FOTB-JP052 Ultimate Last Stand
Normal Trap Card
You can only activate this card by paying Life Points until your Life Points are 100. Special Summon as much as possible monster with [The Six-Warmasters] in their name from your graveyard to your side of the field (monster with the same name up to one time only). Also, you cannot summon monster with the same name as already existing monster on your side of the field.

Yep, I'm pulling one from FOTB. Sue me. This effct sort of reminds me of the ringed Dragon of Ra, sacrificing all points, but now you get 5 monsters instead. anyway, you need to fist get 5 different Samurais to get this to work, but maybe if your Life Points are low to begin with, or you need a great finisher, then this could maybe be side decked or something.

Also, once these guys are summoned from rge Grave, notice they don't go back with the Trap card. They stay out, nice.

2.75/5 In Samurai deck