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Thread: Alrighty, lets get down to business shall we? (april Fools 07)

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    Default Alrighty, lets get down to business shall we? (april Fools 07)

    All this recent talk of everyone being all "OH NOEZ I R LOSTS INTRAST IN ZE EFFBEESOR" is rreeeeeaaally starting to grate on my bloody nerves, it seems to roam up once a week from everyone, Sooo with the new Play Season starting very very verrrry soon, I thought, why not get everyone in the mood for some Diamond and Pearl stuff cause you know that we're gonig to be bringing a crap load of new stuff in to get you all excited about FB again, and what a time to put them on get everyone thinknig LOLZ Apple FOOLEZ lololol, so I thought why not get you all giddy again, you like being giddy right? Tis a good feeling so if you mosey on down to the coin exchange, and you've got a few extra coins on your person, why not buy yourself a Pokemon? Not jsut any Pokemon, but a Brand NEW Baby pokemon that we've just put up right now.

    If you're lazy though I'll jsut Copy and Paste the list here and the amounts so you know what's there:
    Phione = 300,000 coins
    Munchlax = 50,000 coins
    Mime Jr. = 50,000 coins
    Bonsley = 50,000 coins
    Chingling = 50,000 coins
    Happiny = 50,000 coins
    Riolu = 50,000 coins
    Mantyke = 50,000 coins

    A few pokemon right there right? So why not go get em?

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    I totally believe this.



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    Damn. I actually have enough to buy Riolu! Too bad April Fools is upon us...

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    This is funny, nice, Arnie. Joke on you!

    Wohoo! Joke's on me! *Dances*

    "Buying" Male Riolu! *cough, cough*

    *feels 50,000 coins lighter for no apparent reason* *does stupid/gullible/bored dance*
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    Y'know, if I had enough coins, I would try to buy a Phione.

    Too bad I don't, and it's April Fool's Day.

    Wait- does this mean that FB rightfully doesn't consider Phione a legendary?! ALL RIGHT!

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    XD, Can't Believe how many people fooeld for it, you should have known it was a fool becasue i even bloody stated this was the best day to do this kind of thing --; and look how many got fooled, shame for Dragon 11, wayne, Joe and Rad Ed though losing All those coins, the other part of the fool was that you actully DID get the pokemon if you used the coins, so how a bout that little Riolu for you then? *watches it pop out of a Pokeball and wonder where the **** it is* Don't worry little one, you'll meet plenty of your kind soon enough.

    Fools all of you Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    and Draqgon, Wayne, Joe and Rad Ed there are some Stipulations for it though, seeing as we haven't Officially brought everything D/P in, you can't train it up yet becasue we don't know the movesets etc etc etc for it and you acnnot trade it away, it's a specail event Poke and why anyone would want to get rid of one of the 1st D/P pokemon in existance is beyond me, so pretty much all you can do is have it in your registration and Sig and use it in TO.

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    *huggles my wee-little Riolu*

    More likely than not, you're staying.

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