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    Default Pokémon Emerald (The Adventures of Nadine)

    Out of excitement for the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, I decided to write this story of what it would be like to be in May/Brendan's shoes. There are slight changes in the plot and characters, but the story will overall be based on Pokémon Emerald's story, a combination of Ruby and Sapphire.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Rated G
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    Default Chapter 01

    Nadine squeaked when the truck hit another bump on the road. The boxes around her shuffled about, but nothing hit her. If any of them did, Nadine wouldn’t admit it. Her mom and the movers warned her about the boxes, but Nadine insisted on staying in the cargo. Her mom, Caroline, sold most of the stuff in their old house, so most of the stuff in the boxes were just clothes, books, and other sentimental things. There wasn’t anything that can damage her or be damaged by her, and if there was, she’d still be there. It was fun being in the cargo, and it was the only thing cheering her up about the move.

    Her father, Norman, just got the job as the gym leader of Petalburg City. There weren’t any houses for sale there, so Norman bought a house in Littleroot, a town not far from Petalburg. Littleroot was a quiet town filled with trees and other greenery. The people that lived there were warm and friendly, and Caroline, her mother, couldn’t be more thrilled.

    Nadine huffed and leaned against the truck’s walls. Her long brown hair laid loosely on her shoulders and her ocean-blue eyes looked up in discontent. She wore nothing special on this day so she only wore a light green t-shirt, orange shorts, and pink sneakers. She was happy for her dad, but she wasn’t happy to find out that Petalburg was in another region. Everything in her house was either packed in boxes or sold, and it was gut-wrenching to hear her friends say their last goodbyes.

    Nadine felt like everything was being taken away from her. One day she was watching action movies with the neighborhood kids, and the next day, she was deciding which stuff was worth keeping, worth selling, or worth throwing out. Sure she was going to get more stuff and meet new kids, but she had a life back there in Kanto. People knew and loved her, and she knew and loved them too. Her relatives were staying there with her friends, so she and her parents would be the only ones living in Hoenn. At least she knew every corner of the places she’s been in Kanto. Hoenn was an unfamiliar region, and Nadine always hated asking for directions.

    “You’ll get used to it, Nadine,” Caroline told her. “Before you know it, Hoenn will be your home and you’ll never want to leave!”

    Nadine scoffed at this. She was a Kanto girl. Going to Hoenn was like going to a different planet. What exactly was she supposed to get used to there? Being alienated from everyone else?

    When the truck stopped moving, Nadine stood up and watched the truck doors open. She flinched when the sunlight hit her eyes, and hopped when two Machokes jumped into the truck. She jumped out of the truck and allowed the Machoke to leave with the boxes. The Machoke were wearing navy shirts that represented the moving company they worked for, and Nadine smirked at how silly they looked in them.

    “You okay there, girly?” a mover asked as he pointed the Machoke to another direction. Nadine followed his finger and saw a two-story house with beige walls and brown roofs. A walkway led to the doorway and separated two lawns at each side. White walls guarded the premises and the brown gates attached to them were open for their entry. It’s a nice place, Nadine admitted, but she still wasn’t thrilled about it.

    “Yeah,” Nadine said without looking at him. “I’m good.”

    She looked around to see similar houses beside this one and saw the same arrangement across the street. Her dad wasn’t kidding about the natural setting in this neighborhood; there were plants and trees everywhere. Nadine wasn’t sure if being surrounded by this many neighbors was a good thing or a bad thing. They can either be her new friends, new enemies, or people she’ll never talk to just living in the same street.

    “Yeah, I know moving can be scary,” the mover told her. “But don’t worry kid, you’ll get used to it.”

    Nadine hid a scoff. That’s what Caroline said. And she wasn’t scared! She was just…culture-shocked. Yeah, that’s it. Culture-shocked.

    “Nadine, isn’t this place great!”

    Nadine turned around to see her mother jogging towards her. Her short brown hair bounced on her shoulders and her big brown eyes flashed with excitement. Nadine felt out of place with her own sour mood as Caroline took her hands. “How was the truck, dear? Did any boxes hit you? Did you have a hard time breathing?”

    “I’m fine, Mom,” Nadine assured sheepishly. “And there were holes at the top of the doors, remember?”

    Caroline gave her a small smile. “Well that’s good,” she said. “Are you hungry? We can eat in the kitchen as the movers put the boxes in our house!”

    Nadine frowned. It was too soon to be calling that building their house, but Caroline pulled her into the walkway before Nadine could correct her.


    “Well it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

    Nadine looked around the establishment and understood her mother’s disappointment. The living room only consisted of a TV, a couch, a coffee table, and a lamp table with a small red lamp on top. When they went to the kitchen, they only saw basic kitchen appliances like a refrigerator and a stove, and a medium-sized dinner table with four matching brown chairs.

    “Well at least this will give me an excuse to go to town,” Caroline shook her head. “This place is in dire need of a woman’s touch.”

    Nadine turned to her mother. “When’s Dad coming?”

    “He’ll be home around 7,” Caroline answered as she walked to the refrigerator. “In the meantime, let’s eat!”

    When she opened the fridge, disappoint sunk in again when all they saw were bottles of water. Caroline sighed. “Your father must be so busy with his job at the gym that he barely eats at home,” she hummed dejectedly. “I’ll stop by at the market too,” she turned to Nadine. “Want to go to town to eat and shop?”

    “We just got here. We don’t even know where town is,” Nadine remarked. “And if we leave, who’s gonna watch the movers?”

    Caroline opened the kitchen door to see the Machokes putting in the last of their boxes. The mover from earlier searched for them until he saw them by the kitchen door. “We’re all done, ma’am!” the mover declared. “Need anything else?”

    “No, that’s fine, thank you!” Caroline thanked and watched the mover and the Machokes exited the building. “Well, that solves our movers problem,” Caroline returned to the kitchen. “Let’s head to town.”

    “We don’t the place, Mom,” Nadine reminded.

    “Which is why we should explore!” Caroline winked. “Come on, Nadine, where’s your sense of adventure?”

    Back in Kanto, Nadine thought glumly to herself. But her mother was persistent, and she followed her out of the house.
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    Alright, so not much happened in this chapter, but I'm interested in seeing how you adapt the game's story. That being said, there are many things that you should fix to make this and future chapters better. First, I would advise that you lengthen the chapters and give more descriptions. That's really something that I've had problems with too, but it will make everything so much better. For example, what do you envision any of the characters looking like? You have given some imagery of Littleroot, but we weren't fully introduced to anyone.

    staying at the cargo
    First, "at" is not grammatically correct. I would probably replace it with "in".

    stuff in the boxes are just clothes, books, and other sentimental things. There wasn’t anything that can damage
    You changed tense so many times in this fairly small chapter. That's something that should not be done. The best way to tense a story is for the narrator (Everything but the characters' dialogue) to speak in the past tense

    The Machoke were wearing navy shirts that represented the moving company they worked for, and Nadine smirked at how silly they looked in them.
    To end on a positive note, this was really funny. I really enjoyed the visual of the really muscular humanoid Pokemon wearing shirts.

    Anyway, best of luck in this story, and I'll try to come back and review future chapters!
    I've gotten into IV Breeding. I'll breed any Pokemon that can, just ask and I'll see what I can do!

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    Default Chapter 02

    [A/N]: Thank you Blaziken10285 for being my first reviewer. I appreciate your pointers as well as your support.

    Now on to the story!


    Littleroot Town looked more like an enchanted village than an actual town. The roads were constructed with ornamental bricks, and the buildings were painted in warm colors like red, orange, and brown. Trees provided shade every two steps, and flower bushes created a dotted barricade between the sidewalk and the road. There weren’t many cars around, but many bicycles were chained beside and under potted plants. The Pokémon around were either walking and sitting with their trainers, or flying around as unfamiliar birds and bugs.

    “This place makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale!” Caroline gleamed as she and Nadine observed from the sidewalk. “Can you smell fresh bread? Oh, this place is wonderful!”

    Nadine turned away so Caroline wouldn’t see her roll her eyes. Yes, the town looked like it came from a fantasy book, but Nadine didn’t see what was to be excited about. She always wondered why her mother was so cheery. She then wondered vaguely if her father found this charming before he married her.

    It didn’t take long until they found the bakery Caroline smelled the bread from. It was a colorful bakery called Little Sweets, and a line formed in front of the only cashier inside. Nadine groaned, but Caroline insisted on falling in line.

    When it was finally their turn, Caroline ordered a sugar-coated pastry with a mocha frap, while Nadine ordered a custard donut with a bottle of water. They found a teal table outside with two matching teal chairs and sat there to eat their snacks. Caroline promised they would shop for “real” food later.

    “Why don’t we go grocery shopping now?” Nadine asked.

    “Because we’re still exploring, dear,” Caroline replied. “Don’t you want to get to know this place?”

    Nadine grunted and took another bite of her donut.

    Once they were done eating, they continued their stroll and visited shops like boutiques, bookstores, stationers, and candy shops. When Nadine’s patience started to wear thin, Caroline finally led them to the marketplace. There weren’t any grocery stores in the area, but Caroline didn’t mind at all as they looked at each booth.

    “You ladies want to try some Moomoo milk?” A vendor offered one time. “It’s imported fresh from the Johto region.”

    “Oh I’d love some!” Caroline giddily took a cup. By the time Nadine drank her own cup, Caroline was placing two bottles in a bag.

    “Thank you very much!” The vendor waved after he was paid.

    After an hour of buying more produce, Caroline and Nadine returned to their car with two men carrying their bags. Once their bags were stored, the ladies thanked the men and entered the car.

    “That was nice of them to offer their help,” Caroline smiled. “Your father wasn’t joking when he said the people here were kind.”

    Nadine shrugged. “Yeah, I guess it was cool of them to help us."

    “Well it’s almost 6 ‘o clock,” Caroline started the engine. “We have an hour to surprise your dad.”

    Nadine smiled at this as the car drove back on the road. It had been weeks since she saw her dad in person. Today may not be bad, but she'd feel better when she sees her dad again.


    “Nadine, can you throw the trash please?”

    “Sure,” Nadine took the garbage bag from her hands.

    “Thanks, dear,” Caroline thanked before washing her hands. “You know where we put our garbage, right?”

    “Yup!” Nadine said before exiting the house. She opened the gate and dumped the garbage in the dumpster. When she turned to go back inside, she was stopped by an unfamiliar voice.


    Nadine turned around to see a boy walking towards her. He had light brown eyes and shaggy brown hair and wore a black shirt, navy shorts, and slippers. “Do you live in this house?” the boy asked.

    Nadine blinked. “Why do you want to know?” she asked warily.

    The boy snorted. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rob you or anything,” he assured. “I heard Norman’s family was going to be our next door neighbors. I live in that house over there,” he pointed to the beige house behind him.

    “Norman, as in the gym leader?” Nadine guessed.

    “Yeah!” the boy confirmed. “I heard he has a kid too. You the kid?”

    Nadine shifted. “Maybe.”

    “That’s so cool!” the boy stuck out his hand. “I’m Brendan, by the way.”

    Nadine met him halfway with her own hand. “Nadine”

    “Nice to meet you, Nadine,” Brendan grinned. “Though I gotta admit, when I heard Norman’s got a kid, I thought you'd be a guy.”

    “Yeah,” Nadine sighed. “I get that a lot.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with being a girl though!” Brendan waved his hands defensively. “You can still be an awesome trainer like your dad. Hey!”

    Nadine jumped back. “What?”

    “You wanna battle?” Brendan asked. “If Norman’s your dad, you probably got his battling genes!”

    “Eh,” Nadine sweat-dropped. “I don’t think battling skills are hereditary.”

    “Well,” Brendan took out a Pokéball . “There’s only one way to find out!”


    Brendan groaned and turned to his house. “What?” he drawled irritably.

    “Come back inside, it’s late!” a woman’s voice demanded.

    Nadine held her breath as Brendan put his Pokéball away. “Ugh, fine!” he said. He then turned back to her apologetically. “Sorry, that was my mom. I gotta go.”

    “I understand,” Nadine muttered as Brendan turned away.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” he said as he ran to his house. “Prepare for the most intense battle of your life!”

    When Brendan finally disappeared, Nadine groaned and sunk into her place. She wondered then what would be more annoying: constantly being called out as the gym leader’s kid or the gym leader’s kid without Pokémon.


    “Caroline? Nadine?”

    “Dad!” Nadine cheered and enveloped him in a hug.

    “Norman!” Caroline followed and kissed him on the lips. “We missed you.”

    “I’ve missed you girls too,” Norman smiled. “Did you girls move in well?”

    “Yes we did,” Caroline nodded. “We went to town and did some shopping too. A couple of young men even helped us put our bags in the car.”

    “That’s good,” Norman approved and looked around the living room. “I see you already started putting in the finishing touches."

    Indeed, the living room was decorated with family pictures, potted plants, and decorative mats. There were also decorative candles and figurines, giving the room a classier appeal. Norman kissed Caroline on the cheek. “Thanks, dear, the place looks amazing.”

    “That’s what I’m here for,” Caroline winked. “Now c’mon in to the kitchen. I made a special dinner specifically made for this day.”


    “This is delicious, Mom!” Nadine said as she continued to chow on her mashed potatoes.

    “Indeed, Caroline, this is the best meal I’ve had in a while,” Norman collaborated.

    “Well I’m glad you guys like it,” Caroline beamed. “It’s been a while since we’ve eaten as a family.”

    Their meal tonight consisted of seasoned mashed potatoes, organic macaroni and cheese with dried tomatoes and cilantro, and guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches. Their beverage was mint and lemon-flavored iced water.

    Norman listened attentively as Caroline told him the events of the day. Nadine, who was in brighter spirits, wasn’t as bothered when Caroline told him the details of the move. It also helped to be distracted by the boy she recently met.

    So he lived next door, huh? Nadine thought as she chewed on her sandwich. And he wants a battle too…hmm, that could be a problem.

    “How about you, Nadine?” Norman called to her. “How was the move for you?”

    Nadine snapped out of her thoughts and repeated his question in her head. “It was okay,” she shrugged.

    “I know you weren’t excited about moving,” Norman gave her a small smile. “Did today brighten your spirits?”

    Nadine thought about this question for a moment before returning his smile. “Of course,” she said. “Mom and I get to live with you again.”

    Norman looked pleased. “Well I’m glad to hear that.”

    The three continued to eat in silence for a few minutes until Caroline offered to bring dessert. When she stepped out, Norman remembered something. “I missed your 10th birthday, didn’t I?”

    Nadine blinked at this and sighed. “It’s okay, Dad,” she assured. “You were busy about the gym and Mom and I were busy about the move. How’s the gym, by the way?”

    “It’s doing well, thank you for asking,” Norman smiled. “I’ll bring you and your mother there sometime.”

    “That’s a great idea!” Caroline cheered as she brought blueberry red velvet cake. “Seeing your Pokémon may give Nadine some ideas about which Pokémon she should get.”

    “Yes, that’s right,” Norman remembered. “Now that you’re 10, you can own your very first Pokémon.”

    Nadine knew this day would come, but she had this conversation with her parents before. Sure she loved watching Pokémon battles and the battles Norman had with his Pokémon, but owning a Pokémon of her own was never in her plans. Whenever she thought about having one, it would always escape her mind.

    Plus, she saw how much responsibility having one had. She saw Norman struggle between providing for his Pokémon and providing for his family. A responsible adult like Norman can barely handle having Pokemon; how can she, a ten year-old kid, handle it herself?

    Norman noticed her sudden silence and blinked. “Is something wrong, Nadine?”

    “Well,” Nadine shifted in her seat. “I’m still not sure if I want a Pokémon or not.”

    Norman was taken aback by her response, but eventually nodded. “I see,” he said. “Well we’re not going to force you to have a Pokemon if you don’t want one, but I strongly encourage it. Pokemon are great companions.”

    “I know,” Nadine sighed. “I just…don’t think I can handle it is all…”

    “Well it’s a good thing your father’s a gym leader now!” Caroline acknowledged as she handed her a slice of cake. “Your father is a Pokémon expert! He’ll show you how to be a great trainer!”

    “Thank you, Caroline,” Norman chuckled and turned to Nadine. “I’ll be glad to help you, and I know someone who’ll be glad to help you too.”

    “Really?” Nadine blinked. “Who?”

    “Professor Birch,” Norman answered. “He’s Littleroot Town’s executive professor. He not only goes around the region studying Pokémon, he also helps out potential trainers like you. I think he’s back in town for a few weeks. I could give him a call and see if he can meet with you. His lab isn’t far from here.”

    “That’s a great idea!” Caroline turned to Nadine. “How about it, Nadine? A gym leader and a Pokémon professor to help you out! Even if you haven’t decided what you want yet, surely you can’t miss an opportunity like this!”

    Nadine looked down. “No,” she sighed. “I guess not.”

    “Then it’s settled!” Norman declared as he took a bite of his cake. “I’ll call Birch later. In the meantime, try this cake, Nadine. It’s delicious!”

    Nadine slowly took her fork and cut a piece of the cake. When she took a bite, her spirits were automatically lifted. “Yum!”


    “Sorry, you just missed him.”

    “Oh,” Nadine blinked. “When will he be back?”

    “He’ll probably return in a couple of hours,” the receptionist replied. “I apologize on Professor Birch’s behalf. Sometimes he gets so caught up in his research, he misses appointments.”

    “I understand,” Nadine nodded. “I’ll just come back another time.”

    “Alright then, I’ll tell Professor Birch you came over,” the receptionist said apologetically before Nadine exited the building.

    I’m actually kinda glad Professor Birch wasn’t there, Nadine thought as she walked on the sidewalk. It gives me more time to think abo—

    “Hey, miss! Miss!”

    Nadine snapped out of her thoughts and turned to the little boy running up to her. “Something’s going on in Route 2. Can you help us?”

    “Umm,” Nadine hummed, but didn’t have time to respond as the boy dragged her to an unknown location. When they arrived, she saw a bearded, brown-haired man wearing a lab coat being chased by a spiky brown Pokémon.
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    Default Chapter 03

    Nadine watched with wide eyes as the spiky brown Pokemon continued to chase the bearded man around the field. Nadine wanted to do something, but didn’t know exactly what.

    “You! You there, trainer! Please help!” the bearded man pleaded before turning away from a tree he nearly hit.

    “H-how?” Nadine asked. “I don’t have any Pokémon!”

    The bearded man gave her a quick shocked look before narrowly missing the Pokémon’s Tackle. “Quick then! In my bag!” he pointed to the brown leather bag near Nadine. “There are three Pokéballs in there! Pick one and set them out!”

    “O-okay!” Nadine ran to the bag. When she opened the bag, she sweat-dropped when the three Pokéballs looked exactly the same. She debated which one to use, but blindly grabbed a random one when she heard the man scream.

    “O-okay, go!” Nadine threw the Pokéball in the air.

    Nadine watched as the ball opened and returned to her hand. What came out of the ball was a small red Pokémon that looked like a baby chick. “Torchic! Tor!” it cried out after landing on the ground.

    Nadine blinked. “Will this do?” she asked loudly.

    “Yes, yes that Torchic will do!” the bearded man affirmed. “Now command it to attack!”

    “Umm,” Nadine looked at the Torchic in front of her. It looked back at her and blinked with curiosity. “Can you, umm,” Nadine slowly pointed to the bearded man and its attacker.

    Torchic followed her finger and looked at the scene. When it did, it ran towards the man and started pelting him with balls of fire.

    “No! No! No!” Nadine waved her hands. “Attack the brown Pokémon, not the man!”

    Torchic immediately stopped in its tracks and turned to the brown Pokémon. The brown Pokémon froze in its tracks before the Torchic started pelting it with fireballs. The brown Pokémon cried out in pain before running out of the scene.

    The bearded man exhaled with relief and walked to where Nadine was. “Thank you for your help,” he turned to Torchic. “And thank you too, Torchic.”

    “Torchic! Tor!” Torchic responded before running towards Nadine. It looked up to her and blinked before rubbing its cheeks against her leg. Nadine cooed at this and picked it up. It's kinda cute, she thought, and very soft and warm like a heated pillow.

    “Say, are you Nadine by any chance, Norman’s daughter?” the bearded man asked.

    Nadine looked up from the Torchic and turned to him. “Yes,” she nodded.

    “This is wonderful!” The man cheered. “I’m Professor Birch. I’m supposed to meet you today.”

    “Yes, and your receptionist said you weren’t in the lab,” Nadine told him.

    “I apologize for that,” Birch scratched the back of his head. “Sometimes I get so caught up in my research that I forget some of my appointments. Even my wife tells me to be more responsible.”

    “I understand,” Nadine nodded.

    “Say,” Birch looked down at the Torchic in her arms. “That Torchic seems to like you a lot. Would you like it to be your first Pokémon?”

    Nadine blinked and extended Torchic to see it face to face. Torchic then beamed at her with its beady black eyes. “Torchic! Tor!” it chirped happily.

    Nadine smiled and returned it to her chest. “Yes, I’ll take it,” she decided.

    “Wonderful!” Birch grinned. “Let’s come back to my lab. There’s more I want to give you to prepare you for your journey.”


    “I want you to have this Pokédex and these five Pokéballs.”

    “Thank you,” Nadine said as she pocketed the five Pokémon balls. “What’s a Pokédex?”

    “It’s a wonderful device we recently created to describe the Pokémon you meet in the region,” Birch explained before handing her a small red device. “Other scientists and I are still discovering and researching Pokémon, so don’t be surprised if you run into a Pokémon your Pokédex can’t describe. But don’t worry! All new Pokémon entries will be sent to your Pokédex so your Pokédex will be updated every step of the way!”

    “Thank you, that sounds like a great device,” Nadine smiled.

    “Try it out on Torchic!” Birch suggested. “Its information is already in the device.”

    “Sure,” Nadine took out its Pokéball from her bag. “Torchic, come on out!”

    By command, Torchic zapped out of the Pokéball and started hopping in front of her. “Torchic! Tor!” it greeted happily.

    “Press the red button over here and make sure the device’s camera is facing Torchic,” Birch instructed.

    Nadine pointed the Pokédex to Torchic and pressed the big red button on the right. “Torchic, the chick Pokémon,” the Pokédex spoke out in a female voice. “If attacked, it strikes back by spitting balls of fire it forms in its stomach. A Torchic dislikes darkness because it can't see its surroundings.”

    “If you press these buttons here,” Birch pointed at the smaller buttons on the left side of the device’s screen. “You can see other information about Torchics like where you can find them and the moves they can learn. I can give you a pamphlet telling you more on how to work the Pokédex.”

    “No, it’s fine,” Nadine shook her head. “I like learning through trial-and-error.”

    “Great!” Birch laughed. “Then you’re worthy to be a Pokémon trainer indeed! Pokémon training is all about learning and growing with your Pokémon, no matter what you face in the world. That’s why I dedicated my life to studying Pokémon: to learn whatever they know to help me grow as an individual.”

    “Were you a trainer too?” Nadine asked.

    “Oh yes, many years ago,” Birch looked up nostalgically. “I travelled the world and met different kinds of Pokémon. I never reached the Pokémon League though because I was too focused studying the Pokemon I met!”

    “Are the Pokémon you traveled with still with you?” Nadine asked.

    “Oh yes! They’re in a ranch not far from here,” Birch confirmed. “I’ll show them to you sometime. Right now, I have to get back to my work.”

    “I understand,” Nadine nodded. “Thank you very much for everything.”

    “No problem!” Birch grinned. “I’ll walk you out the door.”

    “Sure,” Nadine said before they exited his office. When they reached the entranced, Nadine waved Birch and the receptionist goodbye before stepping outside.

    “Say hello to your parents for me!” Birch waved from inside the building. “And call me if you need anything!”

    “I will, thank you!” Nadine said before making her way back home.


    “So Torchic,” Nadine started as they walked on the sidewalk, “have you been around Littleroot before?”

    “Torchic! Tor!” Torchic chirped in her arms.

    “Umm, okay,” Nadine chuckled, assuming it was a “yes”. She never returned Torchic to its Pokéball and decided to walk with it instead. She tried to return Torchic to its Pokéball, but Torchic insisted on staying outside. Nadine shrugged it off and assumed it wanted to look around the town.

    “Hey, Nadine!”

    Nadine and Torchic turned behind them to see Brendan running to their direction. From the distance, it looked like Brendan had white hair. “Oh nice! Is this your Pokémon?” Brendan asked and petted Torchic on the head.

    “Yeah,” Nadine confirmed. “I just got it today from Professor Birch.”

    “Oh really?” Brendan blinked. “You got it from my dad?”

    Nadine blinked. “Your dad?”

    “Yup!” Brendan grinned. “I’m Professor Birch’s son, Brendan Birch. I got my Pokémon from him too!”

    “That’s really cool,” Nadine beamed. “Which Pokemon did you get?”

    Brendan smirked and raised a fist to his chest. “How about I show you in a battle?”

    Nadine jumped back. “A battle?” she gripped Torchic tighter. “But I just got my Pokémon.”

    “So did I!” Brendan told her. “I just turned 10 a few months ago, so my Pokémon is pretty much as new as yours!”

    “Not really,” Nadine hummed. “I’ve never had a battle before, and if you got your Pokemon a few months ago, that means you have more experience than I do. It’s an unfair advantage.”

    Brendan pouted. “I haven’t battled that much,” he informed. “I've been too busy helping my dad with his research. I'm actually planning to travel the region so I can gather information from places my dad can’t go.”

    “So you’re not gonna battle gym leaders?” Nadine asked.

    “Well, it isn’t really one of my goals right now,” Brendan admitted, “but that doesn’t mean I won’t battle once in a while. I’m not gonna let my Pokémon grow without training.”

    “Sounds like a good plan,” Nadine complimented.

    “So what do you say?” Brendan asked. “Wanna battle? It may be your first battle, but you’ve seen enough of your dad’s battles to know how they work.”

    Nadine pouted and looked down to Torchic. “What do you say, Torchic?” Nadine asked. “Wanna battle?”

    “Torchic!” Torchic chirped enthusiastically.

    “All right, then it’s settled!” Brendan cheered, “and I know just the right place to do it!”
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