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    Title: A Bit of A Problem.

    Summary: When Serena's dance partner ends up being Clemont instead of Ash, the first few minutes of the party end up being a little rough. But when she realizes how good a dancer Clemont really is, she realizes she may have a bit of a problem

    Shippings: Geekchicshipping, Amourshipping, one-sided Poffleshipping

    Notes: AU, Anime XYZ Ep-12 compliant

    Rating: K.


    "Clemont, you're doing fine." Serena lead Clemont around the dance floor. She let him relax, his shoulders loosening up and her smile increasing as the blonde lowered his hands towards her hips. "See?" Though she wanted Ash initially, this wasn't so bad.

    And plus, he wasn't that great at dancing. But…

    "Ouch! Ash!" Miette and Ash's heads bonked together. What seemed like it could almost be a kiss, Serena tensed up at the moment, but sighed as they parted. "You really are a bad dancer, aren't you?" Miette laughed, and so did Ash after muttering several humble apologies.

    Clemont finally had his firm grip on Serena's waistline and he was more confident now. Eevee and Bunnelby were 'dancing' and having a good time, and as Clemont spun the Idol around, then caught her, she couldn't help but notice how much he really shone tonight. "Wow, you're really good at dancing, Clemont!" Serena had her hands on Clemont's hips, she swayed to the beat of the music. "Confident much?"

    The Gym Leader flushed crimson scarlet, he began stuttering. Serena laughed. "Just joking. You're doing fine." They came closer together, then Serena pushed Clemont apart as the tempo grew faster. Their hands clasped together, and once again she felt like she was on air. "Thanks for this," She smiled. Now, she didn't feel so down.

    "Ah – I – I had a few dance lessons when my mother was alive." He managed a smile, a flush appeared but not as bright. "She was ill, but she wanted to teach one of us. Bonnie was too young," He chewed on his lip, twirling Serena yet again, then pulling her in his eyes glistening through his glasses. Serena's mouth was parted with wonder as the technician recalled the tale. "But before she passed I managed to take a few lessons, and pass them on to Bonnie."

    He was crying. Serena frowned. "Are you alright?" They paused for a moment, Clemont took off his glasses and wiped them with the cloth that was tucked in his shirt. He nodded. "I think it's really great you took that up just to teach Bonnie," Serena smiled, her hand gripping Clemont's arm as they walked over to the buffet table. She wasn't even thinking right now but she was leaning on him.

    "You even captured Dedenne just for her, you're such a great brother to her."

    Bonnie was over by Eevee and Bunnelby who had taken a break from dancing as well. She was feeding them Pokepuffs she had gotten from the buffet table. Not only that but she was excitedly chatting about the night's events to Dedenne and Squishy. If Bonnie and Clemont didn't have each other… No. They needed each other. It was a bond that just couldn't be broken.

    "Thank you, Serena." Clemont was holding a plate of food, watching over the other dancers. He noticed how poorly Ash was dancing along with Miette. He and Serena laughed as the two nearly tripped over each other again, and how Miette's Slurpuff was tossing Pikachu around like a ragdoll, the poor thing. "Maybe I should offer Ash dance lessons."

    Serena hummed, finishing her plate of food. "Maybe you should. Though I kind of expected this." She giggled, then as the free-for-all ended Ash and Miette made their ways over to the buffet table, tired and rubbing their necks from falling so much.

    The night ended and everyone was amazed at Eevee's new evolution, Serena and Ash celebrated with a nice meal together outside the balcony of the Pokémon Center. Cooked especially by Clemont, Serena gazed into Ash's amber eyes as he went on and on about how well they did and how he's going to be even more awesome in his upcoming gym battle.

    Then, her mind raced back to Clemont and how they danced that night. How humble and gentle he was with her when he twirled her around, how sad he was when he talked about his mother, and how honest he seemed when he thought he messed up or made her unhappy. Serena's gaze then moved down to her soup, suddenly not thinking about the battle or Ash talking anymore.

    She realized… She might have a problem.


    I think Clemont is actually good at dancing. He was just nervous at the party because he didn't want to mess up in front of Serena. So I think he actually likes her a little bit, well I mean he is her friend, he just didn't want to mess up in front of anyone cause you know, parties, crowds, his friends, Bonnie XD. I can see him being an actually really good dancer and he just messes up due to anxiety. : 3
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    Title: Unexpected.

    Summary: After the party, Clemont gives Ash dance lessons. It all ends up to being really awkward, Ash is a guy... Clemont is a guy... Plus with Ash being clumsy and being a really bad dancer as is, something is obviously bound to go wrong.

    Rating: K.

    Notes: (Tie-in/Sequel to A Bit of A Problem)

    Shipping's: One-sided Diodeshipping


    "Ash you're doing fine." Clemont laughed. Ash looking down at his feet, one step. Two. "Just relax and steady yourself." The blonde ushered the raven into a steady, slow motion as they swayed to the beat of the music. The girls cheered them on, wishing them good luck.

    "I'm not used to this," He mumbled. Clemont was a guy. Though Serena said how much of a great dancer he was at the party, and how much Ash sucked, and he needed lessons for the upcoming Master Class's Party. "And uh – "

    "I'm a guy, I know." Clemont sighed, nodding his head. But that frown quickly turned into a smile, regardless. "We're friends, Ash. Serena just wants to become better at dancing…" He winked, then the time came when the music spend up and they would soon part from each other. Ash tripped though, and fell into Clemont.

    The girls gasped, what happened next was totally unintentional, and a total accident. "Clemont – I –mmmph!" Their lips met, Ash's arms dangling around Clemont's waist lazily, and it was sort of a sloppy kiss too. His first kiss, and probably Clemont's as well.

    With his best friend.

    "Clemont – I – " Ash muttered, trying not to look over at Serena or Bonnie, trying to pay attention at the music that was still ongoing. He didn't even look at Clemont, he just looked down to the floor. "I'm so sorry." He was blushing, and now he was chewing his lip. And now – he was running.

    This wasn't supposed to happen.

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    Title: It's Okay.

    Summary: Ash and Clemont talk about the 'accident'.

    Rating: K.

    Pairings: One-sided Diodeshipping.

    Notes: (Sequel to Unexpected)


    "Clemont, I'm sorry." Were the first words that came from Ash as the two sat in the bedroom together, awkwardly side by side. No Pikachu, no Bunnelby. Just the two of them. "I didn't know-"

    "Ash it's okay." Clemont pushed his glasses to his face, sighing. "It was an accident. Accidents happen." Still though, it was their first kiss. They shouldn't feel a little… Angry about this? Ash didn't understand why Clemont was so accepting of this. But, he was his best friend. One of, and he had to let it go.

    The Pokémon Trainer sighed, eyes still gazing at the floor. "I – I – I really am a bad dancer, aren't I?"

    Clemont laughed, clutching his stomach. Ash blushed. "Yeah, Ketchum. You are. Serena and I saw you dancing with Miette and we felt sorry for you two," Ash snorted. "My mother taught me how to dance."

    Their eyes met, slightly sad, but slightly understanding. Ash was without a father, and Clemont was without a mother. Ash's father left to journey around the world and become a Pokémon Master, but he hasn't seen him since he was a baby. Clemont's mother died when he was young, so that emptiness of maternal compassion was still there.

    "I don't have a dad, well I do. But I haven't seen him since I was a baby," Ash let out, stretching his arms. "I dunno if he's out there or not, but I'm going to become a better Pokémon Master than him." Aqua eyes gazed over to the trainer. Clemont remembered his promise to follow Ash just up until the league, and yet there was a panging feeling in his gut thinking how he wished he could still be there with him forever.

    "Hey, wanna go grab some food? I'm starving!"

    Clemont smiled and got up out of his seat, following his friend to the food court where they would soon meet with his sister and Serena. He was thankful this whole mess was done and dealt with.

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    For the record, we do have a thread that was specifically made to post drabbles. Be sure to check it out. It's located right here. Unforunately, I'm going to have to close this as the rules state:

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