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    Um Hi! I'm new here and I just wanted to post my oneshot/songfic that is Egoshipping but it also has Pokeshipping through out the chapter. Well I hope whoever reads this and reviews, thanks a bunchies in advance ^^ This fic is done by me and is also on FF.NET, along with a few more Egoshipping fics on my profile ( ...Well enjoy! ^__^

    Lili Neko =^-^=

    Where’d You Go

    Disclaimers: I don’t own Pokemon or the characters. I also do not the song “Where’d You Go” by Fort Minor. So please don’t sue me!

    Warning: Swear words implied in the lyrics ^^;;

    “…” Talking

    ‘Italic’ Thinking

    Bold Font: The lyrics to the song

    “Where’d You Go”

    Present Time – Ages: Ash & Gary – 24 & Misty - 23

    All eyes were on the soon to be husband and wife. As Ash’s jet black eyes locked with Misty’s emerald eyes as she stood up at the church alter in a white wedding dress with little baby blue pearls intertwined with the lace all around. Misty's veil and middle length red hair flowed over both her shoulders barely showing off the lace straps that hung off both shoulders. Misty looked beautiful in Ash's eyes but all Ash could do at the moment was smile as he waited for the two words from Misty's mouth to continue the rest of the ceremony. After the Priest was done talking, the two little words that everyone else was also waiting for, "I Do" finally escaped out of Misty's mouth as the Priest motion for the Best Man to hand over the rings for the ring exchange. Ash stepped down a step to stand next to Gary; in a black tuxedo and smiled as he pulled out two wedding rings out from his tuxedo. Ash held out the two rings out for the Priest to bless the ring before handing Gary 'Misty's ring' and handing Misty 'Gary's ring'. Ash then went back to where he was standing not too far behind Gary after giving the rings to the rightful owners and took a quick look over at Misty with a smile.

    "Misty, I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have..." Gary then put the ring on Misty's left hand ring finger and kissed it before letting go.

    "Gary, I give you this ring as a symbol of our vows, and with all that I am, and all that I have..." Misty then out the ring on Gary's left hand ring finger and smiled at Gary.

    Gary and Misty looked at each other's eyes, taking each other hands and said to each other in unison. "Take and wear this ring as a sign of our marriage vows and our faithful love for each other. With this ring I wed you; with my body I honor you; and with all my worldly goods I endow you." After Gary and Misty were done with their ring exchange vows they both looked over at the Priest.

    "In as much as you have each pledged to the other your lifelong commitment, love and devotion, I now pronounce you husband and wife, and Gary you may kiss the bride." The Priest announce through out the church as everybody cheered when Gary took Misty in his arm holding her in a dip position and gave Misty a long big kiss.

    Reception Party in the Backyard of the Oak’s Mansion

    Few hours into the reception party, as everybody were finally seated in their tables for their meal to be served to them. While all the hundreds and hundreds of guests were waiting on their food they were also waiting on the ‘Toast’ from the best man when Ash stood up at the main table with a glass in his hand. Ash looked down at Gary and Misty with a smile.

    “Gary, Misty, I love you guys both but I have to say this was one hell of an experience for all of us, would you agree?” Ash asked as he, Gary and Misty smiled at each other and thinking back on the years that has went by and how it all started.

    Where'd you go?
    I miss you so
    Seems like its been forever
    That you've been gone

    Ages: Ash & Gary -18 & Misty -17

    Ash’s 18th Birthday Party in the Backyard of the Oak’s Mansion

    Misty walked through the back door in a long black halter neck tie dress, tight at the top and flow at the bottom. Misty’s middle length hair blew in the wind when she stepped onto the big stone balcony with a wide length staircase going down leading to the backyard. Misty leaned on the balcony’s rail and from the top of the balcony view, Misty could see off to the side near the staircase, there’s a live DJ playing all sort of music in the background on a marble floor that was inserted for dancing from the last party that happened two years ago at the Oaks. There were many tables lined up with all sorts of snacks, finger food and drinks. Next to the table was with a big cake on a table with presents around it. All the decorations and the layout of the party were done by Mrs. Oak-Ketchum, Misty thought it was a little too fancy for a birthday party. ‘Wow, all of this for an 18th birthday party? Damn, pretty fancy…I guess if you’re married into the Oak’s family, you are set.’ Misty smiled to herself as she saw a lot of familiar faces down in the yard, that she hasn’t seen in awhile but there was one person she wanted to see the most, Ash. Misty scanning the area from the balcony, she was able to spot Todd/Snap taking pictures all around him. Not to far off from Snap, Misty saw Brock and his girlfriend Susie dancing on the marble floor with other couples that she hasn’t met or seen. Then Misty spotted Tracey talking with Professor S. Oak and Mrs. Oak-Ketchum along with Professor Oak’s granddaughter; May while they all were walking around. ‘I wonder where Ash is. He might be with May and Max…’ Not moments later Misty spotted May and Max sitting at a table eating and talking to each other. ‘Don’t tell me he’s not here ye—' Misty trains of thought was interrupted by a big ‘THUD’ through the doors that she had just gone through. Misty being curious, turned around to see what the big ‘THUD’ was.

    “Gary, I can’t believe you! You’re such a pig!” A tall blond yelled at Gary as she walked through the doors after she had pushed him through the door. Then the blond grabbed a glass of water off of a near by table and splashed it in Gary’s face. “Don’t you ever call me again! If you get lonely just go call my friend and make out with her like you just did not too long ago!” The blond slammed down the glass on the table and walked back inside to leave the party, leaving Gary in a black collar shirt; barely damp over a pair of black pants standing by himself with a wet face.

    “Damn, that sucks. I can’t believ—“ Gary stopped mumbling to himself when he saw a person handing him a blue handkerchief out the corner of his eye.

    “Are you cooled down a bit Oak?” Misty asked Gary as she still held out her handkerchief in Gary’s face. “Here take it.”

    “The water was iced cold; I would pretty much say I am cooled down a bit Waterflower.” Gary replied with a smile and took Misty’s handkerchief out of her hand. Gary then wiped his face dry.

    “You know Oak; you got to quit that habit of yours.” Misty stood in front of Gary with her arms crossed.

    “What? Look so good? Hey I can’t help it, Waterflower.” Gary smiled and then rubbed his wet brown hair with the handkerchief causing his big spikes into many mini spikes. Gary then stuck the handkerchief hang out from his pocket.

    “Yeah because if you don’t quit looking so good…” Misty being all shy like, turned her head away from Gary looking down at the ground. “…I might fall for you Oak...”

    Gary took a step closer to Misty, lifting and turning her face towards him and looked down at her with a questioning look. “Are you serious Waterflower?”

    “No I am not serious, Oak!” Misty pushed Gary away from her. “Come on Oak, we’ve been friends for quite some years now and I know how you roll. And as friends, don’t you think you should quit being such a player? You are representing the Oak’s name.”

    “Whatever, like you really care for the Oak’s name. You only care because Mrs. Ketchum is now married to my gramps and it would just ruin the Ketchum’s name because it will get around to Ash and make him look bad. Aren’t I right Waterflower?” Gary said to Misty and waited for her replied but not a single word came out of her mouth, just a look of shock on her face because he nailed it, right on the spot. “Hah, I am right.” Gary chuckled at Misty.

    Misty turned away all mad. “So what if you’re right? Did you want me to spell it out for you Oak?” Misty then turned back around facing Gary to defend herself. “Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why. Because of a certain Oak’s reputation, might make Deliah and Ash look bad because you guys are all related now. And that might hurt Ash’s reputation when he travels around trying to become the next Pokemon Master. But you know what? Besides that fact, you’re an ‘Oak’ and if you don’t like it, don’t go and ruining the Oak’s name for your grandpa and your sister. Them as being ‘Oak’ also has their reputation to hold up on the line too you know?”

    “My god Waterflower, I get the point…” Gary looked down towards the yard at his grandpa and sister and then back to Misty.”...So where is Ashy-boy? I haven’t seen him since like 2 years ago at the wedding. What has that dorky loser been up too?” Gary joked around.

    “I don’t know…I’m wondering the same…” Misty said quietly looking away from Gary with a sad expression upon her face. ‘Where are you Ash? I really want to see you…’

    “Do you miss him that much Waterflower? You know, you should have told him two years ago at the wedding that you liked him or something, expressively when you caught the flower bouquet and looked over at him that time.” Gary said to the back of Misty when she walked away from him heading over towards the balcony railings.

    “Whatever Oak, what makes you think that I liked Ash?” Misty tried to denied the fact so Gary doesn’t get the satisfaction of being right. Misty then leaned her left elbow and right forearm on the stone railing with her chin in her left palm. Misty looked over into Gary’s indigo eyes as she notices he did the same position as her when he followed right beside her. But Gary leaned on the railing with his right elbow and left forearm and chin in his right palm looking over at Misty emerald eyes.

    “You can’t deny it Waterflower. It’s written all over your face expressively in your eyes.”

    “So you caught me. Are you happy now? The Great Oak finally cracked the truth down on the Tough Waterflower. Do you want a metal or something?” Misty asked in an annoyed tone.

    “Nah, just having the satisfaction of knowing that I’m right is good enough.” Gary smiled as he saw Misty rolled her eyes. “Kidding, but seriously let him know how you feel. Put yourself out of the misery.”

    “But I don’t know Oak…What if he doesn’t feel the same? I don’t want to get hurt…” Misty let out a sigh. “…It doesn’t matter; I’ve already gone with years without telling him, so another year or so won’t hurt.” Misty gave Gary a weakly smile.

    “Keep telling yourself that Waterflower. Come on just think about, you’ll never know what he’ll say…” Gary still saw the weak smile on Misty’s face. “…Hey want to dance? You know, to get your mind off of ‘things’ and beside my date is gone.”

    “You mean ‘dates’ Oak?” Misty let out a giggle and a happy smile.

    “Haha yeah…” Gary smiled at Misty. “…Now that’s the smile I would rather to see. Now let’s go down there and dance Waterflower.” Gary said as he took Misty by her hand dragging her down the staircase to the marble floor.

    Gary told the D.J. to play a certain style of song when he and Misty get to the middle of the dance floor. Gary offered his left hand in front of Misty when they stood in the middle of the marble floor as Misty took his left hand with her right and placed her left hand on his shoulder while Gary placed his right hand on her hip. Both smiled at each other knowing what style of dance they were going to perform. When the music played in the background Gary and Misty took over the floor with a Waltz dance performance, nothing too fancy but they got everybody’s attention and head turning towards them. Most of the friends, families and guests were awed by the performance but the others around them were surprise by the two couples that were dancing with each other. Everyone around Gary and Misty clapped after they were done with the Waltz dance, Gary and Misty both smiled at each other as a slow song came on. Gary gave Misty a look that asked her if she wanted to slow dance, Misty just smiled and nod. Misty went in close to Gary’s body and wrapped her arms around Gary’s neck, resting her head on his shoulder. Gary then wrapped his arms around Misty’s waist, leaning his cheek on the side of Misty’s head. Gary and Misty slowly dance in circle in silence until Gary spoke up first in Misty’s ear.

    “Now wasn’t that fun Waterflower? We got everybody shocked and surprised by our performance.”

    “Haha yeah…” Misty pulled away her head off of Gary’s shoulder to look at Gary’s eyes as their faces were inches away from each other. “…Thanks Oak.”

    “Not a problem Waterflo—“ Gary got interrupted by a familiar voice from behind.

    “May I cut in?” Gary and Misty turned around to see Ash holding out his hand.

    “Ashy-boy, late as always.” Gary let go a hold of Misty.

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever Gary.” Ash said to Gary then looked over at Misty with a smile.

    “Ash!” Misty yelled out excitedly.

    “Sorry to interrupt you two—“ Ash was a little thrown off by the hug that Misty gave him.

    “Oh you weren’t interrupting anything. Oak was keeping me company. Am I right Oak?” Misty let go of Ash and then looked over at Gary giving him a smile.

    “Yup and since you’re here Ashy-boy, my work here is done. So I bid you good night Waterflower.” Gary smiled at Misty giving her a ‘you better tell him tonight’ look and walked off.

    “You looked nice in that black dress.”

    “Thank you Ash, you don’t look too bad yourself either, a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.” Misty let out a giggle as she caught a weird expression on Ash’s face

    “So is there anything between you and Gary? Because you two were pretty close to each other while you guys were slow dancing.” Ash asked as he wrapped his arms around Misty’s waist.

    “Just because we were slow dancing doesn’t mean there’s anything between us. What if I was dancing with Brock or something? Would you have asked the same thing?” Misty asked wrapping her arms around Ash’s neck.

    “No because Brock has a girlfriend and he’s our friend.” Ash looked at Misty.

    “Silly, Oak has his fair shares of girlfriends and we’re friends with him too and don’t forget the fact that you guys are related now, so what’s there to question about?”

    “But its Gar—“

    “Just drop it and hold me close Ash…” Misty said quietly into Ash’s ear when she nuzzled her head on his neck.

    “Haha ok, whatever you say Mist…” Ash tightens his embraces as he brought Misty in a little closer to his body.

    Misty stuck next to Ash the whole night as time went by. From Singing the happy birthday song to opening presents to more dancing and to more eating. Ash didn’t know how long the party was going to last, since all the guest got offered a room to spend the night if they like. Ash wanted to know what Misty wanted to talk about in private. But the whole night everywhere they went to ‘talk’ they kept on getting interrupted by all of the acquainted that the whole gang had made during the early years of their journey. Ash finally decided to ditch his own party to have the talk with Misty. Ash grabbed Misty by the hand and slowly walking up the staircase into the mansion and out the front door without being notice. Misty didn’t question anything just followed Ash holding to his hand tight. Ash brought Misty to a small park near by the Oak’s resident with a little pond and lots of trees. The scenery was beautiful with the stars out, the reflection of the moon hitting the pond and with a cool breeze blowing. Ash and Misty stood under a cherry blossom tree.

    “Finally, we got some peace and quiet.” Ash said to Misty.


    ”So Misty what was it that you wanted to talk about?”

    “Um, well here’s your present first…” Misty pulled out a ‘Pikachu’ lure that she made, out from her purse and handed it to Ash. “…Not much but I figure when you go fishing you can use this lure that I made.”

    Ash let out a chuckle “What? I couldn’t have one of ‘Misty’s’ lure version? I wouldn’t have mind to carry one of those around. You know something that precious that I can remember you by.” Ash said and smiled at Misty. To Ash’s surprise, out of nowhere Misty pulled him into a kiss which he responded back with a kiss. Misty then pulled away from the kiss and looked into Ash’s eyes and smiled.

    “Oak told me to tell you what I should have told you years ago…” Misty said as she saw the confused look on Ash’s face. “…I love you Ash, I’ve been in love with you…Gods know for how long, but I’ve missing you all of these times. I realized my feelings for you since we parted when I had to take over the Cerulean Gym years ago. And then after meeting up and then parting up with you during your Hoenn days and than two years ago at your mom’s and Oak’s grandpa’s wedding. Every time we parted I hurt and wonder when the next time I’ll see you again. Even until now, two years later at your birthday party, I just couldn’t get you out of my mind. I would have told you sooner but I was afraid and I just didn’t want to get hurt…” Misty trailed off looking down at the ground until a pair of hands raised her face up.

    “Misty, I love you too. I feel the same way…” Ash looked into Misty’s eyes. ”…I wanted to let you know tonight about my feeling towards you expressively after I saw you and Gary close together, I…” Ash looked away all embarrassed. “…Got all jealous and stuff. But you ended up beating me to it. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner. I guess I didn’t want to get rejected either but do you really think ‘we’ will work out? Can we do a long distance relationship? Because you still have to run the Cerulean Gym right? And now I travel alone around the regions to try to improve my skills to become the next Pokemon Master.”

    “Ash, after know the fact that you feel the same way about me. I am going to make it work out. We’ll just come here to this park and visit each other on the holidays and whenever you get the chance ok? I want you in my life Ash even if it’s going to be long distance.”

    “But are you sure you want thi—“

    “Just shut up and kiss me you dork.” Misty smiled happily at Ash as Ash smiled back at Misty.

    ”Man you’re still bossy as ever Mist. But that’s one of the reason I fell for you…” Ash wrapped his arm around Misty and went in for another kiss.

    She said "Some days I feel like ****,
    Some days I wanna quit, and just be normal for a bit,"
    I don't understand why you have to always be gone,
    I get along but the trips always feel so long,
    And, I find myself tryna stay by the phone,
    'Cause your voice always helps me when I feel so alone,
    But I feel like an idiot, workin' my day around the call,
    But when I pick up I don't have much to say,
    So, I want you to know it's a little ****ed up,
    That I'm stuck here waitin', at times debatin',
    Tellin' you that I've had it with you and your career,
    Me and the rest of the family here singing "Where'd you go?"

    A Year Passed By - Ages: Ash & Gary-19 & Misty-18

    Inside of Cerulean City Gym

    ‘Man I got to finish this battle soon, Ash is going to call soon.’ “Gyrados hyper beam!” Misty yelled out the attack as she watched the hyper beam did a direct hit on the kid’s Ivysaur, as the Ivysaur passed out and Misty winning the battle. “Sorry kid, I gotta go. You know your way out so better luck next time.” Misty zapped Gyrados back into its Poke ball and jumped in pool to swim to the edge to get out of the pool. Misty grabbed a towel near by to dry herself as she took off running into the house hoping that she hasn’t missed Ash’s call. Right when Misty stepped into the living room the video phone rang. ‘Thank goodness I made it in time.’ Misty ran over to the video phone a little bit worn out but still mange to pick up the phone in time.

    “Hello, Waterflower’s residence, Misty speaking.” Misty looked at the video to see Ash popped up on the screen.

    “Hi Mist, guess who? Someone misses you!” Ash yelled out making silly faces with Pikachu on his shoulder.

    “You dork, I miss you too…” Misty blew a kiss at Ash and then waved at Pikachu. “…Hi Pikachu, are you helping Ash getting better at his training?” Misty asked Pikachu as he just cheered on and waved back. “Haha, so how are you Ash?”

    “Oh I’m alright, I got another badge.” Ash showed Misty his newest badge.

    “Congrats Ash…” Misty said a little tired.

    “You ok Mist?” Ash asked with a worry expression.

    “I’m alright, just a little tired from my last battle. I had to cut it quick or else I would have missed your call so I ran the whole way here. Gawd, I’m really getting sick of battling these little squirts, you know sometime I just want to quit and leave and do something different then battling all the time…But what I really want is to see you in person Ash. So can we meet up at our park?” Misty pleads to Ash.

    “Well it looks like the boat I’m supposed to take isn’t leaving for awhile since these town people don’t know what the weathers is going to be like yet. So let’s set a date three days from now? Does that sound alright?”

    “Yeah, sounds great to me.” Misty smiled at Ash.

    “Well Mist I got to head out soon. So I’ll call before heading back to Pallet. Love you, bye!” Ash waved at the video phone to Misty and Pikachu also.

    “Bye Ash and bye Pikachu, I love you too.” Misty said before Ash hanging up the video phone.

    Misty hung up her phone and jumped up and down for joy. “Yay, I get to see Ash. What am I going to wear? I should—“ Misty was interrupted by the video phone. “I wonder who that would be.” Misty went over to pick up the phone. “Hello, Waterflower’s residence, Misty speaking.” Misty smiled when she saw Tracey on the other line.

    “Misty, its Tracey! How are you doing?” Tracey said over the video phone.

    “Tracey! It’s been awhile I’m doing fine and you?”

    “Eh, can’t complain. I’m just working a little bit of overtime with Professor Oak. Anyways I’m calling to let you know Marill gave birth a while ago and now that Azurill is done being researched and studied by the Oak’s, I want to give you Azurill, he is so cute that you’re love him to death. So do you think you can come by the Oak’s residence and pick Azurill up?”

    “Are you serious? An Azurill? Thanks Tracey, I’ll be there later on today. See you later Tracey!” Misty waived and waited for Tracey replied before hanging up the phone.

    “Haha yeah, I’ll see you later bye-bye!” Tracey hung up the phone.

    Later on in the Evening – In Front of the Oak’s Mansion

    Misty rang the door bell when she made it up to the front of the doors as she waited for someone to open the door. Mrs. Oak-Ketchum opened the door greeting Misty to come in and lead her to where Tracey was. Misty and Mrs. Oak-Ketchum walked it to the lab where Tracey and Professor Oak were attending to all the Pokemon to do more study up on. Misty spotted Tracey and before heading over to Tracey Misty thanked Mrs. Oak-Ketchum. Misty went right up behind Tracey yelling out ‘boo’ causing him to turn around. Tracey smiled and then led Misty outside to the big water pond where Marill and Azurill were at. Tracey grabbed a hold of Azurill and handed to Misty as Misty yelled out in excitement on how cute her new Pokemon was and then hugged and thanked Tracey. Misty and Tracey walked back in to the lab to meet up with Professor Oak and Mrs. Oak-Ketchum taking about the lack of staff taking care of the Pokemon expressively for Ash’s Pokemon. Misty over hearing about it asked if she could be as of help. Professor Oak offered a fulltime position filing files; attend around the labs and the outside to take care of the Pokemon while he and his other researcher staffs take care on researching. Misty agreed because it was something new and she it’s a step closer on being close to Ash by being near and taking care of Ash’s Pokemon. But Misty told Professor Oak that she’ll be available in a week or so when her sisters come back to the Cerulean Gym. Professor Oak and Mrs. Oak-Ketchum offered Misty a place to stay while working at the Oak’s but Misty refused thinking its a little awkward living there. Misty then mention about seeing a little house for rent not too far from the Oak’s mansion and how she’ll be more comfortable renting that little house and coming to work instead of staying at the Oak’s residence. Misty thanked Professor Oak for the offers and than offered a helping hand for rest of the night. Professor Oak took up on Misty’s offer but Mrs. Oak-Ketchum mention only if she’ll stay for the night since it was getting dark for her to travel back home. Misty smiled and agreed to stay for the night. Misty soon went right to work on attending to Ash’s Pokemon with Azurill by her side, feeding, grooming, washing, and training with them a bit. Misty and Azurill were done by nightfall as other staffs went to take off for the night. Misty and Azurill were down right dirty, sweaty and tired a feeling that Misty did not like, Misty picked up Azurill and headed towards her room for the night.

    11:13 P.M. - Second Floor in One of the Guest Rooms

    Misty stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself with a blue towel covering right above her chest and stopping at her mid-thigh. Misty went over to Azurill in the big sink full of water and smiled as she pulled out Azurill to dry him with a small towel. Misty stepped out into the bedroom with Azurill to notice that she forgot to close her door when she went to take her shower. Misty and Azurill walked to the door but before Misty could shut the door Azurill ran out and down the hallway making Misty chasing after him.

    “Azurill, come back. Where are you going?” Misty quietly yelled out as she held on to her towel as she got close to Azurill. Azurill not too far away from Misty, stopped in front of a door, turned to his side facing Misty and cutely yelled out ‘Azuuurill’ and smiled at Misty before running into the room.

    “Azurill, Azurill” Was all Misty heard from the bed room as Misty got closer to the room that Azurill went into. Misty entered into the room raising her voice a bit at Azurill.

    “Azurill, you come with me—“ To Misty surprise, Misty walked into Gary’s bedroom to see Gary’s nice and firm fit body only in a pair of boxer holding up Azurill with a big smile on his face for Azurill. Gary then turned his head to look over at Misty only in a blue towel with her wet hair sticking to her face and neck as Gary let out a big grin, still holding Azurill in his arm.

    “My, my, Waterflower it’s been awhile since I last seen you. And aren’t you showing a little too much skin for a little visit? But I must say, you do look great just being in a towel with that body of yours…” Gary smiled as he looked up and down at Misty’s figure. “…Wet and Sexy, just the way I like it.”

    “Yeah Oak, it has been awhile and why are you making should a big deal out of me showing too much skin in a towel? I know you seen me in a bikini before. Man, you sure know just how to pick the right time to joke around. Can I have Azurill back?” Misty still has a hold on to her towel at the top, as she walked up to Gary reaching out with her other free hand to try and grab a hold of Azurill. But Gary got a hold her arm and pulled her in close, collating into his bare chest as he let go of Azurill out from his arm.

    “Who said that I was joking around Waterflower? I do like my girls wet…” Gary pushed the strands of Misty’s hair off of her face and then ran his finger tips through Misty’s wet hair, down her neck and then to her chin tilting it up to have Misty’s eyes connect with his. “…and sexy “Gary said in a seductive tone.

    Misty pulled away from Gary’s grip on her arm with a shocking expression but then gave him a stern look after leaving a red hand print on the side of his arm. “Oak! If you pull that kind of stunt again I am going to kick you next time where it hurts the most. And how could you even do that to me when you know I’m with Ash? My gawd, I can’t believe you Oak!” Even though Misty was furiously yelling at Gary, all Gary did was laugh which caused Misty to be a little confused at Gary’s action.

    “Oh my, the reaction on your face was priceless Waterflower. You should have seen it!” Gary said as he still letting out chuckles as he walked away from Misty heading over to his bed where Azurill’s at. “But seriously Waterflower, did you honestly think I would really make the moves on you when I told you a year ago to tell Ash how you feel about him?” Gary asked as he petted Azurill on the head.

    “Well geez Oak, with your reputation on the line, it’s kind of hard to not assume that you weren’t trying to make the moves on me.” Misty said in an annoyed tone as she crossed her arms looking at Gary from a far.

    “Ok you got a point there Waterflower but I’ve changed…A bit.” Gary said as he heard Misty let out a laugh. “Hey, I’m not as bad as before. I guess after the talk with you about representing the Oak’s name just got me thinking on how I need to grow up a bit…Anyways, I heard that you’ll be working for the Oak’s sometime next week. Welcome aboard, we’ll be seeing each other a lot since you’ll be working around in my section…” Gary smiled at Misty and then looked back at Azurill. “…I guess I won’t be missing you as much because your new owner is going to work beside me.” Gary petted Azurill on the head as he let out another ‘Azuuurill’ sound.

    “What do you mean by that Oak?” Misty asked as she took a seat far away from Gary on the edge of Gary’s bed.

    “Oh, well since Marill gave birth to this little Azurill, it was one of the newest Pokemon and so I decided to do a study and research on him and over the weeks I guess we just became attached to each other. And sometimes I take Azurill up to my room on my free time and so on.”

    “So that explained why Azurill ran into your room when he ran out of mine…” Misty picked up Azurill and nuzzled it to death. “…But you sure picked the worst time to run out on me when I’m in a towel.”

    “Oh now you’re being modest Waterflower?” Gary asked jokingly, raising an eyebrow at Misty.

    “Oh whatever Oak, I’m just lucky that it was you…” Misty got off of Gary’s bed with Azurill in her arms and walked towards the door. “…Say night Azurill.” Misty said as she turned around for Azurill to let out an ‘Azuurill’ to Gary.

    “Hey, what did you mean by ‘I’m just lucky that it was you’ Waterflower?” Gary asked when he stood up next to his bed about to head towards the door where Misty’s standing at.

    “Night, Oak.” Misty just smiled as she shut the door on her way out, leaving Gary to fall back down onto his bed smiling at himself, looking up at the ceiling.

    ‘It’s going to be interesting to work with you Waterflower.’

    Three Days Later – In the Morning at the Waterflower’s Residence

    Misty was running around in her room trying to figure out what to wear when she was going to meet up with Ash at their ‘park’. Misty finally picked out an outfit but before Misty could get any farther on getting ready, the phone rang. Misty ran to the phone out in the living and then picked it up.

    “Hello, Waterflower’s residence, Misty speaking.” Misty smiled when she saw Ash had opened up on the video screen.

    “Hey Mist…”

    “Hey Ash! So are you on your way? I’m about to head out now—“ Misty got interrupted by Ash.

    “Sorry Mist, I won’t be able to make it today. The boat I’m suppose to take for my next badge is only leaving today and the sailor won’t know when the next trip is since they found out the weathers going to be rainstorms for sometime and they’re not sure when it’s going to end. So I got to take this boat today…I’m sorry.”

    “You know, it wouldn’t hurt if you would just take a break once in awhile. It’s kind of messed up that you already cancel our last meeting…Gawd Ash, I hate the fact that I can’t see you in person.” Misty raising her voice at Ash.

    “I’m sorry for putting you through this but I’m only steps away obtaining the Pokemon Master title. Maybe we should take a break from each other until things settle down a bit?” Ash suggested trying to calm down Misty.

    “No! I don’t want that Ash! I rather miss you to death than knowing that we’re not together…” Misty paused for a second to calm herself down. “…I’m sorry Ash, I just wanted to see in person and give you a kiss here and there…But I’ll be patience and wait for you whenever you get the chance…”

    “Thanks Mist, I’ll call you or mail later on when I get my next badge sometime next week or so.”

    “Oh Ash, I forgot to tell you that I’m going to be working for the Oak’s. They are under staffs and since I wanted to do something else then battling I took up on the offer that Professor Oak offered me. So from now on, I’ll be taking of your and other trainers Pokemon and whatever is need by the Oak’s. I’m moving to into a little house in Pallet near the Oak’s mansion sometime next week when my sisters comes back home. So for now until I get settle in call or mail your stuff to the Oak’s.”

    ”Oh congrats Mist, now when I do a Pokemon transfer I’ll be able to at least talk to you for a little bit plus when I personally call you too. I hope you’ll have more of an enjoyment taking care of all sort of Pokemon then battling Mist…” Ash smiled and threw a thumbs-up at Misty in the video phone. “…But I got to go now, my boat is going to leave soon. So I’ll catch you later, love you.”

    “Thanks Ash and I love you too, bye.” Misty waved to Ash before the video phone shut off when Ash hung up on the other line.

    I miss you so,
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone.
    Where'd you go?
    I miss you so,
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone,
    Please come back home...

    Another Year Went By - Ages: Ash & Gary – 20 & Misty – 19
    Ash’s Congratulation Party of Becoming the Next Pokemon Master - In the Backyard of the Oak’s Mansion

    Misty once again walked through the back door on the stone balcony but this time in a short sparkly red spaghetti strap dress with Azurill in her arms. Misty walked over to the railing, setting Azurill on the rail and looked down at the life of the party. Misty notice this party set up was a lot bigger than Ash’s 18th birthday party. The marble dance floor got a lot bigger, more tables were out with a lot more food and drinks, more tables and chairs off to the side again there was a live D.J. Misty continue to look down at the party from the balcony to spot a lot of familiar faces as a whole lot more of unfamiliar faces as she scanned the place. ‘Wow, all of those people know Ash and is here to congratulate him? Geez, he’s met a lot of people over the years…’ Misty took one last look down at the party still not able to find Ash. ‘Late again to your own party Ash…That’s so like you, being late all the time…’ Misty leaning her left elbow on the railing as her chin rests in her left palm. Looking at down Azurill with a smile, petting his head with her right hand as Azurill went off yelling ‘Azuuurill’ and jumping up and down when he saw a figure behind Misty. Misty turned her head back a bit to see Gary smiling at her in a black button up shirt in black slacks, but this time with a dry face.

    “Doesn’t this feel like Déj?* vu Waterflower?” Gary asked Misty as he joined next to Misty leaning on the railing doing the same post as Misty moments ago but with opposite set of hands.

    “Why yes indeed, Oak. But this time wouldn’t you agree the fact that the atmosphere this time is a lot better than the last party?” Misty smiled at Gary.

    “I totally agreed with you on that Waterflower…” Gary smiled back at Misty then looked over down at the party and then back at Misty. “…So Ashy-boy late again?”

    “Oh you know it. You know how he likes to show up fashionably late. If he showed up on time that wouldn’t be Ash now would it Oak?” Misty said jokily to Gary.

    “Haha isn’t that the truth?” Gary started laughing but then stopped right away when he looked over at Misty. “…Hey, I’m sorry about yelling at you the other day in the lab Waterflower.”

    “Oh Oak, it’s alright, it was kind of my fault provoking you while you were working too. But anyways, it’s been days now and I’ve already forgotten about it but since you brought it up what were you so upset about?” Misty asked Gary.

    “Err…Well…I was upset for being crewed out by my gramps…Well I kind of asked for it, since I kept on leaving the lab on many occasions with unfinished researches to attend a friend in need because of a relationship that she’s in.” Gary said while looking away from Misty.

    “Aww’ Oak, that is so sweet of you. That friend must be very grateful and thankful of your support.”

    “Yeah, she is. But at the moment…I guess she doesn’t realize it…Waterflower...” Gary let out a chuckle and then looked down at Azurill petting his head. “…Wouldn’t you agree Azurill?”

    “Why are you asking Azurill Oak? It’s not like he’s been with you when you go see your friend.” Misty said as he heard Gary just let out a few more chuckles which caused Misty to be a little confused on why Gary keeps on chuckling. But Misty brushed it aside and looked around to see other guests walk by down the staircase and then looked back at Gary. ‘…So no ‘dates’ for tonight Oak?”

    “Heh, yeah. Tonight Gary Oak is flying solo. I’ve been too busy with work to even brother with chicks right now. Just dealing with you is a hand full at work.” Gary said jokingly but caught Misty’s glares. “Hey, I’m kidding. I don’t mind having you around at all, works been more interesting than ever.”

    “Hah, ok, whatever you say Oak, if you think us bickering at each other every other day is interesting then you have been working too hard in that labs Mister.”

    “Hey, we do have fun the other times don’t we Waterflower?” Gary asked as he looked at Misty as she just smiled and nod. “Than let’s have some fun now, let’s go down there and take over the dance floor. With that number you’re wearing, I say we do a little salsa?” Gary asked and held out his hand for Misty to grab on to.

    “Sure let’s shake up this party.” Misty took Gary’s hand and grabbed Azurill with her other arm.

    Misty and Gary spilt up when they reached the dance floor as Gary went over to the D.J. to request a ‘salsa’ beat song as Misty went over to the water fountain and put Azurill to swim in. Misty then met up with Gary at the middle of the dance floor as the D.J. announces Gary and Misty will be performing a salsa dance. When the music started Gary and Misty took each other hands and Gary started stepping forward with his right foot as Misty stepped back with her left foot in unison back and forth. Misty slowly moved her hips in a full circle when Gary held her right hand over her head with his hand and then twirling her to in a spin as Gary did the same but spun in a circle with switching hands behind his back instead of over the head. After facing each other Misty placed both of her arms on Gary’s shoulders and then kicked one her leg up placing her knee on Gary’s side as her other leg still toed to the floor. Gray grabbed a hold of Misty’s leg and the other arm got a hold of her waist Gary then stepped backwards dragging Misty across the dance floor. Gary let go of Misty as they both split, still near each other they did a few quick steps back and forth, side to side, twirling in circles and looking at each other in unison. Gary then went in close to Misty grabbing her hand and spinning her into his arms as he wrapped both his arms around her, Misty’s back against his chest. While Misty’s swing her hips side to side, Gary looked over to his right and smirked and then whispered into Misty’s ear saying he’s going to swing and let go of her to his right. Misty nodded and smiled as Gary spun her out to his right as Misty spun in circles heading in that direction as another pair of arms wrapped around her body moving with the salsa beat to continue the flow. The crowd cheered and clapped as Ash in a black collar shirt and black jeans took over the dance floor as Gary walked off. Ash didn’t know a whole about salsa dancing so he the same steps/moves as Gary did with Misty when they started when he watched them from the balcony view when he came in but Ash did the moves with a little more body contact since he and Misty were going out. At the end of the music Ash spun Misty down in a dip pose onto one of his knee supporting Misty’s back and went in for a kiss. Friends and families clapped, cheered and just went wild at the dance performance thinking that it was part of Ash’s entrance. Ash and Misty bowed as friends and families came up to Ash, congratulating by shaking his hand or patting him separating him and Misty. Misty couldn’t get close to Ash as more and more people crowded around so she just went off to the water fountain where Gary looked over at her, seating on the rim/base of the water fountain as Azurill still swimming in the water.

    “You made it out alive Waterflower!” Gary yelled out and started laughing.

    “Ha…Ha…Very funny Oak, I thought I was going to be mush to death or so by all those people.” Misty said taking a seat next Gary.

    “So were you surprised? You know, being thrown at Ash in the middle of our dance performance.” Gary said with a wink.

    “Oh my, that was a big surprise Oak…Thank y—“ Misty looked over at Ash when he yelled out for her and came right up to her and Gary.

    “Mist, I’m sorry about that! I didn’t expect all those people to bum rush me.”

    ”Well that’s what kind of happens when you’re late and everybody is expecting you Ash-boy.” Gary said to Ash as he got up from his seat and held out his hand towards Ash. “Congrats.”

    Ash smiled and shook Gary’s hand that was held out. “Thanks Gary…But if you would excuse us, I would like some alone time with Mist.” Ash said to Gary but then looked over at Misty.

    “Sure thing Ashy-boy…But give me a moment with her.” Gary said and then sat back down next to Misty to whisper something into her before Ash could even get a chance to reply back. “I’m going to take Azurill for the next few nights or so. That way you and Ashy-boy can have some alone time…If you know what I mean.” Gary whispered quietly in Misty’s ear. Before Misty could say or do anything Gary grabbed Azurill out of the water and took off on to the other side of the party meeting up with other people after waving ‘bye’ to Ash and Misty.

    “What did he say to you?” Ash asked as he sat down next to Misty.

    “Err…Well he said that he was going to take Azurill for the next few days…And…” Misty paused and blushed at Gary’s last comment before taking off.

    “And what Mist?”

    “Err…How about we get out of here? Let’s go to our ‘park’ and I’ll tell you the rest? I’ll head out first and you sneak out a few minutes after me or at least try too.” Misty got up heading towards the staircase as she passed by Gary who gave her a thumbs-up from a far as Misty just shook her head but smiling and just kept on walking.

    At Ash’s and Misty’s ‘Park’

    Misty stood by the cherry blossom tree where she first kissed and confessed to Ash as Ash wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. “Peek-a-Boo.”

    Misty turned her face a little to the side to face Ash as she placed her arms on top of his. “I see you.”

    ”Hey, sorry it took a lot longer then we planned it. I kept on getting stopped by the others.”

    “It’s ok. I figure that, since you’re now the new Pokemon Master and all…Mmm, only your pair of arms around me brings a smile to my face.”

    “Well it didn’t seem like it when Gary had his arms around you when you two were dancing was it?”

    “What? Ash, don’t be silly. We were dancing and having fun. What did you expect me to do? Not smile and frowned the whole time dancing? Besides we were trying to kill time and he was keeping me company until you show up.”

    “Well I don’t know, maybe? But you sure were smiling big towards him and when did you learned how to salsa dance?”

    “Haha Ash, you’re so cute. Well you don’t need to worry about that smile towards him it means nothing more than friendship ok? For the salsa part, well your mom and Oak’s grandpa dragged us to take salsa lessons with them over the past few months. But when did you learned how to salsa?”

    “I picked it up when I saw you and Gary started dancing when I stepped onto the balcony.”

    “Oh I see…”

    “Anyways, you know that I only have a few days before I have to take off again to defend my title... I don’t know how often I will be able to call you or see you. I’m going to be very busy than before when I was just on the road trying to became the Pokemon Master. I know you were hurting when I was on the road and not able to see each other…You know I love you dearly and I want you to be happy so maybe you should find someone that can be there for y—“

    “No! I don’t want that Ash! I don’t want to be with someone else…I want to be with you…Can’t you see that? I don’t care if our relationship is still long distance, we’ve gone this far, we can’t just throw it all away.” Misty said as tears form in her eyes.

    “Mist I’m sorry that I even mention about us breaking up but I just thought that would be the best that way you’re not hurting when I’m not able to call or see you…But if you’re willing to wait, I’ll continue putting more effort into our relationship. I love you.”

    “I love you too…” Misty turned around to face Ash as she wrapped her arms around his neck, whispering into his ear. “...Now let’s go back to my place for some quality time…”

    “Err…Um…Are you sure? If we’re alone, I don’t know what I might end up doing to you all night long.” Ash joked around.

    “Well Oak did say to me that he will be taking Azurill off my hands for the next few nights for us to have some alone time together.” Misty winked at Ash and took him by the hand heading in the direction of her house as Ash just smiled and followed Misty.
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    You know the place where you used to live,
    Used to barbeque up burgers and ribs,
    Used to have a little party every Halloween with candy by the pile,
    But now, you only stop by every once in a while,
    ****, I find myself just fillin' my time,
    Doin' anything to keep the thought of you from my mind,
    I'm doin' fine, and I'm plannin to keep it that way,
    You can call me if you find you have somethin' to say,
    And I'll tell you, I want you to know it's a little ****ed up,
    That I'm stuck here waitin', at times debatin',
    Tellin' you that I've had it with you and your career,
    Me and the rest of the family here singing "Where'd you go?"

    1 Year Later After Ash’s First Year of Being the P. Master - Ages: Ash, Gary, Misty – 21

    Inside of Misty’s House

    Misty just got done setting up the table for 2 for a special birthday dinner for herself and Ash. Misty went into her bedroom to change into a black cap sleeve shirt over a black and white checkered mid thigh skirt. Misty then started to brush her long hair but stopped when the phone rang and went over to pick up the phone.

    “Hello, this is Misty.” Misty waited for the screen to pop up the image as let out a frown when see saw Ash.

    “Hey Mist…I’m sor—“

    “Sorry that you won’t be making it right?” Misty said in a sad tone.

    “Um, yeah…I’m really sorry that I couldn’t visit you on your birthday, someone at the last minute came and challenges me for the title. But I’ll try to visit you in the next few days or something ok?”

    “Yeah, ok. I understand…Good luck on your battle Ash...Love you.”

    “I love you too Mist.” Ash said and hung up the phone.

    ‘Great, I made dinner for two…I can’t eat it all…Maybe I should call Tracey, we haven’t hung out in awhile.’

    Misty picked up the phone as she dialed the Oak’s phone number and waited for someone to pick up on the other line.

    The screen popped up with Gary on the screen. “Oak’s residence, this is Gary speaking.” Gary replied on the other line.

    “Hey Oak, is Tracey there?”

    “Hey there Waterflower! Yes but he is busy helping my gramps with a big research project right now. I can take a message if you’ll like?”

    “Nah, it’s alright. I just wanted to know if Tracey was free tonight…Anyways thanks though, I’ll see you tomorrow when I come in for work. Bye-bye.” Misty said in a sad tone.

    “No problem…Hey Waterflower…”


    “Happy Birthday and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Gary said and was about to hang up the phone but stopped when Misty spoke up.

    “Hey Oak, would you like to come over and have dinner with me? I made dinner for two but it ended up being for one as of right now…” Misty said with a disappointed face as Gary knew what had happen, Ash cancel their dinner plan.

    “Sure I’ll be there within half an hour Waterflower. Bye, I got to get ready.” Gary hung up the phone after Misty bid ‘bye’ and then he snuck out of the lab. ‘Gramps is going to kill me for leaving again.’

    Gary finally made it over to Misty’s house in a blue form fitting shirt and black cargo pants with a box full of different kind of wine, champagne, hard liquor, and mix drinks beverage. Gary set down his box on the kitchen counter as he pulled everything out to get the party started as Misty just watched him not sure what to say to him but at the same time Misty was trying to calm Azurill down since Gary’s at their place.

    “Um Oak, what’s with all the alcohol drinks?” Misty pointed at the supplies on her kitchen table.

    “Well Waterflower, seeing it’s that today is your 21st birthday and me having a whole lot of alcohol supplies at my place I say we have a little fun tonight?” Gary smiled as he grabbed some glasses out from the cupboard.

    “But I’m not one for alcohol beverages so it’s kind of pointless to bring all that over here Oak.”

    “Well if you’re not drinking than more for me. So let’s get eating, I’m hungry.” Gary said as he grabbed a bottle of champagne to the table before taking a seat.

    As the night went by, Misty ended up trying all the different alcohol drinks that Gary had brought over. Misty got addicted to the strawberry daiquiri with rum in it. Since Misty didn’t drink at all, all the alcohol that she had consumed left her being a little light weight drunk after a few shots of the hard liquor and at least 4 glasses of the strawberry daiquiri. Gary was still fine and sober since he’s been drinking a lot longer than Misty has. Gary and Misty sat next to each other on the couch talking about anything that came up to their minds as time went by their conversion went from normal to yelling at each other than trying to calming each others down to laughing but then it got all quiet and the conversation got all serious when ‘Ash’ came up as the subject.

    “Hey, I’m sorry that you had to spend your time with me instead of Ash, Waterflower.”

    “Don’t be sorry Oak. He should be the sorry one. He couldn’t even make it to my birthday again…need less to say he couldn’t even wish me a ‘Happy Birthday’. But whatever it doesn’t matter, I have you here Oak. Thank you, thank you.” Misty said as she lightly pinched both of Gary’s cheeks moving his face side to side.

    “You’re welcome, anything for you Waterflower. And you do know that I’ll be there for you whenever you need a friend. Come on, let’s think of something else to talk about to keep your mind off of A—“ Gary was startle by Misty when she placed her hands on both of his shoulders and pushed his back against the couch as she straddle on top of his lap facing him, placing both of her hands on his cheek. Gary just froze when Misty sat on his lap with an uneasy feeling going through his body.

    “You’re so good to me Oak, really you are…” Misty let go of Gary’s cheeks and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her cheek against his cheek and whispered into his ear. “…Even though we bicker all the time and have lots of disagreements at work…Some times I just don’t know what to think of you, gets me all frustrated but what I do know that you’re a good friend that has always been there for me. Like tonight, you came here as soon as you can to keep me company and to cheer me up…” Misty then pulled away from Gary’s ear and looked at his face for a few seconds as she crept in slowly towards his lip as words escaped her mouth. “…Gawd, why couldn’t I have fallen for you?” Before Misty could place her lips on Gary’s lips, Gary turned his head to the side and slowly pulled Misty’s arms off around his neck.

    “Ok Waterflower. I don’t think you know what you are talking about right as of now. The alcohol has gotten to your head, so I think I need to put you to bed and head out before anything could happen.” Gary said as he caught the sad expression on Misty’s face when she got off of his lap to sit next to him.

    “Please don’t go Oak…” Misty pleads and grabbed a hold of the bottom of Gary’s shirt when he got up. “…I don’t want to be alone tonight…” Misty then looked up at Gary with a frown, “…I promise I won’t do anything funny to you?”

    ‘Isn’t that supposed to be my line or something?’ “I don’t know…”

    “Please Oak?” Misty gave Gary a pouty face.

    “God, how can I say no? Fine but I’ll be sitting in a chair next to your bed until you fall asleep and that’s all. No more request or I will have to leave.” Gary held out a hand to help Misty up off the couch as she stumbles a few steps. Gary had no choice to carry Misty to her bedroom as Azurill followed behind. Finally making it to the bedroom Gary placed Misty on top of her bed as Azurill right next to her, Gary then grabbed a chair and placed it next to the bed and sat down in it.

    “Oak, can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure, what do you want to ask Waterflower?”

    “If you were the Pokemon Master right now…Would you leave a Pokemon battle to go see your girlfriend since she can’t come and visit you and both of you guys haven’t seen each other months?”

    “If I haven’t seen her in months and we’ve been going out for quiet some time and I really love her. I say I would…”

    “…Why can’t he be like you than?” Misty mumbled under her breathe while hugging the blanket and her knee at her chest.

    Gary realized he shouldn’t have blurted it that out but it was truly what he would have done if he was in that position. “Hey, don’t be like that. Come on, you and Ash has been in love with each other for god who knows how long and you guys been able to continue your guy’s long distance for about like what 3 or 4 years now? Don’t tell me you’re going to throw in the towel?” Gary asked trying to look at Misty’s face.

    “I don’t know anymore, I love him so much it hurts. I want to see him, hold him, spend time with him and I want him to be able to do the same thing for me but I can’t have that I can’t?” Misty said quietly as she rubbed her eyes to get rid of the tears.

    Gary got out of the chair to sit next to Misty to give her a hug. “It’s going to be ok…Just don’t give up yet, I know that you still can make it through these rough times. Where’s that strong and loud Waterflower that I know when times get rough?” Gary tried to cheer Misty as she just let out a weak curl of the corner of her mouth. “…Now how about we stop talking and you go to bed? It’s getting late and we got to go to work in the morning.” Gary said as Misty just nodded at Gary. Gary then returned to the chair next to the bed as Misty got herself comfortable in her bed.

    “Hey Oak, I know that you said no more request but could you hold my hand? That way I don’t feel like I’m alone when I fall asleep?” Misty said as she had her right held out towards Gary.

    “Sure thing, Waterflower...” Gary grabbed a hold of Misty’s hand as she closed her eyes.

    Misty dragged out her sentence since she was finally started feeling a little tired “…I’m glad to have a good friend…No…A best friend like you…To come at my every needs… Thank you Oak…” Misty finally finished her sentence but moments later Misty fell fast asleep. As Misty held on to Gary’s hand tightly.

    Gary held on tight to Misty’s grip as he just sat in his chair and watched Misty soundly asleep. Gary let out weak smile and bent over at Misty’s sleeping figure and whispered into her ear, still holding her hand. “Any day, any night, any time, I’ll drop everything and come running to you when you need me...I think I’ve fallen for you…Misty.” Gary pulled away from Misty’s ear and kissed the top of her right hand before seating back down in his chair. About half an hour later, Gary soon fell asleep still held on to Misty’s hand.

    I miss you so,
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone.
    Where'd you go?
    I miss you so,
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone,
    Please come back home...

    About Another Year Gone By- Ages: Ash and Gary-22 & Misty -21

    9:17 A.M. – In the Main Lab at the Oak’s Residence

    Misty rang to the phone and answered the Oak’s phone with a piece of paper in her hand that she didn’t have a chance to read yet. “This is the Oak’s residence, this is Misty speaking and how my I direct your call?”

    “Happy Anniversary Mist.”

    “Happy Anniversary to you too Ash. Oh and Happy Birthday!”

    “Thanks. I can’t talk long, so how’s work? Is the Oak’s and mom treating you well?”

    “Well of course and work has been tiring since you keep on capturing lots more Pokemon. Haha just kidding, um so are we still up for our picnic at our little park tonight?”

    “Of course, I’ll see you tonight. But I got to go now, there’s a message I have to attend A.S.A.P. Love you bye.” Ash waved bye.

    “Love you too byebye!” Misty blew a kiss at Ash before the screen shut off.

    After Misty hung up the phone, Misty read the flyer memo that has been going around town. Misty couldn’t believe the memo mention the little park that she and Ash has called their ‘park’ was going to be demolish for more new houses to be build. Misty looked at the date to noticed the construction to be started tomorrow, day after Ash’s and Misty’s anniversary. ‘So today is going to be our last day for our little park…’ Misty took a few minutes to think to herself before leaving the video phone, as she left the flyer memo next to the phone.

    10:42 A.M. – In the Main Lab at the Oak’s Residence

    The phone rang as Gary picked up the phone this time. “Oak’s residence, Gary speaking.”

    “Hey Gary, can I speak to Misty?” Ash asked on the other video line.

    “Yeah, hold on while I’ll go get her.” Gary walked off to search for Misty. About few minutes later Misty finally came to answer the phone. As Gary stood from afar to hear and hoped the phone call this time isn’t going to put Misty in a disappointing mood or depressed her like the last few calls over the months leaving her to breakdown.

    “Hey Ash.” Misty answered happily.

    “Hey…I…Uh…Can’t make it today for our anniversary; I’m really sorry Mist…”

    “What? Why? But you have to make it today Ash…Because our little park is going to be no mor—“ Ash interrupted Misty.

    “I’m sorry, but the League just scheduled a Pokemon Battle not moment long ago and other important meeting came up. But they told me that I can make it in a few months on your birthday.”

    “Didn’t they say that the last time? Because if I remember right this has already happen a lot. I’m getting really fed up with that stupid ‘League’ and how they are not letting you go out on the day you have already requested to leave! Gawd Ash…I beg you of all days to cancel, please don’t can’t cancel today expressively on our anniversary…Tonight…Just make it tonight ...That’s all I’m asking…” Misty pleads with Ash.

    “I don’t know Mist…” Ash said as he wasn’t sure of what to think of why today is such a big deal when he has already missed 2 of the their anniversary visit in the passed years they been together.

    “Please Ash.” ‘We have to be together tonight for one last time at our park.’

    “I…Ok, I’ll let them know that I’m leaving for Pallet today.” Ash gave into Misty.

    “No matter what?” Misty asked uncertain.

    “No matter what, I will see you tonight, for you Mist. I promise but now I’m going to go and get ready. Bye now.”

    “I’ll be waiting Ash; I’ll see you tonight at 8 o’ clock.” Misty hung up the phone and looked down at the flyer memo with a weak smile, as Gary from afar let out a heavy sigh before walking back to his section.

    2:38 P.M. – In the Main Lab at the Oak’s Residence

    “Come on gramps, do I have to go to both of tonight’s meeting? I know it’s the biggest research project they want to talk to us about but why do I have to go both? When you get away with going to the second only?” Gary asked and gave Prof. Oak an annoyed look as Misty walked into the area with paper files.

    “Because those other Professors want you to be there for both meetings to fill you in since you already missed a few of those other important meetings…” Prof. Oak paused after he still saw Gary with the annoyed look on his face. “…I’ll let you in on a little secret…Tonight, those Professors are going to make you an official Pokemon Researcher and let you take over the Project X under your name. But they want to test you on what you know first in tonight’s meetings. So you have to be at both meetings, first ones at 5 o’ clock and the other one is going to be at 8 o’clock. Don’t be late my boy.” Prof. Oak said as he patted Gary’s back before leaving the room, leaving Gary and Misty standing alone.

    “Congratulation Oak!” Misty said excitedly and jumped for joy and then ran up to Gary giving him a big hug. “You’re finally an official Pokemon Researcher.”

    ”Thanks Waterflower but I’m not a Pokemon Researcher yet. I still have to go the meetings this evening and still have to pass their test.” Gary said as he grabbed the paper files out of Misty’s hand.

    “Oh please, you know you got it. You’ve been in this lab studying like crazy, your Pokemon knowledge is about the same level as Prof. Oak. I overheard him when he admitted out loud to himself when he thought he was alone after you had to explain to him about one of your guy’s researches about few months ago…” Misty smiled at Gary’s blank expression. “…Now just don’t miss out on either of those two meetings tonight…” Misty then slowly walked off towards door. “…I don’t know why you missed those other meetings but just don’t miss tonight’s. Go be that Pokemon Researcher and take over Project X, that’s what you want right? If not, than go for what you really want Oak.” Misty turned around and gave Gary a wink before walking out the door.

    “Right…But what I want is what I can’t have…”

    7:52 P.M. - In One of the Conference Lab Room at the Oak’s Residence

    “It is almost 8 o’ clock and no sign of Prof. Oak. We can’t start without him.” Prof. Green said to the other Professors and Gary at the table.

    “I’ll go look for him.” Gary offered and got up from his seat and walked out of the room. ‘I guess I’ll go check out the main lab.’ Gary walked down the hallways heading towards the main research lab. As Gary got closer to the door before entering, Gary heard two familiar voices coming from the main lab.

    “Alright, is that going to be all Ash?” Prof. Oak asked.

    ”Yes, that would be all. Thanks and please give Misty the letter that I just faxed.”

    “Don’t worry, the letter is on her desk in her little section and I’ll be transferring you the Pokemon you asked for your battle coming up. Good luck Ash.”

    Gary slowly stuck his head through the door to see Prof. Oak headed towards the back to machine to transfer Pokemon in and out. Gary quietly walked in and went off to the side to ‘Misty’s’ section and grabbed the letter that Ash had faxed. Gary then walked back out quietly back into the hallway to read what it had to say.


    I am so sorry that I had to cancel again. I know that you’re upset but I had to defend my Pokemon Master title so I couldn’t leave. I still don’t know understand on what you mean about by our park being gone, done, over with and so are us? Mist, you didn’t let me tell you before you hung up on me today on the phone that I will be home for your birthday, so we’ll make up things later. I’m sorry again and I’ll call you whenever I get the chance.

    Love, Ash-

    Gary folded the piece of paper and stuck it in his pocket and headed out the door into his car heading towards Misty’s house. Gary made it to Misty’s house knocking on the door and waiting for the door to be open. Misty slowly opened the door to find Gary standing in front of her with a concern look on his face as Gary noticed the redness in Misty’s eyes.


    “Hey…I heard what happen from my gramps so I though that you might need a friend to talk to as of right now…Can I come in?” Gary asked as he waited for Misty’s response or gestured him in but instead he got Misty jumping into his arms as tears escape her eyes.

    Gary hugged Misty tightly to comfort her. “Hey let’s go inside ok? We’ll talk more I’ll listen to whatever you want to say…” Gary let go of Misty turning her around to head into her house. After entering the house and closed the door Gary guide Misty towards the couch so the both of them could seat down on it. “…Go ahead let it all out.” Gary said as tears started coming out uncontrollability from Misty’s eyes.

    Misty laid her head down onto Gary’s lap, looking straight up at him but had both of her hands covering her eyes as Misty spoke up in between her sobs. “I couldn’t compete with his Pokemon Master title…He chose his title over me…He said he was coming today…He promised…No matter what…Our park is no more as of tomorrow…And so are we…I…Just can’t…Take it…Anymore…”

    Misty cried for about 10 more minutes when she got done talking but due to crying for the last few hours before Gary showed up, Misty was getting really tired as she cried herself to sleep in Gary’s lap. Gary looked down at Misty in her sleeping form hoping for the best when she wakes up. Misty opened her eyes to see Gary also dosed off but opened his eyes when Misty stirred around a bit before she got up from his lap.

    “Hey Waterflower, you feel better? Especially after that nap of yours?” Gary asked as Misty rubbed her eyes.

    “Yeah, especially when I let out all the frustration I had all in a nice long cry. Um, how long was I asleep Oak?”

    “Oh about an hour or so.”

    Misty looked over at the clock. “Its 9:14…I’ve been asleep since about 8ish…” Misty then freaked out on Gary realizing the time situation. “Oak! Wasn’t your meeting at 8? You shouldn’t be here, wasn’t it important for you to be at that meeting so you could have become an official Pokemon Researcher and take over Project X?”

    “Waterflower I don’t care as of right now. What is important is that I know the fact that you are alright…”

    “But…Didn’t you want the official title of a Pokemon Researcher and take over Project X?” Misty asked with a confused look on her face.

    “Yes and no…” Gary still saw the confused look on Misty’s face. ”A certain someone told me that if I don’t want to become the next top Pokemon Researcher, I should go after what I really wanted than…So I did, I left the meeting to come here…” Gary looked Misty straight in the eyes with a serious look. “What I want is you. I don’t care for titles or anything else around me when I know the person I care for a lot is hurting and not happy. I want you to be happy so I can see that smile of yours. You do know that I’ll always be here for you whenever you need a friend right? Because I do care a lot for you…Over the couple of years of working and being there for you and knowing your dedication to yours and Ash’s long distance relationship…I end up fallen in love with you, Misty…”

    Misty a little shock from the confession from Gary but Misty mange to speak up when she realized that really never dawn on her, Gary has always been there and next to her over the last years that has gone by. “…Now I get it…All those time that you got yelled at for leaving to meet up with that ‘friend’ of yours was me…And those meetings that you missed from before were on the same days when Ash couldn’t have made it, right?”


    “…I never realized until now…”

    “Well you were going out with Ash. Me and you were just friends/co-workers why would you notice that my feelings for you were more than just friendship? I’m not asking you to go out with me. That would be great and all but I just wanted to let you know what my reasons were. So don’t go leaving and ending your relationship with Ash because I read and took the fax letter that Ash faxed my gramps a letter for you. He’s sorry and loves you.” Gary pulled out the letter from his pocket and handed in front of Misty.

    “I don’t want it. I had it with him and I’m done crying over him…” Misty looked down at the paper in Gary’s hand for a few seconds but then looked back up at Gary’s face. “…I think it’s time for me to move on to someone that I know he’ll always be there for me...” Misty ended up grabbing the letter out of Gary’s hand and ripped the letter into pieces, flinging the shredded paper over her shoulder, still looking at Gary. “…But please give me some time before I decide to jump into another relationship.”

    “Take all the time you need, I’ll wait for a long time if I have too as long as you’re happy in the end Misty. Now you have a goodnight as I have to deal with my angry gramps when I get home.” Gary said as he leaned in to kiss Misty on top of her forehead.

    Misty touched her forehead where Gary had kissed when he got off from the couch. Misty got up and walked Gary to the door be right before Gary walked out through the door Misty stopped him wanting to thank him.

    “Thanks for being there for me all these time, you’re the greatest…Gary.” Misty kissed him on his cheek and smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow at work.”

    Gary smiled and touched the spot on his cheek where Misty had just kissed him. “Yeah, that is if I’m still alive in one piece.” Gary said jokily around as he and Misty let out a laugh together as they both bid goodnight to each other before the door was close separating the both of them.

    I want you to know it's a little ****ed up,
    That I'm stuck here waitin', no longer debatin',
    Tired of sittin' and hatin' and makin' these excuses,
    For why you're not around, and feeling so useless,
    It seems one thing has been true all along,
    You don't really know what you got 'til it's gone,
    I guess I've had it with you and your career,
    When you come back I won't be here and you can sing it...

    8 Months later – Ages: Gary -23 Ash & Misty – 22

    “Where’d you go Misty?” Ash asked in front of a vacant house that Misty was renting. Ash then got into his car petting Pikachu on his head. “I know that she still works at the Oaks but I didn’t know she doesn’t live here anymore. I just wish that she was able to answer my calls those last four times. I didn’t get a chance to apologize to her when I ended up missing her birthday again. Well let’s go back home.” Ash said to Pikachu as he drove to his home (Oak’s). Ash walked into the house and the first person he saw was his mom.

    “Ash honey! You’re home. Are you here for a visit?” Mrs. Oak-Ketchum asked Ash as she gave him a hug.

    “Well no, I’m back here for good. I’ve been defeated and lost my Pokemon Master title last week.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that honey but why didn’t you just challenged the new Pokemon Master to get your title back?”

    “I will later but right now I want to spend time with Misty. Since I’ve been gone for so long, Misty and I haven’t been able to do any boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. And we haven’t been able to talk to each other since out fight on our anniversary. By the way mom, where is Misty living now? The house that she was renting is now vacant.”

    “Well honey, Misty lives here now but I don’t know how to break the news to you…” Mrs. Oak-Ketchum hesitated as Ash gave her a questioning look.

    “What is it mom?”

    “Well not too long after your guy’s ‘fight’ on your anniversary, Misty came up to me and we had a girl to girl talk about relationship. She mention about being broken up with you because she just couldn’t take it anymore and you’r—“

    “What! This is all news to me. I thought it was our usual fight like always! I didn’t think she really meant it that time. Where is she? There still maybe a chance for us!” Ash took off running to the main lab before letting his mom finish her sentence.

    “You’re too late, honey.” Mrs. Oak-Ketchum said quietly with a frown.

    Ash ran into the main lab causing a lot of the employed staffs to look at him as he asked everyone if they have seen Misty but all of them said no. But someone did pointed in the direction on where her desk area was at as Ash went in that direction yelling out her name hoping for a response.

    “She has stepped out for the moment…” Gary too busy reading his research files, he didn’t recognized that it was Ash’s voice yelling until Gray looked up straight to see Ash standing in front of him when he closed his folder. “Ash?”

    “Yeah, it’s me. So you finally can call me by just Ash now?” Ash said as he just stared at Gary as Gary did the same. “So when’s my girl coming back?”

    “Excuse me? Your girl? Ash I don’t know what time period you’re living in but your guy’s relationship has over like 8 months ago when you cancelled on her.”


    “So than I’m guessing you haven’t heard that Misty and I are going out now.”

    “Cut the crap Gary. Why would Misty go out with a player like you? You’re going to end up hurting her!”

    ”Cut the crap with you? From what I can remember, ever since Misty and I became friends some time a little before my gramps and your mom’s wedding, I have never hurt her as much as you had. Open that thick head of yours and realize that things aren’t the same anymore and I know for sure that’s what Misty would say to you.”

    “You don’t know crap Gary. I know Misty a lot longer than you have and I know very well that she still loves me and knows that I love her and will be there for her.”

    “ Where the heck has you been all those time when you cancelled out on her? Did you know that she always end up crying because her boyfriend didn’t make it to their date? As a supported friend, I’ve been there for her since the day you guys got together.”

    Ash grabbed Gary by his collar. “So you stole her from me! That’s probably why she decided to leave me!”

    Gary dropped his folder to the ground and grabbed a hold on both of Ash’s arm, gripping it tightly. “No, she left you because she had it with you and your Pokemon Master career.”

    “I couldn’t leave! If I did leave or missed a Pokemon battle I would had to forfeit my title. It’s not like you had to go through something like that as a Pokemon Research—“

    “Ash, don’t yell out things when you don’t know the whole truth…” Ash and Gary looked over at Misty with Azurill in her arms as both of them let go of each other.

    “So what’s the truth than? What had happen to us?” Ash asked Misty.

    “I’ll tell you and show you, let’s go to the Suite room and we’ll talk from there…” Misty said to Ash as she handed Azurill to Gary and took Ash by the hand dragging him out of the lab heading up to the Suite room at the top third floor. After entering the Suite, Misty brought Ash out on the balcony. “You see that over there? All those new houses are being built right now, that was our little park we shared.” Misty said as she pointed in the east direction.

    Ash a little shock not knowing that their park is destroyed. “It’s gone and no longer.”

    “Right and that is how our relationship ended up being when you promised me you’ll come and see me on our anniversary. It was our last day sharing it and it was important because the next day they were going to start on the construction on tearing down our park for the new houses. But you cancelled on me choosing your title over me.”

    “But I’m home now.”

    “Ash, you’re finally backed home because you are no longer the Pokemon Master. I want you to know that I didn’t put all my effort into our relationship to end up finding that I’m going to be second choice in your life when it came to the Pokemon Master title. You had no time for me; I was really lonely all those times when I couldn’t have seen you. I thought I was able to wait for you but I was wrong in the end…There’s just so much loneliness a person can take in before seriously breaking down to the point of no return…” Misty said looking away from Ash. “…Lucky Gary was always there for me to encourage me to keep on fighting and continue putting more effort into our relationship.”

    “So than we should continue it. We’ll pick up where we left off, we can make it work. You know that I still love you.” Ash said as he placed both hands on Misty’s shoulder looking into her eyes.

    “Sorry Ash…But it is too late for us, I’m now with Gary.” Misty said as she looked down at the ground.

    “But why him? You know how he is with women.” Ash bent down a bit to look at Misty’s face.

    “Yeah we know his reputation with women but over the years, Gary has changed for the better. Gary is really caring and has always been there for me when ever those rough times come around. Gary and I became best friends over the years working together and I can see a big difference.”

    “But Gary is Gary; he is so egotistic and loves the attention. If he had the title of the top Pokemon Researcher, do you think he would just drop his professional title to meet up with someone? Knowing the fact that he would lose his title?”

    “Ash, you have missed so much when you were in your world…Gary gave up his opportunity of becoming an official Pokemon Researcher and having Project X under his name to launch off his career…But he gave all that up the day you left me alone on our anniversary to come see me to make sure that I was alright and keep me going…Since Gary ended up blowing his chance, all the other Professors can’t rely on Gary as being a top Pokemon Researcher, even his grandpa can’t rely on him. I’m sorry Ash but you just have to realize that all of us are all grown up now, we all have different priorities in life.”

    “You were my priority in life Mist.”

    “Yeah, were, like in I was your priority in your life Ash but it never felt like it when I compared it to your Pokemon Master quest. ‘Us’ is no longer, so it’s time to move on, please don’t make this any harder than it is. I would like us to continue to be best friends but if you decide that’s what you don’t want because I can’t love you back like I did before than it is ok by me if you want to end it.” Misty said as she kissed Ash on the cheek and slowly head towards the door back into the Suite room.

    Ash stood at his spot on the balcony looking at the back of Misty. “I guess I just can’t win this battle with you huh?” Ash said as Misty stopped right at the doors and turned around facing him. “But I still love you, so you don’t ever think that we will ever get back together?” Ash said taking a few steps towards Misty.

    Misty shook her head back and forth giving Ash a small smile as she raised her left hand showing a diamond ring on her ring finger. “I’m going to be an ‘Oak’ next year.” Misty said to Ash in a sincere tone as she walked through the doors into the Suite leaving Ash alone to let him know that it is over between them and she’s not returning back to him. But Ash still had a little shred of hope left inside of him hoping for the best.

    Where'd you go?
    I miss you so,
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone.
    Where'd you go?
    I miss you so,
    Seems like it's been forever,
    That you've been gone.
    Please come back home...
    Please come back home...
    Please come back home...
    Please come back home...
    Please come back home...

    Back to Present Time – Ages: Ash and Gary – 24 & Misty – 23

    In the Middle of the Reception Party in the Backyard of the Oak’s Mansion

    “Well, were to start after that…” Ash let out a chuckle. “Well I guess as the Best man I’m here to give out a Toast. I’m not going to try and drag this out. So I’ll try to make it plain and simple. At first, I did not want to become the Best Man for my long term ex-girlfriend and my ex-rivalry wedding because at the beginning of the months of knowing the fact that Gary and Misty were going out, I still had a shred hope for my relationship with Misty, even though we were done, over with each other and she had moved on. I still tried to hold onto on to what I once had, aimlessly hoping for the best. But living under the same roof with these to love birds, days after days, months after months, I finally realized there were things that I never knew about Misty over the 10 years plus of knowing her my life. I was gone for so long I never was really there for her. And I always thought of Gary of a no good player and would go and cheat or hurt Misty from behind but damn I’ll be a Mankey’s uncle I was sure wrong, sorry Gary…” Ash said and looked at Gary as both guys let out with a chuckle together as other people started laughing in the background. “…Never thought I’ll see the day where Gary was stuck to one chick like glue. Everywhere I go in the mansion or the labs, there I see Gary and Misty together, laughing, smiling, goofing around, you name it they did everything together. At first I was always jealous of Gary and Misty being close together and I wished that was how I was with Misty over the years. But seeing those two love birds being all lovely dovey and sweet to each other 24/7 just got me plain sick to my stomach, haha. Anyways congratulation on the both of you, may you guys find more happiness with each other. Gary, I know that your wife will love you to the day you die…” Ash said as he patted Gary on the back and walked over to Misty side. “…Because I know she will. Misty I want you to know that I lost you as a lover and things will be different between us but you’ll always be my best friend...” Ash said as he kissed Misty on her cheek and smiled. “…So yeah I think I am done, so Toast to the newlyweds!” Ash yelled out as everyone cheered for Gary and Misty. “Now go cut that cake!”

    Gary and Misty couldn’t help to laugh out loud with Ash as both of them got up and walked to the table with a big white and baby blue wedding cake. Gary and Misty shared their first piece of cake and then stepped to the side for the servant to take over and cut the cake and passed it out while the other servants came out with everybody’s meal. Gary and Misty watched as all the guests being served food and cake and Gary then whispered into Misty’s ear.

    “I don’t really have an appetite right now so let’s leave to ‘Our Suite’.”

    “But we can’t just leave our guests; they came here to see us and to celebrate for us.”

    “Come on Misty, they’re not going to care or even notice. Half of these people were here for Ash’s last few parties but they never realize or even notice that he was gone when he took off with you for the night.” Gary finished talking, not giving Misty a chance to reply back and took her by the hand heading towards the staircase to the inside of the mansion.

    3rd Floor (Top) at the Remodel Suite

    Gary opened the door to see the lights were on but didn’t think too much of it. Gary then picked up Misty and carried her into their new Suite Room over to the bed and placed her on it as Gary went over to look for the light switch to turn it off. When the lights were off Gary’s and Misty’s only light of source was the moonlight through the windows. Gary walked over the bed joining Misty on the bed lying on his side next to her looking at her with a smile before breaking the silence.

    “You look very beautiful today Waterflower.”

    “Silly, I’m not a ‘Waterflower’ anymore.”

    “I know that. It’s just that this is the last time I’m ever going to call you that because you’re an ‘Oak’ now and you’re representing our name. Even if you like it or not just don’t go ruining our name, Misty Oak.” Gary smiled.

    “Geez why does that sound so familiar, Oak.”

    “Haha, I haven’t heard you called me that in a long time now...God, I love you so much Misty.” Gary shifted above Misty and then started to lean in forward for a kiss as Misty wrapped her arms around his neck before placing her lips on his.

    “I love you too Gary.” Misty whispered back and then pulled Gary down into a passionate kiss.

    Meanwhile Back Down at the Party

    Everyone down at the party has gotten their food and cake served to their table as the close friends and families from the Oak’s and Waterflower’s side was about done with their meal. Only a few friends and families members noticed or realized that Gary and Misty were gone because Gary’s and Misty’s meal was still untouched and their seat was vacant. Ash grabbed Gary’s and Misty’s plate and started eating it but stopped when his mom raised her voice at him across the table as others around him looked at him.

    “Ash honey what are you doing! Just because Gary and Misty haven’t return to their seat, doesn’t give you the right to eat their food. What if they return right now?”

    “What? You guys don’t need to worry about them. As of right now I’m doing a favor and not letting this food go to waste. Because I know they are not coming back for the food anytime soon.” Ash continued to eat Gary’s and Misty’s plates as Mrs. Oak-Ketchum and the others complaining on how could Ash just eat their food. Ash just stuffed more food into his mouth and ignored the comments as it all went in one ear and out the other. Ash saw the lights were off from the Suite Room window as he smirked and let out a small chuckle while shaking his head, knowing that they won’t be returning back to the party anytime soon.
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    Well, being your N°1 fan, I just had to stop by, read this, review and say : "YOU ROCK !!!"

    great plot, great characters

    Ash really has pushed it too wonder it didn't work...

    the part when he comes back, the whole context of why he came back (because he lost, not because he wanted to see her) and their whole talk was brilliant.

    a few spelling mistakes, and grammer mistakes, like putting "?" when it should be "!", but it's no biggie...not with a story like this

    at bit long for a one-shot, but when you have quality AND quantity, you can just put 5/5...congrats !

    Personnaly, I would havev put "T" for a rating, rather than "R"...but that's my POV...

    P.S: You sure do know how to write scenes when Mist'y drunk that made me grin the most !! ^_^
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    An excellent story. It grabbed me from the beginning. You don't feel sympathy for Ash at all. That was brilliantly done. Also, the transformation of Gary is believable. Egoshipping kinda works.

    There was only one negative. The wedding came too quick- 8 months of dating is little time. Meh. I still loved the story... teaches a good lesson.

    ~charizard trainer #1~

    Thanks to Aurora Wish for making this card- totally awesome.

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