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Thread: Pokemon Revolution: Advent Phoenix (Rated T)

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    Wow, the story is getting good. Hopefully the hoenn league will continue
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    I read about three quarters of this chapter and left it for a while to do something. whatever it was. And kinda forgot to read the rest well i got bored so decided to see if you updated the fic and i remembered, oh wait I forgot to finish it.

    And what a finish. My favourite character Nate has a chapter devoted to him and his story after (Booming Voice) 'The Battle of Jonah's Plain'. Kudos for the chapter devoteness, it's always good to see where everyone is in this. Maybe they'll both get bored of New Bark Town and perhaps join Travis and friends for an awesome battle for Hoenn, perhaps you may decide to go nuts and bring back the revolution. not tryin to steer the story.

    Oh and yes. After that hint you gave us. I guessed either Lance or Fiona or Lorca or Marcia were gonna have a baby. i am great.

    My rating: Any English Lit teacher would be proud.

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    Thanks for the reviews, all. Sorry this one took so long - I've been stupid busy this weekend. I did some community service (it's a requirement at my school - don't worry, I don't have a criminal record). On top of that, there was a concert at my school...nobody big. Just a band called Switchfoot but they're no big deal anywhere, are they? Lol.

    On top of that, I've been stupid busy with homework and I've been outta my dorm for long periods of time. So, Monday's my easy day. Before I get dumped on, I'd better post this now.

    Dammit, I just can’t seem to write a short chapter lately – 25 pages on this filler. O_O

    Chapter 19: The Eye of the Voltyger

    Rain fell steadily on the Zephyr Sea as the Natus sat in the middle of the water, unwilling to move in this accursed weather. The young pirate, Admiral Royce Devlin, looked up and squinted into the distance. He could have sworn that he saw something.

    …He did see something.

    That something was his Wingull, attempting to fly through this storm. His small body was being buffeted back and forth by the wind. He seemed to be carrying a letter of sorts as he flailed and twirled around hopelessly in the air. Only Devlin’s quick hands stopped the small, gull-like creature from crash-landing right into the deck of his ship.

    “Hermes, what the hell –” Royce grunted to his Wingull, whom he had named Hermes after the fleet-footed divine messenger. Fittingly enough, Hermes was carrying another message. But just what could be so important that Arnaz or anyone else from the Selma would send poor Hermes out into this ridiculous storm? Royce untied the wet scroll from around Hermes’ twiggy, yellow ankle, and unrolled it. His violet eyes widened and he rolled up the scroll and threw it down on the ground, swearing in rage.

    The dark-skinned, dreadlocked Arnaz used his harpoon and blocked a sword strike from an incoming soldier of the Imperial Navy. The Imperial Navy Ship (I.N.S.) Solaris had ambushed them in this storm, and he and his crew on the Selma were barely holding their own. He had sent Hermes to the Natus to request aid, but the more he thought about it, the more he realized that doing so may have been too much of a gamble. The rain fell hard and fast all around him and the thunder rolled as he kicked the sailor, who lost his balance on the top stair and began to tumble backwards. He hit the floor face-down with a THUD and looked up as Arnaz, snarling, descended two or three stairs and reached for his pocket…


    The soldier hit the ground again, having been shot in the shoulder by the quick-drawing Arnaz. A pool of blood began to form around his arm and dissolved into the water. In the distance, Arnaz saw a girl with short, black hair fighting two soldiers. As quickly and as accurately as he could, he flung the harpoon from his hand as he ran. With a nasty sound of impact, the spear hit the soldier in the chest, piercing his armor and killing him instantly and with as little mess as possible. Both the girl, who was holding a pair of tonfa, and the other soldier looked down at the dead man. The girl was quicker in reacting, cracking her right tonfa over the right side of the soldier’s head and knocking him out cold. Just as he slumped down next to the body of his less fortunate comrade, Arnaz came running up. The girl turned around.

    “All right there, Elsa?” he asked, yanking his spear out of the soldier’s chest.

    “I’m fine,” Arnaz’s first mate, a tough young woman of about nineteen, said with a tone that let Arnaz know that she would have liked at least the chance to handle those two on her own. A smirk crossing her dangerous-looking face, she commented, “These *******s aren’t playing around.”

    “No, they aren’t,” Arnaz repeated. “We can’t last like this, damn it!! If only…they were here…”

    “You mean, those kids?” Elsa asked.

    “They’d fix these guys, for sure,” Arnaz commented.

    Elsa replied with, “Where the hell’s Devlin when you need him? …Arnaz?”

    For Arnaz had gone completely silent, watching a tall, lone figure approaching them. He was carrying a sword, wearing Imperial armor, and had long, black hair. Arnaz recognized that figure. That was…

    “Colton,” Arnaz muttered, his brown face losing a bit of its color. “That’s Colton effin’ Randell. We are in it so deep this time.”

    “May I assume that you’re the captain of this – er – crew?” Colton asked, a nasty inflection on the word ‘crew’ that said all too clearly that he was using the term loosely. “Arnaz DeSanto.”

    “Colton Randell,” Arnaz replied formally, trying his best not to sound too intimidated.

    “The blood of my brother has not yet been spoken for, pirate,” Colton said in a deathly whisper, pointing his sword at Arnaz and Elsa.

    “Damn it, Royce,” Arnaz muttered. “What the hell’s taking you so long…?”

    “I’ll have you all strung up by your necks before sunrise tomorrow,” Colton said much too calmly, a smirk on his face.

    “Aren’t you just a ray of bleedin’ sunshine?” Elsa said through gritted teeth.

    “Bleeding sounds nice, actually,” Colton replied, jumping toward Elsa.

    “NO CHANCE!!” Arnaz got there before Colton did, blocking Colton’s strike. Fighting Colton off with the spear, Arnaz charged. He and the young first mate of the I.N.S. Solaris traded blows for a while, Arnaz holding his own against the skilled young swordsman. Until…

    He tried to gut Colton with his harpoon. Unfortunately, Colton, who was wearing an armored gauntlet, grabbed Arnaz’s harpoon and threw it away. Arnaz, now armed, began to back down, but Colton took the young man by the throat as he held his sword aloft. Arnaz’s eyes widened in fear.

    “Don’t worry,” Colton said in a soft voice. “I’m not going to kill you…yet. I’d like to have a little fun first.”

    “Don’t you know who you’re following?” Arnaz groaned. “You’re blind…”

    “Blind, hm?” Black-haired and black-hearted Colton replied. “You just gave me an idea.”

    Seconds later, there was a loud, bloodcurling yell, a terrified shriek…

    Arnaz was on the ground, his hand over the right side of his face as blood gushed forth from between his fingers. Colton laughed.

    “You…madman…” Elsa groaned, kneeling beside Arnaz, who was twitching on the ground and crying out in pain.

    “I haven’t gone mad yet,” Colton replied calmly. “When I do, you’ll know.”

    “So, why don’t you just tell us so I can describe it to everyone after I kill you?” a voice sounded to Colton’s right as he realized that the blade of someone else’s sword was now at his throat. His red eyes darted over to his left, where a young man with bright orange hair was standing, a second sword held at ease in his other hand.

    “Royce Devlin,” Colton said calmly. “Yes, thought we’d be seeing you soon enough.”

    “Is that all?” Devlin asked, his normally calm and relaxed demeanor gone. “These are your last words – you’d better make them count.”

    “Such…arrogance…” Colton snarled, whipping around with the sword faster than Devlin could react. In a burst of power, Devlin was thrown alongside to the ground and separated from one of his twin blades, which went clanging across the floor at the same time as Devlin did. Devlin rolled to his feet and his sword, which was a little slower, approached him. He dropped his free palm onto the hilt of the sword and clutched it, laughing.

    “What’s so funny?” Colton asked. “WHAT’S SO FUNNY?!”

    “You found yourself a first mate yet, Colton?” Devlin asked.

    “You and your foolish questions…” Colton muttered.

    “Well, if you die, who takes over the ship?” Devlin asked. Then, with a nasty smirk, he muttered, “Captain.”

    Colton’s eyes widened.

    “You…you didn’t…” he uttered, standing straight. “My father…”

    “It’s just the two of us left, Colton,” Devlin said. “Maybe, in the next life, he won’t get in my way.”

    A deadness in his eyes, Colton brandished his blade and said, “You’ll pay with your life for that.”

    “I’m going to finish what my brother started,” Devlin said.

    “Let’s go, then,” Colton growled, charging…

    June 15, PA 2013 – Route 110/Cycling Road

    “Eh…” Travis sat up, bleary-eyed and tousle-haired.

    Travis and the others had not stayed in Slateport City long. The fact was that, given their mission (which they managed to keep a secret from Matt and Mariah), they had to keep moving – especially now that they were back on the mainland. From Dewford it had taken two days and two nights (fortunately, with no pirate interruptions. Were they distracted doing something else?) to get to Slateport. There, they left Matt and Mariah, who stayed because the latter had to participate in a contest that didn’t take place until the 15th, which was today. They did stay long enough to get some good news at the Pokemon Center, though…

    A young man in his later twenties with bright red hair was speaking over the videophone in the Pokemon Center. Yesterday, Travis had heard that someone was trying to reach him (thankfully, Nurse Joy didn’t wake him at seven in the morning this time) and got down to one of the phones immediately. Once they reached it, Travis and Katrina were surprised to see who it was.

    “Lance!” Katrina exclaimed. “What’s going on?”

    He looked ecstatic and exhausted, and seemed to be bursting to say something. Then, with a smile, it finally came forth.

    “IT’S A BOY!!” he shouted, causing some distortion in the speakers with the sheer volume of his cry.

    “Wow, Lance!” Katrina squealed, clapping her hands while Travis quietly smiled. “Congratulations! What’s his name?”

    “Landis Aidan Blackthorn,” he gasped, trying to get a hold of himself.

    “So, who does he look like?” Travis asked.

    “Fiona says he looks like me, but I think he looks a little bit like both of us,” Lance answered. “His eyes are gold like mine, but they have the same shape like Fiona’s do. On top of that, his hair – it’s reddish-blonde…or blondish-red, whichever way you want to go with it.”

    “Really? It must look like his head’s on fire,” Travis quipped.

    “Actually, that’s the same thing I thought. At first, his middle name was going to be Sterling, but when he was born, I changed it to Aidan because it means ‘fire’ in…some language, I forgot…” Lance said.

    “So…how’s the mom doing?” Katrina asked.

    “Fiona? Of course, given what she was like a few years ago, doctors were really nervous…but she came out just fine,” Lance replied. “Of course, she’s sleeping now. She’ll need it. We’re probably not going to get much after this. Landis already has a lot of…well, personality…”

    “You mean, he’s really loud,” Travis commented.

    “In blunt terms…yeah,” Lance answered, running a hand through his tousled crimson hair and trying very hard not to look stressed out.

    Travis and Katrina both laughed.

    “Well, good luck,” Katrina finally said. “When Fiona wakes up, tell her we said hi.”

    “I’ll do that,” Lance said.

    Yes, things in Blackthorn City had not only returned to normal, but were very happy indeed. He sat up and noticed that the fire that Amber had started had gone out sometime during the night. He looked to his right and also noticed that Katrina, Angel, and Crescent were already gone. With a sigh, he made his way down to the water.

    That was the thing about Route 110 – water was never too hard to find. Route 110 was basically a winding land bridge between Slateport and the next town, Mauville. Above it, and nearly always in sight, was a bridge of another kind – Cycling Road, which would cut the travel time between Slateport and Mauville roughly in half – provided one had a bike. However, Travis and Katrina weren’t in any particular hurry. On top of that, they had Kenjiro and Reivyn tagging along.

    He knelt by the edge of the large lake created by the land bridge. Scooping some water up into his hands, he splashed it onto his face with the intent to either clean himself or wake himself – whatever came first.

    As he dried his face with the towel he had brought with him, he looked to his right because he heard giggling. Angel’s head was bobbing up out of the water and looking at Crescent, whom he had just noticed was laying down next to one of the few trees out here. He roused and gingerly approached the water. Angel, who was thoroughly enjoying herself, seemed to be egging on a rather hesitant Crescent. He approached the edge and was close enough that water was lapping up onto his front paws. With a very audible giggle, Angel rubbed noses with Crescent…


    Almost quicker than the eye could follow, Angel had grabbed Crescent around the neck and yanked him face-first into the lake. She resurfaced, laughing hysterically, and he followed, looking mutinous.

    “<Gotcha!>” she laughed.

    “<What the heck was that for?>” Crescent queried, sounding annoyed.

    “<You looked so bored over there,>” Angel commented. “<I thought you might want to take a bath with me or something.>”

    Crescent’s face went red, and that is saying something. Unable to find a response, he slammed one of his paws into the lake, splashing Angel in the face. Travis couldn’t help but laugh. That looked like something Katrina would do when she felt he was acting too serious. Just then…

    “ACK!!” Travis’ heart nearly stopped as he felt himself being forced toward the water for a second, then pulled back. He felt two arms around his neck and sighed.

    “So jumpy,” a girl’s voice sounded behind him. “It’s just me.”

    “Have you been, like, waiting to ambush me this entire time?” Travis asked, not having seen her when he approached the water.

    “No,” Katrina answered, her pink locks of hair slightly wet and close enough to tickle Travis’ face. “I was right on your left. You have horrible tunnel vision when you wake up.”

    “You know…” Travis started. Katrina’s eyes rolled. It was much too early in the morning for a serious conversation. “I’ve been thinking about something.”

    “What?” Katrina asked, trying to sound nice while knowing she might regret it later.

    “Nate,” Travis muttered. “It’s been two years and he wasn’t the most stable guy when he left Johto. I sure hope he hasn’t…”

    “He’s fine,” Katrina interrupted.

    “How can you be so sure of that?” Travis asked.

    “Call it a hunch,” Katrina said after a short pause. She then gave Travis a swift peck on the cheek. “Hurry up. If we want to make it to Mauville by tomorrow evening, we’ve gotta get a move on.”

    Less than an hour later (after they waited for Reivyn to wake up and breakfasted) they were on the road to Mauville. The change in the group dynamic ever since Kenjiro and Reivyn had become something of a couple, was obvious. Moreover, both seemed to take moving along the plains very well, for there weren’t many places where someone who wanted to attack them could hide. They continued through the high grass until…

    “Hey, watch it!!” Travis yelled quickly, pulling Katrina back as she nearly stepped on something. A sleeping form was visible in the tall grass. He sure wouldn’t have been anytime after sundown. This creature was as black as an Umbreon dipped in tar, but Travis could immediately tell that it wasn’t an Umbreon. Actually, it looked a bit like a tiger with a severe palette swap. Instead of having black stripes over orange fur, this creature had black fur and electric blue stripes along its flanks. It also had claws and teeth that made Travis immediately glad that Katrina hadn’t stepped on it.

    “Hey, what’s that?” Katrina wondered.

    “Only one way to find out,” Travis scanned it with his blue Pokédex. He found, after the Pokédex loaded information for a few seconds, that he was looking at a male Voltyger.

    “Voltyger?” Katrina repeated, craning her head over Travis shoulder curiously. “Never heard of one of those.”

    “Must be one of the newly discovered species Prof. Birch was talking about,” Travis commented, accessing the information. “Yeah – Voltyger, Electric-type, one of only a few species characterized as exclusively nocturnal in the wild…”

    “Um…huh?” Kenjiro said, scratching his head. He wanted to find out because he knew he’d have to explain it to Reivyn later. “Sorry…can you say that in a language us less educated people can understand?”

    “It means that Voltyger only come out at night and sleep during the day,” Katrina said.

    “Oh…this is interesting,” Travis said, looking at his Pokédex. “Voltyger usually travel in small packs of about ten to twenty, not counting their young. “Why’s this one alone?”

    “<Dammit…Rising Wind…jerk,>” the Voltyger muttered angrily in his sleep, clawing at something invisible and causing Travis and Katrina to take a step back. He sounded young, perhaps fresh out of childhood. “<You’ll pay…I’ll…kick your…>”

    “I think we’d better let him be,” Travis commented, stepping around the sleeping creature. “I don’t want to think about how he’ll react if he wakes up in a Pokéball.”

    Katrina seemed a bit unhappy about this, but followed Travis’ advice anyway. Travis immediately read the look on Katrina’s face:

    “Well, wait until tonight and see if you can find one!” he exclaimed.

    “There’s no law against capturing a sleeping Pokémon,” Katrina said, folding her arms. “Besides…they attack in packs. At night. Their fur is pitch-black. Just think about the difficulty level for a second, won’t you?”

    Travis was stuck. She had a good point – a series of them, actually. Five seconds too late, he found his counter.

    “If you want an Electric-type that badly, just catch an Electrike,” he said. “There are about a million of them around here, we’ve already seen about four this morning.

    “I’d like to at least see how it fights,” Katrina said.

    “Why?” Travis asked.

    “Don’t you remember?” Katrina asked, putting her hands on her hips now. “Mauville City’s Gym Leader is that blonde guy, Roderick Wattson – you know…’Lightning Rod’? He’s probably got one of those.”

    “Oh, shit…!” Kenjiro growled through his teeth, looking ahead. “Patrols!!”

    “Patr—oh, great…” Travis muttered. Two Imperial Knights in light armor were indeed walking toward them. “It’s hard enough to have a Pokémon Journey without these idiots clunking around…just act natural – no, no, Kenjiro, never mind that,” he added, remembering with a sickening jolt of the heart what Kenjiro’s natural reaction to enemies was. “Just…don’t pull out any weapons – not yet, anyway.”

    The two soldiers approached Travis. Both of them were taller than he, but not by much.

    “What’s your business here?” one of them asked.

    “I sure hope you haven’t asked that to every Trainer that’s passed through here,” Katrina piped in coldly. “Everyone’s going the same place, you know.”

    “I asked for an answer, not a smart mouth, little missy,” the soldier replied tersely.

    “Calm down,” Travis groaned. “We’re on our way to Mauville for a Gym Battle.”

    “That’s…better,” the soldier snapped each word like a whip, releasing a salvo of saliva droplets onto Travis’ nose and cheeks. They began to walk around to Katrina’s side, the second, silent one ‘accidentally’ elbowing the girl as he passed.

    GUT THEM….

    “Travis, are you okay?” Katrina’s voice faded in and out. Travis took his hand off his forehead and looked at her, laughing.

    “Tense moment,” he said, laughing nervously. But Angel had seen what had happened – she turned around, her eyes glowing white.


    Swiftly and without warning, one soldier hit the other, and both fell into the water. Travis blinked blankly.

    “Hey, what was that for?!” Travis asked. Angel took a deep breath and seemed prepared to say something poignant.

    “<Laughs,>” she replied, causing Travis to roll his eyes and turn around while Katrina and Crescent did indeed burst into laughter.

    “Moving on…” Travis sighed, allowing himself a smile.

    They continued to walk until they turned a corner. There, they saw a boy of about thirteen with strawberry-blond surfer hair. Travis immediately stepped back – maybe if they were quiet, he’d just go on about his business…

    He didn’t. He turned around and looked straight at Travis.

    “Oh, man…” Travis muttered, immediately going for a Pokéball.

    “Just what the doctor ordered!!” the boy said, smirking. “I’ve been looking for another opponent to try out the Pokémon I just caught today!!”

    “One-on-one sound good to you? I’m kind of in a hurry,” Travis muttered.

    “No way – three-on-three,” the boy said.

    “Two-on-two if you give me your name,” Travis answered.

    Katrina looked back and forth between the two in wonder that they were actually haggling over the match terms.

    “Fine. I’m Kelly from Slateport City,” the blond boy said.

    “Travis from New Bark Town,” Travis answered. Seeing the nonplussed look on Kelly’s face, he added, “It’s in Johto.”

    “Oh,” Kelly said. “Sorry, I was never great with geography…so, are you ready?”

    “Ready when you are,” Travis muttered.

    They stood thirty paces apart, each with a Pokéball in his hand. Katrina, Kenjiro, and Reivyn looked on from the side.

    “Let’s go, Champ!” Travis shouted, throwing a Pokéball into the air. It burst open to reveal the small, green Treecko, who competitively gazed at the human on the other side of him.

    “<Ready to roll!>” Champ exclaimed.

    “Go, Electrike!!” Kelly yelled. From his Pokéball came a stumpy, green, four-legged creature with sharp teeth.

    “That’s Electrike…” Travis muttered.

    “Electrike! Tackle!!” Kelly shouted. Electrike accelerated…

    “Damn, he’s fast!” Travis groaned. “Champ, get outta there!!”

    “<Whoa!!>” Champ jumped left just as Electrike would have arrived, causing the small beast to skid to a stop just in front of Travis. Electrike turned on a dime and rocketed the other way just as Champ looked over his shoulder. With a loud grunt of effort, Champ performed a high backflip whose trajectory lifted him out of the way of Electrike’s follow-up attack.

    Travis squinted to keep his eyeballs in their sockets as Champ landed on the ground. Electrike’s back was turned…

    “Champ, Quick Attack!” Travis shouted, taking extra care not to rush and miscall his order. Champ took off in a blur and drove his shoulder into Electrike’s back, smashing him into the ground.

    “Oh! Electrike!!” Kelly groaned as the Lightning Pokémon face planted into the ground in front of him. The stocky Electric-type rose to his feet after a second or two, whirling around and snarling indignantly at his opponent. “Well, don’t stare at him all ****** off – hit him back! Tackle!!”

    Kelly’s green Electrike rushed headlong at Champ, approaching faster and faster. Champ looked back for an order. Travis silently gestured toward a nearby bush. Champ dove in that direction, hiding himself in the tall grass while Electrike again skidded to an awkward stop in front of Travis.

    “How many badges do you have?” Kelly asked suddenly.

    Travis’ gift for winning a battle upstairs before the mind was as good as certain card game gurus, so instead of the common-sense answer of “three,” Travis’ reply, with a confident smirk, was, “Total, or just here in Hoenn?”

    (Before the league had been canceled in Johto, Travis had earned five badges and was well on his way to the Crystal Cup.)

    Kelly took a step back and his expression hardened. Apparently, this kid wasn’t as easy to break as other guys Travis had faced. He had to be careful.

    “Thunder Wave!” Kelly shouted. A small static bolt shot forth from Electrike’s body into the grass and hit…


    There was silence for several seconds.

    “What the heck?” Kelly shouted. “I know he’s in there!”

    “Oh, he’s in there, alright,” Travis replied. “BULLET SEED!!”

    Electrike took a step closer to the tall grass. All of a sudden, glowing seeds burst forth from it and began to pelt Electrike with the sound of a machinegun, pushing the hapless Pokémon backwards with each impact and slowly draining his energy until the last round of the salvo made contact, causing the Electric-type to stagger. Champ jumped forth from the grass and shot a look at Electrike.

    “<Why don’t you try that again?>” he taunted – so Kelly took him up on his offer.

    “Thunder Wave, Electrike!!” Kelly shouted. Electrike, growling madly, sent another static bolt in Champ’s direction.

    “You know what to do, Champ,” Travis said. Champ stood up on his tail, which began to glow a bright white. All of a sudden, the static bolt that would have hit Champ right between the eyes began to sink, and struck his tail instead, immediately being sucked into the ground as Champ sprang off the ground (creating a small static bolt of his own) and up onto his feet again.

    “Hold on, what –” Kelly stammered.

    “That’s what six years of school and two years of experience will do for you,” Travis commented. “Finish him off, Champ! Iron Tail!”

    Champ approached Electrike and turned on his heel, striking the Lightning Pokémon hard with his hard, strong tail and sending Electrike into an awkward barrel roll, which culminated with Electrike landing on his head, obviously unconscious.

    Kelly took a couple of seconds to register the shock, but he finally returned his Pokémon.

    “Argh…” he muttered. “Never mind. You win this one.”

    “What – huh?” Travis wasn’t sure he’d heard Kelly correctly. “I thought you were all eager to do a three-on-three…”

    “That’s before I realized that you weren’t an easy opponent,” Kelly said, scratching his head sheepishly at the magnitude of his mistake. Not that anybody could blame him – Travis had next to no reputation here in Hoenn when he arrived. That was his whole point. Most kids that went to Academies in his country would have known about his grandfather, as sixth years had to memorize the list of Crystal Cup champions since the formation of the modern Pokémon League in Johto in 1848. In Hoenn, however, they were probably on a different list, if they did one at all. Travis noted that, if there were Academies here similar to the ones in Johto, he hadn’t seen them. “It’s about a day and a half to Mauville or Slateport from here and I’ve run out of medicine.”

    “Okay…” Travis sighed. Now that he was in the heat of battle, he wanted to keep going, but then he quickly remembered that he, too, had somewhere to be. “Guess this one’s over. Champ, return,”

    “<Oh, come on! That’s like putting your hot player on the bench! You’ve gotta be k-- >” Champ was cut off as he became a flash of crimson and was yanked back into his ball.

    Travis shook his head as he returned Champ’s ball to his pocket. “So…Kelly, how many years have you been a trainer?” he asked the boy.

    “Years?” Kelly repeated. “Maybe I should take that as a compliment, but it’s been more like two or three weeks. I left Slateport on June 1st. Since the closest gym’s in Mauville, I thought I’d try tackling that one first. A dumb move if there ever was one – I got my *** handed to me, and that’s why I’m still here, trying to figure out how I’m supposed to beat Rod and that damn explosive floor.”

    “Explosive floor?” Travis repeated. Katrina had a rather unnerved look on her face and a huge sweatdrop had appeared beside her temple.

    “That’s...” Katrina uttered, seemingly trying to find the right word to describe this revelation. “That could…complicate things a little bit.”

    “Yeah – Rod’s a nice guy with a rock star attitude on the outside, but get him in the arena, and he’s one of the craziest S.O.B.’s you’ll ever face. He’s got a floor made of panels. Under some of those panels are Voltorb and Electrode. Now, if you hit or step on a Voltorb panel, that panel might explode. If you hit an Electrode panel, it will explode. Then, if you figure out some way to battle on the floors, you have to deal with the other Pokémon. It’s not easy at all.

    “Hmm…” Travis muttered, storing this information in his mind for later. He approached Kelly, whom he just now noticed was the average height for a twelve-year-old. Looking down at him slightly, he realized how much he had grown physically and mentally since he was twelve years old. A small hum emanated from one of his Pokéballs, but Travis didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, he looked over his shoulder to his girlfriend and asked, “Katrina, how many Potions do we have?”

    “Um…between us? About ten regular ones and five Supers,” Katrina replied. They had been smart enough to stock up before they left Slateport (which is also where Travis found the TM to teach Champ Bullet Seed, as a flower girl was giving them away there as a promotion).

    “Can you bring me two?” Travis asked. Katrina went into the bag and pulled out two small, blue spray bottles, running up and dropping them into Travis’ hand. Travis, in turn, whirled around and offered them to Kelly, who took them, looking surprised.

    “Er…thanks,” he said nervously.

    “You know what? I think I’d go to Dewford first,” Travis advised him. “Brawly’s not necessarily an easier opponent, but you don’t have to worry about the floor blowing up beneath you when you battle him. With that experience, you’ll be able to come back and probably beat Rod, too. Plus, you’ll only get so much stronger fighting the same wild Pokémon over and over. There are some different ones in Dewford that should give you a challenge. Obviously, you can catch a few if you like them.”

    “That sounds like a good idea, actually,” Kelly said. “Thanks!”

    As he began to run off, Travis shouted after him, “Don’t forget to heal up your Pokémon when you get to Slateport!!”

    Once he was out of sight and earshot, Katrina turned to Travis, a wry grin on her face.

    “Nice job, Professor,” she teased.

    “Are you serious or joking with me?” Travis asked.

    “A little bit of both, actually,” Katrina said. “That was nice, what you just did for Kelly. He’ll remember that a long time, I bet.”

    “I was about to choose Meru,” Travis mused. “I’m glad I didn’t -- I think Kelly’s good enough that he could’ve beaten me if I’d given him a type advantage…he’s so much farther along than I was when I was a rookie.”

    “What do you mean? You knew types like the back of your hand by the time we were out of Academy,” Katrina commented.

    “Yeah, but that’s easier to teach than the kind of confidence he has. Some guys I’ve faced think they’re beaten before we start battling, and others don’t know when they’re beaten,” Travis said. “Kelly isn’t like that. He recognizes that sometimes he has to let a match go so his Pokémon won’t get beaten around – that shows that he cares for them a lot. At the same time, he’s not intimidated by anyone. If he loses, the first thing he wants to do is figure out what happened and get another crack at him. He also takes advice very well, which shows that he’s humble.”

    Travis began to walk off.

    “You got all that by battling and talking to him once?” Katrina called at his back. Travis turned around.

    “Something like that,” he said with a smile. Then, remembering something, he said, “Oh, yeah! I’ve decided something.”

    “What?” Katrina asked.

    “I’m not leaving here without a Voltyger,” he said. “Kelly gave us a hell of a tip with those exploding floor panels -- I think a really fast Pokémon could evade them. Check out what I got when I scanned that one laying in the road.”

    Katrina again looked over Travis’ shoulder as he showed her the Pokédex. She drew her head back, gasping.

    “Are you serious?!” she shouted in amazement.

    “In terms of unevolved Pokémon, that’s damn near as fast as it gets,” Travis replied, snapping the Pokédex shut and looking up with a smirk on his face.

    Dalton Gregg was a mostly-ordinary university student from the region once called Johto.
    Then a fateful encounter set him on a quest to change history.

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    ~~~ *** ~~~

    After a hard day’s worth of traveling, dusk did indeed come, mild and breezy as it always was in this area of Hoenn. A campfire had been set here on the plains, and Travis and the others were eating dinner, which consisted mostly of sandwiches and things of the like. Travis was hoping to get to Mauville tomorrow because he had only packed enough for two or three days, and if they were delayed like last time…

    “So…figure out a plan to catch Voltyger yet?” Katrina asked between bites of sandwich.

    Travis finished his off, swallowed, wiped his mouth, and looked at her. “Plan? Hell, they’re hard enough to find at night like this, and if we trip over one, we’re most likely tripping over about thirty – and I don’t have the Pokéballs or the patience to deal with thirty Voltyger.”

    “Good point,” Katrina said, her hand on her chin.

    Angel’s eyes flickered to a tree on her left for a moment. Travis noticed this subtle eye twitch and asked, “Angel? What’s going on?”

    “<I thought I heard something,>” Angel muttered.

    “<Yeah – me, too,>” Crescent piped up, staring in that direction. He shot Angel a look, and she nodded. Immediately, the two took off around opposite sides of the tree. As soon as they converged.

    “<ACK! NO!! Please don’t hurt me!!>” a Voltyger – a young one – was shuddering under the gazes of the Pokémon on either side of him. “<I don’t want to fight you.>”

    “<Really?>” Crescent lowered his head. “<You better have a good reason for hiding behind this tree, then, kid.>”

    “<Crescent!>” Angel scolded. “<Really – he looks like he couldn’t bring himself to squash a Caterpie!>”

    “<Now that you mention it…>” Crescent muttered.

    “<I’m trying to find your leader,>” the Voltyger said.

    “<Leader?>” Crescent repeated.

    “<What do you want with him?>” Angel asked, her ears stiffening – never a good sign.

    “<A favor,>” the young Voltyger said – well, more like stammered. For a Pokémon that was supposed to have such a tough constitution, this particular Voltyger was…well, a bit of a wuss.

    “<What kind of favor?>” Crescent asked, insistent on not allowing Voltyger to go anywhere until he came clean.

    “<I’d rather not say,>” the Voltyger cub answered, meeting neither Crescent’s nor Angel’s eyes.

    “<Getting pushed around a little, maybe?>” Crescent asked. “<Need some muscle? I’m in a mood to fight something, I haven’t all day – >”

    “<Crescent!!>” Angel groaned in annoyance. “<Why are you giving him such a hard time?>”

    “<I’m just saying,>” Crescent muttered. “<He’s coming off as a little bit timid to me.>”

    “<So, he’s shy – so what?>” Angel countered. “<Doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own in a fight.>”

    Voltyger murmured something that Angel couldn’t quite hear.

    “<What was that?>” Angel asked.

    “<…He’s right,>” Voltyger responded, his blue eyes staring at the ground. “<He’s right about everything. There’s somebody bothering me. That’s why I’m not with my pack.>

    “<Oh, really…?>” Crescent said, cocking his neck. “<A bully, huh?>”

    “<There’s this one – everyone in the pack calls him Rising Wind,>” the cub explained. “<He’s the son of the pack leader, Chief Stahl. He picks on the young Voltyger cubs – especially me…because, if you haven’t noticed, I’m not the bravest Pokémon around…>”

    “<Why don’t you stand up to him??>” Angel asked.

    “<Well, Rising Wind’s the heir apparent to the pack and he’s second strongest next to the Chief himself. On top of that, if anybody even says a bad word about Rising Wind, Stahl will maul them…if Rising Wind doesn’t catch up to them first,>” the Voltyger groaned. “<And I want to stand up to him. Part of me thinks I could beat him if I just had someone on my side to tell me how…>”

    “<So you want someone to show you how to attack, basically,>” Crescent said as his form was thrown into shadow suddenly. He looked up.

    “I can do that,” a boy’s voice sounded as Voltyger, too, was thrown into shadow and nearly disappeared into it. He looked up and saw a teenage boy looking down at him. Immediately, he began to cower.

    “<This is going to be really difficult,>” Angel commented, looking up at Travis, who had just arrived.

    Less than a mile away and less than an hour later, a pack of Voltyger began to rouse from their daytime slumber. The second-largest male, a red birthmark on his face, approached a larger creature comparable to something between a tiger and a panther.

    “<Making the rounds, son?>” this larger creature – a Volterror by species – said to the young Voltyger before him.

    “<Of course,>” the son answered obediently with a mischievous smirk on his face.

    “<Well, you know what to do if anyone gets out of line,>” the Volterror said. “<We don’t need anymore incidents like – >”

    “<Sir! Chief Stahl, sir!>” another Voltyger – a fully-grown, strong-looking female (shooting an ever-so-brief and seductive glance at Rising Wind, the Chief’s son, which he returned with his cocky smirk) approached the larger Volterror. “<Chief, sir, we’ve got a situation.>”

    “<A ‘situation’?>” Stahl fired back angrily. “<What do you mean, a ‘situation’? The pack just woke up! It’s too early in the evening for a ‘situation,’ Scarlet Lightning. What’s going on?>”

    “<Humans have entered our territory – I think they’re foreigners, too. They had Pokémon I didn’t recognize,>” Scarlet replied. “<What’s more…do you remember that cub who went missing a few days ago? He’s with them.>”

    “<Who, the worthless wimp I sent away with his tail running between his legs?>” Rising Wind piped up, his chest puffed out as he did so “<The little baby’s finally come home. That’s so…>”

    What it was, no one ever found out. Stahl was looking intently at Rising Wind, who had an expression on his face that clearly indicated that he’d perhaps said something that he wasn’t supposed to say.

    “<I’m sorry, what was that?>” Stahl asked his son.

    “<Nothing,>” Rising Wind lied. “<You know how you always tell me what to do when someone gets out of line? Well, he got out of line. I don’t understand why he’s in the pack to begin with, honestly. He’s never going to be a strong fighter or hunter – he’s too timid.>”

    “<Why don’t you tell him that?>” Stahl asked. “<He’s right behind you.>”

    Rising Wind whirled around. There was the Voltyger cub he had been harassing, along with a blue-haired boy and a pink-haired girl, as well as an Espeon and an Umbreon.

    “<You’ve never seen those before, Scarlet?>” Chief Stahl asked. “<You cubs are something else, you know that?>”

    “<Hah, this is precious,>” Rising Wind snorted derisively. “<Come to tattle on me to my father again? You know he won’t believe you, weakling. Muscle rules here in this pack. You have no muscle, you don’t rule. Simple as that.>”

    “<I’m…through getting pushed around by you!!>” the young cub said apprehensively, a hard stare fixed on the Voltyger with the red birthmark on his face.

    “<So, you’re going to fight me now?>” Rising Wind laughed. “<Hey, Scarlet, can you believe this?>”

    Scarlet roared with laughter whilst Stahl watched the scene silently. Meanwhile, Voltyger from the pack began to gather around the scene, taking an interest in the cub’s return and the humans that were with him.

    “<Too bad, little buddy. You could never beat me,>” Rising Wind said, stepping toward the smaller Voltyger and inhaling.

    Rising Wind let out a huge and terrifying roar that reverberated through the trees of this small wooded area that Stahl’s pack had claimed as its territory. Nevertheless, the Voltyger cub (albeit trembling a bit slightly under the intimidating noise) stood his ground.

    “<I-I’m not afraid of you!>” he exclaimed.

    “<Really? I hear strange sounds coming from your mouth. I think that’s your teeth chattering,>” Rising Wind laughed. “<Fine – since you won’t go away, I’ll have to make you. Let’s get into some open space – and you can bring your little human friends along, too, if that’s gonna make you feel better.>”

    Travis stood behind the Voltyger cub as he stared down Rising Wind on the other side of this ring the rest of the pack had created. Suddenly, a thought came to him.

    “Hey, Katrina,” he muttered to his girlfriend, who was standing on his left with Angel and Crescent at each ankle. “Doesn’t this look sort of familiar to you?”

    “A little…” Katrina answered. “Why?”

    “No particular reason – I was just wondering whether or not I was crazy – that’s all,” Travis said. He looked around and tried to find the most worried faces out of that group, figuring that they would most likely be any friends or immediate family the Voltyger cub might have had, but there didn’t seem to be anyone remotely concerned. Angel seemed to notice this, too:

    “<You’re an orphan?>” she asked in a whisper. Voltyger didn’t answer her.

    “Angel, this isn’t the time,” Travis whispered as well.

    “<Too scared to come get me?>” Rising Wind shouted. “<Well, you can’t back out know. Sucks for you since it’s the one thing you’re good at. But I’ll give you this – you grew enough balls to challenge me. That puts you in a nice little pickle, right? You see, challenging me is as good as challenging my father. You know what that means – if you lose, you’re out of the pack…permanently. But, if by some miracle you manage to win…and it would take that much, believe me…you get to replace me as my father’s successor.>”

    “<Rising Wind!!>” Scarlet shouted. “<What do you think you’re – >”

    “<Relax, Scarlet, babe,>” Rising Wind cut her off with a confident smirk. “<You’ll still have your future mate when this is finished.>”

    Scarlet indeed turned a color similar to her name.

    “<Leadership of the pack…>” the cub muttered to himself.

    “<How’s that sound? Even in your dreams, it must taste so delicious,>” Rising Wind shouted. “<Yes, it’s true that I’m Chief Stahl’s son – but I’m also stronger than any other Voltyger here. Strong fathers produce strong sons, I guess…>”

    “<Don’t you dare bring my dad into this!!>” the cub roared. “<I’ll tear you to shreds!!>”

    “<Ooh, tough words,>” Rising Wind drawled. “<Why care about your pops? It’s not like he cares about you. Fathers here want to produce strong sons. That’s what I’m looking for. When I take over the pack with Scarlet and we have our own sons, they’ll be undefeated in battle – I’ll make sure of that. You’re looking at the makings of a dynasty here, kid. My family will lead this pack for years to come!!>”

    The cub’s head drooped.

    “<What an arrogant prick,>” Angel muttered. Crescent looked across Katrina’s ankles.

    “<Did Meru possess you or something?>” Crescent, who had never known Angel to use that term, asked as he looked at her.

    “<No – this guy just gets under my skin,>” Angel replied through gritted teeth as she looked up.

    “<That’s enough,>” Rising Wind growled. “<Enough talking!!>”

    With that, he charged the Voltyger cub, who was not ready to defend himself.

    “<W-what should I do?>” he stammered loudly. Travis sprung into action.

    “Dodge and use Quick Attack!” he shouted.

    “<O-okay!>” Voltyger shouted, jumping left just as Rising Wind got there and, with a bit of hesitation, rammed into him. Rising Wind skidded backward, much to most of the pack’s dismay.

    “<Damn!>” Rising Wind groaned.

    “<Be careful!>” Scarlet shouted.

    “<That human boy’s giving him orders! Don’t underestimate him, you fool!>” Stahl shouted as well.

    “<You think I don’t know that?!>” Rising Wind snapped, rushing the young Voltyger cub and nearly turning him inside-out with a vicious Quick Attack that sent the black, tiger-like creature airborne.

    “<Oh, dear,>” Angel said rather blankly.

    “<That’s not good,>” Crescent followed with the understatement of the day. Seconds later, the Voltyger cub finally hit the ground hard, bouncing and rolling until he came to a stop a few feet in front of Travis. Voltyger began to roll slowly to his feet.

    “<Maybe this was a bad idea,>” he muttered to himself. “<Maybe I should just leave…>”

    “No way,” Travis replied. “We can take him down.”

    “<I’m not sure about this…>” Voltyger muttered – Travis’ patience had run out.

    “Do you want to win?” He asked the cub.

    “<Y-yes,>” Voltyger said.

    “Stop thinking like a loser, then,” Travis said. The little Electric-type’s eyes went wide at this wisdom and he looked ahead to his opponent.

    “<Are you done yet?>” Rising Wind snarled. “<I’m ending this.>”

    With that, Rising Wind began to glow an electric-blue color and spark with electricity. A tiny static bolt shot forth from him and twisted through the air like a well-aimed whip, coming straight for the cub.

    “That’s his Thunder Wave…” Travis said. “Voltyger, go on and show him yours!!”

    “<But –>” Voltyger started.

    “No time for ‘buts’!” Travis exclaimed. “Thunder Wave, now!!”

    Voltyger steadied himself against the ground and also began to glow a light blue. After a moment, his eyes opened, and a static bolt shot from his body as well, directly at the one manufactured by Rising Wind. The two Thunder Wave attacks collided in midair and began to lunge, thrust, and parry against each other like two swords in the hands of the most experienced fencers. Each time the two Electric attacks made contact, claps of thunder with increasing volume sounded in the forest. After a while, Voltyger’s fatigue began to show as Rising Wind’s Thunder Wave began to overpower his.

    “You’re strong enough to beat him. Come on!” Travis shouted encouragingly.

    “<Yeah! Beat this jerk into submission!!>” Angel yelled.

    Rising Wind began to laugh as it appeared that he would soon be the victor of this little skirmish. That laughing quickly turned to snarling as he again found himself struggling against the younger Voltyger, who seemed to have gotten a second wind from the encouraging words of his new friends.

    “<I – will – not – lose – to – you…>” Rising Wind grunted as the effort of maintaining the Thunder Wave became harder and harder to withstand. Then, after it seemed like both Pokémon would run out of energy, the two attacks finally canceled each other out with a deafening clap of thunder and a shockwave that made both fur and human hair stand on end. Some of the Voltyger surrounding the fight staggered a bit, and Rising Wind and the cub he was fighting were both blown to opposite sides of the ring.

    “<Whoa!!>” the cub shouted as he dug his claws into the ground to stop his momentum.

    “He’s getting tired and worked up over there,” Travis said. “This is our chance. How about…Agility!”

    “<Right!!>” Voltyger shouted, disappearing.

    “<Hunh…what the hell?!>” Rising Wind shouted. He looked up and there seemed to be about ten different Voltyger within the ring. Even Travis was surprised at the effectiveness of this technique, seeing as he was staring with his mouth hanging open.

    “Holy crap,” was all Travis could come up with. “He’s fast!!”

    He barely saw Voltyger skid to a stop in front of him before he had the chance to call his next order:

    “Quick Attack, Voltyger!”

    Now you see him, now you don’t….


    Literally faster than Travis’ own eye could follow, Voltyger had slammed into Rising Wind with all the strength he could muster, and Rising Wind reeled, sparking with electricity. Travis was a bit confused as he was reasonably sure he hadn’t called for a Thunder Wave.

    “Did you see that?” he asked Katrina.

    “Static,” she replied. “Voltyger have an ability that can sometimes cause paralysis on contact. I think all of that quick movement built up more energy than usual, though…”

    Travis took a step back as Voltyger blurred into sight right at his feet (note that Rising Wind had not hit the ground yet). He blinked dimly for a second.

    “<Um…wow,>” Angel said, wearing the same facial expression as her Trainer.

    “<That’ll work,>” Crescent echoed her sentiments with the best words he could come up with in that moment.

    “<What speed,>” Stahl muttered, initially looking bored but now seemingly taking an interest in the fight. “<I wasn’t that fast in my prime.>”

    “<That’s a high compliment,>” Scarlet commented.

    Rising Wind was a wreck at this point – growling, snarling, and spitting madly.

    “<That’s enough!!>” he rushed the Voltyger cub, who was still moving a bit more quickly than usual. Voltyger dodged an attempted Bite Attack by Rising Wind, who turned around with his eyes glowing a dangerous electric blue. Sparks began to surround Rising Wind, and he erupted in an aura of blue electric energy, some of which burst forth from his vicinity in a jagged, crackling arrow that hit its mark, knocking the young Voltyger a long distance backwards.

    “Oh, no – that was a Thunderbolt!” Katrina whispered. To her surprise, Travis smiled.

    “He’s getting desperate…” he said with a smirk on his face. “Just a little more before we take him down.”

    Voltyger struggled to his feet.

    “<Why do you keep getting up?>” Rising Wind snarled. “<There’s no point. Winning will prove that you’re extremely lucky – losing will prove that you’re a weakling just like everyone says you are. You should have never come back. No one cares for you here – not even your own father…because you’re the runt of the litter. You see?>”

    Voltyger remained silent.

    “<Won’t you respond?>” Rising Wind growled. “<I am your future leader! To stay silent before me when I ask you to speak is disrespectful!>”

    Rising Wind approached and raised a claw to slash the cub’s face –

    “Bite, Voltger!!” Travis responded quickly while Rising Wind’s guard was down. The Voltyger, seemingly knowing what Travis meant, bit Rising Wind’s wrist and yanked him to the ground. Rising Wind’s weight fell on the cub and the two rolled for a few feet before they came to a stop, the younger of the two on top.

    Voltyger wasn’t looking at Rising Wind’s free claw.


    A fleck of what had to be blood spurted from the cub’s face as Rising Wind palmed and clawed his cheek and subsequently slammed his head to the ground, rolling over on top of him and staring right down into his pained, blue eyes.

    “<Never let your guard down, boy…>” Rising Wind’s voice and facial expression had changed. It now became apparent that he would not be satisfied by simply beating this cub and allowing him to leave alive. At Stahl’s shoulder, Scarlet became restless.

    “<Chief, will you please do something…?>” she asked.

    Stahl remained stoic and motionless, watching the fight intently.

    “Travis, do something,” Katrina asked. Again, Travis had one of those smiles on his face – the one that endeared him to his admirers and struck fear into his enemies.

    The smile that said that he knew something you didn’t.

    “THUNDER WAVE, VOLTYGER!!” he shouted with urgency at the top of his lungs.

    “<Huh – urgh!!>” It happened just that quickly. Rising Wind stopped to look at Travis for a moment, wondering what he was yelling about. It was at that point that the Voltyger cub that Travis was commanding released a crackling static bolt into Rising Wind’s underbelly. The larger Voltyger’s eyes rolled as he began to convulse in groan in pain, the force of the electric energy turning all of his muscles into a mass of jelly. Rising Wind went flying and ended up at the feet of his father.

    “<You have lost. I cannot say I am surprised,>” Stahl said rather coldly.

    “<You…>” Rising Wind seemed ready to growl some filthy swear at his father when the Volterror cut him off.

    “<Did you never listen to me when you were young? When I began to train you to take over for me after I passed on or became too old?>” Stahl asked. “<Tyrants are defeated because they create their own enemies. I tried to teach you to avoid tyranny and intimidation, but now I see…you are not fit to be a leader.>”

    “<What…>” Rising Wind seemed to be getting over the last attack, and this last comment triggered something in him. The Voltyger cub weakly began to stagger to his feet. Scarlet saw what was coming…

    “<Rising Wind, no…>” she pleaded.

    “<There’s an easy way to solve this little problem…>” Rising Wind growled in a terrible voice. “<How I didn’t think of it from the start, I have no idea…>”

    He began to crackle with energy.

    “<Rising Wind, stop!!>” Scarlet shouted with desperation.

    “<Quiet!!>” Rising Wind yelled, panting madly as he began to surround himself with more and more electrical energy. His eyes went white as he let out a primal roar and released a Thunderbolt of horrific proportions at the young cub, who stood framed like a deer in headlights as the electrical attack approached him with fatal force and malice behind it. He gasped and let out a scream…

    …as another Voltyger – older, perhaps female – let out a load groan as the Thunderbolt struck her in the back instead of him. She was in midair, silhouetted against the flashing light of the attack as a loud clap of thunder reverberated through the trees once again. Once the light and the sound had died down, this Voltyger hit the ground in a heap, smoking and illuminated under the full moon. Rising Wind’s eyes seemed blank with shock and Stahl closed his eyes wearily. The cub approached his unlikely protector.

    “<Scarlet?>” he whispered, She opened her eyes, each of which seemed to have a fleck of red in the blue, which might have been the explanation for the name she was given.

    “<I’m sorry for everything…>” she said weakly. Rising Wind rushed up behind her, and lowered his nose to her face.

    “<This was all a mistake,>” he gasped. “<I never meant for you to get involved!>”

    “<There were a lot of things you didn’t mean to happen,>” Scarlet commented. “<I don’t blame you, though…it was our father’s fault for casting him out…>”

    “<’Our’…?>” Voltyger lowered his face toward the female’s, realizing what that one word could have meant.

    “<I was little then, so I didn’t remember much…when you were born, you were so fragile that they thought you wouldn’t survive. They left you to die. But you didn’t,>” Scarlet said. “<You found your way back to the pack, and we should have figured something out then. When an unknown cub found his way into our pack a few weeks later, smaller and weaker than the rest, no one claimed him as theirs…I never realized that cub was my younger brother,,,not until today.>”

    “<Scarlet, don’t talk!>” Rising Wind said.

    “<You have more strength than you thought,>” Scarlet said. “<You just need to have more confidence in yourself. ‘When you find that you can roar, you will do so loudly.’ Old Voltyger proverb…Rising Wind…?>”

    “<Scarlet...>” Rising Wind responded blankly.

    “<Take me away from here, please…>” she begged. “<I don’t want him to watch me…>”

    Rising Wind’s neck found its way under Scarlet’s, and with that motion, he draped her limp body over his own while the Voltyger cub stood there in shock. Rising Wind gave one last look at the cub, and it was one of newfound respect…not hatred.

    “<You did beat me,>” he said in a hollow voice. “<Fair and square. I’m sure…you’ll be a great pack leader.>”

    “<No,>” the cub said clearly. Everyone stopped to look at him. “<I never wanted to lead this pack. I just wanted to show everyone that they…should have given me a chance. I have no friends here. Not even my own father will show himself now that I’ve proven my strength.>”

    “<What are you saying?>” Stahl asked.

    “<I’m saying…that there’s nothing left for me here…>” he said morosely as he turned his back on the entire pack and slowly approached Travis. The boy looked down and saw the young Voltyger at his feet.

    “You mean, you want to come with us?” Travis asked. Voltyger didn’t quite meet Travis’ eyes when he responded.

    “<…If you’ll have me,>” he answered. He turned around and ran back toward Rising Wind, stopping right in front of him. He looked up at Scarlet. “<Please don’t die,>” he said as he turned around and followed Travis and the others from the forest back to their camp.

    When Travis, Katrina, Angel, Crescent, and the Voltyger came back to the camp, they were met with a rather comical sight – a small, blue, winged creature circling around the heads of Kenjiro and Reivyn, the former of whom seemed a little bit unnerved by its presence.

    Travis fought down a laugh and turned it into a clearing of the throat before he gave himself away.

    “Get away!” Kenjiro screamed, waving his arms around.

    “Quit flailing around!” Travis advised. Kenjiro stood straight like a statue, and to his great dismay, the bird alighted on his right shoulder.

    “That’s called a Taillow, isn’t it?” Reivyn asked, looking straight at the blue bird, which had a crimson, V-like marking right above its white breast as well as red on its head.

    “Yeah,” Travis responded, giving it a quick scan with his Pokédex. “I think she likes you, Kenjiro.”

    “How do I get her to leave?” Kenjiro asked.

    “Not quite sure if she will,” Travis replied, looking at the Taillow, who fluttered from Kenjiro’s shoulder (striking him rather hard in the face as he did so) and landed on the ground.

    “<I finally found youuuuuu!>” she chirped, jumping around. “<Miss Ivanna says to send word back about where you are.>”

    “Oh – which one are you?” Kenjiro asked. “I know she has about three…”

    “Did I miss something here?” Travis asked.

    “Apparently, she has Taillow that carry messages around for her,” Katrina surmised.

    “<I’m Maria – Via and Gabriyl are off other places,>” she explained. “<So, I’m the only one left to send any messages. Anyway, Miss Ivanna said…>”

    “We heard you already,” Kenjiro said, sounding annoyed. “Go tell her that we’re fine, that we’re heading to Mauville, and that she should mind her own business.”

    “<Geez, no need to get snippy,>” Maria said in annoyance, lighting into the air. “<Well, I guess I’ll be going now. Happy trails!!>”

    And with that, she swooped off into the blackness of the night, leaving the others standing there to watch. It was at this point that Kenjiro noticed the timid, little Voltyger hiding behind Travis’ ankle.

    “I see you found a new friend,” he commented.

    Within minutes, the six other Pokémon were being lined up so that the newest member of the team could introduce himself. Travis and Katrina stood behind the Voltyger and, one by one, called their remaining Pokémon. Amber and Arcus both appeared first in flashes of light, one on each side of Crescent, who could barely be seen as anything more than a shadow in the dim firelight. The latter of these two did not look very pleased about being awoken from a nap he had been taking. Angel stood a few feet away from Crescent. On her left, next to Arcus, came Meru. Between the Arcidane and the Kitide, respectively, neither seemed pleased with the standing arrangements, judging by the flaming daggers of doom and destruction they were staring at each other. Finally, last to come was…

    “Champ??” Travis exclaimed in shock as the five other Pokémon in the line all looked toward his end. Where there should have been standing a green creature about one and a half feet all with bulging, yellow eyes, there was instead a more streamlined gecko-like monster that stood nearly twice that height and had a huge, crimson belly as well as leaves sprouting from various parts on his body.

    “<What the hell happened?!>” Meru asked.

    “<You’re big!!>” Amber piped up.

    “I don’t remember seeing you evolve,” Travis said, tilting his head curiously.

    “He must have done it when he returned to his ball,” Katrina commented. “You battled that Kelly boy earlier, remember?”

    “Oh, yeah, that’s right,” Travis mused.

    “<Why did you wake me up?>” Arcus growled in annoyance.

    “<He was getting to that part if you’ll shut up and listen!>” Meru chided. Angel’s and Crescent’s eyes both went up toward the night sky simultaneously.

    “<Nobody asked you, Fox Girl!>” Arcus barked.

    “<I’m trying to help, Dog Breath!>” Meru shot back.

    “<Oh, my gosh – real mature, you guys,>” Amber interjected in exasperation. They both looked at her as if she was a sight to behold.

    “<MIND YOURS!>” both arguing parties shouted at the same time, growing exponentially and towering over the Marhot in their irritation, after the manner of certain Japanese cartoon characters.

    Amber, suddenly feeling very small, squeaked, “<I was only trying to help…oh, hey – I didn’t see you there. What’s your name?>”

    “<Um…>” the Voltyger uttered after he realized that Amber had noticed him.

    “Everyone, this is Raiden. He’ll be traveling with us from now on,” Travis announced.

    “<Another teammate’s always good,>” Champ said.

    “<Glad to have you,>” Angel followed politely.

    “<Welcome to the club,>” Meru said. “<Or something like that…>”

    “<Why are you shaking so much? I don’t bite,>” Arcus said. “<Unless, of course, you piss me off, then I do bite – and Ho-oh help you when that happens.>”

    “<Arcus, don’t threaten him!>” Crescent snarled. Then, turning to Raiden, he sighed. “<Sorry about that. He’s a bit…well, unfriendly.>”

    “<Um…hi,>” Amber commented.

    “<Hi,>” Raiden answered.

    “Leave them to it?” Travis asked. After Katrina nodded, they slipped away to allow the Pokémon to become better acquainted with each other. Arcus walked away, curling in a ball next to a tree and resuming his nap. Meru, with a quiet snicker, watched him…for a few seconds…remembering for a moment the day, little more than a week ago, when she was attacked by a Tentacool underwater…remembering that as she prepared to succumb to her fate, he was the last thing she saw…

    “<You okay, Meru?>” Angel asked. Meru’s fur stood straight up for a split-second as she turned around.

    “<Me? Yeah, I’m fine…>” she said a little too quickly.

    “<Oh, okay,>” Angel replied, walking away from her and toward Crescent. With a sour look on her face, Meru turned back toward Arcus. How she hated the creature laying under that tree, so selfish and antisocial…probably one of the least likable creatures with which the world had ever been cursed…

    And yet…

    “<Meru? You doing okay?>” Champ walked over smoothly toward Meru, his leaves blowing in the wind. Meru had to look up at Champ, who was now very nearly a full foot taller than she was.

    “<I’m fine, Champ. You guys need to stop worrying so much,>” Meru replied with a smile.

    “<Okay. Just so you know, you can tell me anything,>” Champ answered, beginning to walk off.

    “<Hey, wait…>” Meru shouted after him, running to catch up. “<Do…do you promise you won’t get mad?>”

    “<Yeah, sure,>” Champ answered.

    “<Well…it’s about Arcus…and it’s kinda complicated, I guess,>” Meru replied. Champ tensed but determined that he would hear her out. “<Obviously, I can’t stand him because he’s a jerk with no social skills…but at the same time, I wonder if there’s some sort of reason for it.>”

    “<Does he need one?>” Champ replied. Then, realizing he was sounding too biased, he added, “<Sometimes you don’t.>”

    “<He’s kind of sensitive about his mother…>” Meru muttered. “<Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of him that one time…>”

    “<Can’t cry over spilt milk, Meru,>” Champ said coolly. “<Try resting up. You never know when your number could be called, you know? Especially seeing as you haven’t been sent out to fight in a day or two. I think it’s all the Electric-types in the area…>”

    “<Yeah, yeah…>” Meru groaned. “<Bye, Champ.>”

    “<’Night,>” the Grovyle responded, smoothly slipping away. Meanwhile, Raiden stood rooted to the spot where he’d started, as Amber approached him.

    “<What?>” she piped up. “<Meowth got your tongue? Don’t worry – I’m not Arcus. I don’t bite at all.>”

    Raiden remained silent and observed her.

    “<Um…okay, guess I’ll start,>” Amber said. “<My name’s Amber and I like coconuts and rainbows, but it’s kinda hard for me to see rainbows ‘cause they happen right after it rains and I hate the rain…anyway, I like coconuts because they make funny sounds when they hit things. Oh – and I like red! My favorite color’s red. Anything else you want to know about me?>”

    Questions concerning Amber’s sanity popped into Raiden’s head, but the young Voltyger resolved to keep those to himself.

    “<I’ll stop if I’m annoying you. Seriously,>” Amber said.

    “<No, I’m okay,>” Raiden finally said. “<I think you’re very…um…interesting, that’s it.>”

    “<Really? I think you’re really cute,>” Amber responded. Raiden’s face went extremely hot and Amber, seemingly realizing what she’d said ten seconds too late, laughed, “<Oh – sorry, that must have really freaked you out, huh?>”

    “<Um…>” Raiden didn’t really know how to respond to her.

    “<I guess I just say whatever’s on my mind at the moment, which doesn’t always work because I’m thinking about a million different things in a second, like rubber duckies, milk, and coconuts,>” Amber said. Raiden couldn’t help himself – he let out a snicker. Amber seemed thoroughly pleased with herself.

    “<Um…Amber?>” Raiden uttered.

    “<I knew I could get you to laugh eventually!>” Amber squealed in victory. Raiden sighed and laid down.

    “<You have a lot of personality, don’t you?>” he asked.

    “<And you have absolutely none at all, but we’ll have to work on that!>” Amber said, placing a paw tauntingly on Raiden’s head. “<Don’t worry – if a loon like me can fit in, you should be able to do it, easy!!>”

    “<You really think that?>” Raiden asked.

    “<Of course!>” Amber answered excitedly. Raiden smiled.

    “<That’s the best thing anyone’s ever said to me,>” he said. “<But how do you know?>”

    “<Because there’s no one else in the group that’s just like you,>” Amber answered. “<You don’t say a lot, but you’re really adorable when you talk. Someone like you could get me to shut my big mouth for a second or two to listen, and that’s saying something.>”

    “<Amber…I have a question,>” Raiden said after a while.

    “<Shoot,>” Amber replied.

    “<Do you…care about what others think of you?>” Raiden asked.

    “<Yeah…and no,>” Amber answered. Seeing Raiden’s confused look, she continued. “<Of course, I don’t want to be a prick like…certain Pokémon, but, moving on. I know I’m a bubbly chatterbox….but I’m comfortable in my own skin. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.>”

    Amber laid down next to Raiden. The two smiled at each other.

    “<By the way…>” Amber said with a smile. “<Just so you know, I’m the most painfully honest Pokémon on the planet – and I do think you’re cute.>”

    “<Um…thanks?>” Raiden still didn’t know quite how to respond, but talking to Amber (the few words he could get in edgewise) somehow made him feel better about himself. She seemed to have all of the personality, self-confidence, and overall happiness that Raiden wished that he had. She seemed to radiate that happiness like a glow that could illuminate even a night sky as black as this one. “<You’re…pretty, too…or…erm, nevermind.>”

    Amber opened her eyes, looked at Raiden and giggled, and closed them again.

    Crescent and Angel sat by a tree, looking up at the full moon.

    “<You know…>” Angel commented after a while. “<Looks like Raiden and Amber have hit it off pretty well.>”

    “<Getting along, huh?>” Crescent said lazily. Angel looked around the tree.

    “<Well, they were talking and…oh, that’s precious,>” she commented. “<They fell asleep next to each other.>”

    “<Amber worries me,>” Crescent commented. “<She’s had a crush on every guy Pokémon she’s ever met.>”

    “<Those two would be the best match, though…>” Angel replied.

    “<Yeah, besides the fact that they’re complete polar opposites,>” Crescent remarked.

    “<That might just be what would make it work,>” Angel answered.

    “<Yeah…right,>” Crescent snickered. “<You’re crazy.>”

    Angel tackled Crescent, and the two of them ended up in a heap, Angel laying slightly on top.

    “<That’s what I would have said if someone had told me I’d end up with you,>” she said with a smile, rolling off him. “<So, three cheers for all the crazies in the world.>”

    Crescent took one glance at Angel and shook his head. There was no use arguing the point. It was too early.

    Only time would tell.

    I'm going back and adding to the P-Dex again. Unfortunately, that means I have to retrofit all of the chapters with 'Dex entries where they're necessary.

    #P19 Voltyger
    Creator: EonMaster One

    P #019 – Voltyger
    Classification: Sparking
    Avg. Height: 2’08”
    Avg. Weight: 40 lbs.
    Type 1: Electric
    Type 2: N/A

    Name Origin:
    VOLt (a unit of electricity - as in a 9-volt battery) + TYGER (Intentional misspelling of the animal)

    Voltyger is a small, black, tiger-like creature with electric-blue claws and stripes, as well as an electric-blue thunderbolt marking between its two blue eyes. On each side of its muzzle are three whiskers, which start as black and are electric-blue at their ends.

    General Habitat: Grassland
    Gender Ratio (%): 50/50

    Voltyger are very proud fighters who hunt by night in packs. When a Voltyger attacks, all its victim sees is a blue spark – by then, it is already too late.

    Use in series:
    Voltyger was created for the purpose of providing an alternative to Electrike, who was the only good new Electric-type that came out in the 3rd Generation, IMO. I designed it to be more offensively-minded than Electrike. As Travis mentions, in terms of unevolved Pokemon, Voltyger's speed is extremely close to the top.


    Okay, there. I'll go get the others for you guys sometime later.

    If you weren't paying attention, by the way, the white glow on Travis' Pokeball was Champ evolving into Grovyle.

    - EM1

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    And he shoots... he scores!!!

    First post once again!

    Copying... review in progress...

    ...Review complete.

    Arnaz, now armed, began to back down,
    Arnaz, now unarmed, began to back down,

    Travis took a step back as Voltyger blurred into sight right at his feet (note that Rising Wind had not hit the ground yet). He blinked dimly for a second.

    “<Um…wow,>” Angel said, wearing the same facial expression as her Trainer.

    “<That’ll work,>” Crescent echoed her sentiments with the best words he could come up with in that moment.
    It sure will…

    I never realized that cub was my younger brother,,,not until today.>”
    I never realized that cub was my younger brothernot until today.>”

    “<Um…okay, guess I’ll start,>” Amber said. “<My name’s Amber and I like coconuts and rainbows, but it’s kinda hard for me to see rainbows ‘cause they happen right after it rains and I hate the rain…anyway, I like coconuts because they make funny sounds when they hit things. Oh – and I like red! My favorite color’s red. Anything else you want to know about me?>”

    Questions concerning Amber’s sanity popped into Raiden’s head, but the young Voltyger resolved to keep those to himself.
    Their still popping up in mine… trust me.

    “<You’re…pretty, too…or…erm, nevermind.>”
    “<You’re…pretty, too…or…erm, never mind.>”

    “<Yeah, besides the fact that they’re complete polar opposites,>” Crescent remarked.

    “<That might just be what would make it work,>” Angel answered.

    “<Yeah…right,>” Crescent snickered. “<You’re crazy.>”

    Angel tackled Crescent, and the two of them ended up in a heap, Angel laying slightly on top.

    “<That’s what I would have said if someone had told me I’d end up with you,>” she said with a smile, rolling off him. “<So, three cheers for all the crazies in the world.>”

    Crescent took one glance at Angel and shook his head. There was no use arguing the point. It was too early.

    Only time would tell.
    Indeed it will. An extraordinary chapter. Raiden vs. Rising Wind reminded me of Hotshot vs. Chief way back in the first installment. Aside the spelling errors and the description of Volterror (which I seemed to miss somewhere) the chapter r0xx0red!

    AmberxRaiden= too kawaii!

    P.S. Couldn’t think of another electric type nickname for Raiden? It seemed somewhat old… not that it bothers me… it’s just my opinion.

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    whoo! nothing like a new chapter to make a guy feel better.....

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    (Finally time to review!) Well, there's good news and bad news. The bad news: Arnaz's depth perception has gone out the window. The good news: now he gets to wear a really cool eyepatch! Even if it was just a short cameo, I enjoyed seeing Devlin and the gang again. I love those guys even more than those on the Silver Milotic.

    I like your fillers better than most other authors (talking to you, Mr. Kishimoto...) as well, as you actually get stuff done in them. Champ evolving out of that hideous form and into the stylish Grovyle was great. I really dislike the bug-eyed starter, but his character is so loveable that I could deal with it. Hooray Champ!

    And the little Voltyger whose name eludes me! Geez, with a timid nature and a base speed of OMGreat Aunt (using the Lord's name in vain is what one might call "bad" </shameless moral plug> , that thing puts a Ninjask who has downed a Red Bull to shame. I'll enjoy seeing him pwn everyone, for sure. I also like how you're keeping with trainer team themes. Espeon, Grovyle, Kitide, and Voltyger make for quite the offensive team. Conversely, and keeping with the literary theme of opposites attracting, Katrina's Umbreon, Marhot, and Arcidane seem more defensive. Nothing has changed too much from Goldenrod, right? I mean, other than a huge war, death of close family, releasing your former team, and a movement to overthrow a king/emperor.

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    Actually, it's funny you should mention that, Oath.

    Both Meru and Arcus were meant to add some balance to their respective trainers' teams. That combination of Rain Dance, Double Team, and Acid Armor that I used in an earlier chapter turned Meru into more of a defensive Pokemon. She has power, yes, but her main use is to tire out would-be sweepers and take them down when they're worn out from trying to attack illusions of her. Arcus hasn't been seen much in battle - something I plan to remedy in the future.

    Anyway, I'm posting to tell everyone that I'm still alive. School's been a bee-otch lately, what with midterms, monster papers, and profs that like to spring tests on you with two days of warning and then freaking not show up on the day of the tests. On top of that, my creative juices weren't exactly flowing last week - although I really couldn't focus on anything. On top of that, my good friend and roommate (having been loaned a computer with the (P)OS known as Linux) needs my computer often because he's got darn near as much work as I do.

    Anyway, those problems have all been overcome - to some degree. Chapter 19 (or is it 20?) is coming along nicely, but it still might be about a week or so. I've got another busy weekend ahead of me, but at least I've got Homecoming to look forward to.

    - EM1

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    geeze....sounds like MY school. 0_0

    lesse.....two papers, three quizzes, two tests, and another paper and another test on monday. DX

    i'll pray for both of us, EonMaster One. XD

    take as much time as you need on that chapter. school before our reading candies, i guess. besides, it'd be cool to pick up a newly published book and say, "I've READ that guy before!" XD

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    I'm really digging your story (as I always have :P) and would like to make a suggestion, that I feel would extremely further your writing career.
    Possibly, could you please upload your stories to I'm sure that someone of your caliber has at least heard of it, and the reader basis there is tenfold that of the Serebii forums.
    That said, I'm not putting down on the Serebii forums-just that I believe Fanfiction would house your stories easier and faster.
    Of course, one could always upload your stories in your name...but where's the glory in that?
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    That's a great idea, actually. But it'll probably be extremely slow, as I don't want to just pull a 967-page monster out of my butt and say, "Here you go!" It's sh*tloads easier to access things chapter by chapter on that site...I may start doing that, maybe two or three chapters at a time, until I'm all caught up and such.

    Good idea, like I said. I'll look into it.

    To the rest of you, I took a few hours last night to brainstorm...and if you know me, you know that if I brainstorm at night, I fall asleep brainstorming - which means that those ideas seep into my dreams a little bit and get stuck there.

    I've got some nice stuff coming for you guys down the pipe - and that includes stuff I've got planned out for Year of the Dragon.

    First of all...

        Spoiler:- About YoD...:

    Like I said, there's some new, interesting stuff coming up for the series in general. Right now, though, I've got to go, so I'll catch up with you guys later.

    - EM1
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    can't wait for it. sounds great. and risks are great when they work out. good luck with that, knowing what type of writer you are, i bet it turns out great.

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    Yeah same here.

    Stick it out dude, we've all got your back! School is a bee-otch, but what are ya gonna do...

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    Well I was reading just to let you know, I was really lazy and never posted though...

    But All in all the last couple o chapters were amazing, I love how your adapting to the Hoenn enviroment, as it is completely different from Johto.

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    Awesome, I wish you luck!
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    Okay, back in the saddle again – Chapter 20 is here.

    Chapter 20: Two Arrivals

    June 16, PA 2013 – Mauville City

    The next day went exactly as planned. Travis, Katrina, Kenjiro, and Reivyn covered the distance that was remaining to town and arrived at the city limits of Mauville just as night began to fall. One look at Mauville told Travis that this city, which was, for all intents and purposes, at the geographical center of the Hoenn mainland, was not like the others. Most towns began to wind down at about eight in the evening, but Mauville looked to be waking up. The city appeared to be alive with activity – partly due to the presence of bright neon lights along the main roads of the city. As Travis continued down the road toward the Pokémon Center, guided by quality directions from a rather nice townsman, he turned his head this way and that so that his eyes would catch anything and everything that could be caught. Angel, for one, seemed less than pleased about the city’s setup:

    “<Good grief…how can anyone sleep with this many lights on?>” she grumbled.

    “<Guess you learn to deal with it,>” Crescent replied.

    “<Easy for you to say,>” Angel answered, rolling her eyes. “<You disappear when the lights go out.>”

    “<Very funny,>” Crescent laughed.

    “This place is like an attack on the senses…” Katrina muttered. “Is everything here run on electricity?”

    “Just about,” Kenjiro piped in. Travis and Katrina turned their heads, surprised to hear him respond. Kenjiro quickly explained. “I’ve already been here about two or three times, and it’s one of those places I’d rather avoid, but seeing as you have to get a badge here…”

    “So much for that today – it’s almost nine,” Travis muttered morosely. “Not that I could battle tonight anyway – I’m beat…”

    “<Same here,>” Angel commented.

    “Let’s rest and worry about it tomorrow,” Katrina sighed. “In any case, I’ve heard the Mauville Gym stays open later than any other gym in Hoenn.”

    It was less than an hour before the four had rooms at the Pokémon Center. This Center was noticeably taller than many of the other ones they had visited, at a height of ten stories. Travis and Katrina were up on the ninth floor – Room 914, to be exact. Travis wondered why this particular Pokémon Center was so large. The answer, apparently, was that Mauville was central to the continent and had neighbors in three or four different cities. Therefore, many Trainers and tourists came into Mauville either to stay for a while or to pass through on their way to another way.

    Travis stood outside on the balcony, letting the wind ruffle his hair. The last week had been particularly enjoyable for Travis. Aside from the tense encounter with the two Imperial patrols the day before, he had enjoyed a largely stress-free week. Now, looking over the city, which was aglow with lights as far as the eye could see, he realized that he was feeling more relaxed than he’d been in a long time. He inhaled and sighed through his nose. It felt wonderful to breathe. In his book, no news was good news. He’d seen Imperial soldiers walking around, of course – they were everywhere – but they hadn’t been causing any particular trouble…so he saw no need to cause any trouble with them just yet.

    Over the city lights, and slightly in the distance, he could see the Mauville Gym. It was probably one of the best-made stadiums he’d ever seen, judging by the outside. It was thrown into relief by the many lights that were set up around it, giving it a slight glow even compared to the radiant skyline around it. It was as if the building sought to bring even further attention to itself – to distinguish itself from the rest of the sea of halogen and neon around it.

    ‘This is where the fun happens. This is the place to be.’

    “Penny for your thoughts?” a girl’s voice rang. Katrina appeared and stood alongside Travis, her face literally shining with beauty, but at the same time, looking perfectly natural. Her roseate hair flailed in the wind, some of it covering her face and her blue eyes.

    “You know…after we win our badges tomorrow,” he said. “That’ll be four – we’ll be halfway. All things considering, we’re making really good time. It’s been almost exactly a month since we got to Hoenn.”

    Katrina remained silent and then let out a laugh.

    “You think you’ll go all the way this time?” she asked.

    “It sure looks like it,” Travis replied. He took a step toward her and gently put his hands on her bare shoulders.

    “What’s wrong?” she asked.

    “Nothing,” Travis answered, pulling her close to him.

    “Oh?” she uttered with a slight giggle as her head settled onto his neck. “Nothing? ‘Nothing’ sounds fine with me.”

    They held each other for a few moments until a thought popped into Katrina’s head.

    “I wonder what’s going on with everyone we left in Rustboro…?” Katrina asked.

    “Not really our problem yet, is it?” Travis replied. Katrina drew her head back, surprised to hear Travis say something like that. He explained, “We’re doing our job – and that’s to win all eight badges and show at the tournament. We’ll handle what needs to be handled when we get there. Until then, we should just do what we came to do – enjoy Hoenn and kick –”

    Travis didn’t get a chance to finish his statement; as soon as he opened his mouth to say the final word of his sentence, Katrina planted a kiss on him.

    “Eh – what was that for?” he asked rather stupidly.

    “For finally listening to me for once,” she answered rather somberly. Dropping her head, she added, “All the same…I’m really sorry.”

    “Sorry?” Travis repeated, placing a hand under her chin and lifting her head a bit. “For what?”

    “I was really insensitive back then…” Katrina sighed. “I always told you not to worry, but now I realize that if I’d have been you, I…”

    “Stop that,” Travis said a bit sternly, putting his arms around her again. “Don’t you get it? If you were me, you wouldn’t be you. And if you hadn’t been you, I wouldn’t be here.”

    “Travis?” Katrina looked up toward him. With a smile, she said, “That made absolutely no sense.”

    “Life doesn’t always make sense,” Travis sighed, hugging her tightly. After a few moments’ silence, he said, “I have a plan – a plan to repay you for everything. If I become Champion, you’ll know that all you did amounted to something.”

    “I already know that,” Katrina said. “But, what’s this grand master plan of yours?”

    “I have to become Champion first – anything less is a failure,” Travis answered. “After that…well, that part, I want to surprise you with.”

    “Surprise? You’re not going to do anything crazy, are you?” Katrina asked.

    “Crazy? Maybe,” Travis answered. “But it’ll be the most sensible ‘anything crazy’ I’ll ever do in my life.”

    “You’re not gonna tell me, are you?” Katrina queried.

    “Not until I become Champion,” Travis replied with a smirk. “And with the battle tomorrow…we’ll be one step closer.”

    June 17, PA 2013 – Romero Mansion

    Ivanna McAdrien, Lady of Hoenn, Captain of the Emerald Knights…

    …Her curly, blonde hair tied back with a band, she surveyed the small training room of the barracks. It was about forty feet by forty feet, and had a ceiling about ten feet high. Here, the few soldiers in the Emerald Knights honed their skills for the inevitable fight to come.

    She watched as two soldiers clashed with blunted weapons. They were both young men, just barely old enough to enlist in a military force. They had heard the story of the young man known as Cal, slain in Petalburg City. Now came the idea of vigilance – preparedness. The Emerald Knights were in no shape to stage a large-scale attack on anything…but they had to be ready in case the fight suddenly came to them.

    “No, no, no!” Ivanna groaned, the light armor she was wearing clanking slightly as she approached the soldiers at a bit of a run. The two soldiers, both holding short swords, stopped fighting and looked at their captain a bit dimly. The young blonde woman shook her head and muttered, “Damn it…Woodson – give me that.”

    She yanked the sword from one of the soldiers – a brown-haired, ordinary-looking youth whose head promptly dropped as he stepped back and allowed Ivanna to face the other soldier, a young man with short, wild, strawberry-blond hair.

    “Alright – you’re…sorry, I forgot. What was your name?” Ivanna asked.

    “Sh-sheridan Hadley,” the youth stammered. Then, with a respectful bow, he added, “Ma’am.”

    “Hm…Hadley…” Ivanna looked up, pondering this name. “I don’t remember you. How old are you, Hadley?”

    “I turned seventeen just last month, ma’am,” Hadley answered, seeming to gain his confidence.

    “Alright, soldier,” Ivanna said in a stern voice, drawing her long sword and pointing it right at Sheridan Hadley’s nose. To Ivanna’s surprise, Sheridan, far from screaming in terror, hardly flinched with the blade in his face. “What brought you here??”

    “I’m just old enough to remember how things were when His Majesty, King Elvanan was alive,” Hadley said. “I come from a family of ten…”

    “Ten??” Ivanna repeated in surprise, raising her eyebrow.

    “My mother and seven brothers and sisters,” Hadley replied. “I always wanted to serve in Hoenn’s army – ever since I met General McAdrien as a child…”

    Ivanna let out a slight gasp.

    “When I found out he was dead…I realized I couldn’t serve under a king that would kill a general as strong and as loyal to his country as General McAdrien was…” Hadley said. “I thought there was no chance with His Majesty the Prince dead…then, last month, when I came of age…there was a commotion in the square. I’m sure you’ve heard about it…”

    “It involved Captain Fergus and a shopkeeper?” Ivanna guessed the first thing on her mind.

    “That’s right,” Hadley said, nodding. “He was about to kill the shop owner…and then someone stood up to him – just a boy, too. They escaped. I was the only one that tried to follow them. I didn’t make it, but I found out what I needed to – Prince Elrik was alive.”

    “Really? Interesting story,” Ivanna replied, stepping back. With an aggressive growl in her voice, she said loudly, “Well, then…show me. Show me that you’re willing and worthy to fight for a kind and honorable man such as our Prince.”

    “But…” Hadley started.

    “There’s no time for conversation in battle, Hadley,” Ivanna interrupted sternly. “Come at me!”

    Young Hadley steeled himself and rushed Ivanna with his training sword. Ivanna easily knocked the sword aside and raised her own to strike, but Hadley was up quick and blocking as Ivanna unleashed a flurry of blows upon him. Hadley swung again and missed, but his follow-up strike was enough to cause Ivanna to jump back, avoiding impact by mere inches. Training swords may have been blunted so as not to be lethal, but they were still twenty pounds and no fun to be hit with.

    Ivanna looked up and, with a split-second reaction, parried Hadley’s attack and knocked him to the ground. Breathing a slight sigh of relief which she tried to conceal under a feigned yawn, she stood at ease, studying Hadley, who buried his face in the ground momentarily, banging his fist into the floor in slight frustration at himself for being too reckless.

    “What’s wrong?” Ivanna asked.

    “I’m dead, aren’t I?” Hadley responded through his teeth. “At least, in a real battle situation…”

    “You ought to be happy with yourself,” Ivanna replied. “Not many of the newer recruits your age fare half as well when I spar them. There aren’t many people from commoner families that know how to handle a sword that well.”

    “Well, my father was in the army,” Hadley replied.

    “Killed in action?” Ivanna asked.

    “No…” Hadley answered, almost as if he wished this were the case. “He…deserted – after Edgar took over as king, and we haven’t seen him since.”

    “I apologize,” Ivanna answered.

    “I don’t blame him,” Hadley replied. “I’m sure if he knew about us, he’d be a part of the Emerald Knights, too. That said, I’m not sure if he’s still alive…”

    “Ivanna!” After hearing a different voice call her name, Ivanna whirled around. Coming down the stairs (for the training room was in the basement of the Romero Mansion) was a young man in his early twenties, with eerily straight, sleek, jet-black hair and a smooth, brown complexion.

    “Rashid, what is it?” Ivanna asked her comrade. Immediately, Hadley, Woodson, and the few other swordsmen that were in the basement training room stood at attention and saluted across their chests.

    “Maria’s come back. She says that our spy is still alive,” Rashid replied.

    “What did he tell her?” Ivanna replied.

    “He told her to tell you to mind your own business, actually,” Rashid replied, scratching his head and trying to make light of it.

    “Insolent *******…” Ivanna muttered under her breath. “Well, I guess he really is alright.”

    “Why don’t you take a break? I’ll handle things down here,” Rashid replied, stepping toward the soldiers.

    “Last time I checked, I was your commanding officer, Rashid,” Ivanna said snippily. “I’ll thank you not to order me around like that.”

    “Whoever said it was Rashid giving the order?” Ivanna jumped; she knew who that voice belonged to, but couldn’t bring herself to believe it. Down the stairs, dressed in a nobleman’s traveling outfit, was Prince Elrik of Hoenn. A loud series of thuds were heard – all of the soldiers in the room, including Ivanna, saluted and bowed to one knee at the same time. Elrik surveyed the room, his light violet eyes darting from one person to the next. They finally settled on Ivanna, who was bowed in a statuesque position and seemed to be making it a point not to look at him. “I told Rashid to come down here and relieve you for the day.”

    “But, sire, it’s only noon, and…” Ivanna started.

    “Exactly – come and get something to eat,” Elrik replied, sounding a bit unsure of himself.

    “You mean, with…” Ivanna muttered, shaking her head. “That is – you wanted to see me personally?”

    “Something like that,” Elrik answered. “I’ve found something that you might find interesting.”

    “Erm…alright,” Ivanna muttered, following Elrik up the stairs. Toward the top of the tight, spiral staircase, they found Roald, who seemed to be on his way downstairs to join his son.

    “Hello, Sir Roald,” Elrik greeted him politely.

    “Your Majesty, it is good to see you well,” Roald said, bowing slightly. Roald nodded toward Ivanna’s direction and muttered, “Lady Ivanna.”

    The aging man stopped by her ear and whispered, “Do try and enjoy yourself, won’t you?”

    “Go on through, then,” Ivanna groaned in exasperation, moving a step to the left so that Roald could slip by her. She caught up with Prince Elrik, who had started walking already.

    “What are you doing?” Elrik asked.

    “You wanted me to follow you, right?” Ivanna replied.

    “Why don’t you change or something? It must be uncomfortable to eat in full armor,” Elrik commented.

    Ivanna sighed and set her sights on the staircase.

    In the dining hall sat Elrik, studying an empty plate and the most recent national news, which had been smuggled in by Rashid, who was used to gather information from Rustboro in Kenjiro’s absence. There had been more clashes between pirates and Imperials on the seas to their south – clashes that had (Elrik’s heart sank) resulted in the death of Captain Devareus Randell. Rumors were surfacing that the pirates were forming a coalition in order to declare their own brand of war on the Imperial Navy. Furthermore, a small battalion was apparently sent to apprehend one of the men on Edgar’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ list, but never returned…

    “Your Majesty?” hearing a nervous, female voice, Elrik looked up from his paper. What he saw took him aback a bit. Ivanna had taken the band out of her hair, allowing her blonde curls to fall just past her shoulders. She was wearing a royal-blue blouse and white pants and looked very beautiful.

    Several minutes later, they were both eating in silence. Elrik seemed to be waiting for Ivanna to start a conversation – Ivanna seemed to be trying very hard not to start the conversation.

    “So…” Elrik finally gave in. “How are things?”

    “They are going very well,” Ivanna replied stiffly. “Our army is gradually getting larger and stronger, but it’s a slow process…”

    “No, that’s not what I meant,” Elrik shook his head. “How are you doing, Ivanna?”

    “Me? Well…” Ivanna looked at her plate, not making eye contact with Elrik. “I guess I’m doing…fine…”

    Elrik didn’t look like he was buying it one bit. He motioned to one of the soldiers, who silently whisked away his and then Ivanna’s plates.

    “You wanted to show me something?” Ivanna asked.

    “…Well…there’s a garden behind this mansion,” Elrik replied. “I’d rather go there.”

    “It’s not a good idea for you to leave the mansion,” Ivanna said robotically. “It’s for your own security. We don’t want to endanger our secrecy – not while we’re at this strength. Most of our soldiers are either extremely aged veterans or young novices like Woodson and Hadley.”

    “I can take that risk,” Elrik replied flatly. “In any case, if anyone’s found the garden, this place isn’t exactly safe, anyway, right?”

    They made their way out to the garden, Elrik telling passing soldiers to spread the word not to disturb him unless it was something extremely important. As was predictable, the back garden seemed to have a semblance of former beauty, but had fallen into disrepair with the absence of a caretaker. There was a fountain of a very long, beautiful, serpentine Pokémon native only to Hoenn, but that was unsurprisingly dry. The trees and plants all around them looked haggard and nearly defeated. As Elrik came out toward the center of the garden, emerging from the shadow of the huge Romero Mansion, he let out a laugh. Ivanna was nonplussed.

    “Does something amuse you?” she asked in her normal, businesslike tone of voice.

    “It’s nothing, really,” Elrik said, kneeling down next to one of the plants calmly. “It’s just…look at this place.”

    “It’s…pardon me…dead,” Ivanna commented.

    “No, that’s just it – it isn’t,” Elrik replied. “When the last Romero died, this place began to fall apart. But if you look closely, you can still see signs of life.”

    Ivanna looked up and, indeed, there were still small, frail-looking blossoms on some of the trees. Even a lone Beautifly fluttered over them, like a vulture, yet completely opposite. Vultures circle around a place, waiting for something to die. This Beautifly, however…she was waiting for life.

    “It’s a bit like our army – a little like Hoenn,” Elrik said, standing. “We’re almost completely destroyed…but not yet. There’s still some hope, and with every day that goes by, there’s a little bit more hope. That’s how I see things, anyway.”

    He went into his pocket and began to pull something out of it.

    “I’ve had this picture ever since the day we left the castle,” he said, smiling and thrusting the picture into Ivanna’s hand. “I thought I’d show it to you.”

    “You…kept this since then?” Ivanna gasped, shocked to see what it was. In the center, with full royal attire, was a middle-aged man with two boys standing in front of him. Both had similar facial features and violet eyes of slightly differing shades and looked like they could have been fraternal twins, sons of the man holding their shoulders. Both had neck-length hair. One twin’s hair was black and the other’s was a russet brown.

    “You see this picture? That’s Father, Edgar, and I, of course,” Elrik replied. “On the right over here…”

    Two males with dark complexions and straight, black hair – a son and father – were on the right of the picture. The father was bearded and was wearing full armor. The son looked like his father in miniature and had to be in his early teens – he even had what looked to be a short sword strapped to one of his hips.

    “Sir Roald and Rashid,” Ivanna commented. Allowing herself a laugh and a moment’s reminiscence, she said, “Rashid’s always looked so much like his father…”

    “And there’s you and Sir Izaak on the left,” Elrik said, pointing. Indeed, there was a blond-haired man wearing armor and carrying the sheath to a rather large sword on his back. Under him, next to Elrik, stood a girl with curly, blonde hair, wearing a white skirt and looking a bit…angry. Then again, the child Elrik in the picture looked like he was trying to force a smile a bit.

    “Was I upset about something? I’m the only one in the picture that isn’t smiling at all,” Ivanna commented. Elrik laughed.

    “Oh, that…this picture was taken…” Elrik flipped it over. “P.A. 2003. That’s ten years ago now. I think I remember why you were so irritated. Sir Izaak had yelled at you about…something.”

    Ivanna folded her arms, assuming a facial expression almost identical to that of her twelve-year-old self on the picture.

    “You don’t remember?” Elrik asked, with a rather hurt-looking expression on his face.

    “I honestly don’t,” Ivanna sighed, shaking her head.

    Elrik laughed and started to recount the story: “You, Rashid, Edgar and I snuck off into the city while our fathers were having lunch together…”

    June, PA 2003 – Sootopolis City, Hoenn

    Edgar – a handsome, black-haired boy with violet eyes – looked around a corner for any soldiers. Seeing none, he waved his hand in another direction. From that direction came his twin brother, thirteen-year-old Elrik, as well as another twelve-year-old girl who was the daughter of the nation’s top knight and the king’s right-hand-man, as well as a dark-skinned teenager who looked to be a year or two older than the rest.

    “Hurry up!” Edgar groaned.

    “Edgar, where do you think we’re going?” Elrik piped up. “We’ll get into trouble if we go too far from the castle!”

    “Elrik, we’ve done this before,” Edgar groaned. “We’re not babies anymore. We should have a chance to explore the city if we want!”

    “Right, Elrik – where’s your sense of adventure?” the girl – who, in a white skirt, did not look to be dressed for any type of ‘adventure’ – teased.

    “Ivanna,” Elrik groaned. “I just don’t want to get in trouble. I’m not talking about Father.”

    “You forget who we’ve got with us,” Edgar replied. “Rashid’s armed, and anybody messing with him or Ivanna might as well be messing with Hoenn’s entire army.”

    “The only reason I came along on this little trip was to make sure you two stay out of trouble – especially you, Edgar,” Rashid said with a grimace. “Last time I got into trouble with my father, he forced me to spar him with bamboo swords…”

    Elrik and Ivanna both winced. They knew that Rashid’s father, Sir Roald, who was one of the top generals in Hoenn’s cavalry unit (which employed, among other Pokémon, Rapidash as mounts), was a strong man with a slight temper. They had also heard Rashid’s horror stories of sparring with his father and knew that this could not have ended well. Ivanna grabbed Elrik’s hand and slipped to the left.

    “You can always go back if you want,” Edgar said a bit cockily.

    “And risk you getting into real trouble? Are you crazy?” Rashid groaned. “Then I’d be facing execution or something.”

    “Execution – like anyone’s going to execute you,” Edgar sighed, rolling his eyes. “You’re pretty much the army’s favorite kid. Besides, it’s not like any of us are going to se…pa…rate…uh…Rashid?”

    “What is it?” Rashid said, his eyes closed in irritation.

    “Do you see Elrik or Ivanna anywhere?” Edgar asked.

    “Sure, they were right…oh, no…” Rashid groaned – for where Ivanna and Elrik had been, there was now only an empty space. “Oh, damn it! My father’s going to kill me!”

    Your father?” Edgar blurted out in surprise. “Come on…they couldn’t have gotten far.”

    Elrik and Ivanna slipped away to the pier. Sootopolis was a city with far fewer roads than canals, so the piers were important places. This one, however, seemed to be deserted as of now. Perhaps the gondola had not arrived. Elrik felt a bit awkward, as was expected. He was thirteen and was now unexpectedly and doubtlessly alone with a girl. More than that, a girl he’d known and been friends with since childhood, and a girl he thought to be very pretty, no matter how quiet he was about it.

    “This water’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Ivanna asked.

    “We see this water every day, Ivanna,” Elrik sighed. “What’s so special about it. I’m going to be seeing this water every day for the rest of my life.”

    “I’m so glad I wasn’t raised as royalty,” Ivanna sighed. “My father and I are always somewhere, so I’ve seen almost all of the city. But you…tee-hee…you’re so sheltered.”

    “That’s not my fault – you see how Rashid acts,” Elrik muttered. “Speaking of which, if he finds us…”

    “You see? Sheltered,” Ivanna mused, rolling her eyes at Elrik.

    “Ivanna!” Elrik groaned. “Stop teasing me.”

    “Sometimes I’d rather just be normal,” Ivanna said, finding a stone and skipping it into the water. “But I’d rather be me than you. You’ve never kissed a girl, have you?”

    “Eh…” Elrik’s face went beet red. “No, of course not. I mean, who would I…”

    He stopped talking when he got a look at Ivanna’s face.

    “Were you talking about…you?” he asked, afraid of the answer he would receive. Ivanna turned toward Elrik.

    “I didn’t want to say it in front of Edgar or Rashid, but…” Ivanna said, sounding hesitant as if she wanted to find the right words to say. “I like you a lot, Elrik.”

    “I knew that, Ivanna,” Elrik said. “We’ve been friends since we could barely walk.”

    “No, that’s not what I mean,” Ivanna almost stammered, looking furtively around her. “Not friends…something different.”

    “But…Edgar…” Elrik answered haltingly, hardly believing what he was hearing. Historically, Edgar had always had more success in this department, being the more social, stronger, and (in Elrik’s own opinion) better-looking twin.

    “He’s a good friend…but I feel different about you,” Ivanna sighed. She smiled and said, “But I know…we can’t…you know, be together – ‘cause I’m not a princess.”

    “I thought you said you were glad you’re not a princess,” Elrik said.

    “Yes, but…” Ivanna trailed off. “Because of that, we can’t be anything other than friends. Royalty always grows up and marries royalty – that’s how it works. So, that’s why I brought you all the way down here to ask you…if I could kiss you just once.”

    “Erm…sure…I mean…I guess…if you want to,” Elrik stammered, his face extremely hot all of a sudden. Ivanna, her face redder (if at all possible) than Elrik’s, giggled nervously.

    “Um…well…here’s to being a princess for a day,” she said, and gradually leaned in. Elrik stood still and closed his eyes, wondering how it would feel to be kissed by who he thought was the most beautiful girl in the city, maybe even in all of Hoenn. She was extremely slow, which unnerved Elrik a bit. He thought she should have been slightly less nervous about this than he was. His heart was pounding – he was just beginning to feel her exhaling on his face when he heard a string of shouts that jarred him to attention.

    “There they are!!”


    Elrik opened his eyes and jumped back. There were Rashid, Edgar, Elrik’s father, the King, as well as Roald and Sir Izaak – the last of these with a look in his eyes that Elrik had never seen before as he stormed down the pathway toward them. Elrik jumped backward as Izaak seized his daughter by the shoulders.

    “You had me worried sick!!” Izaak shouted. “We’ve been looking all over town for you two, thinking you’d gotten yourselves into some kind of trouble. Then we finally find you and – what are you doing? Trying to seduce the Prince? What’s wrong with you?!”

    Sir Izaak’s tirade frightened Ivanna to tears as Elrik looked on helplessly.

    “Do you have any idea how this looks, Ivanna? DO YOU?!” Izaak continued to shout.

    “Izaak – that’s enough,” Elvanan spoke up as he slowly began to walk down the path. “This is not as serious as you are making it out to be. Children their age find out about a lot of things. Duty…”

    He looked at Rashid.


    He looked at Elrik and there seemed to be a twinkle in his eyes. A second after that, his expression changed.


    He turned back toward Edgar, who had his arms folded. He and Elrik were staring daggers at each other.

    “You?” Elrik whispered, not trusting himself to speak at full volume because of his anger. “You did this? Why?”

    “I was worried about you,” Elrik said innocently.

    “Worried?!” Elrik, probably for the first time in his young life, exploded. “You were worried that something like this would happen! I swear to Rayquaza, if you weren’t my own flesh and blood, I’d…”

    “THAT’S ENOUGH!!” Suddenly, Elvanan raised his voice to a shout, one of his strong hands pushing Elrik backward. “I WILL NOT HAVE MY TWO SONS FIGHTING EACH OTHER!”

    He lowered his voice.

    “One of you will be Hoenn’s next King after I pass away,” Elvanan said. “I have not decided yet – but if you are willing to fight your own brother, I will not be able to rest in peace after giving this kingdom to either of you!”

    “Sire, there is a very easy remedy for this,” Izaak said. “Ivanna will stay at home until she learns to control herself.”

    “That’s no way to treat a child!!” Roald spoke up. “Caging her up like an animal like that…”

    “You don’t have a daughter, so you wouldn’t understand,” Izaak responded viciously.

    “I don’t understand, either,” Elvanan said. “Izaak, you are overreacting. This is not right.”

    “With all due respect, Your Majesty…” Izaak said calmly, “This is out of your jurisdiction.”

    Elvanan sighed.

    “That it is,” he conceded. With that, Izaak gently led Ivanna away by the shoulders, but not before the girl could steal one last look at Elrik. From behind the King’s arm, Elrik gazed at Ivanna, who, through her leaking eyes, mouthed something sadly to Elrik that prompted him to step back a bit.

    Ivanna stood, shocked, as she looked at the picture.

    “I forgave Edgar…eventually…and we moved on,” Elrik said. “You, though…”

    “I cried for three days straight,” Ivanna finished before she could stop herself. “That fall, my father started to teach me how to fight…”

    “…and you’ve never been the same person since,” Elrik said. Ivanna lowered the picture and looked straight into Elrik’s eyes. There was silence for a few seconds until a loud call of “Your Majesty!!” prompted Ivanna to turn around.

    “I thought you were ordered not to disturb the Prince unless it was important!” Ivanna said in a bit of a temper.

    “But…it is important – there’s someone at the front door of the mansion!!” the soldier pleaded.

    “Summon all available soldiers,” Ivanna said decisively. “Do not open that door until I get there, and if they force their way in, kill them.”

    “Yes, ma’am!!” the soldier said, saluting Ivanna and running back inside. Ivanna looked down at the picture for a moment and turned around with a pained look on her face as Elrik approached her.

    “Things have changed so much, Elrik,” she said sadly, allowing a tear or two to fall from each eye. Elrik laid a hand on her shoulder.

    “You’re right,” Elrik replied, causing her to look up. Then, before any sort of warning, before Ivanna could muster up the stupidity to back off or protest, he lowered his lips onto hers in a quick kiss. There was a blank look in Ivanna’s brown eyes, red in her cheeks, and her eyes dried almost immediately. It was as if, for that moment, she was twelve years old again, and they were standing at the pier in Sootopolis…except, this time, things had gone the way she’d planned them – or even the way she’d dreamed them.

    “Elrik…” she said in a hardly audible voice.

    “That was in case things end badly,” Elrik said, walking toward the mansion’s back door.

    Soldiers dressed in silver armor accented with green lined the foyer and stairs of the Romero Mansion, creating an artificial hallway of weapons that any potential visitor or attacker would have to cross in order to reach the Prince. Rashid, Roald, Elrik, and Ivanna were at the top, all dressed in armor should this encounter turn violent. Ivanna looked at the soldiers nearest the front doors and nodded. Slowly, these two men moved toward the doors, grabbed the monolithic handles, and pulled them open. Standing there were two figures, both in dusty-looking traveling cloaks.

    “Identify yourselves!!” Ivanna shouted. The figure on the left removed its hood, revealing the face of a relatively young man. He had long, black hair and one golden hoop earring in his left ear. He wore a green headband as well. He took two steps into the mansion. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an archer stationed at the top of the stairs to her right string an arrow onto his bow as quick as lightning and prepare to fire. She held up her hand quickly. The soldier saw it and summarily lowered his bow. The other figure lowered its hood and revealed a brown-haired woman. Both seemed to be carrying strange-looking staves. After a few seconds, the clear, loud, echoing voice of Rashid al-Zevi cut through the silence.

    “Which is more precious? A ruby or a sapphire?” Rashid yelled.

    “A diamond, perhaps, or even a pearl?” another voice said. Ivanna was looking straight at the two people standing in front of her – neither of them was talking. Moreover, this sounded like the whisper of someone very aged. “A bar of gold, a silver coin?”

    “Who’s there?!” Ivanna shouted.

    “Freedom, however, is bought at a price infinitely higher than all of these – so I would have to say it is this that is most precious,” The man and woman parted to reveal a bowed figure in a hood, carrying a book. Removing his hood, he revealed himself as a bald, old man with a long, white beard that was very reminiscent of some sort of sage or wizard. Elrik took a step back in shock.

    “Hong Liu?” he gasped. “Master Hong, is that you?”

    “Ah, Prince Elrik,” the old man sighed. “My eyes are not what they were, but I recognize that voice anywhere. The stories were true, then…”

    “So you are alive…” Elrik said. “What brings you here?”

    “Heard that you were going to oust Malachi Gorba – thought I’d see what I could do to help. These are my two pupils, by the way – Creon and Agnes,” Hong Liu said, as the man and woman both bowed slightly.

    “You want to…join us? Am I hearing this correctly?” Roald asked.

    “Roald, is that you? Sure, you’ve aged a bit, but I think you can hear me clearly,” Hong Liu quipped. “Yes – we want to join you.”

    Elrik looked at his generals and muttered, “The legendary Wise Man, Hong Liu, on our side. I should hope no one wishes to object to this…”

    There was silence.

    “No?” Elrik said loudly. Turning to Hong Liu, Creon, and Agnes, and looking down at them from the second floor, he said, “Well, Master Hong, it’s good to have you.”

    The foyer erupted into loud and raucous cheering – and it was under that loud and distracting noise that the eyes of Elrik and Ivanna found each other. Their fingers brushed against each other…then their hands clasped and they smiled.

    “We might just have a chance,” Elrik said.

    We’re almost completely destroyed…but not yet. There’s still some hope, and with every day that goes by, there’s a little bit more hope.

    A little bit more hope…sometimes a little bit more hope is truly the difference.

    Six o’clock came, and found the group of four standing before the halls to the locker room in the Mauville Gym. This gym was domed, as Travis had seen yesterday, so weather would not be a factor in today’s match (which was kind of a shame, seeing as the nighttime brought mild and pleasant temperatures that would have been all right to battle in). The stadium was full, as most people who worked had left work and started their evening recreation. In Mauville City, ‘evening recreation’ either referred to the huge Game Corner or the nearby Gym.

    “Good luck,” Katrina said, kissing Travis, whose match was first this time. Travis gave a wave and turned around toward the entrance, followed by Angel.

    “<Do you have a plan?>” Angel asked.

    “Stay the heck away from those exploding panels, I guess…” Travis muttered.

    As he made his way through the locker room, he heard his name being announced.

    “Damn!!” he groaned, quickening his pace to a run and barely evading a couple of Junior Trainers that had just come in from their exhibition match. As the announcer finished speaking, he found the end of the tunnel and entered the stadium. What he saw made him and Angel hesitate. “Holy sh—”

    This stadium wasn’t just big – it was HUGE.

    It was a bowl-like design with two decks all the way around. Between the decks, there seemed to be tubes streaming with controlled electricity that made the entire place shine with a slight blue glow. Travis could barely hear himself think over the loud cheering and jeering. None of this sound had anywhere to go, either – except maybe up to the top of the monolithic dome above him, where it would reverberate off the metal beams (which were arranged in…well, a crapload of triangles) and come back down to the stadium floor magnified about ten times, which was saying something, seeing as this stadium had to be holding upwards of ten thousand people.

    Speaking of the stadium floor, it indeed was rather unorthodox. Instead of a League-standard floor, it was indeed composed of about a hundred or so tiles. The Pokéball marking was still there, in full color, sitting on tiles in the middle of the stadium. Moreover, it looked like there was a tube of the same blue lightning running around the edge of the ring, which seemed to have a gap between it and the path Travis was on, which was made of red tiles, signifying the challenger.

    “<Wow, this guy sure goes big,>” Angel commented.

    “You got that right,” Travis commented. Cocking his neck just a bit, he said, “We’ll just have to go even bigger, then. Let’s go!!”

    With that, he broke into a run, followed by Angel, and jumped the gap into the ring, where he landed almost flawlessly, Angel right next to him. He looked up and gazed across the field at the young man who was standing on the other side. This was the Gym Leader, Roderick Wattson. He was the grandson of the original Wattson (who had retired a few years back) and, for obvious reasons, was known as ‘Lightning Rod’ by the fans of Mauville. In fact, he looked a bit like a human lightning rod. His clothes and hair just screamed punk-rocker. He was wearing a black leather vest as well as a spiky, blonde-and-white Mohawk that seemed to be arranged on his head in the shape of a lightning bolt. His arms, which ended with spiked wristbands, were literally sleeved in lightning tattoos and Travis could see at least four piercings on one of his ears. Truth be told, Travis (who had been warned about this guy on the way) was praying that Rod didn’t battle half as crazy as he looked. He cracked his neck from side to side.

    “Alright, kid – hands and arms in the vehicle? Don’t want any accidents!” he exclaimed. It was at this point that Travis realized that he was miked up for this match. Travis shrugged his shoulders, trying not to show that he was slightly intimidated. Raising one of his spiked fists into the air, he shouted, “Alright – LET’S RIDE!!”

    At that moment a cheer erupted and Travis’ hair stood on end as he heard a hum behind him. About three feet behind him and working its way around him and Rod’s side of the field was a hundred-foot tall wall of lightning.

    “Oh…” Travis whispered, turning and looking over his shoulder at Rod with a facial expression that can be best described as disbelief mixed with annoyance, sprinkled with a slight dash of fear. “You have got to be kidding me.”

    Meanwhile, Katrina, Kenjiro, and Reivyn had found seats in the second deck of the stadium, which really wasn’t any problem – they could see most of the battle on the monolithic screen situated on the other side of the stadium. They sure didn’t need a high-definition screen to see a hundred-foot tall electric barrier, though. Crescent was the first to comment.

    “<WHOA, WHAT THE HELL?!>” he shouted, pretty much surprising no one, as he was merely saying what everyone else around him was thinking. “<Can he do that??>”

    “Apparently, he can,” Katrina sighed. A second later, her face broke into a smirk.

    “What’s so funny?” Kenjiro asked, looking straight at Katrina.

    “I guess he thinks that his opponents are going to freak out and run away,” Katrina said, the smile still on her face.

    “Travis…isn’t what you’d call the ‘freak-out-and-run-away’ type, is he?” Kenjiro asked, already knowing the answer, seeing as the two had fought each other just over a month ago.

    “In a word…” Katrina replied. “No. In fact…Rod might end this battle wishing that he’d kept his side open.”

    “Hope no one tries to forfeit,” Kenjiro said, taking a stab at humor. “Whoever does will get a hell of a lot more than their pride hurt.”

    “<More like a few thousand volts running through your body,>” Crescent said, smiling.

    “What’s so funny with you?” Katrina asked her Umbreon.

    “<Well…>” Crescent explained. “<When I first met Angel, she was horribly afraid of lightning and thunder. In fact…that’s about the only thing she was afraid of.>”

    “Oh, yeah…” Katrina said. “Uh…Kenjiro?”

    “Kenji, are you okay?” Reivyn asked, tugging Kenjiro’s opposite arm.

    “Erm…I’m fine – I just thought I saw some weird guy over there, that’s all,” Kenjiro commented.

    “Where?” Katrina asked, looking to her left. Kenjiro pointed. The eyes of the three humans and Crescent centered on a tall man – at least, they assumed he was a man – standing near the wall on the path that led back out to the concourse. He stood tall and had his arms folded. A black fedora covered his eyes, but it was obvious that he was watching the match intently. He was draped in a black trenchcoat that reached his ankles and had what looked like an earring dangling from his right ear.

    “Kenji? That man…he dresses sort of like you,” Reivyn commented.

    “Are you complimenting him or insulting me?” Kenjiro asked, not really knowing what to make of this.

    “Actually…” Katrina said, studying the man’s outfit. “She’s got a point. I think you’d look good in a fedora, personally.”

    “Gee…thanks,” Kenjiro replied bitingly. “There’s something that doesn’t sit right with me about that guy.”

    “Oh, geez, you’re so paranoid,” Katrina turned toward him, rolling her eyes.

    “Nobody up to any good wears a get-up like that,” Kenjiro remarked.

    “You’d know,” Katrina bit back.

    “Hey, watch it,” Kenjiro snapped. “There’s just something not right about him…and what the hell is that he’s leaning on? I’ve never seen a cane shaped like that. And look at his hair…”

    “You think he’s evil because of his hair?” Katrina questioned incredulously. “Come on, Kenjiro – be reasonable…”

    His most noticeable feature, like Kenjiro said, was his hair. It was shoulder-length, stringy, and about the same color as Reivyn’s – maybe a shade or two brighter. The highlights, however, were an extremely bright, angry color red that would have made him very obvious in a crowd. He was also leaning on some very long, stick-like object that was about collarbone-height. Silently he watched, almost like a bird waiting for its prey.

    Meanwhile, down on the field, the referee was announcing the rules of the match. After Travis heard “three-on-three,” he ignored the ref the rest of the way.

    “My pick! Let’s roll – Magnemite!” Rod shouted, throwing his ball into the air. It bounced off the ground and, in a shower of sparkles, revealed an inorganic Pokémon that resembled a magnet. Travis had seen Magnemite before, but this one looked different. Most Magnemite had silver-blue bodies with a magnet on each side, each having one red and one blue pole. This Magnemite was a pure silver with black poles on its magnets.

    “Oh, crap, that’s a shiny Magnemite – how the hell’d he get his hands on that?” Travis muttered. “Oh, well…shinies just look pretty. Doesn’t make ‘em any stronger…Champ, let’s go!!”

    Travis threw his own Pokéball into the air. The ball opened to reveal his Grovyle, who was being featured in battle for the first time since evolving two days ago.

    “<Let’s own the competition,>” Champ said, the three leaves on each of his arms melding together and glowing a bright green.

    “First move, kid!!” Rod shouted.

    “Champ, use Fury Cutter!” Travis yelled.

    “Dodge that, Magnemite!!” Rod shouted in response. Magnemite floated to the left just as Champ got there. As Champ landed right in front of Rod, the punk Gym Leader smirked.

    “What’s so funny?!” Travis shouted. Right then, in that second, he saw the panel below Champ begin to emit a faint, white light. Then he remembered… “Oh, crap! Champ – JUMP!!”

    Champ leapt into the air just as the panel below him exploded into thousands of tiny pieces of shrapnel.

    “<Whoa!! That’s not good,>” Champ shouted.

    “Magnemite, use Sonic Boom!” Rod yelled. The air around Magnemite distorted and suddenly, Champ, who was hanging in midair after leaping, was blasted into an involuntary barrel roll.

    “OH!” Travis groaned, cringing. “Champ – no, no – THE WALL!”

    “<What’s going on – GUARGH!!>” Champ yelled in pain as he hit the electric barrier, which sent several thousand volts of electricity running through his body all at once. He fell face-first to the ground, hitting another panel and bouncing off.

    “Sonic Boom again, Magnemite!!” Rod shouted, letting loose with one of those heavy metal screams.

    “Shoot – Champ, dodge and hit him with Fury Cutter!!” Travis shouted. Champ blurred left as the sonic wave hit the electric barrier, causing a slight disturbance. He appeared behind Magnemite and, with the sound of metal against metal, hit the Magnet Pokémon with one of the leaf blades on his arms. Magnemite flew backward, screeching a robotic blip which Travis guessed was supposed to be an imitation of pain.

    “Fury Cutter again!!” Travis shouted loudly. Champ landed on the ground and leapt toward Magnemite, hitting it again with another Fury Cutter attack.

    “Your physical attacks won’t work!” Rod shouted. “Thundershock!!”

    The poles of Magnemite’s magnets began to glow a faint yellow, and crackling bulbs of electricity appeared between each of them, congregating into a tightly-knit group of static bolts that shot at Champ like a barrage of arrows.

    “<Iron Tail, Coach?>” Champ asked.

    “Iron Tail!!” Travis shouted in response. He leapt up toward Magnemite, his tail, now long and slender, glowing white. The Thundershock attack, which was coming straight at Champ’s head, was redirected toward his tail.

    “What the –” Rod grunted. Champ swung around and connected with Magnemite’s eye using his tail, blasting it backward. Backward and backward it hovered until it hit the electric barrier directly behind Rod…

    “<Got him!!>” Champ shouted. Right then, Magnemite’s eye began to glow white.

    “Shouldn’t have done that,” Rod said calmly. “Use Magnet Laser!!”

    “Magnet Laser?? Champ, MOVE!!” Travis shouted – but he was a beat too late. A laser beam fired from Magnemite’s eye toward the Grovyle, who jumped back barely as the beam hit a panel right below him, which exploded. Unfortunately, two adjacent panels also exploded in that moment, blowing Champ several feet into the air.

    “Tackle, Magnemite!!” Rod ordered. Magnemite took off into the air, its small but hard body aimed straight at Champ’s back. Champ tumbled backward and righted himself just in time for Travis to shout his order:

    “Champ – Leaf Blade!!” he shouted. Champ’s arm blades began to glow a neon green. He crossed them over himself just as Magnemite got there. Flicking Magnemite away with his blade and began rotating.

    “What’s that?” Rod uttered.

    Travis smirked.

    “Goodbye,” he said. “LEAF BLADE!!”

    Champ spiraled down into Magnemite, hitting it several times and knocking it to the ground. As it made contact, its single eye was closed and a whirring sound signified that it was no longer responsive.

    “Magnemite is unable to battle – the winner is Grovyle!” the referee announced, pointing the red flag at Travis.

    Dalton Gregg was a mostly-ordinary university student from the region once called Johto.
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    Rod winced. “Damn,” he grunted, returning Magnemite to its Pokéball. “Where’d that come from?”

    “Whew…that was harder than I thought it’d be,” Travis sighed.

    “<Tough opponents are the most fulfilling ones to beat, aren’t they?>” Champ commented, standing.

    “Alright, I guess you’ll be a little harder than I thought you’d be,” Rod shouted, pulling out another Pokéball. “Let’s go…Electrode!!”

    He threw the Pokéball and out came…another Pokéball? Well, not exactly. It was white and red, just like a Pokéball, yes; but it had eyes and a very suspicious grin. It looked large and, honestly, quite heavy.

    “Electrode…use Rollout!!” Rod exclaimed. Electrode began to tumble over itself and then shot like a missile at the Grovyle. Several Voltorb panels exploded behind it as Champ braced himself for the impact.


    Champ was sent into a backward somersault. Champ, showing his athleticism once again, righted himself and skidded to a stop. Just as he landed, the panel below him went white.

    “<What’s – oh, sh—>”


    Champ was sent high into the air, the victim of another one of those exploding panels.

    “Damn!!” Travis groaned. Champ landed in a heap, scars and burns covering his body. He staggered to his feet, growling.

    “<He’s reached his limit,>” Angel muttered. “<Champ, I can step in! Don’t be a fool!>”

    “<If I’m going down…>” Champ panted. “<I’m going down fighting. That’s who I am.>”

    He closed his eyes. All of the leaves on his body began to glow a bright green.

    “<I’ve got one more attack in me…>” Champ growled. “<Let’s make it count.>”

    Travis looked up at Rod. “If this lands, we’ll have an advantage,” he muttered. Then, raising his voice to a shout, he yelled, “LEAF BLADE!!”

    “<LET’S GO!>” Champ shouted, taking off at a run. His speed seemed to have increased, as he traversed several exploding panels without receiving a scratch. He was so fast that Rod barely had time to call a counterattack as he emerged from the smoke

    “Sonicboom, GO!” Rod shouted. A wave of sound emitted from the face of Electrode and made a thunderous noise right as Champ’s twin Leaf Blades made contact. There was stillness for several seconds…then Electrode began to roll backward. Rod stood framed like a deer in headlights. Electrode was the bowling ball – he was the tenpin.


    Electrode’s 150-pound, spherical body rolled out of the ring, taking out Rod’s legs and knocking him to the ground. As Rod stood, Electrode rolled back into the ring, where two deep scratches were visible in its white and red shell. Champ, who was still doubled over from receiving a point-blank Sonicboom attack right as he made contact, stood. The leaves on his arms separated into their original formation as he fell back against the arena floor, knocked out. A single drop of sweat cascaded down Travis’ face as he set his mouth in a firm line.

    “Angel – you ready?” he asked.

    “<Sure I am…but second?>” Angel asked, noticing this sudden change in Travis’ battle strategy.

    “I want to save Raiden for later. Rod’s probably packing Voltyger’s evolved form, and Volterror have Dark-type properties, too…”

    “<…I understand,>” Angel said, stepping out onto the field.

    Meanwhile, in the crowd, Kenjiro glanced to his left, as he had been doing about once every minute to keep an eye on the suspicious man’s actions. This time (which, by Kenjiro’s count, was about the ninth or tenth, there was no suspicious man. Kenjiro stood up immediately.

    “Kenji!” Reivyn exclaimed, standing. Kenjiro winced. “Where are you going?”

    “Yeah, what’s the rush?” Katrina asked. “The match is just starting to get really good.”

    Kenjiro cleared his throat and said in a terse voice, “Nature.” Reivyn sat down immediately.

    “Oh…” Katrina uttered, twiddling her thumbs. “Sorry…”

    “Whatever…” Kenjiro said, slipping to the end of the row.

    Katrina jumped as the announcer’s voice came over the loudspeaker. “The challenger sends out an Espeon to deal with Rod’s Electrode. The challenger’s Grovyle just went down, but not before taking a chunk or two out of Electrode – quite literally. Will our gym leader stay with Electrode, or will he switch Pokémon??”

    The upper concourse was nearly silent as the man in black made his way around toward the stairs that led to the lower concourse. His footsteps echoed off the walls dozens of times over.

    “I’d like to think you’re going down to congratulate Travis after he wins…” the man stopped as he heard an echoing voice. Slowly, he directed his hidden eyes to his left. Through two windows he saw the sun setting over the lighted city of Mauville. Between these two windows was shadow – and from that shadow stepped a young man of less than twenty with bronze hair and a long traveling coat that was a faded, dusty color. “But I have a feeling that’s not it.”

    “You know the boy, then?” the man asked. His voice was calm, almost passive.

    “We’ve met,” Kenjiro said matter-of-factly.

    “My condolences, then,” the man said with a curt nod toward Kenjiro, beginning to resume his walk around the concourse. After a few long moments of silence, he heard the youth speak again.

    “I don’t think you get it.”

    The man felt a rush of wind and realized with an amused smirk that the young man was standing right before him, having covered a bit more than thirty yards in an instant.

    “Whatever you’re planning to do to him, I’ve got this funny feeling that it would make my life more complicated…” Kenjiro said in a dangerously calm voice. “…and I really don’t have the patience for any more…complications.”

    “Is that so?” the man asked. “Then, we have something in common.”

    Kenjiro smirked and cocked his head.

    “Small world.”

    Short chapter by my standards, I know. But these events were slightly too long to put them all into one chapter. Hopefully I’ll be finishing the next chapter faster than I did this one. This chapter introduced one huge wrinkle in the story that wasn’t there when I started the chapter. I think it’d be nice to stir up a bit of trouble at this point, don’t you? Plus, I’m not up to my eyeballs in work. I’m still up to about my waist, but that’s manageable. (BTW…is there any way to spread word about one’s work on…erm…the other site a certain reviewer was talking about? I posted the first few chapters of PRJ there yesterday and have gotten a whopping 0 reviews. Thanks!)

    - EM1

    P.S. - I know I've been a bit neglectful with the P-Dex of all of the Fakemon featured in this fanfic - I'll work to rectify that error in the coming days.

    Dalton Gregg was a mostly-ordinary university student from the region once called Johto.
    Then a fateful encounter set him on a quest to change history.

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    Awesome chapter, EM1. I especially like the exploding tiles of doom, they add a nice touch. Haven't had time to review much, thanks to school.


    Only saw one problem, right here:

    He turned back toward Edgar, who had his arms folded. He and Elrik were staring daggers at each other.

    “You?” Elrik whispered, not trusting himself to speak at full volume because of his anger. “You did this? Why?”

    “I was worried about you,” Elrik said innocently.

    Should be Edgar, unless Elrik has MPD..

    Good job, again, and good luck with finding a setting for YoD.

    P.S. Give it time with Most members are retarded monkies, so it could take some time for the good reviewers to get ahold of PRJ. Especially since you have to compete with the horror that is poorly written AshGary Yaoi. I'll drop a review, and spread the word.

    P.P.S Hah hah, first post!

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    Don't bother, actually. I've taken the story down. The problems I found with are a bit much for my patience to handle right now, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about them. First of all, I have all of my stories arranged in sets of five chapters for the purpose of my own organization. forces you to break each down into its own separate chapter...and then when you upload it, one of two things happens. It'll either end up in one huge clump, or it'll be spaced properly but with those stupid tags that you saw in the prologue. I barely have enough patience to edit those in the first few chapters, which are extremely short. Once you get about halfway through the fic and I start cranking out 25-page and 35-page monster chapters, trying to format the story so that it looks good on will be more effort than it's worth.

    Besides, I don't like the design of It's too 'naked' and boring and I feel like going there and navigating that site is a total chore. On top of that, I think my story, which is set in Johto, is so far behind the times now that no one would really read it. So I said that to say that the Revolution Trilogy will most likely stay here, although if I find another Pokemon forum whose formats don't suck, I might move it there to obtain a slightly larger audience.

    ...and I might turn to if I ever decide to work on that Final Fantasy Fanfic I've been thinking about...
    Last edited by EonMaster One; 2nd November 2007 at 4:48 PM.

    Dalton Gregg was a mostly-ordinary university student from the region once called Johto.
    Then a fateful encounter set him on a quest to change history.

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    Eh, that stinks. At least people got to see some parts of it, though. Maybe you can try, or Both have a good amount of members-not as much as Serebiiforums, though-and would be more than welcome to see your work.

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    I didn't either.

    Nyways, great chapter, like the new character. Soo the Kazekage rating says.

    8.5/10, good chappie but I think maybe you could've squeezed some more in there, though I probably could never write that much...

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    Hey, sorry I haven't posted lately. Anyways, great chapters as usual! I can't wait for the next chappie. Angel versus Electrode! Battle of the Tempers! I can see it now. Angel will crush him with her Psybeam, or maybe Slipstream will come back! Sorry, I'm really excited. I am thinking about writng and posting a fic here. It, lke PRJ, will be set in Johto, if it happens. Bring back Slipstream, Hotshot, and Sparx! Oh, yeah, and Shiro and Madeline.

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    *HuffHuff* Oh my God! I've finally caught up! I read PRJ after I saw this (seeing as you have it mentioned a gazillion times) and just finished reading the last chapter you wrote here...

    Anyway, you've got some great chapters here, with minimal mistakes (although I'm sure Air Dragon or Castform would disagree), and the story keeps me hooked on like a hobo on a ham sandwhich. The Fakemon keep me guessing at what you'll come up with next. Really interesting.

    I'll probably review regularly, this story's beast!

    Over and out,

    P.S. My last name's Eriksen, and Katrina's father works with a company named Ericson... coincedence? I think not!
    I have died.

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    Well, crap...I'll edit them for you, lol!
    But, at least you tried, and as a fan, I can't ask for more than that
    On the story, though, I do have one criticism...I don't really see a need for the Fakemon. My favorite generation was the Ruby/Saphire Poke's. However, I'm not going to lie by saying that the Fakemon are not original, so kudos on that.
    Fortunately, this is your story, and my only responsibility and right to it is to enjoy it-which I hope I do marvelously!
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    Damn, not the first in line? Aw man, damn it all! (grabs photon gun and incinerates xXPorygonXx)

    OK, you know i'm just kidding...

    you're right, it was a short chapter by your recent standards, but just as fulfiling. I think this is the first time you let a gym battle cross chapters. Just an observation...

    I'd help with the but i don't have an account, soo...

    let's just get this thing reviewed and go!

    aside from the MPD error spotted earlier, i caught only one error:

    What’s so special about it.
    What’s so special about it?

    That's it.

    Whoo, Kenjiro just can't live without getting into a fight, even if it is for good reasons from what i see...

    ah, well and the suspense continues!

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