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Thread: COTD 2/19/07: The Six Warmasters Intervention!

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    Default COTD 2/19/07: The Six Warmasters Intervention!

    STON-JP051 The Six-Warmasters Intervention!
    Normal Trap
    Special Summon 1 monster with "The Six-Warmasters" in its name from your graveyard to your side of the field. Destroy the monster Special Summoned by this effect during the End Phase of this turn.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    This isn't a bad card, bring back a Samurai for it's effect? Yachi to rid yourslef of a Spell or Trap? Or you could just use it to get Grandmaster out. You could do a couple things with this card, all of which are productive. Infact, it's like a one-turn Call of the Haunted that doesn't stay on the field and the monster dies at the end of the turn....

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    ^ you took the words out off my mouth. Plus more "Big" vocabulary words. Also doesn't some of the six samurais have the wording "When this monster is destroyed you may destroy another "Six Samurai Warrior" in place of this monster"

    Trad: 2.5/5 (Monster Reborn's still there)
    Adv: 3/5 (Not much of a difference)

    ^ Youtube

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    Trad: 2(Monster REborn)
    Adv 2.5(Call of the Haunted, and Premature Burial)

    Good card, I like your Samurai theme this week for COTD.

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    Pretty good, thought sucks in Trad.

    n o e l - v e r m i l l i o n

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