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Thread: Guardian of the Chosen One[Altoshipping] PG to R

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    Talking Guardian of the Chosen One[Altoshipping] PG to R

    Well, here's the first chapter of my Altoshipping series! Please Rate & Review! It was the very first fanfic chapter I ever wrote, so there are a number of flaws, but the following chapters were improved. Don't let the initial subject fool you. This is a true Altoshipping story. Enjoy! 385 times deadlier than me?! IMPOSSIBLE!

    Deep in the Hoenn region, inside a well hidden laboratory, scientists in the employ of Team Aqua and Team Magma worked around the clock to complete a great undertaking, a task that had been underway for nearly two years and had put the lives of many team members at risk during the operation for gathering the right materials. The project had finally been stabilized and completion was imminent. All the scientists were optimistic, nervous, or just hoping that the project would be canceled at the last minute, before the specimen could be “activated”. The latter had taking part in creating Mewtwo and had lived to regret it. They, more than anyone, knew the dangers of creating something like Mewtwo after nearly being killed by him. What made them even more nervous was the fact that this specimen was 385 times more lethal and could mean disaster for the entire planet if it went berserk, maybe even for the entire universe!

    As the scientists were making final checks, Team Magma administrator Tabitha entered the room. “How much longer until the bioweapon is complete?” One scientist replied, “It should be ready for combat training in two days.” Tabitha asked, “Have you programmed his cells to take on a human form?” The scientist shrewdly remarked, “See for yourself.” He pointed to a stasis tube that Tabitha had failed to notice. Inside, submerged in culture fluid, was the body of a seemingly ordinary 13 year old human boy with an oxygen mask on his face, just to be safe. Tabitha thought to himself, “If this goes according to Maxi’s and Archie’s plan, then there will be no reason to keep fighting each other. Team Magma and Team Aqua will disappear and in their place, Team Gaia will be born!” It then occurred to him that the bioweapon may not be complete. He asked the scientist, “By the way, have you found Deoxys yet?” The scientist shook his head and replied, “I’m afraid not. Deoxys is not from this planet. It is very likely that there isn’t even one on Earth right now.” Tabitha sighed, “Oh well. The loss of one specie won’t make much of a difference with this thing. Leave the Deoxys DNA out and proceed as planned.” Tabitha turned to leave, but stopped short of the door. “What’s wrong?” asked the scientist. Tabitha replied, “I almost forgot. What is the name of our bioweapon?” The scientist thought for a moment. How would they identify it? It then hit him, “XD-385.” Tabitha grinned, “It’s aptly named.” He then gave a serious look at the scientist and said, “Actually, there is something that must be done before it is activated. Since it will be used to seize control of all capital cities in the world, it is very likely that we will meet some military resistance. We need you to run a virtual simulation of its combat abilities in order to make certain that no military force on Earth can stop him. The fate of the Earth’s environment depends on how well we understand the powers of XD-385. Understood?” The scientist replied quickly with, “YES.” Tabitha left the lab to report the progress to the Team leaders, Maxie and Archie.

    "385 species..... We have spent far too much time gathering the DNA to fail now." Tabitha muttered to himself.

    However, unbeknownst to the scientists, XD-385 had been “online” for the last minute and was completely aware of what was going on around him. Even without opening his eyes, he could “see” his surroundings using his mental powers. He then saw that the scientist that Tabitha was speaking to had begun running a virtual combat sequence on a computer nearby. He was working with just diagrams a virtual wire frames and the like, but XD-385 could see into the virtual world and watch as if it were a 3D movie. He saw himself completely surrounded by some of the most advanced military weapons on the planet in the middle of a heavily populated city. He could not understand why this virtual simulation had “him”, that is, a virtual copy, on the verge of being crushed by military weapons and soldiers. All at once, the soldiers and automated weapons opened fire on him. From Gatling guns to tank shells to chemical dispensing grenades, every known modern weapon was fired at him. When the smoke cleared, XD-385 stood completely unharmed, surrounded by shrapnel and bullets. Now it was his turn.
    He began trembling violently while a distant hum was getting steadily louder. A large, very translucent dome of yellowish energy was being drawn to him. It kept getting smaller and smaller as it closed in around him. When it touched his body, there was a sudden bright flash and loud boom, followed by a massive Explosion! XD-385 was temporarily blinded by the flash, but regained his vision a moment later. When he opened his eyes, countless human corpses littered the cities’ ruins and nothing but destruction could be seen for miles. XD-385 was mortified. He realized that the humans who had him created were going to use him to cause mass death and destruction! His mind withdrew from the virtual world back into his body. “No…I will NOT be an instrument of death!”

    One of the scientists thought he heard a cracking sound as he approached his colleague at the computer. He spoke up, “Do you hear something?” Before his colleague could respond, the stasis pod behind them shattered, spilling the culture fluid all over. XD-385 took a few steps out of the ruined pod and glared at his creators. One of the scientists who had witnessed the birth of Mewtwo was frozen with fear, he knew what was about to happen.
    With a massive telekinetic strike, XD-385 sent all the scientists against the walls and damaged the machinery in the lab. This, consequently, set off an alarm throughout the base. Tabitha had just finished his report when the alarm went off. Maxie shouted, “What set it off?!” Archie responded, “It came from…no…it can’t be.” In the lab, XD-385 spared the badly shaken scientists and made a dash down the corridor. He heard security guards coming his way and ducked into the nearest room, which happened to be a laundry room. It was then that he took the time to notice he was nude. Thinking it wouldn’t be proper to run around in the nude, he grabbed the nearest set of clothes and put them on, hoping they would fit. When he examined himself in a mirror, he found that the clothes were a perfect fit. The clothes were a prototype Team Gaia uniform, having features from both Team Magma and Team Aqua uniforms and was green, but lacked a symbol. It seemed that they hadn’t decided on a design for Team Gaia’s symbol.
    Thinking that he was perfectly disguised, he stepped out of the room, only to be incapacitated with sleeping gas. When he awoke, XD-385 found himself carefully bound to a wall with bands made of a strange purple energy that hurt when he struggled against them. Behind a glass barrier were the most highly ranked Magma and Aqua members, including the leaders, arguing amongst themselves. Apparently, they thought that the other team had sabotaged the project. The argument was settled when the topic about what to do with him was brought up. Maxie said, “His power is far beyond anything we have ever known. It’s too dangerous to keep him here!” Tabitha replied, “I suggest we bury him in the ocean so no one can get to him.” Archie then demanded, “It would be best to send him into space where he will be a threat to no one. I also have a way to make sure that he’ll sleep forever.” They all agreed on Archie’s suggestion. Shortly afterwards, XD-385 was placed in a sphere shaped pod which was then filled with water, and then frozen. All entry points were sealed and, with stolen rockets, the prison capsule was launched into space.

    After being set into Earths’ orbit, a few pieces of the outer shell came lose, letting in the void of space. With constant exposure to the freezing void, the ice would never melt. XD-385 would remain in a cryogenic slumber for eternity. Or so it was thought. A few months had passed when the capsule collided with a surprisingly large piece of space junk. This altered the capsules’ orbit. In minutes, it was falling through Earth’s atmosphere, toward an area of the Hoenn region where three children and a teenager were preparing their evening meal at a campsite…..
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    Wrong forum! This belongs in the shipping fic forum. Better get a mod to move it.

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    Thanks for the heads-up. Who is the mod?
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    Put a rating on this or it's getting closed tomorrow.
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    OK, here's the second chapter. There is a hint towards Altoshipping in this one. Please review! I don't want this closed! I'm the author, so I don't think it would be right to rate my own story.

    The sun had begun to set in the Hoenn region and in the opposite direction, the stars could be seen. Brock was cooking soup for dinner, Max was checking the groups’ route on the Pokenav, May was admiring her Contest ribbons, and Ash was just staring out into space with a melancholy look on his face. A few days ago, he had earned his 6th badge, the Feather Badge, from Winona. It was typical of him to rave for a few days straight about earning his next badge, but the day after the Gym battle was unusually quiet. Ash hardly spoke at all the following days and even began skipping meals, which was VERY odd since he was known to be a big eater by anyone who knew him. Not even his best friend Pikachu could cheer him up and begged May to do something to lighten his mood. At least, he tried. May harbored feelings for Ash and was pained to see him like this.

    She casually approached him and trying to sound like she was talking to no one in particular, she said, “Would you look at those beautiful stars! Oh, that one makes me want to make a wish.”

    This seemed to get EVERYONES’ attention, as all four of the others looked to the sky. Brock spoke, “Well, why not?” Silently, they all made a wish. (I hope to get a girlfriend someday!) (I wish that I will discover a new specie of Pokemon!) (I want to win my next contest with flying colors!) (I want Ash to feel better.) Ash made the mistake of saying his wish out loud, “I wish she was here.” Everyone stared at him, making him realize what he did.

    May was about to say something when Brock spoke up, “Uh, guys? Why is that star turning red?” Max replied, “It must be a meteorite. They look like fireballs when they enter Earth’s atmosphere.” Ash looked up and his face went pale with horror. “Th-that meteor is coming right for us!”

    Everyone went into a panic when they saw that the red star was getting steadily larger and ducked into the woods nearby. A moment later, there was a loud impact as the meteor barely overshot the campsite and “bounced” about half a mile down the road before coming to a stop. Ever the curious one, Ash led the team to it to check it out.

    When they got to it, they found that the meteorite was made completely of metal and was surrounded by a puddle of water. “It looks like a part from a satellite.” Max said. Brock let out a groan, “Does this mean my wish won’t come true?!” May gave him a funny look and said, “Probably not.” Max approached the pod and managed to climb onto the wreck. A large gash on the top allowed him to look inside. With a flashlight in hand, he began searching the inside. “There’s nothing but ice in here. It must have been a cooling tank.”

    Out of the corner of his eye, Max thought he saw something move. He aimed the flashlight to it and saw something that seemed to be the same color as his own skin. Suddenly, an eye opened and stared directly at him! Max tumbled over backwards and ran back to the group while screaming in terror. When he reached them, he hid behind Brocks’ legs.

    May yelled, “What happened?!” Max stuttered, “Th-th-there’s something in there, a-and it’s alive! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! THERE!!! IT’S CLIMBING OUT!!!!!!”

    When the gang looked at the pod, they were shocked to see what seemed to be a human hand reach out and grab the edge of the gash in the pod. What slowly climbed out, much to everyone’s’ disappointment, was what appeared to be some guy who did not seem much taller than Ash. He was heavily encrusted with ice and he slipped right off the smooth top, falling flat on his face.

    Ash gave a weird look at Max and said, “THAT is what you were so afraid of?” Max’s face turned red. “I swear! Something stared at me with a Sapphire blue eye! There’s no way a human could survive being frozen like that!”

    The gang heard a strange sound and noticed that Pikachu was growling deeply. He seemed to notice something about this stranger that no one else could. When the stranger climbed to his feet, Pikachu blasted him, without warning, with a Thunderbolt!

    Ash was stunned. “Why did you do that?! He wasn’t hurting anyone!” Brock shouted, “Wait a second, Ash. I don’t think he was hurt.” Ash looked and saw that the stranger had been de-iced and only seemed a little wobbly. He also noticed that he had a hood covering his head and all his clothes were green.

    May shouted, “Sorry about that! Are you OK!?” There was no response. Instead, he lowered his hood, revealing his face. His eyes were sapphire blue and his hair was ruby red.

    When he saw the children standing ahead of him, his first thoughts were, (Humans? Am I back on Earth?) He looked down and saw a Pikachu glaring at him. (He knows. I can change my appearance, but not my scent.) He then sensed human biosignatures 100 feet to his right, in the forest. He could also sense a Meowth with them. (Great. Have they found me already?)

    Listening in, the stranger heard what sounded like the Meowth talking in English, “Hey Jess, that guy’s looking dis way. You don’t think he knows we’re here, do ya?” A woman’s voice replied, “Of course not. Now keep quiet, or he will hear us!” The stranger replied, “Too late! Now get out here! All three of you!”

    Ash and the gang looked towards the area that the stranger had yelled at. Ash said, “All three of them? Don’t tell me. It’s…..” Before he could finish, two humans dressed in white uniforms and black gloves and boots with a red R on their shirts and a Meowth jumped from the forest into view.

    “Prepare for….” Before the woman could say anymore, the mysterious stranger said, “I don’t care how you planned on finishing that sentence, but I do want to know what you want from me.” Jessie looked pretty steamed that she had been cut off so early in saying the motto. May smirked, “Two words. It’s a new record!” Jessie shouted, “Don’t think I didn’t hear that, twerp! Now hand over Pikachu, or this is going to get ugly!”

    The stranger stepped between the two groups and faced Team Rocket. “Look. I can tell you guys are common criminals. I have no respect for your kind, but I’m willing to let you go. Now scram.” Team Rocket looked at each other and laughed. The Meowth laughed, “Ha, the redhead don’t know what he’s up against!” James followed, “Yes, I suppose it would be best for us to show what a mistake it is to stand in the way of Team Rocket! Just remember, it’s your funeral, twerp!”

    “Go, Seviper, Dustox!” “Go, Cacnea, Chimecho!” As usual, Cacnea gave James a prickly hug when he was released. The stranger looked on with a smirk, (If that Cacnea likes that human that much, he must be very kind to him. Guess he’s not so bad after all.) Ash got his attention and said, “Don’t worry. We can handle them easily! You should get out of here.” The stranger replied with a cold stare, “Actually, YOU should get out of here. I can fight on my own.” Ash couldn’t believe what he just heard.

    “But…..” The stranger faced Team Rocket and took a fighting stance. “Seviper, Poison Tail!” As the Seviper closed in for the strike, the stranger had a revelation. (Darn. I don’t think I should reveal myself to these humans. I’ll just have to fight like one.) He tried lifting his feet to run, but found that they were pinned to the ground with needles! Dustox had used Poison Sting to pin his boots to the ground. The Sevipers’ Poison Tail slashed him across the chest and he responded with a fake shout since it really didn’t hurt at all. “Looks like we have him against the ropes. Now then, Chimecho! Hold him steady with Disable!” The Chimecho lifted him into air and held him three feet off the ground.

    James grinned, “See? You’re all bark and no bite. Cacnea, use Needle Arm and send him into that!” The stranger looked to where James was pointing and saw a large rock formation. Cacnea was hesitant, but started winding up for the punch. As Cacnea prepared to slug him, Jessie made one last statement, “Let this be a lesson to you: don’t make threats unless you can back them up!” With that, Chimecho released his mental grip on him and Cacnea slammed the stranger hard.

    “GWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” The stranger screamed as he was sent flying towards the rock formation and, to Ash and co’s. horror, crashed right through it, causing it to bury him as it collapsed around him.

    Ash was furious. “You…. You guys went too far! You didn’t have to kill him!” Jessie laughed, “He was just an obstacle that needed to be removed. It was his own fault for putting his nose where it doesn’t belong!” Ash reached for the Poke ball that contained Grovyle, but stopped abruptly.

    Max shouted, “Come on, Ash! Aren’t you going to battle them?!” Ash slowly replied, “Did you guys….. feel that?” Everyone noticed what he was talking about then. The air had become heavy. Just then, flocks of bird Pokemon flew away from the area in droves, as if they were fleeing a natural disaster. Max said grimly, “They’re all flying away from this spot. That’s NOT a good sign.”

    Everyone’s gaze landed on the collapsed rock formation that had become the strangers’ tomb. A low rumbling sound was coming from the formation and was steadily getting louder. Large cracks started to appear in the larger chunks. Suddenly, with a deafening roar, the tomb was obliterated! In the center was the Stranger, who stood unharmed. He was also surrounded by a red swirling aura. When he looked ahead at the two groups, they were shocked to see that his eyes had become the same shade of red as his hair! What was more; they were filled with an intense bloodlust.

    “Hmph! Back for another burial, huh? Guess some people don’t know when to stay down!” Jessie followed up with an order, “Dustox, finish him off with Poison Sting!”

    “Duuuussstox!” The Dustox sent a flurry of poisonous darts flying at the stranger. Max exclaimed, “He’s not running! He’ll get hit!” The stranger coolly held out a hand as if to stop the attack. When the needles closed in, a powerful gust of wind blew them all right back at Dustox!

    “TOOOXXXX!” Dustox was pinned to a tree with his own Poison Sting attack! Everyone stood there with their mouths hanging open in disbelief. This guy had stopped, no, REFLECTED a Poison Sting attack back at the user just by holding out his hand!

    Jessie spoke up first, “Who, wh-what ARE you?!” The stranger grinned wickedly and replied, “What does it matter? I’m going to rip you guys apart.”

    With that said, the stranger raised his arm up and fired a stream of fire at the helpless Dustox! Jessie reacted quickly and returned Dustox to his Poke ball. The tree, however, was incinerated. It became obvious to everyone that this guy was brutal.

    Ash couldn’t put together how this human boy could do all that! “Just what is that guy!?” Brock said, “Don’t know, but this is his fight now. We better not get in the way. If anything, he’s on our side.” Suddenly, the stranger ran at the Cacnea at shockingly high speed! One of his hands was enshrouded with frost and the other was covered in flames.

    “Cacnea! Don’t just stand there! Use Needle Arm!” Cacnea swung at the stranger, but he was too slow. The stranger was in his face before he even noticed. With a quick 1-2 combo, the stranger hit Cacnea with an icy cross and a flaming uppercut, sending Cacnea flying straight up. At the top, about 100 feet, the stranger moved at light speed up to Cacnea and slammed him down into the ground!

    Before the stranger could continue pummeling his friend, James called Cacnea back into his Poke ball. The stranger then glared at James as if to say, “You’re next.” Just then, Seviper sunk his fangs into the strangers’ shoulder from behind! The stranger just choked him to make him let go, then tossed him several feet away. As they locked eyes, the stranger felt a strange response deep inside him.

    The stranger smirked, “There is only one way to properly deal with you. HAAAHHH!” When he yelled, the stranger became covered in a bright light. When the light disappeared, in his place was, with blue markings instead of pink, a Zangoose!

    “WHHHHAAAAAA?! Dat guy turned into a Zangoose?! This don’t make any sense!” Meowth couldn’t help shouting when he saw that. Jessie grumbled, “It doesn’t make any sense. But I don’t have time to think about it. Seviper! Give him another Poison Fang!” Seviper made a lunge for the “Zangoose”, but with speed far beyond any Zangoose, the shape shifter landed an earthshaking blow to Sevipers’ neck! Seviper gagged and was giving a lighting fast barrage of punches. When he tried to counter with a Poison Tail attack, the shape shifter jumped 15 feet behind him and extended his claws. The shape shifter then began swinging his claws in rapid succession, creating a vacuum with each swing. The vacuums slashed away at Seviper, causing small cuts without drawing blood.

    James came up with a clever idea. “Chimecho, hide behind Seviper and when that whateverheis closes in, hit him with a Thunderbolt.” Chimecho replied with a happy, “Cho!” After 21 vacuum slashes, the shape shifter made a dash for the weary Seviper. Chimecho was in position, charging up energy for the Thunderbolt attack. When the shape shifter got close enough, he slammed into Seviper with a straight-armed punch, but stayed connected. An eerie silence followed for ten seconds. Then, an explosion was projected from the “Zangoose’s” fist, sending Seviper flying right into Chimecho, Jessie, James, and Meowth! Team Rocket landed in their signature pile of defeat. The shape shifter changed back into his human form as well.

    Ash shouted, “Okay! Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Pikachu ran up behind the stranger and charged up energy. “Piiiikaaa…” But before he could finish, the stranger whirled around and punched Pikachu back into Ash’s arms!

    “What cha do that for?! We were just going to get rid of them!” The stranger glared back at him and said, “Don’t interfere.” He then looked back at Team Rocket who were shivering in fright. “Hmmmm. I suppose I only have one more thing to say to you clowns.”

    Everyone listened with bated breath, wondering what his next move would be. Then, he shouted the verdict, “READY TO DIE?!”

    He raised both hands straight out from his shoulders and formed a sphere of orange volatile energy in each of them and joined them together in front of him. A strange sound could be heard, the sound that is heard when a Pokemon is charging up energy for a Hyper Beam attack. By this time, Team Rocket had become hysterical, screaming and struggling to get out of the pile.

    “If that is what I think it is, he’s going to blast them with a Hyper Beam!” Max yelled. May said, “But won’t that attack…..” Brock shouted, “I think it is, too! That guy is gonna kill them!” At the sound of this, Ash ran off towards the mysterious madman. May screamed, “ASH! STOP! YOU’LL BE KILLED!” He didn’t listen.

    The moment came. The Hyper Beam attack was ready to fire. The madman shouted one last thing to his victims, “YOU’RE HISTORY!!!!!” With that said, he fired a massive blast towards Team Rocket! Just before the blast hit them, Ash body slammed the stranger from the side! “Wha!?” was the only thing he could say as he was knocked off balance by the brave hero. This altered the Hyper Beam’s trajectory, causing it to veer off to the left, just narrowly missing the terrified Rockets. The blast flew into a mountain that was visible beyond the forest. The instant it hit, there was a bright flash and deafening explosion that lasted for 10 seconds, causing mass confusion for miles!

    When the flash ended, Ash and the gang stared in shock at the mountain. A massive semicircular chunk had been drilled out of the side! Ash had fallen on his rear and was too frightened to get up. Team Rocket had managed to escape during the explosion and was nowhere to be found. The stranger was looming over Ash like a vulture who just found a corpse. His eyes were still filled with bloodlust.

    Ash stuttered, “Wh-what are y-y-you?” The stranger answered, “XD-385.”
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    What encylopika means is that you need to give it a rating like pg or something. And to keep it on topic, I like Altoshipping, and will read your fic as soon as I get back from work, then edit this topic to include a review. I just wanted to tell you what the rating thing was.

    Edit: OK, so I read your first two chapters and they have promise. Your discriptions could be a bit more in depth, but that comes with practice. The wishes of the group before the appearance of XD-365 could have been done a bit different, so it was easier to see who was wishing them, although it was sort of self explanatory. Like I said early,, this story has promise and I look forward to seeing more.
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    Red face Forbidden Truth Revealed and Return to Altomare

    Third chapter. No Altoshipping in this one, but just to save time, I'll throw in the fourth chapter too! Just a heads-up, the forth contains a bit of sexual stuff, but nothing too detailed. Hence the R rating. Enjoy!

    For the mods: If it goes beyond tolorances, let me know so I can adjust it.

    An eerie silence had settled on the battlefield that nearly became Team Rockets’ grave. Ash was staring into the ruby red eyes of the person who would most likely kill him in the next minute. His friends were too afraid to get any closer. One false move could mean the end for Ash. The bizarre bioweapon XD-385 stared at Ash, wondering why he had stopped him from destroying the criminals who intended to do him harm.

    He made up his mind, “Get up now, or I’ll kill you.” Ash quickly climbed to his feet. “Now don’t move.” With that, XD-385 placed his hand on Ash’s face. He then began to look into his memories, hoping to find some insight as to why he defended Team Rocket.

    He saw all the way back to when he competed with that jerk, Gary, on any subject. He witnessed where Ash nearly gave his life to defend Pikachu from a flock of Spearows. He marveled at this boys’ adventures and comical situations where he had to hold back a laugh. There was a particular red headed girl who he could tell had a big crush on Ash, but was quite skilled in hiding it. He even witnessed several situations where different Team Rocket members confronted Ash and his friends. Compared to them, the ones he had just tried to kill were pretty free spirited.

    Finally, XD-385 witnessed the trials Ash overcame at the Orange Islands when a obsessed collector threw nature out of balance by attempting to capture Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia. He saw that according to a mysterious stone tablet, Ash was the Chosen One, the human who would unite humans and Pokemon as well as defend the world from a powerful evil. However, there was a particular occurrence in his subconscious memory that had taken place several months before that great crisis. If it was there and not in his normal memory, it meant that someone or something had tried to erase it. Against his better judgment, XD-385 accessed this memory.

    What he saw was a nightmarish situation, Pokemon and their clones tearing into each other without any regard for their own survival. He witnessed the creator of this disaster, Mewtwo, squaring off with his original self, Mew. When it seemed that there was no end in sight, Ash charged into the center of the arena, directly into the path of Mew and Mewtwo’s energy blasts! The moment they struck him, XD-385 was cut off from the memory by a blast of pain!

    “GRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!” was all that came from his mouth as he was blown away by a wave of purple energy! XD-385 slammed into a tree about 50 feet behind him. As he sat upon the ground, Ash wondered if he was hurt and began to approach him. XD-385 understood everything now. Even though his view was cut short, he knew Ash perished when struck by those two blasts. How he was revived, he did not know. But he knew why he did that; Ash valued all life. That is why he stopped him from killing Team Rocket.

    When Ash got to him, he asked, “Are you OK?” XD-385 looked up at him. Ash saw that his eyes had returned to their original sapphire blue color, a sign that he had calmed down. In an instant, he jumped to his feet, startling Ash and causing him to back away. His friends ran over to him and Pikachu jumped in front of him, ready to zap XD-385 again.

    XD-385 slowly walked over to the group and, to everyone’s surprise, kneeled before Ash. “Wha-what do you want?” XD-385 replied, “I have decided. Considering whom you are, you definitely need a guardian.” May, Max, and Brock were stumped by this. Max nudged Ash playfully and said, “Heeeyyy Ash, you never told us you were a celebrity!” XD-385 gave him a glare, “This is a serious matter. Do any of you remember a freakish storm about one year ago, originating from the Orange Islands?” Brock remembered it well since he was at Professor Ivy’s lab at the time, although he still didn’t want to think about her right now. May and Max also remembered the crazy weather that day.

    May said, “Do you mean the day that countless Pokemon were trying to get to the Orange Islands?” XD-385 replied, “Exactly. Ash is the Chosen One spoken of in legend and you all might not be here now if it wasn’t for him!” Everyone shouted, “WHAT?!” Ash’s face went red from the attention he got. “Uh, he’s right. I don’t like bragging about it, but I am mentioned in a stone tablet down there. I nearly died that day too.” XD-385 spoke, “That is why I have decided to become your guardian. You don’t know it, but your duty isn’t over yet. Someday, you will have to do battle against a great evil and I intend to make sure you live to see that day.”

    Max yelled, “Yeah right! You think he’s gonna let you come with us after what you did?!” Max pointed to the mountain that XD-385 had blasted only minutes before. XD-385 sighed, “I guess you need to know the truth about me. HOWEVER, you must not tell ANYONE who is not close to any of you. Understand?” Everyone nodded. “As you may have suspected, I am not human, even though I look like one. I am a bioweapon created by Team Magma and Team Aqua. They intended to use me to conquer this world to preserve the environment by force.” Brock said, “But just what are you exactly?” XD-385 looked at him funny. “My name should give it away! I was created from the DNA of nearly all Pokemon that have been discovered to date. That’s 385 species. Therefore, I have the ability to use ANY of their powers at will, including all their moves. The reason I look human is because of my Ditto DNA. I can alter my appearance to just about anything. However, I can’t change my gender. When I discovered what they intended to use me for, I tried to escape from the lab where I was created. However, they captured me and banished me into space when they decided I was too dangerous.”

    When he turned around, he had to choke back a laugh since they were staring at him with their mouths hanging open! “That is what I am. I hope you can understand that.” They still looked like they were comatose. XD-385 looked down at Pikachu and said, “Care to do the honors?” Pikachu nodded and zapped the gang awake! “Now then, shall we be going?” Everyone looked at Ash. “Sure you can come. I don’t judge, I train.” May spoke up, “Um, how about we give you a name? XD-385 sure sounds hard to remember!” Max and Brock took the initiative, arguing over names for him. After about 30 seconds of their bickering, an annoyed XD-385 shouted, “ENOUGH! Only my master can decide my name!” Ash blushed, no one had EVER called him something so formally before! He thought for a moment, “Uh, hmmmm, errrr, I got it!” Everyone listened. “How does “Neo” sound?” XD-385 thought about it. “Hmmm, I like it! Neo it is!” After introductions were completed, XD-385, or Neo, spoke up, “It’s gotten pretty late. Have you guys eaten dinner yet?” At the sound of this, Brock groaned, “NOOOO! I forgot all about the soup I was cooking! It’ll be burned if the fire isn’t put out soon!” Neo asked, “Which way to camp?” Brock pointed away from the crash site, “That way, but…” Before for he could say anything else, Neo was gone. “Where did he go?!” Max replied, “Maybe he Teleported to camp.” When they got back to camp, a 15 minute walk, they saw Neo rapidly stirring the soup. The fire had also been put out.

    Neo welcomed them, “That was close. I got to it just before it was burned.” Everyone ran to the camp site. May was delighted that Ash was back to his old hungry self again. “All right guys! It’s chow time!” Ash shouted as he released all his Pokemon from their Pokeballs. May and Brock did the same. When they noticed Neo’s odd scent, they immediately took an aggressive mood to him. Ash convinced them that he was no enemy to them, though.

    While everyone was feasting on the soup and Poke chow made by Brock, Neo was keeping watch. After a minute passed by, May asked him, “Come on Neo! There’s enough for all of us. Are you just not hungry?” Neo replied, “Oh all right.” However, he noticed that the Pokemon were not eating any of the soup, just that bland looking Poke chow. Knowing that he was all Pokemon and no human, he snatched up a piece and started eating it.

    It took a moment, but he noticed everyone, the Pokemon and humans were just staring him. Not sure of what was wrong, Neo asked, “What?” Brock replied, “Don’t you want some soup?” Neo shook his head and said, “Sorry, but I have to eat this stuff. I am all Pokemon, you know. Besides, it doesn’t taste bad at all.” Ash thought to himself, (Guess it’s time for a change.) He offered his bowl of soup to Grovyle. He seemed confused, but Ash reassured him. To everyone’s surprise, Grovyle started drinking the soup rather quickly, enjoying every last drop.

    Brock was stumped by this unexpected move but then said, “Guess I better get started on another pot.” Neo smiled, (He really is different. He is a master worth serving!) That night, everyone went to sleep with their bellies full of soup. Neo stayed awake to keep watch for danger. If his first few hours back on Earth were this blessed, he could only imagine what lay in store for him and his new friends.

    Now the fourth chapter. Definately one of my favorites. The return of a lovely female you all know.

    A few days had passed since Ash acquired a new friend and bodyguard, XD-385, otherwise known as Neo. Team Rocket hadn’t bothered them recently due to the shock treatment that XD-385 put them through, although he could still sense that they were nearby. Although he had proved himself loyal by doing everything Ash asked, Neo couldn’t help but notice that Ash had become slightly more and more depressed with each passing day. He even showed no interest in battling. Pikachu came to Neo, asking for help. He agreed to do whatever he could to lighten Ash’s spirits.

    When they reached a Pokemon Center, Neo took the time to look through some travel magazines. He was certain that Ash was just in a slump and needed a vacation. However, the place had to be somewhere they could all agree on. Not too hot, not too cold, not too crowded, and not too fancy. Just then, he found what he was looking for. He waited for everyone to finish their business before calling them over.

    “I’ve noticed that you have all seemed a little exhausted over the past few days, so I thought you all could use a vacation. I had to find a place that you could all agree on. Does this look OK to all of you?” Neo showed them the magazine he was reading. It was a special on Altomare.

    May shrieked, “Oh, isn’t that the city where the streets are paved with water?! I’ve always wanted to go there!” Max said, “That place has so many great museums! I’m in!” Brock added, “I’ve been there before. I would really like to go there again.” That was three, only one left. Everyone looked at Ash. He seemed to be thinking deeply. (This could be my only chance to ever see her again. But what if she doesn’t feel the same way about me?)

    Neo spoke, “Master, we are waiting for your decision.” A moment passed and Ash looked up at them with a nervous smile on his face. “Yeah, I’d like to go there.” Neo exclaimed, “Well, that’s everyone! Just give me a minute to make some reservations and we’ll be on our way!” He then went over to a phone to call a hotel in Altomare.

    Brock asked, “Won’t it take weeks to get to Altomare?” Just then, Neo came back. “I made some reservations for us. We’ll be in Altomare by tonight, at the latest.” Everyone shouted, “TONIGHT?!” Neo remarked, “What, have you forgotten who I am?!” Everyone still glared at him as if he had just ruined their day. Neo muttered, “Just come outside. And don’t forget your supplies.”

    Neo lead the gang 100 feet from the Pokemon Center before stopping. He turned around and said, “I need you to give me some room.” They took a step back. “More.” They took another step back. “More!” They took yet another step back. “GO LONG, GUYS!” They ran back about 50 feet before Neo told them to stop. Max mumbled, “Just how does he think he’s going to us there before sundown?” Neo shouted over to them, “I going to get you guys there in style!”

    After focusing himself, Neo became covered in a bright light, just like when he transformed into a Zangoose. May asked, “Is it just me, or is he getting bigger?” A moment later, she had her answer. Neo had transformed into a majestic Lugia! He spoke to them, “Well, is this stylish enough for you?”

    Max ran over to him, “This is so awesome! You’re really going to fly us there?!” Neo nodded, “Yeah, it would take too long to go on foot.” He lowered a wing so they could climb on. After everyone was ready, Neo said, “You guys might want to hold onto my dorsal fins for the first few minutes.” After a second, he yelled, “Hey, Max! Which way to Altomare?!” Max checked the Pokenav. “Uh, it’s to the Northwest!” “Thanks! Now hold on!”

    Neo began to slowly flap his massive wings, creating strong winds in the process. After a few moments, they were cruising through the sky towards Altomare. Despite flying at very high speed, the gang felt little wind. Neo was generating a barrier to prevent the wind from blowing anyone off.

    After a few hours, plus a bathroom break, Neo landed in a forest near the docks where they would ride a boat to Altomare, since it is surrounded by water. Max scolded Neo after he took on his normal form again, “Why didn’t you fly us over to Altomare?!” Neo glared at him, “Do you think it would have been a good idea for the inhabitants to know that there is a shape shifting bioweapon in their city?” Max’s face turned red. “And I thought you were the brainy one.” Without arguing, the group boarded a ferry to Altomare. May and Max couldn’t stop babbling about what they wanted to do and see when they got there.

    The sun had begun to set. Neo was watching it when he got an unexpected feeling. He could sense something in Altomare. Was it…..sorrow? Someone must have gone through terrible heartbreak there recently. He could also feel…..himself? (One of my brothers or sisters must be in that city. What are the chances?!) Still, Ash was the most important person in the world to him, so he would stay by his side at all times.

    After they reached the hotel, Neo checked in with the receptionist. “Cash, check, or charge?” Neo replied, “Charge.” Max looked on in surprise as he saw what seemed to be a credit card form from cybernetic encryptions and polygons between Neo’s right hands’ fingers. After he paid, the bellhop took them up to their room, which turned out to be the most expensive one in the building!

    After the bellhop left, Max immediately brought up the credit card, “How did you do that?!” Neo asked, “You mean how I paid them?” “Yeah, what was that?!” Neo had a sly little grin on his face, “It’s all thanks to my Porygon DNA.” Brock asked, “You mean that Pokemon that can turn itself into cybernetic data?” Neo replied, “Yep. I can interact with machines that scan credit cards. It’s a little difficult to explain, so let’s just say I’m a walking bank account, meaning I can generate as much currency as I need.”

    May asked Neo, “Oh Neo, would you like to take me shopping for souvenirs?” Neo didn’t like that look in her eyes. “Stop trying to sweet talk me and yeah, I’ll take ya.” First, he mentally scanned the city for any malicious intentions. Except for a few crafty street vendors, there didn’t seem to be anything that seemed to want to harm Ash.

    Ash went with them to get some takeout. May couldn’t believe how much was available, especially all the glassworks. Neo even ate a piece of glass candy! He had to pay for it, of course. For takeout, they got a special entrée, pasta in a black sauce with cuttlefish. When they got back to the hotel, Ash seemed VERY disappointed, as if he didn’t find what he was looking for. At the dinner table, Neo blurted out, “That sauce will stain, but not your clothes.” just to be funny. It took everyone a minute to figure out what he meant by that, but when they did, they scolded him out of being so disgusting at the dinner table! After they finished eating, everyone turned in for the night, except Neo. He went out for a patrol of the city. He took on the form of a Latios since the narrow walkways seemed as if they were made for one. He had no idea that another Latios had patrolled this city a few months prior to his arrival.

    As he went down a particular hallway, Neo sensed an immense amount of plant life nearby. When he found the source, he was greeted with the largest garden he had ever laid eyes on. Curious, he entered and felt that the strange feeling he got while on the ferry was much stronger here. He focused his eyes and saw, at the far edge of the garden on a low tree branch, a Latias! He immediately thought, “Sister? Is she the Latias who’s DNA was used in creating me?”

    Neo thought he noticed that she was moving back and forth slightly on the branch, so he focused his eyes a little more. The moment he could see clearly what she was doing, his mind and face went blank. His sister was moaning in delight as she masturbated on a small rounded nub at the base of the branch! She had her arms wrapped around the branch as she moved herself back and forth onto the nub. She was muttering someone’s name as she did so, but Neo didn’t stick around to listen! He got out of the garden as fast as he could without being noticed. “Oh man, I REALLY wasn’t supposed to see that!” After calming down, Neo made a return trip to the hotel. He felt a little better that he had found one of his 385 relatives, in a certain sense.

    That night, in a house not far from the secret garden, that same Latias was experiencing a dream she would not soon forget. She found herself in a clearing in a forest. It was raining. However, the rain seemed to taste salty, like tears. Latias could also hear soft weeping all around her; the voices of many Pokemon were mourning someone. Even the Earth itself seemed to be in mourning. Some of the trees and grass had shriveled up, as if they had lost their will to live.

    Latias could sense something ahead of her. She flew through the forest towards what she sensed. When she entered another clearing, she was greeted with a sight that shattered her heart. In the center of the clearing was the boy she had fallen in love with, Ash Ketchum, his body impaled on a large golden sword with four spikes pointing out and up on each side of the double-edged blade. There were red runic inscriptions on the side of the blade and a green diamond was embedded near the hilt.

    She flew over to him and used her psychic powers to lift the sword off of him, and then cast it aside. She immediately tried to use Recover on him while choking back tears, but tragically, he was already dead. Latias began sobbing into Ash’s blood-soaked jacket; she could not believe that he was gone.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll join him soon enough.” Latias looked up to see who the voice belonged to. To her horror, a large humanoid creature wearing jet-black armor slashed her with the large golden sword, causing her to wake up with a cold sweat. The sun had begun to rise. It was morning.

    Latias had been having dreams like that frequently since Ash left Altomare several months ago, except this was the first one where she found Ash dead. She didn’t know what it was supposed to mean. Would everyone on the planet mourn Ash’s death when he died? One thing was for certain; Latias was in love with Ash and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, even if he didn’t love her.

    Bianca had noticed that Latias had become terribly depressed since Ash left. She knew that Latias was suffering from heartache, but was troubled that she couldn’t do much to help her. Latias had the ability to go looking for Ash, but she had to stay and guard the Soul Dew. She also couldn’t take it with her, since doing so would cause the water in Altomare to disappear, meaning disaster for its inhabitants.

    Latias went back to the secret garden. It was here that she first revealed herself to Ash. She looked at the tree she would frequently use to masturbate, but decided against it. It would always break her heart after she finished, knowing that she would never really perform the most sacred act of love with the boy she loved. She rested on a stone bench and began to quietly cry, silently scolding herself for falling in love with someone who couldn’t love her back.

    Ash was staring out of the window at the rest of the city, still just as depressed as the days before. May finally gathered the courage to ask Neo to try something new. “Neo, could you please try to make Ash a little happier?” Neo gave her a funny look, “You really have the hots for him, huh?” May blushed heavily, “N-No! I’m just…” Neo cut her off, “In love with him?” Before May could respond, Neo added, “Don’t try to hide it. He’s someone you can’t help but like. Even I was not immune to him. However, I’m not in love with him. That just wouldn’t be proper!” Neo then went over to Ash. May felt a little better about her feelings after that and hoped that Ash felt the same way about her.

    Neo asked Ash, “Master, is there anything I can do for you?” Ash thought for a moment and said, “Yeah, I need you to search Altomare for a hidden garden. When you find it, I want you to take me to it.” Neo remembered that garden he saw last night. “Um, I already found it.” Ash looked up at him with a look of urgency. “You have?! Take me there, now!” Neo Transformed into a Latios again and snatched Ash up in his arms, then flew out the window, turning invisible as he did so.

    In minutes, they arrived at the secret garden. Ash stood at the entrance and told Neo, “I need to be alone here. Would you just watch the entrance for me?” Neo replied, “Of course. Take all the time you need.” Ash then went inside, wondering if he would find who he was looking for.

    Ash didn’t go far before he heard what sounded like someone crying. He approached a stone bench from behind, since the sound seemed to be coming from it. When he looked over the back, his heart skipped a beat when he saw Latias lying down on it, crying softly. He placed his hand on her shoulder to try and clam her down. The moment she felt his hand touch her feathers, Latias looked up at Ash and wondered if this was another one of her dreams.

    “Why are you crying?” Latias knew that it was really Ash when he spoke, since he never spoke to her in her dreams. She replied by tackling him and knocking him down, crying against his chest. Ash gently embraced her to try to get her to stop crying. He could feel tears building up in his own eyes.

    Finally, Latias spoke. Not with her mind, but with her voice! “Ash, I thought I would never see you again!” Ash was stunned that she could speak without using telepathy. “You can talk?” She answered, “I have been training myself so hard. I wanted to be able to speak to you in a way you could understand.” She had finally stopped crying.

    Ash asked her, “Why were you crying?” Latias began shedding tears again. It was time for him to learn the truth. “Because I love you. When you left, I thought I could handle being apart from you, but everyday, it hurt so much. I was even losing my will to live.” Ash was relieved that Latias loved him just as much as he loved her. He raised her head until she was looking at him with her beautiful golden eyes. “I felt it too. I came back because I love you too.”

    Latias felt her heart melt. The boy she loved also loved her! Latias couldn’t contain her joy any longer. Without warning, she thrust her face towards his and accidentally rammed him! “OW!” Ash rubbed his nose, afraid it was broken. Latias was ashamed. She thought for sure he would hate her now. To her surprise, Ash said, “Let me help you with that.” He gently rotated her head until it was on a 45 degree angle, then he brought his lips to hers.

    Latias felt like she was in Heaven as she and Ash had their first kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck while Ash stroked her back. After a moment, Latias licked at Ash’s lips to gain entry. He parted his lips to allow their tongues to intertwine. Finally, they broke the kiss and just lay there. They had finally found true love, despite the fact that they were completely different in specie. Latias began to cry again. Ash asked, “What’s wrong?” a worried look on his face. Latias replied, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just so happy. I can’t help it.” She was shedding tears of joy. They embraced each other, never wanting to let go.

    The whole time, a certain bioweapon was watching from a massive tree nearby. A tear fell from his face. His master had found love with his big sister. Maybe someday, his master would become his brother-in-law. Happy like never before, XD-385 flew off for the hotel while rendering himself invisible. Just then, something popped into his head. What would he say to May?
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    OK, the fifth chapter. A certain someone is given a second chance at life.

    XD-385 stood outside the door to the hotel room that he and his friends were using. He had discovered that his master is in love with his big sister. What would he tell May? She was also in love with Ash. If she knew that Ash was in love with someone else who isn’t even human….. Neo shuddered at the thought of what she might do.

    When he stepped inside, May asked, “Where’s Ash?” Neo replied, “He’s staying at a friends’ home tonight.” May sighed, “That’s good to know. Knowing Ash, I’m sure he has a lot of friends all over the place!” “Yeah…” Neo asked, “Um, I’m only asking out of curiosity, but what made you fall in love with Ash?” May blushed and took a seat. “I’ll tell you, but don’t tell Ash. I don’t know what it is exactly what draws me to him, but I just could not help but like him. And those eyes, I can just get lost in them. It was only after we got into a fight and apologized to each other that I realized how much he meant to me. *Sigh* What I would give for him to make….. huh?” May finally noticed that Neo had nodded off from listening to her confession.

    May shouted, “HEY! Aren’t you listening?!” Neo let out a snicker, “Don’t get mad, I was listening the whole time!” May gave him a grumpy look. He added, “I don’t think I want to know how you were going to finish that sentence, anyway.” May yelled, “What is that supposed to mean?!” Neo replied, “I mean you better watch what you say when Brock and your little brother are in the next room!” May covered her mouth out of embarrassment, realizing that she nearly blurted out her deepest, most sacred desire. Neo jumped out the window after turning invisible. May shouted, “Where are you going?!” Neo shouted back, “I’m just going to check on Ash!”

    When Neo got back to the secret garden, he saw that the sun was setting. Also, Ash and Latias were still where he left them. They had fallen asleep. Not wanting them to catch cold by sleeping outdoors, Neo decided to wake them up in the least harmful way he could think of. He noticed a large pond nearby. He then used Surf to cause a huge wave of water to crash down on the two lovers!

    They woke up instantly. Latias nearly panicked to see a total stranger in the garden. “W-Who are you?!” Ash calmed her down by saying, “Don’t worry, he’s just my guardian. He won’t hurt you unless you try to hurt me.” Latias could sense immense power in this person, she could even sense….. her brother?! “Is that you brother?!” Neo replied, “Yes, but not the one you’re thinking of. I’m your little brother and, errrrr, sister.” Ash and Latias looked at him as if they had just smelled feet. “OK, let me explain. You see, I was created with the DNA of 385 species of Pokemon. The one my creators acquired Latias DNA from was you. The same goes for your brother. So you see, I’m both your brother and sister.” This cleared things up for Ash, but not Latias. Neo spent several more minutes explaining what he was and why he was created.

    Latias asked Ash, “Do you really trust him? After what he almost did, aren’t you afraid of him?” Ash shook his head, “No. I don’t judge people for what they can do. He has been loyal to me and only me since I named him.” Neo added, “That’s why I like you so much!” They all shared a good laugh before heading to Latias’ house, which she shared with Bianca and her Grandpa.

    When they got there, Bianca marveled at how much better Latias looked and was very surprised to see Ash and his guardian with her. After some introductions, they all settled down for dinner. Bianca spoke first, “So, Neo, what’s it like being a bioweapon?” He replied, “I’m not sure. I’ve yet to feel any pain from attacks. However, I share a weakness with all other Pokemon. It is the only move type that can kill me.” Everyone stared at him. Latias asked, “What is this type?” Neo replied, “I don’t want to say this too loudly, but my one true weakness is Shadow type attacks.” Ash was stumped, “I’ve never heard of that type of Pokemon before.” Neo looked him in the eye and said, “There is no Shadow type Pokemon, but there are Shadow type attacks. I don’t know much about it, but I do know that Shadow energy, which is used in Shadow attacks, can be manufactured into weapon ammunition.” Bianca muttered, “Wow. Sounds dangerous.”

    After dinner, Ash and Latias went up to the roof for some time alone. Ash spoke first, “Would you look at that sunset.” Latias replied, “It just isn’t that good when you’re alone.” They stared at the sunset silently for a minute. Ash then asked, “So Latias, would you like to come with me when we leave?” Latias then seemed to almost start crying again. “Please stop that. If you keep crying, you’ll burn out your eyes.” Latias replied, “I’m sorry. I just can’t leave. I have to protect the Soul Dew since my brother is gone and I can’t take it with me.”

    “You can’t leave because big bro is dead? Why didn’t you say so?” They looked behind them and saw Neo standing on the very top of the roof. “Yes, he is. I have to take his place.” Neo then asked, “Why don’t you just have me resurrect him?” They both stared at him in disbelief. “YOU CAN WHAT?!” Neo laughed out loud. “Have you forgotten who I am?” Ash thought for a moment. “That’s right. I have the powers of Jirachi, the Wish Maker! Any wish of yours is mine to grant.” Latias yelled, “YOU CAN REALLY DO THAT?!” Neo winched, “Yes. Now stop yelling.” Ash added, “But doesn’t it take 1,000 years for him to grant a wish?” Neo answered, “Not if you throw in a little time travel. I am part Celebi, you know.” Latias squealed in joy as she embraced Ash and kissed him, much to their surprise.

    Back at the hotel, May was look out from the balcony with binoculars. Max asked, “What are you looking for?” May replied, “I’m just looking at what I couldn’t see on the ground…..huh?” May paused as she thought she saw something on a rooftop a good distance away. She adjusted the binoculars to focus more on distant objects and looked again. What she saw next shocked her to her soul. There on a rooftop about 20 blocks away, was Ash being passionately kissed by a Latias! May could feel her blood begin to boil as she watched the boy she loved being seduced by a Pokemon. Ignoring Max, she rushed down to the street and towards the house where Ash was.

    Neo shivered at the sudden feeling of rage approaching them. He yelled, “OK guys! We will meet in the secret garden for the resurrection. Latias, you go get the Soul Dew. Master, you come with me.” Latias flew off for the Soul Dew while Neo Teleported himself and Ash to the secret garden.

    Since she had never been to Altomare before, May soon became lost. (I can’t believe this. I know Ash is very attractive, but NO ONE will take him away from me! Although first, I have to find them.) By chance, she stumbled through the hidden entrance to the secret garden. Inside, she became relieved to find Ash and Neo alone.

    Neo looked behind him and said, “Oh no, how did she get here?!” May was too out of breath to say anything for a moment. Finally, she said, “All right, where is it?!” Ash looked confused, “What?” “That Pokemon that was smooching you on the roof!” Ash blushed heavily, “You saw that?!” “Yes, I did. Now where is it?!” Ash was pretty angry that May was referring to Latias as an object, but he managed to keep a straight face. Before they said anything else, Latias flew in with the precious Soul Dew.

    May yelled at Latias, “YOU! You’re that Pokemon that was making out with my Ash!” Ash said to himself, (MY Ash? What does she mean by that?!) May reached for all her Pokeballs that contained her Pokemon. “NO ONE will take Ash away from me!” With that, she unleashed all of them on Latias. Combusken, Beautifly, Skitty, and Bulbasaur attacked Latias as directed. Latias was frightened. She had very little combat experience and had no chance of defeating this trainer on her own.

    Ash yelled, “Neo, don’t let them hurt her!” “Will do!” Neo Teleported in front of Latias and took a deep breath. Just before May’s Pokemon reached him, he let out a yell. “FWWWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” He sent all her Pokemon flying with a mighty Aeroblast! Latias said to herself, (Wow. So that is what he can do.) May was stunned. Ash had defended this Pokemon from her! Ash asked as politely as possible, “What was that outburst all about?” May’s face turned red and tears began falling down her face. “I was jealous. I know I’ve never told you this, but I love you Ash. When I saw her kissing you on the roof, I became so angry that I couldn’t think straight. I just wanted to make sure that she couldn’t take you away from me.” She then began crying against his chest.

    Latias was afraid of this. She wasn’t surprised that someone else had fallen in love with Ash. Could Ash be more in love with May than her? Ash said, “I guess I always liked you a lot too. But I want you to understand. Latias is the girl I love.” May felt like her heart had been ripped out. “Ash, please. Just this once, please kiss me.” Ash looked over at Latias. She gave him a nod. Ash said to May, “OK.” He lifted her face until she was looking at him. He then pressed his lips against hers. May felt all her sorrow disappear as she received her first kiss. However, she got carried away and began kissing Ash as passionately as Ash and Latias had done earlier that day. When May finally broke the kiss, she felt much better, as if that one kiss would keep her satisfied for a long time.

    May walked over to Latias. “I’m sorry about what I did. I just want you to know how lucky you are that Ash fell for you.” Latias replied, “That’s all right. I’m just glad that you feel better now.” Neo interrupted, “Excuse me, but can we get started?” “Oh, right!” Latias handed him the Soul Dew. He then said, “I’m going to enter a deep hibernation state. When I fall asleep, stick a piece of paper to my face with your wish written on it within the first minute. One minute after I fall asleep, my body will begin to time travel a year every minute, reducing the time to 1,000 minutes. Do not come within one foot of me, or your body will age a year a minute as well. Also, Master, I will not be able to protect you while asleep, so be on guard. Ready?” Everyone nodded. Neo fell asleep and Ash stuck a note to his face with a wish on it stating Latios’ revival. With nothing else to do but wait, May gathered her Pokemon and returned to the hotel for the night, while Ash and Latias returned to Bianca’s house for the night.

    The next day, Ash and his friends decided to pass the time by visiting the main tourist attractions around Altomare. Ash and Latias took an old-fashion Gondola ride through the canals, May and Max checked out the museums, while Brock tried to woo Bianca and gather supplies for their return trip to the Hoenn region. When there was just 10 minutes left before Neo awoke, everyone came to the secret garden to welcome back Altomare’s guardian. When they got close to him, everyone noticed that Neo totally reeked! “I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he was going 1,000 years through time. He’s gone a thousand years without a bath!” mentioned Max. Everyone chuckled at this pun. Suddenly, Neo opened his eyes. At that moment, the note on his face began to shine, and then disappeared. The Soul Dew began to glow. A glowing silhouette of a Latios rose out of it and began to solidify. When he stopped glowing, Latios awoke in a daze.

    “BROTHER!!!” Latias rushed to Latios and embraced him. “Am I….. alive?” Ash answered, “Yeah, Neo here brought you back.” Latios pried himself from Latias and looked behind him. “UH! This human absolutely stinks! When was the last time you bathed?!” Neo thought a moment, “Ummmm, never?” Everyone busted out laughing! It was true. Neo had not been alive that long, but he still had never showered before! He took a whiff of himself, gagged, and jumped into the pond nearby.

    Latias said, “Um, brother? He really isn’t a human at all.” “He’s not? What is he, then?” She explained everything to him. Latios said afterwards, “Hmmm, I never thought I would have another brother and sister, ESPECIALLY in one body!” Everyone laughed again. Bianca came over to Latias and said, while holding back tears, “Now you can leave with Ash. Just be sure to visit now and then.” Latias hugged her best friend and said, “I promise.”

    Latios spoke, “What? I will have no such thing!” Ash yelled, “Hey! She can do what she wants with her life! Besides, you’re strong enough to protect the Soul Dew on your own, right?! So why can’t she leave?!”

    Latios replied sternly, “Because I say so. I will not allow my little sister out into the world where countless dangers await!”
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    Well, I liked this chapter also, though I seem to be the only one reviewing your story. Anyway, when having Latios talk, since he didn't train to speak human like latias did, you should do something different for it, since it is psychic communication. I wonder how May will react with Latias with the group...
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    Meh, the rest of the readers don't know what they're missing. Also, I suppose Latios could have developed communication skills while inside the Soul Dew. It must be boring in there with nothing to do.
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    Latias challanges Latios to a duel for the right to leave with Ash. However, Latios will get a harsh lesson about fighting fair.

    Latias was stunned. Her brother had always been very protective of her, but this was going too far! Could it be that something had happened to his soul during his absence from the living world?

    “I don’t understand, Brother. Why can’t I leave Altomare?” Latios replied, “You’re still too weak. You could very easily die like I did. You’re my responsibility and I won’t have you leave the only place where you can be safe!” Ash and his friends were furious at Latios for preventing his sister from leading her life the way she wanted.

    Latias then made an unexpected demand, “Brother, if you won’t let me travel with the boy I love, I’ll fight you for that right!” No one could believe what she just said, especially Latios. Latias had always been so meek that he never expected her to question him! Now she was challenging him to combat?

    “Your will has grown strong sister. I accept.” He created a portal to a dimensional battlefield. He and Latias entered the portal while everyone else watched. They could see the two Pokemon in a sphere shaped screen. (Don’t push yourself too hard Latias. I don’t want to lose you.) Ash prayed for her success.

    The two fighters seemed to be in a dark meadow. They dashed at each other, but Latios knocked Latias away using just physical strength! She quickly flew at him again, but he Teleported behind her and slammed her with a straight arm punch, only to knock her back and forth at high speed for a second! She tried to counter, but Latios blasted her with a Flamethrower attack!

    The sphere shaped screen went white for a second and the field changed to a star filled night sky. Latias had had enough of being bashed around like a rubber ball. She gathered her strength and began to fight back against her brother with power that seemed to equal, or surpass his own! Her speed was great and it was her who began laying a beating on Latios for a moment! The screen went white again and the two Pokemon were over an ocean this time.

    Latios made the first move. He came out of nowhere and sent his sister into the ocean. When he flew after her, Latias punched him back! She flew out of the water and tried to punch Latios when he flew at her again. Instead, he flew around her at light speed while laying explosive attacks on her! The screen went white again and they were now at a high-tech base.

    Latias was on the ground when Latios swooped in and sent her flying! When she dashed at him, he back dropped her into the metal floor! Latias then turned the tables and began pounding Latios with high speed attacks that left no room for escape. She even began using afterimages that were surprisingly solid, ending the barrage with two of them simultaneously punching him from the sides, exploding as they did so. The screen went white again and it showed Latias in what appeared to be outer space.

    Suddenly, Latios appeared and let out a roar. He was surrounded in a blue aura. He was not going to let the fight continue any further. Latias had no hope of victory as her brother pounded her with high speed and powerful blows, ending with a massive Luster Purge! The screen went white again and it showed Latias lying unconscious in a strange temple. Ash looked on in horror as Latios flew in for the finishing blow. At the last second, there was a sudden flash of light. When it dimmed, everyone stood aghast as they saw XD-385 Slam Latios away from his sister!

    “Enough.” Latios was seething. “You, how did you get in here?! I don’t care if you are my little brother. I will make you pay for interrupting this fight!” Neo frowned and replied, “I’d like to see you try, cheater.” Everyone was shocked at what he said. Cheater? Surely Latios wouldn’t cheat against his little sister! Would he?

    Latios yelled, “Cheater?! Do you know what you just said?!” Neo’s eyes turned Ruby red again, a sign that he was quite angry. “Idiot. You healed yourself after every dimensional shift!” Latios looked just as shocked as everyone else. Neo then became enshrouded with a swirling red aura again. Latios quickly made another dimensional shift and the two of them were in a crystal cavern.

    Neo dashed at Latios and performed a horse kick to his face, followed by a reverse ax kick. He then blasted him with a Selfdestruct attack in the form of an orb of energy launched from his hand! After Neo socked Latios with a Mach Punch, the screen went white for just an instant. When the light faded, some of the viewers had to choke back a laugh as they saw Neo with the back of his fist in Latios face! Neo had disrupted the shift by sucker punching him! Latios had a look on his face that showed he didn’t know what hit him. Neo then said, “I don’t think so.”

    After being knocked away, Latios tried to fight back, but the powerful bioweapon in this ascended state was proving to be too much for him. After an uncertain number of physical blows, projectile attacks, and Leaf Blade slashes, Latios decided to pull out all the stops. As Neo closed in, Latios paralyzed him with Disable! He then began charging up power for a last ditch attack.

    Latios blasted his brother with the strongest Luster Purge he could muster. Neo took the blast head-on. Ash stood there watching, praying that his guardian would survive. When the smoke cleared, everyone saw that Neo was still standing, but had lost his left arm. Latios dashed at Neo for a finishing blow, but was knocked away by an unseen force!

    A sudden flash of blue light filled the screen and when it dimmed, everyone saw Neo letting out a scream as he reached an even more unstable form than the one he was already in! His eyes had become Sapphire blue again, but so did his hair! His left arm had also been restored! His fists were covered in Ruby red flames while his body was surrounded with a Sapphire blue aura! He then stared at Latios, filling him with terror with his cold, unfeeling eyes.

    Before Latios knew what was happening, XD-385 was pummeling him with the Ruby red flames around like whips. He then began slaming him back and forth with explosive Dynamicpunch attacks! He then threw the flames from his hands, which then split into six flames. They surrounded Latios and slammed into him at once, exploding with great force! After pummeling Latios with brute force for three seconds, Neo ended with an Explosion, blowing up the dimesional battlefield! The screen shattered and the three combatants fell to the ground. Ash rushed to Latias, but everyone else was too scared to get any closer to the crazy bioweapon. Neo left the secret garden to try and calm down. Ash and his friends got Latias and Latios to Bianca’s house to apply first aid.

    Latias regained consciousness first and was quite worried about Latios, who was in bed next to her. She noticed that Ash was holding her hand tightly. While blushing, she asked, “Did I win?” Ash shook his head, “No. Neo had to step in to stop Latios from going too far. Although in the end, Neo went too far himself.” He pointed to Latios. Some of his feathers were scorched and he was heavily bruised. He was still unconscious.

    “Neo did that to him?” Ash tried to comfort her, “Yeah, he got pretty mad when he saw that Latios was cheating.” Latias couldn’t believe what she heard. “He cheated? How could he?” Ash explained everything. Latias couldn’t understand why her own brother would cheat against her to keep her in Altomare. A few hours later, at midnight, Neo arrived. He had calmed down enough that his eyes and hair were back to their normal colors. Without saying a word, he took a seat near Latios. He had some questions to ask him when he woke up.

    A few minutes later, Latios finally awoke. “Why, brother? Why did you go so far to keep your sister imprisoned here?!” Latios was silent for a moment. His eyes were filled with shame. Finally, he answered, “I’m sorry. Latias is the only family I have. I wanted her to stay so she would always be safe. I can’t stand the thought of her being harmed by anyone. Please understand.” Ash was furious over that last one. “Then why did you harm her?! It was you who put Latias in this bed!” Latios then began to cry, “I know. I’m sorry. I’m so ashamed that I went to such measures to keep her here. Please, can you ever forgive a prideful Pokemon like me?” Ash laid his hand on Latios’ shoulder. “You’re not just a Pokemon, you’re a person too.” Struggling against the pain, Latios embraced his future Brother-in-Law.

    “Thank you. I have decided to allow my sister to accompany you on your journey. I’m sure you will be able to defend her against any threat. That goes for you too, Neo.” Latias reached out for Latios and they joined claws for a moment. After they let go, Latias had been completely healed! “I used Recover on you. You are free to go.” Latias gently embraced her brother, “Thank you.” Neo spoke up, “Actually, we still have about a week left till our reservations expire at the hotel. I’ll be patrolling the city in your place until we leave, Brother.” Latios thanked him and they left for the hotel, leaving Bianca and her Grandpa to look after him.

    Later, Ash and Latias were in the same bed. Ash had no problem falling asleep, but Latias had something on her mind. As she clutched Ash tightly against her, she felt a little moist in between her feet. She thought about it and made a decision. “Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I’ll ask him. Maybe my dream will finally come true.” She fell asleep, dreaming of the moment when she would lose her virginity to the boy she loved.

    Now, the next chapter contains a lovemaking scene, so I don't think it would be wise to post it here. Those who want to read it anyway, ask me through a PM and I'll send you a link.
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    Wink Operation: Paragon and The Chosen One's Wrath

    Ash and friends leave Altomare for Pallet town, plus one extra companion. After landing, Neo suffers his first loss at the hands of an enemy that Ash, Brock and Pikachu have not seen for quite some time. When it seems that Neo is about to meet his end, the Chosen One's potential begins to shine forth!

    The day after Ash and Latias had their very first lovemaking session, everyone simply enjoyed the remaining days of their vacation at Altomare. May was very upset that she would never be Ash’s first, but she felt a little better as she watched Latias shower him with love at every chance. May just couldn’t help but think that Latias was the perfect girl for Ash. Neo frequently had to remind everyone to not make him buy too many souvenirs! They could only take so many with them. The day before the group would leave Altomare, Neo visited Latios, who was almost completely healed.

    “Glad to see you’re almost back on your feet, brother.” Latios gave him a nervous smile, “If you don’t mind me asking, would you do me a favor?” Neo was surprised by this, “Uh, sure. Just as long as it doesn’t involve harming my master.” Latios chuckled, “Of course it doesn’t! I want you to hide the Soul Dew in a place where no one, not even me, can find it, somewhere in Altomare.” Neo asked, “Why do you want me to do that?” Latios replied, “As long as no one can find it, Altomare will be safe. I will also be able to leave Altomare when I want to.” Neo replied, “I guess I see your point. It can get boring staying in one place for too long.” Latios laughed, “Yes, it can! However, the main reason why I want to leave Altomare is to stay near Ash and Latias.” Neo spoke up, “What?! You don’t think I can do a good enough job on my own?!” Latios replied, “I’m sure you can defend them both. I just want to be near my family. Ash will become my Brother-in-law someday. I’m sure of it.” Neo thought for a moment, and then said, “OK. I’ll ask my master if it’s OK for you to join us. However, if he says no, I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you don’t follow us, understand?” Latios nodded. After the beating he got from him before, Latios didn’t want to have to fight him again!

    The next day, Ash and the gang checked out of the hotel and went down to the dock to wait for the ferry. Neo still wasn’t comfortable about changing his appearance around the citizens of the city. Finally, Latios, Bianca and her Grandpa showed up to wish them well. Ash spoke, “Hey Latios! You’re good to go!” Latios jumped, “I can come?!” Ash nodded. Bianca was very tearful about her two closest friends leaving her, but she felt happy that they would be with the boy they cared for. She embraced both of the Eon Pokemon, “Promise me you’ll come back to visit sometime.” They promised. Her grandpa laughed, “You take care, lads! Make sure to invite us to the wedding when you decide on the date!” Ash and Latias blushed heavily at that remark. With all the goodbyes settled, the group set off for the opposite shoreline.

    When they got to a forested area, Neo stopped. “OK, where should we go next?” At first, Ash wanted to go back to the Hoenn region to continue his Gym Challenge, but then something else came to mind. “Let’s go to Pallet Town.” Brock spoke up, “Why do you want to go back home?” Ash replied, “Just for a day. I want Mom to meet my girlfriend and my Guardian. That’s not too much trouble, is it?” Neo replied, “Not at all! Now, please give me some distance.” Latios asked Ash while they walked away from Neo, “Why do we need to give him space?” Ash smirked, “You have to see it to believe it.”

    When they were a good distance away, Neo shouted to them, “Watch carefully you two!” With that said, he became covered in a bright light! Latios asked nervously, “Is he about to attack us?” Max replied, “Nah. He’s just using Transform.” Latios looked back and saw that the light was receding. When the light was gone, Latias and Latios stared at their brother, who was in the form of a Lugia! “You really ARE our brother! Lugia is a distant relative to us!” Max blurted out, “I KNEW that you kinda looked like one!” Everyone laughed. Once everyone was seated on his back, Neo took to the sky. Max directed him to Pallet Town. Little did they know, their movements were being monitored.

    Ash decided to have Neo land about a half mile away from Pallet Town. Once Neo had returned to his normal form, Ash broke into a run towards home, leaving everyone else who couldn’t fly eating his dust. Neo could sense something a good distance away and used Agility to catch up.

    “This should get his attention.” Suddenly, a rifle shot rang out! When Ash looked to his left, he saw Neo take the bullet to his face! He staggered back, but he forced the bullet out with psychic power. Latias shrieked, “BROTHER! Are you OK?!” Neo sealed the wound and replied, “Yeah. Ordinary firearms can’t take me out.” He then looked towards a forest area and shouted, “You have my attention now! Get out here!” To everyone’s surprise, Jessie, James and Meowth jumped from the forest. Before they could say the motto, Neo said, “Don’t even bother. Why are you here?” Jessie replied, “Hah! Do you really want to know?” Neo shouted, “I wasn’t asking you clowns! I was asking your ally hiding in the forest with a sniper rifle!”

    At the mention of someone still in the forest, a human figure stepped forth. Ash and Brock recognized her after a moment; she was second in command of the Team Rocket operation to recapture Mewtwo. Unlike James and Jessie, her uniform was more black than it was white. She had her sniper rifle in one hand. “Well, I have to say I’m impressed that you could sense me from way over there. Too bad it won’t do you much good. Hm hm hmmm.”

    Neo said, “You’re Black Tulip, second in command of Team Rocket. I don’t think you came here for Pikachu or Latias. Why are you here?” A sinister smile came over her face. “Isn’t it obvious? If I didn’t come here for Pikachu, or Latias, then just why would I, a top commanding officer of Team Rocket, bother with a bunch of kids?” Neo’s eyes went wide, “You’re after me, aren’t you?!” Black Tulip cast aside her rifle and pulled out her signature pole weapon, with an artificial black tulip at the end. “Bingo.”

    Neo’s eyes went Ruby red, “You’re a fool if you think you can best me in combat, much less capture me!” He made a dash at her, only to be skewered on the spear like weapon! “That’s it? Too easy.” Neo grinned slyly at her, “Don’t think I’m a pushover, weakling.” With a twist of his body, Neo shattered the spear. The battle had just begun and Black Tulip was already taking the beating of her life. After a quick pummeling, Neo sent her skyward. He was just going to let her fall to her death.

    As Black Tulip flew a good half mile into the sky, she thought, (Guess it’s time to pull out all the stops. If I don’t use it now, I probably won’t get another chance!) She reached into her pocket and pulled out a gas canister. She then pulled a mouth piece over her face and breath deeply from it. (I can feel it. That punk will regret messing with me!)

    Neo was walking back to the group when he sensed something above him. (That energy….. It can’t be!) Everyone saw Black Tulip fall to the ground, but just before she hit it, she was engulfed in a billowing purple aura! She stopped a couple of feet from the ground, just hovering and looking like she was unconscious. Neo ran at her to finish her off, but she sent him flying backwards with a sudden kick!

    Latias shouted, “What happened?! Is she not human?!” Suddenly, she remembered what Neo had told her at the dinner table back at Altomare that one night about Shadow energy. “Wait! She’s using Shadow energy! Somehow, she’s fused it into her body!” Latios replied, “We have to help him! Let’s go, sister!” After Neo got knocked around a few seconds, Latias and Latios flew up to Black Tulip and made a quick simultaneous Dragon Claw attack! However, Black Tulip blocked the attack with a shield made of Shadow energy and blasted them with it, knocking them both unconscious. Ash felt a terrible feeling in his gut as he saw his girlfriend collapse after that one counterattack.

    Neo staggered to his feet, “Do you have any idea what that stuff can do to you?! You’re lucky that it didn’t kill you on the spot!” Black Tulip laughed, “Well, I’m still standing, aren’t I? Now then, you’re coming with me, conscious or not!” Neo became enshrouded in a blue aura and his eyes and hair turned Sapphire blue. “Fine, but it’s your funeral, pathetic human!”

    At high speed, the two combatants began launching flurries of physical blows on each other, leaving little room for error. Max and May were cheering for Neo as he did seem to be unstoppable. However, about 1 minute into the fight, Neo landed an explosive Dynamicpunch on Black Tulip. After that, it went all downhill. Black Tulip began slaming him around at high speed while combining her attacks with large amounts of Shadow energy, making them extremely painful to Neo. After she knocked him into the ground, Black Tulip performed one last 3-hit combo, which caused Neo to lose consciousness. He landed right next to Latios and Latias, who were still out cold.

    Black Tulip walked over to the three siblings, her tulip spear imbued with Shadow energy, ready to slay the bioweapon. James, Jessie and Meowth were watching from the safety of the forest, giddy with excitement. As Ash watched what would surly be the death of his future Brother-in-laws and his girlfriend, he saw something in his mind. There were three orbs, side by side. The one on the left began to shine with an intense golden light! Ash then felt an unknown power awaken within his body. Meanwhile, Black Tulip was gloating over her victory, “Some all-powerful bioweapon. If I could beat you, I should be all Team Rocket needs.” She raised her spear, ready to slaughter Neo and his siblings! “Nice knowing you, XD-385!”

    As Black Tulip thrust her spear towards Neo, something slammed her in the side of the face! HARD. After she climbed to her feet, she saw Ash standing in front of his friends and lover. He was breathing deeply and his eyes were blood-shot with rage. May thought to herself, (What happened to Ash? When did he get so strong and fast?!) Ash then became enshrouded with a lighting like aura. He also seemed to ignite in a golden flame! Brock, May, Max, and Team Rocket were scared of Ash in this bizarre state. Max yelled, “What happened to him?! Why is he on fire?!” Brock answered, “He’s not on fire, he’s just covered in a golden flame. Still, your guess is as good as mine!” Pikachu knew what was happening to Ash, since he and all other Pokemon in the area could feel it. (He has discovered the potential in side him. The potential of the Chosen One!) In his native tongue, Pikachu yelled, “Take her down, Ash! Show her who she’s dealing with!”

    To avoid making readers mad with a cliffhanger, I'll include the next chapter right now.

    The battlefield had become eerily quiet except for the sound of energy swirling around Ash’s body. No one could understand what had happened to him except for Neo. However, he was still unconscious and was in no shape to fight, or speak. Latios and Latias were also in no shape to aid their loved one against Black Tulip, who had energized herself with Shadow energy.

    (This punk has been a thorn in my side long enough. Wait a second…..) She noticed that Ash was standing right in front of Neo, Latias, and Latios, who were lying on the ground behind him. (He just made it too easy! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! I’ll take all four of them out with one shot! And to make things even easier, his other companions over there will be caught in the blast as well, leaving no eyewitnesses!) Ash cast his hat to the sidelines as Black Tulip raised an arm at him. A sly smirk came across her lips. “You should have let me do my job, punk. Now, you’re all dead!”

    A massive blast of Shadow energy came from her palm and enveloped Ash and his three loved ones! May, Max, Pikachu, and Brock were frozen to the spot with a combination of terror and sorrow as they saw their friends annihilated in one horrifying blast. May could feel tears streaming down her face as she waited for the smoke to clear. She was certain that Ash and the others were dead by now.

    Black Tulip could see a massive reward waiting for her in her mind. However, when the smoke began to clear, she was confused to see that the three other children and that Pikachu were still standing. (Weird. That blast should have reached them too.) When the smoke cleared completely, everyone was stunned to see Ash and his three companions seemingly no more injured than before! May felt nothing but relief and joy that Ash was still OK. However, he was in a hunched position, with his arms in a cross-shaped guard, covering his face.

    A moment later, Ash suddenly lowered his arms down to his sides and let out a wail! A bright golden flash covered his body! When it receded, Black Tulip was shocked to see that his hair was a shining silver color! After he stared at her with a look most intimidating, Ash let out an unusually long yell. Suddenly, he slammed Black Tulip with eight extremely heavy blows, the last one sending her over the horizon! Wasting no time, he FLEW after her! After the four of them stood there with their mouths almost touching the ground in disbelief, Brock broke the silence. “Uh, Max? Isn’t Pallet Town in the direction they’re heading?!” Max fumbled the PokeNav out of his pocket and checked. “*gulp* Yeah, it is!” May added, “Let’s wait for him to come back. They still need our help!” She pointed to Neo, Latias, and Latios.

    After a few seconds of soaring through the air, Black Tulip regained control and set herself upright, only to find Ash in her face! After a short combo, Ash used nothing more than his voice to send her down into Professor Oak’s Pokemon enclosure! The moment all the Pokemon noticed Ash and Black Tulip, they began cheering for their future savior. Black Tulip bounced off the ground and fell victim to another barrage of beatings from Ash. However, she managed to get behind Ash and slammed him towards a large storage shed! Ash managed to land sideways on the wall and rammed Black Tulip when she closed in! They began heading to Professor Oak’s lab!

    In side the lab in the residential area, Tracey was handing out lunch to Ash’s Phanpy, who was still just an infant! He also tried to cheer up Bayleef, who was heartbroken since her trainer, who she had been madly in love with, left her behind when he left for the Hoenn region five months ago. She had always hoped that he loved her too. She even refused Bulbasaur’s help. Bayleef had decided that if Ash wouldn’t be her first, then she would stay a virgin for the rest of her life. As she began to nod off for a nap, something crashed through the wall! Tracey and Phanpy were nearly scared out of their skins when it happened. When the dust settled, they saw a woman dressed in black lying down in the rubble, while a mysterious youth walked through the gaping hole in the wall.

    “What the?! Is that you, Ash?!” Tracey was sure that this kid looked like Ash. However, he didn’t answer. Bayleef knew who it was, even though his eyes and hair looked different since she last saw him. Even Phanpy knew that this stranger was his Dad. Before Black Tulip could get up, Ash knocked her onto her feet and towards the hole in the wall. When he tried to attack her again, she just punched away. Then, Ash blasted her with sonic waves projected from his aura! The last one, which looked like a solar flare, sent Black Tulip flying out of the house! She then went airborne and knocked Ash around for a moment, allowing her Shadow energy to flow freely. However, Ash was in a league of his own. He grabbed her by the foot and began to swing her around and around! After a few sickening minutes, Black Tulip slipped out of her boot! The massive G-forces sent her soaring back towards the group half a mile from Pallet Town! By this time, Latias and Latios and woken up, but Neo was still sawing logs.

    When the gang saw Black Tulip falling towards them, everyone ran for cover, but Neo couldn’t notice. As it turned out, she fell right into him! He partially woke up and said, “SNNNRRRKKKK…… Come on, Ash. Isn’t it a holiday right now?” Black Tulip looked down at Neo, “Heh, you’re next after I handle that brat.” Ash came swooping in, but Black Tulip flew into the air. She wanted to end this fight without any distractions. She went on the defensive, taking blows while waiting for the right chance to take Ash out. Finally, after being knocked around like a punching bag, she got her chance. She was sent flying with a powerful jab and once she was out of sight, Black Tulip teleported behind Ash! To everyone’s horror, she laid a flurry of energy blasts all over Ash’s body. It was pretty, the blasts were a rainbow of colors, but it was very painful. When the rainbow flashes ended, Black Tulip finished with a powerful blast of Shadow energy to Ash’s face! An explosion occurred, followed by Ash falling to the ground on his face.

    Ash climbed to his feet when Black Tulip warped above him. Before they could do anything, Neo slammed her away! His eyes were that scary red color again. Latias and Latios flew over to them. Latias embraced Ash tearfully, “I was afraid I would wake up to find you dead!” Latios spoke, “Be strong, sister. She’s not done yet.” Neo glanced at all of them and nodded. “Let’s take it to her.” All four of them flew towards Black Tulip!

    Latias and Latios went first. They performed another simultaneous Dragon Claw attack. Black Tulip stopped them with a shield of Shadow energy, just like before. “You’ll have to do better than that!” She sent the shield at them again! A bright flash followed the usual boom and when she could see again, Black Tulip was shocked to see the two Pokemon on the ground below her in defensive stances! In front of her was Neo, staring into her eyes with intense bloodlust. Wasting no time, Neo started what would be the defeat of the heartless Rocket. He slammed her away with an elbow jab and teleported ahead of her. He then clothes lined her back to the group, where Ash started playing Ping-Pong with Neo using Black Tulip as the ball! A few seconds later, Neo sent her flying straight up. Ash caught up to her and slammed her back down to his companions. Before Black Tulip hit the ground, she was sandwiched between a Mist Ball and Luster Purge from Latias and Latios! She tried to get a hold of herself as she levitated a few feet of the ground, but Neo sent her flying up towards Ash with a reverse ax kick!

    When Black Tulip became parallel with Ash, Neo Teleported up to them and began double-teaming on her with Ash. Then, Latios and Latias performed a double Skull Bash on her from below! Ash and Neo then slammed her back down to the ground where the two Eon Pokemon were waiting. Using Dragon Claw and Slam, the two siblings caused Black Tulip great pain before sending her back up to their brother and friend for another righteous beating. The two Superpowers then began the Pinball routine all over again and sent her down towards Latias. She then thrust her claws right up into Black Tulip’s abdomen, holding her up for her sweetheart to attack! Ash slammed into Black Tulip from the side, and then sent her back to the group. It was time for the big finish.

    All at once, the four fighters attacked Black Tulip at light speed, heavily distorting the light around them. When they sent her upwards one last time, Neo Teleported up above and knocked her towards Ash, who sent her towards, Latios, who then sent her towards Latias, who slammed Black Tulip in the middle of them all. Ash and Neo slammed into her simultaneously and backed away when Latios and Latias attacked her again with their signature moves. After that, Black Tulip was barely conscious and began to fall to the ground. However, Ash kicked her back up in the air for one last punishing attack! When she was at the top of her climb, Black Tulip was right in front of Neo, who was charging up energy in both hands for a Hyper Beam! “I’ll be surprised if you can survive this! Let’s see if your luck is as great as your allies’! SAY GOOD NIGHT!” He then blasted her, point blank, with a Hyper Beam that was just as deadly as the one he had used against Team Rocket two weeks earlier! Black Tulip was bulldozed into the forest by the Hyper Beam; the only thing keeping her alive was the Shadow energy in her body. After the blast dissipated, what appeared to be Black Tulip’s corpse fell into the forest. (Looks like she got lucky. It would seem that Shadow energy is something to be feared.)

    Neo dropped back to the ground and shot a menacing look at Team Rocket, who were still hiding at the edge of the forest. Before he could say anything, they were gone. When they found Black Tulip, she was unconscious the remaining Shadow energy seeping out of her body, like steam. As they carried her to the balloon, James spoke, “When that plan went up in smoke. You think there is any way to capture XD-385?” Meowth added, “I think dat twerp we’ve always been trying to steal Pikachu from is the really big problem now. I’m not going after him again if we have to go through that twerp!” Just then, Black Tulip regained consciousness and felt the soreness take her body. “Grrrr, I can’t believe that I lost to a bunch of freaks. Hey, who’s carrying me anyway?” Jessie replied, “Oh, it’s just us! You were really lucky that XD-385 didn’t kill you.” James added, “Yeah, but that Shadow energy is really something we can rely on! Do you think it can be used for anything?” Something came across Black Tulip’s mind, “I think I know how to capture him. You’re right, that Shadow energy is the key! As soon as I can walk again, tell the Boss I need to see him. Next time, that bioweapon will be as good as ours! And I’ll be sure to kill that punk first!”

    It took some coaxing to get everyone except Pikachu to approach Ash after the fight. Ash’s eyes had returned to their normal appearance and his aura and golden flame had disappeared, but his hair was still silver. Neo reassured them that it would return to its original raven color in a few minutes. “Man, what a rush! I really showed her whose number one, huh?!” Max yelled, “Yeah, but just what happened to you back there?! You were on fire, you were super strong and super fast, and you could fly! How did you do that?!” Neo butted in, “I’ll explain that. What you just saw was the first stage of Ash’s true potential. It is truly unique for humans. However, he is the only one who is capable of achieving that divine state, a state that is truly worthy of the Chosen One. At his strongest, Ash’s strength, speed, and all other abilities will surpass my own. When the day comes for you to complete your destiny, DO NOT hesitate to use your full power, master. You will need it in order to survive!” Latios asked, “Do you mean that he will gain all of your abilities and more?!” Neo looked at him funny, “I didn’t say that. I just said that he will surpass me in all forms. I didn’t say he would gain my abilities.” “Oh.”

    As they continued walking to Pallet Town, Latias held on to Ash a little tighter than normal. “Hey, you’re not scared of me, are you?” His hair had returned to its original color by now. Latias replied, “No, I just feel safe by you. After what you did today, how could I not feel secure next to you?” However, May had made up her mind after seeing Ash nearly die at the hands of Black Tulip. It would be difficult to get Latias permission, but she was not going to accept losing Ash before he became her first. She would have to keep it a secret from her parents as well as Ash’s Mom, but this might be the last night that she would have the chance. Ash was also going to have to explain how he put a massive hole in the side of Professor Oak’s house. (*Gulp* I’m not looking forward to that!) What was more, how was he going to explain to his Mom that his fiancé wasn’t even human? He prayed that her loving personality would let her accept Latias for who she was.

    Meanwhile, at a secret location, Black Tulip was speaking with Giovanni through an intercom; she couldn’t wait till she could walk to a phone. “That is why. If I’m going to capture that freak, I need new weapons that use Shadow energy. A mechanical armor suit powered by Shadow energy would be ideal.” Giovanni replied, “I’ll see if it can be done. That energy is very unstable, so I can make no guarantees.” He broke the link after that. He then began brainstorming. “Hmmmm. If that energy can power machines, what could it do to living creatures? Maybe…….” He contacted one of his lead researchers. He then explained a plan to him, in case they were faced with an absolute last resort if nothing else succeeded in this objective. An omnipotent being empowered by immense concentrations of Shadow energy, with Giovanni being the test subject.

    The next chapter contains another lovemaking scene, so PM me if you want to read it. For those who are curious............
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Default Bioweapon VS. Superclone

    Ash and the gain return to the Hoenn region to continue the journey. However, when they arrive at the next city, Neo finds someone he has secretly harbored hatred for since he first met Ash. After a brief scuffle, Neo's truly vicious side bursts forth, putting everything around him in danger. Can anyone calm him down before it's too late?!

    Ash woke up to a loud crashing sound near his bed. Bayleef also heard it and approached the closet, since the sound seemed to come from it. At Ash’s signal, Bayleef opened the door and found Neo, who seemed to be heavily dazed. Ash asked, “Uh, are you OK? And what happened in there?” Neo shook his head to clear his vision and said, “I fell asleep and woke up when I sensed the sun rising. Next thing I know, I bump into something and your bowling ball falls off a shelf and onto my head. Now please get dressed. Breakfast should be ready soon.” As Neo left the room, Ash noticed that he was still nude. Before he got dressed, he and Bayleef gave each other one last kiss, knowing that their first time together was also their last.

    At the breakfast table, Delia brought up something Ash wasn’t expecting, “So Ash, where are you going to have the wedding?” Ash nearly spewed the milk he was drinking, “WHAT?! Mom, I’m only twelve years old!” Delia chuckled, “Yes, but you have a very sweet girlfriend.” Ash thought to himself, (Wait….. I never told her that! How did she find out!?) Latias spoke, “I told her, Ash.” He looked at her with milk dripping from his face. “She gave us her blessings, Ash! I explained how we came to love each other and she understands!” Ash looked at Delia, “Mom, is it true?” Delia smiled, “Of course it’s true. She has everything that I would love in a daughter-in-law and I couldn’t help loving how she swooned over the photos of you in our photo album!” Everyone busted out laughing at this remark. Ash couldn’t have been happier now that his Mom accepted Latias for what she is. Delia added, “Also, Latios makes a very handsome son-in-law.” Latios blushed at that compliment.

    After breakfast, Ash said goodbye to his Pokemon and allowed Bayleef to come with them, as promised. Bayleef even became a good friend of Latias, so there were no hard feelings from the night before. Still, Bayleef never thought that Neo would Transform into a Lugia. When she refused to get on board, Ash said that she would have to stay in her Poke ball for the flight. Bayleef refused and climbed aboard. “Yo, Max! What’s our next destination?!” Max pulled out the PokeNav, “How about Drizzle City?” Neo yelled back, “What kind of name is that?!” Brock answered, “I hear it’s a city that tends to have a lot of rainfall, hence the name.” “Oh, OK! Now hold on!” With a mighty flap of his wings, Neo took to the sky for the Hoenn region. Bayleef marveled at how fast they were flying and yet they were not being blown off.

    In a few hours, they passed Forttree City. “Hey Bayleef, Latias, Latios! We’ll be flying over the crash site of my prison soon! Look down and see!” When they flew over it, the three of them saw it. Bayleef yelled, “It looks like it’s become a tourist attraction!” When Neo looked down to check, he got a shocking surprise. There were humans inspecting it, but not just any humans. They were members of Team Magma! “Oh no….. Now they know I’m back…..” About half a mile from Drizzle City, Neo set everyone down and changed to his normal form.

    May shouted, “OK, let’s get going!” Neo stopped them, “Guys, we need to talk.” Everyone looked at him with concern. “Those tourists at the crash site we passed over? They were members of Team Magma.” Ash spoke, “Weren’t they the guys who created you?!” Neo grimly nodded, “Yes, and now that they know I have returned, it is likely that they will try to recapture or destroy me. Things may get dangerous from here on in, so please watch yourselves.” The group then continued to Drizzle City.

    As they got closer, the gang noticed that in was raining. Latios joked, “I guess they call it Drizzle City for a reason. Now what could it be? Oh, it’s all around us!” Everyone laughed. When they came to the city gates, they found a news stand with a special feature about a star attraction in Drizzle City. Brock read it out loud, “There are rumors that a mysterious Pokemon lives in the city, but it only moves at night. Hmmm, what could it be? Huh? Neo, are you OK?” Neo seemed very tense for some reason. He was trembling violently. Ash got his attention, “Hey, if something’s wrong we’ll go through the city as soon as possible.” Neo answered, “Sorry. I thought I sensed something. That’s all.”

    Latias pulled Ash away from the group after they decided to meet up at the Pokemon Center. “Let me guess, a Date?” Latias grinned, “You guessed right.” Of course, Neo followed. After an hour of walking around in the rain, the trio rested in a park. Ash and Latias just leaned against each other to keep themselves warm, while Neo watched from the sides. Suddenly, he felt a familiar presence on a rooftop somewhere on the other side of the city. He tried to ignore it, but his intense hatred of the source made it difficult. Ash noticed that something was wrong with Neo. “Neo? Are you feeling OK?” Finally, Neo could take it no longer. He turned around and pointed to a rooftop in the distance. “YOU!” He then Teleported away, leaving Ash and Latias wondering who he saw.

    Several months had passed since Mewtwo arrived in the Hoenn region to live a life of solitude. His mind would often trail back to the time in the Johto region when Ash Ketchum, the only human he trusted, saved his life, even though Mewtwo had killed him several months before that. He had tried to remove that memory, but didn’t mean he had succeeded. At times he felt he wanted to see the child who spared his life. He even wondered if he would ever see him again at all. As he shielded himself from the rain with his cloak, Mewtwo sensed someone standing about twenty feet behind him! He was surprised to see that the sneak was a human with Ruby red hair and Sapphire blue eyes. Mewtwo’s sense of smell was not much better than a humans’ so he couldn’t notice the boy’s odd scent. However, he could feel a bizarre power within him.

    “I don’t know how you found me, but I suggest you don’t mention me to anyone down there.” The human took a step forward. Mewtwo yelled, “Are you challenging me?!” Finally, the human spoke, “You bet I am. I’ve been waiting for this chance to take you down after what you did.” Mewtwo looked skeptical, “Take me down? Just try it.” The human replied, “That’s what I can’t stand about you. You have always believed that you are the strongest, that no one can beat you. Well, I think it’s about time for you to realize that your claim to the title has expired! You will pay for what you did to my master!” Mewtwo laughed, “HA! So you came here to fight me?!” The human was silent for a moment, and then said in a tone most serious, “No. I came here to kill you.”

    Mewtwo was slightly intimidated by the threat that the human boy had given him. This human was going to kill him? In an instant, the boy’s hair turned Sapphire blue! He was also surrounded by a blue aura. His eyes had become icy cold. “You’re dead.” He raised a hand to Mewtwo and fired a Fire Blast from it! Mewtwo jumped off the building and levitated to evade the blast, which was extinguished by the rain after a moment. (That was a Fire Blast! What is this freak?!) Suddenly, the human was right behind Mewtwo and backhand punched down to the park where Ash and Latias were relaxing.

    “Ash, what do you think Neo was so upset about? I’ve never seen him so angry before.” Before Ash could reply, something crashed into the ground in front of them! Covered in mud, Mewtwo climbed to his feet. He did not know that Ash was behind him. Ash then saw Neo drop out of the sky in front of Mewtwo. Mewtwo then yelled at Neo, “That’s it. You want a fight? Then let’s begin!” He then cast aside his cloak. Neo made a dash at Mewtwo and Mewtwo did the same. When they reached each other, they locked hands, trying to get the upper hand. They allowed their power to overflow, causing their purple and blue auras to clash against each other! Bits of the ground were being blown away by the sheer release of energy! Neo then noticed Ash behind Mewtwo. (I can’t risk Ash getting hurt. I’d best take this fight elsewhere.)

    Neo let go of his opponent’s hands and went airborne. Mewtwo followed and began to attack physically. The two fighters were a real sight to behold. They were moving so fast that they almost seemed to be blurs. Finally, Mewtwo thought up an effective, but dishonorable tactic. He broke away from Neo and flew straight up at high speed. Neo followed. At about one mile up, Mewtwo began gathering energy for a Shadow Ball. Neo was flying right at him when he noticed something. The amount of energy Mewtwo was gathering was too much. If that shot missed Neo, it would annihilate the city! Mewtwo shouted, “It’s over!” and then launched the Shadow Ball straight down at Neo! Neo thought, (It would seem that old habits really do die hard.) He took the blast head on to prevent it for hitting the ground. A massive explosion occurred in the sky above Drizzle City. Ash watched in horror as Neo was blown clear of the city limits and into a rocky area. “Latias, we have to go after him!” Ash climbed onto Latias and they flew to the area where Neo was supposed to be.

    Mewtwo reached Neo first. He was dazed from the Shadow Ball attack and had reverted to his normal state. When Mewtwo landed near him, all Neo could think about was how much he wanted to destroy him. “I hate you…..I HATE YOU!!!!” As his hatred reached its peak, Neo felt something dark in his body, something he feared. “No…… Not now!” He clutched his head and bent over backwards. He could feel it, the psychotic bloodlust that was always in the back of his mind! He let out a scream and hunched over. Mewtwo was curious when he saw that Neo’s canine teeth had slightly extended and his eyes had turned completely white. With a roar, a massive surge of energy rushed out of his body, causing a geyser of air to explode out of the ground below him! After a moment, a second bigger blast pulverized the ground under Neo! Pillars of earth began jutting up all around them and collapsing! A bright flash of blue and red light emanated from his body, followed by the roar of a beast!

    Ash and Latias had no problem locating Neo due to the crazy activity that was happening out side of Drizzle City. The shifting landscape stood out like a sore thumb. When they landed, the beacon of two colors began to fade, revealing XD-385’s most dangerous and psychotic form yet. A swirling red and blue aura swirled around him; his hair had become Ruby red on one side and Sapphire blue on the other. His eyes were just like his hair, they were different colors on each side. Mewtwo could feel this otherworldly power. It was monstrous, almost pure evil! It was the only thing that had ever frightened him. Finally, XD-385 spoke, “Brother, I’ll start the carnage with you! Fwah hah ha ha ha ha ha haa!”

    The crazed Destroyer made a dash at Mewtwo and slammed him with a hard uppercut! Mewtwo was knocked back into his senses and decided to show this freak who he was dealing with. He fired a flurry of stars using Swift, knowing that they wouldn’t miss. Neo just plowed right through them! Was he invincible?! Out of desperation, Mewtwo began launching a barrage of Shadow Balls at Neo, who was flying towards him. Each Shadow Ball created a cloud of smoke on impact, so he couldn’t tell if he was doing any damage or not. He soon had his answer as Neo emerged out of the smoke in front of Mewtwo’s face! Neo grabbed him by the face and threw him straight into the ground! Mewtwo tried to use Psychic on Neo, but it didn’t even affect him! He had changed his body’s composition to a Dark type Pokemon!

    To Mewtwo’s surprise, Neo flew straight into the ground and implanted his fist into it! Just then the ground began to heat up. Suddenly, Mewtwo was engulfed by magma in a massive Eruption attack! He managed to avoid the worst injuries by creating a barrier around himself. Then, Neo used Mega Punch and broke right through the barrier! He then began using Extremespeed to ram Mewtwo from all directions at supersonic speed! After that, he used Seismic Toss to bring Mewtwo down hard! Mewtwo Teleported behind Neo and tried to nail him with an Iron Tail, but Neo had no intention of letting Mewtwo fight back. In the blink of an eye, Neo was several feet behind Mewtwo, as if time stood still. Mewtwo let out a scream of agony as he clutched his left arm. Neo had broken it in an instant! Mewtwo turned to face Neo, just as Latias and Ash arrived on the scene.

    Neo began to approach Mewtwo slowly while chuckling manically. Mewtwo was frozen with terror. For another painfully agonizing 20 seconds, Neo pounded Mewtwo with nothing more than his fists. He finally smacked Mewtwo away with the back of his hand, causing him to land on his face. Neo then walked over to the superclone, who was in too much pain to move. He looked up at the monster who was about to kill him. The rain was spreading his blood all around him.

    Neo spoke, “This is what happens to murderers. Such a shame that the only human who saved your own life was mercilessly slaughtered by your own hands. You have no right to live, Brother.” As he raised his foot over Mewtwo’s head to crush it, something caught his eye. Tears were falling from Mewtwo’s eyes. (He’s crying? Impossible. He must be trying to deceive me.) “Nice try, but that old trick won’t fool m-what?!” Someone grabbed Neo from behind! He recognized the sneak as his Master! Ash was crying out, “Don’t kill him! Please Neo! Don’t hurt him anymore!” Neo stood there wondering if it was the right thing to spare someone who murdered the Chosen One. His intense bloodlust disappeared and Neo’s hair became all red again. Both of his eyes returned to their usual blue color as well.

    “Master, I must ask. Why do you want me to spare someone who murdered you in the past?” Ash replied in tears, “He’s my friend and I don’t care whether he killed me or not. I don’t even remember if he killed me, but he’s not evil. Please don’t kill him. Please….” Neo sighed and lowered his foot to the ground. Ash was truly a very forgiving person, maybe too forgiving. “Fine. Well, let’s get you some help. And I’m not taking “NO” for an answer.” Neo gently placed his brother on Latias’s back. “Get him to the Pokemon Center. Brock knows Mewtwo and so does Bayleef. Also, make sure he doesn’t fall off on the way over.” Latias replied, “No one has ever fallen off me before and it won’t happen this time, either.”

    As Latias flew off with Mewtwo, Ash and Neo headed back to Drizzle City on foot. Ash wanted Neo to tell him why he wanted to kill Mewtwo so much. “I suppose, for revenge. Not for myself, but for you. There was a terrible storm over a year ago and you came to a place called New Island. Mewtwo had caused the storm and had tricked Trainers like you into coming there. The only reason for that was to create so-called “Superclones” of your Pokemon, since they seemed to be of high caliber. An all-out battle ensued between the original Pokemon and their clones. They attacked each other without any regard of their own survival. Mewtwo was going head-to-head with his original, Mew. When it seemed that there was no end in sight, you charged into the middle of the arena, right into the path of the two fighters Psychic blasts. When they struck you simultaneously, I was cut off from your memory, meaning that your life had ended. Mewtwo murdered you with his own hands. That is why I tried to kill him. He tried to erase the memory of everyone who was there, but could not erase it from your subconscious memory. That is how I found out about that dark day.” Ash remained silent for the rest of the walk.

    When Ash and Neo arrived at the Pokemon Center, Ash ignored everyone and marched into the room where Mewtwo was recovering. He tried to hide his face from his savior, knowing he was not worthy to live. Ash took a seat next to him. Mewtwo nervously looked at him. “Mewtwo, is it true that you killed me over a year ago?” He began to cry again, “It is true. I was blind with hatred. Even after you were revived, I felt no guilt. However, after you saved me in the Johto region, I truly trusted you from that day forth. However, your death weighed on my mind. You saved me, twice, while I had killed you once before. I only discovered just before you saved me a second time that you are the Chosen One. Learning that caused no end to my shame. I murdered the most important person alive and you saved me twice. I’m not worthy of your forgiveness!” Mewtwo turned away from Ash and began to weep bitterly.

    Ash placed a hand on Mewtwo’s shoulder and said, “I think you deserve a second chance. I still see you as a friend. What do you say? Would you like to stay with me?” Mewtwo faced Ash again and quickly embraced him. “You gave my life meaning. I’ll stay by your side forever, my friend. Thank you for being so accepting. I’ll always love you as a friend. I promise.” Ash replied, “Sounds good to me. Say, is there room for two in this bed?” Mewtwo checked the clock. It was very late now. “Yes. Just a moment, please.” Mewtwo carefully moved himself over a little so Ash could climb in with him. Ash pulled the covers over both of them and embraced his new friend. “Good night, Mewtwo.” Mewtwo replied, “Good night, Chosen One.” Ash fell asleep in the powerful embrace of the superclone, Mewtwo. He could feel it. Mewtwo was certain that this friendship would last an eternity. He only hoped his wounds would heal soon enough for him to leave Drizzle City with Ash and his group.
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Great story you got here man, the plot might be a bit cliché, but I am willing to look over it.

    Some tips. At a few parts you are going too fast. In the first chapter where he gets captured and banished into space. You ll have to deepen that out a bit.

    And the most important one, your dialogue should be written different. I do not mean the content, but how you do it. The main part is just that you have to start on a new line every time a SECOND person speaks. Do not have two people speak in the same line.

    Other than that its awesome!

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    Thanks. I'll be sure to improve on that in the 20th chapter.

    After Ash and the gang leave Drizzle city, they have a run in with Team Rocket, who fail once again. However, the real threat to Neo will more than he can handle.......

    The morning after XD-385 nearly killed Mewtwo, May walked into the room where Mewtwo was supposed to be in the Pokemon Center. What she saw made her giggle. Ash was sleeping in the same bed as Mewtwo, while Mewtwo had him in a loving embrace. He also had a gentle grin on his face, probably the first one he ever had.

    As May approached them, Mewtwo awoke to the feeling of someone he did not know. “Stop. Do not come any closer. Who are you?” May did as he said and answered, “I’m May. I’m a friend of Ash.” Mewtwo sighed, “Sorry. I do not trust humans that I don’t know. However, since you’re a friend of his, I suppose I can trust you.” May walked over to him and said, “That’s OK. By the way, you two seem to make a cute couple.” Mewtwo blushed at the position he was in, “We are not a couple! I just love him very much. But not in the way you are thinking of!” May’s laughter woke Ash up. “Morning, Mewtwo.” He then gave him a gentle hug, being careful not to harm him since his wounds had not completely healed yet. May grinned, “Are you sure you’re not a couple?” Ash and Mewtwo yelled at her to leave.

    A few minutes later, Ash met his companions in the lobby. Latias greeted him with a kiss, as did Bayleef. Brock asked, “How’s Mewtwo?” Ash answered, “The nurse says he won’t be able to walk for a week at least. But I’m not leaving without him. I hope you guys understand that.” Neo walked past him saying, “I’ll fix that.” After he went through the door, Latias asked, “Do you think he’s going to try to kill him again?” Ash shook his head, “Nah. He wouldn’t hurt him unless I said he could.”

    When Neo entered the room where Mewtwo was, Mewtwo became frozen with fear all over again. He was in no shape to defend himself. “Chill, bro. I didn’t come here to hurt you. I came here to heal you. Big difference.” Mewtwo calmed down only slightly, but became frightened when his brother grabbed his arm. “Do not move.” A gentle glow engulfed them both. Mewtwo could feel his bones heal and rejoin. His bruises disappeared. He also didn’t feel sore anymore. “That was Recover. Now come. Ash is waiting for you.”

    Ash was surprised to see his two friends walk out through the door to the recovery room side by side. “Hey, Mewtwo! So you’re not scared of Neo anymore?” Mewtwo rolled his eyes, “Well, maybe just a little.” Everyone laughed. Max checked the PokeNav. "It looks like our next stop is Lilycove City. There’s also a Contest Hall, May!” May shrieked, “YES! My next contest! Let’s go! C’mon!” Before they knew it, everyone was running to keep up and not slip on the wet streets of Drizzle City. Once they were a mile away, the weather cleared up. Mewtwo stayed close to Ash. Just being near him made him feel happy, an emotion he was not familiar with.

    “Jessie, how long do we have to wait like this? My legs are tired and this heavy energy container on my back isn’t helping!” Jessie replied, “Well, I don’t like it much either, but whatever the Boss says goes. Now deal with it.” Meowth added, “Easy for you to say! You really think I can move with this on me!?” Jessie shouted, “I know that it’s heavy, but it is still just a prototype. The final product should be a lot lighter and smaller! Hmmm?” Jessie’s radar was picking up a group of creatures approaching. “Looks like our target has just walked into our trap! Ready, boys?” James groaned, “Let’s just get this over with before my back is thrown out!”

    As they walked down the path to Lilycove City, Neo stopped everyone. “I can sense them. Looks like we are really popular with those three. And it looks like they’ve brought some friends.” Team Rocket had no hope of moving quickly with the heavy packs, so they made a sneak attack. Out of the ground ahead of the group, a beam of strange energy was fired at the gang! Neo took the shot head on, but collapsed in extreme pain! “GRRRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! It’s….. Shadow energy!!!!” Team Rocket climbed out of their hiding place, giving their signature group laugh. “Hah, it looks like we actually won this time, Jessie!” Neo climbed to his feet while clutching his chest, “You have guts showing up now. But you still can’t win like this!” Jessie laughed, “I know. That’s why we brought some backup! Come on out, boys!” 100 Rocket members rose out of the ground with camouflage covers on their backs! “You can’t survive against all of us. Your only smart choice would to surrender and come with us. What is your decision?” Neo smirked, “How about, None of the Above! I have a little trick that I’ve wanted to try for awhile now. It’s called, “Divide and Conquer!”

    Suddenly, copies of Neo began to appear out of thin air and surrounded the group of Rockets! Max yelled, “Whoa! Is that Substitute?! How did he create so many?! I thought there can only be one at a time!” Mewtwo answered, “It must be because of the 385 species of Pokemon within him. He can create one Substitute for each specie.” The Rockets were terrified of this sheer opposition. All the Substitutes spoke at once, “Have a nice flight!” They then created a massive Whirlwind that blew all of the Rockets away! Once they were out of sight, all of the Substitutes vanished in puffs of smoke, leaving Neo. To his surprise, all his companions applauded his performance, causing him to blush slightly. Without further incident, they moved on to Lilycove City.

    Meanwhile, Team Magma leader Maxie had called for an emergency meeting with Team Aqua leader Archie. Archie spoke first, “You better have a good reason for calling me since we are on opposing sides.” Maxie answered, “Indeed I do. It involves XD-385.” Archie’s face went pale, “Don’t tell me he’s back on Earth?!” Maxie nodded grimly. “We have discovered the wreckage of his containment pod outside Forttree City. It is believed to have crashed there about 2-3 weeks ago. Also, we have received disturbing reports that a criminal organization based in the Kanto region has made more than one attempt to capture XD-385.” Archie yelled, “He’s been on the loose for that long?! We have to take desperate measures! We can not allow his powers to fall into the hands of evildoers!” Maxie nodded, “I know. I also believe that the only ones who can stop him are the two Pokemon that we have been searching for. Kyogre and Groundon are the only ones that can destroy him. I have also received reports on a surefire way to awaken them. Apparently, they are sleeping below the ocean just outside Lilycove City. The moment they sense XD-385, they will focus all their strength on him.” Archie replied, “What makes you so sure he will find them?” Maxie grinned, “We have reports that a teenage boy with Ruby red hair and Sapphire blue eyes and wearing green clothes is approaching Lilycove City. I’m certain that it’s XD-385.” Archie ended the meeting with a handshake, “I see. Let us join hands once more to destroy this threat to the world.”

    The next day, Ash and the gang arrived in Lilycove City. It was late, so they checked into a hotel. The next morning, May barely succeeded in wining her next contest ribbon against a trainer who used a Bellossom, giving Beautifly a major type advantage. It was still a close fight. Ash and Latias just spent their time with each other since Lilycove City was a favorite vacation spot for loving couples. They truly qualified as one. Mewtwo stayed with them to try to not stand out very much. Neo and Latios kept an eye on them to keep them safe.

    “Archie, are you in position?” “Yes, but what about XD-385?” Maxie replied, “He’s near the shoreline. It’s the least populated area right now.” “Good. Then let’s begin.” A moment later, two bright beams of light rose up from the ocean outside of Lilycove City! Ash noticed and asked Neo, “Was that you?!” Neo answered, “No! Those are not mine, even though they are the same color as my hair and eyes!” Just then, the water began to ripple heavily. After a moment, the two super ancient Pokemon, Kyogre and Groundon, rose out of the sea with a mighty roar from both of them! Neo couldn’t believe it. Team Aqua and Team Magma had awakened these two extremely dangerous Pokemon to destroy him! “Master! Get away from here! I have to stop them!” The two Pokemon sensed his massive energy and shifted their gaze from each other to him.

    Neo’s hair turned blue again and he flew at his brothers. Groundon made the first move and tried to slash him with his massive claws! His large size made him a little slow though, so Neo had no trouble evading it. However, Kyogre landed a potent Sheer Cold attack on him! The intense drop in temperature would have rendered any other Pokemon unconscious, but Neo changed his Ability at the last second to Sturdy, causing the deadly ice blast to become useless. Neo then started to attack Kyogre with nothing but brute force in an attempt to knock him out. However, Groudon fired a Solarbeam at point blank into Neo from behind! He wasn’t hurt that much, but was knocked back into the sandy beach. Just as he was getting up, a massive hole opened in the stormy sky!

    “He’s here, Rayquaza! Maybe he can calm them down!” As the mighty Sky Pokemon flew down to the Pokemon of the land and sea, he sensed the dangerous power within Neo. Rather than calm the two enraged Pokemon, Rayquaza ordered them to attack Neo all at once! “Well, THAT was wishful thinking!” By this time, all of his friends, as well as a large number of inhabitants of Lilycove City, had gathered on the cliff side and beach to watch this battle of the Superpowers. To Neo’s horror, the three Pokemon began charging different types of energy in their mouths while in a triangle formation! Groundon was gathering heat energy, Kyogre cold energy, and Rayquaza lightning energy. Neo new this was more than a simple Tri Attack. The elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning, when combined together in high enough concentrations, could be unleashed in a single blast known only in legend as the Big Bang Attack! Knowing that the blast would wipe out the city, Neo flew in front of a rocky area in the bay and began to charge up energy in both hands for a Hyper Beam attack. (This is it. If I can’t stop this attack, it might be the last thing I ever do!)

    Back on the cliff side, Mewtwo had set up a powerful barrier to defend his companions from any shrapnel. The energy coming from Neo was great, but the combined energy coming from the three super ancient Pokemon was enormous! Even if Neo entered that extremely psychotic form that he used against Mewtwo, he still wouldn’t survive this attack if he took it head on!

    The moment came. The three super ancient Pokemon gathered enough energy of the three elements to use the dreaded Big Bang Attack. Neo had also gathered as much energy as he could for his Hyper Beam attack. All at once, the four combatants fired! The Big Bang Attack was a rainbow of blue, yellow, and red. Neo’s Hyper Beam was its typical orange color. When the two blasts collided, the shockwave was immense! It toppled street signs and other small formations. The four warriors struggled to push their opponent’s attack back at them with their own. Neo was having a hard time. He had never been up against something like this! Even though he had the strength and potential of all three of his super ancient siblings, it made little difference now. Ash, Mewtwo, Latias, Latios, Bayleef, Pikachu, May, Max, and Brock looked on in horror as Neo struggled to push the massive blast away from him. Just when things looked like a stalemate, the three Pokemon unleashed even more power into the already deadly Big Bang Attack! Neo’s Hyper Beam was being overwhelmed by this apocalyptic attack! Bit by bit, his Hyper Beam got shorter and shorter as the Big Bang Attack got closer and closer.

    “I….. CAN’T……. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!” Neo let out a scream of sheer horror as the Big Bang Attack engulfed his Hyper Beam and then his body! The blast plowed into him, then into the rocks that jutted out of the sea behind him! The resulting explosion created hurricane winds that buffeted the people of Lilycove City! It only lasted a moment, but when the flash of light from the explosion receded, Ash felt a terrible sense of loss as he gazed at what was left after the blast. The rocks were gone and a large crater was being filled with sea water. There was no sign of Neo at all. Ash felt awful, but Latias, Latios, and Mewtwo felt even worse. They had lost one of the very few family members they had. Maxie and Archie breathed a huge sigh of relief. The Ultimate Bioweapon had finally been eradicated.

    Ash sobbed, “I can’t believe he’s gone. He gave everything for us. Why would anyone want to kill him?!” Just then, Latios sensed something faint. Could it be? “Don’t grieve just yet. I do not believe that he is done yet.” Ash looked out to the crater and saw something rising out of it! Was it Neo?! Mewtwo yelled, “He lives! Our brother lives!”

    Neo levitated over to the only stone pillar that was left standing and landed on top of it. He was a mess. Heavy burns and bruises covered his body and his uniform was in tatters. He gazed at the three Pokemon out on the ocean staring back at him. He then spoke softly, “I never wanted to go all out, but if I’m to live to defend my master, I must let go of the fear and achieve my true form!”

    Everyone felt a very foreboding presence. Archie and Maxie were filled with horror over what they felt. It could only mean one thing. Neo began to search his soul for the power he needed. From the limits of Lilycove City, everyone saw a strange GREEN glow surrounding Neo’s body! Pieces of the rock pillar began to break off and float up past Neo. The sky turned black and lightning began to strike all around him. Neo tilted his head up slightly and let out a yell. A second into the yell, intense green light began shining out of his eyes, his mouth, even his entire body! Suddenly, a bright flash of Emerald green light exploded out from him, followed by an even bigger explosion! A translucent Ruby red aura came from him, followed by a Sapphire blue one, and finally, a solid glowing orb of Emerald green light expanded from Neo’s body! Then, it closed into him. When Ash could see his Guardian again, he was shocked to see that there was no blue or red on him! Instead, a fierce green aura circled his body constantly and his eyes and hair had become Emerald green! This was his true form, attained after unleashing 100% of his full potential!

    Mewtwo was stunned, “What power….. I estimate that he is at least 5X stronger than he was when he fought me! I concede. He is more powerful than me.” Latias added, “I feel it too. None of us can match that.” Latios thought to himself, (So this is the power that those lunatics were going to use to control this world. It would have worked, too. No one in their right mind would want to fight against something like him!)

    Not the least bit intimidated, Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groundon began gathering power for another Big Bang Attack! This time, however, Neo just stood there. As soon as they were ready, they unleashed the unstoppable attack once again! Brock yelled, “NEO! Get out of the way! You know you can’t stop it!” Just before it struck him, Neo sent the blast straight up into the sky with an upward swing of his right arm! His friends stared in awe. Max remarked, “Oh man…… He’s in a league of his own now!”

    Neo extended a Leaf Blade from each of his forearms and flew at his brothers at high speed! When he got to them, they didn’t stand a chance. With the ability to lay fifty slashes on EACH of them in one second, Neo was almost unstoppable. Finally, after 30 painful seconds, Neo proceeded to end the battle. He flew a good mile into the sky and began to gather energy into his right hand for a Selfdestruct attack. From the ground, the sky seemed to be turning green! Rayquaza made one last-ditch effort to nail Neo while he was busy. He fired the strongest Hyper Beam he could muster straight up at the bioweapon! However, Neo had predicted this and gathered more energy than was necessary. The Selfdestruct orb was a glowing ball of energy. Five seconds before the Hyper Beam reached him, Neo threw the ball of destructive energy straight down. The orb just plowed right through the Hyper Beam like a hot knife on butter. The people at Lilycove City watched in horror and awe as an orb of green energy about thirty feet in diameter came crashing down into the three Pokemon. The resulting blast was so massive that it could have been seen from space!

    Ash looked on in disbelief. Had Neo killed them? The waves triggered by the blast washed the three legends up on the beach. They were just barely clinging to life. As Neo landed on the beach, everyone except his friends, fled in terror. Neo then did something unexpected. He used Wish on his three brothers. He then used Spore on Kyogre and Groundon to make sure they wouldn’t wake up and try to kill him. He then threw them back into the ocean, so they could resume their slumber. Even though Groundon weighed over a ton, Neo had no trouble. Rayquaza woke up and saw his little brother using Recover to heal the wounds he had caused. Unlike the other two, Rayquaza was much more understanding and now knew that XD-385 was no threat to the world. After they said their goodbyes, Rayquaza flew away to keep watch for anymore signs of environmental imbalance.

    When Ash and the gang reached Neo, he had calmed down enough that his aura had disappeared. At first, everyone but Ash was too afraid to get anywhere near him. However, they soon discovered that his personality in his true form was, unlike his three other forms, very levelheaded. Ash said, “Man, Neo. That was wild! So that is your strongest form?” Neo chuckled, “Yep, and you will someday be even stronger than me. However, I think we better get going. It looks like I caused quite a ruckus in town!”

    In a moment, the group was cruising out of the bay of Lilycove City and towards Mossdeep City. Neo had Transformed into a Wailord so everyone would fit. As night fell, Ash wondered when and how he would become stronger than the Ultimate Bioweapon. He fell asleep in the loving embraces of his two lovers, Latias and Bayleef, as well as his newest and most loyal friend, Mewtwo. They would be in Mossdeep City by morning.
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    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Thumbs up

    i love this seiries!
    it has good deatail,the characters have interesting personalities!
    also it just more than alto shipping.

    few siblings for mewtwo, rayquaza,grudon,and kyogre? i thought that they were their only sibling. ok, maybe mewtwo has mew, but i'm not so sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SapphireSwampert View Post
    i love this seiries!
    it has good deatail,the characters have interesting personalities!
    also it just more than alto shipping.

    few siblings for mewtwo, rayquaza,grudon,and kyogre? i thought that they were their only sibling. ok, maybe mewtwo has mew, but i'm not so sure.
    XD-385 was cloned from their DNA, so in a sense, they are siblings.
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Default The Darkness Within

    One of the darker chapters. Ash arrives in Mossdeep City and proceeds to earn his 7th badge. However, the evening will bring both triumph and tragedy when an old foe makes one final challange to Ash. Rated R for graphic death to villian.

    As Neo in his Wailord form swam for Mossdeep City, his companions were napping on his back. He had just recently shown them his maximum power earlier when he was assaulted by Kyogre, Groundon, and Rayquaza. The sun was beginning to rise and Mossdeep could be seen on the horizon. However, there was only one way to wake everyone up.

    Neo blew a Water Spout straight up, which rained down on his passengers, waking them up gently. Ash asked, “When did it start raining?” Neo answered, “I was just waking you guys up. Mossdeep is right ahead of us.” He was right and everyone prepared to dock. Neo beached himself on the beach, then Transformed back into his normal form. It was too early for anyone to be up, so Neo was sure that no one saw him.

    Ash wasted no time finding the Gym, which was used by the psychic duo of Liza & Tate. “They use Psychic types, huh?” Latios spoke, “Ash, let me take this fight. You’ve done so much for me and my sister that it’s the least I can do.” Ash answered, “OK. I’m pretty sure you’ll have your hands full.” When they stepped inside, the place was pitch-black.

    Two voices spoke at once, “Welcome to the Mossdeep Gym! Did you come to earn a Mind Badge?” The lights came on and Brock started drooling over the sight of the two Gym Leaders! “Ahem?” Brock looked to his left and saw Neo ready to bop him with a Bone Club. “Uh, sorry. I’ll behave.” The twin sisters asked, “Who is the challenger?” Ash stepped forward, “I am.” “Then let us begin. This will be a 2-2 battle. Go, Solrock! Go, Lunatone!” The two Psychic Rock type Pokemon levitated in place. Latios whispered to Ash, “Do you really want me to take them on alone?” Mewtwo stepped forward, “Allow me. I wish to prove my loyalty to you and I have not gotten much action for a while.” Ash answered, “OK. I’ll battle with Latios and Mewtwo!” Neo spoke, “I’ll referee.” He stood at the side lines and shouted, “This is an official match for a Mind Badge! The Leaders, Tate & Liza with Solrock and Lunatone, against the challenger, Ash Ketchum, who will battle with Latios and Mewtwo. There is no time limit. Let the match begin!” Latias spoke telepathically, “Be careful, Brother.” Latios replied, “I will.”

    Mewtwo and Latios had never participated in a Double Battle before, so even though they were far more powerful than their opponents, Solrock and Lunatone had much more experience. They were also harder to predict, since their Trainers gave them commands via telepathy. Right after the start, Solrock tried to blast Mewtwo with a Flamethrower! He dodged it, but ran right into a Shadow Ball from Lunatone! “Grah, I’ll make you pay for that!” As he made a dash for Lunatone, it used Sunny Day. “Hmph. Do you really thinka little sunshine will help you?” Mewtwo was then blindsided by a Solarbeam from Solrock! The intense sunlight allowed it to fire it without having to charge. Latios tried to attack Solrock while it was using Solarbeam, but Lunatone intercepted him with an Ice Beam! Ash had to come up with something quick.

    “Guys, try a combination attack! Attack them from above!” Latios said to Mewtwo, “He’s right, and that Ice Beam gave me an idea.” They then flew to the top of the room and began to gather energy for what seemed to be a Blizzard attack. Suddenly, they shouted in unison, “It’s over! FREEZE STORM!” Both of them thrust one arm downwards and used their psychic powers to create artificial wind. They had indeed been gathering energy for a Blizzard attack, but they added a unique twist. With the wind swirling the icy air around the two opponents, the area’s temperature dropped well below freezing! When the wind stopped, both Pokemon were encased in pillars of ice! Before they could break free, Latios blasted Solrock with a Luster Purge while Mewtwo slammed Lunatone with an Iron Tail! The two frozen Pokemon were broken out of the ice and slammed into each other, knocking them out cold! Neo ended the match saying, “Solrock and Lunatone are unable to continue! The victors in this match are Latios and Mewtwo!”

    Tate & Liza were stunned. They had never been defeated so quickly before! Ash ran over to his close friends and congratulated them for such great teamwork under pressure. They were a little embarrassed when he hugged them both, but they hugged him back. The two Leaders spoke at once again, “Your trust in them was truly unusual. You allowed them to fight on their own.” Ash looked confused, but Mewtwo confirmed it, “They’re right. You gave us advice, but you never gave us direct orders.” Ash blushed, “Heh heh heh, I did, didn’t I?” The twin Leaders added, “We have no regrets. You earned this Mind Badge!” To Ash’s surprise, the badge was in two halves. He also couldn’t join them on his own. Mewtwo said, “Let me help.” He took one piece and joined it to the one that Ash was holding. The two pieces fused into one badge. “I couldn’t have gotten this on my own. Thank you guys.” He then embraced his two friends again.

    During the rest of the day, everyone just tried to relax. Brock did some shopping to reload their supplies, May and Max went shopping for souvenirs, and Neo was having a sparring session with all of Ash’s Pokemon, so they wouldn’t get out of shape. He even took on his three siblings as well. All at once, that is! However, he went easy on Latias because she was at a much lower level than everyone else.

    Little did everyone know, there was a sinister threat approaching them. She thought to herself, (There is no way that punk can match me this time. I’ll make sure to take him out first this time! And NO ONE will be able to interfere!)

    Just as everyone was deciding on a hotel to stay at for the night, Neo detected a massive amount of Shadow energy approaching. “Great. Looks like we’ve got company tonight.” A mechanical suit of armor landed in front of them. They could see Black Tulips’ face behind a visor. The suit fit her body well and had an energy cannon on the left arm. The color of the suit itself was mostly black and blood red.

    “Do you want me to kill you this time?” said Neo. Black Tulip answered, “Nah, you can have your turn later. I came here for him.” She pointed at Ash. Mewtwo defiantly stepped forward, “You’ll have to get to him over my dead body!” Neo added, “And mine.” Latios then floated forward, “And mine!” then Bayleef, Latias, and Pikachu stood in her way. Latias then said, “You will have to get through all of us first!”

    Black Tulip laughed, “Don’t worry. You’ll have your turn soon enough!” Neo shouted, “We are not asking, we’re telling!” Black Tulip replied, “I don’t care. I’m killing that runt first, whether you like it, or not!” As she finished say that, Black Tulip blasted the group with an unknown type of ammunition! The six of them were trapped in some sort of translucent purple dome! “Trust me, you can’t break through that. All you can do is wait ten minutes for it to dissipate. Of course, I’ll be done in five!” Neo went full power again and tried his best to break through the dome, but nothing gave! “NO GOOD! I just can’t break through!” Black Tulip then faced Ash. “Get away from here guys. I can take her on my own.” His friends did as they were told while Ash removed his hat and backpack. “Don’t think I’m as weak as before, twerp!”

    Ash then ascended into his powered up state and flew above Mossdeep City, so no one else would get involved. Black Tulip made the first move. Her suit was incredibly fast and durable. She quickly made a large number of blows onto Ash before he could fight back, but when he did, she felt it. He used high speed blows to knock her of balance and then tried to send her into the ground, but she kicked him off of her before that happened. He tried to get to her again, but she just blasted him away with the arm cannon. When Black Tulip caught up to Ash, he pelted her with a powerful barrage of high speed blows! After that, Black Tulip started pounding into him with a flurry of punches and kicks, followed by three flying kicks from multiple directions! Finally, while Ash was still reeling from that last beating, Black Tulip blasted him in the face with Shadow energy! This only sent him higher into the sky! She slammed him downwards again and went into the final phase. She started knocking Ash back and forth at high speed for a few seconds while close enough to the ground for his friends to see what was happening. Then, Black Tulip slammed Ash into a blast of Shadow energy and knocked him back into another one! When he came flying back towards her from the explosion, she hit him so hard that there was a bright flash of light, as well as an agonizing scream that filled Latias’s and Bayleef’s eyes with tears.

    When the flash dimmed, they saw Ash being held in place by a type of beam coming from Black Tulips’ arm cannon. He also seemed to be unconscious. Neo assured them that he was still alive. Black Tulip gloated, “What’s wrong, little boy? Are you ashamed that you got your butt handed to you by a woman?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!”

    Deep in the recesses of his mind, Ash saw the three orbs. The one on the left was still shining with a golden light. Suddenly, the one on the right began to glow a bloody red. Ash could sense something dark in it. So dark, the golden orb’s light seemed to dim slightly, as if overwhelmed by the other one. Ash was afraid of this new power. Hoping Black Tulip would listen; he woke up and gave her one last warning.

    “Don’t…you…dare…awaken the darkness inside.” As he finished the sentence, Ash’s body turned dark, as if covered in a thick shadow. Black Tulip scoffed, “YOU?! DARK?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! What do YOU know about the power of darkness?! You’re just a pathetic little brat!” Right after she said that, Ash’s body and clothes turned completely black! “You’re wrong…..” Those words seemed to come from everywhere.

    Suddenly, two blades of dark energy that seemed to come from nowhere slashed Black Tulip across the chest, followed by an explosion that blew her away! Even though she let go of Ash, he just floated where he was. The sky became like a sea of blood. Just then, it became golden yellow as Ash’s body released a black sphere of darkness that covered the sky for a moment! He let out a scream of pure rage! When everyone could see again, they were shocked to see that Ash’s hair had become a fiery hue! His eyes had turned white and his body was surrounded by a dark blue and blood red aura! His body had been completely corrupted by the power of darkness!

    Black Tulip made a dash for Ash to finish him off, but Ash had other ideas. At speeds that only Neo could reach in his strongest form, Ash began pummeling Black Tulip with countless physical blows and slashes of dark energy! He could even cause small rips in the dimensional field to send explosive blasts of energy at Black Tulip from a dark dimension! He could even create shadows of himself to attack her. With such mastery over such a deadly force, Ash was far superior to Black Tulip’s armor’s weapons. After backslapping her eight times, Ash fired a deadly blast of dark energy from his palm! What happened next is difficult to say. All Neo and his friends could see were about a dozen giant slash marks in the dark sky. Then, Ash proceeded for the kill. With Black Tulip’s armor in tatters, she was terrified of what this boy had become. A circle with a golden rim with runic inscriptions opened above her. Suddenly, three meteors of dark energy slammed into her body from three angles. Her screams of agony were drowned out by the booming collisions as the three meteors grinded her body down into nothing but pulp. Lastly, a second portal opened below her and destroyed the rest of her body by blasting her with dark energy from two different angles. The battle was ended by a shower of blood and hail of bone fragments.

    The night sky returned to its original black color with the stars adorning it. A moment later, the barrier disappeared. Ash landed nearby, but his friends were too afraid to get anywhere near him. Finally, Latias slowly approached him. When she was right up in his face, she asked, “Ash, are you all right?” He reverted to his normal form and collapsed into his girlfriend’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Everyone could understand why he was crying. He had just taken his first life. “It’ll be all right, dear. You’ll be fine. I know it’s hard to live with yourself after you do something that you can’t forgive yourself for, but we still love you. Please try to calm down.” Everyone walked over to them and gently embraced Ash. This was a very difficult thing for him to cope with and he needed their support. That night, everyone shed tears for their friend. Ash couldn’t even think about his next Gym battle. He could only think about why he had killed someone. He finally cried himself to sleep. Latias joined him and held him in a loving embrace, hoping that it would have a positive influence on his dream.…….
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    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Sorry about the minor error with the Gym Leaders. Up until recently, I thought that they were twin sisters! I never saw the TV episode, so I never knew that Tate was a guy!
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Default Accepting Ones' Fate

    Ash flies to the Orange Islands alone to speak with Lugia. However, when he returns to his friends, he finds them unconcious. Neo has also gone missing. When he finds that Neo has fallen prey to evil mind control, Ash must use the forbidden powers of darkness to rescue his friend.

    The morning after Ash ascended to his second form, his spirits were no better than the day before. The horror of killing someone weighed heavily on his mind. Not even a kiss from Latias could lighten his mood. He was afraid of his own potential. What was the point of being the one who would defend the world if it meant doing something that he hated?

    Latias came to Neo, “I can’t stand to see him like this. Isn’t there something you can do to help him?” Neo sighed, “The only way I can help him is to help him get total control over his dark powers. He doesn’t become evil, just brutal. He is still able to discern friends from enemies.” He then walked towards Ash.

    “Hey. You still upset about yesterday?” Ash didn’t answer. “You know, Lugia may have some words of wisdom for you. Feel like paying a visit?” With a half hearted nod, Ash replied, “Sure, but I’d prefer to go alone. Could you keep an eye on everyone while I’m gone?” Neo answered, “Sure. Take your time.” Ash ascended into his silver haired form and flew off for the Orange Islands. However, a pair of Team Rocket operatives were watching. “Heh, looks like the main threat is gone for now.” The other one said, “Yes, and he will be in for a real surprise when he gets back. Ready, Drowzee?”

    Ash reached the Orange Islands much sooner than he thought he would. He landed at the island where he first met Lugia, hoping he was still nearby. Ash called out, “Lugia! Are you there?! Please, I need to speak to you!” After a moment, the water in front of Ash began to ripple. A moment later, the majestic form of Lugia rose from the ocean and landed in front the Chosen One. “You called?” Ash embraced his old friend’s face and shed a few tears. “I’m glad to see you again.” Lugia replied, “So am I. I trust that your Guardian is performing his duty well?” Ash nodded, “Yeah. He does everything I tell him to. But I need to speak to you about something important.” Lugia listened.

    “Yesterday, I killed someone who tried to kill me. I never wanted to kill anyone before, but I couldn’t stop myself.” Lugia spoke, “You must not be afraid to use that power. Although the power of darkness is fearsome, it is just like the power of light. Both can be used to kill, but they can still be controlled. You will have to use the power of darkness again eventually. You must not be afraid to kill. More often than not, the only way to stop evildoers from doing harm is to destroy them. You did the right thing by killing your assailant. She would have killed all your companions right after she killed you. Including your true love.” Ash felt a chill flow through him. The loss of Latias seemed like something that was unthinkable. Even if he lived, he would die of sorrow if she perished. “If you wish to protect the ones you love, you will have to use the power of darkness. In time, your full potential will be unlocked and you will have full control over your abilities. Don’t be afraid. You are the only one who can destroy the ultimate evil that will appear someday.” Ash embraced Lugia again. He felt much better after listening to his words of wisdom.

    Lugia added, “By the way, when you return to your friends, tell Neo that his father wishes him well.” Ash jumped, “FATHER?! I thought you were his brother!” Lugia laughed, “He has Lugia DNA in him, but it’s not my DNA. The Lugia his creators acquired DNA from was my son! You’ve met him before. His name is Silver.” Ash remembered the young Lugia at the Whirl Islands in the Johto region. “Oh yeah! I remember him! He sure was cute! Man, Neo is gonna flip when he learns that he has a Mom and Dad!” Lugia turned to leave, “Take care. I want to see the day where you become my Son-in-Law.” Ash yelled, “Wait!” Lugia stopped. “What do you mean that I’ll be your Son-in-Law?” Lugia explained, “Neo is my son, but his sister is your fiancée. Although I’m not directly related to Latias, I will still be close enough to become your Father-in-Law.” Lugia was shocked to see Ash starting to cry. “What is wrong? Did I say something terrible?” Ash answered, “No. I never knew my Dad. I’m just so happy that I’ll finally have one.” Lugia lowered his head and gave his future Son-in-Law a gentle kiss. Ash hugged him back. “If you ever need me, you know where to find me.” They said their goodbyes and parted ways. Ash couldn’t wait to tell the good news to Neo.

    Ash flew back towards the Hoenn region. He could imagine the look on Neo’s face when he would tell him about his parents. However, when he got to Mossdeep City, he was greeted by an eerie site. All of his friends were out cold, just lying on the ground! They didn’t seem to be injured, but there was something wrong. When he landed, Ash made an unnerving discovery. Neo was missing. Did he do this? Ash managed to wake Pikachu up. “Hey buddy. What happened here?” Pikachu answered, “I think it was Neo. He went crazy and attacked us. I don’t know why.” “Are you feeling better?” Pikachu hopped out of Ash’s arms and stretched, “Yep! That nap really felt good!” Ash laughed, “Well, could you zap everyone else awake?” “OK. WAKE UP, EVERYONE!” With a Thunderbolt, Pikachu zapped everyone and they woke up instantly! After they explained what happened, Latias found a note nearby. “Guys, I think I found something!” Everyone looked at the note, “If you want to see your Guardian again, come to the southernmost part of Mossdeep.” It was most likely a trap, but Ash didn’t want to lose Neo.

    When they got there, the gang found an armored bunker. As they approached the door, it opened. Mewtwo spoke, “They must be expecting us. I’ll go first. Stay close.” Ash stayed right behind Mewtwo. He was already in his first powered up state. When they entered a large, dark room, someone spoke. “Well, it has been a while since we last saw you brats. What can we do for you?” Ash yelled, “Let Neo go! We know you have him here!” Another voice answered, “Oh, sure we’ll let him go. But only if he wants to go with you.” The lights came on and everyone saw who the two villains were. Butch and Cassidy, two senior Team Rocket officers that had given them a lot of trouble a few times before. Also, they saw Neo standing in front of them. He had a glazed look in the eyes.

    “Hey Neo! Let’s go! I’ve got something to tell you!” Neo just stood there. Cassidy laughed, “Sorry, it looks like he doesn’t want you as his master anymore. Oh yes. You do remember Drowzee, don’t you?” They stepped to the sides. Everyone saw a Drowzee wearing some strange head gear inside a sturdy glass tube. It then hit Ash, “You jerks! You’ve got him under some kind of mind control, don’t cha?!” It was the same Drowzee that was mind controlling many Pokemon on a certain island in the Orange Islands! Butch answered, “The kid’s smart. Yeah, he is! We thought since the mind control device only works on Pokemon, why not try it on Team Rockets’ #1 target? Sure enough, it worked like a charm! Now we have total control over the Ultimate Bioweapon!” Ash asked, “So if all you wanted was Neo, why did you want us to come here?” Cassidy smirked, “Actually, the only one we wanted to come here was you. The others don’t matter.” Brock then asked, “So, what do you jerks want with Ash?” Butch answered, “We were ordered to finish the job that Black Tulip could not. And who would be better for the job than XD-385?” Ash felt a sinking feeling in his gut. Neo wouldn’t really try to kill him. Would he?

    Cassidy snapped her fingers, “OK Neo. Your first assignment is: Destroy that brat!” To everyone’s horror, Neo entered his strongest form! His eyes and hair turned Emerald green and his body was enshrouded with a fierce green aura! He made a dash for Ash! With a powerful hook, he sent Ash flying into a wall! “Sorry Neo. I won’t die here!” Ash’s eyes became bloodshot and his body was covered in a golden flame! He then made a lunge at Neo, who tried to intercept him with a Silver Wind attack! Ash swooped under the shot and got behind Neo! With great speed, he began circling Neo while laying powerful blows on him! However, Neo was still the stronger fighter. He grabbed Ash by the leg and began to beat him against the floor like a rag doll! He then blasted Ash in the face with Blast Burn, the deadliest Fire type attack of all! Latias looked on as her boyfriend fell to the floor.

    After a moment, Ash climbed to his feet. (I don’t have a choice. If I don’t go all-out, I don’t know what they will do to everyone else! I just hope I have better control over myself this time.) Ash let out a scream and the whole room became pitch-black! When the lights returned everyone saw that Ash’s hair had become a fiery hue again and his aura had become dark blue and blood red! “Ready for Round 2?”

    Ash made the first move. He slammed Neo hard with a blow that was backed with dark energy! Neo tried to counter with a double Leaf Blade attack, but Ash blocked it with what seemed to be a weapon made of dark energy! He was holding a pole of it in his hand like a sword! Latios whistled, “Hoo, looks like things are going to get interesting.” At speeds that no one could keep track of, the two combatants zoomed around the room while slashing at each other! Neo tried to blast Ash with a Flamethrower, but Ash countered with a stream of dark flames fired from the palm of his hand! The battle raged on for hours. It seemed that the two were perfectly equal in these forms. Then, Ash tried something new. He threw his sword at Neo! He dodged it, but Ash just made another one! The sword of dark energy just floated in place!

    Ash just stood there while holding a stream of dark energy in one hand while the other one just floated in the air behind Neo. Then, he struck. In a flurry of slashes, Ash used both swords to hack and slash away at Neo from both sides! Neo just couldn’t break free! After an intense minute, Neo collapsed in a heap of pieces! No one was certain if he survived. The pieces of Neo began to shine and reform. Ash glanced over to that Drowzee and saw that he was showing signs of mental fatigue. He then slapped himself on the face. “Duh! That Drowzee was controlling Neo directly the whole time! No wonder he couldn’t break free of that attack!” With a sweep of his arm, Ash created another break in the dimensional field near the glass capsule and blasted it with a burst of dark energy! It had no problem tearing through the reinforced tube. The Drowzee survived, but the mind controlling head gear was totaled.

    Once Neo was back in one piece, he looked around in a daze. He then saw Ash standing in front of him. He was still in his dark state. “Uh, Master? What are you doing?” May yelled, “He spoke! He must be back to normal!” Just then, he saw the two Rocket members trying to sneak away. He asked Ash, “May I?” Ash replied, “Be my guest.” Neo Teleported over to them, scaring the heck out of them. “You think I’m going to let you freaks off the hook after you turned me against my own master?! Think again!” Despite their pleas, Neo began pummeling them with his fists! After a good minute, everyone left the bunker, leaving the battered Rockets alone. They would be sore for a long time.

    After everyone checked into the hotel for the night, Ash decided to tell Neo about Lugia. “So Ash, did Lugia give you any words of wisdom?” Ash replied, “Yep. That’s why I used the power of darkness against you. Also, your Dad says “HI”.” Neo looked at him funny, “MY DAD? Sorry to break it to you, Ash, but I don’t have any parents.” Ash laughed, “That’s what you think! You have Lugia DNA in you, right? Well, that DNA wasn’t obtained from the Lugia you are thinking of! It was taken from his son! I even met him once in the Whirl Islands. His name is Silver. And since he is your brother, Lugia is your Dad! Also, Silver’s Mom is your Mom, too!” Neo began to laugh hysterically, “NO WAY! I have a Mom and Dad?! HA HA HA! Man, life sure does surprise you sometimes, huh?! Oh, I’d like to meet him someday!”

    That night, Ash began to plot a strategy for his next Gym battle. He asked Mewtwo and Latios to not participate in it since they were just too strong. Latias asked Ash, “Could I fight next time?” Ash replied, “Are you sure? I really don’t want to see you get hurt.” Latias embraced him, “Don’t worry. The only way I’ll get stronger is through battling. I want to get stronger so I can protect you. Is that all right with you?” Ash answered, “OK. But if you get in over your head, I’ll call off the match.” Latias gave him a grateful kiss. In the next room, Bayleef was troubled by the recent turn of events. It wasn’t Neo that Team Rocket was targeting; it was her one true love, Ash! She was also upset that she wasn’t nearly as strong as the three other Pokemon that were traveling with them. She promised herself, she would find someway to get stronger. She then came up with an idea that involved Neo and a certain place she had seen that day. She finally fell asleep, dreaming of days with her trainer.

    Meanwhile, Giovanni had gotten word of the failed attempts to capture XD-385 and destroy Ash. “That does it. If I can’t have that Bioweapon, then no one can. I’ll capture him myself.” He contacted his researchers and ordered them to prepare the experiment. (It won’t be long now. In a few weeks, I will become this worlds’ ruler!)

    The next chapter contains yet another lovemaking scene, so PM me if you want to read it. For those who are curious, it's the chapter any hardcore Altoshipping fan is dying to read!
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Talking Rain of Envy

    OK, since no one's asked me for the link to the 15th chapter, here's the 16th one anyway! Ash and Latias hear the good news and the gang heads for Sootopolis City. When they get there, Ash will have his hands full earning a Rain Badge from an old friend who holds a grudge against Latias. About a month later, the big day arrives......

    The morning after Ash and Latias made love a second time; the two lovers proceeded to the lobby where the rest of the group was waiting with mischievous grins on their faces. Neo and May seemed to be the giddiest out of all of them. Ash and Latias felt so relaxed after experiencing the time of their lives that they almost didn’t notice the funny gazes their friends were giving them.

    Latias spoke first, “All right, what are you guys hiding?” Mewtwo answered, “Oh, nothing in particular. What is our next destination?” Ash replied, “We’ll be heading for Sootopolis after me and Latias pay a visit to the Pokemon Center.” As they turned to leave, Neo stepped in front of them, “That won’t be necessary.” Ash asked, “What do you mean?” Neo smirked, “I already checked. Latias doesn’t need to take a pregnancy test.” She blushed, “H-How did you know about that?!” Neo gave them a big toothy grin, “I scanned your body last night. Congratulations.” Ash and Latias yelled, “WHAT?!” Neo gave them both a big hug, “You heard me! You two are gonna have twins!” Latias and Ash let out a yell of joy! Latias squealed, “I never thought this day would come!” Ash asked, “How long will it take?” Latios answered, “A Latias gives birth to twins just 80 days after conceiving them. However, since yours will be a type of crossbreed, it might take longer.” May asked, “So Ash, may I be their, uh, godmother?” He grinned, “You AND Bayleef can be their godmothers!” At the sound of this, both of them screamed in joy. Ash added, “Hey Mewtwo! You can be their godfather!” Mewtwo blushed, “I, uh, would be honored.” With nothing else to do, the group left for the outskirts of Mossdeep City for Sootopolis.

    “Sootopolis can only be accessed from the air, so we’ll have to fly to get there.” Neo took on the form of a Lugia again so everyone could climb aboard. As they were flying to Sootoplis, Ash asked, “Hey Neo! What kind of Gym do they have?!” Neo yelled back, “I believe the Leader uses Water types!” Ash thought, (Water types? I guess Bayleef and Grovyle would be good choices. Also, I promised Latias I would let her fight.) Brock asked, “Who’s the Leader?! Is it a gorgeous girl?!” Neo answered, “I have no idea. I heard that the Gym tends to have a hard time sticking with one Gym Leader, but they always use Water types!”

    It was difficult for Neo to enter Sootopolis without being noticed. The only way he could think of was to Teleport right behind the largest building in the area and Transform back into his normal form before anyone could see him do it. As it turned out, the building was the Gym. Ash spoke, “OK. Latias, you can fight this time. You can fight too, Bayleef. And if the two of you can’t do it, I’ll send in Grovyle.”

    When they stepped inside, the group saw that the place was made up mostly of ice sculptures and pools of water. Ash yelled, “I’m here to earn a badge! Where’s the Gym Leader?!” Neo replied, “Calm down. Someone is approaching this room.” Everyone could here footsteps coming from a side hall. When the Leader stepped out, Neo groaned, “Oh man. Not her!” The current Gym Leader was Misty!

    “Huh? Ash?!” Ash stepped back at the sight of her. Neo whispered, “Better act like you and Latias don’t have anything going on between you. With a temper like hers’, there’s no telling what she will do if she finds out that you two are engaged.” However, Misty ran over to them and gave Ash an unexpected hug! “I thought you had already passed through!” Ash asked, “You’re the Gym Leader?!” Misty explained, “Well, just for now. Since my sisters got back, I was asked to sit in for the Gym Leader here. Since my sisters are the primary Leader back home, this would give me something to do! Huh?” She noticed the boy behind Ash wearing green clothes with red hair and blue eyes. He also looked very tense.

    “Who are you?” Neo remained silent. “What’s wrong?” Ash stepped in, “Oh, that’s Neo. I don’t think he likes you much.” Just then, she noticed Latias, Latios, and Mewtwo. “Latias! I didn’t think I’d see you here! And Latios! I thought you were dead!” Latios blushed, “Well, I was! However, my little brother brought me back to life.” He pointed at Neo. “Er, he doesn’t look like you at all. Are you sure it was him?” Latios laughed, “I’ll explain later.” Misty asked Latias, “What made you come looking for Ash?” Latias giggled, “Actually, Ash came back to me! We’re-mph!” She was cut off by Neo, who covered her mouth. Ash yelled, “Neo! Let her finish!” With a nervous look in his eyes, he let go of his sister. Latias continued, “As I said, we’re engaged!” Misty went silent. Ash muttered, “Uh, Misty?”

    Misty spoke, “Why would you choose a Pokemon over a human?” Ash was silent. He had never heard her talk like that. She yelled, “Why won’t you tell me?!” She spun around and was about to punch him in the face! However, she stopped when she felt something cold touch the back of her neck. Neo was holding the tip of an Icicle Spear against the back of her neck! “Strike him and you die.” She lowered her arm and said, “OK Ash. How about this? If you win this match, I’ll give you the Rain Badge. If you lose, you dump Latias and marry me!” Everyone was shocked to hear this ultimatum! Neo yelled, “I always knew you were a jerk, but this is too extreme, even for you! Master, please allow me to force her to give you the badge!” Ash spoke, “No. I’ll take the challenge.” Latias cried, “Ash! Do you really want to risk our relationship?!” Ash grinned, “Don’t worry about it. I know we’ll come out on top.”

    After a few minutes, Ash talked his strategy over with his fighters. The field was just a large swimming pool with floating islands. Latias would go first, then Grovyle, and then Bayleef. Ash yelled at Misty, “I’ll start with Latias!” Just then, Neo totally flipped out! “WAIT! Ash, could I have word with you two for a moment?” Once the three of them were alone, Neo said, “Are you nuts?! Pregnant Pokemon are forbidden to battle!” Ash’s face turned pale. “I get it. Thanks for stopping me.” Latias objected, “Please let me fight. If I’m about to take a blow to my abdomen, you can stop the match.” Neo nodded, “Fine. I’ll step in if things get bad.” Brock acted as the referee. This is an official battle for a Rain Badge! The Leader and Challenger are allowed to use three Pokemon each! There is no time limit. Let the match begin!”

    “OK! Show them what you can do, Corsola!” Corsola popped out of his Pokeball and took a defiant stance. “OK. Latias, be careful.” Latias flew at Corsola to attack with a Dragon Claw! Just then, Corsola used Mirror Coat! Latias noticed and used a Headbutt instead. “You’re pretty tough, Latias, but Corsola has more experience. Use Spike Cannon!” However, while Corsola was taking aim, Latias got in a cheap shot with a Thunderbolt! Corsola passed out without knowing what hit him. “The winner of this round is Latias!” Latias flew back to Ash and shrieked in joy at her first victory. “May I please take the next one?!” Ash gulped, “OK, but Neo will step in if you’re about to take an attack to your womb.”

    Misty was frustrated, “Fine. Sealeo is up next!” The chubby seal climbed onto one of the islands. Ash thought, (This could be bad. Latias can’t stand Ice type attacks.) Sealeo fired an Ice Beam, but Latias was too quick to be hit. She tried closing in for a Dragon Claw, but Sealeo slammed her with a Body Slam, leaving her stunned. As he was about to blast her at point blank with another Ice Beam, Neo made his move. Using Teleport, he got in between the two combatants and pinned Sealeo to the artificial island with Vicegrip! “Enough! Latias is done!” Once Latias got back to Ash, she wept, “I’m sorry. I really tried.” Ash hugged her, “It’s OK. I still have two left, right? You’re up, Grovyle!” He said in a language that only Ash and all Pokemon could understand, “About time!” He put a twig in his mouth, as usual.

    “OK! Use Leaf Blade!” After dodging an Ice Beam, Grovyle scored a quick double slash on Sealeo and followed up with Bullet Seed. Sealeo tried to get in a Body Slam, but Grovyle proved to be too fast for him. One more Leaf Blade slash was enough to do him in. Finally, Misty was furious. “That does it. I choose Gyarados!” The hulking serpent roared at Grovyle. “Whoa. I almost forgot that Misty had a Gyarados! Be careful, Grovyle! That Gyarados can use Flamethrower!” “Got it!” Grovyle used Bullet Seed, but was suddenly overwhelmed with a Hyper Beam! He passed out instantly.

    “You did well, Grovyle. Bayleef, you…” Ash was cut off when Neo threw his arm in front of him. “I’ll handle this. I’ve held a grudge against that she-devil for a while and I won’t wait another minute.” Ash sighed, “Fine. Neo will fight in Bayleef’s place!” Bayleef objected, “Hey! Why can’t I fight?!” Neo answered, (That armor I made for you might activate. If it did, you would be disqualified.) Neo jumped onto one of the islands.

    Misty laughed, “Oh come on! What makes you think you can take me on?! Gyarados, put him down!” Gyarados began to charge energy for a Hyper Beam. However, Neo was gathering energy for an attack that he never used before. No one could see the spheres of cold, heat, and lightning energy in front of him. Suddenly, Gyarados fired! Just before the blast hit Neo, he shouted, “TAKE THIS! BIG BANG ATTACK!” A massive wave of blue, red, and yellow energy was fired from his hands and cut right through Gyarados’s inferior Hyper Beam, engulfing him and blasted right through the roof of the gym! From far away, it looked like a volcanic eruption!

    Once the rubble stopped falling, Misty gasped at the sigh of her gym. It was a mess. Gyarados was floating in the pool and unconscious. Neo spoke, “Unless you want to be next, fork over that Rain Badge.” Misty stuttered, “W-what are you?” Neo turned away, “I’m not going to tell you.” He then jumped back over to his friends.

    Misty handed over the Rain Badge to Ash. He asked, “Why Misty? Why did you make such an outrageous condition?!” Misty looked down, “You have no idea how long I’ve been in love with you. It’s been over two years since I did. I was just so angry that you had been claimed by someone else. I hope you can forgive me.” Ash sighed, “Well, either way, I wouldn’t be able to leave Latias.” Misty asked, “Why?” Ash blushed, “I’m gonna be a father. I want to be there when my kids are born.” Misty looked like she was going to have another hissyfit. She surprised everyone, “Ash. You are such a stud! If I can’t have you, at least invite me to the wedding!” Ash agreed and everyone checked into a hotel for the night, except Misty. She slept in her quarters, which was left undamaged.

    That night, Ash made a decision. He decided to stay in Sootopolis until his kids were born. No one disagreed. Over the next few weeks, Latias’s belly really began to swell. During that time, Ash and the gang got to know the folks in the city. Neo also helped with the repairs to the Gym. Exactly 30 days later, Latias woke up in the middle of the night. She was having contractions. Neo asked, “What’s wrong?” Latias gasped, “The babies are coming!” Without warning, Neo knocked her out with Sleep Powder. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you don’t feel any pain.” Latias’s body began to push the first newborn from her womb. It was a boy, a Latios. Shortly afterwards, his sister was born, a Latias. After drying them off, Neo laid them down next to their parents and went back to sleep himself.

    When Ash woke up, he saw two tiny faces staring at him with adorable smiles on them. They spoke, “Good morning, Daddy!” Ash mumbled, “Wha? Which one of you is Latias?” They looked at each other and then back to Ash, “Who’s Latias?” Ash just stared at them while half asleep. “Maybe Daddy’s still sleepy.” The other said, “OK. Let’s go back to bed. Good night, Daddy.” As they lay down at his sides, Ash drifted off to sleep again. Just then, his eyes shot open after he thought about what they said. Daddy? He sat up and looked down at them. One was a Latios while the other was a Latias. However, there was something odd about them. The Latios was a bright emerald green while the Latias was all yellow. What was more; they were less than half a foot long! He gently picked them up in his arms. The Latios spoke, “Are you awake now, Daddy?” Ash choked back tears when he spoke, “Say that again, please.” The Latias asked, “Daddy, why are you crying?” He hugged them tightly, “Because I’m so happy to finally meet my kids.” The two Pokemon snuggled with their father for a few minutes before Latias woke up.

    “Hey, Mommy’s awake!” The two few over to her and nuzzled her face. (These are my children. I thought I would never see this day.) She noticed Ash looking at them with a funny grin. Latias said, “What are you waiting for, dear? Something is missing from this picture.” Ash blushed and embraced his fiancé and children. Before they left the room, Ash had to think up names for them.

    Everyone was waiting for Latias and Ash in the lobby. Mewtwo asked, “Neo, what do you think the two lovers will want to do today?” Neo chuckled, “We won’t know until they come down. Hmmm, that must be them now.” The elevator light dinged and the door opened. However, everyone noticed that Ash had a sneaky grin on his face.

    Suspicious, Latios asked, “All right, what are you planning?” Ash answered, “Oh, nothing. There’s just someone who wants to see you.” Suddenly, a small Latios and Latias sprang out from behind Ash and tackled the startled Pokemon to the floor! “Hi, Uncle Latios!” After catching his breath, Latios held both of his sister’s children in his arms. A proud smile came across his face. Just then, the Latias shrieked, “Oh, there’s Uncle Mewtwo and Uncle Neo! And Aunt May and Aunt Bayleef!” May and Bayleef were simply overwhelmed by the cute and loving personalities of the newborns. Mewtwo wasn’t certain of what to do, but was quickly won over by their constant playfulness. Bayleef asked, “What are your names?” The Latias replied, “I’m Amber!” The Latios also said, “I’m Onyx!” Brock spoke, “Wait! You don’t look like an Onix!” Ash laughed, “His name is spelled with a Y instead of an I.” May squealed, “I should have known your babies would be just as loveable as you! I feel so happy to be their godmother!” Bayleef added, “Me too. Thank you, Ash.” Afterwards, the group went to the Pokemon Center to give Ash’s Mom a call.

    Delia was just about to go outside when she heard something. “RINGRINGRING! RINGRINGRING! PHONECALLPHONECALL!” The phone was ringing. When she answered it, she was surprised to see her son on the screen! “Ash! Are you doing well?” Ash grinned, “Better than you think! I want you to meet someone! Hey Amber! Onyx! Could you come up here?” A tiny Latios and Latias flew up to the screen, but unlike the Latias and Latios she knew, their feathers were light emerald green and yellow instead of blue and reddish pink. “Mom, say hi to your grandkids! This is Amber and Onyx. Say hi to Grandma!” Before they could even say anything, Delia fell out of sight. “Where did Grandma go?” Ash gulped, “Uh, I think she fainted. I hope she didn’t hurt herself.”

    After getting everyone outside, Max checked the Pokenav. “OK. Now that we have all eight badges, we need to get to Ever Grande City. It’s directly East of here.” Neo made everyone step back, “OK. We’ll have to fly.” To the shock of his nephew and niece, he Transformed into a Lugia! Onyx yelled, “WHOA! THIS IS… UNREAL!” Neo laughed, “Get used to it! I’ve been able to do this for my entire life!” In a minute, the group was on their way to Ever Grande City. However, Neo had a bad feeling in his gut that when they got there, something horrible would be waiting for them.

    One day before, the Team Rocket experiment had begun. Giovanni was placed in a stasis pod. The strange dark orb that was found in the Orange Islands was going to be fused to him. During the process, Giovanni could feel enormous power building up inside him. Several minutes into the process, he felt an ancient evil fill his mind. When the experiment ended, he stepped out of the tube. “Sir, are you all right?” He replied, “I’ve never felt better. Where is XD-385?” James and Jessie spoke, “He’s heading towards Ever Grande City.” Giovanni grinned, “Prepare a transport! This time, that Bioweapon is mine!”
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Unhappy The Ultimate Evil

    When Ash and the gang are assaulted by Giovanni, it becomes a six on one battle and the leader of Team Rocket is pushed to the brink of death. But when he unleashes the evil within the Shadow energy within his body, the situation becomes hopeless.......

    As the group closed in on Ever Grande City, May and Bayleef had their hands full entertaining Onyx and Amber, who had been born the previous night. They asked many questions while their aunts usually had the answers. More than anything, they had their father’s loving personality. Onyx and Amber also got along very well. Even their uncles, Mewtwo and Latios, seemed like different people around them. Neo was too busy transporting everyone, so he was unavailable to play with them. Still, he enjoyed listening to their playful romping.

    Finally, the two infants surprised Ash, “Daddy? How did you and Mommy first meet?” Ash blushed, “Well, we met about a year ago in the city of Altomare. While I was there, we bonded and she ended up falling in love with me. Just before I left, she gave me my first kiss. Several months later, I couldn’t stand being away from her any longer and went back to her. After that, we never left each other.” Amber cried, “That’s so beautiful! You look so cute together! Are you gonna get married someday?” Latias gave Ash a very seductive look. Ash answered, “You bet we are! We just have to decide on a date!” Amber yelled, “I get to be the flower girl!” Onyx added, “I get to carry the ring!” Latias spoke, “I really don’t think a ring will fit on my arm. We’ll have to settle for a bracelet.”

    Eventually, they got caught in a rainstorm. No one minded getting a little wet. In fact, Amber and Onyx liked getting wet. Even Ash put his hat in his backpack so his hair would get wet. Latias was thinking back on all the days that she and Ash had spent together. However, that one nightmare she experienced on the night before Ash found her again was on her mind. Finally, she spoke to Ash. “Dear, do you think that nightmares can come true?” Ash looked at her funny, “Why do you ask that?” She clutched at him tightly, “That day you came back to me? The night before, I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that I was in a forest. It was raining. However, the rain almost tasted like tears. I could hear Pokemon crying all around me. I went ahead of where I was and came to a clearing. In the middle were you, impaled on a golden sword. I pulled it out and cast it aside. I then tried to use Recover on you, but you were already dead. I will never forget the feeling of sorrow and loss I felt when I held your lifeless body in my arms. A moment later, someone behind me spoke. When I turned around, a powerful and tall humanoid creature struck me with that golden sword. I woke up right then.” Ash asked, “OK, but why did you ask me that question?” Latias clutched at him even tighter, “I feel like I’m about to lose you. Somehow, I feel like this is the last day that I’ll ever see you.” Ash looked at her with concern. Latias squeezed his hand, “Ash, please. Promise me that I’ll wake up with you next to me tomorrow! Promise me that we’ll be together forever!” Ash embraced her, “I promise. I’ll never leave you. I’ll always be there for you and our kids.” Tears began to trickle down his face. Somehow, he also had a nagging feeling that this would be the last day that he would be alive.

    After about an hour, they landed on the outskirts of Ever Grande City. Everyone saw why Neo had to fly them there. The place was surrounded by sheer cliffs and waterfalls! Ash yelled, “ALL RIGHT! The Pokemon League is just ahead! Let’s go!” Ash ran off with everyone trying to keep up. After about a minute of sprinting, an explosion occurred ahead of Ash! Once everyone caught up, Neo jumped in front of everyone. He could sense a massive amount of Shadow energy ahead, an amount far greater than what Black Tulip used. When the smoke cleared, they saw Giovanni standing there unharmed.

    “I do believe that this is the first time we’ve ever met, XD-385. I am Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket and your future master.” Amber asked Latias, “Mommy, who is XD-385?” Latias replied, “That was the name that Neo had at first, but your father gave him a new name because Neo didn’t like his old name.” Neo scoffed, “That’s too bad.” Giovanni was puzzled, “What is too bad?” Neo explained, “I’m afraid that I am stuck protecting my current master. Also, by the time I would be relieved of my duty, you would be dead. It is his destiny to kill you.”

    Giovanni laughed, “His destiny? I think not. Tell you what. Let’s make a bargain. If you come with me, I’ll spare the lives of your friends. Does that sound reasonable?” Ash stepped forward, “He’s not my servant, and he’s my friend.” Onyx yelled, “Dad, you’re so cool!” Giovanni got a twisted idea just then, “So, I see that you and that Latias actually succeeded in producing offspring. I remember that it was you and you alone who killed Black Tulip. I wonder if your children have the same abilities as you.” At the sound of this, Ash ascended to his first powered up form! “Don’t you dare touch them!” Giovanni laughed, “I was only joking! There’s no way that they can hold their own against the ultimate bioweapon. Now, I’ll ask one last time. Will you come with me?”

    Ash said to everyone, “Get out of here, now. Keep Onyx and Amber safe.” Latias flew over to Ash. “No way. I promised that I would never leave you and I’m not going back on my word now.” Neo stepped forward, “Me too. If you fight, I’ll back you up.” Bayleef came forward, “I can keep up now. I won’t let him take you away from us.” Latios flew next to them. “You are one of the only family I have. I won’t abandon you now.” Lastly, Mewtwo stood next to his only friend. “I vowed to always love you as a friend. Leaving you would mean breaking that vow. Also, I have a score to settle.” Ash sighed, “What am I gonna do with you guys? Fine. Pikachu! I’m counting on you to keep everyone safe!” He released his Pokemon from their Pokeballs. “Guys, I want you to keep everyone safe with Pikachu. Get them to Ever Grande City. I’ll see you all later.” Grovyle gave his trainer a salute and ran off with everyone else towards Ever Grande City. Amber asked May, “Will Mommy and Daddy be OK?” May smiled, “They’ve been through tough challenges before. I’m sure they’ll be OK.”

    Giovanni spoke to his opponents, “You are all fools to deny me. I promise to make this quick.” A black swirling aura engulfed his body. After a moment, a bright flash lit up the whole area for a moment! When the light dimmed, Giovanni was wearing a suit of black armor that was made out of solidified Shadow energy! Only his upper face was uncovered. Two spikes were jutting up from the back while three were on top of his helmet. He raised his fists to signal that he was ready to fight. Neo whispered, “If he is the Great Evil, he must be much stronger than he looks. Do not hold back at all if you want to live, my friends.”

    In an instant, Giovanni blew everyone away with a blast from his boot! Latias was the first to recover and made three Dragon Claw slashes at him. However, he blocked them with a shield of Shadow energy on his arm and punched her away! Bayleef activated her secret armor system and slashed at Giovanni with an energy charged Leaf Blade! Giovanni countered with a punch and reached a stalemate for a second when his fist collided with Bayleef’s head. He then kicked her away when he thought the moment was right. Latios swooped in for a Dragon Claw attack, but was intercepted at the last second with an uppercut! Just then, Mewtwo saw his chance and kicked Giovanni in the chest, sending him straight towards Bayleef! She sent him back with a horse kick towards Neo! He scored a Take Down attack on him, sending him back towards Bayleef! She quickly slashed Giovanni with her Leaf Blade three times, but ducked when Mewtwo flew right over her head and dropkicked Giovanni towards Ash! He elbow jabbed him towards Mewtwo, but Giovanni blew them away with a sudden burst of Shadow energy from his whole body! Latias tried to get in another Dragon Claw slash, but was slammed by another punch. He then performed a quick 3-hit combo on Bayleef when she tried to ram him from behind. Then he sucker punched Neo when HE tried to sneak attack him.

    Things were not looking good for Ash and his friends. Giovanni knocked Ash, Latias and Latios into a row and split into three shadows. They landed three heavy blows on each of them, following up with three simultaneous explosions of kinetic energy! He then pummeled Bayleef for a few seconds and turned his attention on Mewtwo. However, he got in a quick blow to Giovanni and tried to score another hit. Unfortunately, Giovanni warped behind Mewtwo at the last second and blasted him with streams of dark flames from his arms. He then knocked Mewtwo out with a quick barrage of punishing blows. Lastly, he landed a flurry of kicks on Latias, a barrage of punches on Latios, and then summoned a large golden sword that was identical to the one the one from Latias’s dream. He slashed Neo just once, and then slashed Ash three times and punched him away. By some weird twist, all six of them landed within just inches from each other. As Giovanni looked at the unconscious bodies of his enemies, he let out a long chuckle.

    Amber and Onyx refused to enter Ever Grande City without their parents, so the group waited just outside the city gates. Max muttered, “I know Ash is tough. Neo is almost unstoppable, and the rest of them are really strong too, but I don’t think that guy would have decided to take them on alone unless he was feeling really confident.” May scolded him, “Max! Don’t say stuff like that! You might jinx them!” Amber and Onyx yelled, “YEAH! JINXER!” Max blushed out of shame. “Well, so the twerp’s not here, huh?” Everyone looked inside the city gates. Jessie, James, and Meowth were looking really proud of something. Brock groaned, “What do you guys want this time?” James spoke first, “Oh, nothing. The boss is only interested in XD-385 now, so we wouldn’t get much if we were to steal Pikachu. Hmmm?” He noticed the tiny Latios and Latias floating near May. “What happened to that Latios and Latias?! Did they shrink and change colors?!” May giggled, “Of course they didn’t! This is Amber and Onyx. They’re the children of Ash and Latias.” Meowth yelled, “WHHHAAATTT?! Dat kid and Latias had babies?! Isn’t that illegal?!” Brock yelled, “This coming from criminals?!” Jessie was just over whelmed by their cuteness and just walked right over to them. May yelled, “HEY! Get away from them!” Pikachu was ready to zap her, just in case. However, Jessie replied, “Oh, come on! I just want to see them! They’re just too cute for me to not hold.” Before May could object, Amber and Onyx were flying all around Jessie. “You have really pretty hair! Can I try on your earrings? Hey! Why are your lips red?” James and Meowth decided to just join in as well. Playing with the infants was the only thing they could think of to pass the time.

    Giovanni looked over the bodies of his opponents. “Such a shame. If that was your best, XD-385, then I really don’t need you after all.” Suddenly, Neo said, “Want to bet?” Both he and Ash flew a few feet off the ground and let out a scream! The instant they did, a black orb expanded from Ash while an Emerald green one came from Neo! They expanded to the sky and caused a bright flash that could be seen from Ever Grande City! When Giovanni could see again, Ash had become one with the power of darkness again. His eyes were white and his hair was a fiery hue. A dark blue and Blood red aura surged around him. Neo’s eyes and hair had become Emerald green, indicating that his powers were at their limit! A fierce green aura surrounded him. Also, he was holding a pair of Bone Clubs, one in each hand.

    All Giovanni could say was, “W-what’s this?!” Before he knew what happened, Ash and Neo slammed him skyward! When Giovanni was a full mile in the sky, Ash body slammed him while Neo whacked him with his Bone Clubs! After a second, Ash sliced through him at light speed while Neo detonated two Selfdestruct orbs on Giovanni! Ash flew around Giovanni while pummeling him from all sides! Neo then bashed him while zooming by, causing him to not feel the blow for an instant. Ash split into three shadows and attacked Giovanni all at once, followed by the explosive attack that Neo inflicted a second before! Neo then created a Substitute, who then dash punched Giovanni three times while Ash did the same from the other side! Lastly, the Substitute caught Giovanni in a pincer grab and used Explosion! Ash then summoned a sword made of dark energy and slashed away at Giovanni in unison with Neo’s Bone clubs! After Neo rocketed through Giovanni, Ash performed a downward slash while two shadows rammed Giovanni and exploded! Lastly, Neo bashed him two more times, and then blasted him with a Sonicboom! Dazed, Giovanni fell towards the ground.

    By this time, Latias, Latios, Bayleef, and Mewtwo had woken up. When they saw Giovanni falling towards them, Latias made the first move. She made a quick double Dragon Claw attack before Bayleef got there and slashed him with an energy charged Leaf Blade while Latias continued to hack away. Latias then performed a Headbutt and Bayleef caught Giovanni with a Vine Whip. Then she and Latios performed a devastating six slash combo on him! After that, Bayleef spun her Leaf Blade around to slice away at Giovanni! She then fired three Solarbeams from the solar panel covered leaves on her neck! Finally, she launched as much solar energy she could harness all at once, blasting Giovanni with a barrage of multiple bursts! Then it was Latios’s turn. All he did was perform an uncountable number of Dragon Claw attacks on him. Still, there was so many that it didn’t matter what attack he used! Next was Mewtwo. He first dealt a flurry of kicks to his former master and followed up by scattering a few dozen Shadow Balls around him and then causing them to all explode into him! He then began to slash away with Iron Tail and ended it with a powerful Hyper Beam! Latias was next. After head butting him again, Latias gathered as much power as possible to destroy the man who intended to kill the boy she loved. Once she was ready, Latias unleashed all her draconic fury on this monster! She constantly slashed away at him with Steel Wing while firing Mist Balls from both arms and shooting laser like light from her eyes! It was so painful, Giovanni was screaming in agony! After ten painful seconds, she slashed away with Dragon claw a few more times and then thrust her arms into his belly from below! After a second, she managed to use Fire Spin to send him into the sky!

    High in the sky, Neo resumed his assault on Giovanni with a lightning fast barrage of blows from his Bone Clubs by wielding them like dual swords. After an uncertain amount of blows, he struck Giovanni with both clubs at once, sending him straight down! However, Ash swooped in and grabbed him from behind! While screaming at the top of his lungs, the Chosen One nosedived towards the ground while spiraling out of control! At the last second, he let go of Giovanni, causing him to plunge headfirst into the ground! The only thing everyone heard was a loud yell of pain.

    While Giovanni lied on the brink of death, he heard a voice in his head. (I can help you. Allow me to merge with you and we will destroy this child. Trust me.) Taking the word of this voice for granted, Giovanni felt something of supreme darkness fill his body and mind.

    Ash floated over the crater. It didn’t seem like Giovanni was going to climb out. Latias screamed, "Ash! Did we get him?!” As he started to give his sweet heart a thumbs up, a green laser blasted him from the crater! Ash let out a startled shout of pain as he was sent high up! Everyone looked on at what rose out of the crater. The sky turned blood red as a green pyramid of light encased Giovanni. He let out a loud groan. When the pyramid disappeared, Giovanni’s armor had changed! His chest armor was thicker while his boots and gauntlets had a single large spike pointing upwards. His shoulder pads had widened and two wing like appendages were on his back. Also, there were black markings above and below his eyes. Mewtwo stuttered, “What a-are you?” When he spoke, Giovanni sounded like there were two voices speaking at once. Aside from his voice, there was a darker, distorted voice speaking. “Do not call me that. Giovanni is the name of a man who failed in his ambitions. From now on, I will be forever known to this world as “The Nightmare.” Latias was frozen with dread. The armor he was wearing was the same as the armor her attacker wore in that nightmare she had! The Nightmare was the one who would murder Ash!

    With nothing else to say, The Nightmare began his reign of terror by attacking his opponents! He blasted all four of them at once with a sinister ray from his eyes! One by one, using nothing more than his brute strength, Nightmare went after Ash’s closest friends. He started with Latias, pummeling her until she was no longer conscious. He then did the same to Mewtwo. Then he targeted Bayleef, except this time, he used his massive sword. After five slashes, Bayleef passed out. Fortunately, her armor prevented the blade from getting through. After dealing with Latios, Nightmare set his sights on XD-385. When Neo closed in, Nightmare blasted him with his eye beam attack. Neo then Teleported behind him and threw his Bone Clubs as Bonemerangs! While Nightmare was busy knocking them out of the way, Neo charged up energy for a Hyper Beam. When Nightmare was right up in his face, Neo let him have it. The blast engulfed Nightmare entirely. When the smoke cleared, Neo was dumbfounded to see him without a scratch! He was fighting at his greatest power, and he hadn’t even put a dent in his armor! With no way to defend himself, Neo was bombarded with ruthless physical blows laced with Shadow energy. Once Neo was knocked out of the fight, Ash tried to attack Nightmare from behind. However, he back flipped over him. The two fighters just stared at each other for a moment. Telepathically, Neo spoke to Ash, (Master, you must get away. He… he’s unstoppable. Please escape. You have to live! Please…..) Ignoring his guardian’s pleas, Ash let out a scream of pure rage and charged Nightmare. At the speed of light, they took the fight to the air.

    After a moment, they reappeared in front of each other. Nightmare began to pummel Ash at high speed. However, Ash blew him away with a roar of energy and scored a very powerful and painful attack from behind. Sadly, that was the last time Ash would succeed in harming him. Nightmare began to attack Ash without mercy, causing Ash to let out screams of sheer agony. With brute force and deadly slashes, the beating continued for an agonizing 20 seconds. Further into the beating, Nightmare began to rely more on his sword. At one point, he thrust the sword through Ash and dislodged him by sending a blast of Shadow energy through the blade! At the end, Nightmare grabbed Ash by the top of his head. Ash was too weak to move at all.

    Nightmare said one last thing to his enemy, “Chosen One. I’ll put you out of your misery right now!” He pressed his open hand against Ash’s chest. All five of his allies were watching in fear. What was going to happen? Soon, they had their answer. In one last brutal act, Nightmare simultaneously let go of Ash and blasted a wave of Shadow energy right through his body! Ash didn’t even scream. As Latias, Bayleef, and everyone else watched the Chosen One fall from the sky with a trail of blood following him, an indescribable sorrow filled their hearts. However, no one felt worse than Latias. Her nightmare had come true. She had just lost the love of her life. Even worse, the Earth had lost its savior. The Chosen One had fallen.
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Unhappy Destiny Fulfilled through Tragic Loss

    In a lastditch effort, Neo and his allies try to take down The Nightmare. What begins as a 5-1 battle quickly escalates into an all-out war when reinforcments arrive. However, it's not enough. When Nightmare reveals his intentions to Ash, his anger reaches its peak, and the full potential of the Chosen One is finally unleashed! But at what cost?! I was largely inspired by for the first part.

    Ash fell to the ground. He landed with a loud thud on his face. His hair returned to its original black color. His blood red and dark blue aura flickered for a moment, and then vanished. Neo watched in shock. (Master… No… This can’t be true… You…) For the first time in his life, Neo shed his very first tear of sorrow. Mewtwo, Latios, Bayleef, and Latias were just as devastated. The ultimate Doomsday scenario had occurred. Ash, the Chosen One, was dead.

    At the gates of Ever Grande City, Team Rocket and Ash’s friends felt a terrible foreboding. The sky was turning dark and storm clouds were forming. Pikachu and Meowth couldn’t understand why they couldn’t stop themselves from crying. However, Amber and Onyx knew. Amber tugged on May’s shirt and asked, “Aunt May? Is Daddy gonna be all right?” Somehow, May knew the truth. With tears in her eyes, she replied, “No, I don’t think your Daddy is all right.” Onyx asked, “Really?” Everyone looked at May. She fell to her knees, “I don’t know how I know. I can feel it. He….. He’s dead.” All of Ash’s Pokemon burst into tears at the news that their closest friend and Trainer was gone. Amber and Onyx clutched at Brock’s chest tightly as they screamed at the loss of their father. Max spoke, “No, she’s wrong. He can’t be dead. He’s come so far. He can’t be gone!” Meowth added, “The poor kid. I don’t know why, but I already miss him.” At that moment, rain came down, rain that tasted like tears.

    The world over, Pokemon became aware of the death of the Chosen One. The first ones to know were the Pokemon that Ash had trained. Even his long lost friends, Primeape, Butterfree, Lapras, and Charizard, could feel that he was no more. Lugia was torn at the loss of his future son-in-law. Within the Tin Tower, the Crystal Bells tolled slowly like a church bell at a funeral. All over the planet, a sorrowful roar filled the atmosphere as every Pokemon on the planet mourned the death of the Chosen One.

    Back at the battleground, Nightmare walked over to Ash’s corpse. With the side of his sword, he gently nudged the side of his head. There was no response. “Hmph. He was a worthy fighter. Too bad he didn’t surrender.” Latias cried, “Ash… You meant everything to me… You promised me that we would be together forever just a few hours ago… Now you’re gone. It shouldn’t be this way!” Bayleef thought to herself, “Ash… You were the first boy I ever loved. You risked your life to save me in that snowstorm a year ago. How could he do this to you?!” Mewtwo cursed, “Ash… You were my only friend. You spared my life when any other human would have let me die. I vowed to protect you with my life. I tried my hardest, but failed. That monster….. I’ll….!” Latios wept, “You… You were like a brother to me. You gave my sister the most important thing in existence. Your love. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be in the realm of the dead, and Latias might be with me right now. This world needed you…..”

    Nightmare spoke, “Well, now that is no one who can stop me, I’ll just… What?” He looked back at the five fighters who were climbing to their feet. Neo spoke, “Where do you think you’re going?” Nightmare just looked at him funny. “You destroyed the one person who could keep this world alive. You can tell by this rain that the planet itself has lost its will to live. In just a few years, Earth will be a cesspool where nothing can survive. Well, I don’t intend to let you live to see that day!” At that moment, Neo, as well his allies, used Recover to heal their wounds. However, Bayleef used Synthesis instead. Nightmare chuckled, “You know you can’t win.” Neo raised a fist, “Actually, we have a fighting chance this time. You want to know why?” Nightmare suddenly realized what he meant. “The most dangerous kind of fighter is one who does not fear death! This world is doomed, so we don’t care if we live or die. Prepare yourself!”

    All at once, the rage blinded friends of the Chosen One charged the Nightmare. Neo tried to Mega Kick him in the face, but Nightmare grabbed Neo by the foot. He tried to impale Neo with his sword, but Neo used Leaf Blade to cut off his own leg to escape! It regrew an instant later, which Neo used to Blaze Kick Nightmare! The blow hit hard and sent him towards Mewtwo! The superclone attacked with a barrage of invisible blows with psychic force! Bayleef closed in and slashed away with an energy charged Leaf Blade attack! If that wasn’t enough, her armor projected four solid images around Nightmare and slashed away in unison for ten seconds at extremely high speeds! After that, Latias and Latios blasted him with a Mist Ball and Luster Purge! Latios and Mewtwo used their Freeze Storm attack and froze Nightmare solid for a moment. Mewtwo then blew him away with a Hyper Beam! Nightmare landed a good distance away before he regained his balance.

    “Those vermin! They think they can- wha?” Nightmare was cut off in mid sentence at the feeling of intense heat under his boots. Suddenly, a massive Eruption blasted him from below! Everyone was shocked to see Groundon emerge from the fissure with a mighty roar! However, they also saw that tears were falling from his eyes. Latios yelled, “Do you see now, Nightmare?! The entire world is against you!” Not the least bit shaken, Nightmare tried to counter against Groundon, but was caught off guard by a Sheer Cold attack from behind! Kyogre had joined the fight by climbing the waterfalls at the edge of the island! Just then, a massive Hyper Beam blasted him from the sky! Rayquaza had arrived to avenge the Chosen One. Like Groundon, both Kyogre and Rayquaza had tears falling from their faces.

    Before Nightmare could even speak, a rain of ice, fire and lightning pounded into him from above! Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres had joined the fight. After that, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou barraged Nightmare with elemental attacks while running at high speed around him! While he was reeling from those attacks, Neo and his nine siblings got into formation. They began to gather cold, heat, and electrical energy. When Nightmare noticed what they were doing, Mewtwo, Latias, and Latios used psychic force to hold Nightmare in place! The entire Hoenn region began to quake as the ten fighters reached their limit. Finally, Neo shouted, “FOR THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!! BIG BANG ATTACK TIMES FOUR!!!!!!” At those words, Rayquaza, Groundon, Kyogre, Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and XD-385 unleashed four simultaneous Big Bang attacks that merged into one gargantuan wave of the three elements! Nightmare had no chance of evading such a force and was consumed by it. The blast pushed far out to sea and exploded with a rainbow of colors!

    Neo relaxed, “We did it. It’s over.” A voice spoke from everywhere, “Oh really? I suppose I should tell you a little secret about attacking in a group; no matter how many weaklings fight against a single foe, they are still weaklings.” Nightmare appeared in front of the group in a flash with sword in hand. “I have to say that last one really hurt. This time, I’ll make sure none of you get up a-GRAH!” He was cut off by a Sacred Fire attack from above! Ho-oh had arrived at the last second to aid Earth’s last line of defense. However, it was not enough. “NO MORE! NOW YOU ALL DIE!!!” Nightmare blew the flames away with a swing of his sword and slashed Ho-oh at light speed! The mighty phoenix collapsed to the ground while Nightmare used only his sword to attack the rest of his enemies. In less than a minute, only Neo was left standing.

    As Neo struggled to stay out of reach of Nightmare’s attacks, he sent a telepathic message to the Pokemon of the world, begging them for aid. Finally, Nightmare struck a painful slash on Neo’s left shoulder, knocking him to the ground. Nightmare loomed overhead, “I must say that you are a severe disappointment to me. If this really is your best, I’m ashamed to have ever wanted to control you. Fare well.” He thrust his sword down towards Neo’s chest. Neo thought, (Think again.) Just before it pierced his chest, Neo grabbed the blade with just one hand! Nightmare strained to break free, but Neo’s grip wouldn’t budge. “You….. Where did you find this strength?!” Neo coolly replied, “It’s not just mine.” With a flick of his wrist, Neo broke the blade in half! His Emerald green hair and eyes began to shine brightly.

    Nightmare jumped back, “What happened?! No one could have done that to my sword!” Neo laughed, “True, you may have been able to fight 385 pokemon at once, but now you face billions!” Nightmares eyes went wide with shock, “B-billions?!” Neo explained, “Even as I say these words, the Pokemon of the world are sharing their strength with me. All of that power is bonding with my body. They want me to win just as much as I want to see you die!” A massive shock wave came from his body as all the power being sent to him merged with his own. His Emerald green aura became a rainbow of 17 colors, one for each Pokemon element type! He took a stance as if he was about to sprint and said, “THE END HAS COME!!!”

    In an instant, Neo dashed at speeds so great that the ground became upturned! An instant later, Nightmare felt a powerful elbow jab to his gut! He coughed up some blood at that blow. Neo sent him into the air with an upward kick to the chin! He then rocketed after him and bombarded him with Doubleslaps, Comet Punches, Double Kicks, Arm Thrusts, and Fury Attacks! Finally, he sent Nightmare flying towards the ground, but intercepted him and sent him upwards! He then began to bash Nightmare around in a figure eight pattern while moving too fast to be seen! He then grabbed him and sent Nightmare into the ground with a Seismic Toss! He then followed up with a Fissure attack to his back, cracking his armor! He then held both hands apart by a short distance and gathered light blue energy into them. “Let’s see how you like this! HADOKEN!” He fired the blast from both palms straight down at Nightmare, causing a bright flash and a loud boom! Mewtwo thought, (Interesting. That attack is useable only by Lucario. It seems that he can use the signature attacks of the Pokemon who lended him their powers.)

    Nightmare was stunned, (My armor… can’t withstand this pounding! I just can’t keep up! All I can do is wait for the right instant to counter!) He then began to gather a massive amount of Shadow energy into his right arm. However, Neo was attacking him with such speed and force that Nightmare was almost completely helpless! “SO… ARE… YOU… BEGGING… FOR… MERCY?! WELL… TOO… BAD! I’M… GONNA… MAKE… YOU… SUFFER!” Neo assaulted Nightmare with the strongest attacks he could think of. Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Volt Tackle, Aeroblast, even Horn Drill! At last, Neo used Hydro Cannon. Even though he wasn’t affected by the recoil that much, Nightmare got his chance. He teleported behind Neo while he recovered from the recoil from using the mighty Water type attack. Quickly, Nightmare spoke, “HA HA HA HA HA! YOU TRIED SO HARD, BUT YOU WILL FAIL! I WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD ONCE I’M DONE WITH YOU! BUT NOW, YOU DIE!!!!!” When he finished that sentence, Nightmare unleashed a ridiculously powerful blast of Shadow energy from his hand! Everyone who had taken part in the battle looked on in sheer horror as the ultimate bioweapon was engulfed by the deadliest attack they had ever seen! When the smoke cleared, they saw Neo fly into a tree. He was barely conscious.

    Nightmare walked over to Neo and held out his hand. “You were a fool. However, I respect you enough to make your end quick and painless.” He began to gather Shadow energy for one final blast. Neo saw his entire life flash before his eyes. His life had lasted less than a year, but he had thoroughly enjoyed himself. Still, he felt terrible grief for failing to complete his duty as the Guardian of the Chosen One. His rainbow colored aura disappeared and his eyes and hair returned to their original colors. (Master. I have….. failed…)

    Just before Nightmare ended Neo’s life, he stopped at the sound of a cough. It got everyone’s attention. The sound had come from Ash’s corpse. He coughed again. He hardly moved, but he was alive. Just barely. Latias whispered, “Ash… My love… Thank you… Even if we die, at least we’ll die within the same minute.” Nightmare dissipated the Shadow energy in his hand, “So, he still lives.” He then walked over to Ash and stood in front of him. He was lying face down in a puddle of his own blood. His wounds were mortal. Even though he was alive, Ash was dying.

    Nightmare spoke, “So, Chosen One. Do you know why you are in this predicament?” Ash remained silent. “Never mind. I know you can hear me, but you are probably in too much pain to speak. Anyway, I’ll tell why. You have always respected and befriended the weak. Think of the Pokemon you raised. Even after unlocking the first step of your potential you still treated them as equals. You had no use for them and yet, you still kept them by your side. How pathetic.” Mewtwo thought, (Monster. He kept us by his side because he loved us. Not because we fought for him. He was our friend. My… friend…) Mewtwo could no longer think as he silently burst into tears.

    Nightmare continued, “The Pokemon that you raised were always your biggest weakness. Even at the risk of injury, you always stopped my underlings from taking any Pokemon you had grown even remotely attached to. You even fell in love with one and became a father to that Pokemon’s offspring. They were both inferior to your abilities and you kept them by your side and loved them. What nonsense. You’ve been a fool all along.” Latias yelled, “Shut up! You could never know what it’s like to fall in love and have children! You always been interested in nothing more than personal gain! You have no right to criticize him!”

    Ignoring Latias, Nightmare went on, “Well, you can easily see that your pointless bond with your Pokemon and friends has led to your own death. Regardless of whether I strike now or not make no difference. You are losing so much blood that your life will soon come to an end. I don’t pity the weak like you do. That is why you are dying and I am alive and well. I suppose that I’m just rambling now. Soon, you will die, AND I’LL MAKE THIS ENTIRE WORLD SUFFER! EVERYTHING WILL BURN TO THE GROUND! ESPECIALLY YOUR LOVED ONES! AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS! I’ll make sure your children and sweetheart get SPECIAL TREATMENT! FUH WAH HA HA HA HAA!”

    Nightmare had no way of knowing, but everything he said was making Ash madder and madder. But when he spoke what he intended to do to Latias and his children, something snapped inside of him. In his mind, Ash saw the three orbs. The blood red one was still glowing with a maleficent aura while the golden one was a little dim. Just then, the golden orb began to shine just as brightly as the red one! Then, the third orb, the one in between the two, began to shine with an intense white light! The two other orbs began to gravitate towards the white one. The instant they touched, his vision ended. The time had come.

    Nightmare thought he heard something and asked, “Hmm? Did you say something?” To everyone’s shock, Ash began to slowly climb to his feet! His body was dripping with his blood and the hole made by Nightmare’s sword could be seen in his jacket. Once Ash was standing he yelled, “I… won’t… LET YOU!!!!” At that instant, red lightning emitted from his eyes and zapped Nightmare well! He let out a loud scream of pain and was blown a good distance away! Latios stuttered, “Wha….. When….. How did he do that?!” Mewtwo replied, “I think Nightmare just stirred up a hornet nest.” Ash just stood there while his eyes glowed like red embers. He levitated a short distance into the air and covered his face with a cross shaped guard stance. He pulled up his legs and appeared to be in a fetal position.

    “IMPOSSIBLE! IT CAN’T BE!” Nightmare flew at Ash, “I’m not going to wait for you to die on your own! It’s over!” As he closed in on him, Ash let out a growl of a beast. Just when Nightmare was about to send his fist into Ash’s face, Ash threw his arms and legs down and blew Nightmare away with a shout! With a yell, he ascended into his first form, his hair having turned silver while a golden flame enshrouded his body. Then, with a scream of rage, a sphere of darkness quickly expanded from his body as he entered his second form. Then, he lowered to a few inches off the ground in an instant and created a wide, but shallow crater below him! Two inter dimensional gates with runic inscriptions on their golden rims opened out of nowhere at his sides. His dark aura disappeared as lightning flashed across the sky! He curled up again as arcing bolts of unknown power entered his body from the gates! He let out an otherworldly groan as a runic gate appeared from inside his body and surrounded him. Suddenly, a third gate opened above him! Triangular arcs of energy flashed in between the three gates! Finally, Ash let out another strange groan as the earth began to shake as lightning rained down next to him. One by one, three runic gates closed in on his body. Once the third disappeared into him, Ash’s body turned completely black. Suddenly, he let out a roar like a scream from a netherworld as the entire area was engulfed with white light! Trees were uprooted and boulders turned into sand!

    Back at the gates of Ever Grande City, Amber, Onyx, Pikachu, and all the other Pokemon in the world stopped crying abruptly. May asked, “Are you feeling better now?” Amber yelled, “Daddy’s OK!” Onyx added, “Yep, and he’s really mad too!” Almost instantly, the rain stopped. Suddenly, a pillar of holy light shot into the sky from where Ash and his friends were! Meowth spoke, “Whoa, I don’t think we want to get any closer than this. Something BIG is going on over there!” James asked, “Do you think it has something to do with that twerp?” Meowth replied, “Actually, I think it IS the twerp!” May could feel it too. (What is this I’m feeling? It feels like Ash, but not the Ash I know. Its light… no, dark! Wait, it’s….. both?!)

    The light receded on the battlefield. Latias felt her heart leap when she saw Ash standing up. His wounds had healed somehow. However, he was enveloped by red and black flames, a sure sign of the power of darkness. Also, two runic circles were spinning around him. They were changing from blood red to gold. Just then, the flames and circles disappeared, and everyone gasped at Ash’s new form. His hair had grown to about 2 feet long and was pointing up and back! It had become pure white with some of it tinged with gold coloration. His clothes had also transformed. His shirt and pants had changed in appearance as well as in color. They had become black, white, and light blue while appearing to have the sturdiness of armor. However, the most shocking change was his eyes. They had become empty and white. He almost looked like some sort of spirit or demon! Neo managed to think, (What is this power? Could this be the true potential of the Chosen One? The… Ultimate Power to defend life on Earth? I can’t believe that I’ve lived to see it…) He lost consciousness.

    Nightmare flew over to Ash and stopped several feet from him. “What’s this? A new level?” To everyone’s horror, he created a new sword and held it above his head! “HA! A useless transformation! NOW DIE!” The instant he swung his sword, there was a sudden flash. Without moving another part of his body, Ash summoned a sword of dark energy and stopped Nightmare’s attack. Suddenly, it changed. The sword became solid and was about a few inches longer than his whole body! The blade was black and was single edged. It had a faint golden glow all over it. Near the hilt were four spikes in an X shape sticking out from where the blade was attached. The blade also had a blood red edge on both sides. There were light blue runes on one half of the blade while gold ones were on the other. Lastly, the blade was somewhat serrated. Two extrusions that resembled curved fangs were pointing upwards from the cutting side of the blade, giving the blade three tips.

    “WHAT?!” Nightmare shouted when Ash’s sword materialized. Suddenly, in a flash of light, Ash sent Nightmare soaring over the horizon with a single slash! Nightmare screamed as he went flying. Just then, Ash appeared to vanish. As Nightmare hurdled through the uppermost atmosphere of the planet, Ash reappeared and flew after him while engulfed by black and red flames and the runic circles from a moment before. In the night sky, Ash appeared to be a bloody looking comet!

    While still moving at high speed, Ash made his flames and rings disappear and took a stance. Nightmare came flying back at him to continue the fight. However, Ash slashed through him three times with his sword! Suddenly, Nightmare surrounded by darkness as he felt the sword cut into him three more times. Just then, he heard an extremely distorted voice shout, “DIE!” as a blood red wave of energy covered with runic inscriptions sliced through him! Ash then began to ram into Nightmare from many directions! He then slashed him from above and punched him from behind with the force of lightning! By this time, they had flown 25% around the Earth!

    Ash then disappeared and opened a portal to another dimension. Somehow, Nightmare had gotten inside as well and was quickly pummeled by the Chosen One. After knocking Nightmare out through another portal, Ash smacked Nightmare around a little more to knock him off balance. Then, he began to blast him rapidly with powerful bursts of energy from his right palm! After blowing Nightmare away with a final blast at point blank, Ash had flown halfway around the planet! No Pokemon or human who saw him in the stratosphere couldn’t stop themselves from cheering.

    Ash caught up with Nightmare and slashed him a few more times with his wicked sword. After that, he disappeared while two portals opened at Nightmares sides! A shadow of Ash appeared in each one. Simultaneously, they blasted him with a burst of green energy! Ash appeared below Nightmare with a roar and slammed him through one of the portals! However, he ended up flying out the other one and into Ash’s boot! He then grabbed him by the face and let a surge of light and dark energy zap Nightmare’s body! Ash then quickly flew around Nightmare while screaming and slashing away at him! The last slash sent him towards the last 25% of space that they had not entered yet.

    Suddenly, a whirlwind swallowed Nightmare and four orbs of energy were sucked in too! They began to blast Nightmare from all directions as they spun around him, causing him to wail in pain! After a minute of tormenting Nightmare, Ash shot through the whirlwind and snatched up one of the orbs. He fired three blasts from it before chucking it into Nightmare, which caused it to explode like a grenade. He did the same with another orb, but grabbed both of the remaining orbs and dumped all their power into on potent blast! After punching Nightmare into place, Ash began to hack away at him while screaming at the top of his lungs! The final slash created an X shaped tear in the dimensional field for an instant! Also, Nightmare was sent flying straight down towards Ever Grande City!

    At the gates of Ever Grande City, Jessie finally brought up the question, “Um, where’s the Boss, anyway?” Just then, Max yelled, “INCOMING! GET DOWN!” A second later, a screaming Nightmare barely overshot the group and crashed through a boulder ahead of them! He finally came to a stop on his back. James freaked, “YIKES! Don’t tell me that’s the Boss?!” Nightmare replied, “GRAHH, NOT ANYMORE I’M NOT! I have no use for you or anyone else!” Meowth sighed, “Guess dat means we’re fired.” Just then, Pikachu let out a shout when he looked up. Ash landed in front of the group with his back turned. Amber squealed, “DADDY! YOU’RE OK!” Before Ash could say anything back to her, his daughter was up in his face and kissing him. Ash remained silent, but gently embraced her. Onyx asked, “Wow, Dad! What happened to your clothes and hair?” He looked back at his son. Everyone jumped at the look of his empty eyes. They were completely white, making it impossible to guess what he was feeling by looking at them. Grovyle muttered, “So this is the power of the Chosen One.” Finally, Ash spoke with his heavily distorted voice. However, his tone was gentle, “Amber, please stay with everyone. I’m not done yet.” She looked like she was going to cry, but replied, “OK. Promise me that you’ll come back alive with Mommy!” “I promise.” He let go of her and turned to face Nightmare.

    By this time, Nightmare had managed to climb to his feet. Shaken, he stuttered, “Wh…What? Wha…What are y…” However, he was cut off by a lightning backed blow to the face! He went sailing into a nearby forest. Frustrated beyond belief, the ancient evil within Nightmare took complete command of his body from Giovanni. He yelled, “Why you little freak!” Suddenly, a laser like blast of Shadow energy sent Ash into a wall! Taking the opportunity, Nightmare began to focus all his mental potential on unleashing all the Shadow energy sealed within his own body. The earth began to shake. Just then, Nightmare let out a roar of strain and frustration as he flooded the entire planet with Shadow energy in an instant! An intense blood red aura covered Nightmare’s body while black mist billowed from his armor! The world was plunged into darkness as lightning streaked across the blackened sky. With all the Shadow energy he needed, Nightmare intended to end this fight once and for all.

    Ash teleported in front of Nightmare and tried to slam him with his elbow. However, Nightmare was at his strongest now and blocked the bone crushing attack with ease! With a high kick, Nightmare sent Ash into the sky. For just a second, the two fighters matched each other blow for blow. Then Nightmare got the upper hand when he knocked Ash around and slashed him with his massive sword! This only awakened Ash’s wrath as he got behind Nightmare in an instant and let out a scream like a sonic boom! However, he flew ahead of Nightmare and swooped into him and slashed him with his sword, only to intercept Nightmare and slash him again! However, after that, they locked blades. Before Ash could react, Nightmare landed a quick combo of painful slashes on Ash and kicked him towards Viridian Forest!

    Ash had hardly landed when Nightmare caught up to him. He bashed his enemy around for a second before Ash sucker punched him away! However, Nightmare dropkicked Ash from behind at speeds that no one could detect! A moment later, a tree that was nearby fell over only seconds after Nightmare cut it by mistake. When Ash landed, he reverse ax kicked Nightmare over him! When Nightmare caught up to him again, they began to lock swords while trying to get the upper hand in the fight! Finally, they dashed at each other like in a jousting match! However, Nightmare won that scuffle when his sword clipped Ash’s side, causing him to hold his ribs in pain. Not wasting any time, Nightmare quickly slashed away for a second before kicking Ash to the sky! When he caught up to him, Nightmare struck Ash with a roundhouse kick before following up with a barrage of punches and kicks. After another roundhouse kick, he performed a combo with his sword. Finally, Nightmare performed three consecutive roundhouse kicks to send Ash to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere! However, Nightmare beat him to it and slammed him towards Ever Grande City. He wanted to make sure that his closest friends could see the death of the Chosen One. Finally, just before Ash hit the ground, Nightmare sucker punched him into a tree, causing him to let out a groan.

    “HA HA HAA! I promised you that I would give your sweetheart SPEACIAL TREATMENT! What could be more special than making her watch you die?!” Before Latias, Bayleef, Nightmare, or anyone else could respond, Ash let out an inhuman roar, “NNNNIIIGGGHHHTTTMMMAAARRREEE!!!!” All Nightmare could say was, “NO WAY!” In an instant, Ash rammed him a good distance away! He began to somersault into the air as a golden aura emanated from his body while a golden runic circle closed in around him. The instant it entered his body, Ash let out a scream that was almost painful to hear! His body was surrounded by a fiercely pulsing golden sphere of light while red lightning streaked around its surface! Lastly, waves of darkness billowed around the sphere. Ash’s rage had reached its peak and he had unleashed his potential to its fullest!

    “You’ve been a thorn in my side for too long. THIS ENDS NOW!” Nightmare flew at Ash to finish him off! However, Ash ducked under him and hit him with a kick to the gut that sent him towards the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere! In an instant, Ash was soaring toward him while twirling his sword in one hand while screaming in rage! When he caught up to the Nightmare, Ash lodged his sword in him! Then he began to thrust it in and out of him without even touching it! During the attack, Nightmare was also being engulfed by black explosions! He then grabbed the sword and began to slash away at Nightmare from one side and then the other. He then began firing massive blasts of light energy from his hands while giving his vocal cords a real workout! He then slashed away at Nightmare again with his sword while three shadows of him did the same from behind! Finally, he began to alternately fire light and dark energy from both hands in huge burst at extremely high speed! Nightmare was in agony at this brutal beating. At last, Ash summoned a sword made of dark energy and, with his solid sword, began to slash away at Nightmare while being fueled by nothing more than rage. Once that was over, Ash took his solid sword and thrust Nightmare into a portal that Ash made behind him! They were engulfed into the very same dark dimension that Ash acquired his dark energy from!

    All around him, Nightmare could see only a kaleidoscope of spiraling colors, as well as the screams of countless demons undergoing punishment. He was in a frantic spin. Suddenly, Ash flew up at him from below and drilled right through Nightmare, cutting him in half at the waste! No words could describe the pain he felt. Finally, four interdimensional gates opened at different angles around Nightmare, with a shadow of Ash in each of them. Each was holding a large sphere of light energy in their hands! Nightmares last words were, “No….NO…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” All at once, the four shadows blasted Nightmare with massive blasts of pure light energy! Nightmare let out one last scream of agony as the light energy erased his dark soul. Giovanni was more fortunate. Ash had enough mercy left in his heart to not destroy him entirely.

    The moment that Nightmare ceased to exist, the sky on Earth returned to its original blue or black color, depending on the time zone. In the Orange Islands, Lugia breathed a sigh of relief, “He did it. The Chosen One has saved us all.” All Pokemon on the planet rejoiced at the triumph of their savior. Somehow, even humanity knew of what had happened and rejoiced as well.

    Ash emerged from a portal from the dark realm at the battle field where his fiancé and friends laid, still too injured to move. With a bright flash, Ash let out a gentle breath as his friends wounds began to quickly heal. In a moment, everyone was back on their feet. The first two to approach Ash were Latias and Bayleef. With tears of joy, they embraced the boy they loved and nearly lost. Mewtwo and Latios came next. They too were in tears and they gently hugged their closest friend. Then, Ash saw Neo still unconscious. He was still leaning against the tree where Nightmare had left him. “Excuse me.” Ash made his way past his friends towards his most trusted and valued ally.

    As he got closer, Ash noticed that Neo’s wounds had not healed. Was he just out of range? Ash’s friends, as well as the Pokemon who tried to stop The Nightmare from enslaving the world, watched with dread. Neo was in bad shape, even for an immortal bioweapon. Ash kneeled down in front of Neo and, with his strangely distorted voice, gently spoke, “Neo, thank you. You tried so hard to keep me alive to fulfill my duty. You are a wonderful Guardian, but you are an even better friend. Thank y…” Ash stopped short of what he was going to say. Latias spoke, “Ash? Mewtwo, what’s wrong with him?” Mewtwo’s eyes went wide, “No….. It can’t be….” Latias was shocked at the sight of tears falling from Mewtwo’s face!

    Ash placed his hand on Neo’s shoulder. Just then, his empty eyes began to shed tears. With his voice breaking, Ash spoke, “No….. Oh Neo….. What have I done?” That last blast of Shadow energy The Nightmare got Neo with was too heavily concentrated. It was his only weakness and he got the worst of it. With the Shadow energy seeping into his body, no amount of self healing moves could save him. Ash embraced his closest friend and wept, “Neo, I’m sorry. I could have entered this form the minute Nightmare had finished pummeling me. But I was afraid. I thought that if I ascended into my ultimate form, I thought that I would have become even more uncontrollable than when I reached my second form for the first time. If I only knew that he would have….. If only I….. Oh Neo, forgive me!”

    Ash tightly embraced his friend’s corpse as he cried his eyes out. Soon, everyone around him joined in. They had lost a dear brother and friend. Some of them had lost the only family they had. Neo, Guardian of the Chosen One, XD-385, the Ultimate Bioweapon, was no more.
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Unhappy Farewell to the Guardian

    After burying his best friend, Ash and co. move on to register for the League tournament. However, he tries to keep Neo's death a secret from everyone, but caves when confronted by May and Pikachu. A few days later, Pikachu and May make a shocking discovery, and a certain character in the tournament catches Ash's eye.

    Throughout the Hoenn region, Pokemon were celebrating the Chosen One’s triumph over the Nightmare. From the brink of death, he had tapped into his full potential and destroyed him, removing him from existence, forever. However, Ash Ketchum, the Chosen One himself, was anything but pleased. Through his success at fulfilling his destiny, he had lost his Guardian. Even though he had saved the Earth, he felt like a failure.

    Ash gripped his closest friend’s corpse while sobbing heavily. His fiancé, Latias, as well as his closest friends stood by, silently mourning their brother’s death. Mewtwo thought, “He was so young. Why did he have to die?” Suddenly, the ground began to quake. When everyone looked at Ash, they saw that the red and black flames had enveloped his body again! A massive shockwave sent everyone backwards as Ash began to scream at the top of his lungs. Tears where falling from his face as he felt a surge of sorrow, loss, rage, and hatred for himself. The entire planet felt like it was falling to pieces!

    Bayleef struggled to climb to her feet while being buffeted by strong winds, “What’s wrong with him?! Why is he doing this?!” Latios yelled, “I don’t know, but if we don’t calm him down soon, he’ll shake this whole planet until it falls apart!” Only Latias had the courage to approach Ash while braving his surging dark aura. After a few heart stopping minutes, she managed to place her arm on his shoulder. “Ash, I know it hurts! I know what it’s like to lose someone dear to you! But you still have us! We won’t leave you! Neo did not die in vain. It was not your fault!” Bit by bit, Ash’s aura became weaker and weaker. Soon, it completely disappeared and his armor returned to being his normal clothing. His white hair returned to normal length and turned black again. When Ash opened his eyes, they were the gentle brown color that Latias loved so much.

    Bayleef, Latios, and Mewtwo approached their friend to try to keep him calm. Suddenly, Ash yelled, “You don’t get it! I’m the one who let Neo die! I could have saved him, but I choked!” He started to cry again and fell to his knees. Mewtwo spoke, “Perhaps you could have saved him, but look.” Ash looked at Neo’s corpse and was shocked by what he overlooked. Even in death, he was smiling. “You see, the only thing that mattered to him was your survival. He died happy, knowing that you would live on. Don’t dishonor his sacrifice.” At last, Ash stopped crying. He wiped his tears away and embraced Mewtwo, “Thanks. I needed that.” Mewtwo patted his back, “My pleasure.”

    Ash let go of Mewtwo and turned to Groundon, who was still nearby. “Groundon, I need a chunk of rock.” As directed, he thrust his massive claw underground and yanked up a solid piece of bedrock. Ash took it and set it next to the tree were Neo had fallen. Next he summoned his sword, which still glowed an eerie gold. With a single swing, he created a shallow hole next to the tree. Oh so gently, he laid Neo’s body in it and began to cover it with the dirt he had removed. “Neo….. I’m sorry that I let you die. You always wanted me to be happy, and even threw your own life away for it. I’ll never forget you.” Once Neo’s corpse had been laid to rest, Ash took the chunk of rock and embedded it into the ground at the end of the fresh dirt. Then, using his sword, carved out a few words in the makeshift tombstone. “Goodbye… friend.” Neo’s brothers and sisters gathered around the grave to pay their final respects. After they had said their farewell’s, Ash spoke to his friends, “I know this sounds cold, but don’t tell anyone what happened to Neo, especially Amber and Onyx.” Latias agreed, as did everyone else. They were only a few days old and would probably not understand. Lastly, Ho-oh came forward. After spreading her wings, she shed some of her rainbow-colored feathers over the grave, which seemed to absorb them. “Rest in peace, my beloved child.” To Ho-oh, Neo was not her brother, but her son. Soon, Ash thanked his many friends before they returned to their homes. He then began to walk towards Ever Grande City, where his friends and children were waiting for him. Mew two, Latias, Latios, and Bayleef stayed close by. On the tombstone, there were just these words, “Here rests Neo, the Guardian of the Chosen One. Born a Destroyer, lived a Guardian, died a hero.”

    As soon as Ash and his friends and fiancé came within their sight, Amber, Onyx, Pikachu, and all of Ash’s other Pokemon came running over to him. Amber and Onyx couldn’t stop themselves from crying as they embraced their mother and father. “Mommy, Daddy, we were so worried!” Latias whispered, “Shhhhh, we are all right, my babies. Daddy made sure we would be fine.” Ash tried to smile, but was not doing a very good job of it. As soon as they all reached the rest of their friends, May burst into tears and embraced Ash. She couldn’t even speak, she was that relieved to see him alive. Max spoke, “Are you really OK, Ash? Hey, where’s Neo?” Everyone looked at him. Ash tried to smile again, “He had some business to take care of back in Mossdeep City. He’ll be back.” Max breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s cool. I almost thought he was dead for a second!” Ash left out a nervous laugh.

    Meowth suddenly ran up to Ash, “Wait a sec! Where’s da Boss?!” James added, “Yeah, you should know! Where is he?!” A moment passed before Ash looked at Team Rocket with a cold stare, “Your boss…………………… dead.” Team Rocket was in shock. Brock asked, “Ash, did you really…?” Ash looked downwards, “I didn’t have a choice.” Latios spoke after a moment of silence, “He had to kill him. He even claimed he was going to give us “Special Treatment”. Finally, Ash said, “Well, I guess I’ll go register now. I don’t want to miss the competition after everything I’ve gone through.” As Ash walked through the gates, Jessie shouted, “Wait!” Ash sighed, “What now?” All three of them dropped to their knees, “Well… We don’t have anywhere to go now. Team Rocket is gone. Please, let us come with you! We’ll make it up to you some how!” Ash thought about it for a moment, and then said, “Fine, you can come with us. But if you try anything stupid…..” Team Rocket froze at the sight of Ash’s eyes turning completely white again. “You can figure it out.” After Ash’s eyes returned to normal, Team Rocket grasped his legs, giddily thanking him for giving them a second chance. Bayleef muttered, “That’s the Ash I fell in love with. Always so forgiving.”

    After registering and checking into a hotel, which was free for participating Trainers and their companions, Ash locked himself in his bedroom. As he thought back, he could feel more and more hatred for himself. “Neo… You did so much for me… You brought me and Latias together. You brought Latios back from the dead. You helped me and Mewtwo become friends. And, in return, I…..” Suddenly, Ash heard knocking on the window. When he looked up, he saw Amber and Onyx floating outside. After letting them in, they tackled him playfully to the bed! Ash let out a slight chuckle.

    As Ash hugged his two children, Amber whispered, “I love you, Daddy.” This caught Ash by surprise. Onyx added, “I love you too, Daddy.” Suddenly, Ash felt tears dripping onto his face. “Daddy, don’t ever leave us and Mommy again. Please.” Ash grinned a little, “Hey, I’m really sorry if I worried you, but I’m fine now. You’re my kids and I want to be a good Dad to you, even if I’m still a kid myself.” Amber and Onyx looked up at him with a baffled look. “Really?” Ash let out a good laugh, “Yeah! I guess you can’t count yet, but I’m still just twelve years old! Hahahaha!” Amber and Onyx giggled. Their own Dad could relate to them better than they thought. Onyx asked, “Daddy, what’s that?” He pointed to a red plastic object sticking out of his backpack. “Oh, that’s my Pokedex. It has info on a lot of different Pokemon. Want to see?” His two children squealed and flew over to it and carried it back to their father. For the next hour, Ash showed his children as much data as he could find in the Pokedex.

    Late that night, Ash stayed up. The guilt of having let his Guardian die still weighed heavily on his mind. He had tucked his kids into bed and gave them both a goodnight kiss. Latias had gone to bed after Ash told her that he would be along shortly. In fact, it had been over an hour. “I could have saved him. I could have… but I…..” Ash was startled by the sound of footsteps behind him. When he turned around, he blushed at the sight of May in a nightgown. They were on the roof of the hotel. Pikachu had accompanied her and seemed really sleepy.

    May yawned, “Ash, what are you doing up so late? It’s not like you to stay up like this.” Ash remained silent for a moment and replied, “I just needed some air. That’s all.” May’s tone turned serious, “No it’s not! There’s something you’re not telling me.” Ash began to sweat a little, “What are you talking about?” May looked hurt, “I’ve seen you depressed before, but not like this. Even after you killed Black Tulip, your depression was different from this.” Pikachu looked up at May and then at Ash. May then said, “Something happened to Neo. Tell me. Where is he?!” Ash sighed, “Fine, I’ll tell you. But you have to promise to keep this a secret from everyone, especially Amber and Onyx. Pikachu, the same goes for you.” They both nodded. “Neo… not coming back. The Nightmare…..he killed him.” May just stood there. Pikachu just muttered something, and then fell silent. Finally, May spoke, “You’re lying. Neo is immortal! He can’t die!” Ash tearfully explained everything that happened to his two friends. At the end, they were both in tears.

    “So…..that’s why. I see why you don’t want your babies to know about it. They would be devastated.” Ash nodded. “By the way, where is his grave?” Just as he was about to answer, Ash noticed an Emerald green glow coming from outside the city, near where he buried Neo. “Uh, over there.” May was shocked by the weird glow. “Is that normal?” Ash shook his head, “I dunno, but I know he’s dead. That glow is probably nothing. Well, I’m going to bed. Good night May, Pikachu.” Ash went back downstairs and joined his fiancé in bed, leaving a stunned Pikachu and May on the roof, shaken by news of Neo’s death.

    A few days later, Ash slept later than he usually did. When he walked downstairs to the lobby, he heard, “So master, you ready to show the world your Trainer skills?” Ash’s heart leapt. He looked over to one of the sofas, where he heard the voice. For an instant, he saw his best friend and Guardian, Neo. But reality caught up with Ash’s mind, and Neo’s image vanished. Ash almost felt like crying. Life without Neo seemed unbearable now. “Ash!” Ash looked over to his group of friends who were having breakfast. “Hi, Daddy! We saved you some doughnuts!” Ash walked over and sat down, halfheartedly nibbling on a doughnut.

    Brock spoke first, “Hey Ash, did you know that the tournament started today?” Ash glanced over to him. Brock went on, “Lucky for you, your opponent called in sick and you won by default. Pretty lucky, if you ask me.” Ash didn’t care. He had lost almost all interest in battling. Suddenly, he noticed that May and Pikachu were not present. “Hey, where’s May and Pikachu?” James spoke, “Oh, they went out somewhere. They said they would be back in under an hour. Hm? What’s with the stare?” Ash replied, “I completely forgot about you three.”

    May and Pikachu were not far from the battlefield where the planet’s fate was decided. May had picked out a bouquet of flowers to place on Neo’s grave. However, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see the grave of a good friend. However, when she came within sight of the gravestone, both she and Pikachu stopped. May muttered, “Oh no….. He’s been…..” May dropped her bunch of flowers before running straight back to Ever Grande city.

    Ash, Laitas, and Bayleef were watching some TV to pass the time. Suddenly, there was something banging on the door to their room! “ASH! OPEN UP!” Ash opened the door to see May and Pikachu looking like they had seen a ghost. “What’s up?” After taking a seat and catching her breath, May went on, “Neo’s grave! He…it…” Ash interrupted, “What? Couldn’t you find it?” Pikachu spoke, even though May couldn’t understand him, “It was empty! Someone dug up his grave!” Everyone in the room froze. “He was…grave robbed?!” This was bad. If Team Magma or Team Aqua had retrieved his corpse, they may be able to use his DNA to craft a more obedient clone to conquer the planet!

    Ash stuttered, “This is bad… Really bad!” Before anyone could say anything, Bayleef yelled, “Ash! You have to see this!” On the television, a reporter spoke, “We have just seen all the preliminaries completed. One Trainer in particular really stood out. He won the match without a single attack striking his Pokemon! What was more; he used only one throughout the entire match! Let’s get some words from this prodigy. Axl, do you think you’ll have any trouble reaching the finals?” The camera moved to capture the face of the boy the reporter was referring to. As soon as Axl could be seen, Ash, Pikachu, Bayleef and Latias stared dumbfounded at the screen. “Oh, I think the only opponent I have to worry about is Ash Ketchum! He is my brother, after all.” The reporter wrapped things up, “There you have it, everyone! From Axl Ketchum himself, he seems to have his eyes set on one opponent. But will he be able to defeat his next opponent and meet his brother in the finals?! We’ll see tomorrow, when the semifinals occur. Until then, this is reporter Gabby, signing off.”

    Everyone in the room screamed, “AXL KETCHUM?!” Latias yelled, “Ash, he looks and sounds just like you! Do you really have a twin brother?!” Ash replied, “No way! If I had a twin brother, I would know! But did you see his clothes?! They were the same ones that I wore when I was taking the last three League challenges! How did he get those?!” Just then, the phone to the room ran. When Ash answered it, he heard his Mom speaking, “Ash! Who was that on TV just now?!” Ash answered, “I have no idea! Those clothes he’s wearing! Did he steal them from the house!?” Delia answered, “No. I just went upstairs and checked your room. Your clothes and hat are right where I left them.” Ash was silent for a moment. “Mom, I don’t know who that guy is, but I’ll be sure to make it to the finals to ask him myself. See ya, Mom.”

    “This “Axl” Ketchum…… Who is he? And what connection does he have with Ash? Is he really a long lost brother? I guess it would be pretty interesting if he was, but I really doubt it.” Latias couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was in store for them. Ash yelled, “Heh, if that Axl guy wants to meet me in the finals, well, bring it on! I’ll make sure to beat the next opponent without them forfeiting!” Latias giggled, “I was wondering where the Ash I fell in love with disappeared to!” Ash smiled, “Yeah, I feel a lot better now. This time….. I will become the Champ! My dream is to become the world’s greatest Pokemon Master! I’ve waited long enough! This time, the world will learn the name, Ash Ketchum!”
    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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    Default Father and Son

    Man, I sure took my time updating this! A short but sweet chapter. After Ash learns of Axl, he decides to spend some time with a very special friend. Meanwhile, Axl purchases a very important gift.

    “OK! Well, I’m going for a walk to think up a strategy for the next match. Amber, Onyx, be good for Uncle Mewtwo. OK?” “OK, Daddy! We promise!” Ash headed out the revolving doors of the hotel. After hearing a Trainer by the name of Axl Ketchum claim that he was his brother, Ash was completely focused on making it to the finals.

    “Hey, Ash! Were ya going?!” Ash stopped at the sound of his own voice. “Wow, I didn’t think I could sound that loud just by thinking.” He heard his voice again, “I’m over here! Don’t make me chase you!” Ash suddenly realized that it wasn’t him that was talking at all and looked around. His eyes rested on what he thought was himself, but realized that his reflection was wearing his former Trainer garbs. “What the…?! YOU! YOU’RE AXL!!!”

    “Yeah, I’m Axl. Are you really so surprised to see your own brother?” Ash pointed at him, “Yeah, right! Mom told me that I never had a brother! Now, who are you?!” Axl shook his head, “Come on, I know we’ve never seen each other, but just relax. Oh yeah, I came to tell you about your next opponent.” This made Ash shut up. “I don’t know if you know him, but his name is Lance. OK, see ya!” Axl turned and headed towards the Pokemon Center.

    “Lance…..I never thought I’d face him here…” Ash wondered as he took a stroll. “I’ll bet his Dragonite is as tough as ever. I wonder if that red Gyarados is OK now.” The more Ash thought about it, the more fired up he got. “Yeah. He’s the champion from Johto! This will be one heck of a match! What the?!” Something had swooped under Ash and took off with him into the sky! However, he couldn’t see what was carrying him! “What’s going on here?! Is it a ghost?!” Soon, a familiar voice spoke, “Just calm down. I’m taking you somewhere special.”

    After a minute of flying, Ash was set down in a vast field of flowers. “Ever Grande City is surrounded by patches of flower fields like this.” The invisible figure revealed itself. “Latios! Why did you bring me here?” The dragon smiled, “As peaceful as it is here, I thought it would be a great place to think.” Ash lay down in the flowers and tried to think of the best way to take on Lance.

    Latios lay on his back with his head parallel to Ash’s. “You know, Dragon Type Pokemon are weak against their own element. I had a word with Latias and she wants to take part in the battle. I also heard it will be a Double Battle, so we will be fighting side by side. What do you say?” Ash grinned, “OK. But you better not let anything bad happen to her.” Latios chuckled, “No worries. Oh, I wanted to give you something.” Latios floated up and over Ash. He then set himself down on top of him and embraced him. “Uh, Latios…this is really awkward.” Latios sighed, “You’re like the little brother I never had. I’ve always liked you.” Ash blushed a little and embraced Latios back, running his hands through his feathers.

    “Um, Latios?” The blue dragon looked at Ash. “Could you fly me to the Orange Islands?” Latios smiled, “Absolutely. Climb aboard.” Latios let go of Ash and turned himself upright. Once Ash was safely onboard, Latios tucked in his arms and took off at supersonic speed. “YAAAHHHHH!!!! YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME ABOUT THIS!!!” Ash was gripping Latios’s neck in sheer terror.

    In under an hour, the two brothers were in the Orange Islands. Latios slowed down and asked, “We’re here. Where should I drop you off?” Ash looked around and saw where he wanted to go. “That island down there.” Latios began to descend. As soon as Ash touched the ground, he dropped to his knees. “Ah, solid ground!” Latios asked, “So, when would you like me to come back for you?” Ash gave this some thought and replied, “Tomorrow.” Latios was curious of what Ash planned on doing overnight on a deserted island, but he wasn’t going to interrupt him. “OK. I’ll try to keep your kids entertained. Take care!” Latios took to the sky and rocketed back towards Ever Grande City.

    Once Latios was out of sight, Ash turned to face the ocean. “Lugia, come out!” Almost immediately, a large figure erupted out of the water and landed before Ash. “You called?” Ash embraced his friend, “It’s been a while.” Lugia asked, “So, what do you need from me?” Ash backed away and blushed a little, “Well, I just wanted to spend the day with you. Is that OK?” Lugia smiled, “Of course. What kind of father would refuse a day with his child?” Ash looked up in surprise, but calmed down when he remembered their last meeting.

    “Well, climb aboard.” Lugia lowered his wing for Ash. “OK. Where are we going?” Ash asked as he climbed aboard. “Home.” Lugia made a dive into the sea, but Ash was completely dry due to a psychic barrier Lugia was projecting over his back. As they moved over the seafloor, Ash marveled at all the life around them. The corals and other filter feeders lined the floor with color. Any Water type Pokemon they passed gave Ash an odd stare, wondering why he wasn’t drowning.

    “Well, there it is.” Ash looked ahead and saw a domed rock formation only several meters under the surface. At its base was an opening large enough for Lugia to pass through. Soon, they were passing through it and up a tunnel. Before long, they emerged from a pool of water. Ash marveled at the home of Lugia. It was surprisingly roomy. Many light blue crystals adorned the ceiling. He also noticed a wide pile of what seemed to be silver feathers. Lugia noticed and said, “That is a bed that I crafted from my own feathers.” Ash ran over to it and belly flopped onto it. He didn’t bounce at all and was slightly swallowed. “Wow, this is soft!” Lugia chuckled, “Well, feathers aren’t exactly bouncy!”

    Back at Ever Grande City, Axl was looking around for a jewelry store. “There’s just got to be one somewhere! Oh, there!” Axl ran inside one that was across the street. “Welcome! Oh my, it’s uncommon for someone so young to visit!” Axl laughed, “I guess, but I need to get something for my brother and his girlfriend. They’re getting married eventually and I was wondering if I could get them a pair of wedding bracelets.” The store clerk sighed, “Ah, young love…wait. Did you say wedding BRACELETS?” Axl nodded. “Well, I suppose we have a few. Let me look in the back.” Axl looked around the store as he waited. He discovered that he was the only customer. “I guess there aren’t many customers during the League Championships.”

    “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long. It would seem that there is only a single set. Take a look.” Axl opened the velvet case and marveled at what he saw. They were a pair of gold bracelets with a ruby on one and a sapphire on the other. “Those have been here for quite some time. I heard that the crafter of them based them on the two Pokemon Latios and Latias. He claims that for only a minute, he saw a loving pair soaring through the sky, hand in hand, their blue and red feathers complimenting each other. These bracelets represent the most powerful bond thinkable, capable of transcending species.”

    Axl gazed at the red and blue gemstones. The ruby reminded him of his sister-in-law’s reddish pink feathers while the sapphire reminded him of his brother, who had a habit of wearing a lot of blue. Tears falling, he spoke, “They’re perfect. I’ll take them.” Axl handed the clerk his credit card and paid for them. “If it’s not too much trouble, may I come to the wedding?” Axl grinned, “You got it. As soon as I figure out the date, I’ll tell you. Thanks again!” Axl ran down the street with a spring in his step, overjoyed that he had found the perfect wedding gift.

    “…..And that is how I brought an end to that dark cult.” Lugia said as he told Ash the tale of the dark cult that created the Nightmare. Ash had been bathing in a hot spring that was in the cave as he listened to Lugia tell the tale. Ash yawned, “Man, I’m tired. I guess it’s gotten late. Are you sleepy?” Lugia rubbed his eyes, “Yes, I am.” Ash started to look around for his backpack, but remembered that he left it at the hotel. Lugia chuckled at Ash’s frustration and picked him up in his massive hands, “There is no need for clothes. Silver never wore any, so I don’t mind it.” Lugia walked over to the bed and relaxed on his side. At first, Ash felt embarrassed that he was completely nude, but he became calm in the powerful grip of his father. He felt secure and even felt almost as if he had just been born. Lugia brought Ash to his chest, letting Ash hug him. It reminded him of the moment when his son was born.

    “Ash…I should have told you this last time.” Ash looked up at Lugia. “I love you. I’ve always loved you. You’re like the son I never had. I always want to be there for you, to watch over you as I did Silver.” Ash crawled up to Lugia’s face and embraced him. In tears, he whispered, “I love you, Dad.” Lugia reached out with his tongue and gently stroked Ash’s face. As the stars shone in the sky, the Chosen One fell asleep in the hands of the father he always wanted.
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    Created to destroy, I wanted nothing to do with my creators and was imprisoned for my disobedience. However, I returned to the world where I was crafted. But now..... I serve the one human who will save us all..... The child of legend..... The Chosen One.....

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