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Thread: When the moon hits your eye.... (Valentines Day 2007)

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    Happy Valentines Day, everyone. If you want to keep a romantic mood, why not check out my new One-Shot? *is pelted savagely with candy hearts*

    Here's what I am le taking:
    From Arnold:
    -One necklace that, if worn, has a 25% chance of making an opponent of the opposite gender Attracted.

    From enchantress:
    -Love Berry that makes a Pokémon gain two levels when eaten.
    -Red Valentines Coin Case containing 2,000 Coins.

    From SM:
    -Valentine's Candy that boosts a Pokémon's level by one.
    -Cupid's Bow & Arrow, a held item that can be used once per battle, and if the arrow hits, will cause an opposite-gendered opponent to be Attracted for either 2 turns or until they're hit by an attack.

    From Wolverine:
    -One Super Pass
    -One Heart Scale

    From Loki:
    -TM Attract
    -Red Flute

    From Shinjara:
    -Passion Pokéblock, which raises both Cute and Beauty Stats by 20.
    -A bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom' Perfume, which teaches one Pokémon the attack Sweet Scent.

    Merci beaucoup a tout le monde pour ces cadeaux magnifiques! :3

    See, I can speak French too. But the damn 'a' needs an accent. D:

    Happy Valentines Day!


    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
    From arnie you get a:
    - when attatched to your Pokemon, and it enters battle the Opponent (of opposite gender) has a 25% chance of being attracted to your Pokemon.
    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    From me, everyone who posts today will receive:
    x1 Love Berry which, when eaten by your Pokémon, will give them two levels.
    x1 Pink Valentines Coin Case OR x1 Red Valentines Coin Case, each containing 2,000 coins.

    Happy Valentines Day ^-~
    Quote Originally Posted by SM View Post
    Happy Valentine's Day. :O

    And from SM this time comes...

    Valentine's Candy: Gives two levels to a Pokémon with full Beauty Points from the Salon, but one level to any other Pokémon. If banked, is worth the equivalent to a regular rare candy. Full Beauty Training must be linked to when using your Valentine's Candy.

    Cupid's Bow & Arrow: When given to a Pokemon as a hold item, the Pokemon may attempt to strike an opposite gendered Pokemon for guaranteed attraction that will last 2 rounds or until the opposing Pokemon is struck by an attack. This may be used once per battle only, hit or miss.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    From me today you shall get:
    A Super Pass and
    A Heart Scale.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
    And from the Loki:
    For the Pokemon in love, these gifts will help:

    TM Attract for wooing the Pokemon you love.
    Red Flute to keep those who try to woo your Pokemon away.

    Enjoy! And Happy Valentine's Day!
    Quote Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
    And from Shinjara....

    I have some lovely presents for you all. You will all receive:

    Passion Pokéblock. This Pokéblock will raise Cute and Beauty Stats by 20 points each to give your pokémon that extra 'ooh la la' :P

    Bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom' Perfume: This aroma is derived from the petals on a Bellossom's head. It has a beautiful sweet and fruity aroma and when sprayed onto a beloved pokémon, they will begin to relax and feel a wave of serenity pass over them. This sensation allows them to learn the move "Sweet Scent". (One time use only, to use it either post in the Training Center on a Monday, or in this thread)

    Hope you all enjoy your day <3~

    EDIT: P(M)S: Octillery's so unoriginal that he has to rip off my explanations for items.
    D: If you're gonna use my summaries, you have to pay me. No joke.

    I expect you to give me your soul tomorrow, kthnxbye.
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