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You obviously don't remember Hoenn very well. It was a complete fresh start where the writers changed their writing style completely, they made the fillers generally funny and actually had strong continuity throughout most of it. The whole Dewford training arc was absolutely amazing, and the episodes leading up to Rustboro were good too. I'm not going to go into later Hoenn because I want to see what Shinou does first. [...]
Well, I'm sorry, Cyber, but I'm not gonna explain more than I did. I used facts, yeah, but you still insist to blind your eyes from an opiner that isn't you or your friends who love Hoenn and May - what is a pity, since I enjoy your posts and other people's who insist in saying that D/P is merely A/G remixed.
One other thing: I'm nor a Misty, neither May, neither Hikari fan. I like them all, but I'm not fan of any of the girls... This meaniing I have no problem with May. Hoenn's the deal, and, uh... D/P is far different than AG.

We're done here [I am, at least.].

- Nozomi