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    Default ~ Choice and Consequence ~

    A/N: Gah. I wish someone would find the cure for procrastination, maybe this would've been out sooner :P

    So. Welcome, one and all, to the rewrite of 'Choice and Consequence'. I'm assuming that anyone here has already read the prequel, Heart of the Magma, and if you haven't, you'd better get to it - it's pretty much required reading. You probably could get away with not reading it if you really wanted to, but it provides a *lot* of background info.

    Disclaimers are also the same as HotM - I don't own Pokemon (obviously) and I credit Coronis with some of the manga-based names.

    (3/08/08): This story's rating has been upped to PG-15, mostly for language, but if anyone has anything to say about the rating at any time, feel free.

    And now, on we go.



    I hate him. I hate them. What they’re doing is wrong; it will come to nothing but chaos. They worship death, they worship sorrow, they worship—

    —the fire, the land, they worship blazing anger, fury, instead of cool reason, instead of calmness. They can fight it all they want, but it won’t change the facts: that all life depends on water, on the ocean, without it—

    —we would all be destroyed, because there would be no life without the land. It’s where we live, it’s what supports us, it gives us food and shelter and comfort. But the ocean… all it does is take life, without form, without meaning, all it does is kill…

    …they talk like the land is a living thing, like it watches over us and makes sure we’re provided for, but the truth is that it doesn’t care. It takes away what we need most when we need it, makes its forms difficult to travel, hard to farm. The ocean’s moods may change, but the land is unfeeling. He’s—

    —insane, to think that the world can survive on water; insane to think—

    —that they could actually succeed. That’s why—

    —I have to stop him, no matter what. Because his dream is foolish.

    Because it would kill us all.
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