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Thread: YGO COTD 3/24/07 Destiny Hero DisK Commander

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    Default YGO COTD 3/24/07 Destiny Hero DisK Commander

    Last WC07 card, I promise ;p
    If anyone has a problem with me doing COTD, kindly let me know
    DARK/Warrior - Effect/1/300/300
    When this card is successfully Special Summoned from your Graveyard, draw 2 cards from your deck.

    Looks alright, I use it with Dreadmaster.

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    This card gives D-Heroes more draw power. \
    Dump for Destiny Draw + Fear Monger + DC = 4 free cards and a terrible monster

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    Art: 3/5 It's a guy throwing discs!

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    It's ok.
    Only good for Destiny Hero deck.

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    Not really just for a D-Hero deck, thats where its number one place is. But if someone want more draw power they could always slip this baby in and stuff.

    It can be used elsewhere, but its stats weigh it down.

    So 4/5.

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    Prem, draw 2 and maybe draw a Monarch? Chain COTH to Heavy Storm?

    I'm too lazy to bother listing all the combos but simply put this guy is very useful. I've tested it online before it's a great card. Searchable aswell. Combined with Card of Safe Return thats +3 for playing Prem/Call on this. And there's Dreadmaster, Fear Monger & Tenacious.

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    I ain't got no problem with you doing COTD, ShinyManafi. But can I reserve a day or two this week to do some?

    This card is broken. Should be restricted to two, mabye one. It's too good with DHM, and it's good all around.

    let's just see how Destiny HEROes evolve in our meta up until June 1.


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    Pretty good I think - a bit like Sacred Crane, but actually a better than even tradeoff (normally), especially in a Destiny Hero deck, where you can use Destiny Draw, then revive it using Premature Burial before Tributing for something that will help as well ie Dasher's effect, for any random monster etc...
    Destiny Heroes actually have alot going for them - what with them all having effects of some kind far better than the Elemental Heroes:
    Destiny Hero - Doom Lord: nice monster removal
    Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious: SS ahoy - use Disk Commander! Constantly! For lots of draw power!
    Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude: OK, nothing to use with Disk Commander, but still, could help set up Disk Commander eg Destiny Draw
    Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster: SS - enough said. OK, maybe not: field clearer, SS, massive beatstick, battle protection. Oh yeah!
    Destiny Hero - Double Dude: tribute Disk Commander for this guy - lots of advantage: field from Double Dude, hand from Disk Commander.
    Destiny Hero - Defender: admintadly, nothing to do with Disk Commander, but pretty good monster...
    Destiny Hero - Dogma: DC makes a good tribute fodder for this, if nothing else...
    Destiny Hero - Blade Master: 1100 ATK isn't that good really, but could be in a very small possibilty a good combo... ie, almost never
    Destiny Hero - Dasher: lots of tribute fodder for this guy
    Destiny Hero - Malicious: even more card advantage - this and DC makes Destiny Draw so very good...
    Destiny Hero - Fear Monger: amazing with Captain Tenacious. And again, Disk Commander's great friend!
    Most of these cards have great synegy, so work together really well, and it shows!
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