Well, just finished watching it, it was preatty good.

Aipom antics are always fun.
Hey, Jessie not only can lift a huge log with ease, but can also defy gravity!
Face Hump! That was...unexpectedly funny.
The contest appeals:
-I like how PAchrisu was given stagefright, now Hikari nows what she needs to work on with Pachrisu beforethe next contest. The heart and static appeals were nice. Funny when it shocked everyone.
-Jessie was preatty good with Aipom. NOw if only she was as good with at tleast her teammates.
-Good jessie & Hikari battle. But what was Hikari saying after she lsot points from that Double Team, she said something about Aipom and it caught Brock & Ash's attention.
-Jessie won!

Funny to see Ash worry taht Aipom would stay with Jessie.

Only bad points were that:
1.EVen within the same episode, animators can't decide on how to draw Aipom.
2.That TR couldn't just let things be. THey couldn't just let Aipom go away, could they. THey should have just taken teh bananas and went of their merry way.