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Thread: COTD 3/5/07: Gellenduo

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    Default COTD 3/5/07: Gellenduo

    Sorry for being late, I just came back from school. Thanks Secret Agent X-9 for letting me do this week. So let's get started! Today is...

    ATK/1700 DEF/0
    This card cannot be destroyed by battle. When this card's controller takes any damage, destroy this card. If you Tribute Summon a LIGHT Fairy-type monster, you can treat this 1 monster as 2 Tribute Monsters for the Tribute Summon.
    EN: STON-EN067 (Secret Rare)
    JP: SD11-JP007 (Common)
    This card is kinda like a light Spirit Reaper with different side effect and 1 more effect, I like it and the art. It's effect is awesome. Ring of Magnetism + Gellenduo = Ult. DEF. The bad side is piercers can kill this card and if your opponent cause direct or battle damage this thing's dead.

    Trad: 3/5 (More annoying than SR and Light)
    Adv: 3.9/5 (More annoying that SR but the damage autokill prevents you from summoning weak monsters with low ATK)
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