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    Default Adventure in Shinou (Pokeshipping)

    I have cancelled this fic for personal reasons and will not update it again. I'm sorry to all my readers, but I just couldn't finish.

    Well, this is my first fan fiction ever. I've always been interested in doing one, but never gotten around to doing it. This will be my first attempt at it, so all constructive criticism is great and appreciated. This will be a pokeshipping fic, with small bits of other shippings in it. I am going to say this will be a PG-13 fic, though that is more for safty then anything else. I hope people like this, and please tell me what you think. If you hate it, don't even post. If you think its not the best thing in the world, tell me how I can improve. You get the idea. Don't worry, Misty will show up in the second chapter, the first is more of a into to get the setting set. This takes place after the Battle Frontier, and will continue on into Shinou. As more English names come out, I will use them, though I may not change them in the older chapters.

    Edit: I am changing the title of the fanfic to Adventure in Sinnoh, since thats the English name for the region. If anyone knows how to change the thread title as well, please PM me with how to do it, though I think I would need a mod to do it for me, so if so, I wont bother.

    Chapter 1

    He started in Kanto, and then went on to the Orange Islands. Finally, he headed to Johto. That is where part of him died. His dream carried him on to Hoenn, and then finally back to Kanto. He beat the Battle Frontier, and declined an offer to become a Frontier Brain. Then two more of his companions left, followed by the final one. He was all alone. This is the story of Ash Ketchum.

    A balloon shaped like a Meowth’s head floated above Viridian forest in Kanto. Inside were two tired and worn out people and one Pokémon.

    “Why do we keep trying to catch that Pikachu for the boss?” whined a man with blue hair and a drooping posture.

    “ ’Cause she says so.” said a talking Meowth, pointing his paw toward a woman with long purple-red hair.

    “The reason we need to capture that Pikachu is because when we finally do, the boss will reward us beyond our wildest dreams. It will also prove to him that we preserver no matter how many setbacks we have.” Said the woman.

    “Whatever you say Jessie.” grumbled the man.

    “James, one day you’ll see I’m right. You too Meowth.” replied Jessie.
    Looking through her binoculars, Jessie all of a sudden saw a blinding flash of electricity. “Did you see that?” asked Jessie. Her two other companions were just hanging over the side of the basket, not caring at all. “I said, DID YOU SEE THAT?” yelled Jessie at the two of them.

    “I was trying to sleep.” moaned James.

    As the balloon lowered closer to the ground, near a bunch of apple trees, the trio saw a large, furry, yellow Pokémon with two wires sticking out behind it like tails. It had black stripes on its body, arms, and legs, and was holding a bright red apple. Team Rocket landed the balloon behind the bushes, and snuck out with a net launcher. Sneaking up behind the Pokémon, Meowth fired the net, catching the large yellow Pokémon in the net. Startled, the electric Pokémon sent out bolts of lightning, but the net held. In the distance, a Pokémon trainer with a Pikachu on his shoulder saw the bolt of lightning.

    “Did you see that, Pikachu?” asked the boy. He had a blue vest and jeans on with a blue cap that had a half a pokeball on the front.

    “Pik, pika chuchu, pikapi.” Responded the Pokémon in agreement.

    “ElectiVIRE!” shouted the captured Pokémon, echoing throughout the forest. Pidgey, Spearow, and Hoothoot alike flew out of the trees. “ELECTIVIRE!” shouted the Pokémon again as it sent out another bolt of electricity.

    “Ha ha, you will never escape that electric proof net!” James shouted gleefully at the electric Pokémon from behind the bushes. “We may have bought it in order to use on Pikachu, but it will work on you just as well!”

    “We will never get to that poor Pokémon at this rate,” complained Ash to no one in particular. Just then, there was a screech from above. Flying above him was a large brown bird with large red and gold feathers on its head.
    “Pideooooootttt” screeched the Pokémon again. The Pokémon swooped down behind Ash and Pikachu, and Pikachu hoped on its back. The Pokémon then swooped down below Ash and used its powerful beak and head to toss Ash into the air just enough to get him onto bird’s back. Flying at high speed, it took very little time for Ash, Pikachu, and the mysterious bird to reach the poor Pokémon in the net.

    “Alright, we have you know!” exclaimed Jessie and approached that Pokémon in the net. “Meowth, what kind of Pokémon is this anyway. I’ve never seen on like it.”

    “It’s an Electivire, but I’ve never seen on in this part of the world before.” Replied Meowth.

    As Ash approached the Electivire, he pulled out his Pokedex. “No data is available on this Pokémon.” Is all the Pokedex said.

    Then, a figure in a white lab cap appeared on the top of a nearby cliff. “Put away that stupid Pokedex Ashy boy.” Ordered the figure.

    “Gary, what are you doing here?” asked a startled Ash. The figure jumped off the cliff and landed gracefully at the bottom.

    “I’m here to rescue my Pokémon” replied Gary. Turning to his Pokémon, Gary gave the last command Team Rocket wanted to hear. “Electivire, use iron tail to smash that net!” Its tails glowing white, the Pokémon smashed through the net effortlessly. “Now, Electivire, use thunder to send the packing!” Electivire sent out a powerful thunder attack, frying Team Rocket, causing an explosion underneath them.

    “Why does this always happen to us?” Cried James as they flew through the air.

    “ ‘Cause we ain’t smart enough to give up.” Replied Meowth.

    “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!” Cried the trio as they disappeared as a twinkle in the sky.

    "Wow, that was great Gary!" exclaimed Ash, "and thank you Pidgeot. I wasn't sure if I would ever see you again." Ash gave Pidgeot a big hug, then turned to Gary. "Were you heading back to Pallet?" inquired Ash.

    "Yes, I was before Electivire here decided he needed something to eat and went to find these apples. We should probably keep going back though".

    "OK. Pidgeot, thank you for your assistance here. I missed you so much, but I know you need to keep watch over the Pidgey and Pidgeotto in the forest." Ash gave Pidgeot one last hug, then Pidgeot flew off into the distance. While Ash had been saying goodbye, Gary had already vanished, probably heading back to Pallet.

    Back in Pallet Town, Ash walked up to his house and entered. “Mom, I’m back.” yelled Ash. No one responded. “Maybe she is up at Professor Oak’s lab” thought Ash. He walked up the hill to the professor’s lab and entered. “Professor Oak, Mom, anyone here?” yelled Ash as he wandered through the lab. He entered the room in the lab that was always used to relax in. As he walked in, streamers went flying in all directions.

    “WELCOME HOME” yelled Professor Oak, Mrs. Ketchum, Tracy, and Gary.

    “Mr. MIME!” said Mr. Mime, also happy about seeing Ash again. Then, someone else immerged from the shadows that covered the right side of the room. She was about Ash’s age, wearing a white shirt and violet pants. As she walked out of the shadows, Ash was stunned to see the girl before him...


    Well, this is a bit shorter then I was expecting, as it is seems much longer in word when I wrote it. Happy reading and reviewing.

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