It Bloody Hurts thats what, you ever had a moon in your eye? Not a very pretty sight I can tell you, had neck pain for a week becasue of the bloody weight of it I ahd to carry about, I'm jsut glad to have got rid of.....oops, I mean >>; " Like a Big pizza pie...thats Amoooorrrréééé"

Yes, It's that time once again, where the Cupid gets his Diaper back on for the nightly rounds of shoot the random strangers and see what happens, and the birds and the bees get jiggy wid it big willy style once more, the time, it's ??Valentines Day??

and here at FB, you all know we *Cough* Love you all =D and what better way to show it then giving you lots of nifty little goodies right? Well take a gander at all this lovely little stuff we've got for you tooodddaay:

From arnie you get a:
- when attatched to your Pokemon, and it enters battle the Opponent (of opposite gender) has a 25% chance of being attracted to your Pokemon.