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    This is my rushed Egofic for our Egofic contest ^^ hope you enjoy it! Also this fic is on ff,net

    What Would You Do

    Disclaimers: I don’t own Pokemon or the characters. I also do not the song “What Would You Do” by City High. So please don’t sue me!

    Warning: Minor swearwords, blah, blah, blah

    “…” Talking

    ‘Italic’ Thinking

    Bold Font: The lyrics to the song

    “What Would You Do”

    Pallet Town - At the Ketchum’s House - (Gary, Misty and Ash – Age 16)

    Misty just left the Oak’s mansion, with a nice little gift from Tracey and also a nice heart to heart talk about ‘feelings’. After Tracey gave Misty the baby Azurill, Tracey had to ask Misty about her feelings on being separated from Ash. She admitted that she realized that she misses him dearly; as well she has finally realized that she had fallen in love with Ash over the years.

    “Gawd, I can’t believe that I’m actually going to confess to Ash. Stupid Tracey, we just had to the ‘feeling’ talk. I don’t know how he convinced me to do this…” Misty paced back and forth in the kitchen in her yellow tank top with a red under shirt connected to her mid thigh spandex shorts, while Delia was finishing up cleaning the bathroom with Mr. Mine. “…I’m just hoping he feels the same. Well Tracey did mention that Ash mention to him that there’s someone he’s been in love with for awhile now.” Misty then heard the door opened and a familiar voice, yelling out ‘mom’. Misty knew it was Ash, as she stayed in the kitchen a bit longer before decided to meet up with Ash.

    “Honey! You’re home! How’s my little young man’s training coming along?” Delia greeted her son with a hug, as she then pulled away with a smile. “Guess who’s here?”

    “Who?” Ash asked, while fixing his red and black hat and then dusted off the dirt off his blue hooded shirt over his light blue jeans.

    “Hi Ash, I missed you.” Misty stepped into the living room with a smile, as Pikachu came jumping into her arms greeting her. “Hey Pikachu, I missed you too.”

    “Misty! How have you been? It’s been awhile since we last seen each other. So what are you doing here?” Ash asked, as he walked up to Misty giving her a big hug.

    “Oh I came to Pallet because Tracey wanted to give me a water Pokemon. Meet my new baby, Azurill.” Misty let go of Ash and looked down at her leg when Azurill entered the living room from the kitchen. “And Tracey told me that you were coming home today and I just really missed you. Also I wanted to tell you something. Can we go outside?” Misty asked, as she picked Azurill into her arm and headed out the front door with Ash following her. “So this isn’t easy for me to say but with a lot of convincing and little hints here and there I think I can confidently tell you that I love you Ash. I want us to be together, my sisters are back so I can trav—”

    “Misty. I don’t know how to say this but I don’t feel the same way about you.” Ash said in a mourning tone, as he avoids eye contact.

    “But I thoug—Tracey said that you have fallen for a girl that you and him both know.”

    “Yeah, but it’s not you. It’s May. We have so much in common and we don’t argue like cats and dogs like when we use to travel with each other. So I’ve fallen for her. I’m sorry Misty, we’re just two different people. And not to sound too shallow but, May is a lot cuter than compared to your tomboyish loo—”

    ---Slap--- Ash got a nice hand print across his cheek, as tears came running down on Misty’s cheek. But the tears weren’t going to stop Ash from bursting out into anger towards Misty for her action.

    “What the hell?! I don’t think I deserved that slap. Damn, I can sure hell say that May is a lot nicer than you! God, you can be such a total 'witch' sometimes. The way you are, you’ll never have some one that will love you!” Ash once again got another nasty slap across his face, before Misty took off running heading towards the Oak’s mansion. Leaving Ash alone and mad with his thoughts, as it started to rain.

    In Front of the Oak’s Mansion

    After ringing the door bell a few times in a row, Misty waited for it to be open, as she hoped it would be Tracey at the door. Misty then rang the door bell once more to have the door swing open with Gary on the other side of the door, in his white lab coat over his purple shirt and in a pair of blue jeans. Gary let out a smirk towards the soaked Misty and gestured her to come in.

    “If you’re here for Tracey, he took off with my gramps. He’ll be back sooner or later, just make yourself comfortable. But god, you look like a total mess.” Gary said when he got done looking up and down at Misty, as he changed his tone in teasingly manner. “That’s really un-sexy of you looking like th—” Gary quickly stopped his sentence when he saw Misty started bursting out into tears and hugging Azurill tight to her arms. “Misty are you ok? What happened? Why are you crying? You know I was totally kidding about you being un-sexy! Oh geez, girls usually don’t cry around me…” Gary then quickly went towards Misty’s face and licked up her tears on her right cheek, as it caused her to let out a dumbfound expression. Gary then let out a smirk and wiped away the remaining tears on the other cheek. “…That got you stop crying didn’t it? Heh, I’m so damn good.”

    “Cocky jerk.” Misty let out in a growl, as she gave Gary a pouting glare.

    “Hah, now that’s the cute feisty attitude Misty I like and got to know better over the years.”

    “Tsh, too bad that doesn’t applied to Ash.”

    “What? Are you crying over Ash? What did he do this time?” Gary asked with a raised eyebrow, as he saw the tears started escaping from Misty’s eyes again.

    “I’m just so stupid. I ended up confessing to Ash and lost my tempter at him when he turned me down. As he told me the truth what he thought of me. He even told me with my 'witchy' attitude that I’ll never have anyone love me.” Misty took in a deep breathe and wiped away her remaining tears.

    “Are you really going to let that loser get to you? Come on, if I remember, I think I’ve ended up saying and calling you some bad names, as you do the same with meee—” Gary caught the nasty glare from Misty, as he just rolled his eyes. “Beside the point, he’s an idiot and to let you know, there’s more than one meaning when it comes to ‘love’. If you know what I mean.”

    “With you, sadly yes, you perv. But Ash, he, I, really love him and then he, gaaawd…I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get rid of this heart aching painful feeling inside of me right now…”

    “I can think of a few things, but I have one thing particular in mind. I’ll give you a hint, since we’re on the same page about me being a perv…” Gary flashed a charming smile, while he ran hand through his hair and then pulled out a key out of his pocket. After grabbing a hold of Misty’s hand, he placed his key in her hand; as he slowly walked pass her looking over his shoulder. “…You know where my bedroom’s at. I’ll be done with my project in 30. That should give you enough time to shower and so on. So for tonight only, I’ll be your wildest fantasy to the point you won’t be hurting over that loser Ash.”

    Boys and girls want to hear a true story?
    Saturday night was at this real wild party
    They had the liquor overflowing the cup
    About five, six strippers trying to work for a buck
    And I took one girl outside with me
    Her name was Loni, she went to junior high with me
    And said why you up in there dancing for cash?
    I guess a whole lot has changed since I seen you last
    She said...

    6 Years Later - Present Time – Gary and Misty Age- 22

    “Delia thanks you so much for canceling your plans tonight to baby sit Zackary. Gawd tonight was my only night off too. But duty calls.” Misty said to Delia’s image in the mirror, as she straight out her mini black skirt and button up the matching black suit jacket, leaving one button undone to show off her cleavage.

    “Misty honey, why didn’t you just refuse? I know you already don’t want to be doing this—”

    “Delia, I just couldn’t. It’s a 21st party tonight and since it’s my day off, the boss is paying me double. I know I should look for another job but this is bringing in a lot of money. At least, we both know that they can’t do any touching.” Misty then used a pencil and twisted it in her medium length hair to have it hold up in a bun. As she placed a nonprescription tiny frame spectacles on her face to complete her outfit. She then turned around and kneeled down with arms wide open towards a little green eye, spiky brunette that stood next to Delia. Misty got the wind knocked out of her when Zackary charged at her with a big hug. Pulling away and fixing her son’s purple shirt with white long sleeves over a pair of navy pants, Misty let out a faint smile. “Zackary-honey, mommy has to go to work right now. I’m sorry to cut our play date short but when I get back tonight, we’ll do whatever you want and that’s a promise. How about some goodbye kisses?” Misty let out a big smile that matched her 5 year son, as they gave each other little kisses. “Alright you behave for auntie D ok? And don’t be too rough with any of the Pokemon, especially Azurill ok?” Misty asked and let out a smile when Zackary nodded in a mischievous manner. “Heehee, I love you.”

    “I love you too mommy! You have a safe night at work.” Zackary let out a big smile and waved ‘bye’ to his mom when she grabbed all her stuff and headed out the door.

    Big House at the Edge of Pallet Town

    “Gary, My man! I’m glad you were able to make it to the party!” Travis greeted Gary who popped his white collar shirt with black stripes over a pair of black jeans. As he then high five Gary and welcomed him into the house.

    “Well it was all perfect timing. Man, I haven’t been to a party since I left for Saida Island like 5-6 years ago. I just flew in today when you called. I haven’t even drop a line to my gramps or my sister. Heh, scratch that, they haven’t heard from me since I left! But I had to stop by for a bit since its Luke’s 21st birthday. Where’s the birthday guy?” Gary looked around the house to spot Luke in a chair with all the other close guy friends behind him. Gary then looked over at Travis with a smirk. “Did you guys really hire a striper?”

    “More like a party cosplay dance striper. She just strips down to her bra and panty. She’s the ‘hot teacher’ who teaches us ‘bad boys’ a lesson. Miss. Lola is her name. Anyways you just made it in time, she just started. Come on, let’s enjoy the show, we had to pay extra for her request.”

    Gary shook his head with a smirk, as he looked over to see the back of a red head with a nice body figure. Slowly making his way further into the living room, Gary decided to stay on the other side of Luke. Gary really couldn’t complain along with Travis, when they both got a perfect view of the back side of the dancer. Gary let his eyes wondered up and down at the back view and then locked onto the nice firm bottom of the dancer, when she bent over to tease Luke. Gary let out a smirk when he saw Luke with a smile when the redhead took out her pencil that held up her hair. She then pulled away from Luke and shook her head to even out her hair and spun around. Right when she spun, her real name was called out.

    “Misty?” Gary yelled out loud ruining the party. As he then went up to her, grabbing her by her hand and pulled her out of the living room heading out the front door. After yelling out at Travis for him to get back inside the house, all Gary could do was stare at Misty. Not sure what to say on what he just saw, as a load of questions went through his head about Misty current life style, since the last time he’s seen her.

    What would you do if your son was at home
    Crying all alone on the bedroom floor
    Cause he's hungry
    And the only way to feed him is to
    Sleep with a man for a little bit of money
    And his daddy's gone
    Somewhere smoking rock now
    In and out of lock down
    I ain't got a job now
    So for you this is just a good time
    But for me this is what I call life, mmm

    Flashback – At the Cerulean Gym House Hold

    Misty paced back and forth in her bathroom, waiting for pregnancy test result to give her answer if she was or wasn’t pregnant. She was already late for a period and then finally a minute went by Misty finally got her answer, as it came out positive. Misty’s face just went white as snow. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant, especially having sexual intercourse for the first time and it being a one night stand. Misty took in a deep breath, as she tried to figure out what’s the best thing to do next. After sometime of thinking to herself, Misty decided to tell her sisters first. Misty made her way to the Gym and waited off to the side until all three sisters were out of the pool.

    “Daisy, Violet and Lily, I have some important news to tell you three. I don’t know how you all going to react but please keep an open mind?”

    “Like what is it Misty? We don’t like have all day, our show is going to start soon and we have to get ready.” Daisy said in an annoyed tone.

    “Um, I just found out that I’m pregnant.”

    “You’re like what?!” All three Waterflower sisters yelled out in unison.

    “Ok like, you’re not like joking with us are you?” Violet asked Misty, to receive her youngest sister shaking her back and forth.

    “Like, no way. Oh my gawd, I like totally speechless.” Lily commented but she and Violet all looked over at Daisy who started yelling at Misty.

    “Like, what the hell were you thinking? How-Who-When did you even had sex?! Aren’t you a bit young to like, have sex? And why wasn’t there any protection involved in the first place? Oh my gawd Misty, this is like the most stupid thing you have ever done. And like, I had it with you. I just like can’t deal with you anymore, you’re a disgrace. You are going ruin the Waterflower’s and the Cerulean City gym’s reputation. So you have to leave this place. This is your mess, you get yourself out of it. You have a week to pack and leave. We’ll pull out whatever you have in your savings account after our show. After you get your money tonight I don’t care if you leave early.”

    “But Daisy I—”

    “Like, no buts. I can’t handle the news and your recent behavior as of lately. Please like, don’t show your face around me right now or anytime soon. If you do, I don’t know like what I’ll do you.”

    Misty couldn’t believe what her sister just told her right after telling them she’s pregnant. She was left speechless, as all she could do was turned around and head back to her bedroom and start packing. A few hours later still in her bedroom, with the Water Show got done an hour ago, Violet and Lily knocked on Misty’s door. Misty wiped away her tears in front of her sisters, as Violet handed her an envelope. After Misty took the envelope, Violet and Lily didn’t bother to say or ask, as they just turned around and walked away in disappointment. Misty shut the door and went back to packing her last few remaining items, before calling a Taxi to head to Pallet Town.

    About 3 hours Later – Destination Pallet Town

    Misty paid the Taxi driver the amount she owed and got out of the car with her big stuffed suit case. Misty stood in front of the gate to the Oak’s mansion, as the Taxi car drove off. She then slowly made her way to the front door with Azurill in one arm, while the other had a hold of her suitcase. Misty then rang the doorbell, this time hoping Gary will be at the door. But with Misty’s luck, the door was answered by Tracey. Tracey greeted Misty and welcomed her in, as he asked her reason for the visit. She decided to keep her pregnancy a low profile until Gary finds out first, as she changed the subject by asking Tracey if Gary was around. Tracey then told her that Gary left for Saida Island about 3 weeks ago, a little after her last visit when she got the Azurill. Misty then let out a heavy sigh, as she then asked if there’s a way to contact Gary. Tracey replied no and mentions that Prof. Oak can’t even get a hold of him either. Misty couldn’t believe the luck she was having one after another, as she was about to give up hope on where she could stay. Lucky there was one person left that popped up, Delia. After a few minutes of chit chatting, Misty then excused herself and told Tracey that she’ll catch him later and headed out the door to Delia’s house. Misty knocked on the door to have Mr. Mine answering it. She then asked Mr. Mine if he could get Delia for her, Mr. Mine nodded and moments later Delia showed up at the door with a big smile on her face.

    “Misty! Hi there sweetie. What happen last time? You disappeared without a goodbye and Ash was really mad, are things ok?” Delia asked in a cheery manner and expression but all changed when she saw Misty started crying. “Misty, sweetie what’s wrong? What happen?”

    “Mrs. Ketchum...Hic…I don’t…Have no where or anybody to…Hic…Turn to, I’m pregnant and my sisters just disowned me and kicked…Hic…Me out. I don’t know what to do.”

    “Misty, come inside. Tell me all what happened from the beginning.”

    About 30 minutes of explaining everything from the fight with Ash from last visit that lead her to have a one night stand with Gary to the very moment of her being in Delia’s arms trying to calm herself down. Delia told Misty that she is welcome to stay at her place for she knows it is hard for a single mother to be raising a child without any support. Misty thanked Delia and told her that she has money she could give her. Delia at first refused on taking the money but in the end she ended up taking it when Misty said that she didn’t want to feel like a free loader. Misty then asked Delia another huge favor, not to tell Ash or anyone else that Gary’s the father until she is able to tell Gary first, due to her not wanting the news being through the ‘great vine’. She mentions that, if anyone asked, it was some guy from Cerulean City. Delia nodded and promised that she won’t mention who the father is. With everything talked and figured out, Delia then showed Misty her new room.

    Girl you ain't the only one with a baby
    That's no excuse to be living all crazy
    Then she looked me right square in the eye
    And said, "Everyday I wake up hoping to die."
    She said, I know about pain cause
    Me and my sister ran away so my daddy couldn't rape us
    Before I was a teenager
    I done been through more **** you can't even relate to

    Back to Present Time

    “Misty, what’s with you being a dance stripper? You’ve changed since the last time we saw each other. Where are you living and why are you doing this?” Gary had a very confused look upon his face when he asked a few of the questions that managed to ask.

    “I needed the money and this is the quickest way to earn big bucks. The joint that I’m working at pays me a lot. Anyways I live her in Pallet Town now.” Misty answered Gary’s questions with no eye contact.

    “But why? Do you really need the money to the point that you’ll dance half naked for guys? This isn’t like you.”

    “Gary, you don’t know crap about me right now. And don’t talk about money with me, you don’t have to worry about working for money. You’re load. I’ll let you know, life isn’t grand when your only family members disowned you and tells you that you have to live on your own. Especially when one’s have a child they need to support and take care of.”

    “What?! Wait, are you saying that you have a kid?” Gary asked with a shock face when Misty looked into his eyes. “Man, I definitely have been out of the loop with everyone.”

    “Yes you have. And my little guy is 5 years old.”

    “Wait, so that means you had your kid sometime when you were 17 or 18?”

    “Yeah, so I was a teen mother and needed a job. I really don’t want to be doing this job but I can’t afford to quit this job either. I really need the money for the both of us and plus extra. You know for this party and being requested for and it being on my day off, I’m getting about $1500 for tonight’s gig.”

    “What about your kid? What does he think you’re doing? Or does he know you’re doing this kind of job?”

    “Gary please, do you think I’ll tell my son what I’m actually doing?”

    “I guess not. So the amount of money that you’re getting paid was the reason why you got into this job huh?” Gary asked Misty straight in the eyes, as he received a nodded from her.

    What would you do if your son was at home
    Crying all alone on the bedroom floor
    Cause he's hungry
    And the only way to feed him is to
    Sleep with a man for a little bit of money
    And his daddy's gone
    Somewhere smoking rock now
    In and out of lock down
    I ain't got a job now
    So for you this is just a good time
    But for me this is what I call life, mmm

    Flashback – Misty Age 18

    Misty wore a white button up blouse that hugged her hour glass figure that she got back within 6 months after giving birth to Zackary. She then straightens out her black knee length skirt and grabbed yesterdays newspaper, about to head out. Misty then made a quick stop into Delia’s room with Zackary in her arms.

    “Delia, I’m heading out now to look for a job.”

    “Misty, I already told you that you don’t need to get a job right away. Don’t you want to spend some time with Zackary?”

    “Delia, it’s really sweet of you not caring if I don’t have a job yet. But I know that with all the supplies and food that I need for Zackary, it isn’t going to be cheap. You of all people should know that.” Misty said with a wink towards Delia, as she caught her smile. “Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to start saving on my part either. Well I’m off.”

    After leaving Delia’s house, a few hours passed and no luck on the jobs that Misty had circle in the newspaper. Either they already hired or she didn’t fit the requirements. Misty then tossed out yesterday’s newspaper and bought the new date newspapers to check if any new job openings were set in the ad. Right when Misty sat down on a bench, she spotted an ad that caught her eye.

    ‘Want to make big bucks in one night? Be a private party dancer! Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for a quick phone interview.’

    Misty pondered to herself if she should even considered the idea of being a private party dancer, as she looked around and spot a phone booth near by. Misty then looked down at the ad and then over the phone again. She then made up her mind and went over to the pay phone and dialed the number.

    ---Ring---Ring---“Happy Hour, this is Lana. How may I help you?” A female answered on the other line.

    “Uh yeah, Hi, I’m calling about your ad in the newspaper.”

    “Oh ok, Can I get your name and are you 18?”

    “Misty Waterflower and Yes.”

    “Are you looking for part-time or full-time?”

    “Anything that is available.”

    “Can you dance?”

    “A little bit. But in time, I can get better.”

    “Are you willing and comfortable stripping down to your bra and panties for a group?”

    “Um, before I answer that, how much are we talking about making in one night?” Misty asked in a straight forward tone.

    “Depends, usually new dancers’ starts about $300 a night?”

    “Oh ok thanks. I guess I am willing to and comfortable.”

    “Ok, that’s about it for our phone interview, now you’ll need to come down here in person, to Happy Hour for another interview. If you pass this interview you’ll get the job. Are you available anytime today?”

    “I am available right now.”

    “Well if you want, I’m free to do your interview right when you get here. I’ll give you the directions.”

    “Ok, let me grab a pen out of my purse, ok I’m ready.” Misty then quickly jotted down all the info she need before hanging up the phone.

    Oh then she said
    (What would you do?)
    Get up on my feet and let go of every excuse
    (What would you do?)
    Cause I wouldn't want my baby to go through what I went through
    (What would you do?)
    Get up on my feet and stop making up tired excuses
    (What would you do?)
    Girl I know if my mother could do it baby you can do it
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    Back to Present Time

    “Why are you left doing the work? You’re not a single mom are you?” Gary asked, as he wasn’t sure why Misty let out a chuckle when she replied ‘I am’. “So where’s the father and why haven’t you contact him?”

    “I tired when I first found out that I was pregnant but he already left for another island and no one could get a hold of him. But about 3-4 years later he was on the regional network television announcing his career launch and mention that he can’t have any scandalous new ruining his reputation. So I didn’t bother?”

    “Are you stupid Misty?! Who cares if it would have ruined that guy’s reputation? He had a responsibly to live up to! God you’re not talking about Ash is you? Why are you trying to protect that loser? Didn’t he cause enough pain in the first place that one night? And you go and sleep with him?!” Gary kept on raising his voice but shut his mouth when Misty lightly pushed him and yelled out towards him.

    “The kid is yours Gary! Not Ash’s!”

    Gary let out a stock expression, as he tried to find his words. “Wha? What do you mean it’s my kid? You’re not saying this to pull my leg is you?”

    “No Gary, the kid is yours. From the one night stand we had and to clear things up, you were my first and last guy I slept with.” Misty said with a tiny smirk.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “Like I said, the ‘father’ took off to Saida island for his Pokemon researcher career and had no way of contact with him at the beginning. And than there was your whole deal on regional network television.”

    “I meant when you mention about the kid in the first place. It doesn’t matter anymore since I know now. Besides what made you think that I wouldn’t have dropped my career in a second to attend a child that I help made? I know it was only a one night stand but I told myself that if I ever brought a child into this world, I was going to make sure I wasn’t going to do what my father did to my mother. My gramps told me that my father, he left her to become a single mother with May and still pregnant with me. By the time she gave birth to me, she was at her limit and passed away a few days after. I don’t know what our current status between us, but that child is half mine. I want to see him.”

    “Alright, but I think you might need to tell your buddies that you’re leaving with ‘Miss. Lola’ before they start throwing a fit on wondering where their private show went.”

    “Oh right. But don’t worry every thing will be taken care of. I should wish happy birthday to Luke and bid bye to him and the others. I’ll be right back. Oh and I’ll get whatever you left in there too.” Gary said, as he took off running into the house after receiving a nod from Misty.

    What would you do if your son was at home
    Crying all alone on the bedroom floor
    Cause he's hungry
    And the only way to feed him is to
    Sleep with a man for a little bit of money
    And his daddy's gone
    Somewhere smoking rock now
    In and out of lock down
    I ain't got a job now
    So for you this is just a good time
    But for me this is what I call life, mmm

    After bidding bye to his buddies and told them that he owes them something special next time he see them for ruining the birthday gift with ‘Miss. Lola’, Gary followed Misty’s car’s to Delia’s house. The both of them entered the house to with Delia in the living room; she looked over when the front door opened, as she only expected Misty. Delia then let out a shock look upon her face when she saw Gary in the flesh next to Misty. Delia then let out a smile and greeted the both of them which caused Zackary to run into the living from the kitchen when he heard his mom’s name called out.

    “Mommy! You’re home! How was work?” Zackary asked with a big smile looking up from hugging her leg.

    “Work was interesting to day honey. Thanks for asking.” Misty then felt a tight squeeze around her legs by Zackary. “What’s wrong?”

    “Who’s that?” Zackary pointed from behind his mom’s legs and peeked at the unfamiliar male presence near by.

    “Oh, where are mommy’s manners. Zackary Locke Oak-Waterflower, this is your daddy Gary Oak. He has finally come back home from his far away business trip.” Misty said with a smile, as she looked away from Zackary to Gary when he squatted down.

    “Zackary huh? Well hey there little buddy, I’m sorry for being gone for so long. Can I have a hug?” Gary held out his arm towards Zackary, who still hid behind Misty’s legs. “Or a high five?”

    Zackary slowly made his way over to his dad with the help of his mom pushing him. He than gave Gary a hug, as he got a hug in return. Zackary pulled away from the hug and couldn’t believe he finally got to meet his dad. “So are you going to stay and we can do things together?”

    “Yes I am. Even if your mother doesn’t like it, I’ve giving her no choice.” Gary said with a big cheery smile and quickly glanced over to catch the ‘whatever’ looks on Misty’s face.

    “Yay! I’m so happy mommy and daddy are together!” Zackary then went over to Misty lightly tugged at her arm. “Oh mommy can we go to grandpa Oak place? I want to see all the Pokemon!”

    “Heehee, sure, mommy did promise you that will do whatever you want when I get back from work. But ask auntie D if she could help you to get ready.” Misty kneeled down to give Zackary a hug when he nodded and reached for her. After Zackary ran off into the kitchen to call out for auntie D for help, Misty looked over at Gary when he spoke up.

    “Wait, grandpa Oak? So does my gramps know that he’s my son?”

    Misty let out a laugh when she caught Gary’s questioning expression. “No he doesn’t. Delia is the only person that knows you’re the father, I told everyone I got knocked up by some guy from Cerulean City. I didn’t want anybody else to find out until you find out first. So I introduce our son as Zackary Waterflower. But anyways, Zackary calls Prof. Oak ‘grandpa’ is because of the grey hairs. Heehee, but I guess we should go tell Prof. Oak that he’s really a ‘great’ grandfather.”

    “Hah, yeah that’s what he wants to hear. He doesn’t even know that I’m here back in Pallet. Heh, I can see it now. I’ll walk into the mansion and yell out to my gramps. Hey gramps! Long time no see! Oh by the way Zackary is really my son, so you’re really a great grandpa! So how’s life treating you?” Gary couldn’t help but to start laughing along with Misty.

    “Hahaha, yeah I can see the look on his face. But I don’t think he’ll mind because he loves little Zackary when we visit.

    “Heh, well its sure will be interesting. Sooo what about us?”

    “Our status between us, I don’t know? But from what I can tell that, Zackary and I are going to be living with you right? Since you told him I have no choice of you being around. Well my long-lost friend, I can’t say that I hate you or I love you but I can say is that I do like you though. And I can say you probably feel the same right? So I guess after we start living with each other, we’ll see how our relationship goes? We do have our moments together. Let’s just hope for the best for Zackary’s sake.

    “Right, as it sounds like a plan to me. But I think things between us will be good.” Gary said with a smirk when he started checking up and down on Misty’s body. “You know for having a kid, your body figure is sure hella nice!”

    Misty rolled her eyes and let a tiny smirk escaped. “Hey, I had to work hard to get my figure back. And still that same guy from 6 years ago isn’t you?”

    “Well Miss. Lola, after Zackary goes to bed, how about a private lesson? I’ve been a baaad boy.”

    “Oh my gawd, totally still the same old smooth perverted Gary…” Misty crossed her arms but had a smile on her face. ”…But don’t change because that’s the Gary that was there for me about 6 years ago when I was at a vulnerable stage and he cheered me up. Even though the end result turned my life upside down and everything just went down hill. But I have to admit that I can say I have a guy in my life that I can love with all my heart and I know that he loves me back.”

    “Well if you play you cards right, you might have another guy.” Gary gave Misty a wink with a charming smile.

    Both Gary and Misty started laughing out loud at the same time and replied out in unison. “We’ll see about that.”

    “Anyways I’m going to change into something more suitable. Be right back.” Misty made her quick change, into a baby blue fitted long sleeve shirt, over a pair of blue jeans. She then made it out back to where Gary stood by himself in the living room. Not seconds later, Zackary and Delia entered the living room, as Gary and Misty looked down at their son with a big smile.

    “Thank you auntie D and I’ll see you later, bye-bye!” Zackary gave Delia a hug and then waved to her when he went over close to his mom. As he then looked up at his mom with a smile. “Are we going to walk again mommy? It’s a nice night and I want to be seeing and point out the stars to daddy. I know you said that daddy is looking at the same stars as me when I look up into the sky, but this time I know for sure because he’s next to me!” Zackary caught his mom’s smile but then looked over when he saw his dad squatted down with his back faced towards him.

    “Let me give you a shoulder back ride to grandpa Oak’s place.” Gary had a nice firm hold on Zackary’s leg while Zackary’s arms were tightly wiped around his head when he climbed onto his shoulders. Gary then stood up and angled his head to speak to his son. “Sooo how much do you like grandpa Oak’s place?”

    “I love it! I wish I could live there!” Zackary said and squirmed in excitement, when he looked down at his dad.

    “Well guess what little buddy? We’ll be living at grandpa Oak’s place soon because that’s where I live and you will be too. Grandpa Oak is really your great grandpa, so when you see him call him that, ok?”

    “Cooool! Ok I will! Yay! I get to live in the nice big mansion. So does that mean I get some of the cool Pokemon that are at great grandpa Oak’s place too?”

    Gary and Misty both smiled and chuckled at Zackary’s excitement, as they told him if he’s a good boy, he might be able to have some of daddy’s big, strong, Pokemon out from his collection. All three trio bid ‘bye’ to Delia and headed out the front door under the starry night. While slowly making their way down the gravel path road heading towards the Oak’s mansion and Zackary excitedly going off about the stars and everything else. Gary and Misty looked at each with a smile. As the both of them wondered what life is going to be like together, for the sake of their child that they both brought into their world.
    ~~~A/N: If you check out the link below, my DA, you'll see a fan art "cover" for this oneshot and see my lil version of Zackary ^^
    My lil' deviantART page of RANDOM and Egoshipping drawings
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    Great egofic Lilineko, I think you could win with this one ^^ O my god, much happend in Misty's live, it's almost like a soap opera ! (Also great work on the flash backs) As an Advanceshipper & pokeshipper i loved how the first chapter came out, though a little sad for the lovely Misty as she isn't so 'witchy' as Ash calls her. I'm actually quite suprised how you kept Gary cocky through the years, but is't fun to read. It's quite unbelievable that he went away for years without making contact with anybody, but it does make the story more exciting xD Als LOL at the cerulean sisters using 'like' in every line ^^ They are such b*tches to Misty though and that makes me kinda sad, and Gary finding it quite normal to become a parent together with someone he hasn't seen in years made me a little confused but lucky enough the story did have a happy ending! Overal a great, original story but maybe next time you can add more romantic moments between them,, see you around!
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    yeih, this was so great!
    Only thing what I didin't like, was Ash falling for May. (I just don't get Advanceshipping) But the rest of the story was wonderful and I really liked Gary! Aww, he was so sweet and cutie while hugging his son<3<3
    And I can only imagine Misty as stripper xD
    But great work, this might be the winner fic.

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