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    Cool Card Tamer: Legends of the Lake (The Prequel)

    Hi, this is now my second fanfic. This is a prequel for Card Tamer, and focuses on the backstory of the main characters, although I have actually turned this into a whole new story. There is a link to the original in my sig, no specific order of reading is recommended.

    Rated PG. Minor violence and no swearing.

    PM list:
    poke poke


    Chapter list
    Prologue - this post
    1. The Mouse and the Gecko - page 1
    2. Kai Catches a Pokémon - page 1
    3. From/ Another Perspective - page 1
    4. A Rival Arrival - page 1
    5. Reaching the Crossroads - page 1
    6. The Skitty - coming soon


    The setting sun sent shades of deep orange, purple and crimson rippling across the surface of the lake. The scent of new leaves drifted across from/ the trees, behind the long grass bordering the lake. A lone mountain in the distance was all that dented the otherwise smooth horizon.

    A faint trickling sound could be heard, the source being a miniature waterfall constantly supplying the lake with water from/ the mountain. At the only other exit from/ the lake, a small river flowed, winding its way around rocks and fallen trees, travelling towards the sea.

    At the centre of the lake, was situated a small island, dotted with a single tree and a rather large rock. Barely a rocky platform itself, the island was home to only very few wild Pokémon, only those who tired from/ swimming and wished to rest, or the occasional Wingull perching for the night.

    Suddenly, a light burst forth from/ the island, sending its pale glow across the calm water. As quick as it appeared, it vanished, leaving only enough light for a glimpse of the Pokémon who had caused it; a delicate blue-bodied creature with creamy yellow surrounding its head. Its two tails fluttered in the soft breeze, causing the red gems embedded on them to sparkle against the lake.

    A second later, another flash brightened the lake, revealing a second being. Although similar to the first, its head was encased by azure blue rather than yellow.

    Several minutes passed, and the sun ever steadily dipped lower. There was no trace of the two creatures, no evidence that they had even been there.


    A boy was running in amongst the trees, ceaselessly turning left and right evading branches. His height indicated that he was young, maybe thirteen or fourteen. As he ran, he ignored the squeals of terror that were being emitted by the Pokémon clutched tight in his arms.

    The sun dipped lower in the sky, now barely high enough to cast its light over the ground.

    Panicking, the boy ran even faster, almost tripping over thorns that snaked over the ground. The Pokémon in his arms continued to struggle, its fragile blue body writhing in its attempts to escape. It flicked its head from/ side to side, causing four pink ear-like extrusions to sway. Seeing that its efforts were futile, it shut its eyes and whimpered.

    ‘Don’t be like that, we’re nearly there,’ whispered the boy, briefly stroking the Pokémon’s head.

    ‘But I don’t want to go,’ squeaked the Pokémon, psychically projecting its thoughts into the boy’s mind.

    ‘Yes you do. When we played together at the lake I talked about it. You felt sad that my parents would never allow me to be a Pokémon card tamer, they thought it was pointless. They wanted me to do a boring job, like being a builder or something when I grow up. You said you would help me be a card tamer!’

    ‘You don’t understand! I said I would help you, but not like this! I need to stay at the lake!’

    The boy ignored the Pokémon, and its renewed attempts to free itself. ‘Nearly there,’ he muttered again.

    The minutes passed by, with little change in the situation other than the sudden disappearance of the sun.

    ‘See, I told you we were nearly there,’ said the boy, slowing down. In the darkness he felt his way to the door of the house. Feeling the wood, he extracted a key from/ his pocket and swiftly unlocked the door.

    He slipped in silently, before pushing the door back into place. The house was silent. The boy waited for a few seconds, to confirm that him opening the door hadn’t disturbed his sleeping parents.

    ‘All clear.’ The boy proceeded to tiptoe up the staircase, thankful that the carpet muffled his footsteps. For once, as if feeling the need for it, the Pokémon in his arms was quiet.

    When he reached the top of the stairs, the boy once again checked for sound. Hearing nothing, he pushed open an interior door, to his bedroom.

    Once the second door had closed, the Pokémon began to whimper again, although not as loudly as before. It constantly wound and unwound its jewel encrusted tails, fidgeting, as the boy pulled a cardboard box from/ underneath his bed.

    ‘Since I haven’t got a card for you, and I don’t trust you to stay put, I’ll have to keep you in here until you learn how to behave,’ he explained, lowering the Pokémon into the box. It took him a split second to release his hold and close the box, the speed necessary to prevent any more escape attempts. He swiftly tied a piece of string around the box, in case his new pet tried to push its way out.

    ‘I’ll feed you in the morning,’ he said, yawning, and pushed the box back under the bed.

    ‘Please take me back,’ responded the Pokémon, its psychic influence not confined by the cardboard.

    The boy ignored it, and hurriedly slipped into bed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinnohdragon
    . Barely a rocky platform itself, the island was home to only very few wild Pokémon, only those who tired from swimming and wished to rest, or the occasional Wingull perching for the night.
    Only mistake I found

    Do I need to read your other fic to understand this?

    I must say, this is a rather original concept. I've never seen cards being used in a pokemon fic. Your description is very refreshing and you have a strong vocabulary.

    This island, is it in any known region or in one of your own? I can't guess what that mysterious pokemon is.

    It's only a prologue so I can't comment on much. But this is pretty good. Put me on the PM list.

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    This is already intersting. I am keen to know what happens next. Hopefully it will be as good as Card Tamer.

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    .. So I'm the only one questioning how A legendary is captured and held by the arms of a powerless boy, as I take it it's one of the trio. And on top of that It is so weak it can not escape from a box tied by a bit of string? Or is it in your world anything made of paper is magically Pokemon proof and able to capture and bind them? And utterly replace Pokeballs it seems.

    But getting back to the point, even for a prologue of a prequel for an already written story, you left it way up in the air about how a legendary of all things was captured and stuffed into a box by a mere human. And if it's not the pokemon I think it is, one of the lake trio, it's still a pokemon and should still be able to escape. And if it didn't want to harm the boy, why not just use Disable or Teleport. Sorry but you've set up your character dangerously Stu like.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Yami Ryu View Post
    .. So I'm the only one questioning how A legendary is captured and held by the arms of a powerless boy, as I take it it's one of the trio. And on top of that It is so weak it can not escape from a box tied by a bit of string? Or is it in your world anything made of paper is magically Pokemon proof and able to capture and bind them? And utterly replace Pokeballs it seems.

    But getting back to the point, even for a prologue of a prequel for an already written story, you left it way up in the air about how a legendary of all things was captured and stuffed into a box by a mere human. And if it's not the pokemon I think it is, one of the lake trio, it's still a pokemon and should still be able to escape. And if it didn't want to harm the boy, why not just use Disable or Teleport. Sorry but you've set up your character dangerously Stu like.
    Calm down, Yami Ryu. He never even mentioned that it was a legendary. It's on an island remember.

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    Wait, wait, wait, so my other points aren't valid for coming to a conclusion that the pokemon has a high chance of being a legendary by it's description and the mentioning of the other two lake trio pokes?

    And when exactly was I screaming or yelling that I need to be told to calm down?

    My point is still valid and still stands How could a boy hold a psychic pokemon in his arms and all it does is plead telepathically to him to let him go but does nothing to free itself and there in itself is a bit of a mary sue/gary stu, as even the anime highlights the fact it takes years even for psychics to develop a bond like that with pokemon.

    And How does a pokemon of ANY SORT be held by a BOX tied with STRING?

    So yeah.



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    poke poke, the error that you spotted has been edited and you have been added to the pm list.
    spiritomb08, a closet reader coming out of hiding? glad you like it
    Yami Ryu, you have made some very valid points and i shall be going into further detail on those as the earlier chapters come out, explaining the reasons as to why the boy's pokemon can't escape. And as a stu for a man character, you will actually find out that this boy is not the main character. Being a prequel, Kai and Jack from Card Tamer will be the main characters. This boy is someone else...

    EDIT: poke poke, just saw your other question. This story is more interesting if you have read Card Tamer, but it works well as a story on its own too. So its your choice. And by the way, i'm a she.
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    ... being the main character or not being the main character will not save a character from coming off as a stu/sue, or developing into one or being made one.



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    okay, the first chapter is here! *caughafterbeingwrittentwicebecausemycomputerjusth adtobreakdowncaugh*

    Chapter 1: The mouse and the gecko

    The pale blue sky was lit up by a faint patch of yellow, as the first signs of sunrise made their impact on the ending night. Several wispy clouds floated in the sky, too thin and light to shadow the ground, although trees at the edge of the town still cast their long silhouettes over the earth. Sandgem town was silent, with the exception of the occasional rustle from a bush indicating a wild Pokémon.

    It was a small town, despite its importance in the Pokémon region, Sinnoh. But this was a good thing, as it meant that wildlife around the area soured in numbers and variety, undisturbed by humans. A faint sound, coming from the south, revealed the presence of Sandgem beach, where soft waves constantly rolled up the sandy shores. This was another attraction of the town, which luckily, little attention was paid to.

    Since the poké-biodiversity operation was completed a few years ago, many more types of Pokémon had made their homes in the local area, as well as across the rest of Sinnoh. Species such as Skitty - small, pink, kitten-like Pokémon - now played in the easterly routes amongst the native Bidoof and Shinx, and Natu - spherical, green birds - nested in trees next to Starly.

    The actual town consisted of only a few hundred buildings, one of these, the main reason of the town’s popularity. At the edge of the habitation, to allow easy access to places where wild Pokémon lived, a medium-sized laboratory stood. It was built in stones to give it a more natural appearance, and was covered in plants such as ivy. The garden was filled will a range of flora, from tiny yellow buds to bright red roses, creating an explosion of colour. Behind the building, a cluster of sturdy trees, lined with new spring leaves, began the transfer of human society, to nature.

    Inside the laboratory, on the ground floor, a woman sat at a table. She was in her mid-forties, and wore neat, practical clothing. White hair, passed on through many generations, framed her round face, and her blue eyes sparkled in interest as she turned over the pages of a book which lay on the table. She was Bethany Rowan, the current leading professor in Sinnoh, and specialised in Pokémon breeding.

    Also on the table, eight metallic cards were laid out. Each were approximately nine centimetres long, and six centimetres wide, and had a faint image etched onto them.

    On the other side of the table, a large pen housed a group of small Pokémon. All were different, and they matched the pictures on the cards.

    ‘Nearly time,’ Bethany commented, glancing at a clock on the wall. She shut her book carefully, and got up, to check on the nursery. She was waiting for the arrival of two people, who had arranged to collect their starter Pokémon this morning.

    Another change that had occurred, along with the poké-biodiversity operation, was that students graduated from the various Pokémon schools across in Sinnoh at different times, depending on how well they did, and how fast they learned. Graduating could occur anywhere between the ages of thirteen, and fifteen. This change meant that there would be a steady stream of aspiring card tamers and co-ordinators coming to Sandgem to pick up their first official Pokémon. First official Pokémon, because some already had Pokémon from other means.

    Also, the starters you could choose from had risen from a choice of three, to twelve. The poké-biodiversity operation had also decreed that starters from each of the regions, from the type groups, water, fire and grass, would be available.

    But the change from pokéballs to cards was somewhat more mysterious. It had happened several decades ago, and when it did, the switch-over occurred almost over night. It was still unclear why the change had happened, only that the Pokémon council (gym leaders and elite five members) had been influenced by ‘specialists’ that it was to happen immediately.

    Suddenly, the sound of the automatic doors sliding open, brought Bethany out of her thoughts.

    ‘Hello?’ said a voice, cautiously.

    Bethany responded with a cheery ‘welcome to Sandgem lab. I’m expecting you, yes? Come over here please.’

    Gaining confidence, a boy approached Bethany. He had fairly long, blonde hair, and was dressed in a green sweater and dark trousers. He carried a rucksack on his back. ‘Are you Professor Rowan?’ he asked. ‘I’ve come for a Pokémon.’

    ‘Yes I am, dear. Do you have your licence?’

    The boy nodded, and handed Bethany a slip of paper, which had been given to him when he had graduated from school.

    ‘So you’re Jack, thirteen, from Eterna City,’ Bethany announced, examining the licence.

    Jack nodded. He took another few steps closer, so he could see the Pokémon in the nursery. He glanced at each, in indecision.

    ‘Having trouble choosing?’ Bethany asked. ‘I’m sorry if you had wanted Charmander, Chimchar, Totodile or Squirtle, but those four were taken in the last three weeks. I haven’t had time to breed replacements.’

    Jack shook his head. ‘No, I hadn’t chosen already chosen one. Which do you think I should have? I hope to become a card co-ordinator. And I already have one Pokémon.’ Jack pulled a single card from his pocket and held it in front of him. ‘Come out, Flutterfree!’

    Jack’s card glowed brightly, and slowly, a Pokémon materialised in the air beside him. It was quite large, but only due to its wingspan. Its body was covered in fine purple fur, and clutched to its belly was two small, blue hands. Two similarly coloured feet dangled underneath it. Its black antenna flicked from side to side, as it scanned the room with its compound eyes. Dark veins zigzagged across the Butterfly’s white wings.

    ‘That’s a lovely Butterfree you have there,’ said Bethany.

    Jack smiled at the compliment. ‘I raised her from a Caterpie I found at school. I think her Silver Wind will be really good in contests.’

    ‘Contest Pokémon then. May I suggest a fire type? They tend to do well. There was once a co-ordinator called May, who had a Blaziken who did very well in contests. They evolve from one of these, a Torchic.’ Bethany bent down and picked up an orange chick from the pen. A bright yellow crest grew from its head, and a ruff of similar yellow feathers surrounded its neck. It cheeped madly and waggled its clawed feet.

    ‘I’ve never heard of her,’ Jack said, referring to May.

    ‘Well it was a rather long time ago. And mainly in Hoenn,’ Bethany added.

    ‘I quite like that one.’ Jack pointed to a small, mouse shaped Pokémon, crouched in the corner of the pen. Although mouse-like at first glance, it actually had no tail, and its snout made it look more like an echidna. Dark blue and red patches topped its cream coloured body. ‘That’s a Cyndaquil, right?’

    ‘Yes it is,’ Bethany confirmed Jack’s speculation. She put the Torchic back into the nursery, who immediately began to run around hysterically in circles, and gently brought the fire mouse, Cyndaquil, up for Jack to look at. It sniffed at Jack curiously, and tried to paw at him.

    Jack thought for a moment, then told Bethany that he would take the Cyndaquil.

    In response, Bethany marked Cyndaquil’s name on the licence, and handed both it, and the Pokémon’s card, to Jack.

    ‘Thank-you Professor Rowan,’ said Jack quietly, and left the lab, his new Pokémon in his arms.


    ‘Oh! I’m gonna be late!’ Kai muttered in annoyance, looking at the time on his pokétch. The Pokémon wrist-watch flashed the time, 7:00. ‘And I don’t even know where the lab is!’ He tapped some buttons on the pokétch in frustration, hoping that it already had the map application installed. It didn’t. ‘So I’m supposed to buy the app myself am I? He growled at the device. Kai had received the pokétch at his graduation, like every other new card tamer, and wasn’t impressed with it.

    He jogged along the wide roads of Sandgem town, constantly on the look out for the Rowan laboratory. He was fourteen, and tall for his age, with short brown hair. He had travelled from his hometown, Jubilife City, to gain his first Pokémon from Sandgem Town.

    ‘Finally!’ Kai exclaimed, slowing down as he approached a stone building, with a large, colourful garden proceeding it. A wooden sign outside it read: Professor Bethany Rowan, Sinnoh head professor and Pokémon breeder.

    Kai hurriedly entered the laboratory almost crashing into the doors before he realised that they were automatic.

    ‘I’m here for my Pokémon,’ said Kai loudly, to no-one in particular.

    ‘Over here,’ replied a female voice, whom Kai presumed to be Professor Rowan. His theory was correct, as when he rounded a corner, he could see a large nursery, and a woman stood in front of it.

    ‘You’re bit late,’ commented Bethany frowning.

    ‘I got lost,’ recoiled Kai, defending himself. He handed his licence to Bethany, and then looked into the pen of Pokémon.

    ‘Do you already have a Pokémon, or will this be your first?’

    ‘This will be my first,’ Kai answered, too busy examining the Pokémon to look at the professor. ‘Oh, Totodile’s gone!’

    ‘I’m afraid so. She was taken a few days ago by a young girl.’

    Kai sighed, ‘no big deal.’ He looked at a blue Pokémon, who was leaning against one of the nursery sides, asleep. A large fin protruded from its head, and small, orange spikes were on either side of its head. ‘I liek Mudkipz,’ muttered Kai, repeating the popular phrase.

    In the middle of the pen, two grass-type Pokémon happily nibbled food from a bowl in front of them. One was blue, and had a green bulb on its back. The other was slightly smaller, its pale green body protected by a small, brown shell. Its head, large in proportion to its body, was capped by a small twig with a pair of leaves growing from it.

    Suddenly, there was a flash of green and red, as well as squeals of dismay from the two grass-types, Bulbasaur and Turtwig. Their food had vanished.

    The Turtwig gazed at the empty bowl for a second, then started to run around the nursery in frustration. This wouldn’t have been too much for a problem, if it wasn’t for the little orange Torchic who was running in the opposite direction.

    The two Pokémon collided, sending the Torchic flying into the air, only to land on top of the sleeping Mudkip.

    The Mudkip opened its beady black eyes, then aimed a small blast of water at the chick, in revenge for disturbing its nap.

    But the missile missed Torchic, who had resumed its frantic running around the nursery, instead hitting a penguin-like Pokémon, Piplup.

    ‘Piiii!’ squealed Piplup, falling backwards onto a grass-type Pokémon with a large leaf growing from its head.

    ‘Chiiii!’ growled the Chikorita, jumping up in fright and collapsing on the Piplup.

    ‘Twiiii!’ squeaked Turtwig, translating the heap of Piplup and Chikorita into a new game, and immediately joined in, leaping on top of them. On his way, he knocked over Mudkip and Bulbasaur, who angrily pounced on top of the Turtwig.

    Seconds later, all six were in a writhing heap on the nursery floor, emitting a range of squeaks, squeals, growls, and yelps.

    ‘Quick, return them to their cards before they get hurt!’ Bethany cried, grabbing four of the cards from the table. Four flashes of light quickly followed as each Pokémon was recalled.

    Kai copied her, holding up the remaining three cards. But only two Pokémon were there to be recalled.

    ‘Phew, that could have turned nasty,’ said Bethany.

    ‘What about the last one?’ Kai asked holding up the last card, which was still empty. It had the image of a Pokémon on it, a small gecko-like Pokémon. It posed in a relaxed position, absent-mindedly chewing a twig, with a single small leaf.

    ‘That will be the culprit,’ Bethany replied, glancing at the ceiling.

    Kai followed her gaze, and sure enough, a Pokémon was hanging upside-down from the low ceiling. It was green, with a bright red belly, and two curious yellow eyes, with black, reptilian slits. A pair of adjoined tails thudded against the paintwork.

    ‘Cool! A Treecko!’

    ‘He’s a very naughty Treecko too,’ Bethany added.

    As it to confirm Bethany’s statement, the Treecko stuck its tongue out.

    ‘Treecko, will you be my first Pokémon?’

    The gecko tilted its head, examining Kai closely, before leaping onto his head and bouncing all over him.

    ‘I think that’s a ‘yes’,’ chuckled Bethany, signing Kai’s licence. ‘And I take it you know how to register a team? You can’t enter any official battles or tournaments without an official team.’


    Bethany pointed to Kai’s Pokétch. ‘You can use the team register app that comes with a pokétch, to keep track of a team of six battling Pokémon. If you are a collector, you can also use a pokédex, as both are sensitive to cards. A card must be logged into an owner’s pokétch or pokédex for you to be able to call upon the Pokémon, and only six can be used at any one time. The team you register, are the Pokémon you must use for official battles.’

    ‘I knew that…,’ said Kai, sheepishly. ‘Anyway, thanks for Treecko. Bye!’ And with that, Kai left the laboratory to begin his Pokémon journey, with his Treecko perched on his head, eyeing the world in fascination.


    ‘What will you do?’ the psychic Pokémon asked it’s friend. The speaker was pale blue in colour, with a bright blue head, tapering to three soft points. Its two tails swished slowly as it hung suspended outside the bedroom window.

    A second Pokémon floated inside the room, similar, but with a pink head with four ear-like extrusions. ‘I don’t know. I don’t want to destroy his feelings, his emotions; I can feel them. But he doesn’t understand. He thinks that he can keep me as his Pokémon, but he put me in a cardboard box! It was easy enough for me to get out, but the point is, his heart will be shattered if I leave him.’

    The pink Pokémon glanced at the bed behind it. A boy was sleeping there, unaware of the conversation. The early morning sun danced across his peaceful face.

    ‘It is not that he does not know. In his heart, he understands, but he cannot find the strength within him. There are things he must learn himself,’ said a third voice, coming from beside the blue Pokémon. This one, was again similar, but yellow bands covered its head. ‘Knowledge, must be gained.’

    ‘And willpower, must be used,’ added the blue Pokémon.

    ‘And emotions, must be soothed,’ the pink Pokémon finished. ‘I will stay with him for now. But he must learn that this is not my rightful place.’

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    oh, no comments... Anyway, chapter 2:

    Chapter 2: Kai catches a Pokémon

    ‘This is sooo cool! I’m actually a proper card tamer now. What do you think, Treecko?’

    There was no response, as the gecko Pokémon was fast asleep, although still gripping onto Kai’s brown hair. Despite this, Kai continued to chatter to his first ever Pokémon, as he walked along a country path bordered by lush trees.

    ‘I mean, I had to stay a year longer than some people at school because I failed the first exam. But who’s actually interested in ‘berryology’ and ‘contest study’? Battling is the real thing. But then again, I wonder if I could ever be good enough to beat all the gym leaders and challenge the Pokémon league. It’s not as easy as it looks, I know that much.’

    Tired from his travelling, Kai decided to take a short break to replenish his physical energy. He leant his rucksack against a particularly large tree trunk, and began to rummage around. It didn’t take long for him to extract a number of blank cards, and a chocolate bar.

    ‘I wonder what I should use these on?’ he mumbled, his words obscured by the chocolate he had pushed into his mouth.

    Treecko opened an eye lazily, awoken by the sudden pause from walking. He yawned silently, then leaped onto the tree, clutching the bark firmly. After taking a moment to balance himself, he scrambled upwards amongst the branches.

    ‘Hey, come back!’

    ‘Treeee, ko!’ the Pokémon replied, waggling his twin tails and sticking out his tongue.

    Kai was wasn’t worried around his Pokémon trying to run away, seeing as it hadn’t tried to do so before. It was actually more of a good thing that Treecko was adapting to life on the road so quickly.

    ‘Suit yourself,’ he muttered, seating himself on the cool grass. ‘My dad gave me these before I left Twinleaf Town. He thought that it would be better to have empty cards right away, just in case I saw a Pokémon I might be able to catch,’ Kai explained, although it was clear that Treecko wasn’t listening.

    He traced Treecko’s card with his finger, following the detailed lines of the image. A surge of excitement flooded through him. ‘I still can’t believe that I’ve actually done it, actually got my first Pokémon.’ He suddenly saw himself standing in a stadium, about to start a Pokémon battle. His Treecko perched on his shoulder, and the crowds roaring around them, cheering for him. ‘Could I actually be that good?’

    But Kai’s daydreams were quickly halted by a loud squeal, and the sound of his Treecko crashing through the leaves, only to land as a soft ‘thump’ on the ground. Kai got up quickly and whirled around, looking for any sign of danger.

    Treecko pulled himself, and took a battle stance on the ground, whilst peering into the tree angrily.

    Moments later, another crash preceded the arrival of a second Pokémon.

    ‘Liii!’ screeched the attacker, flapping its short, grey wings madly. A ruff of black feathers surrounded its small head, and a similarly coloured plume rose from above its bright orange beak. If the Pokémon hadn’t been viciously flailing its minute talons, it would have looked positively cute.

    ‘Umm, what is that thing?’ Kai asked no-one in particular.

    ‘Tree!’ cried Treecko, suddenly bouncing to one side, narrowly avoiding a diving attack from the bird.

    Kai’s brain finally clicked into action, and he brought his pokétch to eye-level, pressing a button. ‘Not as good as a pokédex, but they’re too expensive,’ said Kai, as a picture of the bird Pokémon flashed onto the device’s small screen.

    Pokétch apparatus, Pokémon identifier loading. Please wait. came a mechanical voice.

    ‘How long do I have to wait?!’ Kai yelled, glancing at his Treecko who was busy dodging a series of Peck attacks.

    Starly, the starling Pokémon. Type - normal and flying. They flock in great numbers. Though small, they flap their wings with great power.

    ‘Flock in great numbers? So where’s the rest of them? Oh, well, one Starly’s bad enough, it’s a flying type. Treecko’s not good with flyers. Okay, Treecko use Pound!’

    ‘Ko!’ cried Treecko, jumping into the air, just close enough to the Starly to give it a strong thump with his paw.

    The wild Starly dropped towards the ground, but quickly regained the use of its wings and soured into a group of trees, twittering shrilly.

    ‘Well that was easy,’ said Kai.

    Moments later, a dark cloud of shapes started to approach Kai at great speed.

    At first Kai was confused, but then he recognised what each shape was. It was a huge flock of Starly.

    ‘RUN!’ Kai yelled, picking up his bag and scampering along the stony path, Treecko close behind.

    Seconds later, Treecko overtook his trainer, leaving Kai panting in his efforts to catch up. ‘Wait up!’ he shouted.

    Kai had expected Treecko to ignore him and continue running, but surprisingly, he stopped in his tracks. He turned around and looked at Kai, a small grin on his face.

    ‘What?’ said Kai accusingly.

    Treecko looked up.

    Kai copied him, and his face reddened in embarrassment. He was not being chased at all; the whole group of Starly were flying away in the opposite direction, slowly becoming faint dots in the sky.

    ‘What?! I wasted all that energy for nothing?’

    Treecko rolled on the floor in a fit of gecko giggles.

    ‘Ohh,’ whined Kai in disappointment, ‘I could have caught one…’

    Recovering, Treecko leapt back onto Kai’s head, eager to continue they’re journey north to Jubilife City.

    ‘At least that first Starly was a nice bit of training for you. At this rate, we can take down the Sinnoh gym leaders in no time.’

    Treecko replied with a muffled ‘ko’, due to the fact that at that moment, his head was poked into Kai’s rucksack searching for the source of the chocolate bar that Kai had eaten earlier. His search successful, he quickly withdrew with a sparkly lump clamped in his jaws. He peeled away the wrapping as he had seen Kai do, letting it fall to the ground, and stuffed his reward into his mouth.

    The glint of falling silver caught Kai’s attention, and he recognised the wrapping immediately. ‘Hey! Treecko! That’s my chocolate!’ Kai raised his arms and managed to catch his Pokémon firmly, and lower the Treecko so he was in front of him.

    ‘Ko, tree?’ said Treecko innocently, completely unaware of the chocolate stains around his green mouth.

    ‘I’ll have to teach you some manners sooner rather than later.’

    Treecko grinned sheepishly. But then, distracted by something, he turned his head around and struggled free from Kai’s grip.

    ‘Now what?’ Kai moaned, chasing the gecko into the bushes where he had disappeared to. But he quickly noticed the reason for his Pokémon’s excitement; a small, back and blue creature was curled up, half hidden under a bush.

    ‘Tree!’ yelped Treecko happily, stalking the sleeping Pokémon.

    ‘Better check what it is,’ said Kai, raising his pokétch once again.

    Pokétch apparatus, Pokémon identifier loading. Please wait. Loading complete. Shinx, the flash Pokémon. Type - electric. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.

    ‘Cool! Let’s try and catch it Treecko. Creep up on it quietly and give it a Pound attack.’

    Treecko nodded, already close to the Shinx, then bashed it with his paw as he had done to the Starly.

    ‘Shiiii!’ squealed the Shinx, leaping into the air in shock and pain. Its large, round head, bordered by huge blue and yellow ears, flicked in every direction, taking in its predicament. A ripple of sparks flowed along its body, dancing across its fur all the way to the star-shaped tip of its tail.

    ‘Treecko, don’t back away from the flashes it makes, try another Pound!’

    But instead of slapping his foe again, Treecko began to glow as a faint green aura enveloped him. A tendril of the power attached itself to the Shinx, which then also was encased in green light.

    ‘Huh? What’s that attack?’ Kai checked his pokétch.

    Pokétch apparatus, Pokémon identifier loading. Please wait.

    ‘Hurry up…’

    Treecko, the wood gecko Pokémon. Type - grass. The soles of its feet are covered in countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings.

    ‘Yeah but what about its move?’ said Kai impatiently.

    Loading attack identifier. Please wait.

    Kai moaned loudly, glancing between his Pokétch, and the two glowing Pokémon.

    Move identified. Absorb. Type - grass. Category - special. An attack that absorbs half the damage inflicted.

    At that moment, the light faded and the Shinx dropped to the floor in exhaustion. Meanwhile, Treecko bounced around the bush with his stolen energy.

    ‘Wow Treecko, you’ve learnt a cool move!’

    Treecko nodded, and then pointed to the Shinx, who was trying to creep away unnoticed.

    ‘Oh yeah! Capture Pokémon, go!’ Kai shouted, suddenly remembering his initial aim and holding up a blank capture card.

    The Shinx was surrounded in white light, and drawn into the card, which was also glowing. For a few seconds, light still emanated from it, but the card quickly dulled to its normal metallic shade, revealing the image of a Shinx.

    ‘Yes! I caught my first Pokémon!’ yelled Kai, jumping and punching the air in glory.

    ‘Tree!’ added Treecko, sharing Kai’s happiness, before jumping onto his head again.

    ‘That’s one step closer to being the best card tamer I can be!’


    Laura Corrett was standing opposite her kitchen worktop, poring hot water from a kettle into a mug, a teabag already within it. She swept her incredibly long black hair, tied back in a ponytail, out of her way as she picked up two steaming mugs and walked to the large wooden table in the room.

    Morning sunlight flooded through the conservatory doors lighting the room, and enhancing the pleasant view of colourful flowers and bushes outside.

    Laura placed the two mugs on the table, one in front of a man who sat there, and one at an empty seat, which she then took.

    The man, who was dressed in a dressing gown and wore a pair of thin glasses, mumbled his thanks. He sipped the drink whilst still reading the newspaper clutched in his hands.

    Laura flipped the pages of a magazine, but was too preoccupied with other thoughts to actually take any of the words in. She tried o relax and let the morning sun soothe her, but it was no use. Hesitantly, she spoke to her husband.

    ‘Carl, have you noticed…anything odd, about Dahn this morning?’

    ‘No. Why?’ he replied, not taking his eyes away from the article he was reading.

    ‘Well, he seems to be strangely happy about something…’

    ‘Why shouldn’t he be happy? He loves going outside for hours to play with the wild Pokémon.’

    ‘But that’s my point - the Pokémon. You know, when we told him that he couldn’t be a card tamer, he was so upset. He was upset for days, and now…it’s like nothing happened.’

    ‘So why are you worrying? He’s happy now. And anyway, the no Pokémon thing’s not permanent, we can’t stop him from being a card tamer forever. He’s completed Pokémon school, so he’s ready for when the time comes. It was only so he could have a normal life first, earn some money.’

    ‘So why didn’t we tell him that?’

    Carl remained silent, and sipped his tea.

    ‘That’s not the true reason, is it?’ questioned Laura.

    Carl sighed. ‘It’s just that I barely see Karen anymore. She’s always off hunting for Pokémon to add to her pokédex. I guess I just wanted to keep her brother around for longer.’

    ‘It’s not like you’re around much. You spend half the year in that travelling around Weather Bases in Hoenn and Sinnoh.’

    ‘You know I can’t help that, it’s my job,’ Carl insisted.

    Laura smiled faintly, ‘Sorry. I agree, I still think Dahn should wait until he grows up a bit more before he gets a Pokémon.’

    ‘Well I’m glad that issue’s sorted. Now cheer up, it’s the weekend, and the weather’s lovely.’
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    wow,I'm glad you made this prequil, put me on the PM list

    This is really good, I like it a little ore than the other, I like to see how they started thier journeys
    AHHHHH I see, thats Karen's brother, this is gonna be interesting!
    Oh my jesus, I've been on this site for a year already...
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    Cbiesra: You're on the list

    Chapter 3: From another perspective

    ‘Tackle!’ Jack commanded the blue and cream echidna at his feet.

    ‘Quill!’ the Cyndaquil echoed, rearing on its hind-paws before running full-speed at the small bird Pokémon in front of him. The Natu tried to jump out of the way, but its poorly developed, round wings only gave it a lift of a few centimetres. Impact was inevitable.

    ‘Perfect!’ cried Jack, admiring his Pokémon’s stamina. According to his pokétch, Cyndaquil tended to be docile creatures, but after he had adjusted to his new trainer, Jack’s Cyndaquil had proven to be full of energy with an aptitude for battling. Jack brushed his blonde hair out of his face, and decided on his next move.

    ‘Cynda!’ Cyndaquil growled menacingly at his opponent, pawing at the dusty track. The dappled light that seeped through the trees created mottled patterns on his dark back, dulling his bright red spots.

    Meanwhile, the spherical green bird hopped about nervously. One of its red head feathers was at an odd angle, and it was holding its wings out slightly, as if to cool down.

    A pang of sympathy rushed through Jack. The Natu was already hurt enough, he didn’t need to battle it any more.

    But Cyndaquil had other ideas, and rushed at the flying-type for a second time, sending clouds of dust into the warm air.

    The Natu widened its huge eyes in distress, and squeaking sharply, it tried to fly again.

    ‘Cyndaquil, stop! I didn’t tell you to attack!’

    When it was obvious that his Pokémon wasn’t going to obey him, Jack dashed forward, just in time for his Cyndaquil to charge into him, rather than the Natu.

    ‘Ci, qua!’ whined the Cyndaquil indignantly, picking himself up from the ground and brushing dirt from his pale belly. He poked his snout into the air stubbornly and folded his arms across his chest. ‘Cynda cynda. Quil, cynda ci!’

    Jack watched his Pokémon nervously, and for good reason. Only ten minutes ago the Cyndaquil had ferociously attacked a pair of Bidoof, sending them scurrying into the undergrowth whilst Cyndaquil had puffed himself up proudly.

    ‘Did you really need to do that?’

    ‘Quil!’ he replied, nodding quickly and clenching his little paws into fists. When Jack didn’t move, he made to creep around him and attack the Natu.

    ‘Oh no you don’t! Jack responded. ‘If that’s how you’re gonna play, you can go back into your card!’

    At that moment, the Cyndaquil barged at Jack’s feet, and succeeding in popping out in between his legs. A second later, the air was filled with the shrill sound of squeaks and growls.

    Jack instinctively grabbed his Pokémon’s card and held it into the air. Cyndaquil vanished in a short burst of light, leaving the injured Natu sprawled on the earth breathing heavily. Bending down slowly, Jack knelt beside the Pokémon and extracted a small bottle from his rucksack, before spraying it on the Natu gently. The flying-type made several squawks of protest, before submitting to the potion.

    ‘Now, that wasn’t too bad was it?’

    The Natu tilted its bright yellow beak nervously before holding out its left wing tentatively.

    It took a few moments of thought for Jack to realise that the Natu’s wing was severely injured. Possibly even broken? Jack shuddered at the thought. He was a kind person by nature, and he hated the possibility that his Cyndaquil had done the Natu real harm.

    ‘Don’t worry little Birdy. That potion will take some time to work, but it will heal your minor injuries. As for that wing…I’ll have to take you to a Pokémon Centre.’ Jack picked up the Pokémon, carefully avoiding extra damage to its left wing.

    At that moment, a large shadow passed over the track. Curious, Jack looked up into the sky just in time to see a huge flock of Starly pass over.

    ‘I wonder what caused them to all take flight like that?’ Jack wondered out loud. ‘Anyway, let’s get you some help.’

    ‘Tu,’ uttered the Natu faintly.


    The clear sky had gradually darkened over the time that jack had spent walking north to the nearest city, Jubilife. A soft, cool breeze had begun to pick up, sifting its way through the newly budding branches of the trees on either side of the track. Jack shivered, and held the Natu closer to his chest. The bird had fallen asleep some time ago, and the smooth rise and fall of its body was only just visible in the faint light.

    ‘There’s no way we will get there before night really sets in,’ said Jack, although the sleeping Birdy would not have heard him. ‘I suppose we should set up camp.’

    Jack took up a spot several metres from the track before letting his rucksack drop to the grassy floor. He extracted a roll-up sleeping bag from the rucksack, and laying it over the damp ground, he knelt down and placed the Natu in the centre of it. He pushed the sides of the make-shift bed, creating a ripple of sheets to form around the Pokémon, keeping it warm.

    ‘Now for the tent,’ Jack muttered, pulling out a large bundle of poles and sheets. Having performed this ritual every night since he had left his home at Eterna City, it didn’t take long before the small tent had been erected.

    By now, the last of the sunlight had vanished leaving only a complex of stars, and a bright gibbous moon to glimmer in the darkness.

    There was a rustle in the undergrowth, and Jack looked up from his current activity of pushing the Natu and the sleeping bag inside the tent. However, no shape revealed itself, and after a brief pause, Jack sealed himself inside the tent.

    Inside, it was pitch-black. Jack fumbled inside his rucksack once again for his torch, and finally finding it, he switched it on.

    ‘If only I had a mini-heater too,’ commented Jack, rubbing his hands together. Although it was spring, the cold grip of winter still crept in every night. ‘Luckily I’m not too hungry, I barely have enough food to last until Jubilife.’

    ‘Na,’ replied the Natu, finally stirring.

    Jack smiled at the flying-type. ‘How are you feeling?’

    ‘Tu,’ it replied sleepily, and closed its eyes in a relaxed manner.

    Jack decided it was about time to consult his pokétch. After all, if he was going to look after this Natu he would have to know something about it.

    Natu, the little bird Pokémon. Type - psychic and flying. It picks food from cactus plants, deftly avoiding buds and spines. It seems to skip about to move.

    ‘Well that’s not useful. They obviously haven’t updated Natu’s profile since its introduction in the Sinnoh region, there are no cactuses here,’ Jack muttered. ‘So Birdy, what do you eat?’

    The Natu didn’t reply immediately, and for a while Jack didn’t think it would respond. But suddenly, a glowing blue energy started to emanate from its small body. A few seconds later, the light had vanished, and a small pile of berries had materialised in the tent.

    ‘Wow! You’re hurt but you still have enough energy to use psychic powers?’

    Birdy chirped in response, and started nibbling the fruits. Then, content, the Pokémon went back to sleep.

    Jack lay down next to the Natu, and a gush of thoughts flooded his mind. It was his first day as a card tamer! But then he thought of Cyndaquil - energetic, but slightly too so. But was he really that bad a Pokémon? Jack didn’t think so. He’s just young…And the Natu, Birdy - so trusting. Maybe he would join him in his adventure? That would be his third…

    He imagined himself standing in a contest arena, hoards of people cheering at him. Flutterfree floating in the air, silver glitter sparkling in the space around her. Birdy, suspended by his blue magic awing the audience. And Cyndaquil, sending spurts of gold flames from his back captivating the crowd…



    The shrill sound of the Pokémon’s cry caused Jack to wake up with a start.

    ‘Natu?’ chirruped Birdy, hopping along the ground happily, although still holding his left wing awkwardly.

    Jack unzipped the tent cautiously, and a gush of sunlight exploded into his view. The frost from the night had long since vanished, and the grass and leaves shimmered in the morning light.

    ‘What happened?’ said Jack nervously. But the scene before him gave him no need for an answer.

    Four Bidoof had surrounded the base of one of the trees and were barking angrily at a small pink Pokémon, with huge triangular ears, which clung to the bark, emanating strong feelings of both fear and excitement. An apple was clamped tight in its tiny mouth. It was obvious what had happened.

    The Bidoof were undeterred by the presence of Jack, and continued to paw at the bark with their stumpy legs, and chattering their buck-teeth furiously. The short brown fur stuck up on end, and they waggled there rears in an amusing manner as they circled the tree.

    ‘I guess that pink kitten stole the Bidoofs’ apple,’ Jack guessed. He raised his pokétch to analyse the predicament.

    The same mechanical voice spoke from the device. Bidoof, the plump mouse Pokémon. Type - normal. With nerves of steel, nothing can perturb it. It is more agile and active than it appears.

    Skitty, the kitten Pokémon. Type - normal. It can’t stop itself from chasing moving things, and it runs in a circle, chasing its own tail.

    ‘Better not get on the wrong side of those Bidoof eh Birdy? But we need to drive them away somehow so that the Skitty can come down.’

    The Natu nodded in agreement.

    ‘But this will take more than one Pokémon,’ Jack pulled a card from his pocket, but then hesitated. Could he risk setting Cyndaquil on these wild Pokémon? He cringed at the thought that he owned a Pokémon which he didn’t think that he could rely on. But the safety of these Pokémon was important to Jack, he couldn’t risk it. His hand moved to his other card. ‘Flutterfree, go!’

    ‘Feee!’ The Butterfree materialised in the air, ready for action.

    A sudden idea occurred to Jack. ‘Flutterfree, Sleep Powder!’

    The Butterfree responded by flapping her delicate wings rapidly, causing a faint cloud of silver particles to drift over to the Bidoof.

    The Bidoof seemed unaffected by the spores for the first few moments, then dropped to their bellies one at a time, falling asleep. But what Jack hadn’t been counting on was the spores reaching the Skitty, which now hung precariously, widening its mouth in a huge yawn, dropping the apple.

    But before the Skitty could fall, Flutterfree glided underneath just in time for the kitten to land on her purple back.

    ‘Great work, Flutterfree!’ Jack congratulated the butterfly Pokémon. Now what should he do with the Skitty? ‘Well, we can’t leave it here, when the Bidoof wake up, they’ll be angry.’

    ‘Feehee?’ Flutterfree suggested, pointing one of her powder-blue feet in the direction of the woods.

    ‘You think we should hide it somewhere, don’t you? Oh! I hate I have to call it an it, but I don’t know what gender it is. Unless a species has some characteristic markings, the only way to identify if it were male or female would be to catch it, then check the data on the back of the card.’

    Flutterfree tilted her head, slightly confused at Jack’s mutterings, then flew silently into the forest, obviously to take the Skitty someplace safer.

    By the time the Butterfree had returned, Jack had packed up the tent, eaten some breakfast, and was once again clutching the Natu. The three then headed back to their journey to Jubilife City.


    A boy was sat on a mossy rock, in a secluded patch of forest. He had short, black hair, and gleaming green eyes which were moving side to side as he scanned the pages of the book he held. His free hand was absent-mindedly tugging at the long blades of grass which had grown wild in the area, and wet with dew, they sparkled in the morning light.

    A Pokémon hung suspended in the air above him, occasional twitching its four, pink ears. It’s pale blue was almost invisible against the blue sky, but the red gems embedded in its two tails were strikingly visible.

    Dahn spent as much time as he could outside. He hated the boringness of houses, with all of the mechanical things and papers. He loved nature, and Pokémon. And now he had one. He smiled happily.

    His parents wondered why he spent so much time outside; thought it wasn’t normal. They knew he went to play with the wild Pokémon, but his own Pokémon…they had no idea. But wild Pokémon could only interest Dahn so far, he had to have his own. So his best friend, the Pokémon from the lake. He had taken it.

    He didn’t understand why the Pokémon would want to leave him. They had spent so much time together, talking, by the lake. He trusted the Pokémon with his every thought. So why was it so upset? He could see it, despite the fact that it loyally stuck by him. After he had seen that it had escaped from the box, but not left him, he was sure that this Pokémon was right for him.

    But should he tell someone? No, he couldn’t. His parents would take it away from him, take the only thing that really made him happy. They didn’t understand.

    ‘But what kind of Pokémon are you?’ asked Dahn, as he had asked so many times. It was one of the few questions which the Pokémon had refused to answer.

    ‘The knowledge is too much for you,’ it had said, ‘the hurt of more than one, and the power to break…

    Dahn turned the page of his Pokémon encyclopaedia. ‘Wigglytuff, no, they don’t float. Clefable - they’re sort of magical, but no, they can’t use telepathy. How about Kirlia? No tails…’

    ‘You will understand everything when the time is right.’ whispered the Pokémon.

    ‘But when will that be?’ asked Dahn.

    His question wasn’t answered

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    okay, before I even start reading. Evil Cyndiquil? I can already tell this chapter is going to be...interesting
    Wow! It's hard to picture a Cyndiquil doing that! It was cool, but I feel bad my favorite starter is a mean bully....
    I thought he was going to catch the Skitty already, it'd be weird for him to (technically Natu, I would guess, I can't remeber if he has it or not in Card Tamer) catch two pokemon in one episode.
    I feel bad for Dahn, it doesn't seem that the pixie wants much to do with him.
    Oh my jesus, I've been on this site for a year already...
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    Cbiesra: Cyndaquil's not all evil, he just has an attitude problem. That better? So sorry if it's your favourite starter ^^. Jack didn't actually catch any yet, but Natu will join him (obviously) and Skitty will come back... And about Dahn, i thought getting him some more emotions would be useful.

    yay! At least i have one reader who comments on every chapter!

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    Wah! Sorry for the long wait, but i've been getting loads of work from school. ^^,

    But i have done a chapter for today (it's also shorter than usual):

    Chapter 4: A rival arrival

    The morning sun shimmered gently in the clear sky, casting faint shadows on the tree-lined path. Kai stood amongst a patch of tall grass, his blue eyes focused on the chubby brown Pokémon he was training against.

    ‘Treecko, use Absorb again!’

    ‘Koo!’ shrieked Kai’s gecko, standing his ground as pulsing green energy enveloped his body, before connecting with the Bidoof in front of him.

    The Bidoof ground its sharp buck teeth, and dug its own little brown paws into the dewy grass. It flicking its round head, and then its plump body gave a shudder and it collapsed on the ground, defeated.

    Treecko released the energy, panting slightly, but evidently full of excitement from winning the battle. He waggled his bright green tails, and looked up at Kai.

    ‘Great work, Treecko! That’s the fifth Pokémon you’ve beaten this morning. You really are a great fighter.’

    Treecko pranced about happily, before leaping to his favourite spot on Kai’s head.

    ‘So, that’s two Starly, one Skitty, and two Bidoof. Plus the Shinx we caught yesterday. Speaking of Shinx, I better let him out and see how good he is. How about when we find our next wild Pokémon?’

    Treecko accepted happily by uttering a short ‘Treek’. Once Kai was on the move again, the gecko was already creeping downwards to Kai’s seeming irresistible rucksack.

    Sensing what was happening, Kai spoke up. ‘Not this time my thieving little friend. I think you’ll find that the zip is gecko-proof now.’

    Treecko howled in false anguish, and gave upon the bag.

    ‘Hey! You!’ cried a voice.

    Kai looked around, his eyes scanning for any flash of movement. He quickly saw who had spoken to him. It was a boy, about the same height as Kai was, with fairly long, brown hair. He wore a casual attire, a green and white t-shirt with dark trousers. From Kai’s first glance, he knew who this person was - another card tamer.

    ‘You’ve got Pokémon,’ stated the boy, looking at Treecko.

    ‘Yes,’ Kai replied, slightly impatiently.

    ‘Do you want a battle?’

    Kai grinned. ‘You bet.’

    ‘Tree treek!’ Treecko snarled, whipping his tails in anticipation.

    ‘Okay then. How about two-on-two? I’m Isaac by the way.’

    ‘Two-on-two’s fine. And nice to meet you Isaac, my name’s Kai.’ Kai took a few steps back, and Isaac did the same, creating a suitable sized patch of grass between them on which to battle. ‘This might be my first ever match, but I’m not gonna lose!’

    ‘Your first?’ said Isaac, surprised. ‘I’ve been training for a while now and I’m pretty experienced. You better be careful.’

    ‘Oh I will,’ said Kai confidently, ‘and we can chat later, now‘s the time to fight. Shinx, go!’

    A flash of light illuminated the pale sky as Kai’s black and blue Pokémon emerged from his card. The Shinx swivelled its rounded ears, and looked around nervously.

    ‘An electric type. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble against my Piplup.’ Isaac held out a metallic card, which shimmered momentarily as a miniature penguin materialised on the grass.

    ‘Pip, lup!’ chirped the Piplup, puffing out its blue chest importantly and waving its short flippers. Its usually cute face looked quite intimidating as it leered at Kai’s Shinx.

    ‘You got that right. Now, Shinx use!……Umm. What attacks can a Shinx do?’

    Instead of taking advantage of Kai’s lack of knowledge, Isaac didn’t command his Pokémon to attack, as Kai had been expecting.

    ‘You’re new at this, I’ll give you a chance. Check you’re pokétch.’

    Kai smiled gratefully, and held up the device on his wrist.

    Loading attack identifier. Please wait. Attack identifier loaded. Pokémon - Shinx. Current moves - Tackle. Leer. Charge.

    ‘What! No damage inflicting electrical moves!’

    Isaac looked rather impressed by Kai’s wording.

    ‘Oh just use Tackle,’ Kai sighed.

    ‘So now we can start? Piplup, Growl!’

    Piplup waited until Kai’s charging Shinx was just about to collide into it, then opened its beak and emitted a ferocious chorus of squeaks whilst hopping about on its little blue feet.

    Shinx looked utterly terrified by this, and dug its front paws into the ground slowing its impact with Piplup. Piplup stumbled back slightly, but appeared unhurt.

    ‘Well done Piplup, now Shinx’s attack power’s been reduced. Now try a Bubble attack!’

    ‘Shinx, dodge those bubbles!’ Kai yelled.

    A thick cloud of bubbles was blasted into the air as Piplup opened its short beak a second time. Each were different in size, and flickered with a thousand colours in the morning sunlight.

    Shinx stared at the bubbles in awe, refusing to move. He lifted a paw to try and poke one, but never managed to complete the action due to being pummelled by the innocent-looking missiles.

    ‘Peck!’ Isaac commanded.

    Before Shinx had a chance to recover, Piplup flew at him jabbing hard with its tiny beak. Shinx squealed and ran from the battlefield, promptly disappearing back into his card.

    ‘I guess that’s one down, one to go,’ said Isaac, although not in an unfriendly way.

    ‘Looks like it…You’re next Treecko!’

    Treecko leapt onto the ground, eager to battle.

    ‘Peck again!’ shouted Isaac.

    Kai had no need to tell Treecko to get out of the way; the gecko had already bounced onto the nearest tree trunk, neatly evading the hostile penguin. The Piplup stopped, screeching indignantly before aiming again. Treecko dodged again.

    ‘Use your secret weapon!’ Kai commanded.

    ‘Ko, tree!’ cried Treecko, once again causing green energy to shroud his body and charge up his Absorb attack.

    Piplup chose this moment to make a direct hit with its Peck, but the moment it touched Treecko’s aura, the light spread to the penguin draining it of its energy. The Piplup thrashed, but couldn’t escape until Treecko released his power. And when he did, Piplup slumped down, unable to battle further.

    ‘You did well Piplup,’ said Isaac, recalling the exhausted penguin. ‘Now I’ll use Staravia!’

    The usual burst of light proceeded the arrival of a large flying-type Pokémon, with mostly black and grey plumage. Its chest and face were pure white, and an elegant curl of deep black feathers erupted from its head.

    ‘Not good,’ Kai muttered, ‘that’s the evolved form of Starly.‘ He knew that flying types had a he advantage over his grass-type Treecko. ‘But I won’t give up. Use Absorb again!’

    Treecko’s body was again encased in green light, and tendrils of energy snaked their was towards the bird, Staravia.

    But Staravia gave one powerful beat with its wings, and blasted away Treecko’s attack, and rose into the air steadily gaining height.

    ‘Wing Attack!’

    Treecko desperately tried to dodge, but the Staravia’s lightning-fast aerial dive hit him right in the middle of hi body. He gave a short cry, then fell backwards onto the grass.

    ‘Treecko!’ cried Kai, running toward his fallen Pokémon. ‘Are you okay?’

    Treecko gave a quiet groan, and slowly pulled himself to his feet, and then onto Kai.

    ‘You win,’ said Kai.

    ‘You battled well. Don’t get really disappointed, not many people win their first ever Pokémon battle. And you did defeat my Piplup, that’s something good to think about.’

    Kai smiled, shaking the thoughts of defeat from his mind. ‘Sorry, it’s just that…I really thought I could win…’

    ‘Don’t worry about it. Are you heading to Jubilife? If you are, maybe I could travel with you for a while and help you train your Pokémon. It’ll be fun.’

    ‘Yeah I am. But I don’t know…’

    ‘Go on. I won’t be around for too long, I’m headed for Canalave which is west of Jubilife. As a new trainer, I take it you’ll be going for the gyms. The first is in the other direction, east at Orebourgh City.’

    ‘Okay then. Welcome to the team.’

    Treecko also gave a weak ‘Treek’ of welcome.

    The two boys returned to the stony path, and began walking towards Jubilife.

    ‘So, where are you from?’ Kai asked, hoping to find out more abut his new travelling partner.

    ‘Solaceon,’ Isaac responded. ‘I travelled down here to pick up my starter a few months ago, and have kept roundabouts this area since.’

    ‘So was Piplup your first Pokémon?’

    Isaac shook is head. ‘No, I already had one other Pokémon from home. But I did choose Piplup from Professor Rowan. My true starter, was a Spiritomb I befriended at a strange pillar next to the river which flows past our town.’

    ‘Wow! A Spiritomb! I don’t know that much about different Pokémon species, but I do know that Spiritomb are supposed to be really rare!’

    ‘Yeah they are,’ said Isaac happily. ‘I was really surprised when it came to me. Thought it was trying to attack me at first, but I eventually found out it wanted to be my friend.’

    Kai kicked a stone on the path, and watched as it skipped along, a trail of dust behind it. ‘Wish I had such cool Pokémon.’

    Treecko hissed, offended.

    ‘It’s shiny too,’ Isaac added.

    ‘WHAT! You have a Spiritomb, AND it’s shiny!’

    ‘Yup. Blue, rather than the usually purple colouring. Do you want to see it?’

    Kai was about to say an angry retort, but decided against it. He knew he would get more good Pokémon in time, so there was no point in being jealous. Besides, there was nothing wrong with his Treecko and Shinx.

    ‘Not at the moment. We’re travelling together, so I guess I’ll see it sooner or later.’

    ‘Suit yourself. So what about you? How’s your journey been so far?’

    ‘Pretty eventful actually, considering how its only been a few days since I picked up Treecko.’

    ‘You’re that new?! You battled well for a newbie.’

    ‘I did say it was my first match.’

    ‘But nevertheless, you haven’t had much time to train.’

    ‘But when I do, no-one we be able to beat me.’

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    Upset that this is a short chapter, but still excited for an update.

    I really liked that battle, and I like that you didn't use the commen cliche of a trainer winning a close one in their first battle. Issac seems cool, and I can't wait until he uses his Spiritomb.
    Oh my jesus, I've been on this site for a year already...
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    PM list Senor Sinnohdragon! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock on!

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    Yay Spiritomb. By far the coolest Pokemon there is. Enjoying the story and I am keen to know what happens next. Go Spiritomb! By the way I love the bit when Treeko hissed.
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    Spiritomb rules

    Card Tamer is amazing!

    Credit to Sinnohdragon

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    I havn't posted a chapter for this in about 6 months... so i thought it was about time i did. So if anybody still remembers, here is chapter 5 of the prequel!
    (the next chapter of the original is also going to be up soon)

    Chapter 5: Reaching the crossroads

    ‘Look’s like we’ve arrived Birdy,’ Jack announced.

    The Natu squeaked happily, its large eyes darting in all directions to take in the new scenery. Jack could barely hold Birdy in his arms, due to the psychic bird’s excitement.

    ‘Now, I wonder where the Pokémon Centre is?’ Jack passed his eyes over the immense number of grey buildings, tall skyscrapers and huge shops. ‘I wish I’d spent more time here on my way down now. But then again, I was in a hurry to get Cyndaquil.’

    For a moment, Jack stayed motionless, still taking in the new environment. However, Birdy’s eagerness forced Jack into a quick walk, and evading the busy shoppers, he began to search for the Pokémon Centre. It surprised Jack as to just how many people had Pokémon with them; not just in cards, but actually walking about. There were even some Pokémon who seemed completely independent from their trainers and were wandering around on their own accord. Wild city Pokémon? Jack thought, catching a glimpse of purple sludge vanish down a gutter.

    ‘Tu!’ screeched Birdy suddenly.

    ‘What is it? Oh!’ said Jack, suddenly noticing what the Natu had seen - a small pink kitten with a creamy underbelly and long tail darting about behind a selection of metal dustbins. ‘I wonder if it’s the same Skitty?’

    But Jack was unable to find out. By the time he had reached the spot, the Pokémon was no longer there.

    Giving up on the Skitty, Jack continuing though Jubilife City scanning the shops and buildings for their titles.

    ‘…The Pick-A-Chew Sweet Shop…Mudkipz Gaming Centre…Ditto That Style…Magikarp ‘N Chips…Mr. Munchlax’s Pokéfood…,’ Jack read.

    ‘Genuine Arbok-skin jackets! Half-price!’ cried a salesman who strutted about outside a fancy looking store.

    ‘No thanks,’ Jack muttered under his breath, ‘Killing rare Pokémon for their skins. It’s evil.’

    But then Jack’s attention was drawn away by a large white building with a read roof, and a sign reading ‘Pokémon Centre’.

    ‘Can I help you?’ asked the Pokémon Nurse when Jack walked in. Inside the Pokémon Centre was fairly plain. Each one had a similar style and layout, Jubilife’s being no exception. A young boy was sat on a chair next to a door labelled ‘Hospital Room’. He looked quite worried.

    Jack nodded to the blonde haired woman, and handed her Birdy. ‘Can you check his wing please? I think it’s damaged.’

    ‘Of course,’ replied the nurse, heading to a clean table in the far end of the room. ‘And Jamie, can you please cheer up,’ she said to the other boy, ‘Your Yanma will be fine.’

    The boy didn’t look convinced.

    ‘What happened?’ Jack asked. The Nurse was tending to Birdy, so Jack approached Jamie.

    ‘Had a battle…’ he muttered quietly.

    ‘I’m sure your Pokémon will be okay. They don’t die in battles,’ said Jack gently.

    This seemed to make Jamie panic even more. ‘But I didn’t want to! She made me!’

    ‘What do you mean she made you? Jamie, were you forced to battle?’

    The boy nodded, but kept his face lowered.

    ‘But why?’

    ‘She…she said she would hurt me if I didn’t battle. She said she wanted to beat all the people in Jubilife to prove she was the best…’

    After this, Jamie’s speech became inaudible due to an apparent fresh flow of tears.

    ‘Here you go,’ announced the nurse cheerfully, handing Birdy back. ‘Your Natu is fine now.’

    ‘Umm, thanks. Do you know about what happened to Jamie?’

    ‘He got beaten in a rather rough Pokémon battle, that’s all. He needs to know when to battle, and when to stay out of a fight. He’s just overreacted a bit.’

    Jack accepted Birdy and then left the Pokémon Centre. He didn’t agree with what the nurse had said; Jamie was really scared stiff about the battle he had been in. But there isn’t really anything I can do about it, he thought.

    ‘Nat, tu?’ chirped Birdy.

    ‘At least you’re okay now. Birdy, would you like to stay with me?’

    The Natu seemed to consider his question, before replying with a series of excited cheeps.

    ‘I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then,’ said Jack, smiling. He drew a blank card from his pocket, and held it above the Pokémon. ‘Capture Pokémon!’

    A faint light enveloped Birdy before pulling the Natu into the card, which now read the Pokémon’s stats.

    ‘That’s how to do it,’ whispered Jack confidently. ‘Make friends with them.’

    At that moment, a blur of grey-blue skidded into Jack’s view, pausing to reveal itself as a small quadruped Pokémon.

    ‘Umm. Hello?’ said Jack warily.

    ‘Phan!’ roared the creature, scraping its forelimbs against the pavement and raising its large rounded ears, crested by red streaks. A longish snout grew from its hardened head, also emblazoned with red armour.

    ‘What do you want?’ Jack asked.

    ‘What I want, is a battle!’ screeched a female voice, and then stepped around the corner. She had short black hair, and wore a scruffy t-shirt and torn jeans. ‘You will battle my Phanpy!’

    ‘Wait a minute, who said I wanted to battle?’

    The look on the girl’s face was ferocious, and her brown eyes were narrowed in a menacing glare. ‘If you don’t battle, I’ll make Phanpy attack you!’

    Jack’s memory of Jamie in the Pokémon Centre was still fresh on his mind, and this girl fitted his description perfectly. ‘Did you beat a boy with a Yanma earlier today?’

    ‘Yeah! He was well wimpy! Ran away screaming like a girl after two minutes!’

    ‘Why did you force him to battle?’

    ‘Well I gotta prove myself don’t I? They said I wasn’t allowed to battle at Trainer’s School because they didn’t know how!

    Jack was astonished by the girl’s cold determination. ‘But you didn’t need to force him, or threaten him. Why couldn’t you just battle someone else?’

    ‘Cause I gotta beat everyone to prove I’m the best! Now choose your Pokémon for me to thrash before I make you!’

    ‘Really, girls like you ought to be locked up,’ came the voice of another person.

    Jack looked around. Two boys had found the side-street in which he and the girl were arguing. They appeared to be roughly his age by height, and most likely carried Pokémon with them. Jack was partly relieved, and also partly worried. He didn’t know what these two would do.

    The boy who had spoken stepped forward. He was very similar in appearance to the other; both had mid-length brown hair and bright blue eyes. ‘We’ve finally tracked you little menace down again.’

    The girl sighed. ‘Oh why did you bother following me? I said I’m only interested in beating people from Jubilife. I don’t care about you.’

    ‘I’m not from Jubilife,’ Jack interjected.

    ‘Well you look weak enough to thrash anyway,’ she snapped.

    ‘You know full well we didn’t follow you because we wanted to battle you,’ said the other boy. He glanced at Jack and smiled apologetically. ‘You can make your escape now if you want to, we can deal with her.’

    ‘No, it’s okay. I can help actually. I’m Jack I know what she’s been doing.’

    ‘We’ve seen what she’s been doing. I’m Isaac by the way, and my friend is Kai.’

    ‘And you can stop calling me ‘she’! The name’s Blaise,’ said the girl harshly. ‘Now battle!’

    Jack looked nervous, but was saved by Isaac stepping forward. ‘I’ll battle you.’

    Blaise considered Isaac’s request for a moment, then agreed. ‘I can prove to you that I’m the best card tamer in the whole of Jubilife!’

    ‘If,’ said Kai, ‘you stop forcing people to battle. Don’t threaten people. You can battle as much as you like, but only if the other person wants to, okay?’

    ‘Whatever. Phanpy, go!’

    The little elephant jumped in front of Blaise and reared onto its hind legs in an intimidating pose.


    A blast of grey mist burst from Isaac’s card causing the hairs on the back of Jack’s neck to rise. The air seemed to cool a few degrees as the shadows grouped together into an eerie blue rotating spiral of souls, rippling from the small stone they were rooted too. Blotches of purple pulsed from within it, circling it’s void-like mouth and empty, staring eyes.

    ‘Wow! Jack stared at the ghost-type in amazement; it wasn’t just any Spiritomb as rare as they might be, but a shiny one!

    Kai seemed to be equally impressed.

    ‘I said I’ll show you sooner or later,’ said Isaac.

    ‘How scary,’ muttered Blaise sarcastically, ‘A little blue ghostly thing. Phanpy, use Take Down!’

    The Phanpy reared onto its hind legs before suddenly diving towards Isaac’s Spiritomb. The ghost-type made no move to dodge the attack, causing Jack to glance at Isaac in confusion, wasn’t he going to do anything?

    But the Phanpy let out a shriek of annoyance just as realisation hit Jack - ghost Pokémon were completely resistant to normal type attacks! Phanpy had run straight through the rotating spirits that made up Spiritomb’s body, and the ghost-type hadn’t even flinched.

    ‘No fair!’ Blaise Shouted, ‘You’ve totally got the advantage!’

    Phanpy, still dazed from hitting no target other than solid ground, also squealed in annoyance.

    ‘Any good trainer knows that normal moves don’t affect ghost Pokémon Blaise. If you were as good as you say you are you would create a strategy to work around that problem,’ Isaac retorted.

    ‘And,’ Kai added, ‘haven’t you just been taking the advantage on innocent children?’

    Blaise was now seething with anger, but she also seemed to be struggling to come to terms with what the boys had said. ‘I’m allowed to prove myself.’

    ‘And that’s what gyms are for,’ continued Kai.

    ‘Now are you going to stop your little tirade and come to your senses, or continue acting like a three-year old?’ Isaac asked, knowing full well that there wasn’t a thing Phanpy could do.

    ‘Blaise,’ said Jack, approaching the girl warily, ‘you don’t need to do this.’

    Blaise stared at the ground, refusing to make eye contact. She shuddered, then put her steely gaze on Jack. ‘I know.’ She spoke quietly. ‘But I don’t need you to tell me that! Leave me alone!’

    And with that, she turned and ran back onto the main street soon lost between groups of shoppers, her Phanpy trailing after her sending dust and stones into the air.

    The boys looked at each other for a moment not speaking, letting the turn of events sink in. Isaac silently recalled his Spiritomb.

    ‘Well that was easy,’ stated Kai. ‘Kai, Jack and Isaac, the amazing little girl obedience squad.’ he grinned to himself. ‘So where are we going next?’

    Jack was still looking nervous. ‘Do you think she’s okay?’

    ‘Of course she is. Now she’ll know to pick on people her own size,’ Isaac insisted.

    ‘That’ll be midgets then,’ Kai s******ed. ‘Seriously Jack, I’m more worried about you to be honest. You actually looked like you were scared of her.’

    ‘Well, she was quite scary….’

    Kai and Isaac burst out laughing.

    ‘Well, if that’s over with I’d best be on my way. I’m going to Canalave remember?’

    ‘Oh,’ Kai muttered, remembering their arrangement. Isaac and him would travel together until they got to Jubilife city when he would then take the eastern route to Oreburgh, and Isaac would go the opposite direction. ‘That went so fast. And I was actually enjoying your company.’

    ‘I’m sure we can meet up again some other time.’

    ‘Maybe…What about you Jack? Where are you headed?’

    ‘Nowhere in particular. I’m training for now. But then I’ll be after Pokémon Contests!’

    ‘I have an idea,’ said Isaac,’ how about you and Jack travel together? Then Jack can do his training and you won’t get lonely.’

    ‘Whoever said I was gonna be lonely! Kai blurted, going slightly red in embarrassment. ‘I just liked having someone to talk to.’

    ‘I wouldn’t mind talking to you Kai,’ said Jack in assurance. ‘As long as you don’t talk to me.’

    This time it was Isaac and Jack laughing. Kai looked angry for a second before giving in. ‘Fine, I’ll allow Jack to follow me. See you around Isaac.’

    ‘Bye then. Don’t loose fights to girls, don’t eat too much chocolate, and don’t forget to change your underwear.’

    ‘Hey!’ Kai replied angrily, but then went along with the joke. ‘Do you want me to send you a birthday card as well?’

    ‘That would be nice. Sixth of June, and not a day late okay?’

    Jack nearly fell over laughing.

    ‘Bye for now, said Kai, and he and Jack finally turned to leave their new friend.

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    sorry for the double but when i posted the above chapter the fourm has changed one of the words to *s. I can assure you that it was not a rude word, you can probably work out that its meant to say s.n.i.g.g.e.r.e.d. if that makes any difference

    forum also won't let me edit or i would change it.

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    Haha. Spiritomb rules. What a silly girl Blaise is. Reminds me of that bicycle gang in the episode where they try to deliever the medicine for the shellder. Good chapter and I'm pleased to see it return.
    Spiritomb rules

    Card Tamer is amazing!

    Credit to Sinnohdragon

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