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Thread: if pokemon had to go to school... collab

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    Default if pokemon had to go to school... collab

    ok i start first
    it would include all legends as students and all normal pokemon as students and the creation trio as the teachers and arceus as the principal

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    Please read the rules of the section. The main section here is for posting finished stories or chapters, rather than a really rough description of your plan for a story, and a request for it to be a collab.

    You can repost this in the Author's Cafe subsection or the Role Playing section (after checking the rules there!), but you'd want to put more information into it. Would there be any plot, and if so, what is the story about beyond 'Pokemon in a school'? Why are they in a school, and what is taught? If the former case - what about writing styles - is it a comedy, or an action? How do you write? If I was interested ina collab story I would like to know how the other person writes.

    Anyway, thread closed.

    EDIT: And you did this before. Please take both of our posts into consideration next time.
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    Please read the rules of the Fan Fiction forum. This is far too short to qualify as an installment of a story, and if you want to interactively write about a situation like legendaries going to school with lots of other people, you should go to the Role-Playing Games subforum.

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