You know how much of a fan I am for Tynan. Despite his very creative language license in his mouth, I love his personality. The Fuchsia City completely creeped him out and owned him, especially when Janine came in. ^^ I actually could see Flareon using Smokescreen, so I had no problems there. Looks like both of his pokemon are more versatile and competitive than in the original chapter (I believe it was the 8th chapter in the old version. Yes, I have a good memory with this story. xD!) I loved every bit of the action, and the return of that infamous Ariados and Crobat. Excellent. Just excellent. I also liked that little part about Koga and the dream with Lt. Surge. Very interesting, but portrayed fantastically. As for how you are able to hit Koga's personality to the teeth is beyond my imagination, but I'm envious. @_@;

*throws Lance cookies and plushies everywhere* Partay in the Clouds !