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Thread: Longtime player, new to the site and forum

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    Default Longtime player, new to the site and forum

    Yo, sup! Name's FeralChaosTrainer0520 (long username, I know, but I wanted something that wouldn't've been taken). I just joined yesterday and didn't notice this forum till today.
    Let me tell ya about myself, I'm a 20 (going on 21) year old guy and I've been playing the games since the GS era and loved every one I've gotten! A piece of trivia I'd like to share is that I started the series with a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2 that I got for my 15th birthday and my 21st is just a few days before the release of Diamond and Pearl! That means I'll be getting one of them for my birthday (personally, I want diamond because its supposed to have the new Skunk Pokemon in it and ones based on skunks I've been waiting forever for!) Later!

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    Welcome, read the rules, and have fun!!
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