FOTB-JP051 Central Breakthrough
Normal Trap Card
When this card is activated, select 1 face-up monster with [The Six-Warmasters] in its name on your field. During the battle phase when this card is activated, when the selected monster destroys an opponent's monster as a result of battle, monster on your field with the name [Great Shogun Shien] and [The Six-Warmasters] can attack your opponent's lifepoint directly.
__________________________________________________ _______________
I just want to make sure.... Are you all seeing the magic? Using our previous card, Ultimate Last Stand, bring back Nisashi (1400, attacks twice), Zanji (1800), Irou (1700), Kamon (1500), and Yachi (1300, destroys face-down).

That right there is 7800 protected damage.

And what if you only had 4 Samurais in your Graveyard when usind Ultimate Last Stand? What if you happened to have a Great shogun Shein in your hand? You get it.