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Thread: Adventure in Shinou (Pokeshipping)

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    "Im lost"


    They began holding hands without noticing...

    Im a Mewtwo fan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubn Alq View Post
    They began holding hands without noticing...
    I actually took that from perosn experiance. It did happen to me, so I thought I would put it in. I thought it would fit.
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    This is a good story, this is just what I would like to see happen if Miaty came to Sinnoh with Ash. The length and description is good, also I like the little pokeshipping moments, that have been put in there. I like the little contestshipping part you added in.

    They were holding hands, that was so cute. I'm really excited for what the big thing coming in the Pokeshipping department is. I wonder who it could be that they recognized, I wonder if it will be somebody who could add to some PS hints with A/M.

    Could I be on your PM list, please?
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    Oh yeah, nothing is better than reading a pokeshippy fic while playing Diamond. It's review time!

    “Just like old times. We’re lost. At least this time it is probably a silly mistake anyone could make instead of Ash reading the map upside down…” Misty said, remember some of the times in Johto when had insisted on being navigator.
    Yes, it is like old times

    Ash looked clueless after Dawn’s comment about May and Drew, while Brock started laughing. Misty was giggling, as she remembered May and Drew’s “relationship”. After a few moments, Brock stopped laughing and tried to straighten the facts, as May would have wanted him to do.

    “Well, they weren’t really a couple,” Brock started to explain, “Though they did act like it sometimes. The best example of their feelings for each other is standing right next to you though, just look at Ash and Misty.”
    Nice reference to Contestshipping, very nice.

    “Um, Brock, why are Ash and Misty holding hands?” inquired Dawn. Brock looked behind him, and sure enough, Ash and Misty were holding hands.

    “I have no idea Dawn, I’ve never seen them do that before. And since they don’t know that the other one has a crush on them, I don’t think they really know they are holding hands.” Brock replied. He then stopped so Ash and Misty caught up. “Um, guys, it’s cute and all, but why are you two holding hands?”

    Ash and Misty’s reactions were immediate. First, they blushed redder then a rose, followed by letting go of the other person’s hand. Ash and Misty where both embarrassed and confused.

    Wow, I can’t believe I held Ash’s hand! Maybe he isn’t as dense as I thought. Maybe he does like me how I like him. Maybe someday I’ll find out. Thought Misty.

    I know Misty was being nice, but now I’m just confused. I know why I held her hand, but why didn’t she say something, as I’m sure it’s embarrassing for her. Come to think of it, when did I start holding her hand? Wondered Ash.
    Ah holding hands, a sigh of love or hatred. Isn't scenes like these overdone? I mean, I've seen things like that on TV and books, even though it's cute, it's overused. Try to be more original and make up some new romantic or funny scenes.

    Once the transaction was completed and the map program loaded onto the PokeTechs, Ash insisted on getting some food. So, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Dawn headed back toward the mall. This time though, they had an idea where they were going as the PokeTech had data on the locations of lots of stores, Pokémon Centers, and other attractions throughout Sinnoh. As the gang walked into the mall’s food court, Ash saw someone that he, Misty, and Brock recognized...
    Hmm, I wonder who could it be?

    Very nice, I'll be back for the next chapter

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    Interesting. I want the next chapter now, lol.

    Not the best reviewer, me, but I did notice that in chapter two (I think) you changed Aipom's gender from female to male. That confused me for a bit until I figured out what had happened.
    Some of your grammar is a little off; such as "your" and "you're". Just little things you might want to keep an eye on when you are typing. I know its easy to miss. I do all the time.
    Hmm. I haven't read many Pokemon ffs, (mostly Teentitans) but at times I feel as if you're jumping around a lot a little quickly without clarifying whats happening. Mostly this occurred in the start, but not so much in the above chapter.

    Altogether, its a great little story and I can't wait to read more. xD keep up the good work.


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    Thats for the feedback Fireditto. I didn't notice the gender change for Aipom, it is suppost to be female. Anyway, FireDitto, it is your lucky day. Your wish has come true. After getting back from a nine day trip to Hawaii, the next chapter is ready. LOTS of pokeshippyness. Just hope I didn't do anything insanly stupid, as I've not done anything this shippy before. Anyway, here it is.

    Chapter 6

    Secrets Revealed

    The girl in front of them, sitting at a table in the food court, had teal hair pulled up into ponytails on each side of her head. She wore an orange tee-shirt with a large yellow star on it, along with a blue pair of pants. She had three Pokémon sitting on the table also. Two pink Ditto and then a blue Ditto. The girl looked up, saw Ash and the rest of the group, walked over, and smiled.

    “Wow, a surprise to see you here! Long time no see. The last time we saw you was what, in Johto?” Misty exclaimed after seeing the old friend.

    “Ya, it was in Johto, though I did see Ash on TV during the Hoenn league tournament and during the battle with Tucker in the Battle Frontier.” Said the girl. “And who might your new friend be?”

    “Oh, that’s Dawn and she’s a new Pokémon coordinator. We just started traveling with her yesterday.” Misty answered.

    “Nice to meet you Dawn, my name is Duplica. I want to be a Ditto Master.” Dawn giggled when Duplica mentioned “Ditto Master”. “What’s so funny? A Ditto master is a great thing. And these three Pokémon are my Ditto.”

    Dawn took her pokédex out and scanned one of her Ditto. “Ditto, the transformation Pokémon. This Pokémon’s can reconfigure its cells to simulate another Pokémon exactly.” The pokédex stated.

    “Why is that Ditto a different color?” Dawn asked.

    “I found this Ditto just recently, out west from here, on Route 218. I had heard that there were Ditto out there if you use a PokeRadar, so I went out there, and after a bit, found this one. It’s a different color than normal, called a shiny Pokémon.” Explained Duplica.

    “Well, I’m hungry, let’s go eat!” Ash interrupted, and for once, Misty agreed with him.

    “Yes, let’s go eat.” Misty said. “I feel like a salad.”

    “I always thought you were more like a carrot, or at least your head was a carrot. Anyway, I want a hamburger.” Ash told Misty.

    “Well, I don’t care, I want a salad.” Misty shot back.

    “Um, guys, you don’t need to argue over completely irrelevant things. We are in a food court. Misty, you can get your salad at one place and Ash, you can get your hamburger.” Brock said, trying to stop the arguing.

    “Still get along the same I see. Someday they’ll figure it out.” Duplica mentioned to no one in particular.

    “What do you mean, figure it out someday? I don’t get it. What are you saying?” Ash asked, a perplexed look on his face. Misty on the other hand, knew exactly what Duplica was talking about. She blushed, turned around, and told them she was going to find something to eat, hoping that no one had seen her blushing. Ash also went to find his hamburger, Pikachu following, wanting to get to the ketchup packets.


    Half an hour later, the group was done with lunch. Lunch had been calm, with Ash catching Duplica up with his achievements, showing off their PokeTechs, and Brock flirting with every pretty girl that walked by.

    “Time to go shopping!” Misty exclaimed as she threw her trash away.

    “Yes, let’s go!” agreed Dawn eagerly.

    “I’ll join you, it’s been a while since I have been shopping at a mall.” Duplica added. The three of them started to walk off, but the guys jumped in the way to stop them before they got too far away.

    “Hold on, first we have to figure out when and where we’ll meet. How about in an hour and a half and we meet right back here?” Brock proposed.

    Everyone agreed, though Ash and the girls were thinking two different things. Ash thought an hour and a half was too long, they could be using that time to get to the gym in Oreburg City, and the girls thought that it wasn’t enough time to visit all the shops in the mall. The girls then walked off, talking and giggling, trying to figure out what store to go to first. Brock then pulled Ash off to the side of the food court, almost tripping of a chair on the way there. The first thing he did was make sure the girls were out of earshot.

    “OK, spill Ash. What is going on between you and Misty? Are you finally getting together?” Brock questioned.

    Ash was shocked by Brock’s sudden barrage of questions. He tried to keep his composure, but was unable to do so. “Well, err, I, um, no, not really, nope, don’t think so, err, I don’t know-“ Ash stammered.

    “Ash, your making no sense. Can’t you string together a coherent sentence?” Brock asked.

    “Coharent what?” Ash replied.

    “Oh, never mind, you can’t even pronounce it right. Anyway, I know you like her, and I know she likes you. You just need to tell her. Be like me, be brave, talk to her. Tell her how you fell.” Brock advised.

    “When you say, ‘Be like me’, you mean get rejected?” Ash asked. Brock dropped his head, a sad expression on his face.

    “No, not like me. I want you to do what I’ve never succeeded. You really should talk to her. There is nothing to be afraid of. I know she likes you too.” Said Brock.

    “But what if-”Ash started to ask before Brock cut him off.

    “Just do it. Find a good time and just do it. It will work out, you’ll see.” Brock said, trying to encourage him. Brock then slapped Ash on the shoulder to wish him good luck, but hit him a bit too hard. Ash hadn’t been expecting this, and feel to the floor.

    “I can tell this is going to work out so well…” Ash said sarcastically as he got up from the floor and brushed himself off. But Ash decided that as much as Brock failed, he knew best in these matters of the heart. Ash, looking extremely nervous and fidgety, went to find Misty.


    “So Misty, how have you been?” Duplica asked, a big small on her face as she found another shirt she liked.

    “Oh, not bad. I’m glad to be traveling again instead of sitting in the gym waiting for more challengers. Oooh, this shirt’s cute!” Misty exclaimed as she picked out a shirt from the rack. Dawn was over on the other side of the store looking at skirts. “I just don’t know what to do about Ash…”

    “Oh, you mean how to tell him that you like him?” Duplica asked.

    “Ya, I guess so. Ready to go to another store?” Misty asked.

    “No changing the subject. So, you’ve admitted to yourself that you like him. Good. Brock and I talked about a way to get that step done when I meet up with you guys back in Johto. I guess that parts done then. You just need to find some time to tell him how you feel. Brock told me that he knows that Ash likes you back, but you two are just too stubborn to see it.” Duplica told Misty. She then reached over and grabbed Misty by the shoulders. “Just come out and tell him!”

    “OK, I guess I probably should. He deserves to know, though but I’m afraid it will ruin our friendship.”

    “Don’t worry about that. If you always worry about that, you will never be more then you are. I’m ready to go now. Dawn, are you ready?” Duplica asked.

    “I guess so. I’m not finding much here.” Dawn replied.

    The three girls left the store, talking and giggling. They went to the from store to store, looking at clothes. Ash on the other hand, had different things on his mind.


    Ash walked through the mall, looking for the girls. He stopped to look out a window, and a trainer came up behind him. He was a bit older then Ash, wearing a plain pair of jeans and a blue T-Shirt that said ‘Tough guys catch small Pokémon.’

    “Hi, my name is Jeremy. Judging by that Pikachu on your shoulder, I’m guessing you’re a Pokémon trainer. Wanna battle?” The trainer asked.

    A battle! Oh, I was trying to find Misty though. Brock thinks I really should tell her how I feel. But I wanna battle. Oh well. I can talk to Misty anytime, but this trainer battle is a onetime thing. “Sure, I’ll battle you. How about a one on one battle?”

    “Sure, let’s go outside to have our battle.” Ash and Jeremy walked outside to start their battle. They stopped in a open field nearby.

    “I choose you, Starly!” Ash shouted as he tossed Starly’s pokéball into the air. The small bird Pokémon took to the air, flying in circles about Ash’s head while waiting for Jeremy to release his Pokémon.

    “OK, let’s start.” Jeremy said. He pulled a pokéball off of his belt. “Go, Pachirisu!” He then through the pokéball and a small squirrel Pokémon appeared in a flash of light. It had little yellow electric pouches like on its cheeks, similar to Pikachu’s. It also had a blue strip on its top that stretched from the tip of its tail to the front of its face.

    “Never seen that Pokémon before. What is it?” Ash asked as he pulled out his pokédex.

    “Pachirisu, the electric squirrel Pokémon. The electric sacks on its cheeks generate a large amount of electricity. This Pokémon enjoys hanging out around power plants.” The pokédex informed Ash.

    “OK Starly, we can do this. It may be an electric type, but you’re the better Pokémon!” Ash said, encouraging his Pokémon.

    “OK, you can go first. I won’t need more than one attack to finish off your Pokémon.” Jeremy told Ash.

    “OK, Starly, use wing attack!” Ash ordered. Starly shot toward Pachirisu.

    “Pachirisu, stand your ground.” Jeremy ordered. His Pachirisu braced itself for impact. Starly flew down toward Pachirisu, and hit it right in the stomach. “Perfect. Now Pachirisu, use discharge!”

    Pachirisu crackled with electricity, and Starly was shocked with a huge amount of energy. Starly fell to the ground, while Pachirisu looked fine.

    “Well, it looks like my Pachirisu wins!” Jeremy said, a grin spreading across his gleeful face. But then his grin started to fail, as Starly struggled back up to its feet. “You’ve lost, call your Starly back before it gets really hurt.”

    “Starly, are you alright?” Ash asked his bird Pokémon. Starly had managed to get back on its feet. “I think you should rest. Starly, return.” A beam of light shot out of the pokéball, made contact with Starly, and started to absorb Starly. But right as the Starly was absorbed into his pokéball, the beam broke and Starly reemerged.

    “Starly, star star ly starly.” Starly chirped.

    “You want to keep battling?” Ash asked it. Starly nodded its head to confirm. “OK, Jeremy, looks like this battle isn’t over yet. Starly, use double team!” Starly duplicated itself a few times and all the copies started circling over Pachirisu’s head.

    “You can’t trick us, Pachirisu, thundershock them all!” Jeremy ordered. Pachirisu let out a large amount of energy, shocking all the copies flying around him. They all disappeared. “Pachirisu, the real one isn’t there, look out.”

    Ash smiled, and then looked up toward the sky. “Starly, use endeavor.” The bird Pokémon flew down toward Pachirisu at high speeds, and impacted the squirrel Pokémon. Pachirisu was knocked back hard, but got to its feet. “Starly, finished it. Use wing attack.” Starly flew toward the injured Pokémon, and got a direct hit. Starly then landed on the ground, breathing hard. But Pachirisu wasn’t as lucky. Pachirisu fell back, knocked out.

    Starly began to glow though, and then turned completely white. Starly grew in size, and the little tuff of feathers on grew larger. “Starly, great job, you evolved into Staravia.” Ash took out his pokédex, and scanned Staravia.

    “Staravia, the Starling Pokémon. This Pokémon lives in large flocks, but different flocks don’t get along with each other very well.” The pokédex stated.

    “Good job, you tried hard.” Said Jeremy. He then returned his Pachirisu to its pokéball, and then walked over to Ash and Staravia. “Great job, your Staravia is a great Pokémon. Maybe all battle you again someday.

    “Your Pachirisu is also great. I hope to see you again someday.” Ash replied. Then, he looked at his PokeTech, then pulled out Staravia’s pokéball. “Staravia, return. Glad to meet you Jeremy, but I was supposed to meet my friends fifteen minutes ago!” Ash then ran off toward the food court.


    “Why does that twerp have to win all the time? For once, I would like to see him lose.” Jessie complained. “I wish the boss would send us some reinforcements to help capture that Pikachu. Maybe would should ask him.”

    “Do know what the boss would do to us if we asked him to send us help. He won’t even give us anymore money.” James then walked over to the nearest phone. “It worth a try. The worst he can do is fire us.” The trio walked over to a pay phone, dialed the boss’s phone number, and then waited for the inevitable thrashing.

    “What is it?” asked a gruff voice from the other line when he picked up. “What do you three fools what now?”

    “Well boss, we wouldn’t mind for a few grunts to come out here and help us catch that Pikachu. Then, we will have a very powerful Pikachu on your side.” James asked. “Please, most excellent, evilest, smar-” but he was cut off.

    “Enough sucking up. I’m sending some members of Team Rocket out there. Report to Veilstone City immediately!” The boss informed the trio. With that, the boss hung up the phone.


    “Ash, where have you been. Your twenty minutes late. Did you forget how to tell time?” Misty scolded.

    “I was in a Pokémon battle with another trainer, and I lost track of time.” Said Ash. But then, the group heard a grumbling noise coming from Ash. “I think we should get some more to eat.” Brock and Misty fell to the ground, and Dawn and Duplica sweatdropped.

    “We don’t have time to eat, Ash. You just ate two hours ago anyway. If we don’t leave for Oreburg city soon, we won’t be able to get there before tomorrow evening.” Brock reminded Ash. Dawn, who was looking down at the ground nervously, finally decided to speak up.

    “I thought we were going to the Pokémon contest in this city?” Dawn asked. “I want to be a coordinator, so I need to participate in contests, and there is one in this city tomorrow days.”

    “Oh, I forgot. OK, I guess we can stay in Jubilife City until your contest. Is that alright with you, Brock?” Misty asked.

    “Ya, that’s fine. Though Dawn, I think you should work with your Piplup’s combination attacks, you’ll need some sort of appeal.” Brock told Dawn.

    Ash on the other hand, was not so happy about this arrangement. “But I want to get the Oreburg City so I can get my first Sinnoh badge!” Ash complained. He looked at Brock, and then turned to Misty, and then Dawn. “Contests aren’t as fun to watch as battling in a gym battle anyway.”

    “Don’t be so rude. Dawn is part of our group now. Besides, you went to May’s Pokémon contests.” Brock pointed out. Brock then got in real close to Ash and whispered in Ash’s ear, “Did you tell Misty?”

    “No, not yet.” Ash replied quietly. Misty then walked up to Ash and Brock. Brock pulled away and Ash blushed slightly.

    “Well, I better head out. I have another performance soon, so my Ditto and I better get home. It was great to meet up with you guys.” Duplica told the group. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Dawn waved goodbye to Duplica as she set off. After walking about fifteen feet, she remembered something and turned around to face the group. “And Misty, don’t forget what we talked about!” She yelled toward Misty. Duplica then turned, and walked out of site, heading toward the nearest dock.

    Ash then turned to face Misty. “So, what was Duplica talking about?” Ash asked.

    Misty blushed a some, and then turned away for a moment to regain her composure. “Nothing, just girl stuff, like makeup and clothes. Stuff you wouldn’t care about.”

    “Sure… ” Ash didn’t believe her, but let the topic go. “Well, we should head out toward Oreburg City for my next gym battle. Let’s go!” Ash exclaimed, punching his hand up into the air. Ash, Brock, and Misty started walking toward Oreburg City, but Dawn didn’t move. She was looking up toward the sky, watching something intently.

    “What’s that?” she asked. She was looking toward a large group of helicopters flying overhead, heading north-east. The helicopters were a pure black color except for a large red symbol on the side.

    “Looks like a group of helicopters. Where are they going?” Brock wondered.

    “Ya, ya, boring. Let’s go, I want to get to my gym battle as soon as possible!” Ash said, pushing Brock and Dawn along.

    “Actually, it is time for my contest!” Dawn reminded Ash. Ash faces sunk with despair, know that Misty and Brock would side with Dawn. “OK, let’s go. The contest is over back near where we got the PokeTechs. Let’s go guys. I need to train a bit tonight before the contest tomorrow. Come on Ash, let’s go!”. The group set off toward the Pokémon center to stay the night.

    On their way there Brock had an idea. “How about we all enter the Pokémon contest! It would be really fun.”

    “Sounds like fun! I’ve never been in a contest before!” Misty exclaimed. “I could use Caserin, that would be a good Pokémon for a contest.”

    “OK, I’ll do it too, though I don’t know what Pokémon I will use.” Ash said. “Oh well, it can’t be any harder than the last one I did in Kanto.”


    “Misty, can I talk to you?” Ash asked Misty later that night. They had got two rooms at the Pokémon center, one for the guys, and one for the girls. Ash had gone up to Misty’s room, extremely nervously.

    “Sure, what is this about?” Misty asked.

    “Ya, tell us Ash.” Dawn told him, shutting the door and looking at Ash with a questioning look. Ash looked surprised when he noticed that Dawn was in the room, she was on top of the bunk, hidden by the door until she closed it behind Ash.

    “Wow, Dawn! I didn’t know you where in here!” Ash exclaimed. Now he was extremely nervous, fidgeting with a pokéball on his belt. “Well then, Misty, can I, um, well, can I, well, what I mean is, can I, um, well-“ Ash stammered.

    “Oh just get on with it Ash, I have a contest tomorrow and I need my sleep.” Dawn complained. “Just get on with what you were going to say.“

    “Well Misty, can I talk to you, a-a-al-alone?” Ash asked. He was fidgeting so much, that he accidently knocked the pokéball off his belt. Ash reached down, picked up the pokéball, and when he stood back up, his face was bright red with embarrassment.

    “All right, Dawn, could you leave for a moment?” Misty requested. “Maybe you can go talk to Brock about a good strategy for your contest tomorrow. Brock watched May in lots of her contests, so he may have some useful insight.”

    “Ya, he even competed in a contest of his own once.” Ash added.

    “OK, I’ll go talk to Brock.” Dawn said. She walked out the door, and closed it behind her. She then knelt down, and pressed her ear against the crack between the door and the frame around it.

    “So, what’s this about Ash?” Dawn heard Misty ask. “And Dawn, could you PLEASE stop listening through the crack in the door?” Misty requested.

    “Fine, though I imagine what is about to go on in there could be extremely interesting.” Dawn said, and walked away.

    “Anyway, what is this about Ash, as Dawn said, what is this about?” Misty asked. Ash looked toward the ground, then turned to the door. He reached for the doorknob, shaking with nervousness.

    “Ah, this was a bad idea, bye!” Ash said starting to turn the doorknob.

    “Not so fast, I want to know what you were going to say. Go, Corsala! Use spike cannon to seal that door!” Misty ordered as she grabbed a pokéball from her backpack and tossed it toward the door. The pink and white Pokémon appeared, then turned white and shot some spike cannon shots toward the door. Ash had to remove his hand from the doorknob so it didn’t get blasted with the attack. The spikes stuck in the door, sealing it shut. “Know, what where you talking about Ash?” Misty asked in a somewhat mocking sort of way and with a look on her face that made Ash squirm even more than before.

    “Well, I, well, Brock, he wanted me to tell you that, he really likes you.” Ash told her. He then realized what he had said. “I mean, not Brock. He wanted me to tell you that-“ Ash started, to correct himself, but halted before he could finish. “The thing is, Brock thought that I should tell you that I-” Ash stammered, but stopped before he was finish. Ash was now very scared, afraid that what he was about to say would ruin his friendship with Misty.

    I wonder if he wants to tell me that he likes me! Misty wondered, her excitement building. After all this time traveling together, will it finally happen?

    “Go on Ash, what is it your trying to say?” Misty asked, now completely serious and her voice dripped with curiosity.

    “Well, it’s that I well, I guess that, I, um, what I mean to say is-“ Ash stammered. He then gulped, gathered all of his courage, and started again. “What I’m trying to say is that I really like you, more than a friend, more than a best friend. I really like you Misty, infact, I think I'm in love with you.” Ash finally got it off his chest. The ball was now in Misty’s court, and Ash waited for her to respond.

    “Ash.” Misty said, unsure how to continue. She staggered from the shock of hearing Ash actually confirm that he liked her like she liked him, and grabbed the side of the bed for support. This is a dream come true! Misty thought, her mind spinning. He told me that he loves me. I have looked forward to this day for a long time.

    “If you don’t like me that way, just say so and forget that this conversation even happened!” Ash blurted out after Misty not saying anything else. She isn’t saying anything! Maybe Brock was wrong. WHY, oh why did I listen to Brock about this? He may think he knows a lot about love, but he has NEVER gotten a girl to like him.

    “No, it’s not that I don’t like you, I just didn’t know what to say. But I have feelings for you also, and even though you can be a royal pain with a skull thicker than a Cubone’s, I really like you too.” Misty said, tears starting to form in her eyes.

    “Why are you starting to cry?” Ash asked her, a confused look on his face. Misty had started to cry silently, though her face wasn’t a sad face.

    “Ash, these are tears of happiness.” Misty told him, and then took a step closer to him. She reached out and took hold of him. She then pulled him closer, and the two of them hugged. Ash and Misty just stood there, holding each other in their arms. They just stood there in each other’s embrace for a few minutes.

    “OK, I want to know what’s going on!” Dawn demanded impatiently as she opened the door with a bang. She then saw Ash and Misty hugging each other, and stepped back. “Oh, I think I am interrupted something.” Dawn then backed out of the door, but the damage had been done. Ash and Misty blushed bright crimson, let go of each other, and backed away. Ash then turned and walked out the door, extremely embarrassed. He and Misty didn’t say anything to each other as Ash left. A few minutes later, Dawn reentered the room.

    “So, what happened?” Dawn asked. She climbed up to the top of the bunk bed and sat down on top of her bed. Misty didn’t say anything, and proceeded to lie down on her bed. Dawn decided that it was probably better to not say anything more. Misty just laid in bed, and long after Dawn had drifted off to sleep, Misty finally went to sleep, her mind spinning with thoughts of what had happened just a hour before.


    The next morning, Ash woke up at the crack of dawn, the light filtering in through the window. Normally, Ash would be looking forward to the events of the day, in this case, the Pokémon contest. But in this case, only one thing was on his mind. Misty. How would she react to him today? Would she ignore what happened last night, would she ignore him, or would she talk to him about last night? Too bad Dawn interrupted when she did. Well, she would do what she would do, and Ash couldn’t think of a way to make things go his way if needed. Ash got out of bed, stretched, and walked down to the lower level to get some breakfast.

    So, what Pokémon should I use for the contest? Ash wondered. Staravia might be a good choice, or Pikachu. Oh, I could use Aipom. I think Aipom would be a good choice for the appeal stage. Then I can use Staravia for the battle stage. As Ash walked down into the cafeteria, he saw Dawn was already up and eating breakfast. Ash walked over to the counter, grabbed a bowl of cereal, and went to sit next to Dawn. She looked up for a moment, and then looked back down at her breakfast. Ash and Dawn ate breakfast silently, neither of them talking. Ash was preoccupied with his mind jumping back and forth between thinking about Misty’s reaction to him today, and the upcoming Pokémon contest. Dawn was extremely nervous, having never been in a Pokémon contest before.

    “So, Dawn, are you ready for the Pokémon contest?” Ash asked, trying to break the ice. Dawn looked up, looked at Ash for a second, and then started to twirl her spoon in her bowl of cereal.

    “I think so. Piplup and I have been training for it, so hopefully I’ll win. But if I don’t, hopefully you, Misty, or Brock win.” Dawn said, still swirling her cereal. She felt bad about interrupting Ash and Misty last night.

    Ash and Dawn heard footsteps coming over, and looked up. Brock had gotten up and was feeding his Bonsly as he walked toward Ash and Dawn to eat breakfast. “Hey guys. Glad to see you up. Is Misty up yet?” Brock asked, looking around to see if he missed her.

    “No, she still up in the room. She hasn’t said anything to me since last night though. She’s just been lying on her bed, staring at the bottom of my part of the bunk bed. Ash, perhaps you should go up there and talk to her.” Dawn suggested. Ash nodded and silently got up and headed to Misty’s room.

    Ash lightly knocked on Misty’s door, hoping everything would go alright. He then heard Misty’s voice come from inside. “Come on in.”

    Ash opened the door and walked in. Misty was still just staring at the upper bunk bed, not moving at all when he entered. “Misty, what’s wrong?” Ash asked. A nervous feeling came over Ash, and he wasn’t sure what else to say. “Why don’t you go eat breakfast before the contest?” Suggested Ash. Misty didn’t say anything to Ash as she got up and walked toward the door. Ash followed her out silently, not knowing what was wrong.

    Why can’t I talk to her? I told her I love her yesterday, and now we can barely talk to each other. Why? What did I do wrong? Ash’s thoughts raced, trying to think of a way to rectify this situation, but nothing came to him. This isn’t my thing. Brock is the one into girls, not me. Misty is the romantic, not me. Why did I have to get into this mess? Pokémon are much simpler then girls. I should just stick to Pokémon, as they have nothing to do with girls. Well, except for Latias, but that was different. Maybe someone can help me with Misty. Not Brock, he would probably have me do something that would scare away Misty just like all the girls Brock has ever liked. Who do I know that could help me? Of course! Ash raced to the video phone and picked it up. He then began to dial the number of the person that he hoped could help him. But the question is, would he help Ash. One the other end, a small girl picked up the phone.

    “Oh, hi. Your name was Ash right? How is Misty?” The girl asked him.

    “Ya, that’s right, my name is Ash. And I was actually calling about Misty. I was hoping to speak to your brother.” Ash told the young girl.

    “Oh, he just finished beating a challenger, so he'll be free in a minute or two. I’ll go tell him your calling and he’ll be here soon. Just hold on.” The girl ran off from the video range of the phone, off to find her brother. Now the only question was, would he help Ash with his problem, or just try to make it worse.

    Well, I hope that wasn't to corny. Never done anything like that before. Anyway, thanks for the reviews, and I hope to see more. So, who can guess who the person Ash called is? I don't expect it to be too hard, but lets see if anyone can guess. Penngrade, ya, I guess the holding hands is overused. And to FireDitto and everyone else too I guess, I just want to remind you that this is my first fic ever, so I'm still getting used to the writting process. But thats not to say to stop correcting me. It helps me see my mistakes so I can avoid them in the future.
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    >_> I had this REALLY good, long review about the above chapter, and I lost it -cries- Ugh. Serebii keeps dying on me -pokes it-

    ANYWAY -tries to remember review-


    Secondly: For a first fic, this is going really well. You've got pretty good character control and a language control. Typical mistakes were present. I think that your most common one is the two "your" and "you're". I would suggest trying to read the sentence without it contracted, to remember which goes where. Thats how I learned.

    The confessions between Ash and Misty were a little painful to read, but overall I think you did a good job with them. It could defiantly have been a lot worse. I don't write romance, for that simple reason, but I do like finding ones that are well handled. Almost all confessions are painful to read, though - such as in movies and stuff. So, no big.

    I like how they aren't all gooey the next day. The complications are interesting, and Ash's confusion is good -laughs- he's so cool.

    You did a little bit of jumping around again. With "Jumping", I mean going from one train of thought to another without much warning. I wrote one FF where I did it a lot. It usually happens for me when I'm writing too fast with too many ideas, and don't go back to smooth it out.
    Try writing the chapter, and leave it for as long as you can without looking at it (a day or two most, I think) and then go back and try to read it from a stranger's point of view. You'll pick up any mistakes that way, too. And be able to smooth out little hiccups.

    Guessing who ash called? I'd say that gym leader whats-his-face with the little sister that hit on Misty? -doesn't know- I read about him in a different FF, and that's just who I thought of when I read that.

    I haven't watched any Pokemon shows for about 3 years -twitches- so I don't know anything past the ep. when Togepi evolved into Togetic and Misty went back to her gym. I had a fit about that -grins-

    Keep up the great work, it is looking to be a great story xD


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    Wow good! I didn't thinked Ash would tell Misty, that was a great surprise!

    “OK, spill Ash. What is going on between you and Misty? Are you finally getting together?” Brock questioned.

    Ash was shocked by Brock’s sudden barrage of questions. He tried to keep his composure, but was unable to do so. “Well, err, I, um, no, not really, nope, don’t think so, err, I don’t know-“ Ash stammered.
    Hm... thats not too much "ash" I mean, its very hard to imagine Ash saying that. (just my opinion).

    “Oh, hi. Your name was Ash right? How is Misty?” The girl asked him.

    “Ya, that’s right, my name is Ash. And I was actually calling about Misty. I was hoping to speak to your brother.” Ash told the young girl.

    “Oh, he just finished beating a challenger, so he'll be free in a minute or two. I’ll go tell him your calling and he’ll be here soon. Just hold on.” The girl ran off from the video range of the phone, off to find her brother. Now the only question was, would he help Ash with his problem, or just try to make it worse.
    Ok, no idea who is,

    Anyway, I liked the chapter, keep working I keep reading.

    Im a Mewtwo fan

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    Well, here is the next chapter. Sorry it took so long, but I got caught up in the Harry Potter craze, and as per tradition for me, I had to read books 1-6 in the few weeks before the new book came out. Well, now that its over and done with, all I can say is, wow, it was good. Anyway, back to Pokemon. And here is the next chapter. Let the chaos begin. I originally planed to get to this part a bit earlier in the story, but I decided the earlier chapters help lead up to the pokeshipping parts to come in later chapters.

    Chapter 7

    Battles Galore!

    “Well, well, well, if isn’t Ash.” Said the boy who had just arrived at the other end of the video phone. He had red-brown hair and a black shirt, covered by a white vest. In the background where a few Pokémon appeared to be dancing. Ash gulped.

    “Rudy, nice to see you again. How have you been? I hear you just had a battle with a challenger, how did it go?” Ash decided that he would try to get Rudy comfortable around him before asking about Misty. But, considering Rudy had liked Misty as well, would he hold a grudge against Ash, since Misty had chosen Ash over Rudy. Ash decided he would have to run any advice Rudy gave him by Brock.

    “Oh, it was just some kid named Corey. His Porygon, Murkrow, and Beedrill were wiped out by my Venamoth, Crawdaunt, and Dodrio. He didn’t knock out a single of my Pokémon. I was also the first Orange Crew member he had battled. I told him to train some more before he tried to challenge any more Orange Crew members. Anyway, what is it your calling about?” Rudy asked.

    “Well, um remember back after our gym battle, you told me I was a very lucky guy? Were you referring Misty choosing to stay and travel with me?” Ash asked. Rudy’s facial expression changed, a slight amount of jealousy in his expression found its way into his expression. It only lasted a moment before it vanished. Ash then saw a small head pop up behind Rudy.

    “Ya, I wanted Misty to stay with us and be like my big sister! You took her away from us!” The girl shouted at Ash. Rudy then patted her on the head and pushed her away from the video phone.

    “Marie, go on. Just go play with Starmie.” Rudy said kindly to his younger sister. “Yes, Ash when I told you that you where a lucky guy, that’s part of what I meant. But it was also because, well, you’ll find out someday. Or is the reason you’re calling because you have figured it out?” Rudy’s facial expression had changed to surprise and wonder at the same time.

    “Ya, I think I figured it out. It wasn’t just because Misty wanted to keep travelling with me and Tracy, it was because she also like ME more than she liked you, am I correct?” Ash asked.

    Rudy nodded solemnly. The moment Misty had made up her mind to go with Ash was still clear in his mind.


    It was the deciding battle of the gym battle. Both trainers had won one match and lost one match. It was down to the last battle. The announcer riding the gym’s Pidgeot was announcing that the final battle was between water Pokémon.

    “I choose you Starmie!” Rudy said as he tossed the pokéball. With a flash of white light, the purple star Pokémon appeared on the battlefield. Rudy then flung his hair as he directed his attention to Misty who was floating in a hot air balloon along with his sister. “I dedicate this victory to the girl who saved my sister and stole my heart.”

    With that statement, Misty was a bit surprised, but Marie perked up. “I knew it! I knew right away my brother really liked you, Misty!” Marie said enthusiastically. Rudy’s statement and Marie’s enthusiasm made her sink her head in thought.

    “That’s real nice, but the victory is going to be mine!” Ash shouted toward Rudy. Ash then released his
    Squirtle and the battle commenced. Rudy then turned on some music to help his Starmie dodge attacks better.

    “Misty, this is for you, a very special dance. Starmie, spin yourself into a thunderbolt attack. Starmie then unleashed a thunderbolt attack. Marie got excited thinking her brother was going to win and Tracy mentioned that it didn’t look good for Ash. Misty was still deep in thought, unsure of what she wanted. She then dropper her head in deep concentration, and then proceeded to yell at Ash.

    “Ash, what are you gona do?! Just stand there and let him bet ya?!” Misty shouted down toward the battlefield. Marie was in shock that Misty wanted Ash to win. “Come on, you’re the only one who can bring out Squirtle’s real power!”

    “I know that, I’m not stupid!” Ash shouted back, and an argument began.

    “Then don’t just stand there, do something!” Misty yelled back. “You already beat Rudy once, you can beat him again!”

    Rudy’s eyes reflected the confusion and surprise he felt. “She wants him.” Rudy muttered to himself. Why did she choose him? He’s just a kid. She even told me herself that he was stubborn and thick headed. How she was always arguing with him. I treated her like a lady. What does she see in him that she doesn’t see in me? The battle then continued, with Squirtle learning hydro pump and using it and a skull bash attack to knock out Rudy’s Starmie.

    Later that day, as the sun was setting, Rudy gave Ash his Spike Shell badge. He then proceeded to pull a bouquet of flowers and handed to her. Even if I can’t have her with me now, hopefully she will return to Trovita Island some day. Maybe then she’ll stay. “Misty, I know you’ve already made your decision, but these are for you.”

    “I-, thanks Rudy.” Misty said, thanking him for his kindness.

    “I hope you know, you’re a very lucky guy, Ash.” Rudy told Ash. Ash’s was slightly confused at that statement.

    “Lucky, what do you mean?” Ash asked.

    “You’ll see someday.” Rudy replied cryptically. Or hopefully, he won’t

    *End Flashback*

    “Well, I guess someday has come. You must have figured it out, now that you’re calling me. So, what was I talking about?” Rudy asked.

    “You must have been referring to Misty’s feelings for me. Feelings that were more than friendship.” Ash told Rudy. “I also kinda messed up. I told Misty how I felt.”

    “Err, how is that messing up, exactly?” Rudy asked. “I know I would have thought that a good thing.”

    Ash then explained some of what happened the previous night. “Well, she won’t really talk to me now. She isn’t angry, she just doesn’t really talk to me. And the thing is, I seem to be the same way. When I try to talk to her now, I just get really nervous.”

    “I think I see what your problem is. You guys got interrupted before you had figured out exactly how these new feelings worked. You weren’t able to truly figure things out before your friend interrupted you.” Rudy explained, and as Ash heard it, it sounded logical to him.

    “So then, what do I do about this? I want to fix it.” Inquired Ash.

    Rudy’s face now showed signs of conflicting emotions. Do I help him out? He did take Misty away from me and my sister. But no, it was her choice to go, not something he decided. But if I can’t have her, why should he! Why does he deserve her and not me? I don’t know what to do! What would Misty want me to do? I guess I should do what would make her happy. Perhaps I should help Ash out.

    “OK, I think I know what you can do. Just act like friends at first. Get comfortable around each other again. Then you can try again. Or as you get more comfortable around each other, things might go a bit differently by themselves, and you two will be closer than before.” Rudy explained to Ash.

    “OK, thanks. I’ve got to run as I have a Pokémon Contest coming up very soon, so I have to get to the contest hall. But thanks for the help. And I’m sorry for you that Misty didn’t stay with you, though I know you understand that I am happy she didn’t stay. Goodbye.” Ash told Rudy before hanging up the video phone. Ash then left the Pokémon Center, out into the fresh morning air. He heading to the Contest hall, knowing Misty, Dawn, and Brock would have already arrived there. As he walked, his mind started to wander.


    “He has done it! Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town has become the victor of the Sinnoh league championships! It’s been a long road for the young trainer, but after coming in the top sixteen at the Indigo League, winning the Orange League Championships, and coming in the top eight in both the Johto and Hoenn League, this trainer has finally joined the ranks of the Pokémon Masters! Mr. Goodshow will now present Ash with-”

    *End Daydream*

    Wham! Ash, who had not been paying any attention at all, walked right into a man who was standing on the sidewalk.

    “Watch where you’re going! Do you know who you just crossed?” Asked the man. Ash could tell he was furious. The man was dressed in an odd outfit, with black pants and a shirt with black sleeves, a white section that looked like a T that started at the waist and went up to the shoulders. His shirt had a yellow and black symbol on the front, which looked like an “O” or a “G”, Ash couldn’t tell because of the design, but he thought it looked more like a “G”. He also had a greenish color of hair. The man then walked off, muttering about stupid kids and how they should know better than to bump into him. Ash shook it off and continued toward the contest hall, trying to decide if he should use Aipom for both rounds or switch to Pikachu or Staravia.

    “Where have you been?! The signups for the contest are almost over. You better hurry!” Brock scolded Ash as Ash walked through the doors to the contest hall. Ash rushed toward the counter, obtained his contest pass, and registered for the contest. As he registered, he also go a ball capsule that made an effect when a Pokémon came out of its pokéball. He then headed toward the waiting room where Dawn and Misty should be waiting.

    “Good, you’re here. Misty was getting worried that you wouldn’t make it.” Dawn told Ash as he walked into the waiting room. Dawn looked a bit nervous, as did Misty, who was sitting over in a corner of the room. It made sense, since it was their first contests. Ash and Brock both had contests in the past, Brock coming in second and Ash tying with May for first. Ash started to walk toward Misty when Dawn tapped him on the back. “Ash, your first to go out to the stage. You might want to head up there now.”

    Ash headed up to the door, and heard the voice of the announcer, starting to introduce him. “-from Pallet Town, please welcome Ash Ketchum!” With that, Ash ran out onto the stage.

    “Aipom, let’s go!” Ash said as he threw her pokéball into the air. With lots of flashing stars, Aipom appeared from her pokéball. “Aipom, use swift and then use focus punch and double team!” Aipom shot golden stars out the end of her tail that formed into one big star in the air. Aipom then used double team and one of the Aipoms hit the giant star with a focus punch. The star flew and took out all the fake Aipoms before exploding into a giant fountain of stars.

    “Well done young man!” One of the judges said.

    “That was remarkable!” said another judge.

    “That Aipom is quite strong!” Remarked the local Nurse Joy that was the final judge. After receiving his score, Ash went back to the waiting room, passing Brock on his way there. Time went by, and one by one, the contestants preformed their appeals. The eight trainers that made it to the next round appeared on the overhead screen. Ash, Brock, Dawn, and Misty were all nervous, afraid they hadn’t made it.

    “Yes!” Dawn exclaimed. She had made it into the next round. Brock’s picture was also on the screen. Ash and Misty scanned the screen for their faces. Ash then saw his in the upper right corner of the screen. Misty’s expression sunk with sadness.

    “I didn’t make it…” She said, disappointment permeating her voice. Misty’s appeal hadn’t gone as well as she had hoped as her Caserin had accidently grazed the announcer with a bubblebeam. Brocks Bonsly’s appeal had gone well, with its fake tears gaining lots of sympathy from the judges. Dawn’s Piplup had performed well by spinning around in circles at the same time as shooting its bubblebeam.

    “Misty, it’s all right. You have never been in a contest before. I thought you did really well. You would have gotten through if it hadn’t been for a slight slipup with bubblebeam.” Ash said, trying to cheer her up. Misty looked up at him, and then looked back down.

    “Just leave her alone, she’ll get over it soon.” Brock told Ash.


    The second round continued in the standard contest tournament. Brock had been knocked out first, followed by Ash., though he still thought something fishy had happened. The thunderbolt from Pikachu that would have finished off his opponent’s Porygon somehow got redirecting into the ground near it. Ash knew Pikachu’s thunderbolt would never miss when its target was standing still like that. Dawn had proceeded to the final round though, after a bit of a shaky start.

    “Welcome to the final round of the Jubilife Pokémon Contest! After many great performances by the contestants, there are only two remaining. Everyone give a round of applause for Dawn of Twin Leaf Town!” Momoan, the announcer, said as the crowed burst into applause. “OK, OK, save some applause for the next contestant. Welcome Alice!” The crowd applauded for Alice, but a bit less enthusiastically. “Contestants, good luck!”

    “Piplup, come one out!” Dawn shouted as she threw the pokéball, and in a flash of bubbles, Piplup appeared on the stage. “We can do this Piplup, it’s the finals.” With Dawn’s mention of the finals, Piplup froze up, not moving a muscle.

    “Looks like your little birdy is afraid. It hasn’t seen anything yet. Show that Piplup what it should REALLY be afraid of! Take it out, go, Dratini!” Alice shouted, tossing the pokéball. The Pokémon appeared in a haze of smoke, then a blast of light from inside the smoke shown through, and as the smoke cleared, Dratini was visible with the bump on its head, glowing.

    “What a dazzling entrance. Alice seems to have a new entrance planned every time we see her Dratini. Well, good luck to both of you and let the battle begin!

    “Don’t give her anytime to think! Dratini, use flash!” Alice ordered as soon as soon as the battle began. Dratini let out a bright flash, blinding Piplup. “Now, follow up with wrap attack!” Dratini moved in and wrapped itself around Piplup.

    “Piplup, break out, use peck!” Dawn shouted in desperation, knowing that this battle was not in her favor. Piplup’s beak glowed as he started to peck Dratini.

    “That’s enough, Dratini, throw that little runt into the air.” Commanded Alice. Dratini obeyed immediately, flinging its tail into the air and sent Piplup flying. “See little girl, your Piplup can fly. Let’s see if we can send it into orbit now. Dratini, HYPER BEAM!” A ball of orange and yellow light formed in front of Dratini’s head, and then a beam shot out and hit Piplup in midair. Piplup was blasted up to the roof, hit the roof, and then pinned Piplup to the roof. Dawn’s points kept draining as Piplup was suspended helplessly in the air.

    “Wow, that Dratini is powerful. I’ve never seen a Pokémon sustain a hyper beam for that long. Piplup is in trouble.” Brock said, the surprise showed in his face as well. “I really should ask that Alice if she would tell me how she trained her Dratini. Maybe over dinner tonight…”

    “Brock, stop thinking about her and watch the match! If Dawn doesn’t do something soon, she’s lost.” Ash scolded Brock.

    What should I do? That hyper beam is way too strong. I don’t know what to do! As Dawn was pondering what she should have Piplup do to escape, her points ran out.

    “And that’s it, Alice’s Dratini is the winner. Alice, you’ve won, you can stop your Dratini.” Momoan said to Alice.

    “Oh, I don’t think it is over yet. Dratini, use Draco Meteor!” Alice ordered.

    “What! What are you doing? Stop that now!” Yelled Momoan, as Officer Jenney rushed up to the stage. Dratini’s whole body glowed, a blue-silver color, and then the ground started to shake. A giant ball of energy formed in front of Dratini, and then blasted up toward Piplup.

    “PIPLUP, NO!” Dawn screamed, and then sunk down on her knees, crying. Piplup was hit by the blast, and then fell to the ground. The blast also knocked out the roof, and debris fell to the ground. Dawn rushed over to Piplup, who was extremely beat up. Nurse Joy also rushed over to Piplup to see what kind of condition he was in.

    “This is bad, we have to get this Piplup to the Pokémon Center immediately. Follow me!” Nurse joy told Dawn, then picked up Piplup and rushed out the contest hall door. Debris where now littering the ground, spectators where running out the door, screaming and shouting. Ash and Brock rushed down to the stage as police officers rushed through the contest hall door, pushing past the fleeing spectators. Officer Jenney pulled out a pair of handcuffs and walked up the Alice.

    “You are under arrest for the destruction of public property and the abuse of another trainer’s Pokémon. If you would please come quietly, I’m sure we could-“

    “I don’t think so. You see, I have other plans. Oh, and you might want to look outside. Your city no longer perfectly calm, or at least it won’t be long. Soon, it will be very far from calm.” A ladder then descended through the gapping cavity in the roof. There was man hanging on to the ladder, who reached down to grab Alice’s hand and pull her up.

    “I’ve seen him before!” Ash shouted as he recognized the man on the ladder. “I bumped in to him on the way here. He seemed really mad about it. Well, now that I know he is friends with that evil lady, it makes more sense. Pikachu, let’s stop them!”

    “I don’t think so, you little punk! Now I can teach you to respect your elders and not run into them. Show him we mean business! Go, Murkrow! Teach him a lesson. Use dark pulse!” Murkrow sent pulses of dark energy out of its beak directly toward Ash and Pikachu. The attack sent Ash and Pikachu flying into a wall. “Now, Murkrow, use haze.” Murkrow opened its beak and filled the room with a dark haze. The haze didn’t last very long, as the helicopter’s rotors blew away the haze, but it was long enough. The next thing Ash knew, the helicopter was starting to fly away. Ash then realized he had seen that design of helicopter before. The last time he had seen it was in Johto, at the Lake of Rage. It was a Team Rocket helicopter. Officer Jenney walked up to Ash while giving orders over her radio after the helicopter was out of sight.

    “All units, we have a situation. A member of Team Galactic has assisted a person who attacked the Pokémon contest hall. It also appears that they are planning to attack the city. All officers, secure all sensitive locations. Defensive plan Zero Gamma Five. Officer Jenney, out!” Officer Jenney then helped Ash get to his feet. Misty and Brock had arrived on the scene as well by then, Misty had a very worried look on her face and Brock looked like his mind was at war with itself about asking Jenney out to dinner.

    “Ash, are you alright?” Misty asked. Ash looked toward her and saw that she was shaking.

    Odd. Ash thought. We’ve been in lots of dangerous situations like this where team rocket or someone else attacks us, and she’s never been this scared. Maybe she is truly scared for me.

    “Sir, do you know who those people where? One of them seemed to recognize you.” Officer Jenney inquired. “Please, if you could answer quickly, I need to get to the station.”

    “I bumped into that once guy on the ladder. He seemed really mad about it, but that was all. And that helicopter, it was a Team Rocket helicopter.” Ash told her, hoping to get to the Pokémon center soon so he could see how Dawn and Piplup were doing.

    “Thanks, well, I’ve got to go. Please be careful. Make your way directly to the Pokémon Center.” With that, Officer Jenney dashed off threw the door, listening to her radio as she went.

    “Let’s go, we should she how Dawn and Piplup are doing!” Brock ordered and Ash, Brock, and Misty hurried threw the door and headed to the Pokémon Center. As they approached the Pokémon Center, Misty gasped. The area around the Pokémon Center was swarming with people in Team Galactic uniforms. Misty then saw other people spread out throughout the crowd of Team Galactic members. They were in pure black uniforms, wearing black hats and had a large, red “R” on the front of their uniforms. Alice from the Pokémon Contest had her Dratini out in front of her, and had a megaphone up to her mouth.

    “Hand over all the Pokémon from the Pokémon Center and we will leave you in peace. If you refuse, my Dratini will break down the door and more Pokémon may be hurt, and we wouldn’t want that.” Alice said in a sickly sweet through the megaphone.

    “Brock, where are the police? They should be here by now. Officer Jenney told them to secure important locations, and wouldn’t the Pokémon Center be one of them?” Misty asked. Just then, a few police cruisers roared passed them on the road, heading toward another section of the city.

    “I don’t think the police are coming. There must be something extremely important in this city that Team Galactic must not have their hand on. I guess it’s up to us to protect the Pokémon Center.” Brock told Misty and Ash.

    “Um, Brock, in case you forgot to look, it is about five to one. I don’t like those odds.” Ash said, nervous about not being able to save those Pokémon.

    “Oh, so you do know how to add.” Misty said under her breath.

    “Oh, ha ha. Well, it’s up to us to save those Pokémon, even if we fail. Pikachu, you ready?” Ash asked his old buddy.

    “Pikachu pipichuka ka chu.” Pikachu responded, electricity crackling from his checks.

    “Let’s do this, go, Bonsly!” Brock said, tossing the pokéball into the air. The baby rock Pokémon appeared and got ready for battle.

    “Go, Gyarados!” Misty shouted, tossing the pokéball up into the air.

    “Come on guys, let’s clear the way to the door. Bonsly, use rock throw!” Brock ordered

    “Gyarados, use hydro pump!” Misty ordered.

    “Pikachu, use thunder!” Ash ordered.

    “PikaCHUUU!” Shouted Pikachu as it realized a bolt of electricity. But it wasn’t alone. Another blast of electricity and two balls of electricity shot out from behind the Ash, Misty, and Brock. Momentarily distracted from the group of Team Rocket and Team Galactic members in front of the Pokémon center, Ash turned to see the origin of the other electrical attacks. He turned to see and Electabuzz, and two Espeon with their trainers standing behind them. Ash smiled when he saw the three female trainers behind him. Two of them Ash were trainers Ash hadn’t seen for a long time, while the third one was very familiar. The three new girls looked at him and smiled.

    “Now this evens the odds some more!” Ash cried out, causing Brock and Misty to turn and look for a moment. Brock and Misty smiled as well when they saw the three new arrivals. All six trainers stared at each other for a moment before a ball of dark energy from a Sneasel flew by them and blew up a nearby trashcan. The attack snapped the six trainers back to reality. A explosion occurred in midair when one of Pikachu’s thunder attacks hit a sludge bomb attack.

    “All right, that’s enough. Dratini, hyper beam!” Alice ordered. The hyper beam went straight through the Pokémon Center’s glass doors like they weren’t even there. But before the devastating energy beam could do any more damage, the beam hit a turquoise colored screen of light. The Pokémon Center’s Chansey stood in-between the empty main desk and Dratini, blocking the hyper beam attack. While Chansey was busy holding back the hyper beam, several Team Galactic and Team Rocket grunts stormed the building, making sure to avoid touching the hyper beam attack. Two trainers released a Golbat each, and a third one release a Pokémon Ash had never seen before. It looked like a small rodent with spiky purple fur covering its body. Starting at the top of its head, the Pokémon had a streak of tan fur that ran almost all the way to the tip of its tail. Ash reached into his pocket and pulled out his Pokédex.

    “Now is not the time, put that away and keep battling. Just so you know, it’s a Stunky and is poison and dark type.” Brock said, taking Ash Pokédex and stashing it in his own pocket.

    “Ash, we can take them!” Came a soft voice from behind. The girl’s Espeon looked at Pikachu, and said something to him. Pikachu ceased his attacks and walked up toward Espeon. Espeon’s eyes then started to glow, and Pikachu was lifted into the air. Espeon then used its psychic abilities to send Pikachu hurtling toward Dratini. At the same time, Pikachu’s skin began to crackle with electricity and soon Pikachu was consumed in a ball of electricity. Dratini was hit hard in the back when Pikachu collided with it. The energy Pikachu built was immediately discharged into Dratini, and Dratini fell to the ground.

    Pikachu then used a quick attack to hurdle itself through the open door toward one of the Golbats that was bearing down on the Pokémon Center’s Chansey. Pikachu collided with the Golbat in midair, sending the Golbat sailing into a nearby wall. Chansey then hurled itself toward the other Golbat in a desperate double-edge attack. Golbat dodged out of the way, turned, and flew straight at Chansey, its fangs glowing bright purple. The bat Pokémon bit down on Chansey, sending poison into the Pokémon. Chansey stumbled around for a few seconds, trying to keep its balance till the poison overtook it and it fell to the ground.

    Then, in a flash of light, an Alakazam appeared in the Pokémon Center. The new arrival’s spoons began to glow as it unleashed a powerful psybeam at the remaining Golbat. The Golbat flew around in circles, until a thunderbolt from Pikachu lanced out through the air, knocking the Pokémon out. Pikachu and Alakazam turned on Stunky, the final enemy Pokémon in the Pokémon Center. The three Pokémon all unleashed attacks at the same moment, a Thunderbolt, hyper beam, and flamethrower all collided at once. With a great explosion, the three Pokémon where knocked back. When the smoked cleared, Alakazam and Pikachu where getting to their feet, but the Stunky was down for the count. Alakazam and Pikachu turned and walked to the entrance, ready to stop anyone else from entering the Pokémon Center.

    Misty’s Gyarados was finishing off a unfortunate Nidorinio with its flamethrower attack, and Brock’s Bonsly was distracting a Beedrill while another Beedrill came at it from behind.

    “Oh, all right. All units retreat!” Alice commanded. The Team Rocket and Team Galactic grunts needed no more persuasion, and all took off after returning there Pokémon to their Pokéballs. Alice was the last one to retreat, and yelled at the six trainers as she left. “This isn’t the last you’ll see of me! I’ll get my revenge! Jupiter always has her revenge! Besides, this was just a side venture. The true objective was a success!” She cried out as she left. After she was out of sight, Ash, Misty and Brock turned to the new comers.

    “Thanks for the help. Anabel, Casey, Sakura, your Pokémon where great. We couldn’t have done it without you. But what are you doing here? I thought the two of you where challenging the Battle Frontier.” Misty said to them as she pointed toward Casey and Sakura.

    “Well, we were. We got all the way up to Anabel. I beat her by countering her mental commands, but Casey lost to her. I then got destroyed by Brandon when I faced him.” Sakura explained.

    “What! You mean you where able to give commands to your Pokémon mentally?” Ash asked demandingly. Sakura nodded her head confirming Ash was right.

    “I think the reason me and Anabel are able to give orders mentally is because of our connection with psychic Pokémon.” Explained Sakura.

    “But that didn’t answer my original question. What brought you three to the Sinnoh region?” Mist asked, repeating her question.

    “Well, Scott gave us permission to train some more and then challenge the Battle Frontier again when we thought we were ready. We considered going to the Hoenn region, but Anabel said that she was planning to come out here and get rid of - umph!” Casey saw interrupted by Anabel elbowing her in the side. “I mean to come out and see you guys again.”

    Misty looked suspiciously at Anabel but didn’t ask anything more about why she wanted to come out here. It’s obvious. She thought. Anabel wants to replace me and get to Ash. Not that I know what I think of that. Oh, I don’t know what to think of Ash. It was so much easier back in the Cerulean gym. Just deal with challengers and do chores. No boys except the ones Violet, Lily, and Dais kept bringing home. But I didn’t have to even know their names.

    “We decided to tag along and compete in the Sinnoh League. We thought it would have taken us a while to catch up with you guys though. I expected you three to be in Oreburg City by now.” Sakura said continuing from where Casey had left off.

    “Oh, Dawn!” Exclaimed Brock after remembering that she was still inside the Pokémon Center with her Piplup. Misty and Ash also remembered, and started to turn toward the Pokémon Center.

    “Dawn?” Sakura, Casey, and Anabel asked simultaneously, a confused expression on their faces.

    “Dawn is a new Pokémon Coordinator we began traveling with recently. Her Piplup was hurt really badly during the contest. She brought it to the Pokémon Center right before it was surrounded and attacked.” Brock explained.

    “Oh, OK. I hope her Pokémon is alright.” Sakura said. The six trainers walked through what remained of the Pokémon Center’s front door, and went to find the emergency room of the Pokémon Center, where Piplup, Nurse Joy, and Dawn were probably located. Brock also picked up the Chansey that had helped defend the Pokémon center so Nurse Joy could take care of it.

    “Ash! Misty! Brock! I’m so glad you guys are alright!” Dawn exclaimed as they walked through the doors into the emergency room. The power was out, probably another one of Team Rocket’s and Team Galactic’s targets, and the door had been easy to slide open. Piplup was on a stretcher, and didn’t look very well. Nurse Joy was doing the best she could for it without power though. Dawn didn’t even notice the three new girls that followed Ash, Misty, and Brock into the room. “Nurse Joy is trying to take care of Piplup, but the power is out. We are hoping the power comes back on soon, or-“ Dawn couldn’t continue and started to weep. Misty walked over to her and tried to calm Dawn down. Brock brought Chansey over to Nurse Joy who told him to put Chansey over on another stretcher.

    “Nurse Joy, what about the backup power that Pokémon Centers normally have? The electric Pokémon that normally power this place in an emergency. Couldn’t they help with the power?” Brock asked.

    I’m afraid they aren’t here right now. There was a big blizzard heading toward Snowpoint City, so I sent the Shinx up there to help since they almost always loose power in a large storm.” Nurse Joy explained.

    “I know, Pikachu, you can help power the center till the main power comes back online.” Ash said. Pikachu agreed with him.

    “We can help to, go, Electabuzz!” Casey exclaimed, tossing a pokéball into the air. The electric Pokémon appeared in the room. “Electabuzz, help Pikachu power then Pokémon Center until the main power comes back online. Nurse Joy, where is the backup power generator?”

    “Take a left in the main lobby, and all the way in the back.” Nurse Joy told Casey, not looking up from Piplup.

    “Pikachu, Electabuzz, follow me. Let’s take care of the power problem.” Casey said as she started to walk back out to the lobby. Soon the power was back on for as long as the two electric Pokémon could hold out. Nurse Joy looked at the medical instruments that where now operational again, and turned to Dawn.

    “Your Piplup will be fine as long as the power stays on. With the power on, Piplup should be better by tomorrow, but I don’t recommend battling with him for a few days.” Nurse Joy told Dawn. Dawn sank down to her knees in relief. Dawn then turned to Ash, Misty, Brock, Anabel, and Sakura.

    “Who are you two and who was the other girl with the Electabuzz?” Dawn asked.

    “I’m Sakura of Ecruteak City in the Johto region. I meet Ash, Misty, and Brock out there, and then later battled Misty for a Cascade badge at her gym.” Sakura said.

    “Misty, you never told me you had been a gym leader!” Said a surprised Dawn.

    “Well, ya” Was all Misty said.

    “And I’m Anabel, Salon Maiden and leader of the Battle Tower of the Battle Frontier. The other girl was Casey, from New Bark Town in the Johto region.” Anabel said.

    “Nice to meet you two.” Dawn replied politely, though they could all hear the apprehension in her voice. “So, Nurse Joy and I heard a battle outside. What happened after I left for the Pokémon Center?” Dawn asked. Ash, Misty, and Brock took turns explaining what happened. While they were explaining, Casey reentered the room.

    “But why did Alice say 'Jupiter always has her revenge’?” Dawn asked after she had finished.

    “That is probably because her real name is Jupiter. If she is really a commander in Team Galactic like it looked like she was, it would be stupid to use her real name to enter a Pokémon contest. The question is, why did she enter the Pokémon Contest in the first place, if she just turned around and ruined it. Well I’d say this is enough excitement for one day. We should take it easy for the rest of the day, and then tomorrow find out what happened to the rest of the city. All of our Pokémon are exhausted, so it wouldn’t be a very good idea to go venturing outside until they are better, just in case Team Rocket and Team Galactic haven’t been driven out yet. Another thing I can’t understand is why those two criminal organizations are working together. To my knowledge, they have conflicting goals. I would not be surprised if their partnership ends quickly enough and they turn on each other.”

    Well, I know, not much pokeshipping in the chapter besides the conversation with Rudy. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writting it. I don't know when the next chapter will be, as I start school again in about two weeks. If I get it done before, great, but if not, it could be a bit till I figure out when to work writting into my schedule. Until next time!
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    Hey, sorry I haven't commented on your two chapters, yet.

    Chapter 6- Gotta love the little arguments they have, I have to admit I was surprised to see Duplica there. Now Ash mentioning how he felt about Misty was a complete shocker, I never would have expected that to happen. They hugged each other, that was so sweet.

    Chapter 7- Ash is just full of surprises, first telling Misty he thinks he loves her, now calling Rudy. Yea for seeing Sakura again, I feel sorry for Misty and the contest.

    I really liked reading both chapters, take your time on the next chapter, I know what having school and other things can be like.
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    Ok now I have a little (very little) free time...

    Nice, it seems that you have a good plot with team galactic, this fic is getting better every time you write a new chapter; as I said before, its good to see a shinou pokeshipping fic.

    I think its a 9/10.

    I hope I have more free time soon...

    Im a Mewtwo fan

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    Just an update for any readers who care. I have been so busy with school and work that I haven't had time to work on this. I have no idea when my load will be easier, so it could be a bit till the next chapter comes around, but I'll try to get it sooner then later. Thanks to all my readers, and I hope I'll have a chapter for you before too long. I just have no idea when I'll get around to working on the story.
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    Well, they weren’t really a couple,” Brock started to explain, “Though they did act like it sometimes. The best example of their feelings for each other is standing right next to you though, just look at Ash and Misty.”

    WACK! Brock was then on the ground, Starly flying in circles around his head as he tried to get back to his feet.

    “May didn’t get violent like Misty does when someone’s conversation went along the lines of their relationship.” Brock added as he finally got back up on his feet.
    good ole misty

    KAYY so i really love this fic (again) haha reread it and i adore it :3. I like how you made it realistic... alittle too fluffy when AAM hugged but then again why am i complaining? i love it!
    I'm glad that you're not making them go out the next day and kiss and stuff, it's knda awkward, becasue in reality-- it is!
    take your time writing the chapters, i know how it feels when you try to make them lengthy =D
    LOVE YA!!
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    Wow...this is an awesome fic! Can't wait for the next chapter...<3 I was kinda nervous while reading this...was like "don't kiss yet! don't kiss yet!" Yeah...they're a bit too young for that...hugs and holding hands and doing sweet talk is fine... ;3

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    Well, I guess I'll try to go back to writing this fic again. No promises, as it has been a long time and I go back to college at the end of this month. I've been thinking about writing again for a while, so why not give it a try again. Anyway, no ETA on a new chapter, I'll need to recollect my two year old thoughts.

    Follow up: Well, I started re-reading my own fic and trying to work on another chapter, but I just can't do it. I wrote this as an outlet for my emotions when I was going through an emotional time, but trying to write it again just brings up those old emotions I thought I had put behind me. So, I'm sorry to anyone who enjoyed reading this story, I'm going to have to officially cancel it.
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