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Thread: Mutiny in the Bounty! (488)

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    I just wacthed this episode as I am going back through older episodes. I really like this episode. J is really strong and someone Ash actually can't beat. I liked everything. I liked how Kirlia could tell where they were taken and how Gardevoir could teleport them all out of the falling thing. I say 90/100

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    I screamed when Hunter J ambushed Gardevoir's trainer and froze Gardevoir like it was nothing. She was such a boss. Seeing her use Ariados to tie Ash up was great as well and I cackled when her Drapion attacked Aipom and Turtwig with Cross Poison. I liked how Ash and friends infiltrated J's airship and how Gardevoir got them all out safely.

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    I love this episode, Hunter J was epic here. Also liked the team up between Ash and Team Rocket while they infiltrated J's airship. 10/10
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    So that's where the Smash Bros. trophies come from!

    Anyway, awesome seeing, in my opinion, the shows best villain for the first time.
    Also, it's getting boring seeing a future part of the episode right at the beginning before the opening theme. It makes seeing that part a second time, how should I put this, well, boring, to be honest.
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