. Also in this episode we learn that Paul is from Veilstone City, which gets ultimately crammed down our throats when the twerps actually reach Veilstone City.
Roark's Cranidos certainly knows a variety of moves. And Onix's Stealth Rock attack was a rather large and interesting factor in this gym battle. And the various abilities of both trainers' pokemon was another large and interesting factor.
Paul had some funny lines in this episode. I laughed when he said "Duh!" to Ash and "Who are you?" to Dawn, I guess Ash is the only twerp Paul considers a threat, or at least worth noticing. This episode was quite the gym battle of chaos and I enjoyed it very much.