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    Default Another NaruHina Sotry

    NOTE: This story is also on under the name MidnightOrchid. I am MidnightOrchid on, so I am not copying.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, cuz if I did, this oneshot would be an actual naruto episode

    Okay, this is my first one-shot that I decided to write for Valentines Day. MAJOR OOCness….. Btw, this takes place during the Fillers. That means all the Naruto characters are twelve and thirteen, and sasuke is still with orochimaru.

    Another Naruhina story

    “Sakura-chan, please!”

    “No Naruto!”


    “NARUTO! For the last time, I WILL NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU!!”

    “Go out with me? I’m not asking you out!”


    Sakura’s face turned red with embarrassment. At that moment, she was just thankful she was in the middle of the training grounds so no one could see what just happened, except Naruto that is.

    “This is about Hinata.” Naruto responded, slightly confused about Sakura’s red face.
    She’s never blushed like that in front of him before.

    “H-Hinata you say? What about Hinata?” Sakura managed to bark out.

    “Well…” Naruto began, scratching the back of his head.

    “’Well’, What?”

    “You see, IwantedtogetHinatasomethingforValentinesDaybutIrea llysuckatpickingoutgiftssoIneedhelp!”


    “A GIFT! I NEED TO FIND A GOOD GIFT FOR HINATA!” Naruto yelled, making a few birds fly out of the trees above.

    “NARUTO! It’s already ten o’ clock! ON VALENTINES DAY! How are you supposed to find a gift before Valentines Day is over?!”

    “I know! I know! I know! Just tell me, what do most girls like as gifts?!” Naruto asked franticly.

    “Hmm….” Sakura pressed her finger against her chin. “Jewelry?”

    “OKAY, THANKS!” Naruto yelled, speeding off towards the village.

    Sakura just stood there with a weird look on her face. Naruto, you are one hell of a procrastinator…


    Kiba, Shino, and Hinata walked through the crowded streets of Konoha. About a block away, Hinata could see Naruto looking through the jewelry store. HInata stared for a moment, but the only thing she could hear was Naruto saying something about “Sakura-chan”. Hinata’s heart sank, but she wouldn’t let her teammate know she was depressed about Naruto.

    “Hey, Hinata!” Kiba called, snapping her out of her trance.


    “Hey I just got a great idea. Since it’s V-day, and we seem to be the only ones without dates, how about we all just go to get some luch, as like, friends?” Kiba asked, as Akamaru barked.

    “That sounds like a great idea Kiba-kun! What do you think Shino-kun?” Hinata asked cheerfully. A day out with her best friends was exactly what she needed to get her mind off Naruto.

    “You guys go ahead. I already have a date.” Shino said coolly.

    “With who? The bug queen?” Kiba teased.

    “No, .. with a bug museum that just opened up down the street.” Shino responded, and walked away.

    “That’s too bad” Kiba said stuffing his hands in his pockets. YOSH! Now I get to hang out with Hinata, without Naruto, Shino, or even Hinata’s overprotective cousin getting in the way!

    “Where do you want to go Kiba-kun?” Hinata asked, holding Akamaru in her arms.

    “You can pick out anyplace you want! I’ll pay!” Kiba said, grinning.

    “Arigato, Kiba-kun!”

    “THAT’S you choice, Naruto-kun?” The clerk asked, raising an eye brow.

    “H-Huh!? What’s wrong with it!?” Naruto asked, looking at the ring her had picked out for Hinata. You could pretty much describe it as a cheap little ring you wouldn’t even expect in a jewelry store.

    “It’s just… Never mind. I have other customers to attend to. Should I wrap it up?”

    “Uhh… Wait!! I’ll keep looking!” Naruto said, and began looking around the shop again.

    The shop had a turquoise carpet, and displays of rings, necklaces, bracelets, any kind of jewelry, displayed everywhere. They were all so expensive. At this rate, the only thing I’ll be able to afford for Hinata will be that stupid ring…


    Hinata and Kiba were sitting on the grass under a tree having a picnic. Hinata said she thought that nature was more beautiful than any restaurant, but she just didn’t want to burden her friend wallet.

    “Kiba-kun…” Hinata said, putting her cup of tea down.

    “Yeah? What is it?” Kiba asked.

    “I need help” Hinata said, looking into his eyes. H-How can you be confident around the person you love?”

    Kiba looked down for a minute. I guess she still likes Naruto… Oh well. To be honest, she probably like Naruto more than I like her. Besides, I just want her to be happy… even if it’ll make me feel lonely for a little bit… I’ll get over it. I just want Hinata as happy as possible, and she happy when she’s with Naruto.


    “Hinata, it’s actually simple. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you the best advice I’ve ever given you.” Hinata face lit up.


    It was already past eleven o’ clock. Hinata had spent the entire day with out a trace of Naruto, because he had spent the entire day looking for the perfect ring.

    “Naruto-kun, the store is closing.” The clerk said, tapping Naruto on the shoulder.

    “H-Huh!? Wait! I’ll take that one!” Naruto responded, pointing to an imitation saphire bracelet. It wasn’t amazing, and it would cost him all his ramen money, but at least it was a step up from the ring from earlier.

    “Right away.” The clerk said, taking the ring and walking into the back room. He returned in about a minute, with a small box wrapped in red wrapping paper and a white bow.

    “Hey, are you guys closing earlier today or something?” Naruto asked taking the ring and beginning to walk out the door.

    “Naruto-kun, it’s ELEVEN.”

    “WHAT!!?” Naruto yelled, and ran out the door at lightning speed. The clerk shook his head. What a baka…Oh well. Still, I hope he gets what ever girl he’s after…

    Naruto ran down the Konoha street, looking for Hinata. Unfortunately, he found someone else.

    “Naruto!” A long, white-haired old man exclaimed when he saw the young genin running down the street at full speed.

    “Ero-sannin!! Ero-sannin! Have you seen Hinata!?” Naruto asked, sliding two inches as he tried to stop.

    “Knowing the Hyugas, shes probably in bed right now- Hey! Where are you going!?”



    Hinata sat in her dark room, looking at a picture of her team. She felt a lone. Neji had pent the day with his girlfriend Tenten, Lee had managed to convince Sakura to hang out with him since Sasuke gone, Temari had even payed a visit to keep Shikamaru company, mush to Ino’s dismay. It was nice spending the day with Kiba-kun… but I miss Naruto-kun… I wish I’d seen him today. She looked at a stuffed white kitten next to her and hugged it. Suddenly, she heard a large bang against her window, and a crash. She ran over to her window, and opened it. She heard moaning outside, and decided to go see what was going on. She jumped down, to find a familiar face.

    “N-Naruto-kun!” Hinata exclaimed, running over to him.

    “Hey Hinata… I kind of climbed up to your window, but fell trying to get in!” Naruto explained, scratching the back of his head.


    “I wanted to give you a gift…” Naruto said calmly, and held out the small box with both hands. She took one look at it, and flushed. Naruto is giving a present to… me! Suddenly, ignoring the present, she wrapped her arms around him, causing him to drop the bracelet.

    “H-Hinata! You’re…“

    Hinata smiled. “A friend told me that when you truly love someone, you shouldn’t let something like shyness get in the way.”

    Thanks for reading!^^

    That was my first one-shot, so I hope you liked it!^^

    Just in time for v-day too…

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    AWWWWW!! THAT WAS TOTALLY ADORABLE HOTARU-SAN!!! You already sent it to me but I just wanted to read it again, I noticed you fixed that line at the end?

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    yeah I did..

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    Yeah job Hotaru-san! ^^

    Maybe you should post your NejiTen fiction? I think I met a few NejiTen supporters on serebii! ^^

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