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    Default Fic Request Shop (Open) - Updated 12/28

    No, I'm not taking orders - I'm still trying to fill my own orders. -.- But this is a place where reviewers and scribes alike can get together and request fics to be written on their behalf. This idea was given to me by a member usernamed Darkliger.
    Now, all you have to do is fill out this form if you want a fic written (and read this entire post if you don't want to get into HUGE trouble ):

    Name of ship: (any ship from any fandom is fair game)
    Names of Characters in pair: (you must state which characters are in above ship (this will make acceptance rates go up))
    Plot (what the story is about, what you want to include, etc. -this must be included - no plot, no service***)
    Rating regulation (optional): (if it's open, leave this blank)
    Other ships included (optional): (other ships in the story?)
    Type of story: (chaptered/oneshot/playwrite/songfic/etc)
    Other (optional): (requesters may ask for maximum acceptance here, which is ten people to accept. They may also pick a number of people from 1-10 who may tackle the project - it's first come, first serve. This is also where you can state which "Optional Author" you want to write your fic.)

    [For C&P purposes*
    Name of ship:
    Names of Characters in pair:
    Rating regulation (optional):
    Other ships included (optional):
    Type of story:
    Other (optional):

    And you must have an open PM inbox so that the author who claims they will take the order can PM you for information should the form not be fulfilling enough.

    Optional Author
    Optional Authors are people who claim they will *most likely* accept any fic someone specifically asks them to write here. If you are an Optional Author, you *must* accept at least 50% of the requests you have. (that means, if you are currently working on a fic requested from you, you don't have to accept another.) You are also free to leave the group if you want. Optional Authors may also state their reliability, give examples of their work, and anything else to promote requests.
    The Optional Authors we have are the following, their names linked to their info:
    HibikiAshes -> LINK (open)
    luvallpokemon -> LINK (open)
    jais -> LINK (open)

    This is NOT an "Author's Cafe" - we don't care what you are planning to write from your own creativity. Only post if:
    -You are claiming a request/denying a request/canceling a request
    -Requesting/updating a request if someone hasn't taken it yet
    -Posting to say you are one of the "optional authors" or want to update your profile.
    -Posting the link to the finished or plain posted product you claimed.
    -You have a question regarding the thread AFTER you have read these rules.

    **You may not post more than 2 requests. When one is finished, you may then ask for another. This is to keep the second post from filling up too quickly.
    ***If the second post should fill up, old requests that have not been accepted yet will be deleted.
    ****When you are done with your entry, please say so here and in your new thread, say who thought of the idea(the person you accepted the request from). Give credit where it's due, please. *******
    Requesters will be notified when their fic has been completed.
    Finished/posted pieces will be posted at the bottom of this message. ^^

    Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in infractions, banning from the thread, or whatever I feel necessary. =\

    I think that's it...anything else I will add if I feel it's necessary.

    Sweet Revenge -masterwannabe (request by Faerie)
    Don't Worry -Tbone2356 (request by Darkliger)
    Lakeside Mischief - Sableye King (request by johnnyd2)
    Telling Him - Quaystor (request by Master_In_Training)
    The Feeling Found in Someone's Heart - Corzola (request by johnnyd2)
    Beholder - Onyx Tanuki (request by Phantom_Bugsy)
    You Are So Weird - buffydawn101 (request by C.Gholy)
    A Dance For Her - C.Gholy (request by hamhamhaha)
    A Good Old Sundae - C.Gholy (request by kallomeri)
    Hearts to Count - NathziVOIR (request by crissy111)
    Captive Emotions - The Renowned Obscurity (request by Eka)
    So Happy - C.Gholy (request by Đămon Howe)
    Pokémon Ranger - Gaze of Devotion - Tadashi (request by Bubbles18)
    The Joke's on Me - Encyclopika (request by Darth Osiris)
    Evergreen - shadow_shipper (request by johnnyd2)
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