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Thread: rate my deck please.

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    Default rate my deck please.

    i got

    heal energy x2
    react energy x1
    electric energy x11
    scramble energy x1
    double colorless energy x1
    fire energy x9

    clefable x1
    clefairy x1
    rayquaza EX x1
    growlithe x3
    Ho-oh x1
    arcanine x1
    manectric x1
    jolteon x1
    eevee x1
    charmander x2
    charmeleon x1
    magmar x1
    cyndaquil x1
    electrike x1
    magnemite x1
    dratini x1

    potion x4
    switch x1
    professor oak x2
    gust of wind x2
    energy search x1
    full heal x1
    master ball x1
    super energy removal

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    Take out energy and pokémon.

    Put in trainers.

    Lots of trainers. And better trainers.

    Scott, Bill's Maintenance, Celio's Network, Steven's Advice and Professor Elm's Training Method are pretty universal. Not totally, but nearly.
    Sometimes I like to make sure that you have a lump first...

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