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"Italics" Mean flashbacks

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Figure it Out



I felt my eye twitch as I turn away from mending the fire to the most annoying red-headed girl I've ever met. She'd only call me by my first time when she's playing "damsel of distress". I don't understand how Ash and that other guy, Brock traveled with this girl for so many years, she likes to order you around - not to mention she's obviously not made to live in the outdoors. I would've ditched her the first minute being with her. Sadly, this was a different situation; I have to escort her to Houen, which is still miles away. Someone, save me now.

"What is it, now?" Making it obvious how extremely irritated I am.

She, again ignored my irritated tone, too frantic to even acknowledge it otherwise. "I-I-I s-saw a bug by the bushes!" She pointed shaken finger straight aways from the camp sight, a Weedle poked it's head out of the bushes, alarmed by Misty's outburst. She let out a high pitched wail, jumping behind me. I felt her claw down through my shirt, into my shoulders. "KILLITKILLITKILLITKILLIT!"

...This girl expects me to kill a pokemon?

A mere Weedle out of all pokemon?

I shudder at the thought of Ash and Brock granting Misty's wishes. It was probably just to shut her up, at least until the next bug pokemon appeared. Why didn't anyone warn me about this...?

"Gary, I'll need you to assist Mrs. Waterflower to the Houen region."

I quirk an eyebrow at the old man, how blunt can he get?

And who's Mrs. Waterflower? Sounds like an old woman...

"Mrs. Waterflower is that Misty girl that used to travel with Ash." Gramps answered as if he was reading my mind.

Hm, she's not traveling with Ashy-boy anymore? "Why do I need to 'assist' her?"

Grampa shifted in his chair, sweatdropping. "She explained to me over the phone that she really needed to see Ash in the Houen region to give him something that's of much importance."

I shifted my eyes suspiciously, are you kidding me? "...So?"

"She has no one else to come with her..."


"And she doesn't like to travel alone..."


"So I told her you'd be happy to come along."


Grampa rolled his eyes at me, I assume he was expecting my reaction. "For once Gary, won't you help someone other than yourself?"

If this old man wasn't my flesh and blood, I would've sucker punched him in the face right then and there. "Since you put it that way, no."

He smirked at me, I can tell he was prepared. "Then I'm pulling you out of the 'Future Pokemon Researchers of Tomorrow' school."

I laughed smugly, "You would ruin my future career just because of this?" This would get him, I'm sure. He never dealt with failures in the Oak family.


"...You wouldn't." Would he?

"You would like to test that theory?"

I remain silent. Damn that old man! I turn to head up to my room, defeated. I hear the old man's voice from behind, "That's a good boy, I'll call her up to let her know you'll be meeting her in Cerulean!"

"What are you waiting for Oak?!" I cringe inwardly; is she aware that her voice sounds like nails grinding against a chalk board? "Grab a log and go pound it!"

"I'm not going to kill or hurt it, besides it's not doing anything. You freaking out though is scaring it, I'm surprised it didn't use String Shot to shut your trap."

I felt her nails dig even more into my shoulders, "Do you realize that your beastly-like nails are digging down into my skin?"

"Stop running your big mouth, get rid of the Weedle and I'll let go!" Misty shouted into my ear.

I'm the one with the big mouth? Great, she's a hypocrite too.

"Alright, alright." I growl at her taking out Scizors pokeball; I think against it; Scizor is a bug pokemon as well, so she'll probably freak all over again. That's what I really need. Instead, I take out Umbreons' pokeball.

"Umbreon, use Scary Face on that Weedle." I commanded with a bored tone. Umbreon gave me a "you-gotta-be-kidding-me" type of look, I simply pointed Misty to give him the hint. Umbreon smirked smugly, he definitely got that trait from yours truly. Understanding what I meant, the black fox-like pokemon walked to face the Weedle, who remained in the bush. Umbreon's red eyes darkened, letting out a harsh snarl at the bug pokemon. Weedle let out a wail, crawling away as fast as possible away from the group.

Misty finally let go of me, pouncing to Umbreon to give him a hug. "Thank you so much Umbreon!" Umbreon accepted the hug, though slightly alarmed; he never had any human be so affectionate, the feeling made him feel warm. Letting out a "Umbre!" He licked Misty's cheek, letting her continue to pet him.

I couldn't help but smile, it was a shock, definitely. I've never seen Umbreon like this, especially to a stranger. My eyes shifted to Misty's face, without her face all scrunched up in anger and being quiet for once was kinda nice...

Kinda cute too. Ugh, see what happens when you go delusional?

Misty let's go of Umbreon and turns to me, she smiles up at me, I couldn't help but stare at her face. She was a pale girl, but she wasn't sickly looking at all, was a beautiful color for her, it went well with her red hair; during our travels she would complain about it constantly, though she hasn't said anything about it since Saffron City.

Finally entering Saffron City, I walk ahead of Misty. Sighing in relief that we're finally in civilization. Misty was just as excited. "FINALLY!" Misty stopped in the middle of the city and awed at the tall buildings, which were shopping centers. I already knew we weren't going to leave Saffron for a while now; Saffron City was the place for all girls, there were shopping centers, most are for girls only, gyms, restaurants, exclusive doll shops, shops, shops, shops...every guys nightmare.

"Wow, Oak we should definitely hit every single one of these stores!" Misty exclaimed.

"...Are you out of your mind?" I should have expected this, "Use your brain for once Misty, with the very little money we have combined we need it for food and supplies. We still have a long way to go. Besides, there's nothing you need in these girly stores anyway."

"For your information, there is one thing I do need!" Misty bawled her fists, already getting steamed.

"Like what?" What is it? Chocolate? Pokedolls? Dresses? Oh please Misty...

"I need to go to a tanning booth!"

"A tanning booth?" A smirk tugged at my lips, I begin to laugh at her. How lame is that?

Misty looked away from me, her face began to flush in anger. I'm really pushing it, but after all this time, I'm used to it.

"Yes, a tanning booth. I want to be darker, I hate my pale, disgusting skin color." Misty mumbled, she actually sounded hurt.

I stop laughing and I look at her eyes, she seemed to really mean that. I didn't say anything, seeing that she was going to say something else.

"My sisters and their friends always made fun of how pale I looked, calling me albino - stupid names like that. They also said that being this pale isn't attractive...so I figured if I get a tan no one will make fun of me anymore..." She continued to look away, her eyes were beginning to water. My heart sank, though I don't understand how I can feel sympathy for this little brat..

"Don't listen to them. Everyone is different." Smooth Gary, smooth.

Misty continued to look away from me, a tear slid down her cheek. "That's the problem, I'm different. Too different."

"Look Red," I say firmly, I always hated it that a girl would bring themselves down so low. "Don't listen to what anyone, especially what your loser sisters and their friends say. They don't know what they're talking about. Besides, I like your skin tone."

Misty's eyes finally met with mine, her eyes widened with an expression of shock. Her face continued to flush even redder, but she didn't seem angry at all...

Nothing was said after that, and much to my enjoyment we left Saffron City the same day.

"Thank you too, Gary."

I come back to reality, looking at her. I smile back, feeling my face burn. She actually called me by my first name, without anger. This was a first. Ugh, out of all people to make me feel this way...

"Pacificlog Town is only a couple of miles, Ash should be there; so let's get a move on."

"Yeah, you're right," She said with a hint of sadness. "Let's go."

I blink, why would she be sad? She's almost to the guy of her dreams, Ash Ketchum. Which is the only reason why she came all this way, to give him what represented her undying love: a handkerchief.

At the outskirts of the Houen regin, I sit quietly inside a small cafe, taking a sip of my oolong tea. I closed my eyes, finally I am relaxed. The evil red head and I just had another one of our daily and pointless fights. This time it was about who should pay for the drinks - stupid? Yes it was. I had a good reason to not pay: I PAID FOR THE LAST FIVE STOPS. Her argument was because I was supposed to be a gentlemen always pay for the girl. "That's only for dates." I exclaimed, "Besides, you look man enough to be the man if this was a date." That was a bad idea...I never knew she kept a mallet nor I never knew she knew how to use one. Yeah, I ended up paying.

Lifting one eyelid I glanced at Misty, who kept her eyes on small handkerchief she laid on the table.

"You seem to find that handkerchief very interesting..."

She looked up at me with a glare. "It's a gift."

Some gift...if I said that though, she would probably bring out the mallet again. "Who's it from?"

Misty shook her head, smiling a little. I smile back, I like it when she smiles. "No, I'm giving it to someone."

I tilt my head, now curious, "Is that what you wanted to give to Ketchum?"

It better not, so help me God. Traveling all this way for a damn handkerchief...

Misty blushed slightly, "Yeah, but there's a meaning behind it. I wanted to give it to him when we parted ways, but I figured if I waited a little longer, when he gets more mature. He'll be able to figure out what it means as soon as I give it to him."

I felt my stomach churn, now I understood everything. "What's the meaning?" I knew all to well what it means, but I was hoping Misty would have another reason to give it to Ash.

Misty laughed, taking that handkerchief and storing it into her pocket. "It's a secret all girls must keep away from guys."

I raised an eyebrow, really now?

I sigh as continue to walk ahead from Misty, with Umbreon by her side. They've grown to really like each other. We step out of the woods, greeted by a large wooden sign that says: Welcome to Pacificlog Town!

"We're here."

We both remain silent, I guess in the end, we both enjoyed this journey together. I suddenly feel like I've taken her for granite, instead of fighting, we could have acted like real friends, maybe even be something more than that. I turn to her and Umbreon, looking down at him I felt even sadder. His eyes were pleading with me to not leave her. "Well buddy, it's time to say goodbye to Misty."

Since Misty will be with Ash now, she won't need me to take her back to Kanto. It'll be only me and Umbreon, like old times.

Old times...

It was late at night, Red and I were...somewhere. The scrawny red head decided to prove that she has a better sense of direction than myself of course she got us lost. She continued to carelessly lead us, I sighed, dragging my feet behind.

"Will you finally admit defeat and let me lead?"

"NO!" Misty hissed, not bothering to turn around, "I know where I am."

"Where are we?" I ask, challenging her intelligence

"...Shut up."

"See? You have no idea where you are. When I lead, we never get lost now, correct?"

"Ignoring you..." She answered, quickening her pace.

We were both silent for about thirty minutes now, only hearing the sound of our feet hitting the twigs and leaves. "What is it like traveling by yourself?" Misty asked, breaking the silence.

"It's not bad, you don't have to deal with other's horrible sense of direction..." Misty growled at the comment. I couldn't help but giggle, I enjoy pissing her off once in a while. "It gets lonely a lot." So true...

Misty stopped in her tracks, turning around to face me. Even though it was dark, it was pretty easy to see her pale face - it practically illuminated the area. "Do you...like traveling with me?"

"I do."

Then I look back at Misty only for a second, just looking at her drives me crazy. "Okay, this is where it ends. Good luck, Red." I walk past her back towards the woods, I wish I could say something more, but it's pointless. She only came for Ash.


I turn around, seeing Misty face me. Slowly walking up to me she smiles, taking my hand. I let her, curious to what she was doing.

Then my eyes widened, she placed the handkerchief in my hand.

"Come see me once you know what this means." Does she really think I'm as dense as Ash? I watch her expression change with worry seeing that I didn't respond. She opens her mouth so say something else.

I silence her with a kiss, which catches her completely off-guard.

Pulling away after a few seconds, Misty looked at me, flustered. "H-how did you know?"

I laughed slightly, I love how innocent she is...compared to me anyway.

"It's a secret guys keep away from girls."


A/N: Haha, the ending sucked. I'm not great with endings...sorry about that. I know that in the episode where Misty and Ash departed ways she gave him a handkerchief. In this fanfic I just made it where Misty didn't give it to him yet but only ended up giving it to Gary instead. Like it should be in the anime. xD Reviews are appreciated!